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How to make Black Salt, it's uses and alternate names~~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,
I did promise to tell you how to make Black Salt and describe its various purposes. 

According to Folk Magic and Hoodoo traditions, Black Salt is a primary protective element, it is in essence one kick up from regular salt used that is used as a general protection border especially in ritual work.

It does have other names and maybe offered under the names of Witch's Salt, Drive Away Salt, Sal Negro and Indio Salt, but it is still Black Salt but created with different intents and purposes, you yourself can create your own black salt and depending upon what you put into it create it for specific purposes, so that it's "Black Salt-Drive Away"----"Black Salt-Banishing" etc. etc.

Black Salt is potent, but it takes some work and some extra materials to make it.

Black Salt can be for protection as well as for hexing.  As you read this article you will see what to do and what it can do.

 Once it is blended up, if you make a sufficient quantity you can sprinkle it around your property to keep your home safe from intruders or troublemakers or sprinkle it across the front and back door thresholds of your apartment, and across the bottom of any thresholds of patio doors, and across the bottom of window sills.

Or to make it easier, if you live in an apartment, move the furniture away from the walls and sprinkle it along the bottoms of the walls and across the thresholds of the front and back doors this way if you have to replenish it, then it will only be on the thresholds.

That is the purpose for protection because its intent then is to drive away evil or to protect your property or belongings.

But if you want to use it to make someone go away, someone who has been bothering you then you sprinkle it across or in the footprints of someone who is bothering you, to make them go away.

That is to give you two basic ideas of how to use Black Salt depending upon if its to be made for protection or for hexing.

The formula for making black salt is pretty basic, and many web sites have different recipes for Black Salt but at its most basic it is this:

•2 parts sea salt

•1 part scrapings from a cast iron skillet or pot

•1 part fine ash from your fire pit especially if it’s from a ritual fire

•1 part finely ground black pepper

If you are not sure about the balance of dry mixtures go with this measure for every three spoons of salt add one spoon of the material of your choice

That is the basic formula, then your intent will decide on how it is to be used.

Depending on the density of your coloring ingredient, you may need to adjust the portions a little, but that's the basic method of making it. If you have a well-seasoned cast iron pot or cauldron, you should be able to get a good amount of black scrapings out of the bottom of it, but if it seems too oily, use the ash or pepper instead.

If you have a cast iron cauldron that you use for magickal workings that would be good, but you also have to consider, what was the ritual that you did before you start making the Black Salt.  You don’t want to make Black Salt for protection when you’ve used your caldron for a hexing spell and vise-versa.

What some people do is burn specific herbs in their cauldron with the intention of protection or hexing.  I suggest giving thought to what you have burnt in that cauldron, utilizing scrapings from protective work to make protective salts, and scrapings following cursing or hexing magic to make cursing or hexing salts.

Some people also recommended using black chalk dust, black powdered food dye, or lamplight smudge, the blackening that collects on the chimney of an oil lamp.

A few websites recommend adding a dye or food coloring to the salt. However, when you add liquid to salt it gets clumpy, and then dissolves. So you'll want to use something dry to color it instead.

Now some people will add a drop or two of oil that has been made for a specific purpose to ramp up the energy of the Black Salt.  

The beauty about making Black Salt is that aside from the basic recipe you can add something to it for a specific purpose and to make it specific to your aura, your energy, your intent.

Here is some examples:

Graveyard dirt can be mixed into black salt. Dirt purchased from the grave of an ancestral ally will result in protective salts, whereas that chosen from the grave of a murderer will contain that spirit's violent intention.

To make uncrossing Black Salt burn herbs such as hyssop, lemongrass, pennyroyal, and such in order to make your ash to add to the salt.

Pot ash made from tumbleweeds, licorice root, peppers, and such can be added to Black Salt in order to make destructive Black Salts.

Red Pepper mixed with Black Salt, once mixed together toss it where an enemy walks so that he or she will leave.

Black Salt has a multitude of uses, including absorbing negativity when you are doing an uncrossing ritual.  Using black salt to absorb and contain negativity is not black magik.

