Monday, January 7, 2013

Films You Should Watch and a book~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

"I watch a lot of movies are there any that you like that show what doing the work is like?"

Yes, let me be more specific, there are two movies that I strongly recommend you watch.  Granted, compared to today's over exagerated films like "Paranormal Activity" they may seem tame, but they are by far very, very accurate on how the paranormal energies really work, and should be taken far more seriously, than more recently films.

The one with Dana Andrews was filmed in 1957, the British Title was “Night of the Demon” the American Title is “Curse of the Demon” but I recommend watching the longer British version because the American release removed several important key scenes, the British version runs close to 96 minutes. The edited American release is only 81 minutes.

What I liked about the film is the power of the energies, and how the principal character as played by Dana Andrews senses something just beyond one’s own senses, which is how most magical works feel. The seance scene is also excellent as I have attended seances very much like that.

The 2nd British film stars Peter Wyngard and Janet Blair and was filmed in 1962, the British title is “Night of the Eagle” the American title is more dramatic “Burn, Witch, Burn”. In one of the scenes the hero comes across some bottles filled with dirt with names on the labels, and it’s much like that.

The one thing that I dis-like about “Night of the Demon” is showing the Demon in the beginning and end of the movie, originally the Demon was only suppose to be suggested and never shown, it would have been a far better movie if it had been filmed that way, in fact if I was to do the picture today but have it set in the late 1950’s I would eliminate showing the demon and leave it up to the audience.

There are some scenes that slightly exaggerate magical workings more for dramatic effect, but I have seen things  that happen very close to what is shown in the movie.

With the other film “Burn, Witch, Burn” look for the longer British version under it’s own title “Night of the Eagle” again some sequences are done for dramatic effect but in principal especially with negative workings it can be close to that and it can have the same backlash, that is why doing negative workings can be dangerous.

The principals that Fritz Limber outlines in his fictional work “Conjure Wife”, that the movie "Burn, Witch, Burn" is based upon,  that is all magical workings have a formula, but he presents it as a mathematical formula to find the basic principals is essentially correct, one has to find out what will work for you, meditation and study and comparison of various spells can help one find one that will work best for a person depending upon the magic to be done. I do recommend getting the book for your own library as well as the films. I believe the book is available in paperback.

Oh and in one part of my previous post it says “Sulfur and sales” it’s suppose to be “Sulfur and salt” I would  use iodized salt as a last resort, and prefer to use either sea salt or kosher salt. Some times I could curse “spell correct”.

If you can find the 1940’s film version of “Conjure Wife” with Lon Chaney, Jr. it was titled “Weird Woman” it drifts from the original story but is fun entertainment as well, especially to see how film handles this subject matter from decade to decade.

I need to work a little longer on my next part on the subject of Graveyard Dirt, so I may take a few days, keep checking the blog dear reader.

Ms. Q

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