Saturday, February 20, 2010

Answer to Parallel Universes in one post

Dear Ms. Q,

"Are there Parallel Universes"

Fortunately I was able to do this in one post instead of two.

The parallel universe concept is something that I’ve both read about and also have an inkling about. In my researches that I’ve read and through the meditations that I’ve done working with my guides, I’ve found that there is the possibility that there are universes that are parallel to us but are working or vibrating on a different vibration level, in short we have duplicates of ourselves in these universes that live the lives we might have lived or are living instead of the one that we are currently going through now, sometimes I have dreams and I know it's myself but I look different, thinner, taller, younger with red hair, blonde hair, different shape face but it is not a past life or anything like that, it is in the current here and now existence but different.

Some people would call these alternate worlds.

One time I talked to an Author who had the most amazing imagination and she told me that some times she felt that she was living another life in those worlds, that there were hundreds of herself living at different life times or different lives. For her it made her writing easier. She said that she gets her ideas from that.

It's totally different from the idea of re-incarnation, it’s always that
"What If" concept, because many of these imaginings are not thoughts of the past but of the present, which makes it different than re-incarnation. Maybe that's why children play with dolls, it might not be make believe but tapping into those parallel universes.

That is what I mean by Parallel Universes or Many planet Earths that exist side by side, but we can't see them because they vibrate at these different levels----Think of the movie "The Matrix” or another one called the "Thirteenth Floor" if you can rent those DVD movies that would explain the idea of Parallel Universes, but that they are not things of our imagination, although we may think they are, this is especially true of writers and artists.

I think writers and artists have an innate ability to tap into them and because there are so many writers and artists---well the universes can be infinite.

This idea of Parallel universes or existences that live side by side of us but we can't really see them, but we sometimes tap into them--- I believe in a way partly explains the "Deja Vu" (seen before) feeling some people get.

When I was young I was not too much into dolls, but I thought they were pretty but somehow I really didn’t want them around me, I would put them away into my toy trunk and ask my Mother to lock it. When Mom bought a doll she would usually get me a doll that was a stuff animal or something like that, which I felt better about, because she noticed that when I looked at a doll I would go into a trance of sorts

When she asked Granny about it, Granny said to remove the doll when I was either asleep or at school and put it away, it wasn't that the doll was creepy, it was because the doll may have been a sort of "cartoon" or non-living version of someone who existed in a parallel universe and I was somehow tapping into that "mind".

Granny was worried that I was not strong enough to step away from that trance, now that I'm older (much older) I'm more aware of it and I know what I have to do to avoid that.

I never had that problem if the doll was a stuff animal like a bunny or a
lamb or even a horse, for me there was no “mind” to tap into.

To explain further about parallel universes think of two or more streets that run side by side, but are separated by a city block---like Main Street, Central Street, First Street and River Street---none of those streets meet, but they run parallel to each other, but separated by 1 block of houses that separate each street from the other.

O.K. so we have these 4 streets----they run along side each other but we
can’t really see them, but some how we know (through some scientific means)
they are there. Each street or Universe is a bit different---

Main Street is a very tight street, with a mix of Victorian, Craftsman houses, parks, a tree here and there, and industrial buildings.

First Street is a very wide street, with a mix of some Victorian houses, schools, businesses, somewhat the same but a bit different no trees.

Central Street is a medium wide street, not as tight as Main Street, it has mostly Victorian houses, lots of trees, a few small businesses, and some apartments built in the 1970’s and one park, then blends into a very Heavy business hub.

River Street is another wide Street, with small family business hubs, near a lot
of churches, some Victorians, a number of apartments, heavy on houses split into
apartments, a lot less trees.

Each street has many similarities but it has differences as well, and that
makes them like parallel universes, the streets do not really meet except
with cross streets---so think of those cross streets like our minds in relax
creative mode, we begin to envision something and then we either write about it,
or draw it or re-create it in our home or in miniature with dolls houses or
sculpture it.

It is during those relaxed moments that we can see the other universe, but
each universe vibrates at a different rate, so what we see is imperfect.

And because we ourselves exist in this particular universe, we attribute it to
our imaginations, as creative ideas.

