Saturday, November 21, 2015

A small list of Revenge type oils~~~~

Hello Everyone, 

I’ve been talking to Ms. Q, and in going over her lists of oils and such she came up with these oils that have been used for Revenge. 

Ms. Q says that in reading things that mention In doing revenge spells it calls for oils or powders to be used, although with many old time practitioners such oils were not necessary by using more common ingredients and one’s own will, but because most people are no longer in touch with nature and the more natural elements, and have become dependent or caught up with the use of electronic devices, they have lost the natural touch and energy connection, so the need to use oils, powders and such have become far more needful.

Now that is not to say that some devices such as powders do not have a use, they do in their own way, as well as ritual, chants and things that over the years have proven to be very effective.

But people want the oils and such so she will proved what recipes she knows and has in her “collection” for your use.   She will eventually include those for love, money and other situations.    

But Revenge is going to be first.  Although she has know under certain circumstances for some of these oils to be used in a positive way as oppose to negative.

Some of these oils are known by reputation, but Ms. Q may not have made them or have the recipe for them, but she provides this information for your knowledge.

First we’re going to give a list of those oils used for Revenge and their basic uses,  then in separate posts we’ll will go more into detail how to use it and will give the recipe IF  Ms. Q  feel’s it is safe to post. 

Ms. Q says for you to Remember what you send out if done foolishly or for a mistaken idea that it would be fun, can seriously back lash upon you.  Be Very, VERY Careful.


 African Juju Oil – Used to jinx a person’s nature another very traditional method is to employ it in conjunction with the 23rd Psalm, while praying for all that is desired. Best to use during a waxing moon

 Banishing Oil – use this oil when you need to cast a spell to make someone move away or get out of your life

Bat’s Blood-This will cause bad luck and the downfall to one’s enemies. is used to create hexes. It causes tension, confusion, discord, and havoc to the targeted. It is also to dress juju and dolls created for similar purposes. Use on black candles

 Bat’s Eye Oil –to use this oil in break up spells but on a more dangerous level if you use a real bat’s eye then you are working with evil spirits to hex someone who has wronged you.  This can also be dangerous to the practioner, Use with extreme caution.  Not for an amateur.

Bat’s Heart Oil – A potent dark magic oil to create tension and strife in the life of your target or more specifically will cause tension and bad luck to an ex who did you wrong on a more general level to break up a couple or group of people it causes emotional upheaval, sprinkle this oil to cause instability, turmoil and eventual termination of relationships.   Use it to cause strife between people. Sprinkle it in their shoes. On their clothing, or in their path. Discord and disharmony will plague their relationship. They inaccurately perceive their circumstance, break up or separation to follow.

Black Art-For crossing and hexing an enemy put where they are sure to touch it also can be used in candle spells.    This is a powerful all-purpose oil used in many dark magic rituals. If you have some black arts oil, you can use it in a pinch to substitute for other black magic oils   It allegedly gives complete dominance over enemies, one of the more potent “dark arts” oil.   Do not get any on you, the scent is awful and hard to remove.

Black Cat-Used with Black Cat candle to cause an enemy confusion. Black cat oil is used to break hexes, protection during Magickal rites, reversing a string of bad luck by returning to where it came from. This oil should be made right before the Dark Moon, preferably on a Saturday. Use on Black candles for reversing or breaking a hex and sending it back to the sender.
Black Devil Oil – A black magic oil used to cause someone to become impotent, Stops unfaithfulness. Rub some of the Oil on the shoes of the individual to be affected. A few drops in the food is also effective only a drop or two no more or it will have the opposite effect.

Black Musk Oil – A hard to find, extremely powerful oil for black magic spells

Break Up-Used to break up relationships, marriages & friendships. Use with image candles.

Confusion oil-To confuse enemies’ sprinkle where they are sure to touch or step on it.

Crossing-To cross your enemies and cause them misfortune.   If you burn crossing oil on a black candle inscribed with your enemy’s name, he will experience bad luck

Damnation-To cause great distress & bad luck to your enemies. Damnation oil is used to cause terrible misfortune on your enemies. Damnation oil should be used with extreme caution.

Devil Oil – Devil oil is used in spellcasting to invoke the aid of the devil. Devil oil is also used in necromancy spells

Double Cross-Wear to confuse enemies or cause them bad luck & misfortune.

D.U.M.E (Death/Destruction Under My Enemies or Do Unto My Enemies) aka Black List-Use with candle of same name to get even or a black candle or image candle, cause bad luck possibly death, primarily it is used in death spells and curses.  Warning: best not to use, if not used properly it can cause serious backlash.

Exodus-Very good when you want someone to lose their job.

Gypsy Blood Oil--Will make a troublesome neighbor uproot and move away when sprinkled  on their doorknob

Haitian Voodoo-To cross an enemy, sprinkle around their house & on doorstep or anoint parchment with their name (a small slip) with 9 drops of oil.

