Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Graveyard Dirt part 2~~~

O.K. Ms. Q,

Now that you know that Graveyard Dirt is suppose to be from a graveyard or cemetery, what is its uses, you ask.

Well first I have to warn you do not Tamper with graveyard dirt if you are in any way inexperienced when it comes to casting your own spells.  I mean if you are a novice or just starting out, then do not attempt to do any magikal workings with this stuff. 

Graveyard dirt is a very, correction it is a most powerful substance.  It is from a place of  death and you are working with the dead and yet depending upon its use it creates life. But in order to retrieve it you must ask the dead for permission, as well as pay for it.

That's right Ms. Q, you have to pay for it and I am serious about payment,  my Daddy, My Mom and especially my Granny use to say "Ya don't get something for nothing, you've got to pays for it, and if it looks too good to be true, then it's most likely a lie".   My Daddy use to put it more simply "Gas, Grass or Ass, nobody, but nobody rides for free."

Payment usually involves either a choice or a combination of things most of the time its liquor and/or coins being left at the sight of where you collected the dirt. Of course an offering of flowers is always good as well especially if you are using it for love or protection, and that is in addition to the "Payment" for the use of the dirt.

Old time Hoodoo practitioners referred to it as buying the dirt, and so it was important to use either silver coins like dimes or copper pennies, depending upon whom you are getting the dirt from and for what purpose.  In gathering dirt from a police officers or lawman's grave the payment of 3 copper pennies was usual, it's like sympathetic magic "copper" aka cop or police officer in slang so copper pennies and 3 because of the law of return, now in my Granny's day it wasn't called that, it really didn't have a name, but my granny said that if you hurt someone or did them hurt be prepared to have it come back on you 3 times worse,  that would make you stop and think on things a bit.

And in my case become a bit more devious.

The dirt can be used for 3 things they are for Protection, Love and Cursing your Enemies. 

The last one can be very dangerous because it involves in the making of Goofer Dust and I'll cover that in another post.

So most of the time people want spells for love and protection....

There are many spells for Love, too many to list, but most of the time when you want it really potent the pinch of graveyard dirt is involved with other items this is a simple spell here

Thing you will need: green paper, vandal root, and dirt from a graveyard. You will write your name and the persons name on the paper, put the vandal root and graveyard dirt in the center of the paper, wrap it up and leave it under your bed.

But for this to be successful you have to keep in mind the day of the week, time of day, and moon phase for both the gathering of the dirt and the timing of the ritual. Also from what grave will you collect this from is also important, and where you gather it, some people say gather it from the heart area of the grave and it should be from the grave of someone who loved you.  Which can be hard if you live on the West Coast and your Mee-Maa (grandmother or someone who loved you) is buried on the east coast.

Now I was told by one old timer that if that should happen use the grave of a beloved pet, if you know where they are buried.

But there is one thing that my Granny told me, to force someone to love you can be bad for your soul and your Karmic and the other person's Karmic destiny, and do more harm than good----and she's right, I've seen people who wanted someone to love them but it always ended  in disaster, in the case of one love struck girl she was "in love" with this one guy and she did a love spell using graveyard dirt and he did appear to fall in love with her but he turned out to be a control freak and an abuser, she gotten beaten so bad by him that she was hospitalized.

I went to see her and she told me what she had done,  I tell you I had to plead with my Granny to break that spell off of him and then do a spell on him so he'd be arrested for what he'd done.   Took a year to do it.

She was afraid to do a love spell again after that, but she needed to be loved to have her faith in people in general restored,  so I told her to do that spell that I just listed but instead of putting a name of someone, to put down, "some kind man who will be honest, loving, supportive and caring and will understand that sometimes I need my space too.  That this person be trustworthy, hardworking and a loving and kind person to any children we might have".   

Well 2 weeks later she met this guy, he was nice looking but she was cautious, so they would meet for coffee and chat, go to a movie, even some plays performed at a community theatre, some music concerts,  they met each other's friends and family, discover their likes and dislikes.   It was a long slow process but she liked him and he liked her and in time they married, and are still married today with children and are expecting their first grandchild.

She still does spell work, what she calls "Candle Time"  and he understands, even built for her in the rear of their property a small workplace for her workings. He became enthusiastic about growing herbs and vegetables but especially herbs.   But she was very, very, VERY careful after her first "love spell".

Right after Love Spells---Spells of Protection is very important.

The use of graveyard dirt in protection spells may specify that the dirt come from the grave of a family member or a friend, but if it's from the grave of a friend they had better be a really good friend.
Because what you are doing in these cases is asking the spirit of that person to protect you or your home and/or family member.

