Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Use of coins~~

Hello Ms. Q,

"why do we use coins?"

I know,----why do we use coins?   There are many reasons for that, one is to "purchase" something spiritual ie graveyard dirt, or to barter with, or to ground or anchor with, such as using it with railroad spikes.

But the use of coins is much, much older. 

Here in the States we use either Mercury Dimes or Indian Head pennies,  either silver or copper as these are underground metals and are used in the construction of magical materials.

If you are going to use silver or copper coins it is best to buy what coin dealers call "sliders"  these are coins so worn down that its difficult to see or read their markings and as a collectible coin almost worthless except for the metal (silver/copper) content.   So I would buy "sliders".

Now if this is a foreign country it still has to be a coin with silver/copper content but the image has to be different, such as a solider or famous military person or a powerful symbol, such as the Mexican peso with the image of the eagle and the snake, one has to apply a symbol for the type of power one wants to generate for whatever type of use.

There is a lot more to this but I'll have to again "dig" through my books and notes of what my Granny said about coins.

I'll post on that in greater depth later.

Blessings Ms. Q

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Can candles be just white??

Hello Ms. Q,

"Why do we use candles of certain colors?"

I know.   There has been a very big deal on using certain color candles to do candle magic.  But this is a modern invention especially when it was discovered how to put dye into candles.

Even the Bay Berry Candle in it's natural state is whitish but with a slight green tinge, a true bayberry candle is made from the wax on the berries of that tree, and is used for money or prosperity rituals but was time consuming to make and expensive to buy.  Even in the 1940's most candles were white, either from beeswax or paraffin,  the common ones were paraffin while bees wax was used for churches and religious uses. 

In the late 1930's novelty candles slowly developed but they would have a wax color coating and not be the same color all the way through, for example around Christmas especially in the 1950's you'd fine these cute choir boy candles but when they melted it would be mostly white with just the thin color wax coating,  this was to save money as the dyes were at that time expensive and especially during World War II  color candles were rare, one used only the basic white candles if the lights when out in emergencies or blackout conditions.

I asked my Granny one time about using color candles and she said to me that it was silly really, because in her day the candles would be white and you'd carve symbols on them to represent what you wish was.  But the symbols had to be something that you constantly referred to in your magical workings,  the most obvious is the Dollar sign $ for money, or drawing a heart for love.   Sticking pins or square nails into a candle with the name of one's victim carved on it and then lighting the candle and letting it burn down as the nails would drop out one by one, so that the victim would waste away was another form of candle ritual magic.

But using color candles was out of the price range for most folks and it was not unusual to buy plain white candles in her day.  She knew of some people who'd make their own candles, simple pain molds were easy and they would mix into the wax either bits of pine needles for prosperity, bits of red paper or thread or cloths for love, black for hexing, blue cloth for peace,  a few items from the victim into the wax like hair or nail clippings, blood was always good, but hard to obtain for hexing again.

As a child when she was growing up it was not unusual to make one's own candles even if Kerosene was available sometimes it would be expensive or inconvenient to buy so using candles was perfectly acceptable.

But usually they would carve into it what they wanted because it intensified the ritual.

Now a days its easy to buy color candles in grocery stores and the inexpensive dollar stores, most of the time they will have a saints picture on it,  and the glass enclosed ones are safest, you can use either the small hobby paint to paint symbols on the glass, like the stuff to paint model cars, but with all the different color nail polish that's out there, it is not unusual to use nail polish to paint symbols onto the glass. 

The bottom line is this---If all you can find is a white candle then use the white candle and it will be just as effective, it is really your intent and the strength of your energy to put into the ritual that carries it as well as the strength of your focus.

But the one thing my Granny cautioned is never take a used candle to do a ritual.  If you have a half used candle for a love ritual and you plan to use it in a hex ritual it won't work and will backfire on you and negate the previous ritual. 

Any candle that is used for a ritual should burn down to the bottom, then take what is left over and dispose of it,  most people say bury it, but if it's a glass enclosed candle, just recycle the glass, the heat of the recycling process will burn away any residual effects.   But each type of ritual or spell has different means of disposing the remaining workings.

I will research this through my notes and post that at a later time.   But for now, if all you've got are white candles---go ahead and use them.

Blessings, Ms. Q

Friday, January 18, 2013

Railroad spikes as protection~~~

Hello Everyone,

This has been a very popular question:

Dear Ms. Q,

"I've seen used Railroad spikes sold in metaphysical shops and botanicas.  What is their purpose?"

Rail Road spikes, I know, of what use is rail road spikes, well they are excellent for protection primarily.

Of course if you live in an apartment hammering rail road spikes into the floor would make the tenants and the landlord very unhappy, but there is an alternative for that, but let’s start with standard rail road spikes.

Now a days you can go on line and buy railroad spikes, they have been used and removed from the tracks as the tracks were repaired so those that are found are the best.

If you are walking along a rail road line (and be very careful that you are very alert for any trains) and you find discarded rail road spikes that would be perfect. Never remove any spikes from any rail road line that is illegal and dangerous both to you and the train and its staff and passengers. Avoid trapping yourself in an area where you do not have any means of escape from harm, so don’t walk over any bridges or anything like that.

The easiest of course, is to buy the spikes and that does not make them any less effective in magical working, they are just as effective just less dangerous for you to collect, unless you have a friend who works on the railroad, then I would say “Jack Pot!”

If you own a house or are even renting a house you can “nail” the property down to keep any evil energies out, and if you own your house you can “nail” the property to avoid as much as possible foreclosure.

First figure out the configuration of your property, if it’s the usual rectangle or square then that is easy.

If the lot is an odd shape then figure out the shape looking for corners were the property lines meet. If your property is fenced in that makes it very easy, but if it’s not, then determine what is your property line, with all the corners including the front part of your property that will tell you the number of spikes you will need plus the number of silver coins or Indian head pennies---

A slight digression here, some methods suggest using dimes since you are buying the services of a spirit although some methods suggest using Indian head pennies because then you can call upon the power of the Native America peoples who lived in America first to act as scouts and as your first wards of protection.

Once you’ve figured out the number of spikes and coins then use the Fiery Protection Oil. Dress or coat each of the railroad spikes with this oil, rubbing it onto each spike from the butt toward the point. So rub the oil in one direction only, from the top or rounded end and then stroke downwards only toward the pointed end. As you do this, pray over the spike as you dress it for God to protect your home, keep your feet firmly planted in that property and to defend you from anyone that would seek to remove you from that property or harm you and your property and anyone who lives with you on that property. You finish with praying Psalm 23, Psalm 18 and Psalm 1 over all the spikes and coins.

Now hammer one spike down at each corner of your property. Try to place it at
the perimeter of the land so that you can secure ALL of your land, but if you
can’t, then make sure to at least place the railroad spikes in the ground
outside the four corners of your home. Pound them into the ground as you pray
and make sure to get them down below the level of the earth so they are not

Make sure you are not driving the spikes into any gas, water, sewer or electric lines, now once the spikes are below the ground place the coin on top of the spike and cover it with graveyard dirt that you have “purchased” from the grave of a family member, preferably one who served in the military and have asked to secure your home, then traditionally one is suppose to urinate on each spike after it has been driven in the ground however that can be difficult especially if your property is in plain public view, so have a jar of your urine on had and pour some on each spike after it’s been nailed into the ground, it works the same way an animal marks it’s territory.

