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How do you protect yourself from Spiritual Invasion Pt 4~~Protecting Children and Pets~~~

Dear Ms Q,

This step is very important especially if you are a parent.

Spiritually protecting your child especially when your child is too young to voice its fears or observations should be one of parent’s first actions.

The traditional observations of Baptism are good, but it is done usually weeks after a baby is born.

There is something that you can do to protect your child. Now if you are the birth Mother you will be in too weakened a state to do this but if your life partner or family member or very close friend who is also of the same thought that you are, they can do it for you.

But if you are only now coming to understand the protection a child needs you can do it yourself.

First let me inform you about children’s psychic abilities and then I will give you the process on the protection and it is easy to do.

Many, many children are psychic, they are aware of spirits around them and seem to accept this, they may think of them as fairies or other magical beings, if it is something negative then these beings are considered trolls or bad gnomes or even “the boogeyman”.

Sometimes they see spirits and have them as adults would call them “Imaginary playmates”, those may be in fact spirit children.

If you child is sensitive and speaks of imaginary friends or unusual beings take their observations seriously, don’t laugh at the child or tell them they are imagining things because children, especially psychic sensitive children can very easily be made to feel foolish, their feelings hurt and when that happens they will stop talking to you about what they see and sense, they become unwilling to confide in you.

That is a dangerous situation, you as the parent or guardian should take what they say seriously, but you must take it in without appearing fearful of the supernatural event, if you act fearful then they will become fearful.

Try to let them know or instill into them that they have an ability that is quite natural if a bit unusual, but also warn them that they should not talk about their experience to other children or outsiders and in some cases to other family members and let them know that it is perfectly fine for them to talk to you about it.

They will naturally ask why they should not talk to others about their experiences and you need to tell them that not everyone understands and that other children could easily make fun of them because other children may not have that ability.

When I was growing up my parents and grandmother said that it had to be a special secret that only we shared, it was fine when I was little and as I grew up and was trained I understood what my parents and grandmother was talking about.

When I was in the last half of my sophomore year in High School that lesson came home to me with a resounding “Bump” and left the remaining years in school difficult. I had made the mistake of blurting out to some classmates that the boy one of the girls was dating was not going to take her to an upcoming school dance, he was going to be in an accident and afterwards fall for another girl. Well my classmates thought I was jealous until the incident happened, after that no one wanted to sit near me either in class or the school cafeteria, the school locker room at Gym was a miserable situation for me, I was called names, even bullied. The bullying didn’t stop until the Vice Principal took steps against the students, to the point where there was a Student Board hearing, this consisted of Advanced Seniors, teachers as guidance and was done as a sort of court.

The end decision was that at the moment I had simply taken some separate observations about the one student’s recklessness and his attentions towards another girl and simply put 2 and 2 together and blurted out my “prediction” and it just happen to happen. The offending students who were bullying me were on probation and banned for a period of time from certain activities. However two of the seniors did privately talk to me about what happened that caused me to “see” this event, and they personally took my abilities seriously.

When they went to college they remained in touch with me and we’ve been friends ever since.

However my family did warn me about what would happen and what the consequences could be and it did happen, for the remaining years I had in High School I didn’t have any friends except for one or two and was considered an “outsider” by the “in-crowd”, in college I was far more careful and was lucky to meet with a few like-minded students who believed in the paranormal.

I hope that my personal experience can help guide you parents.

Now concerning your child, if your child should tell you of feeling something in the house that makes them uncomfortable or seeing a ghost, listen to them carefully, because children are often the first to notice such things, especially if the adult is busy with repairs or moving things in or making sure the paperwork on the new home is correct. Children do not have those material things to clutter their senses.

Children also seem to have a natural sense in detecting if a spirit is friendly or not and since children are more open psychically than adults they will need help in closing down.

If your child is older and able work in concert with you then the closing exercises that I described in the previous post can be taught to them with you as the adult guiding them through it.

But if they are too young to understand what to do or might be too frightened to do it this is then what you can do.

