Monday, February 20, 2017

Candle Color Page removed~~~New one in it's place

Hello Everyone,

I've had to remove the old "Candle Colors and their Meanings" Page.

I've found out that Blog Spot will only hold up to 200 comments per Post,  that is why anyone who may have posted a comment or a question under that page, did not get posted.

I was planning to revise the Candle Colors page anyway, but I had hope to keep the comments on it.

But evidently Blog Spot has it's limitations in the comments portion of it and it was reached in that one.

To any of you that shared that page, you may want to look at the new one it is now Listed as a Reference List to Candle Colors and their Meanings.  Enjoy looking at it as I've included double and triple action candles as well as reversing and reversing action (aka blood) candles.  As I've said Enjoy.

I will keep the open letter to EDC up for 2 more days and then I will remove it.  In the interest of Privacy.

I am still working on another post,  but with all the heavy rains here----and I DO mean heavy, I have been delayed to direct my attention to repairs caused by wind and rain damage that needed immediate work.

Some people say that if it wasn't for the dams (still holding precariously) we would be having a Noachien Flood of most of this state, that is a Flood of almost biblical proportions.  It now means that serious work on the infrastructure seriously needs to be attended to.

Hubby and I need to with the house,  I've never said this before but I'm saying it now---Pray for Sunshine.

Bright Blessings
Ms. Q

Sunday, February 19, 2017

I am going to remove another post~~~

Hello Everyone,

I am going to be forced to remove another post temporarily.

I have posted and asked people to STOP POSTING COMMENTS on "Candle Colors and their Meanings"  

And I request this for a very good reason.

My browser is no longer handling the comments section of that post very well and people who post on that post are accidently piggy-backing on another posters question.

When you do that I cannot find the comment, in this case, the comment by EDC has been lost.

When I remove CANDLE COLORS AND THEIR MEANINGS, I Will also be removing any and all comments and replies as well.

 I will re-post "Candle Colors" again at a later date as I also wish to update it. 



It is regrettable that I have to do it but I have no choice.   I will leave that section up for another 24 hours until 10 a.m. PST tomorrow morning 2/20/17.   And then it will be gone, until I update and re-post it.

I'm sorry I have to do this but I now have no choice.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I'm up and running---sort of~~~

Hello Everyone,

Well it has been an interesting situation with my computer, my internet connection, my modem and a few other things I can't think of.

But everything that has been taken care of has been taken care of,  I do get connections and most of it has been cleared away.

BUT there will still be hiccups, where I will have some difficulty and need to try to connect several times before things work, and there will be times when the computer will freeze.

Part of it is my computer is old.  Part of it is I'm on a land line, part of it is the damaging weather.

So I'll be able to post and return comments and questions but it will take a bit longer than I like.

I have been able to respond to a few of you and there are still a few I have not been able to reply to.

I hope to be able to do it in the next few days.

I thank you all for your patience.

One of you put an interesting question to me, which I am going to use as a jumping off point for my next post.  

And that is about the concept and workings of "Law Stay Away" powder, Oil and Candle.

To the one that I replied to, I've given you one recipe which I am most familiar with, but there are others as well as other rituals or spells as well. 

I know it sounds illegal, but sometimes something like this is used to keep the "wolf away from the door"   such as bill collectors or law suits against a person, so it will give a person a bit of time to be able to pull things together to "defend" themselves against these problems.

And even now with some folks facing the fear of deportation more than ever. 

But I have to remind folks, that it is only a stop-gap measure, the best thing is to get a good lawyer to defend yourself.

But as I told the person if you are doing something illegal, harmful, dangerous or criminal activity, then nothing, but nothing will stop Justice from walking through your door.

So that will be my next blog post.  Be on the watch for it.

Bright Blessings,

Ms. Q

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The computer is going into the shop!!! I'm going to be off line for a while~~~

Hello Everyone,

I am so sorry!!

But my computer and internet connections are driving not only me but my Hubby crazy.

He was ready to pick it up and do "the Smackdown" on it.

Fortunately cooler heads prevailed.

So right now after I post this message, the computer and it's connections are being unplugged and going to the shop for a diagonostic on its system.  I hope we do not have to buy a new one----Again.

I know many of you have posted questions to me as well as comments.

For now as a stop-gap measure, for those of you who are stressed about your situation, I recommend praying to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mother Mary to aid and protect you and to call upon St. Michael the Arch Angel for aid.

Read my blog because with in it you may find the answers you need.

Just know you are not alone and once my computer and internet problems are resolved I will be back.

For anyone else who has come upon my web site, please hold off your questions and please do not post on the blog "Candle Colors and their meanings"  it is overwhelmed now and responds with difficult.

If need be post on this post, but after I am up and running.

Thank you for your patience it is greatly appreciated. 

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

Still having some internet problems~~~

Hello Everyone,

I'm beginning to think someone put a hex on my computer,  nothing that a good Exorcist for computers can't take care of.

I'm still have internet connection problems on and off. 

I've been able to reply to some of your comments and questions but not to everyone.  

I'm still working on it.

But if it appears that for some reason I do not post or reply for any length of time, please do not worry,  it's just the computer.

Recently I had a couple of questions about how to make Law Stay Away powder, and what are some animal parts used for in "mojo bags" and a few other questions. 

I will eventually write out articles to those questions but again, I'm having computer problems and it's not that old either.

Please bear with me.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

Friday, February 10, 2017

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and a comet what a trifecta for water gathering!!