But what if---and this is just speculation---what if there are duplicates of
ourselves living in these parallel universes and living the lives we imagine we would like to live.

What if Ms. Q in universe # 2 is a famous artist, showing her works and
getting a lot of money?

What if Ms. Q in Universe # 3 is a well known graphic designer who designs
many things from movie posters, to greeting cards, to perfume bottles and she
gets a number of commissions.

What if Ms. Q in Universe # 4 is a moderately known local artist who makes a
living from her art but also teaches art at a school to supplement her income.

These 3 other Ms. Q’s are doing the same thing as Ms. Q living in
Universe #1 is trying to do and would love to do, and as a matter of fact may envision herself doing, but instead in this Universe (Universe # 1), is struggling to make ends meet, go to school, recover from surgery and trying to get ahead.

Each Ms. Q has her struggles and problems but each Ms. Q has different
situations presented to her and different choices.

And very subtlety each Ms. Q is vaguely aware of the other, but to each
Ms. Q that is only a “What if” type thought----because they are not living
that in their current existence, so each Ms. Q will simply shrug that “what if” type of thought off and put it down to pure imagination.

It’s hard for us to see that other existence, because we are living in our
“here and now” existence so we attribute that to our imagination or our personal ‘wishes’ like “I wish my work would sell” or in the other universe “I wish my life was simpler”.

The only time we cross into those other universes is through our imagination,
our dreams and our relaxed-meditative mind mode.

Then what happens is that each person and their duplicate can generate energy
to each other to help them continue on to become successful or a least content.

Now what is really scary is if we have a person who is going through something very difficult and makes a very serious decision--- I’ll call this person Carl.

Now in this universe #1 Carl is suffering from depression---has had a lot of
set backs, but in Universes # 2, # 3, # 4 the Carls’ there have had
different degrees of success and health problems and different degrees of

So what if Carl # 1 decides to commit suicide, it also means that Carl’s #
2, 3 and 4 are going to be facing different endings.

So Carl #1 takes his life by committing suicide, in the other parallel universes Carl #2 may be murdered, Carl #3 has a fatal heart attack and Carl #4 dies in an accident. Different endings, but the out come is the same, all 4 Carl’s have died.

But Carl 1 does not necessarily control the lives of # 2, 3, and 4. Any
one of them could meet an end and it will affect the others. Say Carl 3 is
just doing what he usually does but has some stress that brings upon the fatal
heart attack, this will affect Carl’s’ 1, 2 and 4.

But conversely, what if somehow Carl # 4 survives the accident but is only injured, then Carl #1 will either change his mind or survives his suicide by someone interrupting him or finding him in time, Carl # 3 is taken to the hospital in time and Carl # 2 instead of bring murdered is only wounded or rescued in time.

Again the actions of each Carl will affect the other.

So if Ms. Q is having struggles here, it means that the Ms. Q’s in the
other universes are also having struggles and each of them will deal with it,
each will give the other the strength to continue on and over come it.

When I feel down or I get depressed, I tap into my “imagination” and say
“what would my other Ms. Q’s do?” and I get ideas’.

Our spirit guides and angels help us connect to each other to over come our
problems, but it is the people who do not even attempt to connect to their guides or angles or even the Divine Presence, that have the greatest difficulty.

That is why the elements of Prayer, Meditation, “listening to the inner
voice”, are so helpful.

Right now my other Ms. Q’s are most likely writing on a computer or with a
# 2 pencil, either writing a novel, a letter to a friend, a text book on
spiritual help and each one maybe in a slightly different environment.

One will have an office, one will have a very neat book lined room, one will be in a very messy room and one will be cramped in a studio apartment. And each one may look a little different, one might be tall, overweight and brunette, one may be a sexy blonde, the other an athletic redhead who walks marathons.

But I know that they maybe there and I tap into them just as they tap into me.

And that is what a parallel universe is.

But if that idea is too scary then just think of it as just imagination. To be
tapped into to be creative.

About being depressed, struggling, we all struggle, The Divine power never
gives us more than we can handle.

Is it a test? In a way yes, but we can handle it.

