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Types of Water for Magickal Uses ---Part 6---Section 2---Made or Charged Water~~~

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To continue---the list of made or charged waters is long and each has their purpose, and many come from different sources but all can be applied to magickal use.

I’m going to continue with Peace Water as there are variations to the basic formula here is one that is very simple and uses the herb Basil : brew a tea of fresh basil leaves, add a splash of bay rum and in Spring or Rain water that has fallen during the Waxing moon a few drops of liquid bluing. The three waters should separate and Basil is a protection and cleansing herb.

Another formula is this:

Designed to bring serenity to a troubled house hold. The formula is a mixture of oil and water. The blue water is Notre Dame water with blue food coloring added to it. And the oil can be any base oil of your choosing. Add half blue holy water and half oil to a clear bottle. To use, shake the bottle so the layers disperse. They should return to their positions once the bottle is at rest. Burn peace water in a special diffuser (keep watch on it if you use a tea light), by sending the diffused water into the air it is absorbed by all who smell or have it lightly fall upon them.

There are two other formulas for Peace Water credited to the Voodooine  Marie LaVeau

You may see it listed as Marie Laveau’s Peace Water or

As Five Holy Waters


consists of equal parts

     Holy Water from a church

     Spring Water

     River Water

     Rain Water

     Ocean Water

Now this is the  five waters altogether, with no fragrance and no oil.

There is a more elaborator Peace Water mixture of 7 Holy Waters


This contains equal parts of

     Holy Water from a church

     Spring Water

     River Water

     Rain Water

     Ocean Water

    Plus   Cologne (Florida Water or Hoyt's Cologne)

 And  Whiskey--- I know why whiskey---well whiskey is made with water and in Hoodoo and Voodoo work it as well as gin is offered to the Saints so whiskey is considered a holy water

-- seven waters altogether, with some fragrance from the Florida Water or Hoyt’s Cologne

It is known that where household quarrels or in-law troubles have been of long standing, it is advised to ritually cleanse the home first with Chinese Wash to clear out any old messes before sprinkling Peace Water in the corners. For a more powerful job when there have been assaults from enemies, an outer ring of Fiery Wall of Protection sachet powder can be laid down around the perimeter of the property after the ritual cleaning, and the Peace Water can then be sprinkled within this circle at the corners and center.  But remember because there is oil involved it will stain so use carefully.


The Queen of New Orleans voodoo, Marie Laveau, was an amazing woman. She was instrumental in establishing a beautiful tradition especially holding her gatherings in what was called Congo Square in New Orleans and making it widely known to westerners, black, white and creole people would come to her for assistance.  Sometimes people would be troubled and she’d give them this potion to wipe their forehead with or to use in a diffuser or to put into a wash for spiritual cleansing

Marie Laveau water is used for psychic enhancement, protection, aura cleansing, and general cleansing spells.

One cup rainwater

 One cup spring water

 One cup rose water

 One cup Holy water

 One cup lavender hydrosol

 Now onto other Made Waters


 Named after the famed cathedral of Notre Dame, early use of Notre Dame water served as an elixir. The formula from the 1870’s gives its main ingredient as tincture of arnica flower. Over time using it as an elixir  lessened, but because of its name it became associated with spiritual work, used for cleansing or to bring peace to one’s home. Most contemporary recipes call for floral scents, chiefly rose or citrus.

Notre Dame water is sometimes included in other waters such as Peace Water and it is good for spells invoking goddesses, including Mother Mary, happy home spells, cleansing spells, spells to summon spirits, and uncrossing/hex-breaking.

 It is made from Church or Priest blessed Holy water, white rosewater, and either Neroli Hydrosol or  violet hydrosol.

Usually its 1 part Holy Water

2 parts Rose Hydrosol

 1 part Neroli or Violet Hydrosol

Then read Psalm 62 over the mixture

I’m now going to go into some flower waters


Various flower waters - most especially Rose Water - are used in a variety of spells. Certain spells specifically demand flower water, but these waters may also be substituted for regular water in other spells and formulas, particularly those for romantic or healing purposes, and in magical ink or incense formulas, or for spells that involve dissolving gum acacia or other gum resins.

