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How to make Black Salt, it's uses and alternate names~~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,
I did promise to tell you how to make Black Salt and describe its various purposes. 

According to Folk Magic and Hoodoo traditions, Black Salt is a primary protective element, it is in essence one kick up from regular salt used that is used as a general protection border especially in ritual work.

It does have other names and maybe offered under the names of Witch's Salt, Drive Away Salt, Sal Negro and Indio Salt, but it is still Black Salt but created with different intents and purposes, you yourself can create your own black salt and depending upon what you put into it create it for specific purposes, so that it's "Black Salt-Drive Away"----"Black Salt-Banishing" etc. etc.

Black Salt is potent, but it takes some work and some extra materials to make it.

Black Salt can be for protection as well as for hexing.  As you read this article you will see what to do and what it can do.

 Once it is blended up, if you make a sufficient quantity you can sprinkle it around your property to keep your home safe from intruders or troublemakers or sprinkle it across the front and back door thresholds of your apartment, and across the bottom of any thresholds of patio doors, and across the bottom of window sills.

Or to make it easier, if you live in an apartment, move the furniture away from the walls and sprinkle it along the bottoms of the walls and across the thresholds of the front and back doors this way if you have to replenish it, then it will only be on the thresholds.

That is the purpose for protection because its intent then is to drive away evil or to protect your property or belongings.

But if you want to use it to make someone go away, someone who has been bothering you then you sprinkle it across or in the footprints of someone who is bothering you, to make them go away.

That is to give you two basic ideas of how to use Black Salt depending upon if its to be made for protection or for hexing.

The formula for making black salt is pretty basic, and many web sites have different recipes for Black Salt but at its most basic it is this:

•2 parts sea salt

•1 part scrapings from a cast iron skillet or pot

•1 part fine ash from your fire pit especially if it’s from a ritual fire

•1 part finely ground black pepper

If you are not sure about the balance of dry mixtures go with this measure for every three spoons of salt add one spoon of the material of your choice

That is the basic formula, then your intent will decide on how it is to be used.

Depending on the density of your coloring ingredient, you may need to adjust the portions a little, but that's the basic method of making it. If you have a well-seasoned cast iron pot or cauldron, you should be able to get a good amount of black scrapings out of the bottom of it, but if it seems too oily, use the ash or pepper instead.

If you have a cast iron cauldron that you use for magickal workings that would be good, but you also have to consider, what was the ritual that you did before you start making the Black Salt.  You don’t want to make Black Salt for protection when you’ve used your caldron for a hexing spell and vise-versa.

What some people do is burn specific herbs in their cauldron with the intention of protection or hexing.  I suggest giving thought to what you have burnt in that cauldron, utilizing scrapings from protective work to make protective salts, and scrapings following cursing or hexing magic to make cursing or hexing salts.

Some people also recommended using black chalk dust, black powdered food dye, or lamplight smudge, the blackening that collects on the chimney of an oil lamp.

A few websites recommend adding a dye or food coloring to the salt. However, when you add liquid to salt it gets clumpy, and then dissolves. So you'll want to use something dry to color it instead.

Now some people will add a drop or two of oil that has been made for a specific purpose to ramp up the energy of the Black Salt.  

The beauty about making Black Salt is that aside from the basic recipe you can add something to it for a specific purpose and to make it specific to your aura, your energy, your intent.

Here is some examples:

Graveyard dirt can be mixed into black salt. Dirt purchased from the grave of an ancestral ally will result in protective salts, whereas that chosen from the grave of a murderer will contain that spirit's violent intention.

To make uncrossing Black Salt burn herbs such as hyssop, lemongrass, pennyroyal, and such in order to make your ash to add to the salt.

Pot ash made from tumbleweeds, licorice root, peppers, and such can be added to Black Salt in order to make destructive Black Salts.

Red Pepper mixed with Black Salt, once mixed together toss it where an enemy walks so that he or she will leave.

Black Salt has a multitude of uses, including absorbing negativity when you are doing an uncrossing ritual.  Using black salt to absorb and contain negativity is not black magik.

Some folks unfamiliar with magickal practices will say that working with this substance is evil.  That is a very serious misconception, even doing something to remove a person who is harmful to you and your family is not black magik.

Black Salt is primarily protective in its function.  Remember, only the intention of the user makes any magik malignant. 