But only if we seek to find the answers to our situation and generate patience to deal with it.

Blessings, Ms. Q

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Paraellel Universes

Dear Ms. A,

This is going to be an answer in at least two parts, because first we have to consider the lives that are living in each universe and then we have to consider the souls that are lived in each universe.

On the second part dealing with the soul, that will require much thought and meditation, but I will answer. So give me a little time to at least prepare the first part and then the second will come after.

I do have to say this, there are people who do believe this concept and there are people who also think that it is only theory that cannot be proven and therefore is more in the area of Science Fiction.

But I have always said "What If...." because there always seems to be a tug at these "what if's" so it is a 'theory' that is worth an explanation.

So keeping that in mind I will post as soon as I can the concept of Parallel Universes.

Blessings Ms. Q.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Spirit Guides Part 4~~~how do I communicate with them.

Dear Ms. Q,

You asked me “How do my Spirit Guides communicate with me”

Well when I was younger and we had a lot less electronics things and heavy duty power poles and such, it was much easier.

Remember when I was 10 and that was more than 50 years ago, my first guide manifested himself to me in daylight as a full figure projection----50 years ago!

Now it’s a lot harder.

When Brother John showed up as I said it was in daylight, a very hard thing to do because the radiation from Sunlight can break up some of the energy that is needed for manifestations, especially full figured ones. And he “talked” to me as well, I saw him in great detail, the shape of his smile, the color of his eyes, the shape of his nose; if a forensic artist wanted to do a picture I could describe him.

Something like that is rare, especially now a days. The energy it takes to manifest that is a lot.

Since then it has become more subtle, when I do readings, I don’t really see them, but I hear them it takes much less energy to talk to me than it does for me to see them, and each has a different voice, but because of the disruption of the use of energy now a days with computers, cell phones, blackburrys, I pods, I pads and portable mp3 players and cell towers, it’s like trying to tune in through static.

So when I do a reading, I try to find a location that has the least amount of electrical static or at least controlled static, and then I’ll get answers in 3 or 4 words, sometimes they will show me an image almost like something is being played out. My eyes maybe open but I am not seeing the real world, I’m seeing the spirit images.

It’s like a glass screen has dropped down in front of me, the images are played out on that screen but behind that screen I can see both the real world with the spirit world playing in front of it. then I’ll get a word or two to explain to me what I’m seeing. But I need confirmation from the “questioner” that what I’m seeing is right---when that happens a connection is made stronger and the words and images become more defined.

Sort of like a loose connection being tightened up with the confirmation of it asking like a psychic “screwdriver”.

It takes energy, and if the “questioner” is mentally putting up road blocks or fear that is acting like a road block, then the energy does not flow or flow easily—It’s more like sludge, they may want to get in touch with “aunt Millie” but because of a subconscious fear of doing something that is considered “dealing with demons” they put up the road block.

When I’m trying to connect to my guides about something in my own personal life, I put up road blocks without realizing it. That is why it’s always difficult for a sensitive to read for themselves. So when I try to at least get an idea of what I’ll be dealing with, I just say, “Guys, can you give me a sign”. Then I have to let it go as best as I can, do something mindless, like washing dishes, or sorting through old papers, or filing something, when my mind is doing something repetitive then the answer will filter down to me, sometimes it will come to me in a dream.

But the one thing I have to do is to let it go out into the world and not worry about it.

Because worry and fear is what causes a blockage, easy to say but hard to do.

When I’m doing a reading for a person I will use different things to connect to that person’s energy, I may hold their hand and start by reading their palm, I may do a “4 card reading”, I will ask the person to relax, breathe in and breathe out three times, by doing that they will relax and begin to feel comfortable.

Then, especially with someone new, I inform them that it is not an exact science, that sometimes I’ll get a message that may not make sense, but for the questioner (that would be you) to accept the message, acknowledge it and file it away to study later.

If the “questioner” doesn’t do that Spirit will not let go of the message and start repeating itself---and I hate that. Once the questioner does that then Spirit will go on to the next part.

Sometimes family members will come in, sometimes their spirit guide, I just never know who is going to “drop in”.