Now this is not unusual because this type of "Hoodoo" work is based on  ancient African beliefs and practices, in which ancestor veneration is a key component of how one relates to the spiritual world. Again this is dirt collected from the heart area, but sometimes people will collect dirt from the grave of a solider because they are loyal and will follow commands.

So one's you've collected the dirt and paid for it then you can use it.

Then you will light a 7 African powers 7 day candle have it anointed in protection oil. Keep the candle in a bowl with the dirt inside.  It is best to use a white bowl and also a glass enclosed candle to lessen the threat of fire.  Now if you have a safe place to burn it such as inside a fireplace or a high shelf away from children and Cats and birds and not near any window curtains or flammable stuff that should be fine,  also put what is called earthquake wax underneath the candle to prevent it from tipping over in case of an earthquake.

I am not going to go into the Hexing or Cursing use of  Graveyard dirt.

What I will cover in the next part is how to collect the dirt, when and where and what procedures to use and payment to give.  That is going to be long and will take me a little time to put together so be patient.

Blessings Ms. Q


  1. I need to speak to you to assure I'm doing a spell right can we speak makelovework2016@gmail.com

    1. Dear Anonymous aka Makelovework2016

      I'm sorry but I do not reach out either by phone, snail mail or e-mail. When I was available by phone I'd have calls at all hours of the day or night, even when I was giving birth. So I stopped doing that.

      By e-mail I no longer do because the last time I got a virus that was so bad I had to trash my computer and buy a new one.

      And at my age, and with my health I'd like to live a stress free life.

      Now if you posted later on what this spell is that you are doing or going to do, then I will get to it eventually.

      But if you have not then please post it under this post on Graveyard dirt and I will answer you here, no names need be mentioned.

      But I can tell you this, if you feel the spell is not right, then you are most likely correct.

      Be careful My child.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  2. What day time and moon phase should I do the graveyard love spell

    1. Dear One,

      The moon phase will dictate the day and almost the time.

      When you want to bring love into your life, always do it when the moon is in it’s “new” phase heading towards “Full” so the day that the Moon is new or is in the New going to Full phase is the best time to start.

      We had a new moon on September 1, so do it this evening if possible or tomorrow evening, the moon will not be full until September 16, so to start either tonight or tomorrow evening is good.

      Some rituals or spells get very picky about what time to do it, But I’ve always found that doing it at night when most of the disruptive energies is quiet is the best time, be sure to turn off your cell phone and tell your friends that you want “alone time” you don’t want to be bothered so don’t drop by or call.

      Stress that a lot----with people just dropping by any old time they please they have no respect for people who want “Alone Time”. Once you start educating your family and friends to respect your ‘alone time’ then you will have time and no disruptions to do your spell/ritual work.

      Even my family and friends know when I say “it’s Candle Time” they do not bother me.

      Have everything assembled before you start the ritual, you do not want to start and then stop and then start the ritual because you forgot something to have on hand, that disrupts the flow of energy.

      The good rule of thought for any ritual/spell work is this:

      If you want something brought to you do it when the Moon is going from New to Full

      If you want something banished from you do it when the Moon is going from Full to New.

      The Dark phase of the Moon which is 3 days before the new moon is either for resting from doing spiritual workings, or to do meditation retreat, or for dark works and dedications to dark deities.

      There is really a lot more to this and I think I will do a full post on Moon phases which will be helpful by providing a more in-depth explanation but for now start your ritual tonight or tomorrow night.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  3. I have all my supplies ready. What day should I cast this spell? I would to do it as soon as I can.

    1. Hello My Dear,

      If it's to bring love or something to you do it on the night of the New Moon, so it will grow just as the moon grows and gets full.

      If it's to get rid of something, banish it, break up something, do it on the Full Moon so as it gets smaller it will go away, Please read the post that I posted above.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. It is for love. It is often hard to tell what the phase of the moon is here because of the clouds. I looked online but the websites that I looked at showed different moon phases for that day. Should I wait til the 14th this month? Or is there a better day?
      Thank you

    3. Hello My Dear,

      Do it anytime between now and the 14th if you want to bring love or a lover to you.

      This is an excellent site showing the moon phase, and it show how much bigger or smaller the image of the moon gets every few days.

      The site is Moon Giant http://www.moongiant.com/phase/today/

      But if you do not want to always have to go online to check, then get an Astrological Calendar from Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing their website is https://www.llewellyn.com/ go to their search engine and type in the world Calendar and look for the Astrological one, it includes moon phases, retrograde planets etc. They have the 2017 calendar on sale for about $11.99 not including shipping and handling.

      And they have books and tarot cards as well been in business for 85 years.

      My Granny would get calendars that had the moon phases because in her day people planted by the moon phases, modern calendars don't do that anymore. So a calendar from Llewellyn is a good thing.

