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How do you protect yourself from spiritual invasion Part I Introdution~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

I am going to present this to you in two parts  This part I is an introduction and explaination, please read it.
You ask me how do you protect yourself from spiritual invasion.

Well it depends upon what type of invasion or intrusion you are asking about.

If you are the type like the young boy in the movie, "The Sixth Sense",  who says "I see dead people" and they keep intruding into your life because they see your light there is a technique that was taught to me by my Grandmother, now it takes time to learn this but it does become easier with practice and re-inforcing it every day.

There was one time when it "failed" but then that was with my spirit guides who were trying to devise a way for me to become more aware of my "gifts".

As a child I sort of accepted things what I saw mostly as a matter of course, but my grandmother and parents wisely told me to not speak of it except to them, but as I got older and puberty set it, it began to get worse, hearing someone speak to me or ask me questions.  Most of the time I'd say or ask "Did you say something?"  and either the person (live) would repeart what they said (which was not the voice I'd heard) or they'd say "Nothing, I didn't say anything".  When that happened I'd keep it to myself.

But one night I was trying to get to sleep, I was about 12 years old and these two voices, a man's and a woman's were talking over me, over my bed and the conversation went something like this  (man's
voice) "Oh she must be told"  (woman's voice) "No not now she's not ready." (man) "but she needs to know" (woman) "not yet" (man)" It should be now" (woman) "not now"   and on and on like that. 

Now I had to go to school the next day and I needed my sleep so I sat up in bed and said quite sternly "Will you two please be quiet, I'm trying to get to sleep"  and then I realized I was loudly talking in a dark, empty (except for me) bedroom.   Just then a man's voice right next to my left ear said "Sorry.  It won't happen again."  that shook me so bad that I flipped the covers over my head and covered myself not daring to peek out.  I did fall asleep though.

The next day my Mother asked me if I was talking in my sleep and I said "sort of" because a neighbor had come over to take me and my brother to school with her own two children.  When I got home later that day I told my Mom what had happened and she said "Well they won't bother you again, but I'll call Grandma and have her come over for the weekend to talk about this some more."

And that is when my Grandmother taught me the more formal technique to shut down my ability to "talk and see Dead people" except on my terms.  I've seen this technique mentioned only in just a couple of books and how they explain it and how my Granny taught me, well the principals are the same, even using the idea of what to envision.

Although it is very important to protect your home, place of business or work, even your car, or mode of transportation and your pets, or if you farm, your farm animals, equipment, crops and methods of storage.

Many of those places can be protected physically and spiritually.

But the first order or line of defense is personal protection.

Yes you can do it through amulets and such, but if you are a natural psychic, you are open to invasion on the psychic level.

Now I’m not talking about psychic attack that is a different subject for another post, no I’m talking about the natural psychic ability to attract “Dead people” and I do not mean zombies, but lost or confused spirits.

Now in what I described to you that was not wandering spirits but my spirit guides who were just a “little too vocal” and I was just a bit too open, psychically speaking.

Lots of children will talk to “imaginary playmates” some of them all to real, but in time when they interact with children from day care or kindergarten or school, they realize in a natural way that there is a difference and through this interaction with their real playmates they develop an inner way of shutting the allegedly “imaginary playmates” out.

For those whose natural psychic ability is very strong, this can be difficult and for those parents who do not realize their child’s ability this leads to sessions with child psychologists and seeking medical help for their child, a natural enough concern.

If there is an older relative such as a grandparent who also has the ability but learned to control and develop it that child already has a teacher, but if the family has or had a relative that showed the same ability and everyone thought that family member was “off” or “batty” or “a bit crazy” or “eccentric” then the child and later young adult is already at a disadvantage and will be on guard for fear of being considered the same way.

Now that is not to in any way claim that all persons who have very real mental problems such as bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia or are psychopaths are psychic, no those are very real mental disorders and need to be properly treated by a medical professional.

