Monday, May 18, 2015

Considering the possiblity of recipes for oils and incense etc.~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding my health.   I'm doing better, and if the weather will warm up where I live I think it will help take the ache out of my bones.

I have been giving serious consideration to the addition of more oil and incense recipes, primarily for  oils because they can be added to candles to help strengthen the potency of a candle ritual.

I prefer to call them rituals as oppose to spells. 

Taking into account that I've given the mixtures for certain types of waters as well as here and there an occasional recipe for a particular oil in conjunction with a particular ritual I will over time, post here those recipes that I've learned and have gathered over the years.  

Some of them will be repeats of one's that I've earlier posted but I'm going to try and put them under categories, this will make it easier for you to list in your own book.

But one time I do have to caution you and the other readers that come here is that like in gathering graveyard dirt, or making black salt, do it with great caution and not willy-nilly.   Because what you send out can backlash upon you unless you have good cause, such a protection against someone who would harm you or those you love.  Even abuse is considered harm, putting down someone because it's fun to ridicule them is harm, bullying is harm. 

But to manipulate someone to love you is harming the karmic destiny but to keep peace and love in one's home is a positive action.

You see what I'm getting at Ms. Q?  

I will post those recipes and with it any rituals that could be of use, but use wisely.

Blessings  Ms. Q


  1. Love your blog, reading it every day for the past month or so, great information, best blog I've found on the craft. Thank you lady!

    1. You are most welcome! My purpose is to educate and inform people as best as possible. I have many years of experience behind me, and I learned from my elders, I've found that what I learned many, many years ago appears to be showing up here and there, so it is my intention to try and have it in one blog. I'm in my 70's now and to get this out there and as correct as possible is my goal.

      Many blessings to you

  2. I tried posting before but I'm not sure if you were able to see my question. First of all I love your blog! I love all the helpful information and your honesty.
    My question was if you can use the Goofer Dust on a picture with the person's name? He's my ex who even though we are separated he still tries to make my life hell. I've been supporting our 3 kids in my own even though he has way more money than me, and even then he tries to make me feel like I'm not enough, I never was for him. I filed for divorce finally after years of being separated, and even though I paid an attorney it seems to go no where. He doesn't even pay child support for the kids even though he has his own company, has a home, cars . It seems like luck is always on his side even though he hurt me so much in the past and so other women who he used to cheat with. I don't have access to any of his personal stuff or his home so I don't know how to use the dust. He has been someone very abusive and now than my daughters are older they see this too and it's not healthy for them. I

    1. Dear Child,

      It’s a good thing that I check my spam box every day because it seems your question went there, I’m not sure where your other question went to, I’m blaming Gremlin’s.

      I’m not sure if you were going to post some more or your name starts with the letter I . But I’m going to go with what you’ve given me.

      You want to “Bury” this person, so not only Goofer Dust but Graveyard dirt, if his name is on your daughters birth certificates you can prove that they are the legal heirs. So the question is do you want him dead or do you want him to pay child support and get a divorce or do you want him so miserable that he can’t enjoy sex?

      Or all of the above?

      It also seems to me that your Lawyer is not doing enough for you, he is not aggressively going after him so you are going to have to nag your attorney as well.

      Hold off using the Goofer Dust for now, and instead get two male figure candles, 2 pieces of brown paper ( torn from a paper bag) a pencil, Do As I Say Oil, and a sharp nail.

      Do this on the New (aka Dark Moon)
      On one candle write the name of your lawyer, on the other candle write the name of your EX, include his birth date. Anoint both candles with Do As I Say Oil.

      On one paper write down what you want the Lawyer to do, get moving be aggressive and get your Ex to divorce and pay support for you and the children.

      On your Ex’s candle write on that paper what you want him to do, including naming your daughters support in his will so that they will receive income from his estate.

      Place the paper for what you want the lawyer to do under the candle with his name, do the same with the one for your Ex. Light both candles, chant “Do As I say, do as I say, give to me what I want, do as I say” do this for 15 minutes, it will be hard but do it.

      After that snuff the candles out, do not disturb them, lite them again the next night do it again for 15 minutes and then again snuff them out, Keep doing this each night until the candles burn out on their own.

      Then call your Lawyer and ask if anything is being done, be firm, and insistent say that this is for the good of your children they have suffered long enough without their father’s help, and don’t be intimidated by what the lawyer says, tell your lawyer to keep at it until your Ex pays the support.

      Repeat the spell again, a few days after the candles have burnt out call the lawyer again, say the same thing.

      Then on the full Moon get another male candle in black, with a sharp nail write your Ex’s name and birth date on the back and say “May you feel the pain that you’ve cause me”

      Anoint the candle with the Do as I say oil and then wearing latex gloves roll the candle in the Goofer Dust, write your petition the same as before on brown paper, put it and his picture under the candle sprinkle it with the goofer dust and graveyard dirt, light the candle and chant “Do as I say, do as I say, give to me and my daughters what is rightfully ours, do as I say” chant that for 15 minutes, let the candle burn on its own (carefully and safely)

      Wait two weeks then call the lawyer again and see what he says, if there is no movement repeat the first ritual on the new moon followed by the 2nd one on the Full moon.

      I think in a few months there will be some action. If you want to know how to do the other rituals, just ask.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  3. What do you think I should do about stranoman following my daughter trying make her come with him. She do not know him

    1. Dear Queen Cee,

      This is Ms. Q's niece, Ms. Q has suffered a serious heart attack and is unable to continue with her blog nor be able to answer questions in depth.

      I did put your question to her because a child is involved.

      Her response is to call the police and report this person get a description of him and his car, tell your daughter to not talk to him, and stay far away from him.

      you can do the powders etc. but calling the police and reporting this is the most effective.

      In Ms. Q's words Bright Blessings

  4. Hi how is Ms. Q feeling I hope she is well. Lately I have been feeling like someone is working against me my life has made a complete 360.

    1. Dear Frank,

      This is Ms. Q’s niece, Ms. Q is home and resting but is still weak, we are doing our best to not overtire her so the damage to her heart can heal. It will be a long process.

      I did ask Ms. Q your question and she meditated on it and replied that no one is working against you but you have been making wrong decisions without careful consideration, that you may be moving too quickly.

      She recommends that you take one step back and carefully review past decisions, if need be see someone professionally who can consul you in the area you need the most help.

      Sometimes we have peaks and then valleys, this is a valley were you need a life lesson, always stop and think before making a move or decision.

      In Ms. Q’s words Bright Blessings