      My Granny use to say, "If you're going to do the Work, have the right tools" and this is a tool you'll always need.

      Bright Blessings,

  4. Thank you so much for your help! I cast the spell last night very carefully so hopefully it will work. I have bookmarked the link you provided and also I have made a lot of notes on the items we have discussed.

    1. You're welcome Anna,

      In doing spell work all one can do is try, I'm glad you've made notes as well, it will be of good reference for you.

      Do check my post on why (sometimes) "Spells don't work", this is also a good things to learn.

      Bright Blessings,

  5. I know I was giving grave dirt in wine this family member wanted me dead but I didn't die I was pregnant and my baby died how do I break this.

    1. My Dear,

      I need to put to you these questions:

      Did you willingly drink the wine even though you didn’t know it had been spiked with graveyard dust?

      Did you know that smoking or inhaling 2nd hand smoke, drinking alcohol (wine, beer, champagne, hard cider, mixed drinks, ale) can produce harmful even fatal effects on the fetus?

      If you did then why did you drink the wine in the first place? Or where you un-informed about the harmful effects of alcohol?

      Did the person who gave you the wine admit either to you or did they tell someone else what they did? Or do you only suspect they did something of that sort without any proof?

      If you answer “yes” to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd questions then in a way you were also partly responsible for the death of the baby, because when you’re pregnant and even if you are nursing, alcohol and recreational drugs can be harmful because anything you take in affects the baby including in Mother’s milk and hurt the baby. If you were un-informed, or didn’t know you were pregnant that is tragic.

      Now if the person did admit doing it to either you or someone else, and you have proof that they did, not just suspensions, they will have that curse on their soul and are damned in this world and the next. You could ask Santa Murte for justice, by praying to her.

      Or have the spirits of newborn babies who never lived past a year haunt this person and their wailing drive this person insane, but the person needs to know that a hex has been placed on them.

      If you only suspect but have no proof, there is the possibility that you could be wrong, so I would advise that you not take any action against that person.

      In the meantime it would be best for you to do an uncrossing bath, to cleans yourself of the negativity spiritually as well as taking a one a day vitamin to build up your strength if you’ve been feeling unwell yourself.

      I also strongly recommend that you see a Doctor, you may also be suffering from depression from the loss of your child and seeing a Doctor to help you take steps to get better should be the first thing to do along with the uncrossing bath and ritual.

      To learn how to do the uncrossing bath and ritual look on my tags in the left hand column, (you’ll need to scroll down), look for Uncrossing bath, rituals etc. and you’ll find at least 6 to 7 tags that will lead you to those posts.

      If it's difficult for you to do an Uncrossing bath or ritual at least do an Egg Cleansing ritual, you find that in the tags listing Egg Cleansing spell.

      But see your Doctor First that is vitally important.

      I will put you in my prayer circle for healing.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  6. No didn't know I was pregnant but once I was given the drink I started acting strange I was given a word that somebody in my family had been playing with graveyard dirt also that I have been giving word that ppl in my family have been speaking curses over me and my husband because of jealous. I don't believe in these things but I have been given the same word over and over again just don't know what to do.

    1. My Dear,

      I only just found your most recent comment, it had gone into spam box and I only just found it.

      You may not believe in what magic they do, but words can hurt as well, stress about their vindictiveness can make one ill, I think it was more than graveyard dirt, possibly antifreeze, it tastes sweet but it can kill.

      I want you to read my archive on all the posts on protection, warding, witchbottle, protection spells and I want you to get a blessed St. Michael medal for you to wear.

      Each time you hear something, the "word" as you call it, recite the St. Michael prayer, and never eat any food or drink any drink that you have not selected yourself or poured yourself.

      If anyone suddenly hands you a glass of wine or anything just set it to one side and leave it alone, only eat food out of bowl or serving platter that everyone else is getting food from.

      Then look my section on revenge spells, you need to send this negative energy back to them.

      You'll need to learn to work the magic as well.

      Be safe.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  7. Im sorry i did not see your post about anonymous and putting my initials.. i apologize as i am new to this page. My question was if someone buried a persons picture in a graveyard and this person has lost the will to live, how can this spell be broken? JM


    1. Dear JM,

      That is alright, everything is always a learning lesson, even at my advance age I’m always learning. Now about this person.

      If the person this ritual was intended for has become depressed, there are several ways of helping them.

      If you happen to know where the picture was buried then dig it up, and say out loud this photo is not of so and so, it does not have so and so’s soul. It is only a picture and nothing more.

      Put the photo where sunlight can shine on it such as a window. By having it out of the ground that can help the idea of being able to breathe, even if the weather is overcast or rainy, by having looking out a window it will still be effective.