Your home is now secured.

Now some people ask why railroad spikes, well they are made out of iron and cold iron is one of the best things to keep away negative energies. Iron is a powerful magical substance that works to ground or earth approaching energy. Any negative magic launched at the home would be earthed into the ground as it tried to cross the railroad spikes.

As a matter of fact many old time cemeteries use to have Iron gates and fences in the belief that any restless spirit buried in the graveyard would remain there for they cannot cross a line made of iron. In some old cemeteries or graveyards you might see either a simple or complicated designed fences around individual or family grave sites.

Some witches and magicians would have either staffs or wands that would be tipped or banded with iron. I saw in one woman’s home in her basement several magical circles to contain any energies that would be invoked. The basement was where she had her magical altars and other things for her work, but she had to have a separate room built down there to contain the hot-water heater and washer and dryer so that they would not not be interfered with, and she spiked them to prevent any thing from “fiddling” with her “laundry” room.

Now if you live in a town house, condo or apartment using railroad spikes is not as easy, so find the 4 farthest outside reaches of your unit, then get 4 square cut nails, not round top nails they must be square cut nails.

Dress them and pray over them as if they were spikes, cover them briefly with the graveyard dirt then remove them from the dirt and then drop them into a shallow dish of your urine and then nail them into the baseboards of your unit and it will work the same way.

Now if you are going to sell your property since this will be a move of your choice that will be different, once the sale is done, find your spikes and remove them from the property, and take them with you to use at your next location, re-energizing them and re-purchasing the graveyard dirt for your new location.

If you are living in a unit where you did this with the square cut nails, leave the nails there but inform your spirit whose services you purchased that their work is done and they can leave until you request their services again. Wait until after you’ve had the final walk through with your landlord to inform the spirit and make sure your unit is thoroughly clean by that time.

I've known some people who use railroad spikes as door stops to hold their doors open, but then they have them placed very close to the door as well to negate any negative energies from crossing the threshold.   I even have one placed in my fireplace since I consider the chimney as another entrance for energies,  I keep it there even when I'm burning a fire in the fire place and then when the ashes are cold I swept them out but leave the spike there, and during the warm months it remains there as well.

I know of one person who lives in an R.V. (recreational vehicle) and keeps a railroad spike next to the doorway,  and has several extra with dimes soldered to their sides  when he sets up his vehicle where he's going to camp he hammers them into the ground but keeps them above ground and just ties down his awnings with them, it works as a disguise and protects at the same time, after he's tied his awnings down he pours a little of his urine on the spikes each time he sets up camp. 

When he leaves the last thing he packs away is the awnings and ropes pulls up the spikes and puts them in a special box,  another thing he does with the spikes is tie a red cloth to the tops of the spikes as added protection both spiritual and physical that way he won't forget any of them.

There are other things one can use the railroad spikes for, as I come across them I'll post it.

Blessings, Ms. Q

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An alternative for Graveyard Dirt~~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

Yes there is an alternate way to collect graveyard dirt, granted its not nearly as effective, but it does work.

Potted plants, yes potted plants.  Purchase some inexpensive potted plants or get plastic pots and grow flower seeds in them with clean potting soil,  marigolds are the easiest.   They are also considered the flowers of the dead.

Take the blooming plants any time during the spring, entering the cemetery or graveyard by means of the procedures that I have given you and then go to the grave that you wish to purchase the services. 

This works best with elevated headstones, the ones that are flush with the ground do not work well for this procedure.

Place the blooming pot on the ledge of the headstone and ask the spirit of the person you wish to assist you to infuse their energy into the dirt in the pot of blooming flowers,  plant a silver coin in the dirt on the grave, leave the potted plant until either end of Summer, early Fall.   Many grounds keepers will not disturb a pot that in put into the holding cup of an elevated head stone since it is off the actual ground and there for easier to cut the grass.

When you go back to collect the pot label it with the name of the person, dates of birth and death and name of cemetery and purpose.  The plant material should be very dry by now and can be used as well as the dirt,
for magikal purposes.   You can keep the pots in a small portable potting shed outside, I've seen wire ones with clear plastic covers.  You can have it in your patio or balcony if you live in an apartment.   Then you can use that dirt following the procedures and times to collect the dirt as if you were going to the graveyard.

Now one of the ladies that my Granny use to know would do that because it was hard for her to go to a cemetery but she could go at least twice or 4 times a year before the hard winter sets in, so she'd do that.

But she'd vary the flowers,  marigolds for hexing, violets for peace and love,  those small miniature roses for breakups or disturbances or getting rid of someone,  snapdragons to affect a man's love in a negative way, baby's breath for harmony, you get the idea, but she'd leave the plants in their pots there at the graveyard, she would not water them, they had to become dry and be part of the soil, infused with the spirit, and then at the right time with the right gifts she'd buy the dirt from those pots.  And it seemed to work.  

But to make sure that the spirits would not follow her into her house until she was ready to do her magik she'd plant "hen and chicks around the potting shed and have that large pot with lots of pebbles as well, no salt because of the plants and she'd also have two more of those pots one at the back door and one at the front door with small pebbles and salt.  But she'd plant Hen and Chicks along her walk ways to both doors.  That way the spirits couldn't come in uninvited.

She'd also use that potting shed to start more seedlings for more pots as it became time to need more dirt.

And she'd always seemed successful in her workings, so this is an alternative to do. 

But don't be disappointed if the pots that you leave in the spring are missing in the fall, it just means that the grounds keepers are doing a very serious job of cleaning.  Keep trying until you succeed.

For now that is all that I know about graveyard dirt.

My next posts will be about the use of railroad spikes.

Blessings, Ms. Q

Friday, January 11, 2013

Full proceedures to gather Graveyard Dirt~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

Well I’ve given you a lot of the basic premise for Graveyard Dirt, now I’m going to put it together as a whole.

First you now know that Graveyard Dirt is really dirt, not Mullin or anything else.

Next decide the type of spell that you need to do for the situation that demands it.

Then the type of grave to use, and if you have free access to a graveyard, the time to gather it. If you do not have free access then as close to Sundown as possible without raising suspicion, but then you need to know if it’s a full moon that night or a dark or a new moon. So consult your Astrological calendar.

The next thing to decide on is the location on the grave to gather the dirt. For most spells taking it from the head is usual, from the heart for love, from the feet for domination.

Next is putting together your “kit”, that which you’ll need to gather the dirt, coins both silver or copper, 9 copper coins for the spiritual gatekeeper (more on that in a bit), maybe a small bottle of whisky, a little tobacco (depends on what will work best for offerings but you have to have those coins because you are buying services, if you’re taking it from a baby’s or small child’s grave then add a bit of candy or a small stuff toy to put on the grave) your bottles, labels and pens, small hand garden shovel, flowers either cut or in a pot as both an extra offering as well as a cover up, if it’s getting dark then a tea light incased in a clean clear glass jar to light up the area, plus something to light it with, gloves (simple cloth garden gloves works well, but if you’re in an area where there’s dangerous animals, insects then leather)

Have something to carry this stuff in, a tote bag or small duffel bag.

