Monday, October 30, 2017


Hello Everyone.

This is Ms. Q’s niece.

If you remember Ms.Q said earlier this month  she was going to visit family and friends and she did and had a wonderful time.

But when she returned we had extremely poor air quality because of the horrible wild fires.

This caused her to have breathing problems which led to a serious heart attack.  She is still in the hospital but is recovering.

Because of her health,  the decision was made that Ms. Q will no longer write any articles for this blog,  nor will she be able to answer any comments or questions, nor will she be able to do any readings.

This Blog will be left up as a reference for those who are interested in understanding and doing the work.

Ms. Q recommends that you her readers, read the works of Denise Alvarado, Catherine Yronwode, Talia Felix as well as other authors that she has recommended in her blog.

She does recommend to get products from Conjure Cardea as well as Lucky Mojo.

Conjure Cardea also has a facebook page which would also be helpful for you.

Her family and friends love her dearly and want her to remain as long as possible with us, which is the reason for this decision.

She has enjoyed doing this blog, but now is the time for her to really retire.

She wishes all of you the Brightest of Blessings, and to have faith in God, Mother Mary, Jesus, and the Angels and Saints to come to your aid.

Brightest of Blessings from Ms. Q

This is an addition to the above recommendations.

I informed Ms. Q about how many of you want spells for various situations.   She thought about it and recommends both Conjure Cardea's Face page as well as Hoodoo Delish which also has a face page.  Hoodoo Delish's web site is

Ms. Q says that both will be very helpful to all of you in doing spell and hoodoo work.  

And she thanks you for all your prayers.  She is  slowly getting better but has a long way to go.

Thank you again.

And in Ms. Q's words Brightest of Blessings to all of you.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

We'll be going back on vacation~~~

Hello Everyone,

My Husband and I have the SUV almost packed, we'll be leaving tomorrow to go visiting family and friends.

I have family here that is house sitting for us and will be decorating the house for Halloween while we're gone for two (2) weeks.

I will not be able to answer any questions or comments during the time that I'm gone, and my niece who helps me with my blog, will also be gone visiting some friends and enjoying Octoberfest, she deserves a vacation too.

So if you post a question or comment, please do not panic if you don't see it come up and try to post a 2nd or 3rd time.

Your questions or comments will be there but in a "holding" file waiting to be moderated, once either I or my niece returns it will get posted.  So please don't panic.

When I return I hope to have some more articles to post,  I've been getting questions about the use of  keys, floor washes, dolls and pins, Florida Water, too much to even think about.

But I have to say the Month of October is a perfect time to let your Hoodoo or Witchyness out.

And lots of times I will do a sort of film festival here at the house, for the kiddies I'll play "Hocus-Pocus" and "Hotel Transylvania"  but for the adults I'll play something far more close to home  two British Films that really got the concept of doing the work and how it can go wrong "Burn, Witch, Burn" (aka "night of the eagle")  and "Night of the Demon" (aka "Curse of the Demon" US title) I prefer "Night of the Demon it has the complete film where as "Curse" cut out some 10 minutes of it.

Of Course "Supernatual" premier's on Oct 12, with season 13  so I already have my T.V. set to record it, I need to see what trouble the Winchester Boys get into this time.

So whether you celebrate Ocktoberfest or Halloween/Samhain or the Days of the Dead,  now is the time to prepare for fun.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

The Use of Ritual Inks~~~~~

Hello Dear Readers,

I get questions from all sorts of people who are trying to learn what to do when they take the first tentative steps in doing “the work”  and discovering a minefield of information and not knowing what to do, it can be overwhelming to say the least.   So I’m hoping that bit by bit I can clarify some of this information.

Recently I was asked by several of you this question:

“Dear Ms. Q,
I’ve read about a love spell where I’m to use Dove’s blood ink, I’ve checked on the web and there is all kinds of inks, what are they, what are they made of, how do I use them, does it have to come from the blood of an animal?”

I combined several questions into one narrative.  Some people think to make certain inks you have to sacrifice a dove or a cat or a bat and is there such a thing as dragons etc.   

Well let’s go back into ancient times, it was believed back then, that to seal a occult pact or spell it had to be done in blood to make it effective, so animal blood, and in some rare cases human blood, would be used, it was believed that the use of blood would make the spell or pact far more stronger and binding, the type of blood depended upon the spell and what the magician believed would be most effective.   This held true in many Middle Eastern rituals as well as those done in Ancient Europe and it has traveled over into the America’s in the early 18th century.