Some waters are also used in cooking such as  Rose Water and Orange Blossom Water are frequent additions to Indian, Middle Eastern and North African cuisine, and so are easily and inexpensively purchased from specialized vendors. The quality of pre-packaged flower waters is erratic; however some are excellent. Fine hydrosols, once rare, are becoming more popular, and may be the finest source of true flower waters.

Flower Waters are easily made, providing one has a sufficient supply of fresh flowers. Depending on one's intent, it is wise to avoid florists' flowers because they tend to be laden with pesticides, which then may be concentrated in the flower water.


Use it in your bath water or on body and in home to TURN BACK EVIL. Be protected from evil and enemies.

Remove the petals from a few fresh roses. Place them in a small pot and cover with approximately one quarter inch of spring water. Simmer gently until a visual change is observed: the petals will become limp and pallid. Strain and allow the liquid to cool. Refrigerate any Rose Water that is not used immediately.


Powerful love potion that makes your lover want you. They will show you respect and give you what you want! Use in laundry, bath, bed sheets, or clothes.

Lavender Water is thought to enhance the memory while stimulating psychic ability. Originally, Lavender Water was created by Hildegard of Bingen in the twelfth century through the steam distillation of lavender blossoms. Lavender hydrosol, the product of distillation is truly the appropriate choice for creating Lavender Water; however essential oil of lavender may be substituted in this formula, which is for external use only. 

Diffusing it into the air with a diffuser helps to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere.


Place petals within a mason jar. Cover with boiling water and allow to sit overnight. Strain out the botanical material. Refrigerate any Orange Blossom or Jasmine water that is not used immediately.  These are used in various spell work and unless you are using specific spells that call for this water you can purchase it from reputable metaphysical shops.


This is made of Myrtle, dried orange blossoms (neroli) and dried rose petals.

Add the flower petals and herbs to spring water in a glass bowl. Lay out in sunlight like you would make sun tea. Use a French press to separate the water from the herbs. Pour in a mason jar and refrigerate. Myrtle-based Angel’s Water was used by Europeans of the British Isles. The Spanish also have a formula which consists of angelica flowers, lavender, rose and trefoil. This is used for love, beauty, sensuality and sexuality. Myrtle is sacred to the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.

Angel Water also refers variously to Jordan River Water, or to a sixteenth century complexion remedy that had, by the eighteenth century, evolved into a love potion.  (do not take internally)

Its name may have come from those angels described In the Book of Genesis who seduced the “daughters of man” with lessons of magic. Another source may be found in the legend of Aphrodite, who was clothed in myrtle (the crucial ingredient of Angel Water) leaves when she first arose naked from the sea.

Myrtle is a small tree native to the Mediterranean coast; it was considered sacred to Aphrodite. The basic formula for Angel Water consists of myrtle, orange blossoms (neroli) and rose. All of the basic ingredients are available in the form of essential oils. Angel Water typically is used externally.

Add a quantity of Angel Water to a bath to maintain romance (whether bathing solo or together) and to provoke erotic dreams. Purportedly, the greater the quantity of Angel Water, the greater the aphrodisiac effect.

Blend Angel Water with alcohol for an erotic massage potion.

Allegedly, angels love the scent of myrtle. So if you wish to summon an angel, fill glass or crystal bowls with Angel Water and verbally request the angel's presence.

In this case to help summon the Angles blend the combination of myrtle, orange blossoms and rose with water from the River Jordan.

Sometimes it is best to consider homemade floral waters or infusions of fresh and dried flowers and leaves instead of essential oils if they are grown in your own yard. Homegrown flowers are preferred to those commercially grown due to pesticides.


This is a combination of Lavender, rosemary, brandy or vodka. Used for banishing negativity during the dark moon.


Never enough can be said about Florida Water so if I am repeating myself please bear with me.

Florida-Water is a floral scented water that was originally used as a perfume cologne by both men and women in the 19th century. It has many and varied uses in the Hoodoo Tradition such as an offering for spirits, protection of the home (by putting it in a spray bottle and misting it in the air), protection, and cleansing objects in a similar manner as Holy-Water.

Another variation of Florida Water is Hoyt’s Cologne which works on the same principal.

