Friday, November 27, 2015

A short list of recommended Metaphysical Shops ~~~

Hello Everyone,

Ms. Q and I had quite a chat about purchasing things from either an on line shop, through Esty, or from a brick and mortar store. 

Ms. Q said “Sometimes it’s like trying a different baking product, for example you’ve used Duncan Hines for years to bake something and one day you go to the store and they’re all out of Duncan Hines but have instead Best Foods, now both products are good, but each one responds differently, the texture is different, the taste is different and although good, to your family it’s not quite the same.  

And yet someone who has used Best Foods for years goes to their store and they’re out of Best Foods so they use Duncan Hines.  Again both products are good but this one is different and to that family it’s not quite the same.  

My Granny use to say “To Each their own”  meaning use that which works best for you.” 

Ms. Q went further to explain this in more magickal terms “O.K. I’ve used oils and such from Ancient Ways, and it works really good, for example, I use a Banishing Oil they make and it works really good,  but one day they were out, so I traveled to Mystic Dream and got theirs and it worked too, but in a different way, the results although gratifying surprised me as to how it worked.”

“I’ve also used War Water from Conjured Cardea and it has "Pow",  but someone gave me War Water from another shop and it worked too but it took a little longer to be effective especially since it was a situation that was not as difficult, even though I prayed over both of them,  and although I would prefer Conjured Cardea, this other shop would do in a pinch, even if I have to consider re-doing the spell work later on with the preferred product from the preferred source.”

Ms. Q has discovered that even among those folks well known in the magick and Hoodoo community that there is some feuds, as to which or whom is the better, more knowledgeable practitioner,  or who stole what explanation from who, or this practitioner has “done me wrong don’t trust him/her”  and even in various reviews there are different reactions to different Metaphysical shops, some people have had great results and others only give it a one star rating for whatever reason.

Ms. Q has found that by using a product she can give a personal rating on the Shop but suggests that each individual find out for themselves.   A store keeper or anyone can be having a bad day or the practitioner is ill or having an illness or crisis in their family that is not helping them to function and cannot give quality customer service.   Ms. Q says that what people forget is that practitioners are human too.  Illness, family situations, and other crisis can affect them.  But the one thing she dis-likes is one's ego getting in the way and putting blinders on.   She has seen that first hand and it does no one any good. 

Large companies like Indio Products and Wisdom Products do not have such a problem, but the smaller independent ones will, it can’t be helped. 

This is a very short list of those proprietors of Metaphysical and Hoodoo Products that Ms. Q has purchased and used.  Other practitioners may different in their opinions which is their right, but Ms. Q is only going by her personal experience with these and other shops.

They are listed in no particular order:

Conjured Cardea

Sarah is the sole proprietor and operator of Conjured Cardea, which she created in 2008, and offers an array of hand made products, Ms. Q has been happy with her service and products and gives an excellent recommendation.  Sarah has started doing specialty items as well including candles.  

About overseas shipping Ms. Q suggests that you e-mail Sarah.

Ancient Ways  
Herb Shop
4075 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 653-3244
Hours: · 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Ancient Ways is the sponsor of ThurgiCon and PantheaCon in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It’s been in business for many, many years, and Ms. Q has always had excellent service and recommendations by the Staff and the Owner and has found them to be very friendly and helpful.   Glenn Turner, the Proprietor of Ancient Ways store, is also the PantheaCon Ringmaster, and the Sponsor of TheurgiCon and is a long time, very knowledgeable, gifted person in the local Metaphysical community.

In terms of doing overseas shipment Ms. Q is not sure they can do that and suggests that you e-mail them.

The Mystic Dream
 1437 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Phone:(925) 933-2342
Hours: · 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

The Shop first opened their doors in 1989 with a simple vision: to create a space for healing and spiritual exploration.  Since 2007 the store has been under the leadership of Chas Bogan and Storm Faerywol.  A very lovely shop in Walnut Creek, they offer classes and special metaphysical events in their store.  Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, like Ancient Ways and Conjured Cardea they make their own products.   E-mail in regards to overseas shipping.

Lucky Hoodoo Products
Lucky Hoodoo Products Inc.
803 S. Lincoln Dr.
Hancock, MI 49930
(800) 482-4419

Owned and operated by Miss Alice with assistance from Frank Papa Doc. Family members of both Miss Alice and the Papa Doc were spiritual workers and regular shoppers at all the small candles shops and hoodoo stores in the area (near south side of Chicago) throughout the 30’s 40’s and 50’s. A tradition that was passed onto them and been a part of their lives ever since.  Between the two of them they have amassed over 50 years of experience.