Nullifying or returning negative energy to its source is not black magic unless you purposefully state intent to harm. 

Other maligned and mis-understood ritual components including working with  dark moons, counterclockwise  movements , even inverted pentagrams are frequently used for warding, undoing’s, uncrossing’s, binding work, as well as journeying to the afterlife, honoring the crone, and many more important workings.  

Going through various reference works and the notes my Granny and her friends left has presented me with various uses for Black Salt

- It is used to remove negative spells that have been cast on a person.

-Create a circle around the perimeter of your house for protection

-Sprinkle in your place to banish evil and to cleanse from negativity

-Open your door and sprinkle some salt outside of your door naming the person you don’t wish to visit your property again and the reasons behind this

-Sprinkle some, salt with caution, behind the person you wish to remove from your place and then some outside of your door

-keep in a dish under your or in a little bag under your pillow to negate bad dreams & ward unwanted watchers or spirits.

-cast a line across your doorways & windows to keep out evil, avoid unwanted company, and reflect slander or jealousy back to the source.

-add a bit to floor washes to cleanse your home, front walkway, & ritual area of negativity.

-add to bath water when you are feeling especially depressed, angry, & negative.

-keep a bit on your person against your skin in a small flannel packet or bag, in your desk, or taped under your chair at work or school to deflect gossips, bullies, rude coworkers, and bad bosses attention.  Keep in a bowl, a tiny cloth pouch, or sprinkle a bit.

- You can add it to Water of Mars also known as War Water for improved protective and jinx removing effects as well as to  Hot Foot Powder, Graveyard Dirt, & Rattlesnake Salt for extra potency.

-Sprinkle in an enemy’s or threatening neighbor’s yard, office, or footsteps so that they will want to leave or move, or at least create a barrier that keeps away evil forces and bad neighbors.

This aspect I cannot stress enough, if someone you distrust, dislike or just want out of your home, walks on Black Salt, they will become dissatisfied with the place where the black salt was placed and will want to move away from that area. So sprinkle Black Salt around the outside of your home, across your doorstep, sprinkle around your work area, or any other place where you want to keep enemies away

 Remember Black Salt is mostly used for dispelling negative energy and to create boundaries against enemies (it makes them feel like leaving) or that will render them powerless while in your area.

However, it can be sprinkled in an enemy's territory as a hexing agent to curtail their power and to control them.

It is especially useful against irritating co-workers sometimes to the point where they will leave their job to find work elsewhere.

-Use to symbolize the waning moon, eclipses, & new moons.  These are times for endings, binding work, trance & journeying to Under Realms, & uncrossing or removing curses.

-fire energy, chthonic or darker earthly Elementals & Deities, especially Crone or Triple Goddesses, War Gods, & darker forest beings.

-Mitigate the negative effects of Mercury Retrograde.

-For Spirit Callings & Ancestor works and Samhain rituals.

-Sprinkle liberally on items or possessions that you feel have bad memories or attachments to them.

You can use Black Salt in conjunction with White Salt, Sage, or Holy Water to both absorb evil & then purify yourself and space.  Burn a black candle to take in negativity then a white candle to bring in pure white light.

Mrs. Harcourt when she was doing purification rituals would roll a white candle in sea salt and then taking a black candle was rolled in black salt and this was for purification & removal of negativity purposes so it can be Jinx removing.

 It can be used like sand painting to draw runes, or other symbols on the altar or workspace. If kept clean, it can be re-used for this purpose multiple times if desired, or incorporated into mojo bags, incense, but if it feels icky then it needs to be removed.

My Granny and her ladies found out that Black Salt absorbs negative energy so it can only be used once and a new batch put into place

So a part of their weekly house cleaning if the energy in their home or work area felt especially oppressive & mucky  they would change it out some times they’d sweep it up weekly if it was really bad, but it meant making a large enough batch or batches frequently. 

Granny told me that like doing petitions, candle magik or ritual work, you have to give serious consideration where to discard the swept up or used black salt, it was important to consider where the negativity will go, in going over my notes and checking reference works and on the internet they all pretty much had the same consensus which I’ll post here.

1) Ground it in the earth by burying it in a hidden distant place from your living and working space.  Bury it at a crossroads of paths or streets.  Some bury it in cemeteries or even if possible an enemy’s yard.

