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Hello Everyone,

For the past several months I’ve been getting questions from people who have performed “love type” spells they do the oils, the write out the petitions, they do the chants and prayers, they burn the candles, they note how the candles work and think something should happen----BUT----they wonder why doesn’t the target of their personal interest show any interest in them.

For a good reason----Bottom line --- it wasn’t meant to happen.

I know that sounds cruel, I know that sounds like “love spells don’t work” but I have to say that love spells do work----when the love is mutual but not activated.   

Yes you heard (or read) me correctly the love has to be mutual BUT it is Not activated.  It’s there quiescent, but it hasn’t been awaken.

Now I’ve encountered several types of scenario’s in love workings and in all my years of doing the work, as I’ve said before I’ve been there---I’ve done that---and I’ve bought the T-shirt (many times over).   So I know what I’m talking about, I was young once, I was [what I thought] in love [many times] only to be disappointed, dis-heartened, broken hearted, and just plain feeling bad, miserable, despondent and [in a few cases] angry.

And it is hard on a young person, well on any person of any age to be disappointed in love, because we always want someone to be our one and only, to be with us forever----even Zha Zha Gabor once said she was a great housekeeper----she always kept the house after the divorce.

Now I did a post about why Reconciliation spells don’t work well it’s true for specifically targeted love spells as well.

Now for specifically targeted love spells why don’t they work?  The two most common reasons a spell "did not work", regardless of the situation is:

 1 --- The spell is actually working, just not in the way you had hoped
 2---It is not in your best interests to have what you are asking for.

And usually that is the strongest and most important reason why it didn’t work because it is ethically wrong to use a love spell to target a specific person. It's wrong because it interferes with the free will of the person you are attempting to put the spell on and you have to be careful because it will backfire on you.

Sometimes what one thinks is love is merely a “crush” and sometimes “crushes” can result in unwanted pregnancies  or the giving of money only for it to never be returned so you have to be careful about that, because you can be used.

Love work is one of the hardest to get results on and the answer as to why is obvious if you seriously think about it.   You are trying to get a person to feel, think or act in a way they are not inclined to work, and this is much harder than shifting your odds of luck, or fighting a magical curse with a magical cleansing.   

People who want someone to fall in love with them, to become interested in them forget that people have free will, and trying to change that isn't easy, there is a vast amount of energy and time put out to do this and it doesn’t happen like in the movies.   

Another thing to remember is that a lot of times Love Spells do not work because they would harm someone.  Think of it like “The Force” that is talked about in “Star Wars” you have to remember every thought and action has a ripple effect that goes far beyond its original intentions.

IF it is meant to happen it may be that your spell has to wait until the timing is right for many different people involved. You may think that your spell is just between you and the new lover you’d like to attract, but it could also be between the person your lover is with today, the emotional needs of your children, the cute person you’re meant to have a fling with tomorrow.

We don’t know all the stakes involved in any spell that we cast, we always have to remember that it does not harm anyone else.

If the result of your spell is delayed or is not happening, it could be that the Universe is taking its time to assess everything so that it doesn’t hurt anyone in the processes, if you force the issue then you will be dealing with psychic payback and you won’t like it.

That is why you have to always remember that there are other things, situations and people involved when you do a love spell.

Denise Alvarado gave a list of 10 reasons why Love Spells lots of times don’t work  and I’m going to  post an abbreviated version of it here.   The comments within these brackets (  )  are mine.