      If you do not know where the picture was buried, then the best defense you can do is make a “witch bottle” it can dissolve this kind of working as well as others.

      If would help if the person who is depressed is also involved in making this.

      This is a bottle or jar that can be made water tight, fill it with broken glass, nails, threads, bent pins, needles, razor blades, if they are rusty even better, thorns (rose or cactus rose works best), salt (any kind) and a red ribbon then fill it half way with vinegar and a little urine of the person who has been hexed.

      Seal the bottle with melted candle wax from either a black candle (for banishing) or a white candle (for protection) if not candle wax then grey duct tape but candle wax is best.

      Some practitioners feel you should bury the bottle somewhere near their house, preferably under the front porch or near front door.

      Others feel the bottle needs to be buried as far away from the house as possible, so that any negative magic sent towards you will never reach your home in the first place. Whichever one you choose, be sure that you're leaving your bottle in a place where it will remain undisturbed permanently.

      If you live in an apartment you can bury it in a potted plant but the bottle will have to be small.

      Making the witches bottle is best done during the dark moon or just before, at midnight, but in an emergency anytime will do.

      The theory behind why the Witch Bottle works is that your or his/her urine or blood identifies it as “you or them,” and so then acts as a decoy for energy sent your or their way, the bent pins confuse the hex, the mirrors reflect the energy back to sender (always a plus), the vinegar dissolves the curse, the salt acts as a purifier, the red ribbon continues to tangle and the burying "buries the hatchet".

      When you bury the bottle you can use words to banish the negativity or swear at it throwing a curse upon those who have or would send negative workings to you or the person whom you are making the bottle for.

      Then the person who has been cursed needs to do an uncrossing bath, I have the posted on my blog, look for the tags on Uncrossing baths.

      Witches bottles are known to go back as far as the 16th century, they are used mostly to protect from any negativity or hexes or curses.

      But if this person is still depressed then they should also go and see a doctor to find out if this is also caused by any illness or a form of chronic depression, some people suffer from a lack of certain vitamins, or even lack of sunlight, so both the body and the mind need to taken care of by professionals, with the Witches Bottle and the Uncrossing bath as an extra boost.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  8. Thank you so much for your help! We do not know where the picture is buried. I will make the witches bottle right away. Question on the glass, does it need to be broken glass or broken mirrors? Or both? I just want to make sure i do ot correctly.

    1. Dear Jm,

      It can be both, broken glass cuts up the hex/curse and mirrors will reflect the hex/curse back to the person who did it originally.

      But as I said, if your friend still feels depressed, then your friend should see a medical doctor, because it can also be physical or emotional problems as well. And that also needs to be attended to.

      The Witches bottle helps on the spiritual side, seeing a doctor helps on the physical side, the combination of both will work very well.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. One last question, if the spell or hex gets broken later on down the line, will it be ok if the wotches bottle remains buried in our yard?

    3. Dear Jm,

      Yes it is perfectly fine to keep it buried in your yard, because it can also work to deflect, break up, dissolve other negative workings against you.

      It also acts as a warning too, because it can work to deflect things, but if some are very strong, it will say to you "Hey you need to do a reversing spell"

      It gives you time to do such a spell.

      But I have to be honest with you, ever since I did my Witch bottle, only twice in my long life did I have to take action against someone who worked a powerful spell against me. They didn't succeed.

      But for those who might think of working against you this will take care of it. You don't have anything to fear.

      However if you should move from your home it would be wise to dig up the bottle and take it with you, put it into a shoe box or small plastic bin and then when you are finally relocated re-bury it.

      Or you can make a new one instead, often times that is the best way.

      But if the person who is suffering from depression is still feeling that way, they should also see a doctor. Do not ignore my suggestion to do that, it is very important.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  9. Please help me. I am desperate. The love of my life broke up with me even though he said that he can't imagine anyone more perfect for him. I purchased all I need for the vandal root love spell except for the green paper. Is it any green paper?
    I also read I should cross his name with mine and write a petition around both names in a continuous circle.
    I read to do this during the waning moon since I am using graveyard dirt. Correct?
    I actually have graveyard dirt from a soldier's grave and from my grandfather's. Should I use both?
    Lastly, should I add a personal concern (target's pubic hair).
    I am sorry for all the questions. I am beside myself with sadness. I just want him back.
    If there is any other spellwork you can suggest I would appreciate it.

    1. Dear EJS,

      You posted your question twice the second one more in depth so I’ll reply to that one.

      Green paper is green paper, nothing special except the color, it can be child’s construction paper that you get in a drug store or craft store, or green color writing paper, or even green wrapping paper provided that it is not too slick to write on.

