Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A local Ghost Story~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

As befitting our approaching halloween celebration, I want to present as well as dispell a local ghost story that occurred back in 2007. 

When I was starting a different blog it was the first one that I posted, unfortunately I never expanded on that blog as it was hard to balance ghost stories and spiritual information, two really different subjects in the occult and paranormal field.

But if you follow this link you'll have some fun reading it and also don't believe everything that is posted on a true hauntings web site.  Not all of it is true.

This is about the Haunted Insane Asylum of Alameda, CA. and how it wasn't~~~~


Blessings, Ms. Q

Monday, October 28, 2013

How do you protect yourself from Spiritual Invasion Pt 4~~Protecting Children and Pets~~~

Dear Ms Q,

This step is very important especially if you are a parent.

Spiritually protecting your child especially when your child is too young to voice its fears or observations should be one of parent’s first actions.

The traditional observations of Baptism are good, but it is done usually weeks after a baby is born.

There is something that you can do to protect your child. Now if you are the birth Mother you will be in too weakened a state to do this but if your life partner or family member or very close friend who is also of the same thought that you are, they can do it for you.

But if you are only now coming to understand the protection a child needs you can do it yourself.

First let me inform you about children’s psychic abilities and then I will give you the process on the protection and it is easy to do.

Many, many children are psychic, they are aware of spirits around them and seem to accept this, they may think of them as fairies or other magical beings, if it is something negative then these beings are considered trolls or bad gnomes or even “the boogeyman”.

Sometimes they see spirits and have them as adults would call them “Imaginary playmates”, those may be in fact spirit children.

If you child is sensitive and speaks of imaginary friends or unusual beings take their observations seriously, don’t laugh at the child or tell them they are imagining things because children, especially psychic sensitive children can very easily be made to feel foolish, their feelings hurt and when that happens they will stop talking to you about what they see and sense, they become unwilling to confide in you.

That is a dangerous situation, you as the parent or guardian should take what they say seriously, but you must take it in without appearing fearful of the supernatural event, if you act fearful then they will become fearful.

Try to let them know or instill into them that they have an ability that is quite natural if a bit unusual, but also warn them that they should not talk about their experience to other children or outsiders and in some cases to other family members and let them know that it is perfectly fine for them to talk to you about it.

They will naturally ask why they should not talk to others about their experiences and you need to tell them that not everyone understands and that other children could easily make fun of them because other children may not have that ability.

When I was growing up my parents and grandmother said that it had to be a special secret that only we shared, it was fine when I was little and as I grew up and was trained I understood what my parents and grandmother was talking about.

When I was in the last half of my sophomore year in High School that lesson came home to me with a resounding “Bump” and left the remaining years in school difficult. I had made the mistake of blurting out to some classmates that the boy one of the girls was dating was not going to take her to an upcoming school dance, he was going to be in an accident and afterwards fall for another girl. Well my classmates thought I was jealous until the incident happened, after that no one wanted to sit near me either in class or the school cafeteria, the school locker room at Gym was a miserable situation for me, I was called names, even bullied. The bullying didn’t stop until the Vice Principal took steps against the students, to the point where there was a Student Board hearing, this consisted of Advanced Seniors, teachers as guidance and was done as a sort of court.

The end decision was that at the moment I had simply taken some separate observations about the one student’s recklessness and his attentions towards another girl and simply put 2 and 2 together and blurted out my “prediction” and it just happen to happen. The offending students who were bullying me were on probation and banned for a period of time from certain activities. However two of the seniors did privately talk to me about what happened that caused me to “see” this event, and they personally took my abilities seriously.

When they went to college they remained in touch with me and we’ve been friends ever since.

However my family did warn me about what would happen and what the consequences could be and it did happen, for the remaining years I had in High School I didn’t have any friends except for one or two and was considered an “outsider” by the “in-crowd”, in college I was far more careful and was lucky to meet with a few like-minded students who believed in the paranormal.

I hope that my personal experience can help guide you parents.

Now concerning your child, if your child should tell you of feeling something in the house that makes them uncomfortable or seeing a ghost, listen to them carefully, because children are often the first to notice such things, especially if the adult is busy with repairs or moving things in or making sure the paperwork on the new home is correct. Children do not have those material things to clutter their senses.

Children also seem to have a natural sense in detecting if a spirit is friendly or not and since children are more open psychically than adults they will need help in closing down.

If your child is older and able work in concert with you then the closing exercises that I described in the previous post can be taught to them with you as the adult guiding them through it.

But if they are too young to understand what to do or might be too frightened to do it this is then what you can do.

In the evening when all is quiet after you have read to them and they settle into sleep sit in a chair next to their bed and visualize a golden light over the child’s head, then visualize the light descending through each of the psychic centers or chakra’s with the exception of those that I mentioned in the pervious post, and visualize each flower of those centers closing (with the exception of those needed to function in the physical world).

After you do that visualize your child’s aura extending two or three feet around their body, and then picture that same golden light filling the entire aura wrapping it like a cloak or blanket around your child. Then say a prayer asking your loved ones in spirit, the angels and guardians of light to protect and keep your child safe.

Later when your child is much older and comprehends what needs to be done you can teach them this procedure.

How often should you do this? As often as your child senses something uncomfortable around them, it maybe only once a year or as often as every several months depending upon their sensitivity and anything that could trigger a psychic event.

Spiritually protecting your Pet~~~~~

Animals especially dogs, cats and yes, horses are very spiritually attuned to the paranormal. That is why in a number of tales of ghostly hauntings it is usually those three animals. Although there have been tales of spirit deer, wolves, buffalo, and even moose.

But among the domesticated animals it is usual prevalent among dogs and cats and if you live in the country horses as well.

If you pet does not want to go into a certain room in your home or an area in your garden, or if there is a place they do not like when you take them for a walk (this is with dogs and horses) they are sensing psychically something that is paranormal, a ghost or spirit of some sort.

The best thing is to not force them, they know their limitations, like some dogs do not like vacuum cleaners it is the same with spirit. However there have been cases where the animal appears to listen to someone talking to them and then acts as if they have been ordered to obey a command, they are not frightened but recognize a more friendly spirit.

This has happened to several dogs that I have had and my current one will stare into an empty area, listening to someone and wagging her tail and acts as if she had been praised. Sometimes my dog will just look into an area with very serious intent and then make a decision if its friend or foe, most of the time its friend but there have been times when she’s done a very low warning growl as if to say “I don’t like you and you better leave”.

When that happens I will look into that area and say “Whoever you are you are not wanted here I order you to leave this place and seek the light, I call upon my guardian angels to escort this spirit out of my home and off my property” this usually takes care of the situation and my dog relaxes.

Sometimes when I’m taking her for a walk she gets what soldiers call “the thousand yard stare” she sees or senses something and then she will block me from going any further, I cannot force her to move, when that happens I will then go back the way I came and take a different route on our walk.

Cats will react as well and it is a wise pet owner to observe their pet and its actions. I cannot tell you what it is with cats, except that there areas they avoid, or they suddenly react to what appears to be nothing. But it is something only we can’t see it.

So what do you do to psychically protect your pet?

You cannot close down their psychic or chakra centers, they need them for their own survival but you can protect their psychic self the same way you protect your child’s aura, when your pet is napping quietly be near them with out disturbing them, envision their aura and expand their aura 2 to 3 feet out from them. Visualize a golden light coming down from heaven and filling their aura with that golden light again like with your child envision that light wrapping them in a blanket of protection and pray to your loved ones in spirit and to the guardian angels of light to protect your pet.

You may have to do this frequently as pets are always psychically open, about every three months or so.

But one of the hardest things to accept is when it is time for your beloved furry friend to physically leave, their body is worn out, their pain is too great, they have loved you forever and they will forever until it is time for you to join them. Take that same golden light and envision it wrapping their spirit in a cloak and their spirit being carried by the guardian angel of animals to that Happy place where they play and run free and wait for you to join them.

