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What is Road Opener?~~~~

Hello Everyone,

Finally I got around to doing a post,  every time I start to write it I get questions so this one has been long over due.  

But I have to say a "challenge" was given to me by one of my readers, about why are Bible passages used in Folk Magic.  I felt I would be opening a "can of worms" if I responded, but now I don't think so.   But it will take me a little time to put my article or post together.

In the meantime one of my readers asked me this question:

Dear Ms. Q,

“I am desperately looking for a job, a permanent full time job,  but it seems that everywhere I look I seem blocked in, a friend of mine told me I should use Road Opener, I’m not sure if that is an oil or a candle, what is it and would it work?”

Two of the most used candles and oils to help unblock situations from getting a job to just being recognized for your hard work  is “Block Buster” and “Road Opener”.   Both are very popular, so let’s start with “Road Opener”

Road Opener both the oil and candle helps you open new doors and create new opportunities. It is highly effective for just about any situation you may find yourself in, especially when you are feeling unsure of what to do, challenged, blocked or stuck.

The idea behind Road Opener is to help clear obstacles away and to transform bad luck into good luck. This can be for almost any situation whether you are searching for a new job, new love, or just want a fresh start, Road Opener Oil as well as the candle helps to create the ideal environment for you to get there.

The oil can be used in in several different ways. You can put some in your bath, put a dab on your body (be sure to test for sensitivity), or use a bit to anoint your altar or ritual working space.

It can be used or added to a wash on floors and doors. 

Some folks will get a piece of red flannel (you can buy small squares at craft shops)  and apply some of the oil and then place the flannel in your purse or pocket.

Some folks will do a light mixture of this oil along with furniture polish and wipe  down one’s bed with it, particularly if you are seeking love.

 Put some oil on loan or job applications and bank statements.

Place a couple of drops inside your shoes (just remember to test  your skin for sensitivity)

Some of the major road opening oils or herbs contained in this oil include five finger grass, lemon balm, sandalwood and abre camino, but it has to be an odd number of ingredients suspended in either olive oil or sweet almond oil, and some of the solid herbs should be in the bottle especially a sliver of Abre Camino herb.

There are many different Road Opener Oil recipes. However, the ones that are legitimate always contain abre camino. This herb also goes by the name of thoroughwort. It is an herb from South America that has religious/magical as well as medicinal properties.

Using the oil and the candle sometimes is not enough to make the pathway or the road open, one has to also take steps to make sure any negativity that might have clung to you from when you were let go from your last job or difficult situation  has been cleared.

Even negative thought by yourself or magical actions by others can cause blockages.Thinking negatively instead of in a positive manner is one thing, feeling depressed from not finding work is another, upset on losing out on a job or promotion is a very negative feeling, more bills coming in and not enough money to cover them is of course the most difficult, fear of not getting the loan is the worst.

But another thing that “Road Opener” works on is also legal matters to get them to move forward so if you feel that you are blocked, that you can't move forward, or are stuck, then you may need to do a road opener spell.

So what do you need a Road Opener for?  Well for example you can use it to clear away blockages involving People, places as well as things.  Virtually, any kind of obstacle can be eliminated, whether it is internal or external.

It can include:
    Negative outlook on life (make sure you or your loved one are not suffering from clinical depression)
    Naysayers and sabotages or saboteurs
    Financial stagnation
    Emotional blockages
    Conflicts with other people
    Lack of opportunities
    Bad weather (unless the Divine Presence says it will rain on the bride’s wedding day, trust me it does not stop hurricanes or wildfires, it might delay them but not stop them)
    Legal problems
    Confusion and inability to think clearly (but be sure that it’s not because of a stroke or over medication)
    Writer’s block
    Evil Eye (Mal de Ojo)
    Illness and disease (but only as an aid while seeking medical treatment, do not rely on magic alone, and remember sometimes a person must endure the illness as a life lesson, especially when it is taken out of human hands and needs to be left in the hands of God)

There are many ways to unblock one's path forward. There are other factors that may determine the type of Road Opener work chosen. The one that most people use depends on both the availability and cost of the materials required, and the time necessary for doing the work.

