Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shielding and Warding Introduction---basic principles

Dear Ms. Q,

One has to remember that magick although subtle, works.

Part of it being able to work is believing that it does work. I know that sounds self defeatist but its true, and the reason why it works is the practioner believing in the abilities that he/she has. Belief is a very powerful energy form and once you tap into that energy, things can happen. Which also means being able to manipulate energies around us.

Which also means being more sensitive to energies also around us, now that does not mean you have to go around and act weird or anything like that, or being an “airy-fairy fluff bunny” saying “I feel the energies” if you did that everyone would think you are very strange and crazy. Really it’s far more important, especially around those non-practioners aka “Muggles”, to act normally but just be more aware, yet disguise it.

For example to be a more safe driver you are more aware of the road conditions and other cars with their drivers around you, you don’t speed, you keep a safe distance, you keep your car maintained (especially the breaks) and you are Not being distracted by either texting or talking on your cell phone (both very dangerous practices), or eating or drinking while driving or even singing along to your favorite song (also distracting)---I know sounds boring but if you want to live and not get into an accident while driving your car you WILL do those safe things by not be distracted, not even having an argument with your passenger.

Now let’s take you out of the car, you are having lunch with a friend say at an outdoor setting, a nice restaurant, your friend hangs her purse on the back of her chair, but she is sitting across from you and you have a clear view of her and her purse, some guy comes behind her acts like he dropped his keys and bends to pick them up, but you see he’s slipping her wallet out of her purse, you immediately react by saying “Oh Sally your wallet dropped out of your purse Hey Fella thanks for picking it up” and retrieve her wallet. You have her wallet but you give the guy a look that lets him know you saw what he did, he leaves you to hand her wallet back to her and then you immediately tell the waiter that guy is a pickpocket and call the police, end result bad guy arrested, Sally has her wallet asks you how did you know. Instead of saying “I’m psychic” just say “I saw him do it”.

The main idea is to play everything “low-key” to avoid as much as possible drawing attention to yourself, because psychically you would make yourself a target, not only for people who are practioners with negative intent but also to those elements who are also of negative intent.

Now of course it is hard to in essence multitask but with practice you can do it, I have learned over the years little tricks, like when I’m walking with my friend I walk a little slower that way it forces my friend to slow down and gives me a chance to scan the area both physically and psychically. Sometimes I’ll stop and it gives my friend a chance to make a verbal point, my mind is listening to what she/he says but I will turn and look back the way we came and scan again both physically and psychically, maybe because the energy made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and I’m looking for something or someone. More than once I’ve spotted a potential trouble maker and once they’re spotted they will usually do one of two things either switch off to another target or suddenly rush to attack.

Also when I’m walking I do not cut off the world both physically and psychically from me by being so engrossed in texting, using my cell phone, wearing ear buds to listen to my iPod, NO, I do not do that---I HAVE to remain in contact with the world around my physical and psychic presence and not electronically cut it off.

By being engrossed in your electronic “toys” you are setting your self up for danger of being attacked either physically and/or psychically, as my Granny use to say “Get your Head out of that bucket!” which is what those electronic toys are, a bucket that cuts you off from True contact with the world and its energies, that surround you, leaving you wide open for attack.

Most of the time if I’m with someone the perp will switch off, if I’m alone I know there is the possibility I’ll be attacked, I have one of those expanding metal batons and only once did I ever have to use it to defend myself. Pepper spray works too unless the attacker is under the influence of drugs or an entity.

Psychically with my scenes I’ll know I am in an “uncomfortable” place or situation and will take psychic steps to protect myself. This is called “Shielding”. Think of the good Starship “Enterprise” with its shields.

But sometimes I have walked into an area where I know its “Bad”. The “vibes” are almost visible. Now my friends will say “gee, I have goose bumps” or something of that nature, but I will know what it is and will mentally take steps.

But the whole idea is to be aware without being distracted and also acting normal. It’s like having to be a juggler.

So that is what is the reasons behind the efforts to take steps in shielding yourself, later in this essay I will give you some basic steps to shield yourself  in a future post, watch for it.

Now the next bit is protecting your home, car and/or office without it appearing abnormal, of course in the 21st century a little eccentricity is acceptable, but in the mid-20th century especially in the 60’s and 70’s, the older generation thought that crystals and incense and dream catchers were just strange and would consider you as a sort of outcast criminal or a “con man” or someone who is irresponsible such as one of those “Flower Children” from Woodstock singing “Kumbiya” on a guitar.

