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2013 Year of the Water Snake--Chinese Astrology~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I have not forgotten your previous questions on coin spells and Wards, and I am still gathering information, BUT  I want to bring to you something of special importance.

On the New Moon we will begin a New Year according to Chinese Astrology, now although my Granny was of Portuguese ancestry and although a witch, she was also Catholic and since she grew up in her childhood to adult hood in an area of Hawaiian Kahuna's as well as a Chinese community, she believed that all the predictions and protections always pointed to the same source as well as giving an excellent direction as to what energies to be aware of for a New Year.

Now in Western Culture our New Year started on January 1, 2013 and in numerology is a 6 year focusing on family,  it is far more complicated than that if one goes into it combining birth day, name numbers to see what one's focus is,  which is excellent for the base line of your focus.

In Chinese Astrology, it deals with 12 zodiac animals and each has an over view energy in regards to the person who is born in that birth year,  when you combine it with Western Astrology and numerology you have the bases as to how to protect yourself, the individual family members and your home.  

My Granny has always taken all those points as well as the Manna as talked about by the Hawaiian Kahunas to protect her family.   There were times where it could not work as she did have two children die from illnesses that in the early part of the 20th century there were no cures for, but she could have them live their lives to the fullest without fear, for no matter what it was their Karmic destiny to die young and their deaths be a learning lesson to the remaining family members.

And as along as she worked with all those points things in the long run went well, not until after her death and the death of my eldest Uncle who continued those points did things fall apart.   And that was the lesson I took with me.  

In essence these precautions were like Wards, although there are other things that one can do for warding and prosperity.

But this post will focus briefly on Chinese Astrology, 2013 the year of the Water Snake.   Yes although there are 12 animals in Chinese Astrology, there are also 5 elements as well,  Air, Earth, Fire Water, metal, sometimes it earth is referred to as wood, as well as other elements,   and a combination of these same elements only come around anywhere from 20 to 60 years.   So with the combinations of the animals and the elements it refines your energy year even more.

Now I am not an expert on Chinese Astrology but one person   Donna Stellhorn   is and I recommend that you go to her website  for more information  it is rare that I recommend anyone else or even to purchase their book, but I've always deferred to experts in their field  and Donna is one of them.

On her interview with George Noory on "Coast to Coast"  (you can get an Internet connection to listen to his programs   just google in "Coast to Coast")  this is what she had to say.

 This year the element is water, which when combined with the snake's fiery energy yields conflict, Stellhorn explained. In the past snake years have had a lot of disasters, she revealed, citing the World Trade Center attack in 2001, the Tienanmen Square protests of 1989, the U.S. entering World War II in 1941, and the stock market crash of 1929. According to Stellhorn, the principle of Chinese Astrology is to identify what one can expect in a given year and then alter the environment using the principles of Feng Shui to increase luck. Simply by moving objects around, the subconscious reacts and we can see things differently and avoid danger, she said.

2013 is a challenging time ahead for boars, cautioning against speculation this year and urging boars to protect their homes with an 8-sided mirror placed by the front door.

Rats can attract opportunities by getting a new 'welcome' mat.

Oxen should hang an ocean picture to bring in better relationships and business contacts.

Tigers can find dependable relationships by putting something that represents love in the bedroom.

Rabbits can bring in opportunity be hanging wind chimes outside.

The dragon's year is ending, so it is prescribed to create a restful and healing environment with plants.

This is the year for snakes to try new things and they should hang an eclipse symbol for luck.

Horses will need to get rid of clutter and use fountains to create flow.

Rams will want to attract healthy love relationships by adding the color red to the bedroom.

It is recommended monkeys stay grounded in this cautious snake year by wearing a gemstone called Citrine.

Dogs protect themselves with foo dog statues outside the home.

Roosters should get out and travel in what will be a very lucky year for them.

If one is going to use the principals of Fung Shui one finds that clutter is the worst possible enemy of creation good Chi or manna or spiritual energy, so is dust, and dirt.   Now I know if one uses salt or certain types of dirt for protection how can you combine this. 

Well you can, that is why the concept of Spring Cleaning is so important, by getting rid of the debris of the old, sticky, negative energy you can create good energy, good chi and make your wards far more effective.  So Cleanliness and organization is the most important things that you can do to start your new year be it Jan 1 or Chinese New Year right and it will help you set up your wards and shields.

This is something that Western Magikal workings forget.   And it is very empowering to learn as much of the different styles of magik as possible, you do not have to be an expert, because it is always wise to call one in to assist, especially with Fung Shui.

My Granny use to say that one cannot do a reading for one's self, that is why it is important to go to another person who has the gift to do the reading for you, and sometimes the Higher Power will give you messages if you listen for them.  

And that is the basis for your warding.  

I will get back to you later with the previous questions.

Blessings Ms. Q and Gun Hay Fat Choy

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