Now one that the ladies in Granny’s group have used seems to work for them, it does take a little time but it’s well worth it.

There are two times of the month to do this ritual but it depends on what you want to have done, if done during a waxing moon that is the time when you want to draw in or bring in opportunities.  During a waning moon is the best time to get rid of obstacles.

What you will need is:

1 egg
1 bottle of Florida water or Holy Water
Road Opener Oil
1 Red Candle or Road Opener Candle
Frankincense either in stick or cone form or you can burn the resin on self-igniting charcoal in a heat resistant container but burning it in Stick or cone is cheaper and easier to obtain.
Brown paper torn from a brown paper bag
a pin
 a pencil
Copy of Psalm 23 and Psalm 70 to read

What to do:
Wash off the egg with Florida water or Holy water.
Let the egg dry.
Hold the egg in your hands and tell the egg what you want it to remove and absorb.
Start rubbing yourself with the egg from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.
Do not rub the egg in a back & forward motion on your body (only downward).
Pray that what you want removed is being absorbed now by the egg.
Repeat this process a least 3 times.

Take some road opener oil and make the sign of the cross on your feet, knees, hands, center of chest, forehead, and top of the head. Remember, you should put on the oil in the order above ONLY, just as you cleans yourself with the egg from the top of your head down to the bottom of your feet, you make the sign of the cross from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, thereby sealing your cleansed self from the removed negativity.

Crack the egg in the toilet and flush it! You can incense out your bathroom to clear any negative energy that may be lingering in there from this ritual.

The egg cleansing part should be done for at least 3 days but 9 days have proven to be the most effective.

Then after you’ve cleansed, anointed, sealed yourself and burned the Frankincense to clear the negative energy from the bathroom and any other areas where you are doing the work, at your work table, write on the brown paper in pencil what it is you want finding a job, forward movement on a legal action, finding an apartment, whatever that you feel stuck or blocked about.  Fold the paper into quarters, then on a freestanding red candle write with a pin what you want.

If you are using a glass enclosed Road Opener candle write on the wax on the top of the candle.

Then on the candle anoint it with the Road Opener oil if it’s the red freestanding candle (mounted in a candle holder) then stroke the oil from the bottom to the top, not back and forth, but only from the base of the candle to the top where the wick is.

With a glass enclosed candle anointed it with the oil in a clockwise motion 3 times.

Then put your petition under the candle (either freestanding or glass enclosed) and light the candle.

After you have lit the candle recite Psalm 23 and meditate on what you want. 

Recite Psalm 23 followed by Psalm 70 and meditate every night until the candle burns out then burn your petition and cast the ashes to the 4 directions.

Now some people have found that using an orange candle works very well instead of a red one, but back in Granny’s day finding orange colored candles was not easy unless they were shaped like pumpkins for Halloween and sometimes they used them as well.  

Sometimes one or the other ladies will do a ritual bath and they will do it for 9 nights in a row.

What they would do is make a sort of tea using these herbs:

Orange Peel
Lemon Balm
Gravel Root
Solomon's Seal Root
Five Fingers Grass
High John Root

When Mrs. Rodriquez joined the group she suggested adding Abre Camino and Lemon Grass that way you’d still be sticking with the traditional odd number of ingredients, we found out that the words Abre Camino meant Road Open or Road Opener.   Abre Camino is an herb that grows in the Caribbean and tropical parts of the US.

 Prepare it as a tea boil 3 cups of water, soak the herbs for 30 minutes, strain the herbs out so you have just the tea, then pray over the tea reciting Psalm 16, then add some of it to your bath. Pour it over your head an odd number of times 7 or 9 times, reciting Psalm 70  then air dry and anoint your feet and palms with a Road Opener oil, do that for 9 consecutive days.

To make the oil take your solid herbs that I’ve listed above (with High John you may have to shave some of it off as well as another other herb that is not easy to grind up) along with pine needles, bay leaves, salt ( either sea salt or black salt), Rue --- it should be an odd number of ingredients, even if you don’t have everything listed it still should be an odd number but Abre Camino is a must have.