2) Cast in the wind in a distant place blowing it away from your home OR work place.  Some will blow this from their hand into the four directions or at a crossroads.  But always make sure of the natural wind direction

3) Thrown into a fire along with paper where you have written all your worries and whatever else you want to be rid of.  It is important to not use these ashes to make any other ritual items so once the ashes are cold, take them and bury them at a distance from your home or ritual area.

4)  When some rituals say to “Cast into living water” it meaning running active water like a creek or river.  This will disperse the energies and cleanse them.  Rivers, creeks, lakes, and oceans are all good.  Even a ditch with moving water or down a storm drain,  it is only ash and salt, but during a drought it might be best to use your toilet, especially if it has a good flush and may be very effective in ‘flushing’ junk out of your life!  

I know of one lady who uses the toilets in the women’s bath room at her job, it has a powerful flushing mechanism, she’s told me that the sound of its flush is very empowering.

Now there are some negative aspects in the uses of Black Salt, but again it depends upon intent, now these uses are:

-  This maybe repeating myself but its always good to remember---To rid evil and negativity from one's home, sprinkle black salt on the floor and then sweep it up and out the front door and off the porch toward the street. This would be an example of a white magic spell.

 -To prevent a troublesome person from returning to one's home, as soon as they leave throw black salt on the porch or sidewalk and then quickly and vigorously sweep it out to the street while cursing or cussing them. If you are bold you can throw black salt at their back as they walk away. This would be an example of a black magic spell; however such could easily be adapted into a white magic spell by addressing the salt and asking that it remove this person from yours and your loved ones lives without harming him/her and then that is not cursing the person, just getting them to leave the area permanently.

-To gain revenge on an enemy, sprinkle black salt into a doll baby or voodoo doll containing a personal concern from the enemy, such as a photograph, snip of hair or fingernail clippings. Black salt can be added to black magic mojos or bottle spells which are to be buried on the property of the victim or else hidden inside their home or car.   But you have to make sure that no innocent person is harmed in any way.

Black salt can also be used to create a potion which is used to curse an enemy. To make this potion, dissolve black salt (the kind that has been dyed with black food coloring) in water. One can use a plastic water bottle or any container with a lid for this. Add to it graveyard dirt, black pepper, and one whole bottle of a black magic oil. Close the lid and shake well while cursing one's enemy. The potion is deployed by dumping it on the enemy's car or porch. These would be examples of black magic uses of black salt.

In a previous post I noted how at a Halloween party where there was lot of loud music and dancing and drinking, a friend of mine splashed on a rival, some dry black salt  that also had glitter black cats and bats mixed with it, so it would look like a Halloween decoration, the other person never knew what happened and life became difficult for her, but considering what she did to others it was only speeding up her karma.

You can also dress your crossing and revenge candles with Black Salt, just as you can dress black candles with it to remove hexes and negativity or jinxes.

Now there are also other color salts as well and you can use them separately or together with Black Salt, here are the ones’ I’ve come across:

Blue Salt is used to protect against the Evil Eye. What's an Evil Eye? Random bad energy. When your luck seems to be cursed, you are said to be afflicted with the Evil Eye.

For Healing Sprinkle under the bed in a sick room to help neutralize a patient's mopey energy so they can get on with healing.

For Justice, court, and legal spells. Put a small amount in your pocket when going to court, or add a pinch to a friendly judge mojo bag..

Mix into loose incense or liquid potpourri to enhance magickal intent.

 There are many applications for this -- use your imagination!

 It can be used like sand painting to draw circles, runes, or other symbols on the altar or workspace. If kept clean, it can be re-used for this purpose multiple times if desired, or incorporated into mojo bags, incense, etc as suggested above.

 Blue has also occasionally been used for invisibility spells. Magickal invisibility isn't where you turn transparent, it's more like the eye or attention just kind of... glides off. Do not do invisibility spells on your car. Trust me, this is a Bad Idea.

 Use with Black Salt for reversing bad luck and to end crossed conditions

How to make: In a Mortar and Pestle blend together Sea Salt (or any Salt of your choice) and Blue Flowers or Herbs of your choosing such as Blue Thistle or Blue Iris, along with blue food coloring if you so choose. While blending keep your intent of what you will be using the salt for in mind, placing all your energies into the Salt


Can be used in Spells for Abundance, Prosperity, growth Money and Luck.

