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The Gathering or “Purchasing” of Graveyard Dirt” and types of same Graveyard Dirt Part 3~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

First you need to understand that graveyards are surrounded by a “barrier” be it a chain link fence, a stone wall, a wooden picket fence, concrete, iron fencing or just a high raise long hump of dirt, but no matter what it is a barrier, in modern times it is to define the boundaries of a graveyard or cemetery and in many area’s especially historical cemeteries it is to prevent vandalism.

But just as it is to keep vandals out, it is also to keep wandering spirits or ghosts in and most graveyards will have some piece of iron at all four corners of the area to create a spiritual barrier, especially for those spirits or ghosts of evil intent. Really serious ones will have the entire graveyard surrounded by iron fencing. But most of the time the fencing will be of other material but with an iron topping at each extreme outlaying corner of the property.

In another post I will talk about using iron, usually old railroad spikes, to help anchor down your property or apartment to keep negative energy out.

How one pays for graveyard dirt varies from practioner to practioner and also from spirit to spirit, but the principle is always the same. The dirt must always be bought. The reasoning behind this is this; there is a huge difference between capturing a person / spirit and offering to pay for the person's / spirit's services (which is an honest transaction of employment).

Enslaving a spirit to your will is unlawful enslavement, both in the real world and in the spiritual world, to enslave a spirit whether it’s some one you know or someone whose energy is useful to you, harms your intention of the magikal working. The spirit will resent it because it is being forced.

Even Shakespeare in his play “The Tempest” had two spiritual servants, Ariel and Caliban. Ariel was induced to work for Prospero through protection and rewards, while Caliban was forced to do Prospero’s bidding through threats and pain. Ariel loved his master while Caliban resented him. So even in 1610, when this play was written, Shakespeare knew the old adage “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”

Such is the same with the spirits that you have contacted through the use of graveyard dirt.

But if you “Purchase” the spirits services through the use of a ritual payment that is different and even if you go to the intended grave the spirit may say no, so you will need to go to a different grave and put your “business proposition” to that spirit.

The only way to learn what that spirit will or will not do for you is to approach the intended grave, state your proposal, and listen (that is meditate to spiritually hear the answer) to what you are told. So you have to get in touch with the spirit (whether an ancestor, close family member, pet, or a spirit who served or died in the condition that you need) and make a respectful application and payment.

You will learn more and do more effective spiritual work if you do not think of what you plan as "capturing" graveyard dirt and spirit, but think of it by the old Hoodoo term, "buying" graveyard dirt. Because when you contact the correct spirit from the right grave they can tell you more effectively how to conduct your spell work.

But before even going to the cemetery and buying the dirt there are numerous details that you have to consider before going. This is your preparation time.

First you have to consider what type of spell you need to do and if it requires the use of this ingredient, lots of times it’s mostly a protection spell either for a loved one or friend or for self and or property.

In that case you need to decide what spirit or grave you need to go to, to enlist their services (buy), then depending upon the type of grave you need to have the correct payment ready, be it coins, rum or whiskey and flowers. You also need to determine where on the grave you should (after you obtain permission) to dig from,

So first you need to determine whose grave, the kind of death they died, where the grave is located with respect to the cemetery gates, whether you dig from the head, the heart, or the feet, in some cases all three, whether you leave dimes or pennies or whiskey or a combination, and how you place the payment with respect to the grave.

Unless the spirit of a grave mentally reaches out to you first – which can happen you may have to use your mental divining rod, that is allow your spiritual energies to reach out and seek the right grave.


The type of grave or the person’s personality is important, so once you’ve decided the type of magikal working, then you can decide after careful consideration the type of grave to approach.

Please remember lots of times I consider a approaching a grave just as if I were entering a business or conducting business with a physical being as oppose to a spirit one. But the intent is there.

Let’s start with dirt from a Baby’s Grave ---

There are a number of magikal workings that use this type of dirt---for example~~~
A Baby’s grave is good for peace in your home, or to have people get along in your home that live with you.

It can also be good for keeping the law away and there is an old time spell that can be use. I will post these spells later in another post

If there is a person you like and you want them to notice you be it man or woman you can use it.

It can be used to get a job, and there is a formula and spell for that as well.

Also if you have a baby of your own and it has terrifying dreams or cries in a terrifying manner you can use this dirt to help the baby to rest, by putting it in a non-metal jar in the room.  It is believed that a negative spirit is surrounding the frightened baby and the bright spirit light caused by this dirt will chase away such negative energies.

Also it can be used to make someone move out of the area.


Usually this means a still born baby, for some reason using this dirt is suppose to make your hens lay eggs if they don’t, good for Urban farmers I guess, I think the formula that is done with it is to help keep the chickens calm to lay their eggs.  I have been told also that the dirt from this type of grave is also used in magikal workings concerning being able to enter a place without being seen or making noise.  There is more on this but I have to research it further.

But what I'm concerned about is that it means if the baby was still born, it also means that the spirit never at any point truely entered the body before birth.   That is one of the things about souls, they ususally don't enter the body completely until the last few hours before birth when they enter the body of the baby is when the contractions begin,  now that is not to say that they don't go in and out of the body from time to time while the body is in Utreo but ususally the spirit/soul of the child is hanging around the mother/parents in general to see if this family is going to be a good fit and also if it will fufill the Karmic life path of the new soul.   Because the fetus growing inside a woman's body is in essence "a parasite" until it can live independently outside the body,  some spiritualist and theologists have also said that the soul doesn't truely enter the body until the baby takes it's first independent breath, that is why for ages it has been important to hear the baby cry upon birth.  