Ms. Q has purchased some of their products by mail order and has been happy with the results.   E-mail in regards to overseas shipping

Lucky Mojo Curio Company
6632 Covey Rd. 
Forestville, California

This shop imports and distributes folkloric magical, occult, herbal, and spiritual supplies  from Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East for those who work in Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic,  Protestant, Muslim, and Jewish religious and magical traditions. Ms Q understands that they sell retail and wholesale and has seen Lucky Mojo products in some metaphysical shops both brick and mortar as well as on-line.

Owned by Catherine Yronwode it appears to be an on-line presence since 1998 although she may have opened her shop in 1993.  In 2002 she published a new book, “Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic: a materia magica of African-American conjure”  Ms. Q agrees with most of what Ms. Yronwode written, in comparing it with what was told to Ms. Q by her Grandmother’s friends as well as working with her Grandmother’s group.    Ms Q says the other books written by Ms. Yronwode are also good to add to one’s personal Library.  Ms. Yronwode has done extensive research into this subject.

In terms of customer service most recently it seems to be “hit or miss” possibly due to some illness, Ms. Q recommends calling first, doing overseas shipping is unknown.

Indio Products
2750 So Alameda St
Los Angeles, CA 90058 -
Phone: (323) 778-2233
To order: 1-800-944-1414

Indio Products ships worldwide and many, many Botanica’s and metaphysical shops carry their candles, they also offer the Anna Riva products, the 7 Sisters of New Orleans products, and possibly some Black Hawk Products.  Ms. Q has been able to receive large candle shipments from them during the days when she was setting lights for family and friends.   

Some of Ms. Q's practitioner friends are loyal Anna Riva and 7 Sisters of New Orleans users and  have not been disappointed with the Indio Products.

 Indio does Whole sale and in buying whole sale in regards to international shipping read their page first to be aware of their terms.

Wisdom Products
5333 E. Slauson Ave
Suite B
Commerce, CA 90040
Customer Service hours
8 a.m. to 4 p.m Pacific Standard Time
Phone 323-726-2100

Wisdom Products also ships worldwide and carry many of the same products as Indio in some cases they carry some products that Indio doesn’t, they also offer a Retail Catalog, and some of Ms. Q’s friends have purchased Wisdom Products and have been happy with their service.  Again read their pages in regards to shipping.  


This is just a short list based upon Ms. Q's experience with these shops, both on line and at their brick and mortar stores.   In time this list will expand, just check the Links section.

If you are an individual practitioner doing the work for yourself and your friends this will be of some help.  If you are planning on expanding your Spiritual Services or are frequently setting lights for family and friends, then setting up a whole sale account with  Indio and Wisdom Products may be a good thing to do. 

In time you the reader will find other sources for different things, or you will on your own begin making your own oils and incense and such.  But Ms. Q always says "take baby steps, just a little at a time and learn, learn, learn, read and learn and don't be afraid to ask questions on how something works.  It's how one learns."  

I will be adding these links to the Recommended Metaphysical Shops List on the side bar of this blog and we hope by New Years Ms. Q will be able to get back to writing her blog herself.

And in Ms. Q's words "Blessings to All of You"

Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Spiritual Quote for this Season of Thanks~~~

Hello Everyone,

Ms. Q, even in her weakened state, sometimes can still be a force to reckon with and we just don't want to cross her.

But she insisted that today of all days that everyone who is a practitioner remember today as a day of Thanks for the blessings we have and to share them with those who are least fortunate be they human or animal.

Last night she was telling me and my cousins how as a child even when her Dad was out of work, how her family would share what they had with those who were in an even worse situation.  Even though her family were practitioners they were and are of Catholic or Christian Faith, even a few members who married into the family were Jewish (maybe not so orthodox), so there would be times when both holidays were celebrated. 

But Ms. Q, after her Granny passed away insisted being given a hand sewn sampler that her Granny did as a young woman,  which was framed,  it hung in her Granny's dinning room and it hangs in Ms. Q's as well.   And every Holiday when the family is gathered together Ms Q insists that this quote from the Bible be spoken over the table before we say Grace.

From Matthew 25: 35-40

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you made me welcome, lacking clothes and you clothed me, sick and you visited me, in prison and you came to see me."

Then the upright will say to him in reply, "Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink?   When did we see you a stranger and make you welcome, lacking clothes and clothe you?   When did we find you sick or in prison and go to see you?"

And the Lord will answer, "In truth I tell you, in so far as you did this to one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did it to me."

Ms. Q also remembers that it is important to care for our pets and those animals who live in the wild especially during these harsh months in the northern climates.

But she says we should do this year around, not just for the holidays, and it matters not of what belief or lack of belief you have, if everyone one of us did this, without thought of repayment or compensation, we would be wealthy beyond belief and it would not be a financial wealth but that of honor, respect, dignity, valor and of love.

In Ms. Q's words, "Blessings to All of You"

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Recommended Metaphysical Shops

Hello Everyone,

Ms. Q has suggested to me to post on the side bar under the heading Metaphysical Shops,  those shops that have an on-line presense whose products she has used espeically when she has not had a chance to make her own supplies.