One time I was reading for a very nice young lady, and this very Spanish looking man in a yellow gold “charro” outfit, the kind that you see those old style Mexican bands of singers wear appeared and this threw me off, because the lady looked Irish, what they call “Black Irish” black hair, fair skin, blue eyes, so I said to her that what I was seeing didn’t make sense but I described the person----It was her Grandfather! And he performed for years in a Mexican band. And he had a message for her.

So one never knows.

Now how did I learn to listen to spirit----well it was easy for me in a way. Remember 50 years ago we did not have the distractions that we have now a days, T.V. had only 3 channels and if the President was on you could forget “Howdy Doody” or “Superman”.

Sundays were always quiet so that was the best time to “listen” during the day. That’s what my Granny did, she had me learn to listen----We’d go out into her back yard, and I’d have to close my eyes, sometimes my Granny would put a mask over my eyes to make it easier, I sat in a chair and I had to learn to not wiggle. I got comfortable in the chair and then my Granny would say that she was going to be very quiet and I was going to tell her what I heard. Most of the sounds were easy, a car starting up, kids playing ball down the block, but as time went on my Granny had me learn to hear the harder sounds, like the sound of a bee or the high ‘creek, creek’ sound of a humming bird. I can still hear a humming bird if one is around.

Then after a bit I began to hear whispers, my Granny would ask me what was being whispered, it was hard but in time it became clearer.

So what my Granny was doing was teaching me to quiet my mind, focus on one sound, once I knew what it was to discard it put it into the back ground and go to the next sound and do the same thing. Very hard and very tiring.

After my encounter with Brother John, my Granny shifted to do it inside the house at night early evening mostly, and the same way, eventually the whispers started again and became clearer. The time I finally heard it clear it was a deep voice that said “I’m Brother John, I’m sorry I scared you.” And then I felt like a soft kiss on my cheek. I told Granny that and she said tell him ‘thank you and that he is welcomed into the circle’. When I did that I heard what sounded like wings flapping and I told my Granny that and she said “that is one of your angels, say ‘Hello’” and I did.

Then I began to get sleepy and Granny would stop for the evening, I’d have milk and cookies and watch Disneyland after wards. That was my treat.

The hard part was turning the voices off, but Granny said to just tell them to go away that I’m a little girl and I need my sleep. What I didn’t know at the time is Granny would also put Holy water under my bed, and salt in 4 glass containers and place one of them in each corner of my bedroom. Then for good measure she’d put up the pictures of the sacred heart of Jesus and Mary over my bed. I asked her about that, being 10 years old and she said that way Jesus and Mary could watch over me and protect me.

One other thing is to have a night light on in the bathroom that was just off my bedroom, the bit of light would help disrupt the energies.

When I sleep in a hotel or motel room I put a night light on in the bath room and sprinkle a little salt in the corners and use an atomizer to spray holy water as well, I have a small framed picture of Jesus and Mary and put it out when I go to bed. This is to keep them from disrupting my sleep.

Because Spirits of those who have passed on have no concept of time, and for them everything is urgent it needs to be done right now. What they forget is they may have been dead 5, 10, 50 or 100 years, the urgency is no longer important.

It takes a lot of practice to ignore them when I’m in public, so I ask my guides to be my psychic body guards as well and that helps.

When I go Ghost Hunting I always carry a small bottle of Kosher or Sea salt, and sprinkle it on the ground before I get into a car after I go ghost hunting, or I’ll use some holy water. I’ll also say the Saint Michael Prayer and say to the spirits to stay where they are that where I’m going is not home.

That seems to work, with one exception, one time my boyfriend bought an antique that belonged to a dead cowboy and put it in the car and didn’t tell me. Tex” came home with us, but he’s very nice and doesn’t bother us and respects boundaries. But that is one reason why I have to be careful in Antique shops and Thrifty stores and estate sales, many objects will have residual vibrations from the previous owner and if you do not take care to spiritually cleanse it you could have problems.

That doesn’t happen all the time, mostly with very old stuff. Baby toys almost always seem to have a happy vibe so there is usually no problem with those items.