But today if one builds a house to resemble the Munsters or Addams Family house everyone would think eccentric, but if you also host a Halloween fund raiser for a local charity, then everyone would think eccentric but fun and civic minded.

I have walked into houses of non-practioners and felt the energy was off, even though the house and the people were nice. And I’ve walked into houses of practioners who never announced or implied they were practioners but I’d see and feel the “clues” of their wards and shields.

One movie that I will always refer to is a British film released in 1962 that was called “Night of the Eagle”, the American title is “Burn Witch Burn”. This is based on Fritz Lieber’s book “Conjure Wife”. Within the first 20 minutes you will see exactly what I’m trying to describe.

“Night of the Eagle” is available for full viewing on You Tube.

Watching it look for little things, like the Tibetan bell above the porch, the different shiny broaches that the heroine wears, the plant on top of the refrigerator, to most people they would think that’s nice a souvenir of some trip or something, what I would consider more dramatic and a bit off-putting is seeing Tibetan prayer flags flying over the front porch, something I would not put out, unless you are of the Tibetan Buddhist belief.

However I do have several mirrors that are in 8-sided frames to reflect evil back, they are above my front and back doors as well as above one window that faces out onto the street, because of the construction of my house and porch they are not easily seen by the casual passer-by, but any negative energies would see it.

These mirrors can be bought in any Chinese gift shop for a very modest cost and if you buy them during the time of the Chinese New Years celebrations early to late February, the shop keepers would not think it strange.

When I bought mine I was fortunate my shop owner spoke excellent English and I said I was looking for a traditional 8 sided mirror. At first she was puzzled but then she asked me if I was looking for the ones in 8 sided frames and I said yes, she smiled and showed me the area where she had them along with other Chinese Good Luck and protective items and symbols.

Now I’m also going to do a caveat----sometimes things that you may attempt to manipulate may not work, why? Especially if you believe you can do it. Well there are other factors; first it could be a life lesson you need to learn or an event you need to experience again to learn from, 2nd you could becoming too arrogant in what you are trying to do, you have to remember the Higher Power can say ‘No’, 3rd you maybe doing something for negative intent without a positive or good honest reason why you are doing it therefore upsetting the balance of life, 4th there could be other energies working against you, if that is the case then you need to re-examine your intent.

For example: There was a young lady that I knew, who was extremely intent on getting a young man to fall in love with her, but everything she did never worked. She resorted to magikal manipulation, but try as she might nothing she did would work. She came to me for a reading but I told her she must tell me the truth behind her request and describe truthfully the situation, I was giving her my best Det. Friday-Jack Webb-“Dragnet” impersonation “Just give me the facts young lady”.

I told her if she colored it in anyway then the reading would be false, she was honest with me and I gave her the reading. I told her that the young man in question would never see her in a romantic way at this time, he had to go with the young lady he was romancing, but for her to be a friend. It was a life lesson he had to learn and she had to learn patience and to leave things be to take their proper course.

She took my advice and remained friends, he did marry the other woman, but after a few years he discovered that the woman he married was cheating on him, he divorced her and the young lady who was in love with him gained him as her future husband and at this writing they are still very happily married.

NOW---Referring back to the Movie “The Night of the Eagle” aka “Burn, Witch, Burn”, I recommend to you that it be required viewing and also get a copy of Fritz Lieber’s book, “Conjure Wife”, although Leiber was a writer of horror and science fiction, he did go to a Theology college and who knows what writings and books he came across, because it is interesting that in his book he does write of things that even my Grandmother knew and talked about.

So for your first assignment watch the movie on You Tube and purchase the book that I have recommended and read it.

In my second post on this subject I will begin tell you how to Ward your home or sacred space.

Blessings Ms. Q

Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 Year of the Water Snake--Chinese Astrology~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I have not forgotten your previous questions on coin spells and Wards, and I am still gathering information, BUT  I want to bring to you something of special importance.

On the New Moon we will begin a New Year according to Chinese Astrology, now although my Granny was of Portuguese ancestry and although a witch, she was also Catholic and since she grew up in her childhood to adult hood in an area of Hawaiian Kahuna's as well as a Chinese community, she believed that all the predictions and protections always pointed to the same source as well as giving an excellent direction as to what energies to be aware of for a New Year.