Then mash and grind them together,  I’ve used both an electric as well as an old fashion coffee or pepper grinder,   put some of these ingredients into your Master Bottle (a larger bottle)   and add to it dirt from a crossroads,   a small old key and/or a St. Peter’s medal to the inside of the bottle (a small canning jar works well) and top it off with either Olive Oil, or Sweet Almond oil,  shake well, let it sit for a week to “marinate” then you can use it.

Pray over it using all three Psalms 23, 16 and 70 to charge it with your energy. 

There are other alternate ingredients that one can use in place of the ones I’ve listed,  they should be solid ingredients and ground up but dirt from a crossroads, and an old key are necessary, and if you can get it Abre Camino as well. 

The ingredients that I’ve seen varies from practitioner to practitioner depending upon availability and location, so I’ve included all that I know about, you do not have to use all of them just remember an odd number of herbs plus the key and the crossroads dirt.   In some areas or countries it’s impossible to get Rue if that is the case then substitute Basil in its place.

List of herbs and ingredients:
    Lemon balm – clears away negativity and evil influences
    Lemongrass – clears away negativity and evil influences
    Abre camino (Eupatorium villosum or Koanophyllon villosum)– Literally means “road opener” and is used in Latin American folk magic
    Ammonia – the great clarifier.
    Camphor – removes negative spiritual forces
    Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)– In Latin American folk magick, chases away disturbances caused by the dead (this is not Ice Berg lettuce that we usually see in most salads but more like romaine or butter lettuce)
    Salt – removes negativity and blesses space
    Citronella - clears away negativity and evil influences
    Sage – purifies and makes sacred
    Cedar – removed negative energy
    Vetivert- clears away negativity and evil influences for strengthening formulas of all kinds (optional)
    Crossroads dirt – opens roads for opportunities and choices (do not use the cross roads dirt from a cemetery---and it needs to be a 4 way crossroads not 3 way)
    Keys – open doors, the older the better,  St Peter medal is optional
    Basil – clears away obsessive and lingering spirits
    Pine – cleansing and purifying
    Saltpeter – uncrossing and removing obstacles
    Rue – destroys the evil eye, obliterates envy, removes effects of black magic
    Sulfur – removes negativity (dangerous to use I would avoid using it)

And there are many Road Opener rituals or spells one can use, I've given just a few of them,  as I go through my paperwork if I come across any more I will post it. 

Remember our main objective in life is to be happy, not so much happy, happy, joy, joy bouncing all over the place, but a measure of contentment and peace in our lives, and if life has been throwing you obstacles and road blocks this is the one to use.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q


  1. Hi Voodoo Queen

    I really need some help....

    basically my own mother is working against me and my sister our mother hired some crazy root-worker to work hoodoo on me and my sister to destroy our whole life

    I had a reading from a spiritual lady she told me my mother is not going to stop working voodoo on us till the day she's dead

    The Lady stated the rootworker is a female and my mother is paying her lots of money to mess up our lifes she gave are clothes and pictures and took our hair from our hair brushes. we are innocent and we did not do anything to her

    Every time i burn a black jumbo candle that has a red core inside on a mirror for reversing the mirror completely breaks

    I repeated the spell again again and again but with no luck the candle self-extinguishes every-time i try to light it

    why is this even happening someone told me to use graveyard dirt of a war solider with the reversing spell that i am trying to do

    they say i can buy the dirt online here :

    but i have no experience with graveyard dirt if i do use it i dont think the spirit from the dirt will take a liking to me or my sister

    I would be very grateful if you can get back to me

    Blessings :)



    1. Dear Chris,

      This is going to have to be in two parts.

      Why your Mother would be so vindictive to you has me puzzled. It’s possible that she is going through a hormonal change that is totally changing her personality or she may have had a slight stroke which can also change her personality and cause hallucinations. Or if she is taking medication she could be either over medicated or the medications combined is causing changes in her behavior. You do not say how old your Mother is or how old you and your sister are.

