Saturday, June 25, 2016

To All an Update~~~

Hello Everyone  This is Ms.Q,

I'm sorry I have not posted anything for a while and I know there are some folks  who have posted questions to me some as far back as May.

I must apologize.

Sometimes things happen, especially if one is close or as close to possible to family members.

I had come back having visited many family members been to several graduations and a couple of weddings.

And I must confess I am glad that the happy events out number the sad events, but soon after I had posted the last time and managed to answer some questions I received sad news that my younger sister was in the hospital and dying.

I was glad to be with her in her last moments, she and I always got along very well and shared many, many adventures even though I may not have mentioned her but she was there with me on a number of events, and it is her daughter my niece who is taking care of me.  And this has been difficult for her as well. 

We are both pulling ourselves together and emotionally re-grouping. 

And I am sure many of you who have lost loved ones can understand.

I will be back to posting more spiritual information and I'll be answering your questions as well in a few more days.

Thank you  all.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

To those who have posted questions and I have not yet answered---Please read~~~

My Dear Readers,

Some of you have posted questions to me and I have not as yet responded,  well first I was away with family and in my life family comes first and I had no desire to miss out on their weddings and graduations.

Also it was my chance to see family members that I have not seen in years, which was exciting for this old lady.

But do not fret.

I will answer your questions however I need to warm some of you, you may not be happy with the answer.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

How does one read the symbols in melted wax?~~~

“Dear Ms. Q,

When my candle melts down I’ve got these images at the bottom, they look like something, does it mean anything?”

Well We are right back to Candle magic which is one of the oldest types of magical workings, other than fire or water magic,  but candles can tell us the progress or possible results of what is working and not working in magical practices.

One of the more difficult things to interpret is the images left over from the melted wax from candles, now I am talking about free standing candles not ones in glass holders or those little metal cup tea lights,   I’m talking about those that are free standing in a candle holder and the wax that melts down and around it. 

First let’s talk about safety when working with a freestanding candle:

After you have ritually prepared it and lit it you have to make sure it is not going to set anything, anyone (human or animal adult or child) on fire, nor you home or apartment on fire.

Even though the candle is set in a candle holder, it should sit on top of a metal plate like the kind one would use to bake a small pizza, this should be placed in an area that is not reached by small children or pets, and far away from anything flammable, If you have a fireplace that you can’t use that is perfect, provided that you put a fire screen in front of it that a child or pet cannot knock down, some people will put it into a bath tub provided that it does not have any kind of plastic or cloth curtains near it in any way.   Another thing is to put a very large glass Hurricane shade around it and again away from anything flammable.

I’ve know people who do not have pets or children to use the middle of their kitchen table as a safe place,   some people will place it inside a bowl of water, which in a way kind of defeats the purpose but is still safe and can still be magically workable.   

Now some of you are wondering why am I harping or nagging or going on and on about fire safety, well two very good reasons----

The first reason of course is the practical side of it.

It’s too easy to become careless, and children and pets are curious creatures, and it doesn’t take much for something to catch on fire, including a living creature.

I have read of people burning candles in their closet thinking that is safe, but only to have their home burn down. 

I do know of one person who has a closet that she removed the rods and some of the shelves etc. and even removed the carpet out of it and since it was of fairly good size, she had that as her altar area and would burn her candles there, she also kept a good size fire extinguisher just outside the space for any emergencies, which made sense.

The second reason is spiritual magical workings that are being worked against you.

Yes, that is exactly what I said.  

That was because and I saw it happen myself, a friend of mine felt that something was being worked against her and was doing a protection ritual which involved candles, I was there to help her, and I saw one of the candles that I knew had been put solidly in its holder, slowly work itself out and tip over lighting the wool carpet on fire.   The good thing is that the carpet was wool and not any form of nylon, we were able to quickly put it out and extinguish the fire, and snuffed out the rest of the candles.   There was no way the candle could have worked itself out, it was like it was being slowly pulled out by something invisible.

So we had to do a complete cleansing of her house and property and re-new her shields/wards, and with the help of someone else we were able to find out who was working against her and this time the ritual went perfectly and the person who was trying to harm her was “neutralized”. 

That is why I harp, nag, constantly repeat myself on fire safety.

Now about the symbols as read in the wax,  a lot of it is what you may want to interpret, but when I was starting out I had a hard time, my Granny said that in a way the symbols have to be read like one reads tea leaves or coffee grounds.
The candle is the center of your being so any symbols close to it means it will manifest any time between a few days to a week,  the symbols further away means it will manifest later in time anywhere from a month to a year, depending on what type of spiritual calendar you put on it, but usually, I would say a month.

Some people look at the candle like a clock a 12 hour clock, but you have to decide which side is “Zero Hour”   that is why I prefer candle holders that have a handle, because the handle can be “Zero hour” then moving in a clock wise direction go 1, 2, 3 etc. and ending at 12   each house represents the month 1 is January, 2 February etc. to 12 which is December, again closest to the candle soon, further away later.

Now this is in reverse of reading it in a tea cup but I’ve found that it works that way for me, because the candle is the activation. 

O.K. now about the symbols, here I have to be very honest with you deal readers, there are so many with so many meanings, it would take me a month just to write it all out, BUT I’m am not going to leave you guess on it.

I have found several web sites that give a very clear interpretation of the symbols, now I’ve found that the 2nd web site includes arrow directions and a few other things to the meanings, so I suggest that you all print the meanings out for your own person books, and compare them to make definitive notations for yourself.

It does mean a lot of work but you should see my manual on it, it takes an entire binder, but it’s how I interpret the meanings, I’ve found that it’s best for each individual through their own experience as well as their own psychic ability to develop it.

So here are the Web sites for you and I hope you will find them useful. 

A Dictionary Of Symbols - Divination by Tea Leaves []

Glossary of Tea leaf Symbols & Meanings - Explore All Things Psychic []

A-Z Tea-Leaf Reading Dictionary - []

And I do this because I’m not going to be around forever, so please build up your personal Library.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

Friday, June 3, 2016

I have been away, but am now back~~~

Hello Everyone,

This is Ms. Q.

I am so sorry, I have been away for almost a month, visiting family, it was unexpected but very welcomed.

One of my family members invested (and that is really the right word) in a very serious Motor Home, and because I could rest while traveling in this Motor Home, I was able to attend several graduations, and 2 weddings and see family I haven't seen (although I have been in touch with) for nearly 15 years.

I made me very happy, to see them including one family member a cousin who is older than me and we had a LOT to share, revisiting memories and such.

But it means I've neglected my Blog,  I asked my Niece to not respond while I was gone because I wanted to attend to these matters myself.

Although I know some of you did post that you were worried about my health, but I am fine and feeling almost rejuvenated from seeing everyone.

And I do confess,  thanks to my relative, I may be going on a few more trips, with them, one place I do want to go to is called "Moonstone Beach"  its been years since I've been there but I have found some wonderful magical things there.    So that is on our travel list.

Now that I'm back I will attend to some questions that have been put before me,   although for some of you those are going to receive some difficult answers.

And I'm going to also post some idea's on how to read wax drippings or meltings from your candles.

But this will take a little time.

And I came upon an unusual but true recent event, which should give a few people some thoughts about the oddities of life.

But I am back, in good health for my age and I will be posting soon.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q