In many cases I’ve had spirits of departed loved ones tell me that the first person to greet them when they cross over is their pets, all happy to see their owner/caregiver and these same pets guide their owner over to all the wonderful places that is on the other side, and they too assist with things such as healing if they were ill, or understanding that they have crossed over if they died suddenly, or sit next to them when undergoing a life review.

For they love you unconditionally with perfect acceptance of your human failings.

Next is how to protect your home or sacred space, what steps do you need to do.

Blessings, Ms. Q

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween or All Hallow's Eve~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

In another post (check Halloween, All Hallow's, Samhain tags) I posted how my Granny would do the ritual to welcome and celebrate those who have passed on and remember them, in many ways it was a ritual that the whole family could do.  And it was done after all the trick or treaters had gone to bed, usually around 10 p.m.

Now you ask me how can you a 21st century person do this celebration and not be obvious about it espeically as a solitary.

Well in my Granny's day it wasn't so difficult but then things began to change, people would move in who weren't familar with the old country ways and in their ignorance on two occasions reported Granny to a Social Services agency.  Granny and Mom would very calmly explain the meaning behind what they did and that it was a tradition, but come the 1970's it was "Oh no you can't do that it offends people,  its one thing to hand out candy to children and have carved pumpkins and scary skeletons but you can not do what you're doing."

This pissed Granny off, but she was clever, she and Mom talked it over and it seems that it was the outward or outside ritual that seem to perturbe those two neighbors.  So Granny disguised it; it meant a lot of hard work for us and a lot of pumpkin pie puree but it worked.

Granny counted the number of steps on her house and divided the number by half, so she bought pumpkins and we kids would carve smiling faces on the pumpkins,  the seeds were washed, dried, salted and roasted in the oven for snacking later on and it made the kitchen nice and warm,  we kids drew on the face we wanted with square teeth, pointed teeth, round eyes, square eyes, triangle eyes, etc.  so Mom would cut the tops off of the pumpkins and we kids would scoop the insides out, putting the sends and strands into a big bowl and while we scooped Mom or Granny would wash them, pat dry, salt and then pop them into the oven. 

Then when the pumpkins were emptied out we'd draw our faces and Mom and Granny or an Uncle or Dad would cut the faces out.  As we got older and could handle a knife safely then we'd do it.  We made sure the bottom inside of the pumpkin was level to hold a candle, Granny would use old sewing needels to hold the candles in place. 

Then on Halloween the pumpkins would be placed on the steps but in safe corners so that children's costumes would not catch fire with the faces facing out ward and the hard shell shielding the candle flame away and Granny would lite them with white candles from the bottom of the steps to the front door,  and then inside we'd do what we traditionally do, after the trick or treaters were all done coming for candy.

Then on All Souls day evening we'd light the same pumpkins that would now have black candles in them from the top to the bottom just before midnight and do the same prayers.  And then after the clock chimed 12 we'd snuff them out from top to bottom thanking them for visiting.

Granny never had any problems with those neighbors when she did that,  because all a Social Case worker would see was pumpkins and would say that kids still like to see them lit.  This frustrated those neighbors but then Granny got fed up with them and decided to do a ritual to have them leave, they did. 

But Granny liked the pumpkin idea so much that she kept it up.   Even I still do it that way as well

Now about the pumpkin puree,  the day after All Soul's day we'd take the pumpkins into the house and break them apart,  the tops were not useable so they'd go and be put into compost, my Uncle would chop it up with a hatchet.  But the rest of the pumpkins, after they were broken into manageable pieces the inside side would have the burnt and dried part peeled off and then it would be placed inside down on a flat cookie tray on aluminum foil and baked at 400 degrees until soft or fork tender, about 30 minutes---now some places say 350 degrees for 45 minutes what ever works I say.

 When that was done the outer shell could be easily peeled off and then the soft part could be cut up into small pieces and mashed up with a potato masher, or a potato ricer or blender with a little water, or food processor.  If it was a little watery, put the puree into a strainer until the liquid drains off or squeeze through cheese cloth.

Then you could freeze it in one cup amounts, by making it into 1 cup amounts you could defrost exactly want you'd need and not waste it.  Freeze bags make it much easier to store, look for the smallest ones that can hold one cup of puree.

And then with spices and such added into pumpkin puree perfect for pumpkin pies, cookies, muffins and bread.  If you can do zuchinni bread you can do pumpkin bread, sometimes Granny would add chopped walnuts and dried cranberries to the mix for the bread,  perfect for the Thanksgiving holidays.

There are receipes on how to make your own pumpkin spices and how to bake the different goodies on the internet, look for them and add it to your personal receipe book.

So what is this post all about, well its how you can easily disguise a ritual into something mundane and the "muggles" not be aware of it.  Of no one wants to hide their beliefs that's fine,  but considering how quick people are to call the police, how quick the "Jesus Freaks", and I'm sorry if I offend anyone with that refererence, but how the extremely religious can make a persons life a miserable hell, it is always best to disguise one's beliefs from prying eyes.   Only those that are truely aware will be able to sense and spot things that tell those in the craft what is what. 

Things like planting the plant known as "hen and chicks" at the beginning of your walk way or near your front door, would look mundane,  planting rosemary and other herbal plants that are plant guardians of protection no "muggle" would be aware of except to note that it looks nice.  My Great-Aunt had two planters at the bottom of her steps that were made of cement and faced with abolone shell with the pearl side facing outwards, it looked pretty but it was a variation of the mirror protection ritual, and those planters had "hen and chicks planted in them.

Then her back yard would be given over to planting vegetebles like my Grannys and raising chickens espeically her flock of black chickens.

Her front yard was given over to planting herbs and certain flowering plants.  No one questioned why, because many people were still into canning their own food.  Now a days its a little harder, but it can still be done, wheter you live in an apartment, own a house or condo.  With the condo or apartment you have to check to see what you can or cannot do, that is the problem with living in a gated community, so where ever you chose to live, chose wisely.

This post is to give you an idea of what to do to get you started since it is going to be the beginning of the "Witches Year" What better time than now to start.

Blessings, Ms. Q

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How do you protect yourself from Spiritual Invasion PT 3 at work and in your car~~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

Protection at your work place and in your car.

This is very important but it also presents challenges, it is not like protecting your home or sacred space, you are working in a location that has many layers of events and ghosts or spirits, and if it is a large office building you’re working on those layers as well.

Part of the problem if you feel uncomfortable in your work place is that it is every hard to smudge or sprinkle with holy water or any of those things.

However if you are working in a small cubicle as oppose to an open desk, there are some little things you can do.

One of the first things is to completely clean your work area yourself, do this either on your lunch hour or if you can stay after work do it then. This would include getting rid of things you don’t need, dusting out any dust and putting it all into the trash can, you cannot vacuum that will be done by the cleaning crew, but you can with the proper stuff clean your computer screen, keyboards, mouse etc;. Organize your work area and any knick-knacks on your desk that is excess remove and take home, simplify your work area.

Then wipe everything down with Sage water, inside the drawers, the top of your desk all areas, except for the computer screen, the frame of the screen yes, but not the screen itself, carefully wipe the keyboard and mouse with a damp cloth that has Sage water---DAMP---not wet.

Then if you are in a cubicle, is to hang a small mirror to your right or left of your computer screen mounted on the cubical wall it works on reflecting back negative energy, but you can disguise it by saying it helps you see if someone is behind you to ask a question or to quickly check (if you’re a lady) your makeup and for a man, to check to make sure you do not have food on your mouth (this is true if you eat at your desk), but its real purpose is spiritual in nature. This mirror can be plain looking, what you’d get at a drug store, but before you take it to work, smudge and bless it first.

The second is square cut nails, you can place these into the carpet, under your desk at the edges of your cubicle where a person can enter, prepare these nails by having them first immersed in graveyard dirt of either a policeman, military man, or strong loving family member, having bought the dirt in the usual manner, see previous post on graveyard dirt, pray over the nails and call upon St. Michael for protection, and then anoint the nails with  "Firey Wall of Protection" oil.

Put the nails in the 4 farthest corners of your cubicle, try and do it either before other staffers come in or after most of them leave. If where you work does not have carpeting, put them into the corners of your cubicle walls if they are cloth, points downward. This will act as a barrier.