Most cemeteries one can drive through, but if there is parking outside, park out side first, go to the gate way entrance of the graveyard/cemetery stand to one side to allow other cars to go through but then ask silently for permission from the spiritual guardian of the cemetery to enter to do your work, once you feel the permission has been granted, put 9 copper coins (pennies)next to the gate in a place where it’s not easily seen, and then either walk or drive into the cemetery, if there is no parking outside, then drive just inside the gate get out of the car being careful to not block the entrance and ask permission.

Then send out the meditation energies to the grave you’ve selected earlier, when you approach it do not dig yet, ask permission silently or softly if you can “purchase” their services and state the reason, then listen for their response, if it’s yes see if you can sense what they may want as payment in addition to the coin, if they were a drinker or smoker the whiskey and tobacco can be an addition plus the flowers, but if they were a family member and female, maybe a little candy with the coin and the flowers, although there were some female members of my family that liked a little wine.

Those small bottles that one finds for air lines work real well.

If they say no, then send out a “message” to one that might be receptive, you will almost always get a response or a grave will send out an energy and draw you to them.

Then gather the dirt from the correct area, if there is soft sod or grass, remove it as a plug to put back after you’ve gather the dirt from underneath, then drop the silver dime or if they also request any copper pennies, into the hole in payment for the dirt, thank the spirit and say "As I have paid you in silver, so shall you pay me in labor!" you can then pour the whiskey or wine or candy into the hole, and replace the plug of sod to cover the hole.

Now comes a bit of “book keeping”, write down the name, birth and death dates of the grave as well as the cemetery on a piece of paper or label and affix it to the bag or jar. Hold the bag or bottle of dirt in your hand and pray hard for the spirit of the grave to come with you, that there is work to do, and that it is through this work that their spirit will be elevated and redeemed. This is especially good if it is to correct an injustice.

Place the flowers at the grave and even on the grave next to it just in case.

Leave the grave knowing that you have that spirit's assistance and its power in the grave's dirt. Don't look back. Leave the cemetery and go home by a different route than the one you came by otherwise more than just that spirit will come with you, at the gate turn around three times (if you’re walking) or get out of your car and do that, it confuses any spirits that might decide to attach themselves to you. Sometimes sprinkling a little sea salt on the bottom of the car’s door frame or on the driver’s side mat helps, or a pinch of salt (if you’re walking) drop behind you as you exit.

Then go home, before you enter your house, turn around three times, make it look like you are just checking things out like anything around the outside of your home or the neighborhood. Be subtle. This is to also confuse the spirits in case any of them decided or are able to circumvent the gates of the cemetery, also have outside next to your front door a pot with a lot of small pebbles and sea salt, add another pebble to it before you enter, spirits will have a compulsion to want to try and count what is inside the pot, and if they try and are still there by sunrise they are forced to return to the cemetery.

A small planter with a succulent plant nick-named “Hen and Chicks” also works well to keep spirits and evil beings out side of your home, if you live where there is a lot of frost or snow, bring it just inside the door and protect it from the cold, as this is a plant that does well in milder climates like Italy or California, Arizona, Portugal, Spain, Mexico places like that.

Then start preparing the dirt, yes Ms. Q the dirt needs to be prepared, there are two ways to dry the dirt out, one is to tie the dirt up one bottle’s worth at a time so you don’t confuse or mix up the dirt, in an old tea shirt or old cotton dish towel, so the dirt will dry out. Another method which is good if you’ve only collected a small amount is to lay out the dirt on a piece of foil to thoroughly dry out.

Once it’s dry (and do this next step outside or if you’re doing it inside wear a mask to not breath in the dust) sift the dirt into fine grains, larger clumps or bits of rocks/pebbles, tiny roots, any dead bugs, any live ones or worms (this is if you dig very deep) that you find, put into a jar and release at the nearest open field (even a school or park baseball or football field) and release them.

The dirt that is either fine dust, clumps, rocks/pebbles, roots, dead bugs, keep those but put them into separate jars or bags but with the same name on the label, keep a list or notebook of whom you gathered dirt from and for what purpose, each part of it can be used depending on the spell or if you are making a mojo bag or packet. Another way to store the dirt is in a small paper bag or a zip lock baggie with the name, birth and death dates and name of cemetery on it.

Every time you use the dirt, call the spirit by name and command it to assist you with your work by the contract you and the spirit made in the cemetery.

Some other examples of graves to use in magical purposes are these:

Using the graveyard dirt of a lawyer to win a court case

Using the graveyard dirt of a detective or police officer to expose a rapist

Using the graveyard dirt of a dockworker, carpenter etc. to get steady employment that’s if you are a blue collar worker, a white collar worker is for more “office” work

Using your grandma's graveyard dirt to get your perfect mate

Using graveyard dirt from a doctor to help you overcome illness

Another option is to use dirt from the grave of someone who you may not have personally known but is generally known to you by reputation, like dirt from a famous writer’s grave for creative inspiration, dirt from a wealthy person for prosperity spells.

And then there are other dirt’s a person might consider collecting although some I would not recommend:

Mentally Disturbed / Insane person : To cause insanity, mental instability, etc.

WARNING: When collecting this dirt, do remember that you're dealing with the spirit of someone who was obviously mentally disturbed. This can backlash upon you.

Murderer / Killer : The older the dirt, the better in this case. Dirt from the grave of someone who has taken human life can be extremely powerful in matters of revenge and causing harm. Especially if the person was hung by the neck.

WARNING: Do be aware that incorporating this type of dirt into your magikal practices can even cause DEATH! And like the insane person can be an instable energy to work with.

A Murdered person: This dirt is very useful in matters of injustice or wrong-doing.

Nun / Priest / Pastor: Used in situations where spiritual guidance and spiritual protection are needed. However some people will unscrupulously use this to present or to convey the appearance of goodness and innocence to the outside world. This is a type of glamour or glamoury spell and it cannot hold up against someone who is truly good.

There are other types of dirt that is gathered for other purposes that are not from graves, I will cover those in my next post, as well as an alternative way of getting graveyard dirt and  although not quiet as powerful it still can be very effective.   I will post that as my final post on Graveyard dirt in my next posting.  After that I will post about railroad spikes and their uses.

So one more post on Graveyard dirt.

Blessings Ms. Q

Monday, January 7, 2013

Films You Should Watch and a book~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

"I watch a lot of movies are there any that you like that show what doing the work is like?"

Yes, let me be more specific, there are two movies that I strongly recommend you watch.  Granted, compared to today's over exagerated films like "Paranormal Activity" they may seem tame, but they are by far very, very accurate on how the paranormal energies really work, and should be taken far more seriously, than more recently films.

The one with Dana Andrews was filmed in 1957, the British Title was “Night of the Demon” the American Title is “Curse of the Demon” but I recommend watching the longer British version because the American release removed several important key scenes, the British version runs close to 96 minutes. The edited American release is only 81 minutes.

What I liked about the film is the power of the energies, and how the principal character as played by Dana Andrews senses something just beyond one’s own senses, which is how most magical works feel. The seance scene is also excellent as I have attended seances very much like that.