Some folks unfamiliar with magickal practices will say that working with this substance is evil.  That is a very serious misconception, even doing something to remove a person who is harmful to you and your family is not black magik.

Black Salt is primarily protective in its function.  Remember, only the intention of the user makes any magik malignant. 

Nullifying or returning negative energy to its source is not black magic unless you purposefully state intent to harm. 

Other maligned and mis-understood ritual components including working with  dark moons, counterclockwise  movements , even inverted pentagrams are frequently used for warding, undoing’s, uncrossing’s, binding work, as well as journeying to the afterlife, honoring the crone, and many more important workings.  

Going through various reference works and the notes my Granny and her friends left has presented me with various uses for Black Salt

- It is used to remove negative spells that have been cast on a person.

-Create a circle around the perimeter of your house for protection

-Sprinkle in your place to banish evil and to cleanse from negativity

-Open your door and sprinkle some salt outside of your door naming the person you don’t wish to visit your property again and the reasons behind this

-Sprinkle some, salt with caution, behind the person you wish to remove from your place and then some outside of your door

-keep in a dish under your or in a little bag under your pillow to negate bad dreams & ward unwanted watchers or spirits.

-cast a line across your doorways & windows to keep out evil, avoid unwanted company, and reflect slander or jealousy back to the source.

-add a bit to floor washes to cleanse your home, front walkway, & ritual area of negativity.

-add to bath water when you are feeling especially depressed, angry, & negative.

-keep a bit on your person against your skin in a small flannel packet or bag, in your desk, or taped under your chair at work or school to deflect gossips, bullies, rude coworkers, and bad bosses attention.  Keep in a bowl, a tiny cloth pouch, or sprinkle a bit.

- You can add it to Water of Mars also known as War Water for improved protective and jinx removing effects as well as to  Hot Foot Powder, Graveyard Dirt, & Rattlesnake Salt for extra potency.

-Sprinkle in an enemy’s or threatening neighbor’s yard, office, or footsteps so that they will want to leave or move, or at least create a barrier that keeps away evil forces and bad neighbors.

This aspect I cannot stress enough, if someone you distrust, dislike or just want out of your home, walks on Black Salt, they will become dissatisfied with the place where the black salt was placed and will want to move away from that area. So sprinkle Black Salt around the outside of your home, across your doorstep, sprinkle around your work area, or any other place where you want to keep enemies away

 Remember Black Salt is mostly used for dispelling negative energy and to create boundaries against enemies (it makes them feel like leaving) or that will render them powerless while in your area.

However, it can be sprinkled in an enemy's territory as a hexing agent to curtail their power and to control them.

It is especially useful against irritating co-workers sometimes to the point where they will leave their job to find work elsewhere.

-Use to symbolize the waning moon, eclipses, & new moons.  These are times for endings, binding work, trance & journeying to Under Realms, & uncrossing or removing curses.

-fire energy, chthonic or darker earthly Elementals & Deities, especially Crone or Triple Goddesses, War Gods, & darker forest beings.

-Mitigate the negative effects of Mercury Retrograde.

-For Spirit Callings & Ancestor works and Samhain rituals.

-Sprinkle liberally on items or possessions that you feel have bad memories or attachments to them.

You can use Black Salt in conjunction with White Salt, Sage, or Holy Water to both absorb evil & then purify yourself and space.  Burn a black candle to take in negativity then a white candle to bring in pure white light.

Mrs. Harcourt when she was doing purification rituals would roll a white candle in sea salt and then taking a black candle was rolled in black salt and this was for purification & removal of negativity purposes so it can be Jinx removing.

 It can be used like sand painting to draw runes, or other symbols on the altar or workspace. If kept clean, it can be re-used for this purpose multiple times if desired, or incorporated into mojo bags, incense, but if it feels icky then it needs to be removed.

My Granny and her ladies found out that Black Salt absorbs negative energy so it can only be used once and a new batch put into place

So a part of their weekly house cleaning if the energy in their home or work area felt especially oppressive & mucky  they would change it out some times they’d sweep it up weekly if it was really bad, but it meant making a large enough batch or batches frequently. 

