Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An Update, a statement and possible new information coming~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I have not posted for a while because of my health and the health of others in my family, I will get back to posting as soon as I am able.

I've also been considering in what direction my future posts should go, so I need to look over what I have covered and go from there.

I have been uncovering new information among my granny's notes and well as notes by the members of her group, so it is putting it all together as a cohesive narrative that's important.

But I will be posting before too long.   I have come across a few more listings of Jar Candles that I will add to the list that was posted before and how the candles work.  Be on the watch when I flag that the list is updated.

Now I do have to make a statement and it's policy really----

I Will NOT post a comment that appears to be a form of advertisement for a practioners business.

Even if it appears to be positive praise for that practioner.  

I do not have any means to confirm any person's works or products unless I myself have personally used them or have worked with them.

Only then can I be sure that they ARE the real thing. 

So if anyone attempts to post something in which I have not personally used or have worked with, etc., etc.  I will delete that comment.

I do this in order to protect anyone who is reading my blog.  

This is because just as there are many honest practioners out there, there are 10 times as many fakes. 

And in this current economic situation I do not want anyone to be cheated out of their hard earned income. 

If I do use a product or work with a practioner that I feel is honest, their products are true, then I will post a link on my side bar for you to look at and decide to contact. 

But nothing unsolicited.   That is my policy, that is my pledge to any and all of my blog readers. 

Blessings, Ms. Q