But in the long run I’ve learned to turn them on and off at will by just saying “Time to leave me alone.” And they usually do.

Blessings Ms. Q

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prayer for Protection---Prayer to St. Michael

Hello Everyone, 

When one is seeking to meditate or is seeking to contact and see who are your spirit guides I always recommend to say this prayer first.

It is the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel and is the first prayer recited before even an exorisism.

I’ve always found that to recite this prayer even before retiring to bed is a very good way to protect oneself even during the hours of sleep.

And if you are encountering a difficult situation during the day just mentally say to yourself “St. Michael Defend Me, Protect Me” and he will send to you energy to your Guardian Angel to protect you and give you strength.

Saint Michael the Archangel,

defend us in battle;

be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray:

and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,

by the power of God,

thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits

who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.


Blessings Ms. Q

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spirit Guides Part 3---Who are my Guides

Dear Ms. Q,

I’ve been taught/trained the “old fashioned way” by my Granny, she believed that we always had/have a team working with us, but that one of them would be the “spokesperson” for the team. The others would come into play on an as needed basis.

We do not pray to them or supplicate to them, but we do ask questions of them, such as “I’m feeling something is not right with this situation, should I back out or be on my guard?” and they will response in a very subtle way.

Much of the time when I’m facing that sort of situation my guides will tell me to not move forward, do a “wait and see”. Why do they say that, it’s because at that time they can only see just so far and it may not look good, we have to allow things to develop to see its progress, and then there are times where they will say “Get out now!”

How they communicate with me is varied and diverse, I will speak about that later.

For now as I understand it and from what my “team has told me” I usually work with a team that averages 7 guides and they work this way.

The first is the “Alchemist”.

The second is the gatekeeper

The third is the philosopher

The fourth is the Doctor

The fifth is the Shaman

The sixth is the parent

The seventh is the child.

Each one of them, as I found in my “research”, vibrates or works with the energies of each of one’s 7 charkas. And the one’s that first come to you are not always the one’s that will settle down with you, they will rotate until a perfect match to your spiritual vibrations are found.

Each one has basic duties, not all will directly communicate with you but will work with other guides, your angels or with the other members of your team, they may communicate with you through dreams, or just a subtle sense of something.

Each one can be from a diverse ethic background, and you must not give in to stereotypes so with that in mind I’ll describe the duties of each.

The duties of each one is thus:

The Alchemist is usually the first one to start working with you, this guide works to elevate your energies so that you can start communicating with your other guides, the Alchemist works very hard doing this and must concentrate all his/her energies to that task, this is especially true if you are doing mediumistic or healing work. The alchemist is working with your energy flow so that communication is good between you and your guides and those that you wish to communicate with.

When you take time to meditate it helps the Alchemist and he doesn’t have to work so hard because you then are working with him.

(I’m going to use “he, him” as a gender neutral word because your guides in different positions can be female as well)

The second is the Gatekeeper---this guide works with having other guides and/or souls get in touch with you, but will also work to prevent those that have no business with you stay away. But you have to work with your Gatekeeper, when you start opening up the flood gates it can be overwhelming even for the Gatekeeper, so you as the “sensitive” must make sure you discern if this is a soul/spirit you want to communicate with.

He works like call screening, or an answering machine that you have on all the time, when a call comes in by allowing the screening or machine to do it’s work you can decide whether to answer it or not.

The philosopher works with your throat charka, and helps with of all things philosophy, the philosopher will put before you various forms of communications for you to read, see or hear that will aid your spiritual development, an advance soul will have a philosopher that will enable him to be a teacher as well. Traditionally old time spiritualists thought that the philosopher was Chinese, but that is not so. Although mine is.

The Doctor helps one see things through the emotions of the heart, with compassion, this is not necessarily a medical doctor, this can also be a Doctor of Theology, or one who has achieved what would be a doctorate in any educational field, even in industry or banking.

The Shaman works with your own personal health, the Shaman is not always a Native American but can be from any country that still practices nature healing, one person I know has a Shaman from the Russian Steeples. The Shaman will aid in vision quests or will work with you to let you know what you need to do to keep yourself healthy. This is one guide that we in our very hurry up world seem to neglect. My Shaman seems to have a dual aspect which I will explain later.