The 2nd British film stars Peter Wyngard and Janet Blair and was filmed in 1962, the British title is “Night of the Eagle” the American title is more dramatic “Burn, Witch, Burn”. In one of the scenes the hero comes across some bottles filled with dirt with names on the labels, and it’s much like that.

The one thing that I dis-like about “Night of the Demon” is showing the Demon in the beginning and end of the movie, originally the Demon was only suppose to be suggested and never shown, it would have been a far better movie if it had been filmed that way, in fact if I was to do the picture today but have it set in the late 1950’s I would eliminate showing the demon and leave it up to the audience.

There are some scenes that slightly exaggerate magical workings more for dramatic effect, but I have seen things  that happen very close to what is shown in the movie.

With the other film “Burn, Witch, Burn” look for the longer British version under it’s own title “Night of the Eagle” again some sequences are done for dramatic effect but in principal especially with negative workings it can be close to that and it can have the same backlash, that is why doing negative workings can be dangerous.

The principals that Fritz Limber outlines in his fictional work “Conjure Wife”, that the movie "Burn, Witch, Burn" is based upon,  that is all magical workings have a formula, but he presents it as a mathematical formula to find the basic principals is essentially correct, one has to find out what will work for you, meditation and study and comparison of various spells can help one find one that will work best for a person depending upon the magic to be done. I do recommend getting the book for your own library as well as the films. I believe the book is available in paperback.

Oh and in one part of my previous post it says “Sulfur and sales” it’s suppose to be “Sulfur and salt” I would  use iodized salt as a last resort, and prefer to use either sea salt or kosher salt. Some times I could curse “spell correct”.

If you can find the 1940’s film version of “Conjure Wife” with Lon Chaney, Jr. it was titled “Weird Woman” it drifts from the original story but is fun entertainment as well, especially to see how film handles this subject matter from decade to decade.

I need to work a little longer on my next part on the subject of Graveyard Dirt, so I may take a few days, keep checking the blog dear reader.

Ms. Q

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Times to "Purchase" Graveyard Dirt~~

Dear Ms. Q,

"Is there a certain time or moon phase to purchase Graveyard dirt?"

I was taught this many years ago by both my Grandmother as well as two of her friends who came from the South,  so some of what I learned is from those areas and some is what my Grandmother was taught as well.

I've seen people who have posted around and they have learned either from their mentors or have read it in a Folklore Book by a man names Hyatt.

So much of it still hold true,  it worked then it still works now.

I recommend that you read a book by Fritz Lieber titled "Conjure Wife"  it was made into two movies one in the 1940's with Lon Chaney jr. titled "Wierd Woman", the other film done in the late 50's early 60's titled "Burn Witch Burn",  although fiction and film, the premise on which they are based is correct and older than time. 

As a matter of fact I recommend watching as a "double feature" the two British made movies "Burn Witch Burn" aka "Night of the Eagle" and "Night of the  Demon" aka "Curse of the Demon" starring Dana Andrews, both were done in the late 50's early 60's look for the longer time versions of these two films as the American released edited out some scenes.  It's amazing how these had all the spiritual information almost correct, and not over exaggerated either, but very close to how magic would work.  Although some scene's I feel were over played for dramatic effect.

The Timing to obtain the dirt is also important, most of the old graveyards are some what accessible but because of vandalism many cemeteries have guards to prevent as much as possible such desecration.

I give you these times for your own information and if you are able to gain the trust of a caretaker or grounds keeper to be able to have access to such locations, but sometimes you maybe lucky to find such a place.

Now in a number of regions of the United States you have to be careful in old graveyards and cemeteries at night not only because of trespassing, but also because of poisonous snakes, this is especially true in the West, Southwest, and in the South due to Rattlesnakes, Coral Snakes, Cottenmouths and Copperheads, just to name a few.

There are also scorpions, Black Widow Spiders and the deadly Brown Recluse Spiders again just to name a few, also poison oak and poison ivy.

Check to find out what kind of dangerous, venomous insects and reptiles could be lurking among the old grave sites, wear thick leather gloves, boots that are mid calf, long sleeves, high turtle necks and a head covering to keep them out of your hair, carry your offerings, your jars, labels and pens to write on the labels, as well as a small handheld garden shovel in a carry bag, include flowers as well. Take also a long stick or cane to ward off snakes and such.

If you think you've come in contact with poison oak or ivy, remove your clothing as soon as you get home, wash it in hot water and take a shower immediately.

Now you might get lucky and find an old urban cemetery that doesn’t have as many problems that I have named, otherwise find out when the cemetery closes its gates, usually its at Sundown, however as the days get longer and twilight is lengthened that will give you a certain advantage.

If you live in Europe, in Asia, more rural Canada, in any of the South American States anywhere Mexico and further South again exercise caution both physically and legally.

If you live in New Orleans or plan to go there---DO NOT take any dirt from anywhere around Marie Laveaus’s tomb, you would be inviting very serious trouble upon yourself, only a properly “crowned” voodoo, hoodoo practitioner can do that. Do not think that because you maybe proficient in magikal workings that you can, trust me it is dangerous.

Alright with that out of the way, let me give you the times to collect the dirt and some possible alternatives.


Go to the graveyard at nine o'clock at night, and get some dirt out of a grave on the north side of the cemetery. If there is a man or woman you want and they are married or living together, gathering this dirt, can be used to breakup the relationship.

But be careful as how this is used it could cause a serious possibly deadly illness.

Another purpose would also to get rid of someone out of your life, but it would have to be placed near where they sleep, like under their mattress again use with caution and again it depends on from whose grave you gather this from.


Gathering dirt at this time also depends upon the type of luck or success you need, such as getting that break in acting or the music business or even getting a job, again it depends on whose grave you get it from. When you have gathered this dirt do the ritual for luck or success, put this dirt into very tiny bags and wear it around your waist, you could sew it or pin it on what you wear to an interview. Be sure that it cannot be seen, some people will sew it up in a small green flannel packet. Green for prosperity.

You may not have the luck all the time as there could be other factors but you will be more successful than not.


Gathering dirt at the dark of the Moon is mostly for doing harm or wishing ill or bad luck, it is said if you want a person to have bad luck you toss the dirt at the person, without anything else, it doesn’t have to hit them, it can be just a very small amount, you can even add glitter to it like as if you’re at a party or club and they won’t suspect.

Prepare the dirt first with a hexing ritual, and then when you’ve done it they will never be successful in any undertaking. I’ve known one person who did this and they used black glitter and since it was a Halloween party they mixed black bat glitter (black glitter in the shape of bats) with their dirt, they tossed it on the person’s head and since that person was drinking and it was a noisy, fun party with dancing the person wasn’t aware of it.

The person who was Hexed by this method I knew to be unscrupulous and devious in their business dealings, he went down hill fast.

This could also be used if you know of someone who has done criminal activity then they could be arrested and in jail, just don’t be around them ever again after you do this act, because you don’t want to be arrested either.

(Do not do this indiscriminately, if you do this out of jealousy you could have it backlash to you)


A New Moon as compared to a Dark Moon is just when the tiniest bit of moon is showing just barely a sliver or by using a good Astrological Calendar set for your location that will tell you when the new moon is, usually 3 days before the new moon is the true dark phase.

An innocents’ grave is usually a baby’s grave or very small toddler, it is believed that using dirt from this grave the spirit is more compliant to do as you request, but just as any 2 year old they can say “no”.

