Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Reading for 2017~~~~

Hello Everyone, Happy New Year!!

This is Ms. Q and I’ve had several of you ask me what kind of year will 2017 be like?

Well that’s hard to say, we have a man coming into office that many people detest, we have situations all over the world that can flare up at any time, Israel is not happy with the U.N. vote and the move the U.S. did by abstaining.   In a way it’s as if the old administration is saying to the new “O.K. I’m dumping this mess in your lap”.

So on the political front I’m not going to even hazard a guess except to say “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride”.

So I began thinking “If I am going to do a one card reading for 2017 who or what should it be for?”  and then it dawned upon me, it’s for you my readers about the general conditions in your own personal lives.  

Now it won’t be exactly the same, we all have different crosses to bear, different difficulties to deal with, so how in general should it be?

And with that in mind I allowed Spirit to guide my hand and I drew the Three of Wands but stuck to it was the Ten of Cups and that second card did not fall back into the pack so instead of a one card reading I have a two card reading.

So let’s start with the first card the Three of Wands----

Slowly but surely, 2017 shapes up as being a positive, progressive year for many people. Changes that began to be felt in late 2016 will continue to manifest as all of you would wish, but you have to remember the need to keep the momentum going during slower periods when nothing seems to be happening. It's important not to lose faith, or lose your sense of direction, during these lulls.

That is when it’s time to do an end run or to think laterally.   Seek inspiration during your moments of meditation, sometimes it comes to us piece-meal in dreams,   and when you feel things are stagnating that is the perfect time to shake things up become the squeaky wheel to get notice and they’ll have to progress to keep you quiet but you really don’t want to be quiet.

The Three of Wands meaning is about Achievement · Fresh starts · Long-term success · Partnerships · Trade there are many opportunities out there for you, you just have to look for them.

This is where if you can bring the fullness of your creativity and inventiveness to the table, then the Three of Wands is bringing you good news. You are about to enter a time where your potential for productivity and accomplishment is very favorable. Those of you who are working but dis-satisfied with your job keep your eyes open for new career opportunities and your mind open to new possibilities.

But remember the rewards these new opportunities bring will only come in the fullness of time. You will need to be patient and stick around for the long haul. Also, look for new allies, network with people, as any new undertakings will be most successful if undertaken as partnerships and through contacts.

The Three of Wands stands for fresh starts, achievements, and positive partnerships. It could mean anything positive from some sort of business expansion, a new person in your life who inspires you or it could be the confirmation that you are on the right path toward success. It has an overall positive tone that cannot be denied.

Now the card that was stuck to it the Ten of Cups is almost too good to be true because the Ten of Cups’ Meaning is about Abundance · Achievement · Commitment · Family · Happiness: Fulfillment and joy in life and love. Feeling peace, tranquility, and contentment in friends and family. Taking delight in one's good fortune.

To me this feels like the goal that we all hope to achieve and 2017 is pushing us towards it.

When you find the Ten of Cups in ones Tarot spread one can expect to attain some long goal. This card is, like the rest of the Cups, imbued with emotional undertones. It may signal the mending of bridges between friends or family members you were once close to, if there has been a rift. You may also find that it symbolizes your own inner emotional turmoil being resolved. In reference to marriage or new marriage, it is usually indicative of lasting emotional bonds.

Now is one is going through difficulties in their marriage even facing divorce proceedings, this card is saying that through counseling some relationships can be mended, in other cases, divorce gives one space to find a better partner, that’s hard to believe but in many cases very true.

So by taking confidence in your direction in life and following your deepest convictions, you are being propelled forward. This task, event, or journey will bring about the beginning of a long lasting friendship. You should not miss this opportunity.

For some folks the potential for financial success may present itself through some aspect of property ownership or investment.

For others they may find either domestic happiness or gain prestige in public work. Despite the difficulty for some-others balancing both at once is possible.

The Ten of Cups in combination with the hard work of the Three of Wands represents perfect harmony, abundance, and happiness. It suggests perhaps personal or family dreams coming true and an overall sense of satisfaction and security in life. Positive achievements and emotional stability ahead for all of you, but you’ll have to work hard to get it.

What this combination of cards is saying is that in 2017 do not despair, things in your life will come together, and you’ll find yourself in a better position than before, it may be small increments but when you review where you’ve been to where you will be by this time next year you will be amazed at what you’ve done.  

Just remember Never Surrender, Never Give In!

Happy New Year Everyone, have a Happy and Prosperous 2017!!!!

Brightest of Blessings,
Ms. Q

Thursday, December 29, 2016

How to tie up a man's "nature" (not bondage)~~~~

Hello Everyone,

Just the other evening I had fun watching a Mae West movie titled “Belle of the Nineties”,  in one scene Mae West goes to the balcony and sees her maid Libby with binoculars watching someone,  asking Libby what is she doing Libby’s says “I’m watchin’ ma man, he may cheat on gamblin’ but he don’t cheat on me!”