Another thing at your workspace is a blessed St. Michael medal; you can put one behind your computer screen so it won’t be seen or behind your mirror, or under your keyboard.

Another thing is Sage water, in an earlier post I mention how to prepare Sage water and use it in a sprayer if you cannot smudge with sage, use it to wipe down your desk, keyboard but don’t get it wet, back of your chair, spritz it on your carpet, if the floor is linoleum, stone or hardwood, wipe it down and make sure it dries so no one will fall.

Some people I know will use a prepared Railroad spike disguised as a paperweight for extra added protection, I have found that those railroad spikes that are curved almost into a circle or like a knot are the best it confuses the energy sending it back.

Now if your desk is in an open area where setting up a mirror is impossible, use a faceted glass paperweight, the kind that looks like a round globe with a flat bottom, but its sides are not round but with a lot of flat surfaces, place that directly in front of you if your computer screen is to one side, or to one side of the screen. Use a prepared Railroad spike to hold down a stack of files (so it will look like you don’t want them disturbed), the prepared square cut nails place into the back of your desk drawers at the farthest edge, if possible glue one to the underside of your desk in the farthest corner where there is no desk drawer. Place the St. Michael’s medal under your keyboard while you are at your desk and into your desk drawer when you leave for the day.

You can still spritze and wipe down your desk under the guise of giving it a complete cleaning (which is true).

If your job requires you to go from department to department, if you can use a clip board that looks like what is sometimes called a “Posse Box” that is best, this clipboard has the flat surface but you can lift the clipboard up and there’s an area to hold receipts and note paper. Put into that a St. Michael’s medal and a prepared square cut nail. Before you start to use it clean it first with the sage water.

If you use a briefcase for work, put inside it also a St. Michael’s medal as well as a square cut prepared nail.

If your job requires you to travel in your car, this is what you can do, carefully smudge it on the inside, be sure to hold a large abalone shell underneath the smudge stick to catch any ash, you don’t want to burn the car up. Wash the tires down with a bucket filled with water to which you add a pinch of sea salt and holy water and a few drops of Original Pine Sol cleaner, use can also wash the outside of the car with this mixture, add a little suds to it, then finally put a St. Michael’s medal in the glove or map compartment. Sit inside the car and say a prayer of protection, it must come from the heart, have your angels and guides and St. Michael watch over you and your car while you drive.

Another thing you can do is carry a bottle of sage water that you can spritz around the bottom of your car door when you open it, this is espeically true if you have the feeling of something uncomfortable following you or when you step out of your car, before you get into your car, spritz the bottom of the open door before you get in, another thing is carry a packet of sea salt, in little pastic bags and sprinkle on the ground before you step into your car, this acts as a barrier against negative energy.

When you drive your car do not Text, use the cell phone or do anything that is considered distracting, you must always remain on alert. This is especially true if you have children in the car with you and they do those “Mom!! He’s touching me” games, inform both children that both will be punished no matter who started it. That usually stops it.

That is the physical stuff you can do at work and in your car.

But at your work place, if there is spiritual activity, find out what was in that buildings location before it was built, go back as far as you can. In many places one might find it was the former location of a hospital, battle, murder, mental institution, or Native American Camp site.

No piece of land is without some sort of haunting even the land can be haunted by a traumatic event, cities like London that experience the air bombings of World War II have locations in which former buildings were destroyed with lives lost, and then new buildings built and there will be a haunting. Even the location of the former Twin Towers in New York City has a serious residual spiritual effect, that is why a water memorial is there it helps to calm the spirits. Shanksville, P.A. where one of the other planes that was involved in 9/11 is the site of that planes crash and there is reports of hauntings of that area by the spirits of that plane, preventing the spirits of the terrorists from seeking any kind of heaven and tormenting them.

If you find that the area where your work location is the site of a traumatic event or place, all you can do is say a prayer for the spirits so they can go to the light.

Next I will “talk” about how to spiritually protect your child and/or pet and in a separate post I'll give you the formula for "Firey Wall of Protection" oil and other basic "go-to" oils.

Blessings, Ms. Q

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A quick note~~and how to find what you need~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

You and others from as far away as Belarus, the Phillipines, India and China have asked me to quickly post what is needed to be done for spiritual protection both for self, and home etc.

My Dears I can only write so fast and I have to always keep checking my notes to be sure I have it correct.

For now look for posts on my blog that has these tags----protection, spiritual protection, railroad spikes, wards and shielding, cleansing.
It is a start, although incomplete at this time it is a start, eventually I will do a post where you can find which blogs posts and in what order to follow them in, as I too agree it is a bit "hit and miss"  but I write what I feel I need to write as guided by your questions and my spirit guides and the available time I have to write.

All I can ask if for you to have paticence.

There is more to come.

Blessings, Ms. Q

Saturday, October 5, 2013

How do you protect yourself from spiritual invasion Part 2, The Technique~~~.

O.K Ms. Q,

We will continue this with the technique as taught to me by my Grandmother.

Eventually with practice you’ll be able to do this without much effort both closing and opening, within a few seconds even less than a minute and in time it will become an automatic reflex.

My Grandmother told me that each of the Heart areas (aka Chakra Centers) has a color much like the color of the rainbow working from the lowest color to the highest. When I want to see each area I’m to see it (envision it) like a 5 petaled flower or rose, but each rose has the same color as the Heart area. I found for me it was easy to envision a rose going from bud to full flower and in reverse, you may see it differently, work with what is easiest for you.

When I want to open or awaken the centers I work from the bottom up, when I want to close it I work from the top down.

As I take you through each center I will tell you their location and the color they “vibrate” to; if you read or have read books on Chakra’s then this will be very familiar to you.

FIRST—Sit somewhere quiet where you’re not going to be disturbed, that means no phone, no radio, no video games, no bouncing kids, no TV and hopefully no noisy neighbors. Get someone to baby sit the kids. One of the best places to meditate quietly with the least amount of disturbance is a church, if you can find one open during the day, sometimes in a Catholic Church when they are open for confessions that is the best place and time, but don’t have your purse, it is too easy to have it stolen.

Now if you are able to do it in your own home or apartment that’s fine, some people like to play meditative music (but no flute—I’ve found that flute music to be too penetrating into the psychic). If you live in a noisy apartment complex try and find the quietest room in your apartment---lots of times it’s the bathroom. If it’s a shared living arrangement and your roommate is noisy then find that other location. And use it until you get to the point where you can do this process even in the middle of a noisy traffic jam.

Now take a few deep breaths and slowly let it out each time and relax, (relaxing is hard, for it is natural for the muscles to reflexly contract.), but doing the deep breaths will help you.

Now we are going to close those chakra centers----

Imagine a soft warm golden light floating above your head, then visualize this light streaming down into the top or crown of you head, this is a deep purple or violet flower but the golden light simply slides down without closing it.

Now see this light descending down to what is known at the third eye center, this is located just above your eyes and it contains a light violet or indigo color flower, as the light surrounds this flower see the petals closing gentle.

Now follow the golden light down to your throat, this area contains a bright blue flower right at your throat center and once again as the light surround it the petals gently close.

Again the light goes down to your heart center in the center of your chest, this is a green flower and it does the same thing closing.

As you go down further you are at what is called the solar plexus center, this is also known at the stomach area it is a yellow flower and it also closes gently

Now the golden light will gently flow down past your sacral chakra which is orange and below your naval and continues to flow down past your root chakra which is red and located at the base of your spine, these two plus the crown chakra at the very top of your head where the golden light first entered will remain open as you need those to operate your normal senses and to function in society and work.

Visualize that the golden light is now flowing through your legs and feet into the ground beneath you and it becomes roots going deep, down into the ground and these roots will find rocks large rocks to grab and hold onto to keep you firmly attached to the physical world.

Now the light that was golden becomes white and takes on a egg shape around your body this is your aura, and it projects out two or three feet from your body. Then a golden sheen goes over that white aura completely covering it. Once the golden sheen covers your aura feel your aura contracting a little, it seals you and forms a shield.