Can be used for body perfume, cleansings and floorwash, for external use only.

I have here a formula to make Florida Water:

2 cups of vodka

 Two tablespoons of rose water, hydrosol or orange blossom water or hydrosol

 16 drops of essential oil of bergamot, or an Earl grey tea bag (contains bergamot)

 12 drops of essential oil or lavender, or dried lavender herb wrapped in cheesecloth

 6 drops of essential oil of may chang

 3 drops of essential oil of rosemary, or dried rosemary wrapped in cheesecloth

 2 drops of essential oil of jasmine

 2 drops of rose attar


The Rose of Jericho is a Mexican plant that when added to water, opens up. And when dried the plant closes back to its original position. Place the rose of Jericho in a bowl of water. Say sacred prayers over it to do that select the Psalms you want depending upon the work you want it to do.

Wait for the rose to unfold which can open overnight or take up to three days. Change the water weekly, reserving the old water for magical use. Can be used for cleansings, house blessings, and spell reversals and to repel malevolent magic.


Blue Water is used to rid a person or place of negative energy, hexes, and crossed-conditions. It can easily be made by adding liquid bluing to spring, river, lake or rain water and adding a pinch of salt. One of the best commercial bluing is Mrs. Smith’s Laundry bluing which still can be purchased or buying Blue Balls sometimes called Anil or Anile from metaphysical shops.

 Pray the 23rd Psalm over the water and make the sign of the cross to seal the working. There are several ways of using Blue-Water from taking a spiritual bath, adding it to scrub waters, or leaving it sitting out in a clear glass somewhere in the home.  The color Blue is considered sacred, holy and calming, and in a way helps invoke those positive energies into one’s home.

One time I went to an estate sale and there was this room on the sunny side of the house but it was painted in a Wedgewood blue with white enamel trim and pale blue drapes with white curtains, the feeling in that room was peaceful and serene and spiritually uplifting.  I found out that the lady of the house conducted all her meetings of the various charities she was involved with, in that room and they always ended on a positive note, I also found out that she was very active in her church and was known for doing good works.


This is to not be confused with Ghost Water.

Add one tablespoon of anisette to a glass of spring water. Place it on the altar to call in ancestral spirits, to perform séances or other necromantic spells.  You do not drink this water, this is placed for the spirits to drink from while you are conducting either séances or rituals dealing with the ancestral spirits, do not throw away but leave on your altar until gone.


Not to be confused with Spirit Water, you place a bottle of spring water on a grave of a particular person you wish to speak to at midnight, during a dark moon.  Remove the bottle before daybreak.

Ghost water is used for talking to the dead, more specifically to the person whose grave you put the bottle on.  When you are ready to speak to that person, open the bottle and pour some of that water into a clear glass and recap the bottle, place the glass with the amount of water you’ve poured and then conduct your séance.  When it is over thank the spirit for coming and place that water into another bottle to take back and pour upon the grave that you collected it from.   You still have the remaining bottle of water that you’ve collected if you wish to contact that spirit again. 

Exercise caution when doing this.


Vinegars have their own ritual use in cleansing and banishing's, the most famous is 4 Thieves vinegar


Four Thieves Vinegar has a reputation and tradition of its own, separate from that of other forms of vinegar.    Folklore tells us of four thieves who concocted a special vinegar that kept them healthy even as they robbed graves during the Black Plague. Folk tradition utilizes this vinegar for the purpose of cleansing and protection, often adding it to a wash. There are a multiple recipes out there for Four Thieves Vinegar, using either apple cider or basaltic vinegar if it’s for consumption or distilled white vinegar for washing formulas.

Some people use it at a love potion that makes your lover want you ONLY, They will show you respect and give you what you want so to  use in laundry, bath, bed sheets, or clothes

 But I would not recommend it for a love potion as it contains Garlic which would through off any lover and do not wash any clothing or bedding it because Red wine vinegar can stain, so I recommend it as a wash to keep evil out and for illness banishing spells, and commanding spells.