1. You have unrealistic expectations……There needs to be a strong connection to the person to begin with, and a basis from which love can be nurtured and sparked. Furthermore, love spells do not work overnight. Magick is often a process that involves removing obstacles and clearing unwanted influences, and realigning and maneuvering energies to affect change for the best possible result.   (if a deep connection is not there, it’s not there)

2. Magick is not guaranteed. Just as prayers to the creator may go seemingly unanswered, there may be a reason that a spell does not work. It may be that the Universe has different plans for you. This reason is very hard for some people to accept.    (this one is hard for anyone in love with someone or you have a “crush” or deep interest in that someone,  but that someone is not in love with you, that makes it hard for you to understand)

3. You are taking shortcuts.    (using the wrong oils, doing it at the wrong time etc.)

4. You doubt the power of magick and you do not “believe” in your own personal power.

5. You are stalking and/or harassing your desired mate… To do so will reverse any spell performed on your behalf ( or by you). You need to create and allow space for the correct energies to align and work in your favor.

6. You are being scammed. Bar none, this is the most common reason love spells do not work. An authentic practitioner will have a conversation with you about your situation and assess your expectations and the likelihood of success. They will give you an honest appraisal of your request and will not take your money if there is little chance of the spell working.   (That is why doing a divination before doing the spell is important to know if it will be successful)

7. You do not provide complete and accurate information to the spellcaster (or you yourself do not have all the accurate information about that person’s personal situation ie are they married, engaged, interested in someone else)

8. You are obsessing over your love spell or Voodoo love spell. Obsession is fueled by desperation. These feelings attract negativity and will weaken any spell being performed.

9. You fail to address any underlying obstacles or issues.  (Remember your target may not be into you)

10. You talk about the spellwork to others. (Meaning to those who are not into doing magic or might be practitioners but don’t reveal it)

11. (This one is my reason) The targeted person has their own protections set up either consciously or unconsciously or their guardian spirits are protecting them so they can follow the life path that is set before them.
I’ve mentioned that years ago a friend of mine was obsessed with this guy she really wanted him to love her, now he knew her, had seen her around but he didn’t talk to her much, well she did a love spell and oh yeah he got attracted to her after he dropped his latest girlfriend, but after she’d been with him for a couple of months she wanted out of the relationship, he was abusive, controlling, he was making her life miserable.

We needed Granny to help her, Granny was pissed about it, I mean think of that scene in the first Disney Fantasia film where Mikey Mouse loses control over the broom and nearly drowns in the ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ piece.  It was like that in a way.   But Granny got it done (with a little assistance from me and my friend) to get her out of her situation.

I had an acquaintance of mine wanting to reconcile with an old boyfriend so she was doing love spells to re-kindle his interest, but they didn’t seem to work, he still continued dating this other woman,  I had to persuade her that the Devine Presence didn’t want her to have him back, it was hard on her until 3 months later,  we read in the newspaper that he had been killed by a former girlfriend that he had dated over a year before and had been stalking him,  the woman also attempted to kill the girl he was dating.   My acquaintance realized it could have been her that could have been hurt.

I myself also made the same mistake, twice, each time I was able to have the fella attracted to me, the first one I married---Big Mistake,  my marriage was miserable, but I was determined to work on it, until I caught him in bed with another woman,  it’s a good thing I used a broom to chase them out of the apartment---they were buck-ass naked when they ran out,  because in the back of my mind something kept saying he was not worth going to jail for.    

 The police was understanding but they said I couldn’t keep them from getting their clothes, the woman kept apologizing to me saying she didn’t know he was married.    I said “Well you know now!”   The next day I demanded a divorce and got it.

The 2nd time I didn’t marry the guy I was only engaged but he cheated as well, but by that time I could tell if we got married it would be a disaster so I was wondering how to break it off with him,  but I caught him too,  he said I could keep the engagement ring,  and he also paid me $5,000 so I wouldn’t go to the church and out him to the congregation.    I used that money to help paint my parents’ house, they were thinking of getting a loan but I saved them the money.

By this time I gave up on doing love spells they backfired on me and I was tired of that kind of pain,  I focused on my regular job, learning more of the work, helping friends and family and taking care of my Mom after my Dad passed away.