      Yes crossing your name over his is correct, and write your petition in a circle is correct but in writing the petition it must be continuous, the pencil cannot be lifted from the paper and not broken it would look like one very long word and do not lift the pencil to cross any t’s or dot any “I’s” until you’ve completely written the petition, if you have some of his personal concerns you can add a little to it, but save some for later, do not use it all up.

      You can do it during a waxing Moon since you are trying to reconcile and you should use the dirt from your Grandfather’s grave, He’ll know best. Do not use the dirt from the soldier’s grave that is for a different purpose but save that dirt for another spell just in case.

      You could do a Honey Jar Spell to see if he’ll come back to you that is one I certainly would try as well.

      But there is more to this, before you even start you should do a consultation or card reading to see if it is a good thing to do this spell, because if the reading says no, then it could be an effort in futility.

      You need to seriously examine why he broke up with you in spite of him saying to you “that he can’t imagine anyone more perfect for him.”

      For some reason that just doesn’t seem to ring true with him, and I don’t know why I feel that way. I strongly recommend that you read my post “Do Reconciliation Spells Work?” I posted it on September 19, 2016

      This way if you do the spell and nothing happens at least you have an idea.

      I did a one card reading for you and the card I drew is The Empress, but reversed

      When this card is reversed it means a Stifling matriarchal influence. Unhappiness, selfishness, poverty and disruption of the home or family. Indecision, paranoia, and/or jealous rage. Sterility of some sort.

      If a relationship has been broken the Empress Reversed card says the first step for you is to take some time for yourself in order to restore your energy levels and your belief in yourself. Unfortunately, this past relationships has impacted how you see yourself and your ability to truly love and trust another person, especially if the other left you. As a result, you may be doubting your inner beauty and losing your inspiration for creating beautiful, loving relationships.

      Heal yourself because another love will come to you. That is what this card is saying to you.

      I suggest that you try this spell you asked about followed by the Honey Jar spell, if nothing happens within 6 to 8 weeks, then it was never meant to be. Release him or Revenge yourself on him, it is your choice.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  10. Today is Friday the 13th I want to do a come back to me love binding to my ex I want to bury it in the cemetery do u know of any good ones

    1. Dear Laura,

      In binding spells, I've found that it is not good to do it on Friday the 13th, because they have a tendency to backfire.

      So I think I've just saved you some grief.

      I'm going to read your other post and reply to that one as well.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  11. i have more than 5 family member who was bury at the same grave,can i use this dirt for protection of my farm against thief,robbers etc ?

    1. Hello Unknown,

      If you know if they were in the military or could shoot or have love for you and yours, you can call upon all of them to help.

      But also get the co-ordinates of your property, the shape of it, and nail it down with rail-road spikes, one spike per corner of the property, see my archive on Rail Road spikes, just be sure to nail it below the ground level so your equipment doesn't run into it. That will help, also read my archives on Wards, Warding, Protection.

      But also get Security Camera's, you can get a good deal on them from Best Buy or Fry's (That's here on the West Coast). They can be Wi Fi or Wireless. And make sure they have good night vision. I've seen them go for $300, it doesn't have to be too expensive.

      Another thing is motion detector lights, when that lights comes on it will provide better vision for the cameras and deter folks, of course it also will come on when a cat or dog walks past it, but that's O.K.

      We have that on my house, and it's been a help, both of those.

      So check it out.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  12. hello,
    i collected some graveyard dust from my mother's grave and paid for it with flowers and coins. after I write my petition on the green paper and add the dust and vandal root, whathe am I suppose to do with it? am I suppose to carry it around? I am new to this but I am incredibly desperate. I even flew to another state just to collect the dust. I need him back in my life. please let me know what I should do.

    thank you-

    1. Dear Val,

      Do not use all the dust from your Mother’s grave, keep a fair amount of it in reserve for other future uses, Your Mom won’t mind. Keep it in a very pretty box or bottle.

      About the process or ritual with the vandal root, etc. the one thing I’ve always found interesting is that you find out how to do the ritual but then once you’ve done it the question is where do you keep it.

      So let’s review this:

      Now about the vandal root and petition, you fold the paper towards you and make it into a small packet but always folding the paper towards you, you can tie it with a bit of pink or red ribbon if you like.

      Where to keep it? Well many hoodoo conjure or witches have an altar to keep it on, but if you don’t want folks to know you’ve done this ritual then you can keep it in your purse, or place it between the mattress and box springs of your bed or put it in front of a picture of the person you want to have come back into your life, but always give yourself a time line or time frame.