Then I checked my comments section of my blog and I immediately found 6 comments from different ladies all asking the same thing-----

“Dear Ms. Q,

My husband is a cheater. Is there anything that I can do to break him from this outside woman and tie up his nature for life?-----  How do I stop my husband from cheating on me with another woman? And how can I tie up his nature for good? Is there something I can do to get rid of the woman as well? ---- My boyfriend and I got engaged but I found out that he’s cheating on me, how do I get him to stop and get rid of the other woman? Etc., etc., etc. “

As Libby said “He may cheat on gambling but he don’t cheat on me!”    

Part of the problem is that for every man in this country there are 2 women, so when women outnumber the men 2 to 1 there is a problem, also most women tend to be monogamous (staying with one man) although there are some exceptions, but most men (not all)  have a tendency to be polygamous preferring to being players and seeing how many women they can go to bed with.   Really a very unhealthy practice in this day of STD’s, crabs, body lice and AIDS.

Because what most men forget is that with every strange or non-partner woman they lay down with, they are also going to bed with every single man she’s been with and it is the same with a woman, for every man that they have indiscriminate sex with they are also going to bed with every single woman that man has bedded.   So the cheating partner is putting his non-cheating partner at serious risk.

So from a healthy point of view monogamy is the best thing to do.   Unfortunately in this day and age, and even from past generations, it’s hard to squash a healthy libido, or like that old World War I song “How ya gonna keep them down on the Farm, after they’ve seen Paree?” 

Now in doing any spell such as domination etc. there can be a problem in doing the work, we have to first realize that no matter what there are some people who can never be faithful and sadly they never will be.

If you’re in a "girlfriend/boyfriend" relationship, or "friends with benefits" type of relationship, the success rate is not that good.  You can do a lot of domination work, tying up their nature work or “stay with me” work, but it is constant work to keep a guy like that faithful and monogamous and really very exhausting.    Frankly if he can’t keep it in his pants, why make yourself sick with worry and unhappiness, the best thing you can do is cut him loose and look for a better partner.   You’ll be healthier in the long run.

I have found that women who are legally married to their wandering spouse have the most success with these types of workings that’s because in the back of their mind, the men get a nagging feeling that they have a lot more invested and a lot more to lose in the relationships with their wives than from the mistress from legal and financial stand points.

But I know you Ladies want to keep him with you, either married to you or not.   O.K. so let’s start with ways to tie up his “nature” (and we all know what that means). 

Traditionally Wicca or white magic etc. does not condone any kind of domination spells, all that “harm none” and “bad karma” stuff,  and personally I don’t like spells that manipulate a person, but in something of this sort I’m prepared to make an exception.  

We have to remember that in Folk magic, Hoodoo, or Conjure it’s really important to be happy in your life and faithfulness insures happiness so in folk magic female domination is normal, common, and in some instances  even necessary to guarantee a satisfactory relationship between a man and a woman.   It’s like that old saying “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”.  

Now both Bella and Della, two of Granny’s ladies, they were Italian sisters and they knew about getting one’s man and keeping him, but it was not unusual for one of their husbands to have the “wandering eye”, so what they would do is get a bit of red cloth, flannel works very well, and it doesn’t have to be big, and make it into a bag with one end open.  They would put some personal, biological concerns of their husband into it, such as his hair from his hair brush,  some sweat on a scrap of cloth snipped from an old cotton handkerchief , and best of all, his semen.

O.K. so you’re thinking “His semen? How do I do that without it being obvious?”  Well that’s easy,  you have sex with him but you do not climax, let him do all that work, then have a bit of tissue next to you on the night stand and wipe it from where he’s deposited it.  And you include that with the other items. 

Then you get two dimes, one with his birth year and one with yours, (You may have to buy it from a coin shop and it can be a “slider” mostly worn but you can read the date)  a tiny bit of High John the Conquer Root and a tiny bit of Queen Elizabeth root,  a red candle and a saucer,  you’ll also need a pencil, a bit of brown paper and  “Follow Me Boy” oil, if you want you can also use “Bend Over” or “Domination” oil.

Now if you are young enough and have your monthly periods you will start this work on the first day of your flow because you’ll need a little of your menstrual blood (I didn’t say it was going to be neat now did I), but if you no longer have any monthly period for whatever reason then start this work on the full moon and use your vaginal fluids. 

