Thursday, May 21, 2015

The deadly use of Goofer Dust~~~~

" Dear Ms. Q,

I Read about Goofer Dust, what is it?  Is it really that powerful?  How do I make it?"

Well I was concerned that eventually you'd ask me this question.

You've asked me a question because you've come across this term or item, Goofer Dust,  no my dear it does not make a person goofy, it is a powerful, deadly powder to be used only with extreme caution, and only as a completely last resort.   It is NOT a play thing.

So what is “Goofer Dust”? 

Before I continue I have to give you a warning in that I present this information for educational purposes only. I do not condone the making of or use of Goofer dust. Don't be deceived. Goopher Dust has no positive uses only negative.

If you need to get someone out of your life then I recommend using “Hot Foot” Powder, they will leave and it’s a bit safer to use, not by much but it is safer.

But if you are serious about Goofer Dust then I will tell you about it starting with first how I used it directly on a person only just one time and never again.

Goofer Dust, if you are a very serious practitioner is one of the more dangerous “powders” that one can put together for a hexing ritual.  In essence it is a poison of spiritual nature and you can get sick from it if not carefully handled.

I myself have used Goofer Dust one time, over 40 years ago, the reason was to get rid of an abusive boyfriend that was stalking my cousin, she pleaded with me to help her as she had tried repeatedly to get away from him but he kept stalking her, finding her new home or new job, even causing her to lose jobs.  So besides taking her into my home to protect her, I also talked to a police friend of mine to have him and his compatriots watch my house.

I found out what office her abuser worked at and made an appointment to see him, luck was on my side, his secretary let me into his office while he was attending to something else, I wore ladies gloves since it was chilly outside, while I was alone I quickly pulled out the small bottle, and sprinkled the dust under his desk where his feet would rest.   I found out from my cousin that he had a habit of slipping off his shoes, (he always wore loafers) when he was sitting behind his desk.  How she knew about that is that she worked for him as his secretary for a while until it turned romantic and then abusive.

Since the carpet was dark as well as the dust it would not be readily noticed.  I recapped the small bottle, put it into its small paper bag and into my purse.  I also manage to find a couple of stray hairs that clung to the high back cloth of his office chair where his head rested and in his waste basket a note that he had scribbled to remind him of something, which he had made a check mark so it I knew he had written it.  Those I tucked into a new empty letter size envelope that I kept in my purse.

When he came into his office he sat down not realizing who I was, I knew that he had put his feet on the dust, I then told him who I was and how I was related to his ex-girlfriend, I said to him that she wanted nothing more to do with him and for him to move on.  

 Since the door to his office was closed he told me quite pointedly that he was going to get her back, or make sure no one would have her.   I asked him if that was a threat, and he just shrugged and said that nothing that belongs to him including my cousin, ever leaves him.  I advised him to reconsider since a restraining order was going to be taken out against him.  He then asked me to leave, which I did but I said to him that it would be wise to leave my cousin alone.    Now this was over 40 years ago.  Men back then are pretty were pretty much the same as now who think they can frighten women into submission.

The restraining order worked in that he didn’t physically come near her, we had heard that he had been feeling ill on and off since I visited him, which helped, but for nearly 4 weeks he still would call my home and if she picked up he’d make threats to her, that was when I bought one of those early type of answering machines, so if he did call she had at least that as a barrier against his phone threats.

I could not change my phone number as too many people knew me so I needed to keep it.  After 4 weeks she felt she had no choice but to go back to him I told her that he could kill her, so I gave her a tiny bottle of Goofer Dust and said to add it to some of the foot powder that was used to dust the inside of his tennis shoes prior to him going jogging, I told her what precautions she need to take to handle it.  Since she had to act as his maid and make sure all his clothes, etc. were just so, it was no problem for her to do that.

After the 2 weeks that she was with him, he felt very ill, and was admitted into the hospital, he had been diagnosed with having a serious stroke, which was thought unusual for such a young man.   With him being incapacitated she left his place, moved out of state, found another job and eventually a good man. 

Her former abusive boyfriend never recovered from his stroke.

That was the first and last time I used Goofer Dust directly upon a person. There is a ritual one can do that indirectly uses Goofer Dust which I consider far safer, and we did apply it as well to my cousin’s abuser, I have it posted further down.