A Catholic’s Grave

If you get dirt from this type of grave (man or woman) from the breast or heart area this is used to help who ever has left you return to you, this can be a family member of any age or someone you seriously care about

(I need to tell you something about this,  I was asked to help find a family member who had left unexpectedly after an arguement and was gone for more than a year, the family wanted to find this person, so I did a ritual using this type of dirt, but the vision I received told me that it was not going to be good news, so I told the family of what I had seen, well two weeks later the body of this family member was found in a shallow grave.  they had been murdered but made to look like they had just left, even a suitcase with some clothes were buried with the body,  the person who did this crime was arrested and brought to trial.  So sometimes it can have a sad conclusion, be prepared for that.)
A Murderer’s Grave

Use this to drive someone far, far away from you or for hexing, cursing

An Unjustly Executed Person’s Grave~~

This is the type of grave that you have to be sure this person was executed only to discover that they did not commit the crime, use this persons grave to bring about justice if you feel you have been victimized.

Dirt from a Child’s grave or a 12 year old Child

There are two types of uses for this type of dirt to get people to leave either out of your home (like an eviction or a person who is a “sponge”) or a person you dislike in the neighborhood, I think a 13 year old or young teen would be better because they almost always are rebelling or threatening to run away from home because they don’t like parental authority.

A Gambler’s Grave/Abuser’s Grave

The old timers usually referred to a Gambler’s grave because they’d be drinking and taking their woman’s money for gambling but in the 21st century terms I’d say a person who is an abuser, this type of dirt would be used in workings dealing with driving a couple apart or causing confusion. Making them stop loving each other, but be careful this can cause a fight so bad that they could seriously harm each other.

A Good Person’s Grave

Excellent for peace in your home and in your work place

An Atheists Grave or someone who doesn’t believe in God

There is a magical working using this to cause disruption in a person’s home, to breakup a couple or disrupts a person’s place of business

A Religious Person’s Grave

This is different from a Good Person’s Grave it’s more for Hex breaking, because a religious person always prays to God for assistance. If you feel a negative working is being done to you, making you feel unwell, causing you to lose work, or disruption in the home this dirt will help in a magical working to break that Hex. Lots of times it is someone of your family that always seem to have a direct connection to God, so this is good for Hex breaking and protection especially if taken from the heart area.

A Sinner’s Grave—

Much like an abusers grave except you can use it to have unwanted people leave your home to never return, or if you are fed up with your marriage or your boy/girl friend and you want to breakup but you want to win the divorce or breakup, that is to come out good in your favor, then you use a magical working with this dirt. A Sinner is not necessarily an abuser but some one who sins and never repents.

Grave of your Nearest Relation

This one is used for protection or to keep the law away, or to protect you from someone who seeks to do you harm, take it from the head and pay this relation a goodly amount of money 50 cents a dollar and bury it right where you take the dirt. Then you can use it in your magical working.

A Sunken Grave

If a man leaves his wife or girl friend and she wants him back she is to get dirt from a grave that has sunken (very old, the coffin may have collapsed) at the head, but she better be sure she wants him back.

A Woman’s Grave

There is a magical working where dirt from the head of a woman’s grave will help a man bring back a woman who has left him.

Dirt from a Soldier’s Grave

A soldier is obedient and strong and loyal and this dirt can be used in protection and hex breaking as well as domination or to gain courage (as in an amulet or mojo bag)

Police officer’s Grave~~

This is used for protection and they are suppose to “Protect and Serve”, usually from the grave of an officer who died in the line of duty is best---this is a very powerful type of dirt and you do have to give serious payment

Fireman’s Grave---

Also a protection but mostly for the home

Doctor, Nurse---

For ritual involving healing or getting well


To help with a court case or legal action

A Family member who truly loved you~~~

For love and protection

Dirt from a Native American Cemetery

Be careful it has to be from a Cemetery not a sacred burial area from the old timers. This type of dirt is good for protection and to contact your Native American Spirit guide

Each one of these types of Graves has a specific purpose, with a little thought I’m sure you can think of a few more purposes for the uses of dirt from a specific person’s grave.

Now I have not given to you Ms. Q, the times or areas to collect these different dirt’s or types of payments, I will include that in another post and then further on I will give you formula’s for the workings with these types of graveyard dirt.

But one thing you have to do is to know and learn about the various individuals, what they did what they were like, usually in obituaries especially if the person was liked or had done positive things, with that information you can make plans to visit that person’s grave to see if they’d be willing to work with you. Going through old micro film records of news papers and reading the Obit can help.

It does mean you have to know your community pretty well, and I do recommend that you never go alone, especially if the cemetery is not in a good part of town.

Now it is not unusual to go to very old cemeteries such as a boot hill if you live in the west to find a grave of an old time law man or outlaw, even old historical graves can be helpful.

But go respectfully, only take a small amount and remember you have to pay for it and do not desecrate a grave.

Blessings Ms. Q

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