Eventually my Mom became very ill, and she was slowly going into a decline, by this time most of my family was scattered and spread out, the elders that I grew up with were gone, I felt very alone, and I knew when she passed away I’d be left alone.   I was so wrapped up in my fear of being alone I couldn’t see anything in front of me for the future,  I was in deep emotional pain, I didn’t want to be alone for the rest of my life.

When Mom was asleep I did a Love spell, but I made it general I asked the Divine Presence that I wanted a good man in my life, I listed the qualities I wanted and what I didn’t want as well.   I said “If there is a fellow about my age, who can be a friend, a companion, a lover, honest and loyal, if he’s out there, send him my way, because I don’t want to be alone and afraid.”

Later that night I had a dream, it was of three tarot cards, first the high priestess, then the magician, then the lovers,  I had that same dream three nights in a row.   I wrote the dream down in my journal.  I figured the high priestess was me, the lovers was obvious,  3 cards over 3 nights so the number 3 was important, it could mean 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years, 3 o’clock, 3 was important, but who the heck was the magician I couldn’t figure out why that card, I expected a court card.

I got my answer 3 days later at work,  I was at the desk and this gentleman came in and asked if we had any books on Houdini I showed him the area, he was happy and I went back to the desk, then after a little bit I was taking care of a mother whose child would not stop crying, the gentleman who had asked about the Houdini books, made a large purple wooden thimble appear magically and then disappear and re-appear to the delight of the child, and then he made a balloon animal for the child, while the child was distracted I finished helping the mother who was relieved that her child was quiet.

When they left I turned to the man and said “That was pretty good mis-direction” and he said “You think so?  That’s nice, I do magic professionally alongside my regular job,  Hey when do you get a break I’ll buy you a cup of coffee and we can sit outside and talk.”

Yes he had a regular full time job but he also performed at birthday parties, weddings, and special events and had a nice little show.   He helped me during the final days of my Mom’s illness and helped me keep my sanity.   And we’ve been together ever since.

So yes love spells do work if done correctly.  There are ethics involved in casting a love spell,  if the person  you are casting on is looking for love as well and you have a general connection, but just hasn't noticed you in a romantic way,  if you plan on being a wonderful partner for this person, you would be giving that person the gift of love if you cast a spell that would make them want to look in your direction and want to give you some extra time and focus in order to get to know you.  

But it helps if you truly love the person and that person is available and looking too, but you need to be careful because Love spells can have all sorts of strange effects.  It can work on you instead of the other person and make you desire them even more than you already do, so that you become obsessed and that would be unhealthy. 

If you want to do a love spell then try a spell for attracting love to you in general, without targeting a specific person. If you and a person you are interested in are meant to be together then it will work out. If not, then perhaps the spell will bring you to someone more suited for you.

It’s far healthier and more reasonable and it sets things up with the Universe, the Divine Presence to work things out better for you,  maybe you won’t met them at your work place, maybe you’ll go back to college or take up a hobby and meet them in class or at an event, where you are introduced.   

By having it open like that you won’t be hurt, and either that person will be with you for a day, a season, a year or forever, but you’ll know how it will work out and not have the pain of love unrequited.

In my next post on Love Spells, I’m going to do a few caveats on how some of them and to what degree they can work but you have to remember it is far better to do a general love spell to bring the right love to you, than it is to coheres someone to love you.   In my next post I’ll explain about compelling or force love spells.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

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Need to take a little break~~~

Hello Everyone,

Some of you have posted questions to me, and I will get to them but I need to take a break for a couple of days.

I have company visiting and we are taking advantage of the sunny but cold weather.

I will respond to your questions and concerns in a couple of days.

Thank You.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

What Psalms to use in doing the work~~~~

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been asked to do a list of the Psalm and what do they do, or what Psalm will work best for a situation especially if you are doing the work in hoodoo or conjure.