 My Grandmother and her friend from Granny’s group, Mrs. Washington told me that it was dangerous Hoodoo and since Mrs. Washington was from New Orleans and knew of such things I had no reason to doubt her word.

The making and use of Goofer Dust is for the Advance practioner, beginners should avoid it like the plague, but then if there is one thing I’ve known is that when an adult tells a young person to not do it, they will.

All I can say is that it is only as an ultimate last resort, once used it cannot be stopped unless one knows what to do and knows it in time, it can result in a serious debilitating illness, stroke and/or death.  That is the reason for the warning. 

It is an evil, negative agent intent on doing the worse possible harm.  So one needs to seriously consider if it is really called for.  It is not to be played with or for “fun and games” or just to get “even” with someone, this is a very serious step down a dark path.

Again if you want someone out of your life or to leave you alone I recommend using “Hot Foot Powder”.

However I know that many of you youngsters will look on the internet for a recipe for this dangerous item, and there are many different recipes out there.  But instead of graveyard dirt they will have you substitute the herb mullein, in real Goofer dust, you cannot substitute the herb for the dirt, it won’t work.

And the best kind of Goofer dust is the kind you make yourself. 

So before I give you the recipe let me first give you the history behind this so you will understand the origins of it.

Goofer Dust is the name of powder used to curse one's enemies in the practice of Hoodoo/Root work. 

Occasionally the term goofer dust is used as a synonym for graveyard dirt but usually graveyard dirt is but one ingredient in a recipe for goofer dust. The name 'goofer' stems from the Kikong word 'Kufwa', meaning "to die" while other people have translated it as "to kill". In effect, Goofer Dust is "magical killing powder" or to poison. It is perhaps the strongest black magic powder found in the practice of hoodoo/root work.

It was pointed out that The presence of iron filings within the formula points to the true origins of how this powder was originally prepared and empowered. While iron has been associated with both good workings such as repelling evil, and in negative aspects such as being referred to as the "Bones of Set" in Egyptian folklore, it has one interesting use that makes sense in regards to goofer dust. 
Iron bars are used around cemeteries to keep the spirits of the dead within it's confines. The same material could be used to keep spiritual energy trapped inside the powder as well. A spiritual energy that would be attached to the powder both from the graveyard dirt, and also from bone used within the powder as a base for a particular spirit to work through,  Essentially goofer dust when made in the traditional sense is far more necromantic then it is given credit for today. 

It is "conjure" in the purest sense of the word

The actual recipe for goofer dust varies from practitioner to practitioner.

Traditionally this powder is put wherever the person has to walk through it. It’s usually more effective if the person is barefoot or wears sandals or flip-flops.  Sometimes it’s added to a scented talc and used to dust the inside of shoes.  It causes extreme discomfort and is used to drive people away or worse. 

So, if you want to get your spouse/ boyfriend/girlfriend or free-loader, out of the house, put Goofer Dust where he or she must walk through it. If you find that your boy/girl friend has been cheating on you in the worse possible way, use Goofer Dust, if you are being beaten up by your spouse and you cannot get an agency to help you, use Goofer Dust,  BUT USE IT WISELY.  So you don’t get into the stuff yourself, carefully sprinkle a small amount in and around his or her shoes. Sprinkle a little under his or her pillow, or on his/her mattress but under the bottom sheet,  but if you do that do not share their bed.

As I said once concocted the powder is traditionally deployed by sprinkling in the path of the enemy. 
Usually this is done by sprinkling the power while walking backward in an odd number of steps,
while praying for the intended magical effect.

When the victim steps on the goofer dust it is believed to magically "poison them through their feet". More creative practitioners may find other uses for goofer dust, such as to sprinkle it on the victim's mattress, laundry, or in their shoes. Other hidden forms of deployment include placing the goofer dust in a mojo bag or bottle which is secretly hidden in the home of the victim or buried on their property, preferably near to where the victim will walk.

Besides the Laying of some Goofer Dust in your enemy's tracks to poison them through their feet, you can Dress candles with Goofer Dust to curse your enemies and toss the remains in the graveyard so they’ll end up there.  Some people will Sprinkle Goofer Dust into food to serve to their enemy to destroy their health and leave them rolling around on the floor howling in pain, however because graveyard dirt is used and sulfer, it's possible that the taste would not be palatable.