Now in Western Culture our New Year started on January 1, 2013 and in numerology is a 6 year focusing on family,  it is far more complicated than that if one goes into it combining birth day, name numbers to see what one's focus is,  which is excellent for the base line of your focus.

In Chinese Astrology, it deals with 12 zodiac animals and each has an over view energy in regards to the person who is born in that birth year,  when you combine it with Western Astrology and numerology you have the bases as to how to protect yourself, the individual family members and your home.  

My Granny has always taken all those points as well as the Manna as talked about by the Hawaiian Kahunas to protect her family.   There were times where it could not work as she did have two children die from illnesses that in the early part of the 20th century there were no cures for, but she could have them live their lives to the fullest without fear, for no matter what it was their Karmic destiny to die young and their deaths be a learning lesson to the remaining family members.

And as along as she worked with all those points things in the long run went well, not until after her death and the death of my eldest Uncle who continued those points did things fall apart.   And that was the lesson I took with me.  

In essence these precautions were like Wards, although there are other things that one can do for warding and prosperity.

But this post will focus briefly on Chinese Astrology, 2013 the year of the Water Snake.   Yes although there are 12 animals in Chinese Astrology, there are also 5 elements as well,  Air, Earth, Fire Water, metal, sometimes it earth is referred to as wood, as well as other elements,   and a combination of these same elements only come around anywhere from 20 to 60 years.   So with the combinations of the animals and the elements it refines your energy year even more.

Now I am not an expert on Chinese Astrology but one person   Donna Stellhorn   is and I recommend that you go to her website  for more information  it is rare that I recommend anyone else or even to purchase their book, but I've always deferred to experts in their field  and Donna is one of them.

On her interview with George Noory on "Coast to Coast"  (you can get an Internet connection to listen to his programs   just google in "Coast to Coast")  this is what she had to say.

 This year the element is water, which when combined with the snake's fiery energy yields conflict, Stellhorn explained. In the past snake years have had a lot of disasters, she revealed, citing the World Trade Center attack in 2001, the Tienanmen Square protests of 1989, the U.S. entering World War II in 1941, and the stock market crash of 1929. According to Stellhorn, the principle of Chinese Astrology is to identify what one can expect in a given year and then alter the environment using the principles of Feng Shui to increase luck. Simply by moving objects around, the subconscious reacts and we can see things differently and avoid danger, she said.

2013 is a challenging time ahead for boars, cautioning against speculation this year and urging boars to protect their homes with an 8-sided mirror placed by the front door.

Rats can attract opportunities by getting a new 'welcome' mat.

Oxen should hang an ocean picture to bring in better relationships and business contacts.

Tigers can find dependable relationships by putting something that represents love in the bedroom.

Rabbits can bring in opportunity be hanging wind chimes outside.

The dragon's year is ending, so it is prescribed to create a restful and healing environment with plants.

This is the year for snakes to try new things and they should hang an eclipse symbol for luck.

Horses will need to get rid of clutter and use fountains to create flow.

Rams will want to attract healthy love relationships by adding the color red to the bedroom.

It is recommended monkeys stay grounded in this cautious snake year by wearing a gemstone called Citrine.

Dogs protect themselves with foo dog statues outside the home.

Roosters should get out and travel in what will be a very lucky year for them.

If one is going to use the principals of Fung Shui one finds that clutter is the worst possible enemy of creation good Chi or manna or spiritual energy, so is dust, and dirt.   Now I know if one uses salt or certain types of dirt for protection how can you combine this. 

Well you can, that is why the concept of Spring Cleaning is so important, by getting rid of the debris of the old, sticky, negative energy you can create good energy, good chi and make your wards far more effective.  So Cleanliness and organization is the most important things that you can do to start your new year be it Jan 1 or Chinese New Year right and it will help you set up your wards and shields.

This is something that Western Magikal workings forget.   And it is very empowering to learn as much of the different styles of magik as possible, you do not have to be an expert, because it is always wise to call one in to assist, especially with Fung Shui.

My Granny use to say that one cannot do a reading for one's self, that is why it is important to go to another person who has the gift to do the reading for you, and sometimes the Higher Power will give you messages if you listen for them.  

And that is the basis for your warding.  

I will get back to you later with the previous questions.

Blessings Ms. Q and Gun Hay Fat Choy

Friday, February 8, 2013

Mention of money spells and wards~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

Yes there are spells that use coins, many of them are prosperity spells.   You can use fake money to represent money, especially if you are reluctant to use real money in the spell.