You have to remember Dracula’s words to Renfield “The Blood is the Life, Mr. Renfield.”  So blood pacts, spells and oaths were considered the most binding and most effective.

So to seal a pact or spell sometimes the blood of the wizard or witch would be used or a few drops of the person requesting the spell.  If a love spell a dove, which is the sacred bird of Venus the Goddess of love, would be sacrificed, for revenge or destruction the blood of a bat, for protection the resin of the Dragon Palm tree aka Dragon’s blood would be used. 

Fortunately animal sacrifice is not used in our rituals anymore---unless someone of a sick and twisted mind believes it to be----although in some rituals and beliefs it is done but then the sacrificed animals become part of a community feast afterwards. 

The inks were designed to either invoke or banish any negative energies into or out of the physical world, and it was necessary to purify the inks prior to invoking or banishing, and even in this modern age after making the inks or even purchasing them (if you’re like me, I’m too tuckered to make my own anymore) you still need to pray over them to consecrate them before any magical use.

So with the modern inks animal sacrifice is no longer done, except that good quality dragon’s blood ink will have some lumps of the resin in it.  Over time the other inks were made with herbs added to it that were appropriate or associated to the type of spell work.

So the three most common inks are Dragon’s Blood, Bat’s Blood and Dove’s Blood, but there is no real blood in them, just good quality red ink.

Now they could be written out with a fountain pen or a metal nib calligraphy pen also known as a dip pen, but as my Granny and her ladies told me and from what I learned from those old time hoodoo practitioners, witches and ceremonial workers, in working with sacred inks no metal while writing out the petition(s) should touch the inks, as the metal could nullify or taint the workings, so for ceremonial magick, witchcraft and hoodoo the use of a feather quill was best and most natural.

And that began to get elaborate as well, since feathers could be dyed, so symbolic color’s emerged:
White for use in writing out healing and blessing wishes, and for sanctifying new ventures,
Green for writing out money-drawing and prosperity spells,
Red for love,  
Black for revenge spells and destruction spells. 

The quills could be used for writing out pacts, sigils, talismans, spell-papers or petitions to place inside mojo hands, or to write a petition for spell work.   But in Granny’s day it was not a colored quill, but a natural feather like a feather from the wing of a chicken, duck or turkey or if you were lucky one that had been found and not crushed, the feather would be cleaned first with regular water and then blessed with Holy Water or Florida Water.   How the color feathers developed I’m not sure, unless it was some marketing ploy by someone or someone felt that it helped create a greater focus for the spell work.

If you feel crafty enough to make your own inks I will post at the bottom of this blog links to various web sites that offer the recipes to most but not all of these inks that I have listed.

A word of caution, if you are going to make your own inks that is good, through it is a tedious process of making them. But if you do then always use either glass, pryex or a double boiler made of enamel over metal, never use an aluminum pot as it will taint the herbs.   And to thicken the ink a little use a natural thickening agent such as gum Arabic.  

So let’s review the purpose for the three Major magickal inks:

Bat’s Blood Ink:  For domination, commanding, curses, and hexes. Great for summoning spirits. Good for binding spells. Also use for spells of mystery, darkness, and all things hidden.

Dove’s Blood Ink:  For Love spells Good for love, romance, friendship, and peace. Add power to love spells. Thank your spiritual guides and helpers. Ignite romance and passion.

Dragon’s Blood Ink:  Good for protection, energy, and purification. Adds power to any spell, incantation, or other charm. Increases potency of your spells. Has strong banishing powers against negative influences, and will drive away negativity.  Used to inscribe Runes, to draw Seals, to make Talismans and in every spell which requires a magical ink.  Perhaps considered the most powerful Ink to have.

However over the years other inks emerged and began to be used such as:

Black Nightshade Ink:  To be used for cursing, binding and communicating with the dead.

Butterfly's Blood also known as Saffron Ink:  Historically this ink has been used for writing holy scriptures and for making charms in the Near East, Butterflys Blood ink is also used for love spells and summoning such creatures as  Spirits, Elves, Fairies and Elementals, specifically  the Elemental of Air.

Bat's Wing Ink:  To Align your true spiritual path with your chosen life path using this traditional purple ink.

Butterfly's Flight Ink:  Best used the flighty elements of nature (Air) to make a wish with this yellow ink and spell.