Many people have great faith in the power of the Psalms, but I want to make it very clear to everyone the psalms are not meant to replace proper medical treatments, legal or financial advice, or for religious, psychological or emotional consoling or therapy.   If you are in need of help in that or any other situation, seek the appropriate aid or help.  The psalms and any associated rituals with them, are meant to be a spiritual aid in addition to seeking proper aid in the real world.  Remember God helps those who help themselves, so seek advice or treatment as well as praying the psalms for spiritual support.


One of the most powerful books in doing the work is----o.k. this is going to surprise you---it is the Bible, the good old-fashion Christian Bible, now it doesn’t matter of it’s the Catholic Version or the King James Version (although the King James did cut out a couple of books the Catholic one is more complete)  but either way it is the most powerful book to have in one’s home and as one of your most important tomes when doing the work.

Prayer is a form of spell shaping or binding, so some people would classify especially the Book of Psalms as a grimoire or spell book although there are verses in other sections of the Bible that are also powerful (and I’ll mention those further down) there are spells or chants in there for just about everything from victory in war, healing, love, hexing, the wording of the psalms can be extremely powerful than any chant that most wiccans and witches can make up.   And if it were to be chanted in Latin or even in the original Aramaic, that can be some powerful fire power.   And you don’t have to use the entire Psalm but those lines that are directly pertinent to the Working that you are doing.

Let me make this clear, conjure work or hoodoo is not a religion as oppose to Voodoo or Santeria or even Wicca.  It is separate from any religious belief, it is a system of spiritual practices and magic, it is really working the energies that are around you and within you.  It is uniquely American developed magical workings, it’s mixed with Pennsylvania Dutch Pow-Wow which uses prayers, those workings especially in Foot track magic brought over by the slaves, some Native American workings, but also Bible belief.

During the slavery period and even after when everyone was afraid of corrupt politicians, and greedy land grabbers it developed and evolved in the USA especially down South and in New Orleans in the shadow of the larger culture of Christianity in a pre-dominant white society. This an American created form of magic that adjusts, adapts and evolves itself to the larger culture around it--absorbing what its practioners can and want to use.  So in areas where Christian Catholicism was dominant, practitioners often used Catholic prayers. In areas where there were different churches of Christian Protestantism was dominant, bible verses, from the King James Version, were employed.

In the late 1930’s Godfrey Selig’s book, “Secrets of the Psalms, A Fragment of the Practical Kabala” was made available in English and was used by some conjure doctors in the south. (Catherine Yronwode wrote a great article, SECRETS OF THE PSALMS, where she examines Selig's book and its involvement history and practice.) Some versions of the 18th century Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses contain information on the magical uses of the biblical Psalms. By the 19th century, an English language version of the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses was one of the magical "recipe-books" used by African-Americans.

For example, Protestant Southern Baptists also believed firmly in the strength of scripture and the power of God's word to cure the spiritual and physical woes of mankind.

You have to understand the Bible was not just a book about the history of the Jewish people and the laws they set down in the Old Testament, nor is it just the teachings of Jesus and his apostles in the New Testament, in many parts of the Bible are sentences, phases and whole prayers that can invoke, when done right, some pretty powerful effects.

I could go on and on about the history of using the Psalms or passages from the Bible but that would take up too much space.  I recommend that you Dear Reader, will learn more about the Psalms and the means of using their magical powers, by reading  POWERS OF THE PSALMS By Anna Riva and SUCCESS AND POWER THROUGH THE PSALMS By Donna Rose.

I’m going to post here a couple of easy reference guides for the use of specific Psalms in conjure or ritual work, and in some situations you can use these Psalms with specific candles like Road Opener or Peace.   If you cannot get specific metaphysical candles or do not have a metaphysical store in your town, you can get candles and most color candles you can find in any Grocery Store or Drug store or even a Dollar or Dollar City store, or Wal-mart.

There are certain colors you can use White in general , Green for finance, Purple in dealing with legal or governmental matters against evil of any kind or to seek justice,  Blue for travel, healing or dealing with people,  Red and Pink for love or family situations , either to attract or repel/banish.