      Do it on the new moon which is on January 27. If you do not seen even the slightest of results by the next New moon on February 26, then his interest has turned powerfully elsewhere. Part of this problem is you do not say if you’ve had a quarrel or he has become interested in another woman. You only say that you are desperate and you need him back in your life.

      If this is strictly emotional then you may have had a blessing given to you when he left, because who wants a cheater in one’s life. But if it’s also to care for his child or financial then that is an entirely different matter, that’s where you have to stop being weepy and get tough---Biker gang tough.

      I drew a card from Tarot for you in regards to this situation you are in and it is the Eight of Pentacles (Prudence), but reversed.

      This means that you’ve been paying undue attention to small details at the expense of the big picture. Losing yourself in your work, to the detriment of your personal and spiritual life. That you are making the same mistake repeatedly and in doing so you are refusing to learn from it. This could be choosing the wrong kind of man to have in your life.

      The reversed 8 of Pentacles shows in this former relationship that he may not have been prepared to do the "work" that is necessary to maintain a happy and fulfilling relationship. And he refuses to rethink this. One has to realize people do not just form a relationship or marriage and live happily ever after. It needs to be worked at by both parties, you’ve done your part, but you can only control your part.

      If he only wants to play and not be responsible then it’s best to let him go.

      Just remember in the future if you're looking for love, you are going to have to work to find it. Don't just sit home and imagine it falling out of the sky. Build your own happy, fulfilling life, and get out and meet people if you really want love in your life.

      This card is saying that love doesn’t just magically happen, it has to be worked on and supported by both people, and so far he seems to not be willing to do this. Just remember that when you work your petition to have him back, stop and think is he really willing to work on the relationship between the two of you.

      You say you are new to this, I suggest that you read my entire blog, start at the beginning and also read the comments sections as well for instruction.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  13. Dear Ms. Q,

    thank you so much for answering my question. we had a relationship and he all of a sudden turned cold. we were good friends, Ive always had feelings for him and one day he was the one that professed his feelings for me. He made me realize that day that my feelings for him were actually quite stronegr than I'd like to admit as I've been hurt before and don't want to go through that same thing again. I felt as if I've been sleeping this entire time and having him in my life was what made me realize that I have been suppressing my feelings for years. We had a great friendship and somewhere down the line he all of a sudden turned cold. he won't even look at me and would purposely avoid me ( we work together) we have mutual friends that we can't hang out at the same time as he refuses to be around me. I consulted with a shrink and another spiritual healer and both folks said that he was scared that his falling for me and doesn't know what to do with that feeling. It took me an entire year to realize that I am in love with him. I just really want him.back in my life .. I feel like I've lost the love of my life and a friend.

    thank you,

    1. Dear Val,

      First you may want to look into the rules of your work place, there are jobs or corporations which forbid inter-office romance, if you’re place has that and he got the word from higher ups that could be part of it.

      For you to take a year to realize you are in love with him is about the right amount of time to heal from other bad relationships, so he has helped you with that healing process, and that is good.

      Sometimes people come into our lives for one purpose and one purpose only, and then they are out of our lives for whatever reason.

      He has taught you the possibilities of opening up to love, if not with him, then with someone else and that is good.

      The fact that you both have mutual friends makes it difficult but do not back away from an event or a gathering because he’s going to be there, push yourself forward and enjoy their company, it is he that will have to make the adjustments, not you, because you are your own independent woman and not afraid of anything or anyone and that is good.

      You are in mourning right now, and you want him back, but how do you handle your feelings? Well that is going to take a lot of self-control, especially if eventually he only wants to be friends at least for now.

      Give him time to adjust how he is feeling, he may not have expected to feel the way he does, it doesn’t happen in 90 minutes like they show in the movies, it can take weeks, months even. Just get out and enjoy life for life’s sake.

      What you need to do is relax and do as I suggested above, if you’d like I’d suggest that you start wearing “Cleo May” perfume, you can purchase that from Cat Yronwode’s Lucky Mojo website, or from the Conjure Cardea website, both are excellent, the scent will draw him as well as other men to you. And then you can slowly take it from there.

      And as I said, it is him that needs to do the adjustment, it will take time maybe lots of time, just be friendly, helpful, and look on the bright side of things in life, granted life is not all flowers, butterflies, puppies, kittens and rainbows, but remember he was able to help you to heal and also put you wiser about how men are, so mentally bless him for that.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  14. I have been hanging out with this guy almost two years. Im in love with him. In the begining we were a hot couple. He soon lost intrest. He is a Gemini and Im Sagaterius. He has now filed me under friend telling me hes has no romantic intrest in me. we are together all the time. Even taking a trip next weekend. I want to begin this spell as soon as possible. My whole imediate family has passed on but they are buried on the east coast. Can I use a strangers dirt? Please tell me how to work this in my case. And if you so feel like it please draw a card for me. Not doing spell work on this one is not an option Im willing take.thank you jada

    1. Dear Jada,

      O.K. first about using a stranger’s dirt, no don’t do it, you have no idea what kind of problems that person had, you maybe borrowing trouble.

