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More on Personal Protection

Dear Ms. Q,

I received your comment and  I can understand your concern about the need to protect one’s self, and even if you follow that which I posted before, to protect your home or apartment, your car, your work place, even your pet, one of the hardest is personal protection.

Now I have mentioned in previous postings about doing protection but there is always room for more. 

Some “sensitive people” will do things like having an ankle bracelet that has a silver dime on it, if the dime tarnishes then someone tried to do poison foot work by using “hot-foot powder” or “Goofer dust” the silver dime alerts you to it and you can take a cleansing shower using Sea Salt and Hyssop.

Hyssop is an herb that I recommend having a good quantity of in your magical pantry, and when you see it getting low, then order or purchase more, right away.  Sea or Kosher Salt is always available through your local grocery store.

Blessing yourself with holy water when you come home and walk through that front door is another thing, water from Lourdes, Fatima or the River Jordan is always good but if you can get priest blessed water that is always good to have on hand.

But as I said one of the most important things when one is doing “The Work” or even just doing normal everyday stuff is the concern about protection.

I’m not talking about crash helmets or those personal intimate items ---- although it is wise to practice both-----I’m talking about spiritual protection from outside forces, it doesn’t matter it can be spiritual, physical, emotional or just that nagging sense of unease, that you may feel threatened.   And having personal protection can be very important.

Currently with people being up in arms (at least with a number of work places and colleges here in the USA) wearing either a cross or the star of David or the pentagram either as a mark of faith and as personal protection, there are those people or agencies that claim that wear such things is an insult or an affront to their own personal rights, because of this ridiculous behavior, it makes it harder and harder for people to use those items as protection, unless hidden under one’s shirt or blouse, some people even question the religious medals of St. Michael the arch angel or the medal of the holy mother. 

So what does one do to have personal protection?   I have seen women mostly, wear pins that have white sparkling rhinestones or are mirrored to reflect back negativity, these pins look like costume jewelry and they are but they have been prepared by smudging with either frankincense or sage and then prayed over and the powers that be invoked into these items. 

Now  such a pin on a lady of any age looks fine for work or going out but what about casual wear or sports where such a thing would be out of place, or what if you’re a guy, a guy certainly cannot wear a sparkly pin, unless it’s the Vulcan IDIC pin and the one I’ve seen is silver and gold with a shiny rhinestone, but for that to be more than effective you have to believe in the Vulcan philosophy of “Infinite Diversity through Infinite Combinations”  as well as being a Star Trek fan. 

If you don’t mind then that would work, but what if you’re not or you’re into a more different life style such as Goth or heavy metal or something else.  What would work?

The answer---a Key. An old fashioned skeleton key.

My Grandmother said that a key can be a spiritual portal in many ways, she’d take old keys and decide which ones were going to be used for fortune, respect and favor and which ones were going to be for protection.

Each key would be cleaned up a bit, then bathed in a strong sea salt and water mixture to remove any previous psychic energies either positive or negatives, to make the key psychically pure, then she would bury it in her back yard overnight to have its energies be one aligned with the earth forces to help ground and disperse any negative energies.

Once retrieved from the earth it would be washed well.    Then she would anoint the key with the proper oil, focus or visualize what it is for and then would have the person who is going to wear the key take it to these places and touch the key to the door or gateway to invoke the psychic energies of these places for either protection or good fortune depending upon the oil and the intent they had to also focus and visualize their intent for what the key is for when they touch each door or gateway and it had to be done in this order---

A Courthouse
A Police Station
A Doctor’s Office or if you’re a member of a Medical group like Kaiser on the West Coast then the threshold of its medical offices
A Bank
A Fire Station
A Shop (this can be a prominent chain store or business that is successful)
And last a Graveyard or Cemetery, I know where does a Graveyard or Cemetery has door, well they do have a gateway and all you have to do is touch the key to one of the gateway pillars.

By touching the key to the door or gate way of each of these places it will draws into itself some of the energy that is housed within each place.

When you get home with your key say over it this portion of the prayer of St. Aidan, it is reported that St. Aidan was able to repel marauding war mongers away from an abbey he was staying at, as well as making a beautiful stage invisible to hunters.  So by saying this prayer over your key you will be invoking the energy of St. Aidan.

“My Christ! My Christ! My shield, my encircler, each day, each night, each light, each dark.
My Christ! My Christ! My shield, my encircler, each day, each night, each light, each dark.
Be near me, uphold me, my treasure, my triumph.
Circle me, God, keep protection near and danger afar.
Circle me, God, keep light near and darkness afar.
Circle me, God, keep peace within; keep evil out.
The peace of all peace be mine this night in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen”

The key is worn around the neck on a cord or chain and from time to time anoint the key with the type of oil you originally anointed it with to keep it fully charge and also recite the prayer to keep the energy active.

So then what type of key? As I said  The kind that was used from the mid-1800’s to the 1950’s what some people would call a “Skeleton Key” very old fashioned look, you can find them in junk piles, estate sales, antique shops and are in general inexpensive.

The purpose of the key depends upon the oil that you will anoint it with and your intention or visualization.  Visualization will help weaving the magic into workings.

So I have here two oil recipes the first one will be for Protection, the second one for Good Fortune, just remember the preparation and the ritual is the same the only difference is the type of oil and the intent.

I am not giving exact amounts only parts, for example if I say 6 parts of something it can be 6 drops of something to 2 drops of something else and 1 drop of something else, so parts can be the amount you want it to be.

So if you decide for example 6-- ¼ cups of oil to 2-- ¼ cups of another oil to 1----1/4 cup of a 3rd oil that is how you can break it down or to make it even easier 6 cups to 2 cups to 1 cup, but then that would be a lot of oil, and it should be used fairly quickly as oil can go rancid, so having it refrigerated may help.

This oil is using essential oils to make it, don’t cheat and use imitations or it won’t be effective.
In a glass bottle add To 6 parts base oil (either virgin olive oil or sunflower oil)
1 part cedarwood essential oil
1 part sage or rosemary essential oil
2 parts sandalwood essence
And 4 white pepper corns.
Shake well allow to marinate together overnight and then anoint your key.

In a glass bottle add the following:
1 part Frankincense absolute oil
1 part lemon essential oil
2 parts lavender essence
1/8 part or the tiniest amount of either citronella essential oil or Lemongrass essential oil depending upon what is available.
A few whole aniseeds or saffron threads to the bottle
8 parts light mineral oil as your base.

Some spirit workers do not like to use mineral oil as a base and instead will use almond oil with a touch of Vitamin E in it to prevent it from going rancid, but some spirit workers say that if you are bring in mercurial energies then use mineral oil.

On that I will let you decide.  I have used mineral oil and have found it to work fine.

From time to time Ms. Q as my time permit’s I will include recipes for different oils and such.

I recommend that you copy and print up those recipes and cross index them so you can find it quickly in your book or binder.

Blessings Ms. Q.

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