But there are those who are perfectly well both physically and mentally and yet they truly do see and hear “Dead People”. The problem is they are very open psychically and don’t know how to close down and have this on their terms not on the spirits terms.

Each and every person has a natural aura or energy field that surrounds them, think of it like the shields on the U.S.S. Enterprise of Star Trek, it is a natural defensive mechanism that psychically protects you, the more you are grounded in the real world, the physical world the stronger is your defense, the more you focus on material things like writing out checks or fixing your car or preparing dinner the less invasive is the psychic world, and with that no spirit will be able to invade your conscious.

But those who are sensitive, especially if you are a natural psychic or medium or even engage in ghost hunting your aura or shield is not as strong and provides less protection and makes you more receptive without you realizing it.

Now do not get me wrong, it is fine to be receptive to loving spirits such as your guides, angels, family and friends who are always around you in a loving way, but it also means you are also receptive to earthbound, lost and wandering spirits who are confused, and disparate or in some cases just plain mean for meanness sake.

And this is important to be aware of to understand how you can build up a strong protection around yourself.

Many people who are too open psychically can pick up the emotions of an earthbound spirit which can range from fear, depression, anxiety, even anger and hate and not know or realize that those emotions they are experiencing are not their own.

It’s like walking into a house or room and suddenly without any explanation feel frightened or very happy and yet not know why that house or room should give you that feeling. And this applies particularly to those who are naturally mediumistic but do not understand or have any control over this gift.

Surprisingly I am coming across more and more people mostly women, who are developing or discovering this gift.

And yet conversely I am finding many young people male and female with a tremendous lack of love and compassion, who are as dense and unfeeling as a fence post, many who live in ghetto’s, barrio’s and espouse the gang life style, deal in drugs, alcohol, and are overly materialistic. This second group of people are also wide open to negative entities and negative earthbound spirits, especially with their emotions on the surface and their aura’s weakened by drugs and alcohol, this leads them to be easily overshadowed by the very spirits who seek to relive their lifestyle all over again in another body, but the living person is not aware. This is not complete possession but powerful overshadowing, the spirit cannot remain the body 100 percent of the time but be influential enough to complete change a person’s personality.

But for those who are compassionate, sensitive and psychically gifted, it is important to be able to close down your psychic ability so that you can rest, and have a life. This is something all sensitive people should do.

I have come across too many “airy-fairy dust bunnies” who seem to over-enjoy being open, and being connected as they say “to the universe” both in the spiritual world and in the physical world, for them it almost as if they are on a perpetual high. But their ungroundedness makes them impractical in their lives and dealings and leads them to not being able to make a good living or even having enough money to pay the bills, because they are being too loving and too helpful.

Think of Yoda from “Star Wars”, this character was connected to the universe and “the force” but he was also very grounded, because he learned to keep both the real world and the spiritual world apart and remained very practical and sometimes a very hard taskmaster, which any psychic should also be.

Once you learn to close your aura, you will also be able to open it to do psychic and spiritual work, but it will be on your terms.

O.K. so how does it work?

The aura is always working, the shield is always there, but there are within it energy centers, and these energy centers are within your body, they are collectively known as “Chakras”, when you want to communicate with the spirit world you can open them, when you are done you close them.

But it is also vitally important to make sure that each chakra is healthy and functioning, its like running a car, if the battery is old it won’t start, if the distributor cap is cracked again it won’t start, not enough oil the engine will knock and eventually freeze up.

Keeping your chakra’s healthy is for another post, and there are books out there on how to balance your chakra’s I would advise that you look for those books incase I do not get back to that subject.

Now my Grandmother taught me this technique, now she just told me that we have “spiritual hearts” that pump out energy and different types of energy at each spot or level of the body. Back then she did not know the word Chakra, she’d call them hearts.

I have seen this same technique written up in books as well so I’m going to presume that those writers learned it from their teachers, who learned it from their teachers, etc. and it came from the same original source.

I am going to continue this in the 2nd part, “The Technique of closing your psychic centers”

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