      You do say that your Mother has or had access to your clothing and hair brushes, which means you are either living with her or if you and your sister are living outside of your Mother’s house but she has had access to your personal effects.

      The answers to those questions can help me provide hopefully better answers to you.

      There are several reasons why the candle is breaking the mirror, one the candle is too heavy for the weight of the mirror and is also generating too much heat which can cause the mirror to crack and it’s possible the wick is not properly placed in the set of candles that you have bought, yes candles can be defective and it not be a magical cause.

      But if has happened 3 times or more then I’d say that the root worker may be crazy but is also fairly powerful. But she can be defeated.

      Listed in my Archive are a number of things you and your sister can do to protect yourselves and both reverse as well as “capture” negative magic against you. So you and your sister are going to be doing a lot of reading as well as printing out of information from my blog site.

      So look up under these headings:
      Banishing Oil
      Personal protection
      Black Destroyer Oil
      Witch bottle
      Psychic vampires

      Under those headings you will find what you and your sister can do to protect yourselves, also you can make poppets of you and your sister using some of your hair, a bit of cloth from clothing you wear, (take it from the inside seams or hems, and using some of your personal concerns like saliva, blood, and a drop or two of your urine that can all be put onto a tissue. Put the Personal concerns inside the poppets as well as the bits of your hair and the threads from your clothing.

      Next baptize those poppets with your names, “I baptize thee Joe Blow in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, all evil that is directed towards me shall instead be inflicted upon this poppet” then you and your sister need to hide these poppets where neither your Mother nor anyone else can find them. That will take some of the “heat off of both of you” while you both have a chance to study my Archives to see what further can help you.

      Continued in Part Two

    2. Part Two

      You ARE going to have to do some reversing work, but you need to shield or Ward where you live or at least yourselves. I recommend that the two of you get blessed St. Michael medals and wear them constantly even when taking a bath or shower.

      Look in the different comments sections that I have for more information, because each person’s case is handled differently but there maybe things that you can do.

      The fact that you are worried about buy soldier’s dirt is understandable, neither you nor your sister have any connection to this soldier because you have not sought him or her out (yes I did say her).

      I have 4 postings on Graveyard dirt and this includes collecting the dirt, read that carefully, It’s best for the both of you, to go to a military cemetery or in a regular cemetery you can find graves of soldiers buried with a military head stone (or metal plaque) that will give their rank as well. You may have to spend a day in the cemetery, well at least a bit of time, when you enter mentally call out to any soldier for help and then just let your senses guide you to him or her, tell him of your mission why you need his services, see if he wants to do it, it will be very subtle, if he takes on the mission pay him with one silver dime or 13 pennies, and a bit of whiskey (those tiny airline bottles work very well) collect a small amount (you can use a spoon and a baggie to hold the dirt) it should be no more than half a handful. Label the baggie with the name of the soldier, his rank, date of birth and death, and the date you collected it. Also lay some flowers on his grave as a mark of respect.

      It does not matter what war he fought in, he understands the mission. However if you live in America and you’re buying an English soldier’s grave dirt there may be a bit of mis-understanding mostly in how we express things differently from the Brit’s and nothing against their military they are a very brave lot.

      But it’s always best to collect your own dirt, now I’ve expressed payment in American coins you’ll have to find the equivalent in English coins if you are writing from the UK.

      Now with the mirror have the mirror not under the candle but mount it to a window that faces the street that runs in front of your home or apartment, it can be a Chinese fung shui mirror that you can buy in China Town or in an Asian store the frame is 8 sided with a round mirror in the center, put it at the front door or facing outward your front door and one at the back door. That will reflect evil.

      Also have a small bowl or dish of holy water next to your front door to bless yourself each time you leave your home, and each time you come back.

      You and your sister are going to have to learn how to do the work to protect yourselves and the both of you may have to take steps against your mother, such as ‘goofering her”.

      But also try to find out from other relatives if she has been behaving in a manner that is abnormal, if so you may have to get a lawyer and gain guardianship over her and have her hospitalized to see if she has had any strokes or is doing drugs. Sometimes over medication can also cause changes in behavior.