Sprinkle in each corner and over the threshold of the workplace, and add a pinch to the cash register as part of your weekly store blessing.

For an online shop, sprinkle in the area where you keep your inventory and financial records. (Don't get it in the computer!)

 Feed a pinch to a money drawing mojo bag once a week.

 Mix into loose incense or liquid potpourri to enhance magickal intent.

 Carry some in a portable shaker and casually shake a dash under your chair at a casino or bingo hall for good luck.

 Carry in a Sachet when looking for a job,

 Use on Gardening tools to help Bless them for a good season. (Do not use on plants they do not like salt)

Used with Black Salt, it can help bring good luck faster or for fast luck action.

How to make In a Mortar and Pestle, blend Sea Salt and green flowers or herbs such as mint, dill or basil. Green food coloring if you choose. Blend ingredients together, while placing intent energies of what you what


Can be used in Spell work that involves, Love, Romance, Passion, Sex drive, Lust for life.

This formula will stain carpets, so use in inconspicuous areas. A little goes a long way.

Red Salt is used for love, attraction, and romance magik.

 Sprinkle a little bit under the bed the way that you might add a teeny-tiny pinch of chili powder to hot chocolate to spice things up. This can add a little mental kick to your bedroom activities.

 Add a pinch to feed a relationship mojo bag once a week. Carry in a sachet, it will help keep love strong

 Mix into loose incense or liquid potpourri to enhance magickal intent.

Carry some in a portable shaker and casually shake a dash under your chair at a bar or club if you're on the prowl.

 There are many applications for this -- use your imagination!

 Red Salt can also be used to add energy to other works as well.

It can be used like sand painting to draw circles, runes, or other symbols on the altar or workspace. If kept clean, it can be re-used for this purpose multiple times if desired, or incorporated into mojo bags, incense, etc. as suggested above.

 Use with Black Salt for reversing or turning a spell back on its sender.

How to make~ In a Mortar and Pestle, blend together Sea Salt, and Paprika or Cayenne Pepper, and red food coloring if you choose. Place intent energies into the blend, of what it is you will be using the Salt for.

 PURPLE WITCH SALT:    This is highly specialized for spiritual work and I would not use black salt with it unless for added spiritual protection,

To Make:   In a Mortar and Pestle, blend together Sea Salt, Purple Herbs and Flowers of your choice, such as Lavender or Lilac, and purple food coloring if you choose. Imagine the intent of why you are using this Salt, as you place the energies into the blend. * Double Salt to other ingredients. Store in a jar in a cool, dry place.

REMEMBER:  Black salt is deployed to remove or repel evil or negativity and in both white magic and black magic spells to banish troublesome people. Black salt is also used in black magic spells to curse one's enemy.

So please note that Black Salt is a very powerful tool so I want you to think twice before you cast a spell that is not for personal protection, from personal experience I know that its effects are long-lasting.

“Salt does what you tell it to" is a common folk saying,  remember your intent is very important.
Blessings Ms. Q


  1. Quise progresar en el campo laboral y conseguir un ascenso así que busque los beneficios de los Ritual del Trabajo,al utilizarlos con mucha fe mantuve un empleo seguro
    y me senti en armonía.

    1. Dear Julian,

      I regret I do not understand Spanish except for the odd word here or there. If you could provide an English translation I would appreciate it.

      My Grandmother was Portuguese but insisted we learn English so I lost an opportunity to learn the language.

      Blessings to you.

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  2. I don't understand everyone's need to add things to black salt. Historically black salt was burned salt that was scrapped from the cauldron which was used not just for ritual but for cooking (the cauldron not the salt). There really is no need to add ash, pepper or anything.

    1. Dear Lipstic,

      True, but over time people felt the need to add things to it to "ramp up" the energies, for whatever purpose.

      I remember my Grandma adding ash from certain fires to it and sometimes, ash from burnt Palm Sunday leaves.

      Pepper for a number of folks way back when, would have been too expensive as it is a spice.

      But certain woods like cedar, Oak, Juniper would be burned for ritual work and added.

      Another reason to add ash to scraped burnt salt is the fat from cooking, you don't want something greasy, Ash soaked up excess grease.

      With my Grandmother's cast iron fry pans, to clean excess fat, she'd throw in ash from a cooking fire (she had a old fashioned Buck Stove that was have gas half wood burner) and salt to scour the fry pan without harming the 'seasoning' of it.