Hello Everyone,

Well if you’re into horse racing this is quite a triple combination.

Tonight starting at 5:30 ET the beginning of a partial lunar eclipse will occur during this Full Moon then just a couple of hours later a green comet  will do a very close flyby some 7.4 million miles from Earth.

Once the eclipse ends, according to NASA “In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Comet 45P will make its closest approach with Earth, bringing it nearer to our planet than any other comet has been in about 30 years.

The comet won't be visible with the naked eye, but if you have a pair of binoculars — or even better a backyard telescope — they should at least give you some sense of what this icy wanderer looks like.”

If you like to collect Full Moon Water for rituals this one is an ultimate one, even if one is on the Pacific Coast or mid-west or even in another part of the globe, put out your bowl of water to collect the rays of this Full Moon-Eclipse-Comet energy, the comet will be green tinted which is the color of money, prosperity, fertility, growth and good-health.

So this water would be good for those types of workings to bring about positive changes in those areas of your life.

I know that for many of you in California and other parts of the US, you’re going to say “We’ve got too much water!!!  (or snow)”  but there is water and there is water.   And for ritual or conjure work there is never enough water.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dealing with Egg Spells and Modems~~

Hello Everyone,

I know, what a strange combination.

Well it’s simple just as I was about to reply to a few comments as well as post my latest article, the modem decided to “die” I mean it was in “forget it I’m not hooking up to anything mode, you can just sit here and twiddle your thumbs or get back to the real world, ah ain’t a doin’ nuthin’ “   which was true.

Things have gotten more complicated than I thought,  what I thought was problems with the power (which may have started things), then I thought it was problems with the web site, now I have found out what is the culprit.

My modem died beyond resurrection.  Fortunately the technicians with the phone company that provide my internet service  and my Hubby who is a bit more computer savvy than me, were able to diagnose the problem and will be sending me a free modem, as long as I send the old one back within 10 days, otherwise it’s $150 dollars, so free is always good.

So I’m up and running again.    I forget these things don’t last forever, not like our old cars which seemed to keep going and going with spit and glue.

Now this has put me behind again to answer your questions --- sigh --- it can’t be helped.  Again I ask for your patience.

Now about that Egg Spell.

There are a lot of Egg Spells on the internet just as there are a lot of egg recipes.

My Granny use to say “If you have a chicken in the kitchen you’ll never go hungry” that was because of the eggs the chicken(s) provided.   Although I do not keep chickens I do have a ceramic hen and rooster in my kitchen for good luck, the rooster especially because I’m Portuguese on my Granny’s side.


Now I have been getting a lot of questions as to how to find out who has been casting a spell or hex or whatever on someone.   Or if they have been "Goofered".   This is a good way to find out.

  I myself do not like to cast doubt about anyone, especially on such a personal matter but by doing this ritual one can get an idea who it might be, either someone close to you or someone further away.

Or if you've been goofered. 

Now some people tell me that they heard that “so and so cast a spell on me or whomever” but they hear about this from someone else.   Well I’d be careful about that because that is like gossip, and if it’s not true it can cause harm.

In the old days if someone came to my Granny and wanted to know who cast a spell on them or a family member, Granny would get an egg or two from Mrs. Washington who owned a small flock of black frizzy feathered hens (the feathers would fluff out like they had been startled), but this can be done with any egg although traditionally from a black frizzy hen was the usual one to get the egg from.

First the egg(s) has to be bathed with either Holy Water or Florida Water and then allowed to be carefully patted dry, keep them at room temperature on top of a soft cloth so they won’t roll or crack.

Then make a list of everyone you know starting with close family member all the way out to cousins, including godparents, close friends of the family, not so close friends of the family, people that you know, people that you are aware of but may not know their name.

Then on the egg(s) make little circles, back then it was done with either charcoal or a soft leaded pencil or a child’s color crayon, now a days you can use a felt tip pen, make these little circles like the ones you’d see on a true or false questionnaire, just cover the egg with those circles but do not have them overlap.

Light a white candle and call upon your guardian angels to help reveal who is doing the work upon you, recite Psalm 23 prior to reading the list of names.

Then with the egg in your left hand and the felt tip pen in your right hand have someone you trust read off the name, you repeat it and check off one of the circles on the egg while the other person crosses that name off the list, keep doing that until the egg cracks at a name.

If you do not want to have someone else read the names you can do it yourself with first reading the name, making a check mark in the circle on the egg and then crossing the name off the list.  So it’s one name per circle that’s checked off.

Now if your list is long and you’ve run out of space for circles and the circles on the egg has been checked off and the egg still has not cracked, then do the same thing to a 2nd egg, keep doing it until the egg cracks at a name.  

I should warn you it could be messy, so have newspapers to collect the mess.

The name that the egg cracked at is traditionally the person who is doing spell work on you or a family member or loved one.

Once the egg is cracked clean up the mess with paper towels and/or newspapers and throw it into the garbage, with the list tear it up and toss into the garbage.

From there you will know whom to direct a reversing spell towards.

So if you are in doubt, this is a good ritual spell to do.  

Now if you think you've been goofered, you can do the same thing, get an egg and prepare it as I've directed above, just do two circles.   Say the 23rd psalm while holding the egg in your left hand,
then ask "Have I been goofered?   Yes?"   then check off one circle, if nothing happens ask the same question again but after say "No?" and check off the other circle  if nothing happens after asking both questions then do the egg spell with the list of names of people, because now it's spell work.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q