If you come across any web site that says its a love potion avoid it at all costs---it is not.
Traditionally, each thief contributed one ingredient. Choose one of the following to represent each thief; Garlic, cayenne, coriander, lavender, mint, rosemary, rue, sage, thyme, or wormwood. I have here two formula’s

Add to a bottle of Red Wine Vinegar the following items: Camphor Leaves

 Cinnamon Sticks Cloves, Garlic, Ginger, Lavender, Mint, Nutmeg, Rosemary

The second one: To a bottle of cider vinegar add equal parts of:

Garlic Lavender Mint Rosemary Rue Sage Wormwood

You can use the less expensive distilled white vinegar and it will work just as well.

 Do this on a Sunday, and let steep for a full week shaking it once daily. Best used as a wash.

Be very careful do Not ingest  Note: Wormwood contains thujone, a psychoactive chemical that can cause epileptic-like convulsions and kidney failure when ingested in large amounts.  So wear dishwashing gloves


The primary use of plain vinegar in Conjure or Hoodoo work is for souring and cursing magic.

Being "Hag Ridden" refers to the belief that malevolent witches are able to take possession of your body at night, riding it like an animal. You awake exhausted, and over time the carousing committed in your body can cause sickness. There are many ways to keep a witch from riding you, and certain preventatives play off the belief that a witch is forced to count whatever is set before her.

 A common way of escaping the clutches of a witch would have you throw salt crystals behind you, for the witch will be forced to count each and every one before she is free to pursue you. Another thing in your favor is that witches can be evaporated by vinegar.

Remember how Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz made the wicked witch melt by throwing water on her? Well it wasn’t water it was vinegar. 

What you can do is place an open bottle of vinegar near where you sleep, fill it with items that the witch must count, an odd number of pins is always good or tiny, tiny pebbles or seed beads. The witch will enter the bottle in order to act out her compulsion, then turn to mush. A bottle that had successfully entombed a witch should be sealed and buried at a crossroads, in modern city wide American that can be hard, but look for a crossroads that’s not busy or a rural cross roads.

Another spell for vinegar is this:

A vinegar bottle is a type of bottle spell used to sour a person’s temperament and reputation. Something representing that person must go into the bottle, such as their photo, a personal concern of theirs, or simply their name written on a paper.

Ideally you want it to be a material that will over time be disintegrated by the vinegar. Other things may go in a well, such as pins and thorns, or controlling herbs such as licorice root. But the main ingredient is the vinegar. No need to go to a fancy shop to buy good artisan vinegar or anything fancy. Its exact variety does not matter (it can be apple cider, malt, or what-have-you), so long as it is strong. Once the bottle is full, cap it, and shake it whenever you wish for this person to encounter additional negative effects. The bottle alone will work on them over time.

But there is something very satisfying about giving it a good shake whenever you feel angered by them. I knew a girl in High School who was always humiliated by some girls in a particular clique, High School is the meanest time I think.   We all were in choir music class and had done a competition successfully and I had my little box camera with black and white film and asked all of them to line up and pose, what I did was deliberately take several pictures one with everyone in it, one without the girl who was always being humiliated, and several others and then one with the specific girls who were the culprits.

A few weeks before School let out for the Summer and we all knew we’d be back together in the fall, I asked the girl (let’s call her Jean) a question, was she tired of being humiliated by those girls?  She said yes, and I said “well if nothing else let’s do this so you’ll at least feel good over the summer”   And with my Granny’s help (she did approve) we made the bottle.  

Come the fall two of the girls did not return to school, it seems they were arrested for shop lifting and their parents sent them to relatives out of town, of the other two girls one got pregnant and didn’t return and the other was sent to a boarding school as she had become a problem with her parents over the summer.   Jean was able to blossom and became a popular girl with a lot of nice friends and made excellent grades. 


 I’m going to use the words Black Water and Agua Negra interchangeably it is the same thing.

It is said that it destroys all evil around you. Makes the devil run!  At least that is what is said to do, some formulas have Black Salt added to Water of Mars aka War Water for improved protective and jinx removing effects. Please note that Black Salt is a very powerful tool so I want you to think twice before you cast a spell to remove someone from your house. I know that its effects are long-lasting which I’ve discovered from personal experience.