This illness that she is recovering from, she felt emphasized her own frailness and she was concerned that the information that she has in her notes, from her personal experiences, as well as the experience of those whom she learned from, may not get out completely on this blog.

She also felt that because she is so slow, again due to her current health situation, in having this out there for you to learn from, that these Metaphysical Shops that she has worked with she can comfortably recommend to you, based upon her own personal use of their products.

She told me this and I quote:

 "O.K. so you buy a candle from a shop and you see the same candle at another shop and it's made either by Wisdom Products or Indio Products, its the same candle and they do mass production, that does not make it any less 'magical', because all magic is faith based.

 When you pray over it, apply an oil to it, you infuse it with your intent, your energy, you are activating the energies, the spirits around you to work upon your spell, the light of that candle, that particular focus, helps you focus and direct the spirits and angels to aid you, help you.

When you make it yourself, the oil or incense or powder, it does have a more personal energy, the Candles it's best to buy because candle making is dangerous, but not everyone has the time or ability to blend oils and such, maybe one or two, but not a whole legion of them, that's impossible.

But for those who are independent shops and can make their own, because that is their calling and business and they are sincere in their making, that can be a very big help to a practitioner, especially one who is starting out learning the work. 

Sometimes the problem or situation is very difficult, sometimes it is an experience that you must go through to learn from or to correct a karmic situation. 

Although the Candle Products maybe the same, the intent, the need is individual.  

I've used oils and other products from these shops, and after I pray over them I've found them to work, but again it depends upon the individual who prays over them.

These shops and their products I feel very comfortable with,  and can trust."

After Ms. Q told me this she gave me her recommendations and reasons why,  So I will be doing a links page to the web sites  as well as another post that lists each shop, what she knows about it and if they can mail internationally or not, and why she likes that shop.  

It will take time but it will be posted, please be patient.

About Ms. Q she is much stronger and is able to sit up for a short period of time and walk a bit, she is eating well, but we keep her to soups, and jello as it is easier to digest, both the visiting nurse and the Doctor are pleased with her progress,  Ms. Q claims it is the prayers she is receiving from all of you.

We hope to have her strong enough to join us at the Thanksgiving Table.

And in the words of Ms. Q "Blessings to all of you" 

Monday, November 23, 2015

African Ju Ju Oil~~~

Hello Everyone,

Ms. Q wanted to start at the top of the Revenge oils list with African Ju-Ju Oil.   

Now some of you who have been practitioners for some time would say why this oil on a revenge list.  

According to Ms. Q this is a powerful booster oil and it can have both positive and negative workings, although most of the time when warranted she has used it in positive workings, there have been a few times adding it to a working that was negative was especially needed. 

She feels that this all purpose oil should be a part of any practitioners cupboard.

African Ju-Ju Oil

An all-purpose magical formula made with essential and natural oils, herbs, roots and/or resins. 

African JuJu can be used for a variety of purposes along with using this with other oils and incenses to strengthen your spell work.  It is an unusually potent oil that can be used to cross enemies and uncross those affected.  It can be used in protective workings and to anoint candles for rituals, it can also be worn as a magical fragrance.

It can be used for:

    Psychic Abilities
    Increasing your intuition
    Returning Hexes

If inexperienced in working with juju, beware African JuJu is also known as a twisting root: it means that something may not appear as it really is; or mean what it really is; or a "twist" may occur as in an unexpected turn in another direction.  This is true if you are doing a hexing ritual, so be sure that what you want to hex is correct.

The word Juju is a Central West African word that means "magical power" -- and that is just what this formula represents. Containing herbs and roots popular in Africa, it symbolizes the ancestral magic strength of African sorcerers whose beliefs and practices form the core of African American hoodoo, rootwork, and conjure."

How you choose to use African Juju oil etc is, of course, up to you, but one very traditional method is to employ them in conjunction with the 23rd Psalm, while praying for all that is desired.

It’s basic ability is to have in common the underlying aim of enhancing the magician's internally generated spiritual forces, enabling action upon the external world

Sometimes it is labeled JU JU and can be worn as a   Protection from Curses. When worn, no Curse or Hex can be place against you. To be completely effective it must be worn daily

So it aids you in increasing your personal magical power and it can be used alongside other oils and incenses to strengthen your spell work. As a potent oil which aids and adds a boost to your magical workings, its a bit like adding steroids to your magic and therefor can be used for all types of magic including positive, negative and protective work.

Because of this African Ju Ju Oil is a powerful blend known to increase the power of other oils, incense, powders, baths and spell work in general. 

Made with Galangal and other herbs and resins, allegedly its uses is supposed to have their origins in Africa. African Ju Ju Oil is commonly believed to boost the magical power of its user.   