Hexing-Makes enemies beg for forgiveness, causes to bring great misery and bad luck to your enemies. Hexing oil will bring your enemies to their knees

Inflammatory Confusion Oil – A black magic spiritual oil that will confuse your enemies

Jezebel-Mix with D.u.m.e oil to make a powerful oil to get even with your enemies.

Jinx Black-Used to cause harm to your enemies.

Job Breaker-When you want someone to lose their job, sprinkle around their work place.
Revenge Oil – When someone has done something against you, revenge oil will help right the wrong I’ve included this name of this oil here as some shops will sell an oil with that name, but it’s only a variation of Black Arts Oil.

SPIDER QUEEN — If someone has needlessly complicated your life or thrown obstacles your way for no reason other than spite, this oil turns things around FAST.  Of all the nasty oils in the New Orleans tradition, Spider Queen is the most insidious because it forms a seamless web of horror around an individual or group. Used defensively, this oil can resolve otherwise impossible situations and ensure that an enemy is rendered impotent (sometimes quite literally!). It creates so many hassles for your enemy that he/she has no time to worry about you. Use with black, purple, or orange candles.

Voodoo--  To not be confused with Voodoo Night oil.  Haitian crossing oil. To destroy an enemy's power, write the foe's name nine times on parchment paper or brown paper that has never been cut with a scissors. Anoint the paper with nine drops of Voodoo Oil. Can be used to anoint charms and voodoo dolls and bring success to your magical endeavors.

Voodoo Night-To cast a spell on somebody, must be used on a full moon. Can have a woman attract a man to make him her slave.  It units the spirits with the energy of passion, so much be blended at Midnight.

Weed of Misfortune-To make your enemies lose everything they own. This one is very similar to Spider Queen in its effect. While it is unquestionably a hexing oil, it may also be used defensively against dangerous enemies. The impact of Weed of Misfortune is to inject devastation and disappointment into an enemy’s life. Use only with black candles.

Witch-Use when you want to get even with someone.

XX Double Crossing-Sprinkle across the path of your enemy.

Zula Zula-To get even, used is spells designed to get revenge, or to bring harm or even death to an enemy.  Use to anoint candles, gris gris and spell papers in a counterclockwise movement, can be applied or sprinkle where enemies are sure to touch it such as in a shoe or door knob.  Use with caution
As a side note: This was originally an Anna Riva oil, and I doubt anyone has the actual recipe as Anna Riva got bought out years ago by Wisdom Products . Those recipes are probably lost now. Zula Zula is a name Anna Riva gave to an oil with the purpose of hexing, so you can use any hexing oil to do the trick.  Some metaphysical shops claim it is an African Hexing oil but its antecedents are questionable as only Anna Riva made any mention of it.

ZOMBI — This is a hexing oil, actually a “damnation” formula, designed to render an enemy harmless. It works similarly to Spider Queen, but is even more relentless and can bring actual physical harm or grave illness to an enemy. Used offensively, if you don't then it will back lash upon you and it is probably the quickest way as Ms. Q knows,  to cause yourself problems, so unless you know what you’re doing and have a vast reservoir of good karma, stay away from this one!

As with anything Ms. Q advises you to be careful, in doing revenge spells it might backlash on you.

And in Ms. Q's words "Blessings to You"


  1. May I please ask what your email address is so that I may email you privately as I have some questions please? Thnk U!

    1. Dear One,

      I regret to inform you but I do not give out my e-mail address, I made the mistake of doing that once and my system got hacked, at my advanced age I have no desire to go through that again.

      I check each posting before I publish it and there have been a number of them that I've not posted, but either deleted because they were offensive or they were advertising.

      In some cases I've use the questions to be as the intro to posts because it asks a question that many people would be interested in knowing the answers to. (see my posts on Red Brick Dust and What is an Empath)

      But I never refer to that person by name or nick-name and keep it generalized.

      Since you post Anonymously, if you are concerned about someone seeing your question I doubt that would happen.

      But please remember I may not have a answer for you as well and can only make recommendations.

      Ms. Q

  2. Where can I get these oils I am in South Carolina

    1. Dear Martin,

      The shops that I have listed as "Recommended Metaphysical Shops" should have them but there is another one one the internet that carries more of the types that I have listed here and that is MOJO MOON their web site is go to the section that lists spiritual, religious and mystical oils.

      You can purchase via paypal, I have not bought anything from them but a friend of mine has been happy with their products.

      I'm sorry but I do not know of any shops in South Carolina.

      The few I've come across seem to be more involved with wicca.

      But give Mojo Moon a try.

      Ms. Q

  3. Ms.Q Iam brujasenaida im very insterested in learning the dark arts i think it helps me with certain spell my partner had send me this page so im very happy she did i will save the oil list and use it wisely thank you so much

    1. Hello My Dear,

      I'm glad that your partner found and sent to you this page.

      It's always wise to know the darker side of the work, but in doing it one has to be careful of one's intent.

      I tend to use these oils in defense of my family and friends as well as myself.

      I'm sure you will do the same.

      Check out my other postings especially about Salt and Black Salt.

      And I would recommend reading all my postings for your further education in the work.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q