For years the Psalms have been used with surprising results for spell work in hoodoo. The following list will aid you in deciding which Psalms for your situation.

This first table will be about situations or subject,  the 2nd table will list the Psalms by number and then what they can be used for in some cases it may seem to run counter between the two tables, but when you read the Psalm you’ll get the feeling which one will work the best. 

Abandonment    12
Accidents, To avoid ...  64
Anger (to reduce/remove)  4, 36
Banish Spirits from your home   29
Beneficent works   23
Blasphemy  23, 113
Blessings  23, 65
Blessing a new home  61
Bullies   129, 142
Business (honest)   101
Character (good)   20, 21
Charm friends   111
Chastity  11, 23
Childbirth/Labor   91
Children (to calm & pacify)  131
Clarity (of thought)   55
Cleansing & purifying   Psalm26  line 6, Psalm 51 line 7
Comfort (from loss) 10
Crops (abundant)  33
Courtroom successful outcome  5, 94
Debt (removal)   127
Demons, To exorcise ... psalm 29  (Verse 1).
Disputes solved    3
Divination    23
Dream interpretation    psalm 23, psalm 42 lines 1 through 8
Emergency help (from the Divine)  70
Employment/Job/Work  8, 26, 58, 61, 62
Empowerment (with other Psalms as well)   29 , recite after the other psalms for a particular subject
Enemies, Protection from ... 64
Enlightenment/Knowledge    93
Exams    111
Family peace    112
Fears & Phobias   112
Financial & banking dispute   psalm 119 lines 17 through 24
Forgiveness   19, 32, 38, 51
Gambling luck   23
Good luck   4
Gossip   5, 17, 73, 90, 120, 140
Healing   113
Healing (broken bones)  psalm  6 line 2
Healing (eyes)  psalm 6  lines 6 through9
Healing (from brink of death)  30
Healing (from surgery)   146
Healing (headache or backache)   3
Healing (illness/sickness)  6, 107
Healing (pain)  3, 16, 91
Healing (pain in legs, thighs, & hips)  142
Healing (psychological)  13, 102
Hex breaking  psalm 7 lines 1 through 10
Hope  13
Hostage situations  107, 137
Justice (Divine)  7, 50, 75, 82, 94
Justice, ... to triumph.  94
Justice (legal)  10, 50, 59, 82, 94
Justice (for traitors)   64
Legal advice about money & finances   119
Legal dealings with government & bureaucrats   5
Love & romance, to attract   psalm 111  line 4
Love (of/by God)   36, 103
Love (peace)      62
Luck   23, 65