Once this is done say a prayer and send loving thoughts to your guides, guardian angels and loving spirits asking them to add their protection.

Once this is done you are safe and nothing negative can intrude.

You will find that this will take a little while to perform, especially if you are not use to doing visualizing, but as I said with practice over time you will be able to do it within a minute, whenever you wish and wherever you are.

When you want to open your chakra’s to work with spirits, first with a prayer ask for your spiritual “Team” to help you and protect you while you are opening up and doing spiritual work.

Then again visualize this process in reverse, but with the golden light eventually streaming out of your crown chakra and connecting to the Universe, and helping to elevate your vibrations.

But remember when you do this to open up you will feel everything even the emotions of people just passing by.

When I do readings, I know I’ll be open to massive amounts of emotions and spirits may crowd in, that is when I mentally tell the spirits that they have to “wait in line” and be approved by my spiritual Gatekeeper and if you do not have a good reason to visit me, you the spirit will be escorted away.

The movie with Whoopie Goldberg “Ghost” shows Whoopie’s character in her “office” being surrounded by a crowd of spirits, and they don’t leave until she tells them to leave, that pretty much describes when I do readings in “a nutshell”, unfortunately Whoopie’s character still has to learn to teach spirits boundaries, which I wish in some way like in book form, that character shows to the reader what she has to go through to deal with spirits on a daily basis. I think it would make a good T.V. program personally.

Now there are further things you’ll need to do for better protection---

FIRST--- you have to learn to deal with any fear that you have of the supernatural, fear of the supernatural is based on ignorance and Hollywood exaggeration and hype, even those Ghost Hunter shows are an exaggeration and with a certain well-known couple the Warren’s (now since retired) going around claiming everything is done by demons, when in truth only 1 percent is anything close to demon activity.

And Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “The Only thing we have to fear is Fear itself”, and he was so true, I’m more afraid of tripping over something I can’t see in the dark as oppose to running into anything demonic.

Read, read, read about the subject, go to a Spiritualist church and have a reading done by one of their mediums to be re-assured that 99 percent of the spirits around you are loving and kind and will work to protect you from harm.

SECOND---if you start experiencing negative emotions, including depression, anxiety and they seem to have no obvious cause, investigate where these emotions are coming from, it could be from a spirit but its just as likely coming from a living person as well, so take into consideration some one around you is projecting those and other emotions.

If you sense that this is a spirit presence send a prayer to have the angels help this spirit go to the light, if need be get a medium who is an expert in spirit rescue, do not attempt to do it yourself. Most of the time by doing prayers for their help that usually does it.

THIRD----Avoid places that have a history of pain and suffering in the past, a holiday trip to a battlefield is Not relaxing. Of course hospitals are very difficult places especially if you have to visit a loved one there or circumstances have you in one. That is where making sure your centers are closed is important.

A friend of mine went to Europe with her husband and he wanted to visit the historic battles field and even a Jewish concentration camp that had become a historic center, she could not walk near it and became angry with her husband. He could only see the historic significance but she felt the suffering and fear.

At one battlefield Omaha Beach, she couldn’t enjoy the ocean view, and told her husband and the tour party to go ahead she stayed at the tour bus, she did step out side and a young man appeared, thinking it was a tour guide in period dress she said she didn’t want a tour and he said that was all right, but pointed out the various area’s of the beach, then he said to her, that it was dimensions, the soldiers are at peace, but the fear remains, not the souls, and to look at the ocean as a peaceful loving mother who is continuously healing, in time the young man said, even the feelings of fear will disappear, prayer, the young man said, always helps.

Her husband called to her and she turned her head away and then turned back to say something to the young man and he wasn’t there, she believes it was a spirit sent to her to help her deal with what she was feeling. But her husband finally realized her distress about the locations.

If for some reason you are going to such places, close down beforehand and remain closed all the time you are there.

FOURTH---YOUR HEALTH----I cannot stress this enough, eating healthy foods and avoiding junk foods is important to your physical and spiritual health, if you can afford organic foods that is best, it is not a problem to eat meat, I’ve found if I eat meat from a Kosher butcher they must follow a practice of making sure the animal is humanely slaughtered, this is very important. If you can’t find such a butcher then organically raised animals is also good.  There is nothing wrong with eating meat, you do not have to become a vegetarian or vegan,  as a matter of fact you do your body more harm than good by strictly following a program that is not balanced,  even primitive man ate a well balanced meal, even if he did have to constantly forage and hunt.

Allow time for rest and relaxation; avoid stress as much as possible, having an organized life is very important. If you are run down, anxious, worried, tired it will weaken your aura and allow earthbound spirits to intrude.  Sometimes a nap helps, but plenty of sleep at night is important.

This is where living a balanced life is very important, one's children should learn that as well, and teaching your children to always communicate about school projects and homework deadlines is important, and little Janey and Johnny do not have to be involved in every school club or event or project if it causes disruption in the household---family and a well balanced life comes first.

I have found that households that ban video games and do family orientated games are much happier, cell phones, apps that disconnect the family and there for permit rude behavior and have family members disconnect from interaction is very stressing.

Sensitive people do not have a robust health than those people of a more earthly natures, especially those that are extreme sports enthusiasts. So if your partner loves to watch and participate in sports and you prefer long walks in the forests or sitting by a lake, you as the sensitive will be dealing with a stressful situation and household.

In my next post I will talk about protecting yourself in your work location and how to protect your children.

Blessings, Ms. Q.

Friday, October 4, 2013

How do you protect yourself from spiritual invasion Part I Introdution~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

I am going to present this to you in two parts  This part I is an introduction and explaination, please read it.
You ask me how do you protect yourself from spiritual invasion.

Well it depends upon what type of invasion or intrusion you are asking about.

If you are the type like the young boy in the movie, "The Sixth Sense",  who says "I see dead people" and they keep intruding into your life because they see your light there is a technique that was taught to me by my Grandmother, now it takes time to learn this but it does become easier with practice and re-inforcing it every day.

There was one time when it "failed" but then that was with my spirit guides who were trying to devise a way for me to become more aware of my "gifts".

As a child I sort of accepted things what I saw mostly as a matter of course, but my grandmother and parents wisely told me to not speak of it except to them, but as I got older and puberty set it, it began to get worse, hearing someone speak to me or ask me questions.  Most of the time I'd say or ask "Did you say something?"  and either the person (live) would repeart what they said (which was not the voice I'd heard) or they'd say "Nothing, I didn't say anything".  When that happened I'd keep it to myself.

But one night I was trying to get to sleep, I was about 12 years old and these two voices, a man's and a woman's were talking over me, over my bed and the conversation went something like this  (man's
voice) "Oh she must be told"  (woman's voice) "No not now she's not ready." (man) "but she needs to know" (woman) "not yet" (man)" It should be now" (woman) "not now"   and on and on like that. 

Now I had to go to school the next day and I needed my sleep so I sat up in bed and said quite sternly "Will you two please be quiet, I'm trying to get to sleep"  and then I realized I was loudly talking in a dark, empty (except for me) bedroom.   Just then a man's voice right next to my left ear said "Sorry.  It won't happen again."  that shook me so bad that I flipped the covers over my head and covered myself not daring to peek out.  I did fall asleep though.

The next day my Mother asked me if I was talking in my sleep and I said "sort of" because a neighbor had come over to take me and my brother to school with her own two children.  When I got home later that day I told my Mom what had happened and she said "Well they won't bother you again, but I'll call Grandma and have her come over for the weekend to talk about this some more."

And that is when my Grandmother taught me the more formal technique to shut down my ability to "talk and see Dead people" except on my terms.  I've seen this technique mentioned only in just a couple of books and how they explain it and how my Granny taught me, well the principals are the same, even using the idea of what to envision.

Although it is very important to protect your home, place of business or work, even your car, or mode of transportation and your pets, or if you farm, your farm animals, equipment, crops and methods of storage.

Many of those places can be protected physically and spiritually.

But the first order or line of defense is personal protection.

