Sunday, December 30, 2012

Magikal workings and graveyard dirt Intro

Dear Ms. Q,

I cannot believe that I have been away from this blog for over a year!  But so much has come up and so many things to do.

My life has changed a great deal this last 14 months, and I think this blog is going to take a slightly different turn.

I will be dealing with spiritual matters but also matters about witchcraft and hoodoo, as well as psychic phenomena. 

And to anyone who is new to this blog I recommend that you start from the beginning, from my very first post. 

As some who is a psychic and also a witch as well as an old fashion Catholic things can take a very strange twist and bizarre turns.   So I feel I need to get back to my basic roots.  Now the things that I have talked about before still holds true, and it is from a spiritual/psychic viewpoint.

But now since we are just past the winter solstice things and the world is in chaotic conflict it is important to get back to one's roots, especially in dealing with magical/magikal workings.  Now I am not Wicca, frankly that is airey-fairey fluff bunny stuff, no I am Witch, I am neither white, black or even grey.  I do have to work with ethical standards, but trust me I will harm none unless those none's harm me and mine, then it's all bets are off time.

In dealing with the energies that surround you or you want to have work for you, you do need supplies.  Now interestingly I've had people ask me for one of the basic ingredients in Magikal workings-----Graveyard Dirt.

For a simple item there is a lot that surrounds it, it's like cooking, you use either milk, buttermilk, sour cream or rich cream or condensed milk, the same can be said for a lot of one's magikal ingredients.

So this is an introduction to the first one---Graveyard Dirt.

First let me make this perfectly clear  Graveyard Dirt is not a code word for Mullein, that is something that came about in the 1980's with those who work Wicca.

Real graveyard dirt comes from a graveyard or cemetery, but people don't want to be accused of desecrating a grave,  well when I go to the Cemetery to visit my deceased relatives, I see people working with their little hand shovel's the kind to plant bulbs in the ground, what's not to say that some of them are doing magikal if you take flowers and leave it as an offering on the grave or graves that you are collecting the dirt from (along with some other things as payment) it doesn't look like desecration,  and sometimes you don't need much just a small handful and maybe not even that much.

And there are different types of graveyard dirt that you'll need depending upon the magikal working,  from a solider, a police officer, a child, a loved one, a person who was murdered,  etc., etc. and each has their own purpose.

And you will need bottles to hold the dirt in until needed, make sure to be able to label them as well.  It's not good to mix them up.

In my next post, now that I've cleared it up that graveyard dirt is really what it is in magical workings, I will tell you what you need, and how to gather it.

Blessings Ms. Q


  1. Hello. Is there another love spell that I can use the graveyard dirt for that is super potent? or can I combine this spell with another spell?

  2. Hello. is there another spell that I can use or comine the graveyard spell with to make it more potent?

    1. Dear Valerie V.

      It depends on what kind of love spell you are trying to do. If you are trying to get someone interested in you then the standard spell using green paper, graveyard dirt and Vandal root is the one most people will do.

      But what they forget in this spell is that it’s a bit more involved than that.

      Let’s start with the graveyard dirt, this dirt should be from someone who loved you in life, either human or pet, yes I did say pet.

      If you had a relative that really cared about you use graveyard dirt from them and remove a little of it from the heart area, but you also need to make payment of a silver dime, and if it’s a woman flowers, a man then a bit of whiskey in addition to the dime, in some cases where a beloved pet is buried also works well although they can’t drink whiskey do pay the dime and a dog biscuit (that is if it’s a dog).

      The Vandal root also called Valerian root is important but also add rose buds, dried apple seeds, cinnamon and basil, a tiny rose quartz as well.

      So here’s what you do, Green paper write the name of the person you are interested in on that paper 9 times, write your name cross-ways over the first name, then put the vandal root, a bit of powdered cinnamon, some rose buds, basil, apple seeds, the rose quartz, if you are able to get some of your target’s personal concerns such as hair or finger nail clipping but hair usually works well or even a bit of your target’s handwriting that will do put that on the paper, and if you’re really ambitious a photo of your target, with Facebook and selfies and camera phones that should not be hard.

      Then sprinkle the graveyard dirt over that, then fold the paper towards you turn it sideways and fold again to make it into a packet (it will be difficult but do your best) , anoint the paper with a Love Oil, or Come to Me oil or Attraction oil on the 4 corners of the packet and on the center of the packet, tie it with red ribbon, now you can do one of several things, put it into a small red flannel bag, and keep it with you like in your purse, or put it under your mattress like between the mattress and box springs, just don’t lose it when changing the sheets.

      But if this person is in love with someone else and that love is strong between them then your target may notice you but will be reluctant to take action especially if your target has strong moral fiber.

      Because what you’re doing is manipulating that person’s life path, and that could be a dangerous thing.

      Constantly doing love work to keep your target is exhausting and eventually it does break down, and you’ll find that it wasn’t what you’d hope for.

      Please remember that if you decide to go ahead with this spell.

      Now some people do a love spell in combination with another spell, but that would usually be a break up spell that is being your target and whomever they are in love with if it’s not you originally.

      But again if your target is in love with someone else, the bond may be very strong and you really don’t want to interfere with someone elses life path. Please remember that.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  3. Today is Friday the 13th I want to go tonight to the cemetery to do a come back to me love spell on my ex is there any good ones you recommend , p.s the only loved one that passed away is buried in a secure graveyard and I think it would. Be hard to go there .. I have a old graveyard open by my house graves from back of the 1800's please help I'm desperate I been using the lil red man candels come to me candels all candels and nothing for 5 'months

    1. Hello Laura,

      As I said in my reply to your other post, doing a spell especially about love on Friday the 13th has a tendency to backfire and not go well.

