Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ms. Q is ill~~~~

Hello Everyone,

I'm Ms. Q's niece, I'm sorry to have to report but my aunt that you all know as Ms. Q is ill.

She is being treated but she needs her rest, and is not going to be writing her blog for a while.

She has left notes for me on several subjects that several of her Readers have asked questions about,  until she's feeling well, I'll be writing her blog but it's going to be a while because I'm helping my cousins with her care. 

She has said that for most things you'll find the answers in her blog posts.   But she has received a few questions on subjects that she has not covered.   They will be answered in due time.

Please be patient. 

Thanks and in her words "Blessings to All of You"  from Ms. Q


  1. God bless you, Ms. Q. I am so grateful for you sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Healing, loving energies being sent your way.

    1. Thanks Jeanie,

      I'll let Ms. Q know, she is slowly getting better, but it's going to take time, this cold weather doesn't help.

      Please keep her in your thoughts.

      And in the world of Ms.Q "Blessings upon You"