Dove’s Eye Ink:  This is a variation of the Dove’s Blood ink it’s a sweet-smelling red ink; it’s used to write out spells to bring peace of mind and happiness. (Think of the Blue Bird of Happiness)

Raven Wings Ink:  Someone developed this ink to be used for spell for personal changes, prophecy, psychic work, shapeshifting and creation.

Raven’s Blood Ink:  From what I’ve seen of the formula’s it uses the same formula as dragon’s blood ink, except that the red color is obtained from iron oxide powder, not from powdered dragon’s blood resin. For healing, transformation, and mystery. Good for healing spells. Excellent to use in spells bringing about transformation, or spells to ease one's mind when faced with a life transformation. Some say it can be used for love spells   Use this ink when you want to add an air of mystery to your spell workings. 

Raven’s Feather Ink:   This is made from a raven’s feather that’s freely given, and is used in commanding spells and spells to contact the dead. Good for summoning spirits, banishing spirits, and exorcisms. Use this ink to create your own "talking" boards for contacting spirits, or for mediums to write out their questions for the dead.

Chinese Magickal Ink:  This ink is made from cinnabar and is used to write out spells using a peach-wood pen.

Leprechaun's Luck Ink: This is an emerald green ink and spell to draw luck and unravel the future.

Lamp Black Ink: good for knowledge spells, making this an excellent ink for writing in a witch's book of shadows. You can also charge Lampblack ink with specific intent by coordinating the color of the candle used to create the Lampblack soot.

Hopi Black Ritual Ink:    It is my understanding that this is used to call upon the spirits of the Native Americans or a Totem Spirit Animal

Wolf’s Heart Ink:  To be used in Petitions to grant courage under extreme conditions, to help overcome the fear of death, and strengthen the fortitude of artists and businessmen and women, enabling them to further their goals.   (this is not made with real wolf’s blood but with herbs associated with wolves)

Now I have people saying to me (I can hear those voices now) “But I don’t have money to buy those inks”  “I can’t make them”  “Can I use regular inks?”    I hear you cry out.   Well the answer is simple, Thank Goodness for felt tip pens!

Yes Dear Readers, in this world of “gotta make do”, we can use Felt tip pens, or buy at a Stationary store color bottle inks, and use the tip of a bird’s feather (cleaned) for your quill.

All you have to do is match the color to the intent and consecrate the felt tip pens to the workings you want to do,  or if you buy bottled inks just add just a tiny smidge of Dragon’s Blood Resin to the ink to help empower it and also consecrate the bottled inks as well. 

Red  for Love & Romance or  Protection Against Psychic Attack or Passion & Strength  Fire element
Blue  for Peace and Protection, Success, Unity, the water element, the emotions, dealing with Laughter      & Loyalty
Green for Money & Abundance Generosity, Good Health, Earth element, Material Things, Nature & Fertility
Yellow for Creativity, Aiding the Memory, Healing and Success, the Air element, The Intellect, Adapting to Change
Violet/Purple  for Connect to spirit, Astral travel, Repel negativity, Release obsessions
Black for Banishing, Absorbs Illness, Transformation, Cast out unfavorable energies (or hexes)
Copper for Healing
Silver for Purification Aids, Psychic Abilities, Repels Negativity, Divination & Intuition

Gold for Fast Luck, Attraction Success, Good Fortune

But remember these inks or felt tip pens are to be only used for magical workings not for everyday stuff.  Especially if they have been consecrated.

Now before I post the links to the different web sites for the ink recipes I just want to throw this in about preserving blood, human or otherwise for a magical ink, but I only include it here for your information I do not condone the use of blood in writing out magical petitions etc.

This is from the Arcane Archive:

“To: alt.lucky.w
From: "John M Hansen"
Subject: Re: recipe for blood ink?
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 00:24:02 -0400
Sour salt, citric Acid is the anti-coagulant of choice in inks made of blood, human or otherwise.  Make a  saturated solution of Citric acid, which you can find labeled as sour salt in the Kosher food section of your supermarket.  Add three drops to each approximate teaspoon of blood.  (30ml)  You may need more, but this much, if mixed in, will allow you to add more if needed.. “

These are the Links that I have been able to find for recipes for magical inks, and I know there are many more,  if the link doesn’t work, you can type it in on your browser and you should be able to get to it

As I’ve said I’m too tired to be busy making inks, and why do I not post my own recipes?  Because what I have matches pretty much what is posted, with some variations.   So if you’re feeling crafty then have fun.