Yes you can do it through amulets and such, but if you are a natural psychic, you are open to invasion on the psychic level.

Now I’m not talking about psychic attack that is a different subject for another post, no I’m talking about the natural psychic ability to attract “Dead people” and I do not mean zombies, but lost or confused spirits.

Now in what I described to you that was not wandering spirits but my spirit guides who were just a “little too vocal” and I was just a bit too open, psychically speaking.

Lots of children will talk to “imaginary playmates” some of them all to real, but in time when they interact with children from day care or kindergarten or school, they realize in a natural way that there is a difference and through this interaction with their real playmates they develop an inner way of shutting the allegedly “imaginary playmates” out.

For those whose natural psychic ability is very strong, this can be difficult and for those parents who do not realize their child’s ability this leads to sessions with child psychologists and seeking medical help for their child, a natural enough concern.

If there is an older relative such as a grandparent who also has the ability but learned to control and develop it that child already has a teacher, but if the family has or had a relative that showed the same ability and everyone thought that family member was “off” or “batty” or “a bit crazy” or “eccentric” then the child and later young adult is already at a disadvantage and will be on guard for fear of being considered the same way.

Now that is not to in any way claim that all persons who have very real mental problems such as bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia or are psychopaths are psychic, no those are very real mental disorders and need to be properly treated by a medical professional.

But there are those who are perfectly well both physically and mentally and yet they truly do see and hear “Dead People”. The problem is they are very open psychically and don’t know how to close down and have this on their terms not on the spirits terms.

Each and every person has a natural aura or energy field that surrounds them, think of it like the shields on the U.S.S. Enterprise of Star Trek, it is a natural defensive mechanism that psychically protects you, the more you are grounded in the real world, the physical world the stronger is your defense, the more you focus on material things like writing out checks or fixing your car or preparing dinner the less invasive is the psychic world, and with that no spirit will be able to invade your conscious.

But those who are sensitive, especially if you are a natural psychic or medium or even engage in ghost hunting your aura or shield is not as strong and provides less protection and makes you more receptive without you realizing it.

Now do not get me wrong, it is fine to be receptive to loving spirits such as your guides, angels, family and friends who are always around you in a loving way, but it also means you are also receptive to earthbound, lost and wandering spirits who are confused, and disparate or in some cases just plain mean for meanness sake.

And this is important to be aware of to understand how you can build up a strong protection around yourself.

Many people who are too open psychically can pick up the emotions of an earthbound spirit which can range from fear, depression, anxiety, even anger and hate and not know or realize that those emotions they are experiencing are not their own.

It’s like walking into a house or room and suddenly without any explanation feel frightened or very happy and yet not know why that house or room should give you that feeling. And this applies particularly to those who are naturally mediumistic but do not understand or have any control over this gift.

Surprisingly I am coming across more and more people mostly women, who are developing or discovering this gift.

And yet conversely I am finding many young people male and female with a tremendous lack of love and compassion, who are as dense and unfeeling as a fence post, many who live in ghetto’s, barrio’s and espouse the gang life style, deal in drugs, alcohol, and are overly materialistic. This second group of people are also wide open to negative entities and negative earthbound spirits, especially with their emotions on the surface and their aura’s weakened by drugs and alcohol, this leads them to be easily overshadowed by the very spirits who seek to relive their lifestyle all over again in another body, but the living person is not aware. This is not complete possession but powerful overshadowing, the spirit cannot remain the body 100 percent of the time but be influential enough to complete change a person’s personality.

But for those who are compassionate, sensitive and psychically gifted, it is important to be able to close down your psychic ability so that you can rest, and have a life. This is something all sensitive people should do.

I have come across too many “airy-fairy dust bunnies” who seem to over-enjoy being open, and being connected as they say “to the universe” both in the spiritual world and in the physical world, for them it almost as if they are on a perpetual high. But their ungroundedness makes them impractical in their lives and dealings and leads them to not being able to make a good living or even having enough money to pay the bills, because they are being too loving and too helpful.

Think of Yoda from “Star Wars”, this character was connected to the universe and “the force” but he was also very grounded, because he learned to keep both the real world and the spiritual world apart and remained very practical and sometimes a very hard taskmaster, which any psychic should also be.

Once you learn to close your aura, you will also be able to open it to do psychic and spiritual work, but it will be on your terms.

O.K. so how does it work?

The aura is always working, the shield is always there, but there are within it energy centers, and these energy centers are within your body, they are collectively known as “Chakras”, when you want to communicate with the spirit world you can open them, when you are done you close them.

But it is also vitally important to make sure that each chakra is healthy and functioning, its like running a car, if the battery is old it won’t start, if the distributor cap is cracked again it won’t start, not enough oil the engine will knock and eventually freeze up.

Keeping your chakra’s healthy is for another post, and there are books out there on how to balance your chakra’s I would advise that you look for those books incase I do not get back to that subject.

Now my Grandmother taught me this technique, now she just told me that we have “spiritual hearts” that pump out energy and different types of energy at each spot or level of the body. Back then she did not know the word Chakra, she’d call them hearts.

I have seen this same technique written up in books as well so I’m going to presume that those writers learned it from their teachers, who learned it from their teachers, etc. and it came from the same original source.

I am going to continue this in the 2nd part, “The Technique of closing your psychic centers”

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Catching up with things and a Bridezilla revenge~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I'm sure you've been wondering where I have been, well cleaning out things, came down with the flu or something like the flu, catching up with e-mails and letters.

I've been reviewing things and I thank "Anonymous" (I didn't spell that right) for your comment and compliment.  I do things the best I can.

I did have someone ask me if I'm wiccan---in truth really I'm not, I do witchcraft, conjure, a bit of what some would call hoodoo, but most of it is what I learned from my Grandmother.  One would think that If I'm wiccan I would do all these sabbats and esabbats and high holy days of Wicca, but I really don't.

I observe the moon and stars I do recognize the changes in the seasons and do my own rituals, but I prefer to use my own plain names with them.   I do call upon the angels, saints and the Holy Mother, even Jesus, but I've found that the Holy Mother seems to do the heavy lifting.

I do create sacred space, banish negativity from my space and house, because it seems to be good practice to do it.  It's like getting the flu shoot, or seeing your doctor at least twice a year for a check up, or your dentist for a teeth cleaning and exam or putting oil  in your car and having the engine tuned up, all those practices---yes, practices---to keep things going as smoothly as possible---even paying one's bills on time and eating healthy.

So the best thing to call myself is Witch, not white or black or even gray, I do what needs to be done to get it done, and always with the best of intentions.  Or to teach someone a lesson.

Locally in my area there was a T.V. program running called "Bridezillas", and it showed the worse aspect of human interaction.   If its on a T.V. station near you, watch it once just to get an idea of what I'm going to describe.

Now remember I said to teach someone a lesson as well----I had been booked to do readings at a wedding reception, this booking was handled by one of the bride's maids at the request of the bride.

Later on I was surprised when I was approached by a young lady, through a mutual friend, who was the sister of the groom for the same wedding, my friend had given me the back ground, first the sister of the groom was going to be in the wedding party , then she wasn't, then she was and then she wasn't,  and it had been stressing her out, making her ill.

She really didn't like the woman that her brother was going to marry, the bride in question was a first class "B" word.   Then the Bridezilla told the groom that one of his aunts and his grandmother could not attend the wedding or reception because they didn't show any respect to her.

At first I thought this young lady was exaggerating, but my friend who was also part of the wedding party, and the one who had booked me,  confirmed it was so and was totally disgusted with the Bridezilla's attitude.  I confirmed when the wedding was to be held, in two weeks and the Bridezilla was not budging from her position on the Aunt and Grandmother.   I said I needed to talk first to the Aunt and then to the Bridezilla, to act as peacemaker.

The aunt and grandmother didn't have a clue what upset the Bride and they were upset about what was happening, the Grandmother said she didn't like the bride from the time her grandson first started dating her, but kept her mouth shut, the aunt thought it was just a misunderstanding.   In talking to the Bride in the role of peacemaker, the accusations were so outrageous, and I saw how she was treating the other ladies who were doing their best to put the wedding and reception together, that I saw that what the groom's sister and my friend told me was true, but I had to be sure.