Granny told me that like doing petitions, candle magik or ritual work, you have to give serious consideration where to discard the swept up or used black salt, it was important to consider where the negativity will go, in going over my notes and checking reference works and on the internet they all pretty much had the same consensus which I’ll post here.

1) Ground it in the earth by burying it in a hidden distant place from your living and working space.  Bury it at a crossroads of paths or streets.  Some bury it in cemeteries or even if possible an enemy’s yard.

2) Cast in the wind in a distant place blowing it away from your home OR work place.  Some will blow this from their hand into the four directions or at a crossroads.  But always make sure of the natural wind direction

3) Thrown into a fire along with paper where you have written all your worries and whatever else you want to be rid of.  It is important to not use these ashes to make any other ritual items so once the ashes are cold, take them and bury them at a distance from your home or ritual area.

4)  When some rituals say to “Cast into living water” it meaning running active water like a creek or river.  This will disperse the energies and cleanse them.  Rivers, creeks, lakes, and oceans are all good.  Even a ditch with moving water or down a storm drain,  it is only ash and salt, but during a drought it might be best to use your toilet, especially if it has a good flush and may be very effective in ‘flushing’ junk out of your life!  

I know of one lady who uses the toilets in the women’s bath room at her job, it has a powerful flushing mechanism, she’s told me that the sound of its flush is very empowering.

Now there are some negative aspects in the uses of Black Salt, but again it depends upon intent, now these uses are:

-  This maybe repeating myself but its always good to remember---To rid evil and negativity from one's home, sprinkle black salt on the floor and then sweep it up and out the front door and off the porch toward the street. This would be an example of a white magic spell.

 -To prevent a troublesome person from returning to one's home, as soon as they leave throw black salt on the porch or sidewalk and then quickly and vigorously sweep it out to the street while cursing or cussing them. If you are bold you can throw black salt at their back as they walk away. This would be an example of a black magic spell; however such could easily be adapted into a white magic spell by addressing the salt and asking that it remove this person from yours and your loved ones lives without harming him/her and then that is not cursing the person, just getting them to leave the area permanently.

-To gain revenge on an enemy, sprinkle black salt into a doll baby or voodoo doll containing a personal concern from the enemy, such as a photograph, snip of hair or fingernail clippings. Black salt can be added to black magic mojos or bottle spells which are to be buried on the property of the victim or else hidden inside their home or car.   But you have to make sure that no innocent person is harmed in any way.

Black salt can also be used to create a potion which is used to curse an enemy. To make this potion, dissolve black salt (the kind that has been dyed with black food coloring) in water. One can use a plastic water bottle or any container with a lid for this. Add to it graveyard dirt, black pepper, and one whole bottle of a black magic oil. Close the lid and shake well while cursing one's enemy. The potion is deployed by dumping it on the enemy's car or porch. These would be examples of black magic uses of black salt.

In a previous post I noted how at a Halloween party where there was lot of loud music and dancing and drinking, a friend of mine splashed on a rival, some dry black salt  that also had glitter black cats and bats mixed with it, so it would look like a Halloween decoration, the other person never knew what happened and life became difficult for her, but considering what she did to others it was only speeding up her karma.

You can also dress your crossing and revenge candles with Black Salt, just as you can dress black candles with it to remove hexes and negativity or jinxes.

Now there are also other color salts as well and you can use them separately or together with Black Salt, here are the ones’ I’ve come across:

Blue Salt is used to protect against the Evil Eye. What's an Evil Eye? Random bad energy. When your luck seems to be cursed, you are said to be afflicted with the Evil Eye.

For Healing Sprinkle under the bed in a sick room to help neutralize a patient's mopey energy so they can get on with healing.

For Justice, court, and legal spells. Put a small amount in your pocket when going to court, or add a pinch to a friendly judge mojo bag..

Mix into loose incense or liquid potpourri to enhance magickal intent.