There are two ways to use dirt gathered at this time, if you have someone who is always running around, leaving your home and just going off or if you want to go off and do something and don’t want anyone asking you or bothering you about where you are going.

If this person is running around you get this dirt add sulfur and salt (sea or kosher salt) and when they are about to leave but they are out of their room toss some into their room, then when they go out the door toss some after them saying you do this in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, and ask them to bring this person back.

But if you want to leave and not be bothered you do the same thing but toss the dirt in front of you as you leave saying in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit that you want to leave and not be bothered by anyone and then you can go anywhere you want.

But as with anything, this can have dire consequences, if you are going to get into trouble, it will hurt you in the worse possible way, but if you are leaving a person who has abused you and not because you’re mad at your parents, then it will clear the path.


If you have a business or shop, either working from your home or a brick and mortar store during the full moon gather the dirt from the grave of a business man (successful) especially one who has recently passed away, you mix the dirt from the fresh grave with sulpher and red pepper and bury it under the step of your shop, now considering that most places have steps or walk ways that are concrete place it under the welcome mat in a small flat brown envelop or packet that you can make yourself, or if you are working from home that is you have an internet business place it under your computer, this is suppose to bring in customers/persons to your business or shop.


Again choosing the right kind of grave, gathering it at this time will help you make someone you don’t want in the neighborhood to move. You get the dirt, do the correct ritual, sprinkle it on their porch or in front of their doorway walking backwards to make them move.


This one is very difficult to work with so you have to work with it very carefully. It is used to get rid of someone out of your home or if you rent to get the person out of the room they are renting or to cease having someone be a friend, perhaps they might have in some way betrayed you and you want them to no longer come into your home, you no longer want anything to do with them.

Go to the graveyard around four in the morning and buy 2 ounces worth of graveyard dirt equal to 3 pennies. And sprinkle it around the house, all around and be prepared to sweep out the doorway behind them after they leave, make sure that you sweep the dirt from the doorway completely outside of the house. That will get them to move.

Sweeping graveyard dirt is both an uncommon and dangerous rite. The person that wants to get rid of an unwelcome renter or friend, sprinkles graveyard dirt about the house on the outside, leaving themselves with all entries that is dirty with the dirt except one. Coming indoors the person closes the door that does not have the graveyard dirt yet and then sprinkles the graveyard dirt in front of that doorway.

The person who does this then becomes a prisoner in their own home. But, as soon as the unwanted person walks over the dirt, either entering or leaving, the practitioner sweeps it away. The spirit in the graveyard dirt does not liked to be swept by the dirty broom, and will flee back to the graveyard; the person having walked across the dirt, must go away, and the practitioner, now immune from the graveyard-dirt spirit, is free to have either a new renter or friend.

This was told to me by one of my Grandmother’s friends who was with her group, the lady was from New Orleans and told this to me many years ago, she used it to get an unwanted sister-in-law to move, but she had a hard time figuring out how to get the sister-in-law out of the house, especially before her husband came home, so she tricked the sister-in-law to go to the store to buy some things for dinner and said she couldn’t leave the house because she was baking some cookies for a church social and needed to keep an eye on them, the person in question went to the store and a week later felt that she needed to move out of the house and did.

So if you are going to do this one you need to plan it very carefully, otherwise the spirit of the dirt will make you very uncomfortable.


This is another one that was told to me by the same lady to get a person to move who lives in your area that you don’t want around.

Go the grave just before the sun crests the horizon or before sunrise, take it from the head area, and then hurry home, then from the front of your home throw the dirt in the direction where this unwanted person lives and recite a verse from the bible, allegedly they will move very soon. Part of the planning is finding a good verse from the Bible that speaks of moving or leaving, write it down and then read it while you throw the dirt.


I was told again by the same lady this other Sunrise gathering ritual, that if you purchase your dirt before sunrise, right from the heart area of a person, let it dry out a bit and then either put it in your shoe or in a little flannel bag and put it in your pocket for good luck.

This is mostly for gambling, personally I would not put it in my shoe because there maybe unwanted bacteria that may cause problems.

So the best way to remember is this:

For luck, take it around the new moon. For warfare, take it around the full moon. Midnight is usually the ideal time to take it, as like in the story “midnight in the garden of good and evil” if you take the dirt a minute or two before midnight is for good, a minute or two after midnight is for evil.


Most of the time purchasing the dirt before Sunrise is usually the best time and works best for positive magic, but because of the nature and protection laws of much of this may be prohibitive. So your best bet is to go soon after the cemetery is lawfully open to the public and send out your intent to the spirits.

Another is to go there close to Sundown with your supplies including a tea light in a glass enclosed jar, sometimes I’ve used a relish jar that has been well cleaned put my tea light in it with a touch of earthquake wax to hold it in place, light it with a long match or long necked bic lighter like the kind used for bar-b-ques, it will already be rigged with a wire to carry it with. This way the flame from the candle does not endanger the property. The reason why I say use a tea light is sometimes the batteries from flashlights are energy disruptive and also can be drained by the spirit.  

Always carry a bouquet of flowers, inexpensive ones from the supermarket, that way if any security asks you why you're there you can say you got off of work late and this was the only time you could come, but this only works just after Sundown, and leave the bouquet of flowers so that your excuse appears legitimate, and also it's a nice additional offering.

Another way to obtain permission is to say you are ghost hunting, get permission from the cemetery and also notify the police as well, in that case there should be two or three of you with camera’s and portable recorders to appear that you are capturing EVP, again be respectful this is NOT A GAME.

On my next post  I will lay out the procedures that you will need to do, so you can follow it step by step, and I will also include some other types of graves to collect dirt from.

Blessings, Ms. Q

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Gathering of Graveyard dirt small info~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

Yes there is more to the "Purchasing" the services of a spirit through the use of Graveyard Dirt, you also have to ask permission of the guardian of the cemetery and I don't me the caretaker or grounds keeper, I mean the spiritual guardian, whether it be an angel, a powerful spirit, or one of the Orehisa's, there is a spirit that you have to ask permission and pay coinage to.

I will go into it in greater detail in another post, as gathering this information from my own "notebooks" is a bit here and there.

I had done it for so long that it was almost 2nd nature to me,  but like writing computer code, one has to refer back to the "handbook" or "reference work" to make sure that I have the "code" correct.

Suffice to know this,  paying the guardian of the graveyard or cemetery is much like paying the Boat man to cross the river Styx, but in this case you are a living breathing person intent on seeking services.  The ancients were not wrong in this ritual, their Shaman's or keepers of the ancient wisdom knew this.

My advice right now is to not go out and attempt to purchase the graveyard dirt until I've completed posting the information you will need in toto.   So please be patient.  I will let you know when this is complete.

And yes there is other kinds of graveyard dirt as well to gather, I've found in my "notes" several other kinds that I have used and for what purpose, I will post that as well as a "catch up"

Let me tell you about one of my students who just was not a very patient person.

She had studied with me for almost a year, and I overheard her say that she knew everything there is to know and was teaching another girl what I had taught her, but imperfectly,  I found out the rest of it later when they both came to me for help.