Give me a little time to research my books and notes from my Grandmother and I will post them at a later time.   It will listed as "Part 2".

You have given me another question about Wards especially for protection of ones domicile (home)  some are simple some are complex, and it also depends upon if you are living in a house, town house that shares walls, apartment, or even a mobile trailer or caravan. 

Let me give you a very simple idea,  when I use to do card readings as various Renaissance Fairs, I asked permission that my tent be set up and remain up during the run of the fair, some fairs you had to take things down, I didn't do those any more until it was only a weekend fair.

But I'd anchor the tent with iron stakes specially prepared for such a use. 

Doing Wards will be a multiple post as well.  Again let me go though  my notes for your question.  But if you are camping traveling  iron stakes are very good protection as starters.

I'll post more later.

Blessing Ms. Q,

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Use of Coins and Noble metals in magikal workings Part 1

Dear Ms. Q,

Using Coins in Magical workings is as old as the creation of the concept of money or wealth.

In primitive times it was measured by the number of cattle or goats or sheep, even the camels one had in a nomadic living environment. Later on it was the number of wives one could keep well fed. Then the concept increased to the number of bushels of grain one’s land could produce.

Eventually coins were created to equal the value of a cow or wheat or what ever. Then the concept of numbers was created, so that the numbers on the coin equaled the value of a cow or bushels of wheat.

Now, at least here in the United States we have denominations going from 1 penny to, at least in common usage a $100 dollar bill, there are larger bills but are rarely ever seen in public anymore.

Years ago when we were on the gold exchange one dollar could be redeemed as one ounce of silver on demand, as a matter of fact those $1.00 dollar bills were called Silver Certificates.

Now all money is called Fiat money or credit money, and is suppose to equal the value of an item or the amount of gold and/or silver that the country has in its treasury. I won’t get into the concept of credit money and real money that is something for an economist to talk about.

But up until 1964, in the United States, all coins including the 1 dollar coin had silver in them to equal the value of the coin (almost), copper pennies did have copper in them. Now all coins are either copper or silver clad or with a very light coating of silver/copper, eventually that may change as the metals become scare and of more value.

In Europe, Asia, Mexico, South America and other countries I’m sure that also holds true, for those of you reading this post, find out from coin collectors in your respective countries what was the silver and copper content in your coins and when did that content cease to be included in that particular countries coins, also inquire, if you wish, how to go about purchasing very worn coins that have silver / copper content. The slang term is called “Sliders” meaning that the coins are so worn that they slide.

Much of the use of coins especially coins made of real silver and gold, in the use of magikal workings is because of the properties of the actual metal of gold and silver and even copper.

Considering that gold has gone sky high in value one can almost eliminate it for magikal works. But silver has special properties and one can still afford to purchase silver coins especially those most commonly called “sliders” to work magick.

Among people who use hoodoo, if you wear a silver coin (most likely a dime) around your ankle, if it turns very dark, then it means you’ve been hoodooed with Hot Foot powder or another type of negative magikal ingredient in Hoodoo workings. Some people will wear a silver coin as a pin or broach or tie pin or bracelet or even a pendant to do the same thing.
Some people have a lucky coin, usually with their birth year on it and wear it as a good luck charm, I’ve seen gold coins mounted into rings, this is to bring money to you.

In the old west it was not uncommon for a cowboy to hide a 5 dollar gold piece in his boot so he could get a proper burial. This was similar to a pirate wearing a gold hoop earring; the value of the earring was to give the pirate a decent burial if he was lucky enough to be buried on land.

The legend of the Golden Fleece comes from the areas near Greece, where to harvest gold from the free flowing streams there one would kill a sheep, skin it and nail the skin with all its wool intact upon a flat board. The one would submerge the board under water and leave it there for a month or more, bit by bit the gold floating down the stream as it was being tumbled down would be snagged by the wool, after 3 to 6 months submerged in the water, the wooly skin would be taken out of the water allowed to dry over a period of time and then when dry the skin would be burned in a deep pan releasing the gold from the wool. The ash from the burned skin and wool would be carefully panned away leaving the gold behind to be collected.

Silver was considered magikal because it would be found mixed with other ores or gold, but once separated it was tarnish resistant with a lot of use, because the wealthy sometimes would be poisoned, as a precaution they would drink their wine from silver cups or eat their food with forks and knives made of silver, because of the high sulfur content in most poisons during that time, most poisons would tarnish or discolor the silver made utensils, therefore it was considered to have magikal properties.