Luck... in all of one's affairs.  65
Magic’s (to stop harmful)  94
Material gains  132:12-18
Money, - To attract ...  Psalm 119  Verse 17-24
New endeavor blessings & luck   65
Oppression - Escape from .. 129.
Passing Over   91
Persecution & oppression  11, 12, 129
Persecution (unjust)   35
Proselytizers (to stop)  36
Prosperity (financial)   23
Prosperity (of country)  18
Prosperity (of finding a home)   126
Prosperous business   5
Protection   23, 59, 64
Protection (from attack)  64
Protection (from magic)  7, 140
Protection (from misfortune)  34
Protection (from natural disasters)   29, 119
Protection (from negative entities/energies) 7, 11, 16, 17, 30, 56, 125
Protection (from storms)  psalm 29 lines 3 and 4
Protection (from theft)  28
Protection (from wars)  119
Protection (of children)  127
Protection (of newborns)  136
Rain (to bring)   133
Reconciliation   38, 85
Recover from severe illness   psalm 30  lines 11 and 12
Repel evil   52
Secrets (to be kept)  54
 Sickness, - Recovery from ... Psalm 30  Verse 11-12
Sleep   4, 125
Soften/Sweeten (a hard heart)  53
Storm, For protection from ... 29  Verse 3-4
Travel safely over water  64
Travel safely through water  124
Travel safely  27, 104, 107
Travel safely among enemies (foreign countries)  125
Travel safely at night   121
Truth (to be seen)   31
Wishes granted   4,  psalm 40 line 5
Worldly Goods, - To acquire ... 132   Verse 12 through 18
Worship   29, 94
For a person who wishes greater spiritual awareness - Psalm 99
Before moving into a new home for luck and blessings - Psalm 61
For all your undertakings to be fortunate and advantageous - Psalm 65
To have good luck in all you do - Psalm 57
To change an unhappy situation into a happy one - Psalm 16
So daily needs can be obtained and avoid harm - Psalm 77
To rid yourself of strong negative influences - Psalm 19
To release from the heart deep seeded hate, envy and spite - Psalm 137
For defense against enemies, rivals and assailants - Psalm 3, 59, 70
For illness or bad health - Psalm 23, 35, 38
For thanksgiving or recovery from illness - Psalm 30
To bring peace or blessings to the home - Psalm 1, 128
For spiritual support in stress or affliction - Psalm 3, 25, 54
To bring harmony between groups or people - Psalm133
To petition for material needs - Psalm 41
For trouble by slander - Psalm 38, 39
To receive grace, love and mercy -Psalm 32
To be respected and loved by others - Psalm 47
To protect against unjust slander - Psalm 36
So idle gossip will not harm you or cause agitation - Psalm 36
For protection from an enemy who will not leave you alone - Psalm 109
To free yourself from harmful or evil habits - Psalm 69
To reconcile with a enemy - Psalm 16
To overcome an enemy in a just manner - Psalm 70
To have more friends - Psalm 111
To keep the love of friends and acquire more friends - Psalm 133
To bring peace and harmony between families - Psalm 98
To do good and avoid evil - Psalm 87
To cast out evil influences from another - Psalm 29
For someone in prison to be released early - Psalm 26
To be safe from any planned robberies or danger - Psalm 50
For safety if traveling alone at night - Psalm 122
For a safe ending in your travels - Psalm 34
To be accepted, liked and respected by all - Psalm 47
To remove negative influences you feel around yourself - Psalm 10
To win a lawsuit if opposed by an unjust or revengeful person - Psalm 35
If appearing before a judge and want a favorable verdict – Psalm 20
To receive justice and a favorable hearing from a lawsuit - Psalm 119
For anyone who drinks too much - Psalm 87
If the law is taking measures to punish you - Psalm 35
For reconciling between man and wife - Psalm 45, 46
For possession by an evil spirit - Psalm 66
To revenge yourself from secret enemies - Psalm 53 through 55
IF enemies caused you to lose money and be mistrusted - Psalm 41, 43 ( recite 3 times daily for 3 days with appropriate prayer to your situation)
To overcome trouble and loss from business partners - Psalm 63
To make your home lucky - Psalm 61
To receive holy blessings - Psalm 62
Days of the week
MONDAY # 95, TUESDAY 96, Wednesday 97, Thursday 98, FRIDAY 99, Saturday 100, SUNDAY 110 MORNING, SUNDAY AFTERNOON 106

(I know some folks will ask what color candle to burn with each Psalm when in doubt you can burn a white candle, but usually for any kind of healing Blue, prosperity/fertility Green, Evil of any kind including slander or legal situations or protection Purple,  Love or passion either Pink or Red depending upon how intense you want it.   If you are not sure what color check my page on “Candle Colors and their meaning” to be sure”)

What is said on this list below may differ from the list above but between the two you’ll find what Psalm you’ll need.

