Friday, August 16, 2013

What is it about Railroad Spikes that makes them effective?~~~

I was asked  recently by a reader of my blog while she was reviewing my blog site, "What is it about Railroad Spikes that makes them important in protection and such."

I really like the "and such" part which covers a lot of things.

Railroad spikes are made of iron, not steel, but iron and cold iron is always effective against negative energy.

There is a legend about that among Christians that it was iron spikes or nails that were used to nail Jesus to the cross when he was cruisified, and because it was used upon the Son of God and his blood washed over the iron that iron will always either contain or destroy evil. 

Its more than that, iron can be magnitized to create a magnetic field which can affect energy, if you've ever seen those games where there's this cartoon face enclased in a flat plastic sheet and at the bottom are all these black filings, those filings are iron and you run a magnet over them they become attracted to it and you can create hair or a mustash or beard, eye brows or something.

But Iron can also be magnitized to create and open or shut closed a spiritual dementional portal.   That is why old time cemeteries have iron gates and fences or at least posts to create a barrier to keep spirits in, at least the negative ones.  But also to prevent anyone who practices necromancy from using the spirits of the departed unwillingly.

It's different if you buy the spirits services and leave a "payment" because then the spirit can refuse to assist you, but in necromancy the spirits are enslaved, so the creation of iron gates and fences are for everyone's protection, alive or dead.

In opening or closing a portal one can use newly made iron spikes, not necessairly railroad spikes, these are thinner and with a sharp point to drive into the ground or the wall and need to be magnetized, you can find on other websites how to magnetize iron spikes, the process is fairly simple.

But used Railroad spikes for protection, shielding, and warding is the best.   Why used?  Because they have been infused with the energy of the desile or steam trains that run over them again and again.  Espeically Steam Trains---why Steam trains, because they are alive, they breathe, they fire up to become active, they have a sort of song they sing with their whistles, an Engineer working with a steam locomotive can feel right through the metal plates how the engine is running, the Steam train "talks".  

The native americans when they first saw the Steam train in the Mid- 1800's,  thought it was a living breathing monster and called it the iron horse, they also realized that the iron horse could only go where the iron path was, so if they "removed" the path it would stop or destroy the iron horse. 

Some times if one goes to a place that runs historic steam trains you might be able to buy the used iron rail spikes as souviners from the steam tracks. 

In Ifa or Voodoo they are associated with one of the major Orisha's that is a warrior god.  But in witchcraft they also have their protection uses.

Never get the spikes from an active, in use rail line, it could cause serious destruction,  it is different if its from an abandon rail line or if you buy them from a metaphysical shop,  since many goods are still be transported by rail, there will always be used spikes available,  they don't have to be straight, they can be curved or curled, but always obtain them legally.

If you come across an old abandon rail line and you can remove the spikes, leave a gift of cigars and white rum, just place the cigars on the tracks and pour the rum on the rails as tribute, they represent the fire and earth element for which the spikes are forged.

If you buy them the payment is to pay for those offerings,  prices range between $3 to 10 dollars a rail spike,  but I would try to not go over $5.

There is another source for iron spikes but not from a rail line.  

There are organizations that do period re-enactments, such as the Civil War groups,  they buy their equipment from Sutlers, and those Sutlers that offer period tents for sale most of the time will offer tent spikes as well and these are made from iron,  these are longer and slimmer than railroad spikes and are only infused with the energy of being forged, it does not make them any less effective but if you cannot find railroad spikes for sale, these are a good substitute.   So just google in the word  Sutler or Sutlers Civil War and you are bound to come up with a number of sites.

And that is why Railroad spikes are so effective.

Bright Blessings, Ms.Q

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A burial ritual~~~~


I've not been posting here for a while as you know.  With work being done on my house, and doing a weeding out of things I do not need, I have not had the time to continue with my "essays" on "Warding and Shielding".

I will pick that thread up soon as I get things done.

But I wanted to tell you something that I recently did.

I've been going through things that I do not need, including clothing that I no longer fit into, (loss weight---a good thing), but in going through things I also discovered things like long lost friends.

However there was one thing I did discover that I was very sad to see, I had a small shoe box which contained the felt slippers of my late Grandmother, I loved her dearly and learned a lot from her.  Many a time I feel her close to me, but when I opened the shoe box I discovered that the slippers were disintegrating, the felt was becoming powder from old age.

I could not throw them out, I felt that would be dis-respectful, but I knew in time they would become dust, a pale blue dust, and I sensed I could no longer have them in my closet, so what to do?

I meditated on it and an answer came to me.   I would bury them.  First I gathered the dust that was in the shoe box into a small jar and labeled it.

Then carefully choosing a spot in my garden near where I've buried my pet (they have headstones) I designated an area which I would use to bury those items I find from family members that are disintegrating and have no possible physical use......But they do have a spiritual use.

You see objects or items, be it clothing or something else does collect and hold the energy of the late owner, that is why its important to "cleanse" spiritually any object purchased at a yard or Estate Sale or from a 2nd hand or thrift shop,  with clothing one can add a pinch of sea or kosher salt to wash water or a bit of holy water and say a prayer over it. 

With a solid object one can either smudge it with Sage or Frankincense or bless it with holy water, there are other purification rituals written in many books and on the internet and they all work well.  Just be aware of what will work best with the item, depending upon what the item is made of.

In this case I did not want to eliminate the spiritual essence of my Grandmother, it was spiritually connecting between her and me.   So I freshened the ground, made it clean from weeds but so it would also allow flowers or herbs or grass to grow, then I blessed the ground to make it holy, by using holy water and praying over it, stating my intentions of having it as a holy place. 

I allowed then the ground to rest a few days and during that time looked for an appropriate headstone for it.  I found one of a standing angel blowing a kiss, in of all places, at our local CVS pharmacy store (this place also carries many things for home, personal and outdoor use).

Then I wanted to be sure to be able to bring her energy to me so at the start of the first 3 days of the Full moon, I buried the slippers contained in their shoe box in my little cemetery, with prayers asking for my Grandmother to watch over me and my family and our house and property and all our pets living and dead that are with us both physically and spiritually.

I then did a decade of the rosary of the Glorious Mysteries that speaks of resurrection (or life after death) and then placed the angle (which stands 18 inches tall) on top of the burial site.  Then I planted some flower seeds as well, nasturtiums,  since the burial was just away from the fence I decided I would also plant behind it a border of outdoor violets.

By doing this, I knew that at any time I could call upon the spirit of my grandmother when I needed her help, either using a touch of the powder that I saved from the disintegrating slippers or from the dirt at the tiny grave.

Sometimes improvisation can be helpful, and since I know that I will never be moving from my home it is a perfect solution.

If you are blessed to own a home (and I do mean own) in which you know you will not sell, this is a perfect and quick solution alternative for harnessing power.

For those of you who live in an apartment, if you have a patio or outside balcony and have one of those portable green houses, you can come up with an alternative as well, with implementing creativity.

Blessings,  Ms. Q.