Take the saucer and turn it upside down, then write his name 9 times on a piece of paper.
Put the paper under the overturned saucer, then taking a sharp needle carve his name on the candle 9 times, going around and around in a spiral from the top of the candle to the base.
Dress the candle with your menstrual blood and Follow me Boy Oil. (and the other oils if you chose to use them)
Place the candle on top of the overturned saucer, saying, "[his name], come under my command" and light the candle.
Dress the dimes with your monthly period and with Follow me Boy Oil. As you do so, call them by his and your names, the one with his birthday say “This is [his name]" the one with your birthday "This is [your name]."
Set them in front of the burning candle.
Dress the High John the Conqueror Root and the Queen Elizabeth Root with your menstrual blood and with the Follow Me Boy Oil. As you do so, call the roots by his and your names, saying to the High John root "This is [his name]" and the Queen root "This is {your name]." Set his root on his dime and your root on yours.

Now the bag should contain his personal items, once those are put in the bag  dress the bag with Follow me Boy Oil,  you need to stroke it 9 times and say, "[his name], follow me” 9 times. (you can also add a few drops of the other oils as well)
Pass the bag through the candle smoke 9 times saying, "[His name], come to me." Place the dimes and roots in the bag saying, "[His name], stay with me."
Wait while the candle burns out, when the candle is done, take the name paper from under the saucer and fold it toward you, saying " [His name], follow me." Turn it and fold it toward you again saying, "[His name], come to me."  
Put the paper into the red bag and say, "[his name], stay with me."   You can tie up the bag with red ribbon or plain white string, when you tie it up you can always add more of his personal concerns like threads from his clothing or a snip of paper napkin where he wiped his mouth, trust me Baby Back ribs is perfect for that.    Keep this bag with you either in your purse or in your bedroom but where he will not find it or touch it.

To get rid of any left over candle wax go to a crossroads, and throw it over your left shoulder in the direction of the rising sun or East, walk away and don’t look back.  Once you do that you keep that bag hidden or with you.

Now if you want to seriously tie up his nature there is a Knot spell you can use and you can add it to the bag, I know Mrs. Washington’s daughter used it when her new husband started wandering after she did that he didn’t wander no more. That was using a piece of soft white string (cotton works best) that’s as long as your man’s erect nature. (I did say we are going to tie it up didn’t I?)

Tie the beginning of a knot in it, that is begin the knot but don’t pull it tight, at least not yet.   Keep the string either under your pillow or in the bathroom where he doesn’t see or find it.  Then do the same thing as written above to get his semen, remember you should not climax, let him do the work.  Wipe yourself with the string to get his semen on it.

Now comes the hard part, you have to stay awake and wait for him to fall asleep. When he has drifted off, you hold the string by its two ends, one in each hand, then call his name, just as he answers or responds, pull the knot tight, you have tied his nature, and put that into your bag without him seeing you or knowing about it.

Now I have read that one should put 9 knots in a string like this to really tie him up, but the ladies have told me that one knot is enough. Traditionally once you do this then he is yours.

Now I learned this from two Italian ladies and Mrs. Washington who was from New Orleans, but in my research and among my notes I’ve read that this was originally from the 19th century particularly from the Memphis Tennessee area, and it was called a Nation Bag or Sack, but this type of Bag or Mojo was done not only to tie up a man but also for other reasons such as finances or protection, depending upon what was put into the bag.   And it was usually done by women.   The reason a man was not supposed to find it or touch it is that it destroys the power in the bag.

Lucky Mojo on their website, has an article about the history of the Nation Bag,  but since Mrs. Washington knew of it and so did Bella and Della, I’m wondering if Mrs. Washington learned it from someone and passed on the information to the two ladies, well they are long gone so I guess I’ll never know.

There are a couple of other ways to keep a man’s nature flaccid and it involves either a black or blue penis candle or just a black candle if you cannot find a penis candle at any of the Metaphysical shops.

My Cousin was really ticked off at her boyfriend at the time, he would come around all sweetness and light and make nice with my Cousin but because she had to be home early (like by 11 p.m.) he’d drop her off and then go to this bar and meet up with a what you call a “good time gal” and have “fun and games”.    Well one of her brothers (my other cousins) spotted him at that bar and it’s a good thing the light was dim enough that the boyfriend didn’t spot him.   Her brother tells her the next day the bad news, you don’t get Iberian women mad, and they don’t get mad, they get even.   The next night they go to the movies and they share a bag of buttered popcorn, and he had to wipe his mouth with a paper napkin, she says she needs the napkin so he hands it to her, she tucks it into a sandwich baggie in her purse, and she has already some of his hair.  After the movie he drops her off and goes to the bar, but she doesn’t go to bed.

That night she took the black candle and carve his name into it, then she carved a hole in the bottom of the candle and place his hair and the part of the napkin where he wiped his mouth.  She dressed the candle stroking it, as you would with a penis using goofer dust mixed with mineral Oil. Then she rolled the candle in alum powder, dried Lemon Peels, Graveyard Dirt and Asofetida Powder.

