Sunday, December 30, 2012

Magikal workings and graveyard dirt Intro

Dear Ms. Q,

I cannot believe that I have been away from this blog for over a year!  But so much has come up and so many things to do.

My life has changed a great deal this last 14 months, and I think this blog is going to take a slightly different turn.

I will be dealing with spiritual matters but also matters about witchcraft and hoodoo, as well as psychic phenomena. 

And to anyone who is new to this blog I recommend that you start from the beginning, from my very first post. 

As some who is a psychic and also a witch as well as an old fashion Catholic things can take a very strange twist and bizarre turns.   So I feel I need to get back to my basic roots.  Now the things that I have talked about before still holds true, and it is from a spiritual/psychic viewpoint.

But now since we are just past the winter solstice things and the world is in chaotic conflict it is important to get back to one's roots, especially in dealing with magical/magikal workings.  Now I am not Wicca, frankly that is airey-fairey fluff bunny stuff, no I am Witch, I am neither white, black or even grey.  I do have to work with ethical standards, but trust me I will harm none unless those none's harm me and mine, then it's all bets are off time.

In dealing with the energies that surround you or you want to have work for you, you do need supplies.  Now interestingly I've had people ask me for one of the basic ingredients in Magikal workings-----Graveyard Dirt.

For a simple item there is a lot that surrounds it, it's like cooking, you use either milk, buttermilk, sour cream or rich cream or condensed milk, the same can be said for a lot of one's magikal ingredients.

So this is an introduction to the first one---Graveyard Dirt.

First let me make this perfectly clear  Graveyard Dirt is not a code word for Mullein, that is something that came about in the 1980's with those who work Wicca.

Real graveyard dirt comes from a graveyard or cemetery, but people don't want to be accused of desecrating a grave,  well when I go to the Cemetery to visit my deceased relatives, I see people working with their little hand shovel's the kind to plant bulbs in the ground, what's not to say that some of them are doing magikal if you take flowers and leave it as an offering on the grave or graves that you are collecting the dirt from (along with some other things as payment) it doesn't look like desecration,  and sometimes you don't need much just a small handful and maybe not even that much.

And there are different types of graveyard dirt that you'll need depending upon the magikal working,  from a solider, a police officer, a child, a loved one, a person who was murdered,  etc., etc. and each has their own purpose.

And you will need bottles to hold the dirt in until needed, make sure to be able to label them as well.  It's not good to mix them up.

In my next post, now that I've cleared it up that graveyard dirt is really what it is in magical workings, I will tell you what you need, and how to gather it.

Blessings Ms. Q