 There are many applications for this -- use your imagination!

 It can be used like sand painting to draw circles, runes, or other symbols on the altar or workspace. If kept clean, it can be re-used for this purpose multiple times if desired, or incorporated into mojo bags, incense, etc as suggested above.

 Blue has also occasionally been used for invisibility spells. Magickal invisibility isn't where you turn transparent, it's more like the eye or attention just kind of... glides off. Do not do invisibility spells on your car. Trust me, this is a Bad Idea.

 Use with Black Salt for reversing bad luck and to end crossed conditions

How to make: In a Mortar and Pestle blend together Sea Salt (or any Salt of your choice) and Blue Flowers or Herbs of your choosing such as Blue Thistle or Blue Iris, along with blue food coloring if you so choose. While blending keep your intent of what you will be using the salt for in mind, placing all your energies into the Salt


Can be used in Spells for Abundance, Prosperity, growth Money and Luck.

Sprinkle in each corner and over the threshold of the workplace, and add a pinch to the cash register as part of your weekly store blessing.

For an online shop, sprinkle in the area where you keep your inventory and financial records. (Don't get it in the computer!)

 Feed a pinch to a money drawing mojo bag once a week.

 Mix into loose incense or liquid potpourri to enhance magickal intent.

 Carry some in a portable shaker and casually shake a dash under your chair at a casino or bingo hall for good luck.

 Carry in a Sachet when looking for a job,

 Use on Gardening tools to help Bless them for a good season. (Do not use on plants they do not like salt)

Used with Black Salt, it can help bring good luck faster or for fast luck action.

How to make In a Mortar and Pestle, blend Sea Salt and green flowers or herbs such as mint, dill or basil. Green food coloring if you choose. Blend ingredients together, while placing intent energies of what you what


Can be used in Spell work that involves, Love, Romance, Passion, Sex drive, Lust for life.

This formula will stain carpets, so use in inconspicuous areas. A little goes a long way.

Red Salt is used for love, attraction, and romance magik.

 Sprinkle a little bit under the bed the way that you might add a teeny-tiny pinch of chili powder to hot chocolate to spice things up. This can add a little mental kick to your bedroom activities.

 Add a pinch to feed a relationship mojo bag once a week. Carry in a sachet, it will help keep love strong

 Mix into loose incense or liquid potpourri to enhance magickal intent.

Carry some in a portable shaker and casually shake a dash under your chair at a bar or club if you're on the prowl.

 There are many applications for this -- use your imagination!

 Red Salt can also be used to add energy to other works as well.

It can be used like sand painting to draw circles, runes, or other symbols on the altar or workspace. If kept clean, it can be re-used for this purpose multiple times if desired, or incorporated into mojo bags, incense, etc. as suggested above.

 Use with Black Salt for reversing or turning a spell back on its sender.

How to make~ In a Mortar and Pestle, blend together Sea Salt, and Paprika or Cayenne Pepper, and red food coloring if you choose. Place intent energies into the blend, of what it is you will be using the Salt for.

 PURPLE WITCH SALT:    This is highly specialized for spiritual work and I would not use black salt with it unless for added spiritual protection,

To Make:   In a Mortar and Pestle, blend together Sea Salt, Purple Herbs and Flowers of your choice, such as Lavender or Lilac, and purple food coloring if you choose. Imagine the intent of why you are using this Salt, as you place the energies into the blend. * Double Salt to other ingredients. Store in a jar in a cool, dry place.

REMEMBER:  Black salt is deployed to remove or repel evil or negativity and in both white magic and black magic spells to banish troublesome people. Black salt is also used in black magic spells to curse one's enemy.

So please note that Black Salt is a very powerful tool so I want you to think twice before you cast a spell that is not for personal protection, from personal experience I know that its effects are long-lasting.

“Salt does what you tell it to" is a common folk saying,  remember your intent is very important.
Blessings Ms. Q

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The magikal use of Salt, Black Salt and others~~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

Salt is one of the most important items one should always keep in both your regular kitchen cabinet and in your magic cabinet.