You can also order some of these inks from the web sites that I have posted in my Recommended links as well. 

But remember you don’t have to use a magical ink in conjure work, at least not while you’re starting out.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Rest In Peace --- Raymond Buckland~~~

Hello Dear Readers,

Just earlier this evening a friend of mine who is a witch, came over to my home and informed me that Raymond Buckland had passed away 2 days ago. He was 83 a good long life.

He wrote many informative books on Wicca and the Supernatural starting in 1969 with "A Pocket Guide to to the Supernatural followed by "Practical Candle Burning"  I consider this work and his work on advance candle burning to be a must purchase.  

And all his works are of value to be added to anyone's metaphysical book shelf.

Wikipedia gives a partial listing of his books, and he mostly focused on Wicca and Witchcraft and not on Conjure, but his works on Candle Burning are of great help when one wants to do a far more ritualistic candle working. 

He also wrote on other metaphysical subjects which any practitioner of the work should at least read to have comprehension of all the energies that are out there,  I've always said "Forewarned is Forearmed" and his is excellent educational works.

It is my understanding that although he was initiated into the Garderian Path of Wicca in his later years he worked as a Solitary Wiccan.

He created a museum of witchcraft which is to my understanding currently located inside of A Separate Reality Records in the Tremont, Cleveland neighborhood.

 Buckland formed his own Wiccan tradition called Seax-Wica which is based upon symbolism taken from Anglo-Saxon paganism.   If you are interested in his works go to    I hope that link works, I do know that if you type it in you will go to that site.

The world is a little less brighter today with losing such a dedicate man to Wicca and Witchcraft.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

Friday, September 29, 2017

Leaving on another Road Trip next week~~~~

Hello Everyone,

Well next week my hubby and I are going to hit the road again, to see more family members and those that we only had a brief time to spend with.

We are not putting a time line on how long I’ll be gone,  I’m leaving the Halloween decorating to my nieces and nephews, they will be house sitting for me. 

Again I’m not sure how soon I’ll be back to respond to any comments or questions, but  I hope to have a few more articles to post here. 

Some of you have given me ideas based upon your questions about what to write about, because I know if one of you asks that question I’m sure there are a hundred of you who may have thought about it.

I love traveling in the Autumn, although the rivers and waterfalls do not run as full as in the late Spring (another time of year I love)  but there is always something spiritually exciting in the air during those two times of the year.    And I never know what I’ll come across.

For me even at my old age every day is a learning lesson, and if we stop learning well then we die, figuratively speaking.   I learn from observation, reading, asking questions, doing something I’ve never tried but trust me at my age I will not do rock climbing, sometimes watching historical documentaries on the PBS station or watching a favorite T.V. program to see (through the scriptwriter’s thinking) the types of thoughts or situations that might be faced even if the story line might be too over blown.

But nature is the best teacher, every morning I wake up, I have a cup of coffee in hand and sit on my back  porch and look at my garden, but I’m doing more than looking, I’m listening and observing too, to the sounds around me, the songs of the birds, the furtive movements of the squirrels, the sounds of the city trucks picking up recyclables, or street sweeping, the beeping of the work trucks that are just 7 blocks over working on a building project,  the barking of a dog, the smell of bacon in the cool air, a child calling out to its parent, the leaves on the trees, what might be blooming in the yard, even the scent of the air like a perfume that can’t be bottled, the feel of the breeze on my skin, to enjoy the not quite silence of life around me, that is a wonderful teacher using all 5 of my natural senses and not have them drowned out by loud music, crowds, cars-buses-trucks all hurrying to nowhere, to just be still and take it all in,  that is why I love to travel in an RV (use to camp in a tent), and stay near a river or lake and take in all that nature has to offer, it’s healing and it’s teaching and we should all learn from it.

So we’ll be leaving again sometime next week.   And for me getting there is 75 percent of the fun.

My niece will be gone as well visiting some friends, as I said other family members will be house sitting, but I have told them to not tinker with my blog.

So if anyone posts a question or comment, it won’t be answered until I return and please don’t fret or post twice if you don’t see it come up, because it will be in a “holding file” for moderation, and I check all my files.   

For now with this weekend coming up my suggestion to you dear readers is to go out, take a picnic lunch and experience nature, in a park, the beach, a picnic in the country, do Not take your MP3 players, don’t cut yourself off with wearing those ear bud thingees, let nature be your music, listen, feel, observe all its sutilties, and rejuvenate your energies.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q