It was also noted that wine and water kept in silver containers tasted better and purer because of the properties of silver.

Silver is associated with water, the moon, as well as it being the only metal to balance all of the Chakra’s. Wearing Silver is supposed to have a calming effect; it is used for invoking positive protective energy as well as banishing negativity. Use the metal as coins or shavings or the color silver candles in rituals, spells or talismans concerning the Moon-goddesses, the female force, cycles, emotional and/or hormonal imbalances, reflecting or neutralizing negativity, dreams and intuition, psychic work and psychic abilities. Wear silver jewelry to improve fertility, emotional and hormonal stability.

But silver worked into a magikal amulet that has a positive meaning to the wearer gives protection from negative influences, that is why many Catholic Children when they are about to receive first holy communion and confirmation into the church are given blessed holy metals and crosses made of silver for protection from evil.

I realize that this takes use away from the use of coins in magikal workings but the principal especially when using what wizards would refer to as one of the “7 noble metals”, is much the same, whether it is a coin or a ring, bracelet, pendant, its principals work the same.

The images on a coin is also important, many practioners prefer to use a “mercury dime” as Mercury was one of the few gods that could go into the Underworld of Hades with impunity to carry messages.

That is why a silver mercury dime or in some cases a copper Indian head penny is considered important in magical workings.

For any prosperity ritual the use of silver such as a silver coin is best, but I have found that in rituals of protection the use of an Indian head penny works very well. This is an American and Hoodoo idea or concept because Native Americans were always in harmony with the earth as well as being very vigilant. In the old West the Calvary had Scouts that were Native Americans, and in sports there were and still are Baseball and Football teams named after Native Americans, such as the Atlanta Braves and the Stanford Indians, to represent their bravery and fierceness in battle, although of late there has been a movement to eliminate any Native American reference in naming teams.

When using Iron rail road spikes to nail down one’s property I have used both the Mercury dime and the Indian Head penny, the dime to keep the value of my property intact and to buy the assistance of Spirit and the Indian penny to ask the Native American spirit to watch for evil and deflect it.

With coins from other countries, again I recommend using coins in which the images are almost gone or “Sliders” the only value is just a few dollars, anything which is listed as good, fine, excellent or un-circulated has a numastic value and should not be used in magikal workings.

Also look at the images on the coins to see if they reflect in any way the type of magikal properties or workings that you wish to achieve, be creative, as I said in the Mexican Peso the image of the eagle eating a snake I would consider protective.

Now I have referred to the “7 Nobel Metals” for use in magikal workings, besides silver they are gold, copper, lead, tin, iron, and electrum which is a natural alloy of silver and gold with a percentage of 75% gold.

Each of these metals has uses in magikal workings and I will deal with each in another post.

Now some people have asked me what if I can’t afford to get or purchase a real silver mercury dime or Indian head penny.

Well in purchasing graveyard dirt a coin made of silver or copper is important. You can use a Roosevelt dime which came out in 1945 to 64, in 1915 or so the copper Lincoln penny came out, that will work as well.

I have found that when one wants silver shavings using a very worn Roosevelt dime works very well. I have used a modern copper penny that has a shield on it for protection and that seems to work even though it is only copper clad.

If one goes to yard sales look for silver jewelry being sold, even if it’s broken jewelry, one can obtain shavings from that for mojo bags and such. However if the jewelry is pretty, not broken and can be worn then re-consecrate it towards protection and invoking those positive energies.

There are many spells on the internet and in books that mentions the use of silver candles and on occasion copper colored candles and of course gold candles, if you can obtain a supply of them for future workings in property, banishing negativity and protection. Keep them in boxes that are crush proof and away from sun and heat. Label them what color they are and for what use. The candles come in different lengths, so I’d buy or get boxes for the longest possible length which is about 12 inches.

Even in sympathetic magic these colors are important.

Blessings Ms. Q

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The use of a gun in magikal workings~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I know I was going to post more information on the use of coins in magic and ritual, but I just was busy with an urgent matter.

I am going to post it here, because it involves "cold Iron".  Cold Iron and Steel are two metal elements that can be used as protection in the form of wards and small amulets, in the situation that I was working with it took something a bit bigger,  well a lot bigger.