Now I know you are going to say "What is the Big Deal about Salt"?

Well besides it making food taste good, and if you eat too much of it, it will elevate your blood pressure, there is a huge history about salt.

Ancient man discovered that salt was important in staying healthy, flavoring food and especially preserving food.

Animals in the wild would go for miles to find a natural salt lick to add salt to their bodies, even domesticated animals need salt as well and farmers and ranchers would provide natural salt licks for them.

Ancient man would follow the wild animals to those salt licks once he discovered how important it was to him.  There over the centuries salt mines from ancient dried seas would be mined and the salt transported over trade routes to their destination.

It is known that the Roman Soldiers received as part of their pay a bag of salt, which was called (and I hope I spell this right) salerium from which we get the modern word Salary from, even some old sayings like "he's worth his weight in salt" meant that his value is very high.

Salt is an ingredient in the making of bread, a tiny pinch of salt can make something sweet taste even sweeter.  Salt in the Chinese culture is one of the major tastes of cooking.   In baptism, babies are given a tiny taste of salt to remember the bitterness of life.

Salt is found naturally in our bodies, and of course is found in the Oceans from which all life came.

So it has a lifesaving as well as a mystical spiritual meaning and use in our lives.

As I said Salt preserves food---Salt represents the absence of decay---in any form Salt is incorruptible, whereas decay is corruptibility.  Salt comes from the sea, seeking life, decay is the ending of life.

Because Salt is incorruptible, Evil is repelled by a symbol such as Salt, of an incorruptible life, because Evil exists only to create decay and death, evil seeks to corrupt.

If you've ever watched the T.V. program "Supernatural" they are always big on using salt, either Kosher salt, Sea Salt or sometimes they've referred to Blessed Salt and in a desperate pinch they even used Road Salt (the type to melt ice on winter roads).  
 In an episode of Season 2, Dean explains to a woman who does not know she is really a ghost, that they use salt because it’s pure, and that which is impure is repelled by it.

Now that is not to say that those people who become infirm or ill especially from old age,  have evil in them, No that is just nature returning to the earth which eventually will filter into the sea that from which we came.  Because that is natural decay.
But there is also unnatural decay

People who take to drugs, drink to excess, do evil acts upon others or other living creatures, invite evil into themselves, and by doing that allow those evil spirits to exist around them and in them. 

Have you not noticed those areas that are controlled by evil people are not flourishing, growing, improving?   No, for they are in a state of decay, an unnatural decay. 

This is different from those old west ghost towns, were people come and then go when the gold and silver have played out, No those areas that should have a chance to flourish cannot because evil is there, sitting there, corrupting everything and everyone there.

That is to give you an idea.

So when doing magical workings, to do warding’s, cleansings, purifications and such, salt is vital to such things.

There are many superstitions and rituals regarding salt from various lands far too numerous to list here, but a search on the internet will turn up many of them, if you are interested.

What are the different types of salt, and how do their characteristics differ?

Whether mined from underground salt deposits or obtained by evaporating seawater, salt in its most basic form is the same: sodium chloride. What distinguishes one salt from another is texture, shape, and mineral content. These qualities can affect how a salt tastes as well as how it interacts with other foods.   And their use in magickal workings.


So let’s start with the Salt we know, the kind that we use most frequently in cooking, with the little girl with the umbrella, we call it Table salt, but it’s also known as common salt and consists of tiny, uniformly shaped crystals created during rapid vacuum evaporation. It usually includes anticaking agents that help it pour smoothly. Remember the little girl’s slogan “When it rains it pours”? 

It dissolves easily, making it our go-to for most applications, both sweet and savory and in a pinch magickal.

Salt is a common component in magic spells. For centuries, salt has been believed to have protective and purifying qualities, as well as the ability to absorb psychic energies, but you have to be careful because it can absorb all types of psychic energies, but for everyday magic and protection, common ordinary without iodine table salt is a great option.
Specialty salts can get expensive – who can afford to create magical barriers along doors and window sills with pricey Dead Sea salt. 
Cheap common salt is the best with creating barriers.