      If you find out exactly who the root worker is you could set a Hellhound on her, in one of my postings I write about how an acquaintance of mine created a hellhound, but be careful.

      But read my Archive and also get those St. Michael medals.

      But one final word of caution, if you are doing this just to get back at your Mother and she is not having root work done on you, it can back fire on you, so be very careful.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    3. Hi Voodoo Queen

      I hope you had nice Christmas and New Year

      I am sorry for the late reply I had problems with my mum she cut off the internet so I could not reply thanks for the information you posted it’s very helpful.

      The answer to your questions

      My sister is 18 and I am 24 years old are mum is 53 years old she is just crazy and evil she suffers from diabetes anemia kidney and liver problems and High Blood pressure problems we currently live with her we are currently waiting for our Father to take us out of that hell hole and live with him.

      But we have a problem we went to get a reading and basically the reader said our mother put an evil perverted spirit on my sister the spirit is our mother’s uncle.

      Who died mysteriously years ago he just dropped down dead but our mother was happy that he died but in life he was a very bad man very angry individual sick and twisted and his spirit is in the house all the time but he also troubles us

      Everything we try to accomplish fails and our opportunities turn sour and nothing but our love relationships never last nothing but constant arguments with people and us we can’t even keep a job but the reader said it’s the evil spirit that is causing the problem

      The evil spirit loves my sister as a love relationship interest kind of thing my sister had a dream of her talking to the evil spirit and said I am never coming out of your life your mine for ever.

      Our reader said our mother put a spiritual love relationship on my sister also follows her where ever she goes too and including me we haven’t been out of the house for like (8 years) (no joke)

      we don’t work do anything really when we need food and supplies we call our dad and he comes in the middle of the night and leaves it outside the front door and quickly drives off

      But me and my sister came up with a strategy to try and not make the evil spirit follow us I don’t know if it might work but are dad is going to pick us both up in the middle of the night near our mother’s house when she is sleeping since the evil spirit follows us and watches us could we burn incense on charcoal in the car to get rid of the evil spirit so it goes back to her so it won’t follow us to our dad flat?

    4. My Dear,
      Burning incense on charcoal in the car is not a good move, you put yourselves in danger due to Carbon Monoxid poisoning, as well as fire.

      Use Salt and Holy water, when you dad shows up before you step into the car sprinkle salt in front of the car door and then step over it.

      Inside sprinkle Holy water outside the car window and anoint yourselves with Holy water, any kind of salt will do.

      If you cannot get a hold of Holy Water, then use small mirrors even a hand held one, up to the window, to reflect back the image of this spirit.

      When you are at your Father's house read everything I've posted for Warding, Wards, protection and do it.

      Do reversing work, if need be do a poppet or doll to inflict the spirit back on your Mother, if she can get a hold of your personals, you can get a hold of hers.

      The fact that she has that many aliments I am amazed that she has been alive this long.

      You are both now adults, you do not have to go back to her.

      The both of you need to wear blessed (by the church) St. Michael medals and call upon him to protect you.

      In your home you should have access to salt, have your Dad get the holy water.

      Then have your father or you declare your Mother as incompetent and placed in a facility to take care of her.

      Once the two of you are living with your father you can Ward your father's place, and take steps to repel this spirit.

      I will check my notes to see what more you can do but I will post it as a Post not as a comment. It will take time as I am having power outages because of the storm.

      But it will be posted. Also get a copy of the Lord's Prayer and pray that and the 23rd Psalm when you wait and leave with your Dad.

      Good Luck!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  2. Dear Ms. Q,

    I am planning to make my own road opening oil with the following ingredients:

    Lemon Balm
    Dragon Blood
    Five Finger Grass
    Abre Camino
    Crossroads Dirt

    Should I use equal parts of the ingredients? How much carrier oil should I use in proportion to the materia? Thanks!

    1. Hello My Dear,

      I am presuming that you are making a "Master Bottle" from which you will take what smaller amount of oil you'll need, of course filtering out the solid ingredients.

      I have to say, and it's been from what I've discussed with other practitioners, that the amounts used depends upon the individual and what they've "spiritually sense" feels is right.

