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How do you protect yourself from Spiritual Invasion PT 3 at work and in your car~~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

Protection at your work place and in your car.

This is very important but it also presents challenges, it is not like protecting your home or sacred space, you are working in a location that has many layers of events and ghosts or spirits, and if it is a large office building you’re working on those layers as well.

Part of the problem if you feel uncomfortable in your work place is that it is every hard to smudge or sprinkle with holy water or any of those things.

However if you are working in a small cubicle as oppose to an open desk, there are some little things you can do.

One of the first things is to completely clean your work area yourself, do this either on your lunch hour or if you can stay after work do it then. This would include getting rid of things you don’t need, dusting out any dust and putting it all into the trash can, you cannot vacuum that will be done by the cleaning crew, but you can with the proper stuff clean your computer screen, keyboards, mouse etc;. Organize your work area and any knick-knacks on your desk that is excess remove and take home, simplify your work area.

Then wipe everything down with Sage water, inside the drawers, the top of your desk all areas, except for the computer screen, the frame of the screen yes, but not the screen itself, carefully wipe the keyboard and mouse with a damp cloth that has Sage water---DAMP---not wet.

Then if you are in a cubicle, is to hang a small mirror to your right or left of your computer screen mounted on the cubical wall it works on reflecting back negative energy, but you can disguise it by saying it helps you see if someone is behind you to ask a question or to quickly check (if you’re a lady) your makeup and for a man, to check to make sure you do not have food on your mouth (this is true if you eat at your desk), but its real purpose is spiritual in nature. This mirror can be plain looking, what you’d get at a drug store, but before you take it to work, smudge and bless it first.

The second is square cut nails, you can place these into the carpet, under your desk at the edges of your cubicle where a person can enter, prepare these nails by having them first immersed in graveyard dirt of either a policeman, military man, or strong loving family member, having bought the dirt in the usual manner, see previous post on graveyard dirt, pray over the nails and call upon St. Michael for protection, and then anoint the nails with  "Firey Wall of Protection" oil.

Put the nails in the 4 farthest corners of your cubicle, try and do it either before other staffers come in or after most of them leave. If where you work does not have carpeting, put them into the corners of your cubicle walls if they are cloth, points downward. This will act as a barrier.

Another thing at your workspace is a blessed St. Michael medal; you can put one behind your computer screen so it won’t be seen or behind your mirror, or under your keyboard.

Another thing is Sage water, in an earlier post I mention how to prepare Sage water and use it in a sprayer if you cannot smudge with sage, use it to wipe down your desk, keyboard but don’t get it wet, back of your chair, spritz it on your carpet, if the floor is linoleum, stone or hardwood, wipe it down and make sure it dries so no one will fall.

Some people I know will use a prepared Railroad spike disguised as a paperweight for extra added protection, I have found that those railroad spikes that are curved almost into a circle or like a knot are the best it confuses the energy sending it back.

Now if your desk is in an open area where setting up a mirror is impossible, use a faceted glass paperweight, the kind that looks like a round globe with a flat bottom, but its sides are not round but with a lot of flat surfaces, place that directly in front of you if your computer screen is to one side, or to one side of the screen. Use a prepared Railroad spike to hold down a stack of files (so it will look like you don’t want them disturbed), the prepared square cut nails place into the back of your desk drawers at the farthest edge, if possible glue one to the underside of your desk in the farthest corner where there is no desk drawer. Place the St. Michael’s medal under your keyboard while you are at your desk and into your desk drawer when you leave for the day.

You can still spritze and wipe down your desk under the guise of giving it a complete cleaning (which is true).

If your job requires you to go from department to department, if you can use a clip board that looks like what is sometimes called a “Posse Box” that is best, this clipboard has the flat surface but you can lift the clipboard up and there’s an area to hold receipts and note paper. Put into that a St. Michael’s medal and a prepared square cut nail. Before you start to use it clean it first with the sage water.

If you use a briefcase for work, put inside it also a St. Michael’s medal as well as a square cut prepared nail.

If your job requires you to travel in your car, this is what you can do, carefully smudge it on the inside, be sure to hold a large abalone shell underneath the smudge stick to catch any ash, you don’t want to burn the car up. Wash the tires down with a bucket filled with water to which you add a pinch of sea salt and holy water and a few drops of Original Pine Sol cleaner, use can also wash the outside of the car with this mixture, add a little suds to it, then finally put a St. Michael’s medal in the glove or map compartment. Sit inside the car and say a prayer of protection, it must come from the heart, have your angels and guides and St. Michael watch over you and your car while you drive.

Another thing you can do is carry a bottle of sage water that you can spritz around the bottom of your car door when you open it, this is espeically true if you have the feeling of something uncomfortable following you or when you step out of your car, before you get into your car, spritz the bottom of the open door before you get in, another thing is carry a packet of sea salt, in little pastic bags and sprinkle on the ground before you step into your car, this acts as a barrier against negative energy.

When you drive your car do not Text, use the cell phone or do anything that is considered distracting, you must always remain on alert. This is especially true if you have children in the car with you and they do those “Mom!! He’s touching me” games, inform both children that both will be punished no matter who started it. That usually stops it.

That is the physical stuff you can do at work and in your car.

But at your work place, if there is spiritual activity, find out what was in that buildings location before it was built, go back as far as you can. In many places one might find it was the former location of a hospital, battle, murder, mental institution, or Native American Camp site.

No piece of land is without some sort of haunting even the land can be haunted by a traumatic event, cities like London that experience the air bombings of World War II have locations in which former buildings were destroyed with lives lost, and then new buildings built and there will be a haunting. Even the location of the former Twin Towers in New York City has a serious residual spiritual effect, that is why a water memorial is there it helps to calm the spirits. Shanksville, P.A. where one of the other planes that was involved in 9/11 is the site of that planes crash and there is reports of hauntings of that area by the spirits of that plane, preventing the spirits of the terrorists from seeking any kind of heaven and tormenting them.

If you find that the area where your work location is the site of a traumatic event or place, all you can do is say a prayer for the spirits so they can go to the light.

Next I will “talk” about how to spiritually protect your child and/or pet and in a separate post I'll give you the formula for "Firey Wall of Protection" oil and other basic "go-to" oils.

Blessings, Ms. Q

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