The more exotic salts which I will discuss are good too, but they have specific uses for specific workings, but if you are doing workings which ask for salt, your common table salt will do just fine.

Among Wiccans, witches or pagan’s when they do ritual work to honor the goddess and the god or to invoke the elements on a witch’s altar, salt can represent the earth element.

 Salt is a base element in alchemy, some chemical or alchemical reactions cannot occur without the introduction of salt.

Cooking Tip:   to optimize flavor, avoid iodized salt, which can impart a subtle chemical taste that is detectable by some consumers.  But in some cases salt with iodine in it is needed for a healthy thyroid function and a little can go a long way.  So it depends upon taste and health.

Then there is natural Sea Salt.   Sea salt is perceived as a step up from table salt, because it’s more “natural” and has undergone less processing.

Sea salt is the product of seawater evaporation--a time-consuming, expensive process that yields irregularly shaped, mineral-rich flakes that vary widely in color but only slightly in flavor.  Now if we were to collect bottles of sea water, we’d have to boil the water away to collect the natural salts that would form in the pot, but it is not good to use for cooking, but you can get sea salt in a health food store or even your chain store supermarket, those are fine for both cooking and magickal works.


Then there is Kosher Salt, it is a variety of edible salt with a much larger grain size than some common table salt. Like common table salt, kosher salt consists of the chemical compound sodium chloride.

Unlike some common table salt, kosher salt typically contains no additives such as iodine, although some brands will include anti-clumping agents in small amounts. 
The term "kosher salt" comes from its use in making meats kosher by removing surface blood, not from its being made in accordance with the guidelines for kosher foods as written in the Torah, as nearly all salt is kosher, including ordinary table salt.
One salt manufacturer considers the term ambiguous, and distinguishes between "kosher certified salt" and "koshering salt": "koshering salt" has the "small, flake-like form" useful in treating meat, whereas "kosher certified salt" is salt that has been certified as such by an appropriate religious body.  But only certified, not blessed.

The Kosher table salt that you buy in the store contrary to popular belief, is not blessed by a Rabbi, and therefore has no “extra” magical properties. In that sense, it’s no better or worse than “regular” table salt.


Then there is Blessed Salt--- According to a pamphlet put out by Fr. Hampsch of the Claretian Ministry he states:
 "Blessed salt is an instrument of grace to preserve one from the corruption of evil occurring as sin, sickness, demonic influence, etc.

As in the case of all sacramentals, its power comes not from the sign itself, but by means of the Church's official (liturgical, not private) prayer of blessing -- a power the Church derives from Christ Himself. (see Matt. 16:19 and 18:18).
As the Vatican II document on the Liturgy states, both Sacraments and sacramentals sanctify us, not of themselves, but by power flowing from the redemptive act of Jesus, elicited by the Church's intercession to be directed through those external signs and elements.
Hence sacramentals like blessed salt, holy water, medals, etc., are not to be used superstitiously as having self-contained power, but as 'focus points' funneling one's faith toward Jesus, just as a flag is used as a focus point of patriotism, or as handkerchiefs were used to focus faith for healing and deliverance (Acts 19:12).
 Thus, used non-superstitiously, modest amounts of blessed salt may be sprinkled in one's bedroom, or across thresholds to prevent burglary, in cars for safety, etc.

 A few grains of blessed salt in drinking water or used in cooking or as food seasoning often bring astonishing spiritual and physical benefits.

As with the use of Sacraments, much depends on the faith and devotion of the person using salt or any sacramental. This faith must be Jesus-centered, as was the faith of the blind man in John 9; he had faith in Jesus, not in the mud and spittle used by Jesus to heal him.

 Blessed salt is not a new sacramental, but the Holy Spirit seems to be leading many to a new interest in its remarkable power as an instrument of grace and healing. Any amount of salt may be presented to a priest for his blessing using the following official prayer from the Roman Ritual:

"Almighty God, we ask you to bless this salt, as once you blessed the salt scattered over the water by the prophet Elisha. Wherever this salt (and water) is sprinkled, drive away the power of evil, and protect us always by the presence of your Holy Spirit. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen" "

You can ask your priest to bless Sea Salt if he is of an open mind, but you can also buy it on the internet as well.