      Of course each one has always come up with a different combination.

      Now you don’t say if you are using solid ingredients or oils (with the exception of the Crossroads dirt), so I am presuming you’re going with solids.

      If they are all solids then use one teaspoon of each with a ½ teaspoon of Crossroads dirt, and then with the carrier oil use it to fill up the rest of the bottle, of course this depends upon the size of the bottle, that is why I love the large canning or Mason Jars.

      If you have a smaller jar then cut the solids to ½ teaspoon to ¼ teaspoon of the dirt and fill with the carrier oil.

      Now if you are using oils, and the crossroads dirt as the only solid, and it’s a small jar to accommodate the key, then ¼ teaspoon of the dirt, to 3 to 7 drops of each the essential oils, you’ll have to go by smell or “psychic feel” and then fill the remaining bottle with the carrier oil.

      But if something tells you to use 1 teaspoon of Crossroads dirt or with a smaller jar make it the equal to the other solids, then go with that.

      In making your own oils it’s like cooking something, with stew or pot roast for example, some people will put in wine vinegar, and some people don’t. It’s what you “sense” is right. But what I’ve given here are simply guide lines.

      I like Talia Felix’s take on making your own oils, etc. She says “…don’t be put off or fret that you might come to the wrong mixture and spoil your work: in magic it is the ingredients themselves which give the power and not how strongly blended they are.”

      So always remember that, and also go with your sense on it, and be sure to write down how much you combined together. But remember there is no failure in it.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Dear Ms. Q, thank you so much for your in-depth reply! I've made my Road Opener oil (all dry ingredients with fractionated coconut oil as carrier) and let it settle over 2 weeks. Turned out it doesn't smell so good, would you recommend that I add some lemon essential oil to improve the scent?

    3. Hello my Dear,

      As my Granny use to say making one’s own oils etc, is like cooking, sometimes it doesn’t come out the way we think it will.

      Lemon essential oil should be fine since it like Lemon Balm and Lemon Grass, are to clear things up and sweep away negativity.

      It’s possible that the coconut oil is off putting the smell, since most recipes that I have call for Castor Oil as the carrier.

      Using coconut oil does not lessen the power of the oil, and it adheres well to dressing candles.

      But the spiritual and ritual meaning of coconut oil is for luck or fast luck, it’s possible that with that combination it could open the pathway through fast and lucky ways.

      We as humans tend to prefer pleasant scents as off-putting scents tell us something is wrong, but sweet scents tend to lull us into a sense of comfort.

      When you see workmen clearing away a blocked road from a mudslide or something, the scent in the air is a mixture of gasoline and/or diesel fumes, dirt, wet gunky smells and above that something a bit spicy and sharp, a mixture of unpleasant and kind of pleasant but still a little off-putting, well the oil is like the workmen.

      But when dealing with commercial brands, there is a tendency to make it pleasant smelling so the more nicer smelling oils are ramped up and the others are decreased to a drop or two at the most.

      It does not make them any less effective, but they are designed to not put the purchaser off buying it either.

      When you make your own for your own use, you are dealing with the more correct way it does smell.

      Do not apply this oil to you, and only a drop or two (a slight drop) in your bath, this one is really designed to dress candles.

      But I’d be interested to know the results from your work with your oil, please let me know.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  3. Greetings. I love your website, it has been an invaluable source of information for me. I have a question about the road opening techniques you describe. I don't know if I should do the egg or the bath. Are the effects the same. Do you have a preference? If you're doing a 9 day road opener, can you do egg one day and bath the next for 9 days or do you have to choose one and stick with it?


    1. Hello Joy,

      I’d really do a combination of the two, since this is Road Opener work and this is how I would do it.

      First I’d prepare the egg and then I’d prepare the bath, once undressed prior to the bath I would do the egg cleansing, but set the egg aside in a white bowl after you’re done before getting rid of it, then I’d take the first of the nine baths. After I’m dry and dressed I would take the egg and throw it as hard as I can at the roots of a tree, if you find a tree at a crossroads that’s even better (but do it at a time where no one will see you if possible).