I then had a chance to talk to the mother of the bride and she was just as high-handed as her daughter and the father just looked whipped,  when the mother left the room the father personally told me he hoped the wedding would not come off, that the boy his daughter was marrying didn't deserved to be saddled with her, his exact words were "She'll make his life miserable, just as my wife has made mine"   I asked why did he stay with his wife, why not divorce and he told me that it was cheaper to stay married than to divorce his wife, but if he could he would.

In talking to the groom's mother and father they had serious reservations and even tried to talk their son out of it, but to no avail, they said its like their son couldn't really see her for what she is.

I also talked to one of the bride's maids who was originally going to book me for the reception to do fortunes for the bride and groom and the guests, but turned it over to my friend.  But this bride's maid and I we talked in person and I gave her some print outs of the types of "costumes" and "gowns" I could wear and for the bride to chose which would closely fit her needs and printouts of the types of tarot cards I have and she could chose which deck for me to use.  But the bride's maid didn't feel like leaving yet to return to the bride, remarking that being at my place was the first moment's peace she had, I offered her a cup of tea (apple-cinnamon) and then she started telling me the whole mess, and a lot about the bride's peccadillo's of which she had a number of outstanding traffic warrants on her totally close to $2,000.

I asked the bride's maid if the bride was worried about being picked up for these warrants and she said that the bride had told her that  after the wedding she didn't care, but before the wedding it better not happen, I then asked if the groom knew about these warrants and she said no that she and the others promised the bride to not tell the groom.

You can see where my thinking is going.

I was booked for the reception with the costume and tarot cards selected with a non-refundable deposit for my booked time with the balance to be paid after, but I wasn't worried if the balance would be paid.

I asked the sister, the aunt and grandmother if something could be done to wake up the groom would that be their hearts desire and they all said yes.  I told them that I had two guest passes for the reception and that they were going to go as my guests and to not worry about anything.

I did a combination of a binding and revealing ritual tossed in with Justice to be done and then I advised the sister of the groom to call the police to notify them where the Bride could be found on the day of the wedding.

The Bridezilla was arrested as she was stepping out of her house to her limo before she got to the hall for the wedding and reception and she was tossed into jail wedding dress, veil and all, the mother of the bride had a hard time getting her daughter's bail (it took hours for some reason),  but the father went ahead to the Hall to informed the guests what was happening, said to go ahead and eat, drink, dance and enjoy themselves, then he had a long talk with the groom, a very long talk.   I did readings and was paid by tips.

It's been three weeks since that event, the groom broke off the engagement, is working a 2nd job to pay for the items that had not been paid for, but the father of the bride is helping out so its not all out of the grooms pocket.  Bridezilla had to make arrangements to pay the warrants or spend time in county jail.  Her bridesmaids were never happier,  the aunt and the grandmother did go to the Hall I told them to as my guests since Bridezilla in her "magnanimous" said I could bring 2 guests and they had the pleasure of seeing all the Bridezilla's plans fall apart.

The grooms sister came to me this last weekend and asked what did I do and I said "Some people need to learn a lesson, I did a card reading a week for the groom when he dropped by to pay my deposit fee,  before the wedding date and again at the reception hall just for the groom.   Your brother asked if marrying her (Bridezilla) would be a good thing,  and both times the cards showed that if he married her his life would be hell."

Of course later on the Bridezilla called me and said I would not be paid the balance of my fee since there was no wedding , I said that the deposit was non-refundable and it was in the contract she signed whether the wedding happened or not, so if she didn't want to pay the balance that was fine as she still was not getting her deposit back.  She started to cry over the phone saying "Why? Why?"  and I said "If you had gone for a modest wedding, treated everyone with kindness and respect nothing bad would have happened, you reap what you sow."  and I hung up.

In my contact with the Bridezilla, I realized that both she and her mother were psychic vampires of the worst sort. No wonder both the father and everyone involved with the wedding felt drained.  It was the only way to break off the hold that she had.   The sister told me that her brother looks happier and even healthier even though he's working two jobs, and everyone felt better, including herself.

I have to say that even though the ritual spell took a bit out of me, I was never so happy with the results as I was with this one.

Blessings, Ms.Q

Friday, August 16, 2013

What is it about Railroad Spikes that makes them effective?~~~

I was asked  recently by a reader of my blog while she was reviewing my blog site, "What is it about Railroad Spikes that makes them important in protection and such."

I really like the "and such" part which covers a lot of things.

Railroad spikes are made of iron, not steel, but iron and cold iron is always effective against negative energy.

There is a legend about that among Christians that it was iron spikes or nails that were used to nail Jesus to the cross when he was cruisified, and because it was used upon the Son of God and his blood washed over the iron that iron will always either contain or destroy evil. 

Its more than that, iron can be magnitized to create a magnetic field which can affect energy, if you've ever seen those games where there's this cartoon face enclased in a flat plastic sheet and at the bottom are all these black filings, those filings are iron and you run a magnet over them they become attracted to it and you can create hair or a mustash or beard, eye brows or something.

But Iron can also be magnitized to create and open or shut closed a spiritual dementional portal.   That is why old time cemeteries have iron gates and fences or at least posts to create a barrier to keep spirits in, at least the negative ones.  But also to prevent anyone who practices necromancy from using the spirits of the departed unwillingly.

It's different if you buy the spirits services and leave a "payment" because then the spirit can refuse to assist you, but in necromancy the spirits are enslaved, so the creation of iron gates and fences are for everyone's protection, alive or dead.

In opening or closing a portal one can use newly made iron spikes, not necessairly railroad spikes, these are thinner and with a sharp point to drive into the ground or the wall and need to be magnetized, you can find on other websites how to magnetize iron spikes, the process is fairly simple.

But used Railroad spikes for protection, shielding, and warding is the best.   Why used?  Because they have been infused with the energy of the desile or steam trains that run over them again and again.  Espeically Steam Trains---why Steam trains, because they are alive, they breathe, they fire up to become active, they have a sort of song they sing with their whistles, an Engineer working with a steam locomotive can feel right through the metal plates how the engine is running, the Steam train "talks".  

The native americans when they first saw the Steam train in the Mid- 1800's,  thought it was a living breathing monster and called it the iron horse, they also realized that the iron horse could only go where the iron path was, so if they "removed" the path it would stop or destroy the iron horse. 

Some times if one goes to a place that runs historic steam trains you might be able to buy the used iron rail spikes as souviners from the steam tracks. 

In Ifa or Voodoo they are associated with one of the major Orisha's that is a warrior god.  But in witchcraft they also have their protection uses.

Never get the spikes from an active, in use rail line, it could cause serious destruction,  it is different if its from an abandon rail line or if you buy them from a metaphysical shop,  since many goods are still be transported by rail, there will always be used spikes available,  they don't have to be straight, they can be curved or curled, but always obtain them legally.

If you come across an old abandon rail line and you can remove the spikes, leave a gift of cigars and white rum, just place the cigars on the tracks and pour the rum on the rails as tribute, they represent the fire and earth element for which the spikes are forged.

If you buy them the payment is to pay for those offerings,  prices range between $3 to 10 dollars a rail spike,  but I would try to not go over $5.

There is another source for iron spikes but not from a rail line.  

There are organizations that do period re-enactments, such as the Civil War groups,  they buy their equipment from Sutlers, and those Sutlers that offer period tents for sale most of the time will offer tent spikes as well and these are made from iron,  these are longer and slimmer than railroad spikes and are only infused with the energy of being forged, it does not make them any less effective but if you cannot find railroad spikes for sale, these are a good substitute.   So just google in the word  Sutler or Sutlers Civil War and you are bound to come up with a number of sites.

And that is why Railroad spikes are so effective.

Bright Blessings, Ms.Q

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A burial ritual~~~~


I've not been posting here for a while as you know.  With work being done on my house, and doing a weeding out of things I do not need, I have not had the time to continue with my "essays" on "Warding and Shielding".