Now another form of sea salt is Dead Sea salt – because of its connection to the Holy Land and because of its healing properties – is popular in purification and protection spells.
Dense with minerals that have bubbled up from deep within the earth, it also feels really nice in a bath, aiding relaxation. So it can be a good choice for rituals involving submersion, for example to break negative psychic contacts


Epsom Salts it a different formula and is good for soaking in a tub for one’s aches and pains, but common Epsom salts can be integrated in some cleansing formula’s for ritual baths.  It is not useful by itself but in combination with other herbs and oils takes on magickal properties. 

By itself it’s good to sooth away those aches and pains.


There are other types of Ritual Salts----the most common and best known is Black Salt it is also known as Witch’s Salt, Sal Negro, & Drive Away Salt.

Black Salt for ritual has long been used in European folk & African Diaspora traditions.

 Ritual Black Salt is not to be confused with black lava salt or kala namak salts used in fine cuisine.

Anyone following magickal practices can make their own black salt, the most common ingredients are any kind of salt although sea salt is preferred, black pepper, powdered charcoal from a ritual bonfire ore ashes, and iron scrapings from one’s cauldron or cast iron pot, pan, or skillet but it must be cast iron. 
 Some people will add Patchouli Essential Oil, burnt walnut shells and burnt chicory ash.  Then it must be ground down to as fine a powder as possible. 

Some people I know who make their own black salt borrowed a line from the witch in the “Hansel & Gretel” especially when they are empowering the black salt for banishing and protection by chanting “I will grind their bones to make my bread” over and over again until well ground,  I have been told it works.

Remember Ritual black salt made in this manner is not for consumption!


Black Lava salt ( from Hawaii) is sea salt mixed with activated volcanic charcoal. Activated charcoal is an absorber, excellent at removing toxins – psychic and physical. As such, it works particularly well in purification rituals.  So a pinch in ritual bath water would be good.



Himalayan salt is pink due to its higher iron content. And magically, iron represents the earth and the universe.
Therefore, it may be used in rituals involving protection during out of body experiences and shamanic journeying to other realms. 
You can find this salt in the condiments section of more upscale larger grocery stores such as Safeway, sometimes Trader Joe’s and I have seen it offered at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The price for one bottle approx. 8 to 10 oz is anywhere from $7 to $10 dollars.


Like pink Himalayan salt, Alaea Hawaiian sea salt is enriched with red clay which contains iron oxide, and therefore has similar properties to Himalayan salt.
Traditionally Hawaiians have used Alaea salt in healing rituals and ceremonies to purify, cleanse and bless their tools and canoes. 
 It you are using or doing Huna or Kahuna rituals this would be the salt to use for purifying and blessing rituals, but be careful it you are using it around the Goddess Pele, she is easy to displease.



Rose Salt is a Ritual Spell Casting Salt made from a   blend of natural Himalayan salt and rose petals or essential rose oil.
It is used in a ritual bath to clear one’s the heart of past pain and sorrow.  It uses a mined salt as oppose to sea salt as it has a much stronger connection to the earth.
This is to help re-ground you as well as purify away all ruminates of a love gone sour, it can be sprinkled around ti clear a bedroom, to clear an object given to you by past lover, and also clearing an entryway to welcome new love.  So it can be used in both a dry and liquid form.


Lavender Salt is Lavender scented  Salt for clearing.  It can be made with either fine grain sea salt or common salt or with the larger grain Kosher salt. 
 It’s good for clearing rooms and offices especially where you cannot smudge. Also good for clearing stones and crystals.   This salt can be used in the bath or shower to clear yourself of negativity that may be attached to you or that has been sent to you by someone with negative intent.