Then she stuck 9 pins within the candle to represent the pain he’d feel when he tries to get his manhood to go up.  Then to add insult to injury she took his photo, place it under the candle and sprinkled graveyard dirt atop the photo as well. For 6 days in a row she’d burn the candle a little bit (about 15 minutes) each day.  And as the candle burned she’d say, "So and so, your cock can no longer get hard! No matter what you do it stays dead! I call upon St. Martha for your cock to be completely DEAD and without LIFE!"  she’d say that for 6 days. On the 6th day she let the candle burn all the way down then she buried the candle wax with the personal stuff and pins in the far corner of an old cemetery, she told me she’d walk away and didn’t look back.   Well soon afterwards he just couldn’t perform, not even with her, but she said she didn’t mind, you just don’t cheat.  They broke up eventually but I heard he never could perform again.

Now another thing one can do is take a black Penis candle, carve his name on it, take the knotted string that you collected his semen on, and any of the man's hair, nails, or any other personal items then you apply that to the candle, wet it with your own urine, put the candle on top of his photo and tie the knotted string at the base of the candle tight, now some women would call upon St. Martha the dominator and I’ve known Hispanic women to call upon Santessima Murte to help them prevent their man to have no sex with anyone else except them.   To not have their man hood perform except for them.   Now Holy Death is a tricky entity to call upon, once either she or St. Martha have helped you, you have to make a donation to a woman’s shelter.   So keep that in mind.

Now for those of you that want the other woman or women out of your man’s life, even when his manhood doesn’t have any life, there is a ritual you can do using Hot Foot powder, now I’ve posted this spell in another part of my Blog under Hot Foot Powder, but for convenience sake I’m reposting it here:

You can use either a plain black candle with their name carved on it or a female black candle to make them leave.

This is what you’ll need

    1 packet of Hot Foot Powder
    1 bottle of Hot Foot Oil
    A black female figural candle
    Crushed red peppers
    Hair, fingernail clippings (if possible) or a photo of your target or her name (very important)
    A plate
Disposable gloves

Take the figural candle and carve your target's name into the back of it. Then on the front of the candle carve "Go Away!"

Then put on the disposable gloves and Dress the candle with Hot Foot Oil by wiping the oil from the head of the candle down to the feet, stroking away from you as you command the other woman by name (if possible) to get out of your life forever.

Place the personal items of your target (hair, fingernail clippings or photo) under the plate.

Dust the candle with Hot Foot Powder and place the candle on top of the plate.

Dust the entire plate with Hot Foot Powder, and make four little "roads" of crushed red peppers, leading away from the figural candle toward the top, bottom, left and right of the plate simulating your enemy standing at a crossroads of crushed peppers. Place pins in the candle's butt and feet stating "So-and-so, you cannot rest or stand still until you get out of this town and out of my life forever! In Jesus' name Amen!"

Then light the candle and let it burn as you yell at the candle calling it by your enemy's name commanding it to get out of your life and out of your town forever.   Hopefully your neighbors won’t hear you.

Let the candle burn all the way down but keep your eye on it as Hot Foot Spells tend to burn fast and often erupt in flame.  Especially when you use sulfur or gunpowder. BE CAUTIOUS.

Once the candle is done burning, gather any unburned wax from the spell and the personal concerns under the plate into a small paper bag. Take this to a river the runs out of town and toss it into the river over your left shoulder. Don't look back.

With the disposable gloves just turn inside out and toss in a trash can far from your home.

 If there are no rivers around then toss it and the disposable gloves into a trash can near a crossroad, and don't look back.

I didn’t include any oil recipes with this one, I will later on but you can purchase them from any good reputable  metaphysical shop,  the Goofer Dust Oil was an inspiration of my cousin just take the Goofer Dust recipe that I have posted under that heading and mix the dust with mineral oil,  personally I have never seen Goofer Dust Oil and I’d say that it would be something spiritually dangerous to have around and to handle, and again when handling it and Hot Foot Powder always wear disposable gloves.  

One Final word,  if you man strays, there is always some reason, some guys are players they will never accept responsibility, and what you want in your life is a responsible man, so with Players, cut them loose and say “Bye-Bye” they only bring misery.   But if your man strays inadvertently, then something happened, maybe he’s been so busy being a husband that he’s forgotten what it’s like to be a lover, so you have to work him up and make him feel like a man.  

I’ve done that with my man, and I’ve seen women give him the glad eye cause he looks real good for his age, he looks at the ladies and when he does I say “Yeah she does have some nice bedonkadonks.”   And I kiss him and give him a quick touch where it counts and a wicked eye, needless to say even at my advance age we still have fun.  And as he’s told me frequently he’s in it for the long haul.     So keep that in mind Ladies.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q