Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Catching up with things and a Bridezilla revenge~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I'm sure you've been wondering where I have been, well cleaning out things, came down with the flu or something like the flu, catching up with e-mails and letters.

I've been reviewing things and I thank "Anonymous" (I didn't spell that right) for your comment and compliment.  I do things the best I can.

I did have someone ask me if I'm wiccan---in truth really I'm not, I do witchcraft, conjure, a bit of what some would call hoodoo, but most of it is what I learned from my Grandmother.  One would think that If I'm wiccan I would do all these sabbats and esabbats and high holy days of Wicca, but I really don't.

I observe the moon and stars I do recognize the changes in the seasons and do my own rituals, but I prefer to use my own plain names with them.   I do call upon the angels, saints and the Holy Mother, even Jesus, but I've found that the Holy Mother seems to do the heavy lifting.

I do create sacred space, banish negativity from my space and house, because it seems to be good practice to do it.  It's like getting the flu shoot, or seeing your doctor at least twice a year for a check up, or your dentist for a teeth cleaning and exam or putting oil  in your car and having the engine tuned up, all those practices---yes, practices---to keep things going as smoothly as possible---even paying one's bills on time and eating healthy.

So the best thing to call myself is Witch, not white or black or even gray, I do what needs to be done to get it done, and always with the best of intentions.  Or to teach someone a lesson.

Locally in my area there was a T.V. program running called "Bridezillas", and it showed the worse aspect of human interaction.   If its on a T.V. station near you, watch it once just to get an idea of what I'm going to describe.

Now remember I said to teach someone a lesson as well----I had been booked to do readings at a wedding reception, this booking was handled by one of the bride's maids at the request of the bride.

Later on I was surprised when I was approached by a young lady, through a mutual friend, who was the sister of the groom for the same wedding, my friend had given me the back ground, first the sister of the groom was going to be in the wedding party , then she wasn't, then she was and then she wasn't,  and it had been stressing her out, making her ill.

She really didn't like the woman that her brother was going to marry, the bride in question was a first class "B" word.   Then the Bridezilla told the groom that one of his aunts and his grandmother could not attend the wedding or reception because they didn't show any respect to her.

At first I thought this young lady was exaggerating, but my friend who was also part of the wedding party, and the one who had booked me,  confirmed it was so and was totally disgusted with the Bridezilla's attitude.  I confirmed when the wedding was to be held, in two weeks and the Bridezilla was not budging from her position on the Aunt and Grandmother.   I said I needed to talk first to the Aunt and then to the Bridezilla, to act as peacemaker.

The aunt and grandmother didn't have a clue what upset the Bride and they were upset about what was happening, the Grandmother said she didn't like the bride from the time her grandson first started dating her, but kept her mouth shut, the aunt thought it was just a misunderstanding.   In talking to the Bride in the role of peacemaker, the accusations were so outrageous, and I saw how she was treating the other ladies who were doing their best to put the wedding and reception together, that I saw that what the groom's sister and my friend told me was true, but I had to be sure.

I then had a chance to talk to the mother of the bride and she was just as high-handed as her daughter and the father just looked whipped,  when the mother left the room the father personally told me he hoped the wedding would not come off, that the boy his daughter was marrying didn't deserved to be saddled with her, his exact words were "She'll make his life miserable, just as my wife has made mine"   I asked why did he stay with his wife, why not divorce and he told me that it was cheaper to stay married than to divorce his wife, but if he could he would.

In talking to the groom's mother and father they had serious reservations and even tried to talk their son out of it, but to no avail, they said its like their son couldn't really see her for what she is.

I also talked to one of the bride's maids who was originally going to book me for the reception to do fortunes for the bride and groom and the guests, but turned it over to my friend.  But this bride's maid and I we talked in person and I gave her some print outs of the types of "costumes" and "gowns" I could wear and for the bride to chose which would closely fit her needs and printouts of the types of tarot cards I have and she could chose which deck for me to use.  But the bride's maid didn't feel like leaving yet to return to the bride, remarking that being at my place was the first moment's peace she had, I offered her a cup of tea (apple-cinnamon) and then she started telling me the whole mess, and a lot about the bride's peccadillo's of which she had a number of outstanding traffic warrants on her totally close to $2,000.

I asked the bride's maid if the bride was worried about being picked up for these warrants and she said that the bride had told her that  after the wedding she didn't care, but before the wedding it better not happen, I then asked if the groom knew about these warrants and she said no that she and the others promised the bride to not tell the groom.

You can see where my thinking is going.

I was booked for the reception with the costume and tarot cards selected with a non-refundable deposit for my booked time with the balance to be paid after, but I wasn't worried if the balance would be paid.

I asked the sister, the aunt and grandmother if something could be done to wake up the groom would that be their hearts desire and they all said yes.  I told them that I had two guest passes for the reception and that they were going to go as my guests and to not worry about anything.

I did a combination of a binding and revealing ritual tossed in with Justice to be done and then I advised the sister of the groom to call the police to notify them where the Bride could be found on the day of the wedding.

The Bridezilla was arrested as she was stepping out of her house to her limo before she got to the hall for the wedding and reception and she was tossed into jail wedding dress, veil and all, the mother of the bride had a hard time getting her daughter's bail (it took hours for some reason),  but the father went ahead to the Hall to informed the guests what was happening, said to go ahead and eat, drink, dance and enjoy themselves, then he had a long talk with the groom, a very long talk.   I did readings and was paid by tips.

It's been three weeks since that event, the groom broke off the engagement, is working a 2nd job to pay for the items that had not been paid for, but the father of the bride is helping out so its not all out of the grooms pocket.  Bridezilla had to make arrangements to pay the warrants or spend time in county jail.  Her bridesmaids were never happier,  the aunt and the grandmother did go to the Hall I told them to as my guests since Bridezilla in her "magnanimous" said I could bring 2 guests and they had the pleasure of seeing all the Bridezilla's plans fall apart.

The grooms sister came to me this last weekend and asked what did I do and I said "Some people need to learn a lesson, I did a card reading a week for the groom when he dropped by to pay my deposit fee,  before the wedding date and again at the reception hall just for the groom.   Your brother asked if marrying her (Bridezilla) would be a good thing,  and both times the cards showed that if he married her his life would be hell."

Of course later on the Bridezilla called me and said I would not be paid the balance of my fee since there was no wedding , I said that the deposit was non-refundable and it was in the contract she signed whether the wedding happened or not, so if she didn't want to pay the balance that was fine as she still was not getting her deposit back.  She started to cry over the phone saying "Why? Why?"  and I said "If you had gone for a modest wedding, treated everyone with kindness and respect nothing bad would have happened, you reap what you sow."  and I hung up.

In my contact with the Bridezilla, I realized that both she and her mother were psychic vampires of the worst sort. No wonder both the father and everyone involved with the wedding felt drained.  It was the only way to break off the hold that she had.   The sister told me that her brother looks happier and even healthier even though he's working two jobs, and everyone felt better, including herself.

I have to say that even though the ritual spell took a bit out of me, I was never so happy with the results as I was with this one.

Blessings, Ms.Q

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