It can be used for many types of intentions such as uncrossing, attraction, success, increasing one's intuitive abilities, hexing, luck, strength, legal issues and invoking spirits and ancestors. 

It's is also particularly powerful for anointing mojo bags or Gris Gris bags,  talismans, candles and amulets

For Attraction, Success and Luck spells, add a bit of magnetic sand to this blend when you do that African JuJu can be used as a powerful drawing oil.

African Ju Ju Oil can be worn on the body, put in the bath, anointed on important documents or dabbed on money. 

Place a drop or two in the heel of your shoes while attending legal hearings or while looking for work. 

Mix a little African JuJu Oil with some Uncrossing Oil and water and wash down your front door or place some in spring water in a glass bowl under your bed when sleeping. 

When performing spells of any kind, you may also add some African JuJu Oil to a glass bowl of spring water to call in the aid from your ancestors.

 To communicate with the spirits anoint a white candle with some African JuJu Oil for spirit work. 

Add some to your sachets, Gris Gris or incense.

So in using African Ju Ju Oil  first recited the 23 Psalm and pray with strong intent upon your need, and for best results do this during the waxing moon phase.

    PSALM 23

    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
    He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.
    He leadeth me beside the still waters.
    He restoreth my soul.
    He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake.
    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil for thou art with me.
    Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me.
    Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.
    Thou anointest my head with oil.
    My cup runneth over.
    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,
    and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.


Blend equal parts of:

Blend gently, the amount of oil depends upon the amount of these essential oils for example: if you mix 1 oz of each oil you will then have a total of 5 oz. so your bottle should be able to hold that amount. 

But the standard formula for an anointing oil to anoint candles or objects is 60 to 75 drops of essential oil or essential oil blend to 1 oz of carrier oil usually that would be mineral oil.

But if you are going to use it to anoint a person such as yourself then use Jojoba Oil  as the carrier oil, although expensive it has an indefinite shelf life.

Once blended Put in a dark colored bottle and keep in a cool (not cold) dark place (a cabinet or cupboard)


There are many spells out there for positive work, but Mrs. Washington used this one on her husband in the early stages of their marriage when he kind of got wrapped up with another woman, or as Mrs. Washington use to describe her as “tha cheep no good heathen devil in that red dress”.   

She  learned it from a conjure worker in the South, after she did this her husband never did stray from her again.  I saw a variation recently in a book that came out a few years ago and it followed the same lines, this is to jinx a man’s manhood or to stop him from being unfaithful:

What you will need is one Penis candle, if you can get it in blue even better, but black will do.  If you can’t find a Penis candle or are in a hurry a 6 inch candle in blue or black will work.
Then some African juju oil,

 some Citronella oil,

 a voodoo doll (you can make it yourself as it will represent the one you’re going to fix or use a beat up old Ken doll, Barbie won’t mind),

some of your partner’s  Pubic hairs from him (if you’re doing his laundry that should not be a problem) or run your fingers thru his Public hair caressingly and you’ll get a few, tuck it into a clean Kleenex until ready,

a new unused nail

and some glue or even better a glue stick (the kind for gluing paper and such)


Sit quietly for a few minutes and think about the goal you want to achieve – which obviously is keeping your man faithful to you

Now take the pubic hairs you obtained from your man and rub them across the glue stick, then stick them to the crotch region of the voodoo doll.

Use the new nail to write your partners name on the penis and then place the base of the candle between the legs of the doll, so it looks as if it is his in an erect state.

Then mix a little African Juju oil and Citronella oil on the palms of your hands and rub them on the Penis candle, stroking downwards (not up and down, just down). As you do this, repeat the following chant seven times:

Penis candle, oh Penis candle,

As I stroke you with these oils,

Keep (so and so’s) Penis from

Rising for anyone but me.

Light the candle and let it burn down by half-an-inch, (you can mark the half inches off using a ruler to measure and the new nail) then snuff it out use a candle snuffer do not blow it out. Do the same again each day, until the candle has completely burned out.

Keep the candle and the doll in a small box in-between each day or night that you light it, when the candle has completely burned out, keep the remains and the doll in its box, hidden from your partner.   
Should your partner start to stray again after a while then repeat.  

The same can be used on a female candle aka Vagina Candle but since those only come in Red or Black use a black candle, again stroke the oils down ward and change the wording to read Vagina Candle instead. 

Ms. Q does say that if this ritual for either sex does not work, then Spirit is saying that your Guides are encouraging you to let that person go, that there is someone much better out there for you.  And that the relationship was never meant to be.  It's always best to listen to your Spirit Guides. 

With the Thanksgiving Holiday almost here, it will be a few days before I can post another bit of information for Ms. Q, for those families that celebrate this USA Holiday, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

And in Ms Q's words "Blessings to all of you!"