      If you have friends who cared about you or their family members who are buried where you are you could spiritually ask them to help.

      I had a friends grandma help me one time when I couldn’t get to my family (she was dead and buried) so I spiritually asked permission for her help and that worked for me. So you may consider that.

      But Oh My! Well part of the problem is that you both are opposites, a relationship between these signs will probably began spontaneously but that will also be the way it will end.

      Each of you are attracted towards the spontaneity of things the sense of adventure and travel but as a Sagittarius woman you have a great depth for love whereas Gemini man is a flirt and a free spirit.

      That is why he has you in the “friend category” he knows if he needs a partner to do things you’ve got your bag packed and ready to go.

      He enjoys the mental gymnastics with you, but he’s not looking for the warm cozy atmosphere. He’s a quantum leaper.

      The Gemini man and the Sagittarius woman is an air and fire relationship which can be at once inspirational and chaotic. This may have started out romantically but such relationships always develop into great friends, instead, because they understand one another.

      Since they are opposite signs, Gemini man Sagittarius woman compatibility is almost a given, but mostly as friends.

      When it’s that kind of relationship it’s good for short term dating, but don’t expect stability.

      I drew a card for you and it is the Seven of Wands (Valor), but reversed it means great challenges met with cowardice. Quarrels, perplexity, and indecision at a crucial moment.

      The 7 of Wands reversed can indicate that one of you are being indecisive about something. This is because of one of two things: either the fear is too intense to move forward, or the time is simply not right. Something can be done about the former, generally speaking.

      But if you are looking for love, the first thing to do is to get outside your front door. Get out, have fun, and see where life takes you. Thinking for too long about the exact specifics of this "perfect partner" for you is counterproductive--there's no such person.

      You can enjoy the friendship, if you don’t mind it being “friends with benefits” but eventually you’ll become dissatisfied with that and the two of you may part ways. But this is your choice, so if you want that then enjoy it, but be prepared to be hurt.

      I’m just saying, so if you go ahead, well it is your choice. Good Luck!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  15. Dear Ms. Q, in your article you mentioned it's usual to pay a police officer's grave 3 pennies. A rootworker taught me to pay 10 coins for graveyard dirt, is 10 a traditional number in your experience?

    1. Hello My Dear,

      In my experience and training I pay 9 pennies to the gatekeeper or guardian of the cemetery to seek permission to enter and pay my way in.

      Then either 3, 5, 7 or 9 coins to the person I'm collecting the dirt from.

      With a police officer copper is traditional (at least by my experience) Copper = Cop, 3 = Duty, Honor, Loyalty.

      With others its silver coins preferably Mercury dimes, which are expensive even the sliders, but I use that with soldiers graves or from graves of people I do not personally know.

      For family members I use flowers, whiskey, cigarettes or cigars, depending what was their preference in life. With my Mom it was always Flowers and coffee, for an Aunt of mine flowers and a small bottle of perfume.

      I've never known it to be an even number except when a friend of mine bought dirt from a dog, a K-9 to be a "hell-hound" she paid with 6 large dog biscuits and 3 copper pennies (technically police dogs are considered officers of the law)

      It all depends upon the training and experience of the practitioner as well as the reason to buy the dirt.

      So there could be variations depending upon the ritual or reason for an even number, but that is how I was trained and from the various notes I have from other sources and practitioners that I know.

      If a rootworker taught you 10 coins then follow that training, over time you will get a better sense of it, "they" will speak to you what "they" want.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. hello Ms.Q,
      I hope this note finds you well. I performed the ritual as you instructed. however due to my roommates being home, I didn't get to do it during a new moon. I do think that it's starting to work as his starting to make small talks with me and occasionally smiles at me again but he still doesn't talk to me in private nor ask me to coffee or lunch. he makes small talk mostly when there's others around and he started somewhat acknowledging me again, saying good bye when he leaves or asking me how the game was,etc. I was thinking of redoing the ritual to help further expedite the process and possibly help us get back to where we were. btw I once slept with the bag that I carry around & put it under my pillow as your mentioned and I actually had a very pleasant dream about him. I was thinking of redoing the ritual because I forgot to add the love me oil during the first one and im thinking that redoing it would make it stronger and help me get yhe results ive been longing. however, I am not sure what to do with the existing one that I have that I carry around everywhere! I even fly it with me when I'm traveling hoping that tsa won't confiscate it. should I combine the two together if I decide to redo it? I know how he feels about me and I really just want us to get back to our the way we were. I know that he loves me and I do too and I really want to get us back to the way we were. also, before I did this ritual, I performed a binding spell using our photos and sealed it with my blood. I hide the items in the bank but I am not sure if I should burn it. someone told me that if I burn it (or photos binded) he'll be attached to me forever..is that true? your reply as always is highly appreciated.

