Sunday, October 9, 2011


Well Ms. Q,

I can't belive I've been away from this blog for nearly 4 months. Time flys by when one is busy.

October is here, and everyone is looking forward to celebrating Halloween. So am I.

I've been getting questions mostly about ghosts, spirits and hauntings.

So I think that my future postings will be about hauntings and such and how do they come about and types of hauntings and protection.

Unless someone distracts me with a question on a different paranormal subject.

Stay tuned.


Ms. A.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ghost Hunting and Seances~~~

Recently I had the pleasure of joining a friend of mine in a Ghost Hunt at a well-known historical location.

Because this was also a special fund raiser for the place, it was limited to just a certain number of people who were also curious about Ghost Hunting. They were then broken up into smaller groups who were rotated around the different locations of the place.

The beauty of how my friend put this together was to take the 'fear' out of ghost hunting and also show that for a personal hobby one did not need to have a lot of fancy equipment to start out, as are usually shown on these ghost hunting programs or at ghost hunting conventions.

By doing this it made the whole event fun, pleasurable and for all produced wonderful results.

Part of the event was to be in a seance in one area, in doing so I also informed each group that one does not get any "Hollywood spectacular events" it's usually more subtle.

Ordinarily I do not conduct 3 short seances in one evening, but it seemed to work out just fine and I wasn't over exhausted thanks to my guides and the positive thinking people I was with.

Each short seance produced different events, and questions were answered, with everyone coming away with a positive outlook.

Now do I recommend doing short seances, ordinarily no. But when I do readings it is possible to have someone come in from the spirit side to give a message or to at least let the questioner known that they are well. And for me when I do a reading I can keep the spirit from overshadowing me.

But in a seance, the energies are built up to such an extent that overshadowing can become possible.

Part of the problem in doing this was that I had to open the circle but not break it, because we were trying to contact a specific group of spirits that are attached to the location. There for the build up was greater as oppose to readings.

In doing a reading I break the circle after each reading but keep the white light of protection going in the area until I'm done, this way those spirits that are meeting the individual questioners also go as well.

But in this situation it was not the case. So the "battery" remained charged to stay in contact with that specific group of spirits.

For any amateurs I really do not recommend doing a seance and certainly not with a Ouija Board, the reason is that unless one has a trained or developed psychic sensitive leading the gathering you really don't know what or who will appear, and one must always be able to create a circle of protection and disperse those who gather.

Working with a Ouija Board is not for "fun and games" especially among children or teenagers, one never knows who is a latent medium or sensitive and you never know what will happen. Most of the time they do not create the protections or in the case of teens maybe doing underage drinking. That is not good and can be spiritually dangerous.

Of course one can warn and warn and caution until one is "blue in the face" they are not going to pay attention, because of this sense of "I'm immortal---nothing is going to happen" and then ---it does. And by then it's too late.

With that in mind, in one of my next essays I will post "How to conduct a seance" only because I know that eventually someone is going to try it---and if so you may as well do it correctly.

But getting back to the Fund Raising event---everyone left with a positive frame of mind, the "bug ga-boos" of ghost hunting was reduced to "you can do it with this simple equipment" , it was fun and it raised money to help preserve a historic place.

By going in with a positive frame of mind to do good, the outcome was wonderful.

And that is how it always should be.

I've now set up my blog so that anyone can post a question to me and I will answer, because of my schedule it might take a little time but I will respond.

Thank you for your inquiries and never stop trying to understand the unseen.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I've been away

Hello Ms. Q,

I know I've been away, busy, busy, busy. But I hope to post more information for you soon.

I haven't forgotten the "seasons of the Year" so I'll be updating that.


Ms. A