They had gone to a cemetery just before sundown to gather dirt, but from the other girl I was told it was not done with respect and they dug up the dirt with their hands----very big mistake, they had also collected water from the cemetery (there was a fountain there) and the idea was to use this to hex someone.  

You simply don't do that especially if you are not completely tutored or well trained.  

When they had returned to my student's apartment they were about to put everything together when they noticed their hands were tingling, and turning red, they also saw that the water they had gathered was quivering a lot in the jar, like it was alive,  they washed their hands but the tingling didn't stop and blisters formed on their palms and fingers.

When the full story came out, I scolded them and said that I should let the skin on their hands peel off completely,  they had the dirt in a bag and the water in a jar and we went back to the cemetery the next day, their hands were painfully swollen,  I told them to go to the grave return the dirt and apologize and promise they won't do it that way again and they were also to do the same with the water.

When they had done that I took them to a clinic and told the doctor that they had been having lunch in a cemetery and had sat on the grass resting their hands on it.  He said he had never seen a case like that so bad,  for several weeks they had to put on a salve and do other things to help their hands heal.  It was very painful for them to dress, eat, bathe, do their college studies etc.  They had learned their lesson.

Surprisingly the one who was my student, once her hands had completely healed left college and town and I never heard from her again, but her friend whom she was teaching came to me to undo all the mis-information and became my new student, she also majored in psychology and in time developed her own practice for psychological disorders.   She found that the things I taught her came in handy in dealing with some cases were there didn't appear to be any mental or physical problem. 

So be patient Ms. Q and I will get back to you with more information.

Blessings on you.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Gathering or “Purchasing” of Graveyard Dirt” and types of same Graveyard Dirt Part 3~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

First you need to understand that graveyards are surrounded by a “barrier” be it a chain link fence, a stone wall, a wooden picket fence, concrete, iron fencing or just a high raise long hump of dirt, but no matter what it is a barrier, in modern times it is to define the boundaries of a graveyard or cemetery and in many area’s especially historical cemeteries it is to prevent vandalism.

But just as it is to keep vandals out, it is also to keep wandering spirits or ghosts in and most graveyards will have some piece of iron at all four corners of the area to create a spiritual barrier, especially for those spirits or ghosts of evil intent. Really serious ones will have the entire graveyard surrounded by iron fencing. But most of the time the fencing will be of other material but with an iron topping at each extreme outlaying corner of the property.

In another post I will talk about using iron, usually old railroad spikes, to help anchor down your property or apartment to keep negative energy out.

How one pays for graveyard dirt varies from practioner to practioner and also from spirit to spirit, but the principle is always the same. The dirt must always be bought. The reasoning behind this is this; there is a huge difference between capturing a person / spirit and offering to pay for the person's / spirit's services (which is an honest transaction of employment).

Enslaving a spirit to your will is unlawful enslavement, both in the real world and in the spiritual world, to enslave a spirit whether it’s some one you know or someone whose energy is useful to you, harms your intention of the magikal working. The spirit will resent it because it is being forced.

Even Shakespeare in his play “The Tempest” had two spiritual servants, Ariel and Caliban. Ariel was induced to work for Prospero through protection and rewards, while Caliban was forced to do Prospero’s bidding through threats and pain. Ariel loved his master while Caliban resented him. So even in 1610, when this play was written, Shakespeare knew the old adage “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”

Such is the same with the spirits that you have contacted through the use of graveyard dirt.

But if you “Purchase” the spirits services through the use of a ritual payment that is different and even if you go to the intended grave the spirit may say no, so you will need to go to a different grave and put your “business proposition” to that spirit.

The only way to learn what that spirit will or will not do for you is to approach the intended grave, state your proposal, and listen (that is meditate to spiritually hear the answer) to what you are told. So you have to get in touch with the spirit (whether an ancestor, close family member, pet, or a spirit who served or died in the condition that you need) and make a respectful application and payment.

You will learn more and do more effective spiritual work if you do not think of what you plan as "capturing" graveyard dirt and spirit, but think of it by the old Hoodoo term, "buying" graveyard dirt. Because when you contact the correct spirit from the right grave they can tell you more effectively how to conduct your spell work.

But before even going to the cemetery and buying the dirt there are numerous details that you have to consider before going. This is your preparation time.

First you have to consider what type of spell you need to do and if it requires the use of this ingredient, lots of times it’s mostly a protection spell either for a loved one or friend or for self and or property.

In that case you need to decide what spirit or grave you need to go to, to enlist their services (buy), then depending upon the type of grave you need to have the correct payment ready, be it coins, rum or whiskey and flowers. You also need to determine where on the grave you should (after you obtain permission) to dig from,

So first you need to determine whose grave, the kind of death they died, where the grave is located with respect to the cemetery gates, whether you dig from the head, the heart, or the feet, in some cases all three, whether you leave dimes or pennies or whiskey or a combination, and how you place the payment with respect to the grave.

Unless the spirit of a grave mentally reaches out to you first – which can happen you may have to use your mental divining rod, that is allow your spiritual energies to reach out and seek the right grave.


The type of grave or the person’s personality is important, so once you’ve decided the type of magikal working, then you can decide after careful consideration the type of grave to approach.

Please remember lots of times I consider a approaching a grave just as if I were entering a business or conducting business with a physical being as oppose to a spirit one. But the intent is there.

Let’s start with dirt from a Baby’s Grave ---

There are a number of magikal workings that use this type of dirt---for example~~~
A Baby’s grave is good for peace in your home, or to have people get along in your home that live with you.

It can also be good for keeping the law away and there is an old time spell that can be use. I will post these spells later in another post

If there is a person you like and you want them to notice you be it man or woman you can use it.

It can be used to get a job, and there is a formula and spell for that as well.

Also if you have a baby of your own and it has terrifying dreams or cries in a terrifying manner you can use this dirt to help the baby to rest, by putting it in a non-metal jar in the room.  It is believed that a negative spirit is surrounding the frightened baby and the bright spirit light caused by this dirt will chase away such negative energies.

Also it can be used to make someone move out of the area.


Usually this means a still born baby, for some reason using this dirt is suppose to make your hens lay eggs if they don’t, good for Urban farmers I guess, I think the formula that is done with it is to help keep the chickens calm to lay their eggs.  I have been told also that the dirt from this type of grave is also used in magikal workings concerning being able to enter a place without being seen or making noise.  There is more on this but I have to research it further.

But what I'm concerned about is that it means if the baby was still born, it also means that the spirit never at any point truely entered the body before birth.   That is one of the things about souls, they ususally don't enter the body completely until the last few hours before birth when they enter the body of the baby is when the contractions begin,  now that is not to say that they don't go in and out of the body from time to time while the body is in Utreo but ususally the spirit/soul of the child is hanging around the mother/parents in general to see if this family is going to be a good fit and also if it will fufill the Karmic life path of the new soul.   Because the fetus growing inside a woman's body is in essence "a parasite" until it can live independently outside the body,  some spiritualist and theologists have also said that the soul doesn't truely enter the body until the baby takes it's first independent breath, that is why for ages it has been important to hear the baby cry upon birth.  