The parent is a guide that has you recognize responsibilities in the spirit and physical world, is the one that will work to keep you grounded and see things from a practical side of things. This is almost always a family member, either one that you knew or knew of in your current life time or one that was a family member in a previous life time; many souls will come in at this level to work off Karmic debt.

The child is an interesting guide, just as we have a spirit parent to keep you responsible, the child works on you remembering to have fun. The spirit child’s motto is this “The more advance the human being the greater the need for play”. The child will remind us that the best things in life is that which is simple, we get too caught up in material things that we forget simple things, like mud puddles, bubbles, drawing with crayons or images in the sand, building sand castles, snow angels, cotton candy and circuses, cutting out snow flakes from paper, making daisy chains from lawn daisy’s and other child like things.

The child balances the parent and the parent balances out the child, it is important for the sensitive to not allow one to dominate the other. The spirit child is usually a child one would have had given birth to (which means that if you mis-carry do not despair), or was a friend one played with who died young, may even be a sibling who died before they grew up or was a playmate from a previous incarnation.

When the spirit child has done it’s duty as a guide after you have passed over it will then continue to grow up until it reaches it’s desired age of wisdom, in some cases the spirit of a child that is not a guide will remain a child until the parent that was suppose to have them passes over and they can lead them to the light where they will grow up, no matter what the spirit of a child will grow and mature, but this is at the spirit’s desire.

Now who are my guides and how did I met them and which one is the spokes person for me----I know that would be your next question.

Let me start with my Alchemist----he is a monk from the Franciscan order, I do believe that he was an herbalist in his last incarnation, for I feel comfortable when I’m in one of the California missions and especially if it has an herbal garden, it’s like he gets excited and tries to let me know what they can do. I call him Brother John.

I met him when I was at Mission San Miguel in California, I was all of 10 years old, my Granny was aware that I had the “gift” so she had warned my parents to be on the watch for anything unusual that I might talk about or exhibit.

It was summer, we had gone to Disneyland, it had only been open for a year or so, so my Parents had saved up for the trip (I’ve only been to Disneyland twice the last time was in 1978 so I’m over due), it was 1957, hot, no air-conditioning in the 1936 Chevy, so it was 55 with all 4 windows rolled down, going down Highway 101, Highway 5 had not been constructed. It was my parents, my baby brother and Granny. We had a great time at Disneyland, it was something else, we also saw Knottsberry Farm, I really enjoyed the old time western town best.

On coming back my Granny wanted us to stop at some of the Missions, us being Catholic as well, so this would be an opportunity, of course it added some time to our return trip, but my folks had planned for that. We stopped at one of the Missions, San Miguel (saint Michael) I remember they had a little corral with a shed for a donkey, whose job was to go around in a circle to pump up water in the cistern to water the gardens and for the Friars to use; the little donkey did it morning and evening, never during the heat of the day, so it enjoyed a life of all the free carrots, apples and cookies in the world it could eat, given as handouts by the tourists.

I was at the corral feeding the little thing, while my folks and granny were deciding to see the mission first or the gardens. They were just a little ways from me, when all of a sudden a monk suddenly appeared next to me, he had his hood up; I thought to protect himself from the sun. The donkey saw him and went over to him and the Monk scratched him behind the ears and said he (the donkey) liked that, I looked at the Monk and saw the bluest eyes, a friendly smile and very white teeth, he looked like he’d been tanned by the sun and was very nice looking, I thought to myself he’s too nice looking to want to be a Monk, but didn’t say so.

Instead I offered him one of my carrots to feed to the donkey and what happened is that he dissolved in front of my eyes like smoke, with only his eyes and his smile the last things I saw, well when something like that happens to a 10 year old child the natural reaction is to scream “MAAAAA!!!!” which I did.

My parents came running followed by Granny pushing my brothers stroller, I was sputtering trying to say what I saw and Granny being the calm one got me under control and asked what did I see and I told her. She asked me where did the monk stand and I pointed so she went to that spot stood there and moved her hands around like she was feeling the air, but with her eyes closed, after a bit she turned back to my parents and said “That was one of her guides saying hello, it won’t happen again, not to worry.”