The small grain salts can be used for casting (throwing salt on the floor), dissolving in warm water to spray into a room, or used in the bath or shower.
Large grain salts can be used for Protection or Displacement, and are placed to be a barrier between you and something else, by sprinkling across a threshold. 
It is made with the salt of your choice depending upon use and dried lavender or lavender essential oil. 



In Latin America, salt is used to prepare a very important magical formula called Rattlesnake Salt which is believed to lengthen life and to provide protection for the home or place of business.

This type of salt seems to be exclusively Latin American. To make it, a freshly dead rattlesnake is chopped up (rattles and all) and placed in a large container of salt. After six months the dried meat is discarded and the "rattlesnake salt" is ready for use.

It is said that to prolong life: sprinkle a rattlesnake salt on the food you eat, at least once a day.  According to one Latina magickal practioner it is also used in charms for healing and protection.

But in chopping up the rattlesnake body I am concerned about the venom sack in the head of the snake since this is considered highly poisonous so I would be disinclined to put it in food.


I know why must there be iodine in table salt?  Why is it so important?

I’m going to have a short article written by Dr. Andrew Weil answer that question, and if you do eat a lot of take-out food you may want to reconsider how you are affecting your health

Dr. Weil says:

"Iodine was first added to salt in the United States in 1924 in order to eliminate goiter, which was common in a sweeping area once called the "goiter belt" extending from the Great Lakes region across the northern states and encompassing parts of the Pacific Northwest. Goiter due to iodine deficiency is still common in parts of central Asia and central Africa - areas where iodine-rich foods are not available.

We can get iodine naturally by eating saltwater fish and seafood, kelp and other sea vegetables as well as vegetables grown in soils that contain iodine. Dairy products also provide iodine if the animals graze on plants growing in iodine-rich soils.

However, don't depend on processed foods for iodine - the salt they contain is not iodized, and probably because people are cooking less at home and substituting take-out food or processed foods, iodine intakes in the United States have declined from about 250 micrograms (mcg) per day to 157 mcg daily.

We need 150 mcg or more (pregnant women need to make sure they're getting adequate iodine for the health of their babies). Daily intakes of up to 1,100 mcg daily for adults and children over four are considered safe.

If you are eating a healthy, balanced, varied diet, you're probably getting enough iodine and don't need to use iodized salt. I myself use both unrefined (gray) and refined (white) sea salt, which I prefer to commercial salts that often have additives I don't like, such as aluminum compounds to prevent caking.

Sea salt contains trace amounts of iodine.

Andrew Weil, M.D."

So if you are going to cook with salt then Sea Salt may be the best for you.
But if for some reason you need to use salt in a hurry for a magickal working, then even the salt with iodine will do in a pinch.


Blessings Ms. Q

An Addendum--- Dear Ms. Q,

Yes in a drastic pinch you can use Road Salt (the kind to melt ice on the roads) and/or if you can't find anything else  Ice Cream Salt.

Ice Cream Salt--- is a non-edible salt that is applied to ice that is chilling around an old-fashioned ice cream maker, it lowers the temperature of the ice while you are cranking the ice cream mixture while making ice cream.  It can be found in grocery stories and in old fashioned markets.   I had forgotten about this salt.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Recovery and subject of next long post~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I am improving far more quickly than anticipated but I've learned to work around the eye patch, but because I'm slightly hampered by the patch I'm doing a cut and paste method to post this on my blog. 

My niece is still helping me get around as I do not have depth perception with only one eye and she is reading to me some of my favorite books so I won't be bored.

But her questions around magickal workings have triggered what my next subject is going to be, partly because she is having fun watching the early season's of the T.V. program "Supernatural", which takes some reality and has fun mixing it up.

But the one thing she asked me about was salt---Yes---SALT.

That ordinary common condiment that you have on your kitchen table. 

She also read about Black Salt or Sal Negro, Witch's Salt, Banishing Salt, Kosher Salt, Sea Salt, and she asked me what are the differences and what do they do in magickal workings.

Well a lot if it is the same and yet there are some differences.

So I am putting together my next post,  it may take some time but be on the watch for it.

Blessings, Ms. Q