      thank you,

  16. Hello Ms.Q,

    I did the ritual as you instructed and kept the graveyard dust with me at all times. I even travel with it and sometimes I put it under my bed. During the time that I put it under my bed, I had a very pleasant dream about us. I believe I did everything right minus the phase of the moon as I did the ritual when my roommates where not around..I didnt want them to see what I was doing. I am seeing it come to fruition as his starting to talk to me again and his initiated the conversation many times. we haveby quite gotten back to where we were but I am patiently waiting for it. I do have a question, should I redo the ritual to make it stronger to help further expedite the process? if so, what should I do with the other items that I've been keeping around me at all times? should I combine them ? also, prior to me doing this spell, I did a binding spell using our photos and bindEd it with my blood. I kept it hidden at a very safe place away from anyone. I was told that if I burn it, he'did be binded to me for real. what should I do with it? should I juts keep it hidden or should I burn it? again thank you for answering my question as you've been an incredible help to me during this difficult journey.

    Thank you!

    1. Dear Valerie,

      I apologize for the delay getting back to you, but if you read my niece’s posts I’m recovering from a broken ankle. And I Thank you if I’ve been of any help to you.

      I don’t feel that you’ll need to re-do the ritual at this time, whatever you do don’t combine the other items into one, but hang on to them for possible future use.

      Doing a binding spell using your blood along with the photos is pretty potent, it is a good thing to keep it in a safe place because if anyone tries to un-do it or toss it away improperly it could have nasty consequences (Mostly getting ill) NEVER BURN IT!!

      I am very leery about doing a binding spell using my blood to keep someone close to me, because what if it turns out to not be what I want? If you burn it, you would be stuck forever. And what if he can’t handle money, or parties all night, you’d be responsible for his debts.

      Just keep it in a safe place until you decide to un-do it.

      And I guess I’m going to have to write an article about how to un-bind a binding spell (especially if done for love).

      But if you do decide to un-bind it, you first need to unwrap as much as possible the thread, or ribbon or whatever you used, then put the items into a large blow of salt water (sea salt) to wash the blood binding away, separate the photos, keep the one of you and sprinkle a little lemon juice on it to cleans it further and with his photo cover it with a mash clove of garlic and say “I set you free, you are unbound from me”, put the photo, any of his personal items, the thread and the crushed garlic clove into a paper bag and toss it into a dumpster far away from you.

      With the graveyard dust, inform the spirit of your Mother (I think you said it was your Mom) that you are fine now but may call upon her for help in the future and be sure to keep her dust safe and in a proper container and respect it.

      But never burn it otherwise you will be stuck forever, unless you do an uncrossing bath on the both of you. So keep it simple for yourself and just keep it in a safe place.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  17. Hi
    Can you explain how do I go about doing the binding spell with my blood.Thank you

    1. Dear Miss Naidoo,

      This is Ms. Q's niece.

      Ms. Q has suffered a serious heart attack and has retired from doing this blog or answering questions and comments.

      You posted questions on the intro part of Graveyard dust, I put your questions to Ms. Q and her response is there. Please check.

      In Ms. Q's words Bright Blessings

  18. Ms. Q Got a question.... it is winter graves are frozen solid, and my relatives are too far away to get grave yard dirt from them, I have had 2 pets very loyal, and very devoted to both protecting me when they were alive, one even put himself between me and danger any time he could. I do not have dirt from their gravestones, but I have their actual remains.... would adding a small offering to each of them with some of their remains work for a housing protection spell, when people are forcing you out? Even if Ms. Q cannot answer can someone please answer?

    1. Hello,

      This is Ms. Q’s niece.

      As you know Ms. Q has suffered a serious heart attack and has retired, but once in a while I will give her an easy question when she has strength to answer.

      She responded with a question, which was ‘why are people forcing you out?’ If you are sharing a house with other room mates who are uncomfortable to be with it’s understandable.

      If you own the house is this because of falling behind on the mortgage payments, or rent if it’s an apartment? There are other factors that might be involved.

      She says you could do it but it would only be as a delaying action until you have a way to be able to stay put where you are living (depending upon circumstances), it is possible that it could force the people who are trying to get you out to leave instead.

      Either way it could work but again it depends upon the circumstances.

      In Ms. Q’s words Bright Blessings