Thanks Grandma!! Just what I needed to hear!

But that night at the motel we were staying at Granny and I sat outside on a pair of those metal lawn chairs watching the sun go down and the shadows grow long and she explained to me what had happened.

That was how I met my first guide, I found out through meditation, with Granny’s guidance that his name was Brother John, and he was my alchemist and would be assisting in bringing in my other guides when the time was right for me to meet each one.

The others came in naturally over time, they were always there in the background working with me but it was only right for me to naturally inquire when I was ready.

My Gatekeeper is the shyest, I don’t know her name I know she is Egyptian and she was a priestess in the temple of Isis, so I call her Isis, I met her when the first King Tut exhibit came around, she came to me in a dream and through meditation I was able to confirm her. She is not my spokesperson strangely enough, my philosopher is.

My philosopher is Chinese American she married a Chinese doctor and calls herself Lady Wu, she is very petite, and very elderly, she will not speak Chinese strangely enough, she came to me during a development session and I suddenly went into a deep trance, and she introduced herself, she asked that my teachers guide me out of my trance and advise me to not go into one again for my health’s sake.

My Doctor is the Rev. Anderson, an Episcopal minister from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who died during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic. As a Doctor of Theology he has given me a very strong insight to the beliefs and ritual aspects of the Catholic Church which I find helps me find myself in the right aspect to look at things spiritually.

My Shaman is a Navaho/Lakota Native American who for some reason wears a buffalo horn headdress, but sometimes will communicate to me through dreams looking like the wrestler called the Undertaker. I know this is a strange combination, but as I understand it his mother was Lakota who married a Navaho shaman, and he took up the shaman’s role as well. He uses the image of the Undertaker to warn me of very serious medical problems but that I will heal from them. The “Undertaker” aspect seems to be fighting that which is making me ill.

My spirit parent rotated on me, it first was my mother’s late sister my aunt Violet, she helped me when I was growing up, then when I was in my mid 20’s my father’s mother my other Grandmother took over those duties. Sometimes she brings in my Uncle Mike on matters relating to money, he does that because he’s working off a karmic debt to me.

My spirit child is the baby I would have had but I miss-carried many years ago, if he had lived I most likely would have named him ‘David’. He keeps me young and sometimes gives me a wicked sense of humor.

I know I took the longest time to show how I met my Alchemist but he’s the one that started it all, Rev. Anderson was introduced to me by another medium and I met him in mediation, my Gatekeeper came to me both physically and through a dream, the same with my Shaman, my spirit parent and child through mediation. Although my spirit child was more dramatic, actually speaking out loud in clear air which very seldom happens unless one is a “physical medium” which I am not, but as I understand it the energies was just right to form a spirit voice.

I will talk about how they communicate with me in another post.

Blessings, Ms. Q

Spirit Guides Part 2--What is a Spirit Guide

Dear Ms. Q,

We are now coming to the more difficult part about spirit guides, Frankly “What Are They?”

First I want to make it clear on several points as to what they are and what they aren’t.

1. A Spirit Guide is not your Guardian Angel---Your Guardian Angel is a separate entity and works in concert with your Spirit Guide and works on a higher level, your Guardian Angel is a direct expression/creation from God, a Guardian Angel has never taken on a human life at any time, although, for brief periods will take on a human disguise from as short as just a few seconds to as long as an hour at the moment you may need them.

2. A True Spirit Guide is Not a demon---although it is possible for a low-level entity or a soul that has passed over that was disturbed to try and disguise themselves as a spirit guide, but they can be quickly found out by putting questions to them and can also be sent off by reciting the Prayer to St. Michael.

3. A Spirit Guide is a being that has lived at least one life time on Earth---since lowering their energies to our 3 dimensional world or any 3 dimensional world is a “School” for learning. They do this so that they will have an idea and understanding of the struggles of the human condition so that they can relate. But also to a Spirit Guide the material things that we accumulate really has no importance.