I will pick that thread up soon as I get things done.

But I wanted to tell you something that I recently did.

I've been going through things that I do not need, including clothing that I no longer fit into, (loss weight---a good thing), but in going through things I also discovered things like long lost friends.

However there was one thing I did discover that I was very sad to see, I had a small shoe box which contained the felt slippers of my late Grandmother, I loved her dearly and learned a lot from her.  Many a time I feel her close to me, but when I opened the shoe box I discovered that the slippers were disintegrating, the felt was becoming powder from old age.

I could not throw them out, I felt that would be dis-respectful, but I knew in time they would become dust, a pale blue dust, and I sensed I could no longer have them in my closet, so what to do?

I meditated on it and an answer came to me.   I would bury them.  First I gathered the dust that was in the shoe box into a small jar and labeled it.

Then carefully choosing a spot in my garden near where I've buried my pet (they have headstones) I designated an area which I would use to bury those items I find from family members that are disintegrating and have no possible physical use......But they do have a spiritual use.

You see objects or items, be it clothing or something else does collect and hold the energy of the late owner, that is why its important to "cleanse" spiritually any object purchased at a yard or Estate Sale or from a 2nd hand or thrift shop,  with clothing one can add a pinch of sea or kosher salt to wash water or a bit of holy water and say a prayer over it. 

With a solid object one can either smudge it with Sage or Frankincense or bless it with holy water, there are other purification rituals written in many books and on the internet and they all work well.  Just be aware of what will work best with the item, depending upon what the item is made of.

In this case I did not want to eliminate the spiritual essence of my Grandmother, it was spiritually connecting between her and me.   So I freshened the ground, made it clean from weeds but so it would also allow flowers or herbs or grass to grow, then I blessed the ground to make it holy, by using holy water and praying over it, stating my intentions of having it as a holy place. 

I allowed then the ground to rest a few days and during that time looked for an appropriate headstone for it.  I found one of a standing angel blowing a kiss, in of all places, at our local CVS pharmacy store (this place also carries many things for home, personal and outdoor use).

Then I wanted to be sure to be able to bring her energy to me so at the start of the first 3 days of the Full moon, I buried the slippers contained in their shoe box in my little cemetery, with prayers asking for my Grandmother to watch over me and my family and our house and property and all our pets living and dead that are with us both physically and spiritually.

I then did a decade of the rosary of the Glorious Mysteries that speaks of resurrection (or life after death) and then placed the angle (which stands 18 inches tall) on top of the burial site.  Then I planted some flower seeds as well, nasturtiums,  since the burial was just away from the fence I decided I would also plant behind it a border of outdoor violets.

By doing this, I knew that at any time I could call upon the spirit of my grandmother when I needed her help, either using a touch of the powder that I saved from the disintegrating slippers or from the dirt at the tiny grave.

Sometimes improvisation can be helpful, and since I know that I will never be moving from my home it is a perfect solution.

If you are blessed to own a home (and I do mean own) in which you know you will not sell, this is a perfect and quick solution alternative for harnessing power.

For those of you who live in an apartment, if you have a patio or outside balcony and have one of those portable green houses, you can come up with an alternative as well, with implementing creativity.

Blessings,  Ms. Q. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shielding and Warding Introduction---basic principles

Dear Ms. Q,

One has to remember that magick although subtle, works.

Part of it being able to work is believing that it does work. I know that sounds self defeatist but its true, and the reason why it works is the practioner believing in the abilities that he/she has. Belief is a very powerful energy form and once you tap into that energy, things can happen. Which also means being able to manipulate energies around us.

Which also means being more sensitive to energies also around us, now that does not mean you have to go around and act weird or anything like that, or being an “airy-fairy fluff bunny” saying “I feel the energies” if you did that everyone would think you are very strange and crazy. Really it’s far more important, especially around those non-practioners aka “Muggles”, to act normally but just be more aware, yet disguise it.

For example to be a more safe driver you are more aware of the road conditions and other cars with their drivers around you, you don’t speed, you keep a safe distance, you keep your car maintained (especially the breaks) and you are Not being distracted by either texting or talking on your cell phone (both very dangerous practices), or eating or drinking while driving or even singing along to your favorite song (also distracting)---I know sounds boring but if you want to live and not get into an accident while driving your car you WILL do those safe things by not be distracted, not even having an argument with your passenger.

Now let’s take you out of the car, you are having lunch with a friend say at an outdoor setting, a nice restaurant, your friend hangs her purse on the back of her chair, but she is sitting across from you and you have a clear view of her and her purse, some guy comes behind her acts like he dropped his keys and bends to pick them up, but you see he’s slipping her wallet out of her purse, you immediately react by saying “Oh Sally your wallet dropped out of your purse Hey Fella thanks for picking it up” and retrieve her wallet. You have her wallet but you give the guy a look that lets him know you saw what he did, he leaves you to hand her wallet back to her and then you immediately tell the waiter that guy is a pickpocket and call the police, end result bad guy arrested, Sally has her wallet asks you how did you know. Instead of saying “I’m psychic” just say “I saw him do it”.

The main idea is to play everything “low-key” to avoid as much as possible drawing attention to yourself, because psychically you would make yourself a target, not only for people who are practioners with negative intent but also to those elements who are also of negative intent.

Now of course it is hard to in essence multitask but with practice you can do it, I have learned over the years little tricks, like when I’m walking with my friend I walk a little slower that way it forces my friend to slow down and gives me a chance to scan the area both physically and psychically. Sometimes I’ll stop and it gives my friend a chance to make a verbal point, my mind is listening to what she/he says but I will turn and look back the way we came and scan again both physically and psychically, maybe because the energy made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and I’m looking for something or someone. More than once I’ve spotted a potential trouble maker and once they’re spotted they will usually do one of two things either switch off to another target or suddenly rush to attack.

Also when I’m walking I do not cut off the world both physically and psychically from me by being so engrossed in texting, using my cell phone, wearing ear buds to listen to my iPod, NO, I do not do that---I HAVE to remain in contact with the world around my physical and psychic presence and not electronically cut it off.

By being engrossed in your electronic “toys” you are setting your self up for danger of being attacked either physically and/or psychically, as my Granny use to say “Get your Head out of that bucket!” which is what those electronic toys are, a bucket that cuts you off from True contact with the world and its energies, that surround you, leaving you wide open for attack.

Most of the time if I’m with someone the perp will switch off, if I’m alone I know there is the possibility I’ll be attacked, I have one of those expanding metal batons and only once did I ever have to use it to defend myself. Pepper spray works too unless the attacker is under the influence of drugs or an entity.

Psychically with my scenes I’ll know I am in an “uncomfortable” place or situation and will take psychic steps to protect myself. This is called “Shielding”. Think of the good Starship “Enterprise” with its shields.

But sometimes I have walked into an area where I know its “Bad”. The “vibes” are almost visible. Now my friends will say “gee, I have goose bumps” or something of that nature, but I will know what it is and will mentally take steps.

But the whole idea is to be aware without being distracted and also acting normal. It’s like having to be a juggler.

So that is what is the reasons behind the efforts to take steps in shielding yourself, later in this essay I will give you some basic steps to shield yourself  in a future post, watch for it.

Now the next bit is protecting your home, car and/or office without it appearing abnormal, of course in the 21st century a little eccentricity is acceptable, but in the mid-20th century especially in the 60’s and 70’s, the older generation thought that crystals and incense and dream catchers were just strange and would consider you as a sort of outcast criminal or a “con man” or someone who is irresponsible such as one of those “Flower Children” from Woodstock singing “Kumbiya” on a guitar.

But today if one builds a house to resemble the Munsters or Addams Family house everyone would think eccentric, but if you also host a Halloween fund raiser for a local charity, then everyone would think eccentric but fun and civic minded.

I have walked into houses of non-practioners and felt the energy was off, even though the house and the people were nice. And I’ve walked into houses of practioners who never announced or implied they were practioners but I’d see and feel the “clues” of their wards and shields.