Remember to cleanse yourself with Uncrossing Herb Bath after using Goofer Dust to take the powerful evil of this hoodoo curse off of you.

I cannot stress enough that this is horrible stuff. Please handle with care, keep away from eyes and mouth (and children and pets), do not burn as incense, and take a spiritual cleansing bath after you use

If you or anyone unintended falls ill, sprinkle salt in the corners of your house, and commence sweeping and washing. Be sure to ritually cleanse the unintended victim, preferably in a magical bath.

Modern medicine will have no effect on goofering. If you or a loved one is goofered go immediately  to someone VERY knowledgeable in HooDoo, etc. to remove the curse. As for the home, scrub the floor in clean water and your urine, or urine from a child, another method of washing water is to use Chinese Purification Wash, which can be purchased from some Hoodoo dealers on line. Discard the water OFF of your property, throw it at a crossroads if possible, away from your home and never carry this water out the front door of your home.
 Victims who have been successfully cursed with goofer dust are referred to as being "goofered", and sometimes the term goofered is used as a synonym for being cursed or poisoned. People who have been goofered will begin to experience extreme bad luck, dangerous health complaints, insanity, and even death if the proper magical procedures are not performed to remove the cursed condition.

Though normally deployed in black magic spells for revenge, goofer dust is sometimes used in love spells designed to make a specific person love the spell caster. BUT IT IS NO LOVE SPELL, MORE LIKE LOVE ME OR DIE.   Such spells also fall under the category of black magic as they interfere with the free will of the intended person. 

Such spells are designed to produce pain and suffering in the object of desire in order to force them to submit to the spell caster. If by chance the victim does not submit then they may eventually die if the curse/love spell is not eradicated with the proper counter-rituals.



This powder can be used in other rituals to rid yourself of any unwanted person. An alternative to using it the traditional way is to place some Goofer Dust in a cardboard box like a shoe box or something smaller like one of those jewelry gift boxes, then place a picture of your victim alone in the box, if you have anything like hair or a personal item add that to the box and bury it but bury it far away from your own home, where the cardboard box will rot.

Another Goofer Ritual :

Take personal items of the person you want goofered, such as hair, a tissue, some tiny personal item they won’t miss put it into a jar add  goofer dust into the jar seal it well, shake it to mix well .  Then go to a lake, river, ocean or even better a swamp, when there poke a hole in the top of the lid it doesn’t have to be too big, then throw it into the water. As it sinks, the person will begin wasting away.


Traditionally it is believed that if a person wears on an ankle bracelet or chain a real silver dime (before 1964) the dime first needs to be cleaned with a little baking soda and water before it’s attached to the ankle bracelet, should the dime get very tarnished then a person has been goofered and needs to do cleansing ritual baths and other rituals.  Another way is to have the dime taped to the bottom of your foot.   Another way to tell is changes in health and behavior, which might show up later if nothing is done.


The rituals performed to counter-act goofering include spiritual baths, the burning of candles and incense, and cleansing or "uncrossing" rituals of the afflicted individual and of the home and property. Generally such rituals are often followed with rituals to protect from further attack or to reverse the curse back to the spell caster.

The ritual can vary, but the first thing immediately is to first wash the bottoms of your feet, scrub them hard with salt and water, then get under a shower wash yourself with either an unscented soap such as Ivory, or Dove for Sensitive Skin or an oatmeal soap, wash yourself from the top of your head to between the toes of your feet and the bottoms of your feet.  Then in a muslin bag that is filled with Hyssop herb soak that in the shower and allow the essence of the herb wash all over you saying 3 times “Cleans me with Hyssop O Lord, that I maybe as pure as the whitest snow.”

Then wash or dry clean all your clothes and underwear, if you have a lot do it a load at a time, be sure to wear gloves, make sure all your shoes are cleaned from the inside and out, wash your bed linens, vacuum and dust your house but damp down your dust mop with a lemon furniture polish spray, you may need to throw your dust mop heads away, so using disposable ones is best.  Wear a hospital type filter mask and disposable gloves.

Still wearing gloves and a mask, sweep your front and back porch, steps and pathway with an old broom and a disposable dust pan, any dust you find put into a paper bag, seal it then put the broom, dust pan and the bag into a large garbage bag, along with the gloves and mask that you used, take it to the dumps, put on fresh disposable gloves and mask at the dumps and get rid of it there, after you’ve thrown it into the dumps throw in the gloves and mask.