In the evening when all is quiet after you have read to them and they settle into sleep sit in a chair next to their bed and visualize a golden light over the child’s head, then visualize the light descending through each of the psychic centers or chakra’s with the exception of those that I mentioned in the pervious post, and visualize each flower of those centers closing (with the exception of those needed to function in the physical world).

After you do that visualize your child’s aura extending two or three feet around their body, and then picture that same golden light filling the entire aura wrapping it like a cloak or blanket around your child. Then say a prayer asking your loved ones in spirit, the angels and guardians of light to protect and keep your child safe.

Later when your child is much older and comprehends what needs to be done you can teach them this procedure.

How often should you do this? As often as your child senses something uncomfortable around them, it maybe only once a year or as often as every several months depending upon their sensitivity and anything that could trigger a psychic event.

Spiritually protecting your Pet~~~~~

Animals especially dogs, cats and yes, horses are very spiritually attuned to the paranormal. That is why in a number of tales of ghostly hauntings it is usually those three animals. Although there have been tales of spirit deer, wolves, buffalo, and even moose.

But among the domesticated animals it is usual prevalent among dogs and cats and if you live in the country horses as well.

If you pet does not want to go into a certain room in your home or an area in your garden, or if there is a place they do not like when you take them for a walk (this is with dogs and horses) they are sensing psychically something that is paranormal, a ghost or spirit of some sort.

The best thing is to not force them, they know their limitations, like some dogs do not like vacuum cleaners it is the same with spirit. However there have been cases where the animal appears to listen to someone talking to them and then acts as if they have been ordered to obey a command, they are not frightened but recognize a more friendly spirit.

This has happened to several dogs that I have had and my current one will stare into an empty area, listening to someone and wagging her tail and acts as if she had been praised. Sometimes my dog will just look into an area with very serious intent and then make a decision if its friend or foe, most of the time its friend but there have been times when she’s done a very low warning growl as if to say “I don’t like you and you better leave”.

When that happens I will look into that area and say “Whoever you are you are not wanted here I order you to leave this place and seek the light, I call upon my guardian angels to escort this spirit out of my home and off my property” this usually takes care of the situation and my dog relaxes.

Sometimes when I’m taking her for a walk she gets what soldiers call “the thousand yard stare” she sees or senses something and then she will block me from going any further, I cannot force her to move, when that happens I will then go back the way I came and take a different route on our walk.

Cats will react as well and it is a wise pet owner to observe their pet and its actions. I cannot tell you what it is with cats, except that there areas they avoid, or they suddenly react to what appears to be nothing. But it is something only we can’t see it.

So what do you do to psychically protect your pet?

You cannot close down their psychic or chakra centers, they need them for their own survival but you can protect their psychic self the same way you protect your child’s aura, when your pet is napping quietly be near them with out disturbing them, envision their aura and expand their aura 2 to 3 feet out from them. Visualize a golden light coming down from heaven and filling their aura with that golden light again like with your child envision that light wrapping them in a blanket of protection and pray to your loved ones in spirit and to the guardian angels of light to protect your pet.

You may have to do this frequently as pets are always psychically open, about every three months or so.

But one of the hardest things to accept is when it is time for your beloved furry friend to physically leave, their body is worn out, their pain is too great, they have loved you forever and they will forever until it is time for you to join them. Take that same golden light and envision it wrapping their spirit in a cloak and their spirit being carried by the guardian angel of animals to that Happy place where they play and run free and wait for you to join them.

In many cases I’ve had spirits of departed loved ones tell me that the first person to greet them when they cross over is their pets, all happy to see their owner/caregiver and these same pets guide their owner over to all the wonderful places that is on the other side, and they too assist with things such as healing if they were ill, or understanding that they have crossed over if they died suddenly, or sit next to them when undergoing a life review.

For they love you unconditionally with perfect acceptance of your human failings.

Next is how to protect your home or sacred space, what steps do you need to do.

Blessings, Ms. Q

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