      Now while you are in the bathroom before you do the cleansing and the bath, open the bathroom window a little to allow any negativity to leave, and burn a bit of Frankincense to cleans the bathroom, also this prevents you from choking on the smoke from the incense as well.

      After you smash the egg go home by a different route, then the next day do the 2nd of the 9 baths until all nine days are completed, you only have to do the egg cleansing on that first day.

      Now other people would say that’s too much, but if you feel you have blockages, then by all means call in the “big guns” and get it done.

      Now if where you’re at its snowing then smash the egg at a convenient time during that 9 days if possible, if it doesn’t work out then break the egg open and flush it down the toilet and put the shells into the garbage, the whole idea is to have any negativity flow away from you.

      About the white bowl after its been used to hold the egg, wash it in lemon dish-washing soap to cleans it. You can set it aside to use for other future rituals.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  4. Dear Ms voodoo queen
    I need your help ever since I was small I have been hearing that our family was cursed, but I fidnt understand, but growing up I git to understand the meaning of it cause I aswell have been under this dark cloud, I have seen different people who charge a lot of money and still no help, I have receive different baths and no results, in fact I only got more things happen to me, I tried finding a job even when I'm qualified for it I don't get it, and when I do get a job, I can't keep it, is like everything I try to do fail... I was told before that the curse should lift when I turn 30 but I am already pass that and nothing seem to have lifted, I tried use my granny rituals by lighting white candle and saying psalms 91 23 and 121 it lift my spirits for a bit and then nothing happens. I'm frustrated and tired at this point, and I would like to know what to do and what am I doing wrong...

    1. Dear MJ,

      First you need to stop feeling so defeated, you were “pre-programed” with the talk of your family being cursed into being defeatist, causing you to have a lack of self-confidence. And that is shameful that people would speak that way around a young child at an impressionable age.

      You don’t need to see spiritualists to be told to take this bath or do this ritual, what you need to do change your outlook.

      I have a friend of mine who for 3 years had been looking for a job which she was more than qualified, she kept up on her training so she didn’t get rusty, even taking part time or half time jobs to pay bills, then she started watch the sermons of Joel Osteen he says the enemy can be our own lack of discipline, that God is a god of mercy.

      She got a full time job in 6 weeks after watching him and listening to his sermons and changing her outlook and attitude.

      My Granny use to say if you act self-confident, that you act like a winner, then you’ll become a winner, it’s all a matter of changing your energy from negative to positive.

      The fact that the Psalms that your Granny taught you lifts your spirits is good, but you’ve got to work harder at it, all the time.

      I posted an article on curses read it, you’ll find it in my archives section under “curses’.

      And if you ever have any doubts, recite the 23 psalm “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…” prior to doing an interview and watch the Joel Olsteen sermons and keep reciting your Granny’s psalms as well.

      If need be take courses in self-confidence training that will help you to change your energy around.

      On a spiritual level you can do either dual or double action candles in either white and black or green and black, read my article on Double action candles (check the archive labels) and continue to recite your Granny’s psalms as you burn them.

      Or you can do Road Opener Candles as well, to open the road to a better outlook on life as well as a better job.

      I will put you in my prayer circle.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  5. Ms.Q do you have any advice on doing a cross road rituals. Contacting papa legba.

    1. Dear Amy,

      This is Ms. Q's niece.

      Ms. Q had suffered a serious heart attack and has retired from doing her blog. She is also unable to respond in depth to any questions or comments nor can she do any readings.

      The blog is being left up for anyone's information.

      I did ask her about Cross Road rituals, she advised to not contact Papa legba otherwise you will be committed to him for life.

      Better to contact St. Peter or if you prefer to do wiccan then Hecate.

      But with Hecate never look behind you when summoning her.

      Pretty much what she has posted would work, but she suggests that you check out Denise Alvarado's website for Cross Road Rituals, as she is very accurate or Moma Sara of Conjured Cardea who has a facebook page.

      She is sorry she cannot help you further except to suggest others who can take you further.

      In Ms. Q's words Bright Blessings to You.