4. A Spirit Guide never has been an animal in one life then a human in another life time, but we can have Animal spirit guides whose energies we connect to, draw from them a sense of their power, or ‘natural’ instincts.

5. We can have more than one spirit Guide, some come to help us for certain needs, and others will stay with us for our entire physical life. We also can have more than one Guardian Angel to work with us as well.

6. Many mediums seem to work with just one spirit guide and may prefer to work that way, and there are others who work with a “team”. John Edward refers to his team of guides as “The Boys”. Arthur Fords’ Spirit Guide was a childhood friend who died young. Sylvia Browne worked for some time with “Francine” who lived one life time during the time of the ancient Maya’s and has been contacted by a Persian philosopher, working on her 3 stage of development.

7. The old time mediums seem to refer to or prefer that their spirit guides be either native American, Chinese or Persian philosophers thinking that their wisdom being in the Natural world or that their civilization developed sooner therefore they maybe wiser. But in truth, they are beings that have in many cases lived more than one life time and will take on that guise that best suits working with the Medium.

8. In a number of Spiritualist Churches they developed a system in which you work with a team of Spirit Guides usually 7. I happen to have a team of 7 that will come in as needed to cover different questions or aspects of need.

9. When we are on the other side, prior to our being re-incarnated we will work with a group of spirit guides and our guardian angels to plan the life we need to live to learn our next life lesson or to work over again a life lesson that we did not learn fully. While on that side the guides will ‘volunteer’ to work with the individual, but may rotate to find out which one is best suited to our earthly vibrations. They do not get upset about this they know that there are others who need their help as well.

10. Spirit guides can be composed of people that we knew in other life times, family members, friends from the current life time and previous life times, as well as volunteers. They take on the job of spirit guides so that they can spiritually continue to grow and understand and progress along their own spiritual development and/or to work off Karmic debt. For those that are working off a karmic debt they may take on another human incarnation as needed.

11. Those that have done spirit guide work will sometimes come back and take on another earthly incarnation as part of their soul development to an even higher level.

12. In Soul development or ages, you will have spirit guides starting at the elder Mature level, never anything younger.

13. What is the purpose of a Spirit Guide? They are like “teachers” to help the younger souls develop and process in their advancement as well as improving the state of the human condition, with the idea that the perfect state is to love and help one another.

To the Spirit guide as I said before, to them the material possessions that we have or acquire have no importance to the development or advancement of one’s soul. But because we have to live in this 3 dimensional world we have to work towards a balance of spirit and material wealth.

For example, to have a reliable car to transport you is fine, but to go for a BMW when a reliable Ford will do is an abuse of wealth. Because wealth is only a trapping to establish a form of higher ranking in the material world. When in the spiritual world it is meaningless.

The advancement of the soul, the creation of ideas, the helping the helpless or needy is more important. But even within that we are working with our feelings of self-preservation and sanitation and cleanliness.

That does not mean to ignore everything that keeps us healthy, no, it means we have to achieve a balance and to encourage people to work with the correct mores or etiquette of an advance society, by doing that we will create order and balance and salvation out of chaos. But not within a theocracy or a diasporas society, nor even in a commune, because our Spirit guides are also trying to teach us that each soul advances at a different rate.

We need to come to this 3 dimensional world as our souls age to understand and appreciate the beauty and perfection that can be achieved on the spiritual side.

This does come in contrast to those Ghost Hunters that work with EVP and seem to get responses that seem to not indicate a Heaven, but one has to realize each soul that goes to the spirit side is at a different level of development and those that are higher see no need to communicate most of the time.

The idea of this soul development is to achieve a state of grace that there is no need to come back into the physical world and instead work with the Devine Being as a whole. We and spirit guides do not become angles, but we work in concert with the Angels.

This is because we are still susceptible to fallibility, and yes we can eventually incarnate on different worlds and do the whole process again. The concept of parallel universes is not outside the realm of possibilities

There are other concepts or opinions about "what are Spirit Guides" wikipedia has a very good definition if you want to see what they say.

My next post will be about my Team of Spirit Guides, and how I communicate with them.

Blessings Ms. Q