Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shielding and Warding Introduction---basic principles

Dear Ms. Q,

One has to remember that magick although subtle, works.

Part of it being able to work is believing that it does work. I know that sounds self defeatist but its true, and the reason why it works is the practioner believing in the abilities that he/she has. Belief is a very powerful energy form and once you tap into that energy, things can happen. Which also means being able to manipulate energies around us.

Which also means being more sensitive to energies also around us, now that does not mean you have to go around and act weird or anything like that, or being an “airy-fairy fluff bunny” saying “I feel the energies” if you did that everyone would think you are very strange and crazy. Really it’s far more important, especially around those non-practioners aka “Muggles”, to act normally but just be more aware, yet disguise it.

For example to be a more safe driver you are more aware of the road conditions and other cars with their drivers around you, you don’t speed, you keep a safe distance, you keep your car maintained (especially the breaks) and you are Not being distracted by either texting or talking on your cell phone (both very dangerous practices), or eating or drinking while driving or even singing along to your favorite song (also distracting)---I know sounds boring but if you want to live and not get into an accident while driving your car you WILL do those safe things by not be distracted, not even having an argument with your passenger.

Now let’s take you out of the car, you are having lunch with a friend say at an outdoor setting, a nice restaurant, your friend hangs her purse on the back of her chair, but she is sitting across from you and you have a clear view of her and her purse, some guy comes behind her acts like he dropped his keys and bends to pick them up, but you see he’s slipping her wallet out of her purse, you immediately react by saying “Oh Sally your wallet dropped out of your purse Hey Fella thanks for picking it up” and retrieve her wallet. You have her wallet but you give the guy a look that lets him know you saw what he did, he leaves you to hand her wallet back to her and then you immediately tell the waiter that guy is a pickpocket and call the police, end result bad guy arrested, Sally has her wallet asks you how did you know. Instead of saying “I’m psychic” just say “I saw him do it”.

The main idea is to play everything “low-key” to avoid as much as possible drawing attention to yourself, because psychically you would make yourself a target, not only for people who are practioners with negative intent but also to those elements who are also of negative intent.

Now of course it is hard to in essence multitask but with practice you can do it, I have learned over the years little tricks, like when I’m walking with my friend I walk a little slower that way it forces my friend to slow down and gives me a chance to scan the area both physically and psychically. Sometimes I’ll stop and it gives my friend a chance to make a verbal point, my mind is listening to what she/he says but I will turn and look back the way we came and scan again both physically and psychically, maybe because the energy made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and I’m looking for something or someone. More than once I’ve spotted a potential trouble maker and once they’re spotted they will usually do one of two things either switch off to another target or suddenly rush to attack.

Also when I’m walking I do not cut off the world both physically and psychically from me by being so engrossed in texting, using my cell phone, wearing ear buds to listen to my iPod, NO, I do not do that---I HAVE to remain in contact with the world around my physical and psychic presence and not electronically cut it off.

By being engrossed in your electronic “toys” you are setting your self up for danger of being attacked either physically and/or psychically, as my Granny use to say “Get your Head out of that bucket!” which is what those electronic toys are, a bucket that cuts you off from True contact with the world and its energies, that surround you, leaving you wide open for attack.

Most of the time if I’m with someone the perp will switch off, if I’m alone I know there is the possibility I’ll be attacked, I have one of those expanding metal batons and only once did I ever have to use it to defend myself. Pepper spray works too unless the attacker is under the influence of drugs or an entity.

Psychically with my scenes I’ll know I am in an “uncomfortable” place or situation and will take psychic steps to protect myself. This is called “Shielding”. Think of the good Starship “Enterprise” with its shields.

But sometimes I have walked into an area where I know its “Bad”. The “vibes” are almost visible. Now my friends will say “gee, I have goose bumps” or something of that nature, but I will know what it is and will mentally take steps.

But the whole idea is to be aware without being distracted and also acting normal. It’s like having to be a juggler.

So that is what is the reasons behind the efforts to take steps in shielding yourself, later in this essay I will give you some basic steps to shield yourself  in a future post, watch for it.