Psalm 1                 For a normal timely delivery.     
Psalm 2                 When confronted with a storm of the sea.          
Psalm 3                 For a severe headache or backache.      
Psalm 4                 To bring good luck.                                         
Psalm 5                 To gain favor with persons of authority.
Psalm 6                 To heal the eyes.                                            
Psalm 7                 To overcome evil caused by your enemies.                                                         
Psalm 8                 To win favor in business transactions.    
Psalm 9                 For a sick child.                                                  .
Psalm 10              To remove evil or restless spirits.             
Psalm 11              To overcome fear and slander.                 
Psalm 12              To rise above gossip from enemies.       
Psalm 13              To remain safe for twenty four hours.   
Psalm 14              To gain trust and favor.                                
Psalm 15              To overcome depression.                           
Psalm 16              To be happy.                                                     
Psalm 17              For a safe journey.                                         
Psalm 18              To overcome attackers & robbers.          
Psalm 19              To overcome a serious, confining illness.                                              
Psalm 20              To overcome danger & suffering for a day.                                                         
Psalm 21              To repel a storm at sea.                                
Psalm 22              To repel bad luck.                                            .
Psalm 23              To receive instructions in dreams.           
Psalms 24 & 25 To receive great strength in the face of opposition.                                        
Psalm 26              Against dangers from nature on land or sea.                                                      
Psalm 27              To be accepted in a strange or new place.
Psalm 28              To gain peace with a person you have had a falling out with                                        
Psalm 29              To overpower an evil spirit.                         .
Psalm 30              For power & safety.                                       
Psalm 31              Against slander.                                                               
Psalm 32              For Divine Grace, Love & Mercy.                              
Psalm 33              To prevent the death of young children.              
Psalm 34              To obtain favors from important people.
Psalms 35 & 36 To gain favor in court cases.                       
Psalm 37              To overcome alcoholism.                              .
Psalms 38 & 39 To overcome slander.   
Psalm 40              To free oneself from evil oppression.    
Psalms 41, 42 & 43 To regain credibility after being slandered.
Psalm 44              To be safe from enemies.                           
Psalms 45 & 46 To restore peace & love in relationships.
Psalm 47              To be loved.                                                      
Psalm 48              To overcome those who envy you.         
Psalms 49 & 50  To overcome fever.                                       
Psalm 51              To be free of guilt.                                          
Psalm 52              To rise above slander.                                   
Psalms 53, 54, & 55  To overcome persecution by enemies.         
Psalm 56              To overcome materiality                              
Psalm 57              To attract good fortune                                
Psalm 58              For peaceable communion with animals & nature.                                          
Psalm 59              Against possession of an evil spirit.         
Psalm 60              To remain safe during war.                         
Psalm 61              To have many blessings when moving into a new home.              
Psalm 62              To find forgiveness in your heart.            
Psalm 63              To be free of a business deal.    
Psalm 64              To have a safe & succesful Journey.       
Psalm 65              To have good luck when seeking a better job.   
Psalm 66              Against negative obsessions and compulsions.  
Psalms 67 & 68  to not be brought down by bad events.
Psalms 69 & 70 To break unclean habits.               .
Psalm 71              To help release one from bondage.        
Psalm 72              To have happiness in all types of relationships. 
Psalms 73 to 83 These eleven Psalms are all purpose Psalms.     
Psalm 84              To overcome chronic illness & bad odors.             .
Psalm 85              To restore peace between you & someone.      
Psalms 86, 87 & 88  To bring success to others.   
Psalm 89              for absentee healing.    
Psalm 90              For protection in your dwelling.
Psalm 92              To help yourself be honorable. 
Psalm 93              For aid in court cases.    
Psalm 94              To gain power over an enemy. 