      And even salt was expensive for poorer folk, so much so that at times it was used in place of money.

      Over the years, it became refined, spices even salt became affordable.

      In many ways it is a "spiritual" recipe, that can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

      I've included what is known for everyone's information. Just as you have.

      Ms. Q


  3. very nice article.Thanks for sharing the Post...!

    Black Dirt Company

    1. Thank you Samuel.

      I'm glad you enjoyed it.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  4. Can you plz help me. I think I've been jinxed and from my understanding this is what I need to do. Sprinkle black salt around house ( I don't kno how long to leave it there) sweep it up burn it with a list that I believe to have happened because of the jinx, get the ashes (do I put the fire out myself or wait for it to burn out its self.) Get the ashes and bury them somewhere away from my house. I'm doing this because my mom did black magic on someone and I feel that it has came back to me. Do you think that's possible? Is this what you recommend me doing.? Plzzzz helpppp.!


    1. Hello my Dear,

      You can put the black salt into 4 small shot glasses (the kind for small whiskey shots and you can buy those cheap at a thrift store) in the four farthest corners of the house, leave it there from Moon to moon or in this case from now to April 9, or from March 10 to April 10. Then after 30 days in a fire proof metal dish (not aluminum they burn) a 5 pound metal coffee can works well, burn the salt and your paper, do it outside so it won’t burn anything else or set off fire alarms, bury the ash far away like in an area of a cemetery where 4 cemetery roads meet or in the farthest corner of a cemetery where you won’t be seen and after you bury it walk away, drive away and don’t look back.

      When you get back home take a shower and have a small cloth bag filled with some sea salt and hyssop (you can get that at a metaphysical store, you can buy sea salt at a grocery store) have the bag under the shower head so that it gets soaked and that stuff in the bag will wash over you and then recite line 7 from Psalm 51 that say’s “cleans me with Hyssop, Oh Lord that I may be clean as the whitest snow” Look it up in the King James bible.

      But usually if your Mom did some black magic it should have bounced back to her, unless she has protections. While you are waiting the 30 days for the black salt to absorb the negativity get a St. Michael medal and start wearing it to help reflect back any negativity and I want you to read my posts about Shielding, wards, warding, protection and protection spells. Because if your Mama is doing dark workings you need to be protected, so read and learn.

      Keep those whiskey shot glasses and that empty 5 pound coffee can for future magical use just in case.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  5. Dear Voodoo Quenn
    I purchased some witches salt today in the hopes to rid myself of a spell/hex.
    I have something attached to the lrft side of my body and also in my abdomen. I have tried everything from an assortment of healers, kinesiology, preyer crystals oils etc etc etc.
    I was reading your wonderful blog in the hopes to remove this problem once and for all.
    I am a little confused with how to use this. I was hoping you could enlighten me. Should I bathe in the salt, burn it or place in on my body.
    Should I add anything to it or just use it as is.
    Should i just run with intent to remove this negative energy and send it out to the light.
    I love your information
    Blessings of Light

    1. Hello My Dear,

      You say that you have something attached to your left side and abdomen---has there been any physical problems with both areas? If so then it’s not spiritual it is medical and you should have by now seen a doctor.

      One must remember that doing things spiritually is only in addition to doing things physically and that means seeing a regular medical doctor, or a lawyer or financial advisor.

      If you have not seen a doctor then you should.

      Now spiritually speaking you should do an uncrossing bath with a pinch of the black salt in your bath water, recite Psalm 51 as you bathe (you can print it out from the internet) then as you air dry take an ordinary egg and rub it from the top of your head to the toes and bottoms of your feet, paying particular attention to the left side and abdomen.

      Once you are dressed in clean clothes, take that egg and at midnight throw it as hard as you can at the foot of a tree that is away from your home. Have a friend go with you for safety sake.

      If you are still having problems with your left side then for sure it is a medical problem and needs to be treated. But see a doctor first before you do the ritual.

      If you do not have a medical problem then do the bath and the egg spell, it will do the work, then set up protections and shields around your home (check my archives for those subject posts) and have a blessed St. Michael medal to wear to protect you.

      Black salt has many uses, if you’ve read my article carefully you will read some of the uses that I’ve mentioned, you can put a line of black salt across the threshold (the bottom floor) of your front door to keep out negativity as well.

      But See that Doctor.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q