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The Gathering of Graveyard dirt small info~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

Yes there is more to the "Purchasing" the services of a spirit through the use of Graveyard Dirt, you also have to ask permission of the guardian of the cemetery and I don't me the caretaker or grounds keeper, I mean the spiritual guardian, whether it be an angel, a powerful spirit, or one of the Orehisa's, there is a spirit that you have to ask permission and pay coinage to.

I will go into it in greater detail in another post, as gathering this information from my own "notebooks" is a bit here and there.

I had done it for so long that it was almost 2nd nature to me,  but like writing computer code, one has to refer back to the "handbook" or "reference work" to make sure that I have the "code" correct.

Suffice to know this,  paying the guardian of the graveyard or cemetery is much like paying the Boat man to cross the river Styx, but in this case you are a living breathing person intent on seeking services.  The ancients were not wrong in this ritual, their Shaman's or keepers of the ancient wisdom knew this.

My advice right now is to not go out and attempt to purchase the graveyard dirt until I've completed posting the information you will need in toto.   So please be patient.  I will let you know when this is complete.

And yes there is other kinds of graveyard dirt as well to gather, I've found in my "notes" several other kinds that I have used and for what purpose, I will post that as well as a "catch up"

Let me tell you about one of my students who just was not a very patient person.

She had studied with me for almost a year, and I overheard her say that she knew everything there is to know and was teaching another girl what I had taught her, but imperfectly,  I found out the rest of it later when they both came to me for help.

They had gone to a cemetery just before sundown to gather dirt, but from the other girl I was told it was not done with respect and they dug up the dirt with their hands----very big mistake, they had also collected water from the cemetery (there was a fountain there) and the idea was to use this to hex someone.  

You simply don't do that especially if you are not completely tutored or well trained.  

When they had returned to my student's apartment they were about to put everything together when they noticed their hands were tingling, and turning red, they also saw that the water they had gathered was quivering a lot in the jar, like it was alive,  they washed their hands but the tingling didn't stop and blisters formed on their palms and fingers.

When the full story came out, I scolded them and said that I should let the skin on their hands peel off completely,  they had the dirt in a bag and the water in a jar and we went back to the cemetery the next day, their hands were painfully swollen,  I told them to go to the grave return the dirt and apologize and promise they won't do it that way again and they were also to do the same with the water.

When they had done that I took them to a clinic and told the doctor that they had been having lunch in a cemetery and had sat on the grass resting their hands on it.  He said he had never seen a case like that so bad,  for several weeks they had to put on a salve and do other things to help their hands heal.  It was very painful for them to dress, eat, bathe, do their college studies etc.  They had learned their lesson.

Surprisingly the one who was my student, once her hands had completely healed left college and town and I never heard from her again, but her friend whom she was teaching came to me to undo all the mis-information and became my new student, she also majored in psychology and in time developed her own practice for psychological disorders.   She found that the things I taught her came in handy in dealing with some cases were there didn't appear to be any mental or physical problem. 

So be patient Ms. Q and I will get back to you with more information.

Blessings on you.

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