Follow up with other spiritual baths, uncrossing rituals and candles both on the person and the property.    Then determine who might have “goofered” the person and do a reversing ritual.


First you must remember there are NO SUBSTITUTES 

Second you must remember it is Extremely Dangerous


Wipe the outside of the jar with a damp paper towel dispose quickly and safely, dispose of mask and gloves, wash clothing you were wearing.   Completely clean the area and wash all utensils that you were using use fresh set of disposable gloves.

Mark the jar with a white X keep away from children, pets and curious people.

You will need:

1/4 cup   Sulfur aka “Brimstone”

1/4 cup  Salt (the old style was to use non-iodized sea salt in the 1930's and 40's ---later on Black salt aka witches Salt was used when the European influence came in)

1 tablespoon Either the skin or head of a venomous snake, dried and ground sometimes skin sheds (that is the old skin sluffed off of the snake is used---but make sure it is from a venomous snake)

1 tablespoon Black pepper finely ground

3/4's cup Graveyard dirt preferable from the grave of a murderer, if possible collected at midnight *** See note on Graveyard dirt

 1 tablespoon Red pepper (I’m talking hot pepper, not bell pepper, the hotter the better, if need be Cayanne pepper will do)

1 tablespoon Ground bones Powdered bones of one of the following animals (black cat, possum, skunk, mole, rat, mouse or bat) (Use about a tablespoon)  There are places where you can order legitimately collected bones then you can powder them, sometimes the house cat she had would be a little lazy so she’d set up mouse traps, almost always would catch a mouse, shed let it dry out and put it into a dark jar for future use, but if you can’t wait then Bone Meal will do.  Some practioners have used ground human bones calling upon those spirits to assist.

Ground insects--- my Granny used 6 dried maggots, 6 dried blow flies, and 6 dried spiders preferably black widow or brown recluse, but when she found out that a Hispanic neighbor could get dried scorpions she would also add 3 powdered scorpions

 A pinch of Anvil dust--yes the dust from a blacksmith’s anvil, some people will substitute iron fillings but Anvil dust is finer, if you can find a blacksmith that does creative iron work that will do.  Get permission to collect it---some people will use iron filings or magnetic sand and that seems to work as well, but I prefer Anvil dust.

Dried and powdered poisonous plants just a teaspoon each from 3 of them ----such as belladonna, wolf’s bane (yes it does exist), believe it or not the leaves and stems of tomatoes are poisonous (keep away from dogs), the leaves and stems of the common Oleander bush and the leaves of the rhubarb plant is also poisonous, the leaves seeds and flowers of Foxglove is deadly.  There are many more.

WARNING---if you use extremely dangerous poisons plants and if you search the internet you will find them listed,  there is no reversal, not even doing ritual, spiritual cleansings will work, the action would be permanent.   And I don't want anyone to have this on their soul or part of their karma.


 For some reason of late there had been the addition of the herbs of mullein and sage, but since sage especially is for purification I cannot see the use of it in a baneful product.  Lots to times people will substitute mullein for graveyard dirt, and that is incorrect.

There are many common garden plants that we do not think of as being dangerous but they are, in my next post I will list them so you will be aware of the to protect you, your family and your pets.


Graveyard dirt must be collected in the proper manner with payment to both the "guardian of the cemetery or graveyard" as well as asking permission from the spirit and leaving payment for the spirit, see my postings on Graveyard Dirt and Collecting of Graveyard Dirt.

To ignore the proper proceedures or to ignore giving honor to the spirits of the dead is inviting trouble of the worse kind.

There you have it Ms. Q, all that I know and have learned about this deadly powder, that is why I only used it directly on a person just the one time.   I heeded the cautions from my Granny and her friend, since I live in the city doing what I call "country type hoo-doo" is difficult, but not so difficult if you know what to do.

So if there is someone that you want out of your life, then use "Hot Foot" powder, although similar in some of the ingredients, it's not as dangerous. 

And as a side note----in the T.V. program called "Supernatural" the writers make the claim that goofer dust will either kill or keep Hell Hounds away, no such thing, if Hell Hounds are coming to your "half acre" they Will come, nothing can stop them.

I post this for you for your educational knowledge and plead with you to never, ever use it.  The Karmic repercussions if used indiscriminately will be very bad.

Blessings Ms. Q