Agua Negra is used to wash the outside of your home, like steps, porches, decks, windows, and doors in order place a barrier of protection. Those who wish us harm cannot pass. It is great to combine with red brick dust by washing with the water first then laying a line of red brick dust down when the area has been finished with cleaning and drying.

Black Water is used in many traditions including Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria, Witchcraft and other magical systems. It is used to cause ones enemy to become dissatisfied with ones surroundings and move away or wander aimlessly. To use simply sprinkle on the doorstep of or in a place where the person you want to send away will walk through it. Black Water can also be used to anoint a black candle or a black Voodoo doll for the same result. Stepping on Black Water can cause great confusion and dissatisfaction so please use with caution you don’t want the wrong person to be affected by it.

A powerful ritual tool for forcefully removing negativity, baneful energy, and sending away unwanted people (and making them stay away), Black Water (Aqua Negra) is also used for potent purification and to empower darker spells such as hexes, curses, jinxes, crossing conditions and confusing an enemy.

Sprinkle on the steps of an unwanted neighbor to make them move or across the path of an enemy to remove them from your life or put some on their door knob whenever you can.

I know that it combines indigo water, pokeberry dye, ash, and other natural ingredients but traditional hoodooists are very jealous of their recipe.  Only a few places I know offer the really good Black Water or Agua Negra one is Conjure Cardea on the internet.  Some people swear by the Anna Riva products, but I’ve found Conjure Cardea to be an excellent shop.

And now I will have to finish Made Waters in a 3rd post.  Please bear with me.

Bright Blessings, 
Ms. Q


  1. Dear Mrs. Q, the recipe you shared for peace water comprises of blue tinted water at the bottom with clear oil layered on top. However, I've seen one type of peace that has blue oil floating above clear water. Do you know what that might be made of? Thank you!

    1. Hello My Dear,

      I have seen it and it appears to be a commercially made oil much like the kind you’d see in one of those relaxation toys, because I’m distrustful of things used in the workings that are not naturally made (although I do stretch it a bit with mineral oil and tar) I would be very leery about using it.

      There are several Peace water recipes and in some of them they use what is called “Bluing” to wash white sheets and pillow cases and even underwear to make them appear whiter and brighter. One of the best commercial bluing is Mrs. Smith’s Laundry bluing which still can be purchased or buying Blue Balls sometimes called Anil or Anile from metaphysical shops. But blue Food coloring works just as well in a pinch.

      It is possible that it is mineral oil mixed with a food coloring or with blue Anile balls and they’ve reversed the principal of the system of peace water, because the water is supposed to be like the ocean depths, with the clear oil placed on top to calm the negative situation in the home, it also when shook up, is supposed to mesmerize the negative entities, much like tossing rice at a newly married couple to confuse negative energies because they are forced to count the grains of rice, giving the couple a chance to get away and consummate the marriage.

      Traditionally although peace water started out with 5 or 7 different waters, later with the bluing added (because blue confuses spirits and blue is a peaceful color) and oil, it is far more traditional to have the blue on the bottom as I said to reflect the idea of ocean depths.

      The idea is when things feel negative to shake the bottle hard and then allow the oil and waters to separate over a period of time, and during that time peace will settle in the house, now some people say to use a spray bottle and spray it around but I would do that using only the 5 or 7 waters (peace waters) without the oil and bluing to avoid staining curtains and cushions.

      I may have to do just one post on Peace Water alone along with the variations to make it.

      Thank you for the idea for one of my future posts, and do you happen to know the link to where you saw this other type of peace water? I’d be interested in seeing if it’s the same one I came across.

      Thank you again and
      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Dear Ms. Q, thank you so much for your reply. It's the peace water from Lucky Mojo.

    3. Hello My Dear,

      Well if it's from Lucky Mojo then that is completely different from the one that I saw at a different web site.

      Lucky Mojo has good products, and I believe her peace water has 3 types of ingredients in it that causes them to separate differently.

      And I believe she does advise to only spray it on the floors to avoid staining.

      Her recipe is different from the ones I learned from Mrs Washington and from my Granny and Bella.

      And if you prefer to do it with the 5 different waters minus the oil and bluing then you can spray without fear of staining.

      It is always good to have that around, considering how agitated people have become it would be a good thing to have.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q