      Now in your other post you said you want to bind your ex, I am presuming to bind him to love you. Don't do it tonight, it would not be wise nor safe.

      If you cannot get dirt from a loved one, then do Not use the graves from that old graveyard, especially if they are not related to you.

      You could bring back an intranquil spirit and have all kinds of problems which would be harmful to you, no love is worth harming your health.

      I should know--been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and was sick for nearly a year (this was in my young wild days)

      If you have not been having results for 5 months, then its not going to work.

      I did a one card reading for you on this situation and I drew the Six of Pentacles but reverse, it means that your ex suffers from insolence and conceit with material things. He is imprudent in handling his money. And only has contempt for those less fortunate. Deception is his game, heart-break is the name.

      The reading is saying that even if you managed to bring him back to you, he will manage to cheat on you because he enjoys doing that.

      He's not worth the pain and better you let him go.

      I wanted to see if a better man would come to you and for that I drew the King of Cups this person will have a more mature outlook on life, this person has the ability to listen to what another person is saying, and truly understand what is in their heart. He will be a rewarding partner in your life.

      So let the ex go because you will be trading upward and getting a better person in your life.

      Stay out of the graveyard tonight.

      And plan on looking fantastic tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

      Eventually I'll be posting about binding spells but when you meet your next boyfriend you won't need to do that.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  4. Hi Ms. Q,
    Great read first off! Secondly, I would like to do a perform a love binding spell on my ex also known as the father of my children. We have known each other for 26 years, and dated for about 20. Though I feel we both still love each other very much he has allowed anger to consume him and has not spoken to me in almost a year. I have collected the graveyard dirt via my grandmother and I left candy as payment because she loved candy ( is that ok)? I also have the vandal root. My question to you is 1. Is there any way you could tell me if I'm wasting my time with him 2. I have read several sites on how to perform a lovely spell, while many suggest the green paper , names, graveyard dirt and vandal root yours is the only one that advises to add additional ingredients is it mandatory to add the others ? 3. What is the turn around time for effectiveness of the spell?

    Your help is respected and appreciated

    1. Dear Lioness

      Those are very good questions and concerns.

      If your Grandmother loved candy then leaving candy is the best payment to her, it does help to know a relatives likes and dislikes.

      Now I’m going to answer your other questions but not in the order asked.

      “Turn around time” ---some people say from Moon to Moon or 1 month, some recommend 2 months, I’m inclined to go with 2 months, although one time I did a spell and after I did it I heard the word “September”, it was my Spirit Guide telling me I would have my answer in September which was 4 months away, and I DID get my answer in September.

      So you can plan on a certain amount of turn around time, but don’t be surprised if you get an answer “spiritually”.

      To your 2nd question, many similar spells will have the main ingredients but with variations, much like in cooking, some folks say to add red wine to Stew, some say a little apple cider vinegar, and some don’t add those things at all.

      But you do have stew meat, dredged in flour (or not) with celery, potatoes, carrots, salt and pepper to taste, some use a little flour to thicken the sauce, some mash a cooked potato, again it’s what works best, so look at the main ingredients in the spell, and then see what to add that might work best for you.

      You don’t have to follow my spell, or any others but you do need to use the main ingredients.

      Now the most important question, are you wasting your time with him?

      First you say you feel that you both still love each other, but as you describe his attitude, it seems that with him not speaking to you that he might think differently, so there is some question as to what he is truly feeling.

      And one question I would ask you is why is he so angry with you? And you’ll need to be honest with yourself about that.

      He is the father of your children but I’m assuming that you two were not married? I hope he is paying child support if he’s not then you will need to take him to court, especially if the children are under the age of 18. He does have legal obligations, and don’t be timid about that.

      To find out if doing this spell is worth it it’s important to do a reading, usually using Tarot cards would give a good indication, so I drew a card from Tarot for you and it is the Seven of Swords (Futility), but reversed.

      This is a card either upright or reversed that you should not hope to get.

      You may have fooled yourself into still believing that there is still love there when there is not, you may have suspected him of cheating, it’s obvious that the two of you are not on the same page.

      He may have decided to not be in any way committed to you, either way you are really not going to get a positive outcome from this.

      There is something about the situation or relationship with you that he does not like, so he is choosing to keep you out of his life.

      The best way to describe it is that he was doing something behind your back and now he has chosen to cut off communication with you.

      This card reading is saying to not waste your time trying to get him back, but do use your time to have him take care of his legal responsibilities to your children and you can use your Grandmother’s dirt for that, save the vandal root and other materials for something else.

      I had hoped that the reading would have been different for you but I will not lie on what the cards say.

      However I did ask if a better man for you was coming and I drew Justice. This means the achievement of balance and inner harmony after a great trial. Things set to rights. Karma restored. A turn for the better in legal matters and Love, yes a better man is coming into your life and your children will be taken care of after handling the legal difficulties.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  5. Hi Ms Q
    Can you please advice on a spell to get my husband to come back home.we have been together for 19 years.

  6. Hi MS Q
    Please can you advice on a love spell for my husband and a way to get him back home

    1. Dear Miss Naidoo,

      This is Ms. Q's niece as I said she's suffered a serious heart attack, but while she was comfortable I put your question to her.

      On doing a binding spell using your blood, you would also need something of his as well, blood, hair something, most binding spells will do.

      But she said if he has left you after 19 years, then get a good lawyer and sue for alimony, let him know his legal obligations, if need be do Just Judge.

      But for him to leave you means that there might be another woman involved, that is why having a good lawyer to help you is important.

      She wishes you well.

      In her words "Bright Blessings"