Psalm 95              To help friends who are about to make a grave error.    
Psalms 96 & 97  To bring happiness and blessings to your family.               
Psalm 98              To establish peace among the members of your family.
Psalm 99              To develop inner power.             
Psalm 100            To conquer unknown enemies.
Psalm 101            Against the Evil Eye.       
Psalms 102 & 103              For fertility.       
Psalm 104            To break free from melancholy.               
Psalms 105, 106, & 107   To get rid of fevers         
Psalm 108            To have a bountiful home life.  
Psalm 109            To overcome a strong enemy.  
Psalms 110 & 111  To have charm.            
Psalms 112 & 113  To develop self balance & harmony.  
Psalm 114            For a successful business venture.          
Psalm 115            To teach.            
Psalm 116            For safety.         
Psalm 117            To help you keep your word.     
Psalm 118            To have positive willpower.        
(Psalm 119 has many verses used for healing)
Psalm 119 - Verses 1 thru 8          To help cure shaking limbs.          .
Psalm 119 Verses 9 thru 16          To gain intelligence & improve memory.              
Psalm 119 - Verses 17 thru 24     To help cure eye problems of another. 
Psalm 119 - Verses 25 thru 32     To help cure the left eye.             .
Psalm 119 - Verses 33 thru 40     To aid one's spiritual life.             
Psalm 119 Verses 41 thru 48        To be a positive influence for another.  
Psalm 119 - Verses 49 thru 56     To help a friend conquer melancholy.    
Psalm 119 - Verses 57 thru 64     To cure pains in the upper part of the body.       
Psalm 119 - Verses 65 thru 72     To cure hip pains, kidney or liver problems.        
Psalm 119 - Verses 73 thru 80     To obtain favor with humans.    
Psalm 119 - Verses 81 thru 88     To help cure a burning sore or swelling of the nose.        
Psalm 119 - Verses 89 thru 96     To achieve justice in court cases.             
Psalm 119 - Verses 97 thru 104   To relieve pain in the limbs or hands.     
Psalm 119 - Verses 105 thru 112  To have a safe journey.               .
Psalm 119 - Verses 113 thru 120   To help one talking with a superior.      
Psalm 119 - Verses 121 thru 128 To cure pain in the left arm & hands.       .
Psalm 119 - verses 137 thru 144 To receive intuitive guidance.    
Psalm 119 - Verses 145 thru 152 To cure pain in the leg. 
Psalm 119 - Verses 153 thru 160 To cure a boil in the ear.              
Psalm 119 Verses 161 thru 168   To cure headaches.        
Psalm 120            To receive justice in court.           .
Psalm 121            For safety during travel at night
Psalm 122            for favor when approaching a person of authority.          
Psalm 124            For a safe journey by water.      
Psalm 125            To gain power when enemies seem to overpower you.
Psalm 126 & 127 To bless & protect children.      
Psalm 128            To protect a pregnancy.
Psalm 129            To achieve spiritual power.         
Psalm 131            To overcome pride.        .
Psalm 132            To gain the ability to keep your word.     .
Psalm 133            To gain & keep true friends.                        .
Psalm 136            To break cycles of negativity.                     
Psalm 137            to overcome resentment.                           .
Psalm 138            To attract love and friendship.                   .
Psalm 139            To deepen the love between couples.   .
Psalm 140            To eliminate marriage problems.             
Psalm 141            To get rid of fear.                                             .
Psalms 142  & 143 To relieve pain in the arms and legs.   .
Psalm 144            To speed the healing of broken limbs.   
Psalm 145            To banish evil spirits.                                     
Psalm 146            To cure a wound.                                            
Psalm 147            To cure infections.                                          
Psalms 148 & 149  To prevent destructive fire                    
Psalm 150            To turn sadness into glee.           

I recommend that for reference print out these tables and keep it in your binder for instant information instead of having to go on line.      

But again I want to make it very clear, this is no substitute for the expertise of those professionals whose help you’ll need,  go to your doctor if you are ill, your lawyer if you need legal help, a financial advisor for finances, a counselor for family or work related problems, or your priest, minister or rabbi for issues of faith,  Emergency Services if you, your family or home are in psychical danger, or putting up a security system to protect your home and vehicle. 

The Psalms are for spiritual support while you seek aid from any one of those professionals.  Remember God helps those who help themselves. 

There are some psalms and phrases from the Bible that one does with certain rituals,  I'll be posting those at another time.   This one took some time to put together so it may be awhile.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q