Now the next bit is protecting your home, car and/or office without it appearing abnormal, of course in the 21st century a little eccentricity is acceptable, but in the mid-20th century especially in the 60’s and 70’s, the older generation thought that crystals and incense and dream catchers were just strange and would consider you as a sort of outcast criminal or a “con man” or someone who is irresponsible such as one of those “Flower Children” from Woodstock singing “Kumbiya” on a guitar.

But today if one builds a house to resemble the Munsters or Addams Family house everyone would think eccentric, but if you also host a Halloween fund raiser for a local charity, then everyone would think eccentric but fun and civic minded.

I have walked into houses of non-practioners and felt the energy was off, even though the house and the people were nice. And I’ve walked into houses of practioners who never announced or implied they were practioners but I’d see and feel the “clues” of their wards and shields.

One movie that I will always refer to is a British film released in 1962 that was called “Night of the Eagle”, the American title is “Burn Witch Burn”. This is based on Fritz Lieber’s book “Conjure Wife”. Within the first 20 minutes you will see exactly what I’m trying to describe.

“Night of the Eagle” is available for full viewing on You Tube.

Watching it look for little things, like the Tibetan bell above the porch, the different shiny broaches that the heroine wears, the plant on top of the refrigerator, to most people they would think that’s nice a souvenir of some trip or something, what I would consider more dramatic and a bit off-putting is seeing Tibetan prayer flags flying over the front porch, something I would not put out, unless you are of the Tibetan Buddhist belief.

However I do have several mirrors that are in 8-sided frames to reflect evil back, they are above my front and back doors as well as above one window that faces out onto the street, because of the construction of my house and porch they are not easily seen by the casual passer-by, but any negative energies would see it.

These mirrors can be bought in any Chinese gift shop for a very modest cost and if you buy them during the time of the Chinese New Years celebrations early to late February, the shop keepers would not think it strange.

When I bought mine I was fortunate my shop owner spoke excellent English and I said I was looking for a traditional 8 sided mirror. At first she was puzzled but then she asked me if I was looking for the ones in 8 sided frames and I said yes, she smiled and showed me the area where she had them along with other Chinese Good Luck and protective items and symbols.

Now I’m also going to do a caveat----sometimes things that you may attempt to manipulate may not work, why? Especially if you believe you can do it. Well there are other factors; first it could be a life lesson you need to learn or an event you need to experience again to learn from, 2nd you could becoming too arrogant in what you are trying to do, you have to remember the Higher Power can say ‘No’, 3rd you maybe doing something for negative intent without a positive or good honest reason why you are doing it therefore upsetting the balance of life, 4th there could be other energies working against you, if that is the case then you need to re-examine your intent.

For example: There was a young lady that I knew, who was extremely intent on getting a young man to fall in love with her, but everything she did never worked. She resorted to magikal manipulation, but try as she might nothing she did would work. She came to me for a reading but I told her she must tell me the truth behind her request and describe truthfully the situation, I was giving her my best Det. Friday-Jack Webb-“Dragnet” impersonation “Just give me the facts young lady”.

I told her if she colored it in anyway then the reading would be false, she was honest with me and I gave her the reading. I told her that the young man in question would never see her in a romantic way at this time, he had to go with the young lady he was romancing, but for her to be a friend. It was a life lesson he had to learn and she had to learn patience and to leave things be to take their proper course.

She took my advice and remained friends, he did marry the other woman, but after a few years he discovered that the woman he married was cheating on him, he divorced her and the young lady who was in love with him gained him as her future husband and at this writing they are still very happily married.

NOW---Referring back to the Movie “The Night of the Eagle” aka “Burn, Witch, Burn”, I recommend to you that it be required viewing and also get a copy of Fritz Lieber’s book, “Conjure Wife”, although Leiber was a writer of horror and science fiction, he did go to a Theology college and who knows what writings and books he came across, because it is interesting that in his book he does write of things that even my Grandmother knew and talked about.

So for your first assignment watch the movie on You Tube and purchase the book that I have recommended and read it.

In my second post on this subject I will begin tell you how to Ward your home or sacred space.

Blessings Ms. Q


  1. I absolutely love reading these stories.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      I'm glad that you enjoy them.

      And I hope learn from them as well.

      Bright Blessings to you,
      Ms. Q