Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I was forced to remove a post~~~~Re: the Seven sisters

Hello Everyone,

Unhappily I was requested to remove a post from my blog.

The one in question was about the History of the Seven Sisters of New Orleans.

Unfortunately it was not made clear to me exactly what the problem was, if it was in the comment section or if it was one of the images that is found all over the internet or if I had forgotten to properly credit a source.  

If that had been made clear to me I would have rectified it immediately.

In the interest of legal harmony, I have removed the entire post as well as all the comments attached to it.

I have saved the content and I will go over it to see if I have missed something.

In the interest of History I do feel that this information should be made available, but until I am sure what it was that offended someone I must accede to Blog Spots request.

I want to make it clear to everyone, I do not receive any kind of remuneration,  I do not make any money on my Blog.   I post this information out there for anyone and everyone for their knowledge.  

Any readings I have done in the comments section I do as a courtesy, I also strongly advise that those commenting seek either legal, religious, financial or medical advice from those who are professionals in those fields. 

Ms. Q


  1. Dear Ms Q,
    I am glad because I find your blog and I can read all these information.
    I wish God be with you and I thank you for that you are doing, to help us with your knowledge.
    You are doing the best you can and that´s wonderful.
    With respect.

    1. Dear Mary,

      Thank you for you kind words and your encouragement.

      Knowing that my Blog has helped you and others inspires me to continue my work.

      Thank you again and may you have a wonderful and prosperous New Year.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  2. Dear Ms. Q

    I am sad to hear about your encounter despite i had been receiving your sincere knowledge sharing and help to all of us.please dont feel discouraged as they will be people feel the same as I do, your sincere heart to help everyone.

    Ms. Y

    1. Dear Ms. Y,

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, they are very gratifying.

      I have received quite a number of positive e-mails that echo your very sentiments.

      I will take heart and continue to do this work for as long as I am able.

      Again Thank You for your Kind Words.

      And may you have a wonderful and prosperous New Year.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Dear Ms. Q

      Thank yoh for the wish. So do i wish you a wonderful 2017 year and stay healthy and happy ;)

      Many Blessings,