One movie that I will always refer to is a British film released in 1962 that was called “Night of the Eagle”, the American title is “Burn Witch Burn”. This is based on Fritz Lieber’s book “Conjure Wife”. Within the first 20 minutes you will see exactly what I’m trying to describe.

“Night of the Eagle” is available for full viewing on You Tube.

Watching it look for little things, like the Tibetan bell above the porch, the different shiny broaches that the heroine wears, the plant on top of the refrigerator, to most people they would think that’s nice a souvenir of some trip or something, what I would consider more dramatic and a bit off-putting is seeing Tibetan prayer flags flying over the front porch, something I would not put out, unless you are of the Tibetan Buddhist belief.

However I do have several mirrors that are in 8-sided frames to reflect evil back, they are above my front and back doors as well as above one window that faces out onto the street, because of the construction of my house and porch they are not easily seen by the casual passer-by, but any negative energies would see it.

These mirrors can be bought in any Chinese gift shop for a very modest cost and if you buy them during the time of the Chinese New Years celebrations early to late February, the shop keepers would not think it strange.

When I bought mine I was fortunate my shop owner spoke excellent English and I said I was looking for a traditional 8 sided mirror. At first she was puzzled but then she asked me if I was looking for the ones in 8 sided frames and I said yes, she smiled and showed me the area where she had them along with other Chinese Good Luck and protective items and symbols.

Now I’m also going to do a caveat----sometimes things that you may attempt to manipulate may not work, why? Especially if you believe you can do it. Well there are other factors; first it could be a life lesson you need to learn or an event you need to experience again to learn from, 2nd you could becoming too arrogant in what you are trying to do, you have to remember the Higher Power can say ‘No’, 3rd you maybe doing something for negative intent without a positive or good honest reason why you are doing it therefore upsetting the balance of life, 4th there could be other energies working against you, if that is the case then you need to re-examine your intent.

For example: There was a young lady that I knew, who was extremely intent on getting a young man to fall in love with her, but everything she did never worked. She resorted to magikal manipulation, but try as she might nothing she did would work. She came to me for a reading but I told her she must tell me the truth behind her request and describe truthfully the situation, I was giving her my best Det. Friday-Jack Webb-“Dragnet” impersonation “Just give me the facts young lady”.

I told her if she colored it in anyway then the reading would be false, she was honest with me and I gave her the reading. I told her that the young man in question would never see her in a romantic way at this time, he had to go with the young lady he was romancing, but for her to be a friend. It was a life lesson he had to learn and she had to learn patience and to leave things be to take their proper course.

She took my advice and remained friends, he did marry the other woman, but after a few years he discovered that the woman he married was cheating on him, he divorced her and the young lady who was in love with him gained him as her future husband and at this writing they are still very happily married.

NOW---Referring back to the Movie “The Night of the Eagle” aka “Burn, Witch, Burn”, I recommend to you that it be required viewing and also get a copy of Fritz Lieber’s book, “Conjure Wife”, although Leiber was a writer of horror and science fiction, he did go to a Theology college and who knows what writings and books he came across, because it is interesting that in his book he does write of things that even my Grandmother knew and talked about.

So for your first assignment watch the movie on You Tube and purchase the book that I have recommended and read it.

In my second post on this subject I will begin tell you how to Ward your home or sacred space.

Blessings Ms. Q

Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 Year of the Water Snake--Chinese Astrology~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I have not forgotten your previous questions on coin spells and Wards, and I am still gathering information, BUT  I want to bring to you something of special importance.

On the New Moon we will begin a New Year according to Chinese Astrology, now although my Granny was of Portuguese ancestry and although a witch, she was also Catholic and since she grew up in her childhood to adult hood in an area of Hawaiian Kahuna's as well as a Chinese community, she believed that all the predictions and protections always pointed to the same source as well as giving an excellent direction as to what energies to be aware of for a New Year.

Now in Western Culture our New Year started on January 1, 2013 and in numerology is a 6 year focusing on family,  it is far more complicated than that if one goes into it combining birth day, name numbers to see what one's focus is,  which is excellent for the base line of your focus.

In Chinese Astrology, it deals with 12 zodiac animals and each has an over view energy in regards to the person who is born in that birth year,  when you combine it with Western Astrology and numerology you have the bases as to how to protect yourself, the individual family members and your home.  

My Granny has always taken all those points as well as the Manna as talked about by the Hawaiian Kahunas to protect her family.   There were times where it could not work as she did have two children die from illnesses that in the early part of the 20th century there were no cures for, but she could have them live their lives to the fullest without fear, for no matter what it was their Karmic destiny to die young and their deaths be a learning lesson to the remaining family members.

And as along as she worked with all those points things in the long run went well, not until after her death and the death of my eldest Uncle who continued those points did things fall apart.   And that was the lesson I took with me.  

In essence these precautions were like Wards, although there are other things that one can do for warding and prosperity.

But this post will focus briefly on Chinese Astrology, 2013 the year of the Water Snake.   Yes although there are 12 animals in Chinese Astrology, there are also 5 elements as well,  Air, Earth, Fire Water, metal, sometimes it earth is referred to as wood, as well as other elements,   and a combination of these same elements only come around anywhere from 20 to 60 years.   So with the combinations of the animals and the elements it refines your energy year even more.

Now I am not an expert on Chinese Astrology but one person   Donna Stellhorn   is and I recommend that you go to her website  www.2013chineseastrology.com/  for more information  it is rare that I recommend anyone else or even to purchase their book, but I've always deferred to experts in their field  and Donna is one of them.

On her interview with George Noory on "Coast to Coast"  (you can get an Internet connection to listen to his programs   just google in "Coast to Coast")  this is what she had to say.

 This year the element is water, which when combined with the snake's fiery energy yields conflict, Stellhorn explained. In the past snake years have had a lot of disasters, she revealed, citing the World Trade Center attack in 2001, the Tienanmen Square protests of 1989, the U.S. entering World War II in 1941, and the stock market crash of 1929. According to Stellhorn, the principle of Chinese Astrology is to identify what one can expect in a given year and then alter the environment using the principles of Feng Shui to increase luck. Simply by moving objects around, the subconscious reacts and we can see things differently and avoid danger, she said.

2013 is a challenging time ahead for boars, cautioning against speculation this year and urging boars to protect their homes with an 8-sided mirror placed by the front door.

Rats can attract opportunities by getting a new 'welcome' mat.

Oxen should hang an ocean picture to bring in better relationships and business contacts.

Tigers can find dependable relationships by putting something that represents love in the bedroom.

Rabbits can bring in opportunity be hanging wind chimes outside.

The dragon's year is ending, so it is prescribed to create a restful and healing environment with plants.

This is the year for snakes to try new things and they should hang an eclipse symbol for luck.

Horses will need to get rid of clutter and use fountains to create flow.

Rams will want to attract healthy love relationships by adding the color red to the bedroom.

It is recommended monkeys stay grounded in this cautious snake year by wearing a gemstone called Citrine.

Dogs protect themselves with foo dog statues outside the home.

Roosters should get out and travel in what will be a very lucky year for them.

If one is going to use the principals of Fung Shui one finds that clutter is the worst possible enemy of creation good Chi or manna or spiritual energy, so is dust, and dirt.   Now I know if one uses salt or certain types of dirt for protection how can you combine this. 

Well you can, that is why the concept of Spring Cleaning is so important, by getting rid of the debris of the old, sticky, negative energy you can create good energy, good chi and make your wards far more effective.  So Cleanliness and organization is the most important things that you can do to start your new year be it Jan 1 or Chinese New Year right and it will help you set up your wards and shields.

This is something that Western Magikal workings forget.   And it is very empowering to learn as much of the different styles of magik as possible, you do not have to be an expert, because it is always wise to call one in to assist, especially with Fung Shui.

My Granny use to say that one cannot do a reading for one's self, that is why it is important to go to another person who has the gift to do the reading for you, and sometimes the Higher Power will give you messages if you listen for them.  

And that is the basis for your warding.  

I will get back to you later with the previous questions.

Blessings Ms. Q and Gun Hay Fat Choy