A Catholic’s Grave

If you get dirt from this type of grave (man or woman) from the breast or heart area this is used to help who ever has left you return to you, this can be a family member of any age or someone you seriously care about

(I need to tell you something about this,  I was asked to help find a family member who had left unexpectedly after an arguement and was gone for more than a year, the family wanted to find this person, so I did a ritual using this type of dirt, but the vision I received told me that it was not going to be good news, so I told the family of what I had seen, well two weeks later the body of this family member was found in a shallow grave.  they had been murdered but made to look like they had just left, even a suitcase with some clothes were buried with the body,  the person who did this crime was arrested and brought to trial.  So sometimes it can have a sad conclusion, be prepared for that.)
A Murderer’s Grave

Use this to drive someone far, far away from you or for hexing, cursing

An Unjustly Executed Person’s Grave~~

This is the type of grave that you have to be sure this person was executed only to discover that they did not commit the crime, use this persons grave to bring about justice if you feel you have been victimized.

Dirt from a Child’s grave or a 12 year old Child

There are two types of uses for this type of dirt to get people to leave either out of your home (like an eviction or a person who is a “sponge”) or a person you dislike in the neighborhood, I think a 13 year old or young teen would be better because they almost always are rebelling or threatening to run away from home because they don’t like parental authority.

A Gambler’s Grave/Abuser’s Grave

The old timers usually referred to a Gambler’s grave because they’d be drinking and taking their woman’s money for gambling but in the 21st century terms I’d say a person who is an abuser, this type of dirt would be used in workings dealing with driving a couple apart or causing confusion. Making them stop loving each other, but be careful this can cause a fight so bad that they could seriously harm each other.

A Good Person’s Grave

Excellent for peace in your home and in your work place

An Atheists Grave or someone who doesn’t believe in God

There is a magical working using this to cause disruption in a person’s home, to breakup a couple or disrupts a person’s place of business

A Religious Person’s Grave

This is different from a Good Person’s Grave it’s more for Hex breaking, because a religious person always prays to God for assistance. If you feel a negative working is being done to you, making you feel unwell, causing you to lose work, or disruption in the home this dirt will help in a magical working to break that Hex. Lots of times it is someone of your family that always seem to have a direct connection to God, so this is good for Hex breaking and protection especially if taken from the heart area.

A Sinner’s Grave—

Much like an abusers grave except you can use it to have unwanted people leave your home to never return, or if you are fed up with your marriage or your boy/girl friend and you want to breakup but you want to win the divorce or breakup, that is to come out good in your favor, then you use a magical working with this dirt. A Sinner is not necessarily an abuser but some one who sins and never repents.

Grave of your Nearest Relation

This one is used for protection or to keep the law away, or to protect you from someone who seeks to do you harm, take it from the head and pay this relation a goodly amount of money 50 cents a dollar and bury it right where you take the dirt. Then you can use it in your magical working.

A Sunken Grave

If a man leaves his wife or girl friend and she wants him back she is to get dirt from a grave that has sunken (very old, the coffin may have collapsed) at the head, but she better be sure she wants him back.

A Woman’s Grave

There is a magical working where dirt from the head of a woman’s grave will help a man bring back a woman who has left him.

Dirt from a Soldier’s Grave

A soldier is obedient and strong and loyal and this dirt can be used in protection and hex breaking as well as domination or to gain courage (as in an amulet or mojo bag)

Police officer’s Grave~~

This is used for protection and they are suppose to “Protect and Serve”, usually from the grave of an officer who died in the line of duty is best---this is a very powerful type of dirt and you do have to give serious payment

Fireman’s Grave---

Also a protection but mostly for the home

Doctor, Nurse---

For ritual involving healing or getting well


To help with a court case or legal action

A Family member who truly loved you~~~

For love and protection

Dirt from a Native American Cemetery

Be careful it has to be from a Cemetery not a sacred burial area from the old timers. This type of dirt is good for protection and to contact your Native American Spirit guide

Each one of these types of Graves has a specific purpose, with a little thought I’m sure you can think of a few more purposes for the uses of dirt from a specific person’s grave.

Now I have not given to you Ms. Q, the times or areas to collect these different dirt’s or types of payments, I will include that in another post and then further on I will give you formula’s for the workings with these types of graveyard dirt.

But one thing you have to do is to know and learn about the various individuals, what they did what they were like, usually in obituaries especially if the person was liked or had done positive things, with that information you can make plans to visit that person’s grave to see if they’d be willing to work with you. Going through old micro film records of news papers and reading the Obit can help.

It does mean you have to know your community pretty well, and I do recommend that you never go alone, especially if the cemetery is not in a good part of town.

Now it is not unusual to go to very old cemeteries such as a boot hill if you live in the west to find a grave of an old time law man or outlaw, even old historical graves can be helpful.

But go respectfully, only take a small amount and remember you have to pay for it and do not desecrate a grave.

Blessings Ms. Q

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What you will need as a Magikal Practitioner

Dear Ms. Q,

As I said earlier, the information on gathering Graveyard Dirt is long and needs time to put together in a sort of organized understanding of things.

But there is one thing I do recommend, it matters not where you live, if its a house or apartment or even one room in shared accommodations.   What you will need is a cupboard or cabinet to hold all your magickal tools and ingredients, it can be a book case or an amouir or portable closet, but it really should have doors on it that you can lock to keep the curious out of it.

You will need herbs and resins, waters (yes that's waters plural), dirt (there is more than one kind), candles and proper holders, incense, stones and crystals, silver and copper coins some should be new and never circulated others can be old and worn in coin collectors terms called "sliders",  bottles and non metal containers to hold things,your magical tools,  church style charcoal blocks (not bar-b-que briquettes), divination tools, and things that can help you focus your intent.

In time you will discover what you need as you become more proficient in your workings.

Most practitioners have several books on magikal workings at least a half dozen, one is the uses of each type of herb, stone, resin, flower, oil, inks and water, the color correspondences, the types of moon phases, and the planets and hours and days of the week to do magickal workings,  the second book is how to make each item or formula's,  the third book is your book of spells what the spell is how it is done what is needed for the spell, times to do the spell,  the fourth book is for dreams and visions, the fifth book is for divination either by cards, pendulum, candle flame, toss the bones or shells or what ever means of divination you use, the sixth book is your own personal journal, it should be daily to note any changes or what you may sense, or signs or encounters or revelations,  this one can be a small note book that can be kept in a purse or pocket, backpack or brief case  later once a month you can transfer this to a larger book and subdivide it to either understanding the energies around you, quick understandings of protocol or etiquette, revelations of magikal workings or procedures---all of this becomes your Grimoir, because it is not just one book.

Then there is a final book, this is of rituals and prayers and includes the seasons of the year, what you will need, how to put the circle together and dismissing it, how to address your guardians or angels, some people call them the watch towers   This is done for Sabbaths and esabbats during the full and new moon, the equinoxes and solstices,  but also for the secular holidays as well of your country.

Ritual is always important just as routine and meditation is important, just as being a productive and concerned citizen is important.  Awareness of your surroundings is important as well, we make the mistake of cutting ourselves off using our cell phones, Ipod or Ipad, blue tooth and other electronic devices which short circuits our 6th sense, not a good thing to have happen in this day and age.  We look down at our texting when instead we should stop texting completely and instead use our eyes and ears to look around us and our envioroment or surroundings, by doing that we become alert to danger to ourselves and anyone else.