I have a friend of mine, that I had not seen in over a year, a good person really, but she made the mistake of getting involved with someone of an unsavory character.   To put it bluntly he dealt in drugs, beat her up, and eventually was going to prostitute her.  

He had her under his control for a long time,  until over a week ago I received a phone call from my friends' Mother, she had not heard from her daughter in over a month, she knew she was alive but it was hard for her to get in touch with her, so she asked me to do a ritual to allow her daughter to be able to have communication with her.   I did so and it did happen.

The Mother was horrified at the news her daughter was able to tell her, and then she lost contact with her,  from mutual aquaintances she found out that the boyfriend destroyed her daughters cell phone. 

The Mother came to me again and told me the situation.   In something like this I had to invoke some really "Big Guns" in the Spirit World,  Spirits and elements I really don't like to use if I can avoid it,  it drains me, and leaves me weak for a period of time.  But the timing to do the ritual and spell was perfect.

As I've said people can use various wards and such to protect their homes, cars and persons, one of the most common is the use of a horse shoe, one should nail one both over the front and back doors of one's home, and if there is a connecting garage, over the garage door and the door that leads from the garage into the home.  There are others such as the rail road spikes to "nail property" down, but there is one that is only very rarely used only because most witches, wiccans, pagans etc. do not own----A Gun.  

Many are of a peaceful nature, they are afraid of the violence this form of cold Iron and steel projects.   But I am a member of the NRA, I know how to use one safely, responsibly and legally.   I keep it locked in a safe made of metal, and I have wards on it as well as having it bolted to the cement floor, it is a fire proof box as well.  There is a second safe, smaller but made and warded the same way, and it holds ammo.

So I brought them both out, I invoked those spirits to assist me, did the ritual over the gun and the bullets, then took them in their locked carry cases to a legal gun range.  I used the outdoor alley way of the range as I wanted the energies of the earth as well as fire, air and water to join us,  (there was a bit of fog in the air at the range excellent for the water element). 

When the Ranger Master gave the signal we could fire, I had already done the finishing touches to the ritual, having prepared a target with the baneful persons name on it written in pencil and anoited with oil. 

I am a very good shot and with the six bullets had them hit the target perfectly, one of them even penetrated the name of the baneful person, at 25 feet away that is pretty good.   When the Range Master signalled to stop shooting, we all did and stepped back from the firing line.  Then at his signal we went to our targets, I carefully removed mine.   Then when I got back to my firing station, I packed my gun and spent shells and went home.

I made sure my gun was empty and I opened the cylinder at home, I completed the ritual and released the spirits to do what they where to do, I relocked the gun in it's safe, the spent shells I took later and carefully buried them at the feet of the grave of a solider.   The target I burned with herbs and incense to bind the baneful person and prevent him from harming my friend and to be captured by the police.

This morning I learned that the Mother was able to get her daughter, my friend, away from the abusive boyfriend last night,  he had gone to a club to sell his dope, thinking that my friend was too frightened to call her mother, but the mother had been watching the house and knew his routine, the minute he was out of sight, she got her daughter and those items that belonged to her daughter, they went to a motel and called the police and told them what the boyfriend was doing.   He was arrested, and the word is that he seemed, befuddled and confused, he was arranged and held for trail, none of his friends could bail him out, he has to stay in jail and it appears that the case against him is pretty solid.

My friend is with her Mother at a safe place and is going to get better.   I am tired, and exhausted, and will be that way for the next few days.  When I get my energy back the first thing I'm going to do is clean my gun, and have it ready for the next time.   

This is one of the more difficult uses of "Cold Iron" and "Steel"  I did not give you the particulars on this ritual because I was taught this by a male practioner, and he told me that the ritual needs to be devised by the individual practioner, that they must meditate as to what they will use and what spirits they will call.   The basic principals are the same, but the types of herbs and oils will vary depending on the person as well as depending which spirits one wants to invoke.  But the use of a gun is always the same.

The person who taught this to me used a .22 revolver, a revolver is easy to clean and easy to use, compared to an automatic, .22 ammo is cheap.   I used a revolver but I used a .38;  in meditation I realized that I needed more "fire power" and a snub nosed .38 revolver worked best for me.   The other thing is to have a metal safe, the addition of having the safe is good if you want to also protect and guard certain ritual items.  Although expensive well worth it.

I will get back to you on the use of coins in magikal workings later.

Blessings Ms. Q