I never text when I'm walking, I never use my cell phone especially never in my car, I wait until I'm in an area where I sense I'm safe and I am not moving then I'll call or text.  But I tell people to call me on my land line and leave a message on my answering machine, if I have your e-mail address then I'll either call you back or e-mail you, but I always make sure I am not cut off from the energies around me and too many young people are doing that, so they lose contact with the spiritual aspect of their lives and in some cases may lose their lives.

Another aspect of being psychic or a magikal practitioner is that sometimes modern technology sometimes fails us----frequently.   I like working on the computer, but it has a tendency to stop working, nothing is wrong with it because it's my energy, so I have my husband clear it up.

That is why any technology built or created after World War II sometimes will not be compatible with me.  Which is hard because I really like my washer and dryer, but if I stick to basics, like my washer is basic no extra whistles and bells it works,  my dryer is also basic so it's easier to repair, everything is basic.

Touch tone phones that are wireless drive me nuts  so much static, our car is pretty much basic no gps, no satellite radio.  But if it's anything that resembles WWII technology even early 1950's I'm fine.

Fortunately going to the Doctors or Dentist office is not a problem, I dampen down my energy because I'm in the office or medical building of a healer.  That seems to be different.

But these cell phone towers, and heavy duty high power lines, can mess my energies up.  That is why many serious practitioners will live is a more rural area, or if they have to live in the city have a lot of plants and herbs growing even in pots in their apartment.

So as you become more proficient in your magikal workings you will find that happening to you as well and living a simple, some what routine life will be working for you.

I have not forgotten about the other subject, but be patient.

Blessings to you Ms. Q

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Graveyard Dirt part 2~~~

O.K. Ms. Q,

Now that you know that Graveyard Dirt is suppose to be from a graveyard or cemetery, what is its uses, you ask.

Well first I have to warn you do not Tamper with graveyard dirt if you are in any way inexperienced when it comes to casting your own spells.  I mean if you are a novice or just starting out, then do not attempt to do any magikal workings with this stuff. 

Graveyard dirt is a very, correction it is a most powerful substance.  It is from a place of  death and you are working with the dead and yet depending upon its use it creates life. But in order to retrieve it you must ask the dead for permission, as well as pay for it.

That's right Ms. Q, you have to pay for it and I am serious about payment,  my Daddy, My Mom and especially my Granny use to say "Ya don't get something for nothing, you've got to pays for it, and if it looks too good to be true, then it's most likely a lie".   My Daddy use to put it more simply "Gas, Grass or Ass, nobody, but nobody rides for free."

Payment usually involves either a choice or a combination of things most of the time its liquor and/or coins being left at the sight of where you collected the dirt. Of course an offering of flowers is always good as well especially if you are using it for love or protection, and that is in addition to the "Payment" for the use of the dirt.

Old time Hoodoo practitioners referred to it as buying the dirt, and so it was important to use either silver coins like dimes or copper pennies, depending upon whom you are getting the dirt from and for what purpose.  In gathering dirt from a police officers or lawman's grave the payment of 3 copper pennies was usual, it's like sympathetic magic "copper" aka cop or police officer in slang so copper pennies and 3 because of the law of return, now in my Granny's day it wasn't called that, it really didn't have a name, but my granny said that if you hurt someone or did them hurt be prepared to have it come back on you 3 times worse,  that would make you stop and think on things a bit.

And in my case become a bit more devious.

The dirt can be used for 3 things they are for Protection, Love and Cursing your Enemies. 

The last one can be very dangerous because it involves in the making of Goofer Dust and I'll cover that in another post.

So most of the time people want spells for love and protection....

There are many spells for Love, too many to list, but most of the time when you want it really potent the pinch of graveyard dirt is involved with other items this is a simple spell here

Thing you will need: green paper, vandal root, and dirt from a graveyard. You will write your name and the persons name on the paper, put the vandal root and graveyard dirt in the center of the paper, wrap it up and leave it under your bed.

But for this to be successful you have to keep in mind the day of the week, time of day, and moon phase for both the gathering of the dirt and the timing of the ritual. Also from what grave will you collect this from is also important, and where you gather it, some people say gather it from the heart area of the grave and it should be from the grave of someone who loved you.  Which can be hard if you live on the West Coast and your Mee-Maa (grandmother or someone who loved you) is buried on the east coast.

Now I was told by one old timer that if that should happen use the grave of a beloved pet, if you know where they are buried.

But there is one thing that my Granny told me, to force someone to love you can be bad for your soul and your Karmic and the other person's Karmic destiny, and do more harm than good----and she's right, I've seen people who wanted someone to love them but it always ended  in disaster, in the case of one love struck girl she was "in love" with this one guy and she did a love spell using graveyard dirt and he did appear to fall in love with her but he turned out to be a control freak and an abuser, she gotten beaten so bad by him that she was hospitalized.

I went to see her and she told me what she had done,  I tell you I had to plead with my Granny to break that spell off of him and then do a spell on him so he'd be arrested for what he'd done.   Took a year to do it.

She was afraid to do a love spell again after that, but she needed to be loved to have her faith in people in general restored,  so I told her to do that spell that I just listed but instead of putting a name of someone, to put down, "some kind man who will be honest, loving, supportive and caring and will understand that sometimes I need my space too.  That this person be trustworthy, hardworking and a loving and kind person to any children we might have".   

Well 2 weeks later she met this guy, he was nice looking but she was cautious, so they would meet for coffee and chat, go to a movie, even some plays performed at a community theatre, some music concerts,  they met each other's friends and family, discover their likes and dislikes.   It was a long slow process but she liked him and he liked her and in time they married, and are still married today with children and are expecting their first grandchild.

She still does spell work, what she calls "Candle Time"  and he understands, even built for her in the rear of their property a small workplace for her workings. He became enthusiastic about growing herbs and vegetables but especially herbs.   But she was very, very, VERY careful after her first "love spell".

Right after Love Spells---Spells of Protection is very important.

The use of graveyard dirt in protection spells may specify that the dirt come from the grave of a family member or a friend, but if it's from the grave of a friend they had better be a really good friend.
Because what you are doing in these cases is asking the spirit of that person to protect you or your home and/or family member.

Now this is not unusual because this type of "Hoodoo" work is based on  ancient African beliefs and practices, in which ancestor veneration is a key component of how one relates to the spiritual world. Again this is dirt collected from the heart area, but sometimes people will collect dirt from the grave of a solider because they are loyal and will follow commands.

So one's you've collected the dirt and paid for it then you can use it.

Then you will light a 7 African powers 7 day candle have it anointed in protection oil. Keep the candle in a bowl with the dirt inside.  It is best to use a white bowl and also a glass enclosed candle to lessen the threat of fire.  Now if you have a safe place to burn it such as inside a fireplace or a high shelf away from children and Cats and birds and not near any window curtains or flammable stuff that should be fine,  also put what is called earthquake wax underneath the candle to prevent it from tipping over in case of an earthquake.

I am not going to go into the Hexing or Cursing use of  Graveyard dirt.

What I will cover in the next part is how to collect the dirt, when and where and what procedures to use and payment to give.  That is going to be long and will take me a little time to put together so be patient.

Blessings Ms. Q