Friday, October 30, 2015

Of Answering posted questions to Miriam and Anonamous and a general note to everyone ~~~~~

 Dear Ms. Q, and others,

I've had two people post to me questions about protection and what to do, for some reason my system will not allow me to post my reply's so  I am posting them here so that my message to each person is reached 

Here is one question----
I am recently divorced and a business owner. My x husband is making trouble in my business and won't leave me alone. Do you have any advice for protection as well as something I can do to make him leave me alone. I have been praying and have taken the proper legal steps to ensure my safety but i don't feel safe I need some extra help please.   by Anon....

My Dear,

If you do not feel safe then you are not, make sure that the legal steps include doing a restraining order against him and do not be afraid to use it should he violate it.

The second step is for now do not go anywhere alone, especially at night, always have someone with you, you will need to do this for the next 6 months.  If during the day you need to go someplace such as grocery shopping, make sure you park as close to the store as possible and have a “bag boy” or person come out with you to put your groceries into the car and ask him/her to stay with you until you are in the car and have started the engine, then he can leave.

Get a blessed St. Michael medal and wear it all the time, and carry pepper spray for your personal protection, learn how to use it properly and carry it in your hand ready to use if need be.  You can buy pepper spray at a sporting goods store and also ask at the Police Department if they give Pepper Spray defense classes, so you’ll know how to properly use it.

For Spiritual protection in your home read my previous posts about spiritual cleansing and protection, get a good friend to help you.  If you work out of your home that will be extra spiritual protection, if your business is located in another location, you can do modified spiritual protection.   But back it up with physical protection.

If you live in a house have mounted security cameras and if there are dark areas of your house such as a drive way, back yard etc. have mounted motion detector lights,  they are a deterrent,  of course small animals such as cats, raccoon's etc. will set them off but it’s worth the annoyance.  

If you live in an apartment, mount an indoor security camera, many people use them especially to catch robbers in the act.  You may need to mount two of them, especially if you have a back access such as a sliding glass door.

Do not be afraid to speak to a detective at the police department about your fears and ask for advice.   If you have good neighbors tell them about your fears about your Ex-husband.  Ask them to be on the alert for suspicious strangers or if they see your Ex hanging around.

If there is one thing I have learned in my years of doing the Work,  getting legal help and taking physical safety precautions for yourself and your home is the first thing to do,  having spiritual back up is the second thing.

My Father use to say to me “The sad part about women is that in dealing with injustice, they haven’t learn to ‘grow a pair’, you’ve got to be tough like a man and say that ‘you won’t take that anymore’ and stand up, not whimper, but fight back and not be afraid to fight back”.

Say the St. Michael prayer and wear a blessed St. Michael medal and ask him to help give you strength and courage day and night, at night as well call upon Mother Mary and Jesus to watch over you day and night and to inspire you to find ways to protect yourself, to keep you on your guard, until this crisis is pass.

My Granny use to say to me “All the prayers in the world will not help you if you do not do something physical to help yourself, life is a combination of both the spiritual and the physical, there is a reason why in the Bible it says ‘God helps those who help themselves’ “ or as my Grandpa use to say as a World War II veteran “Praise the Lord and pass that ammunition”  which was his way of saying “call upon God but make sure you have a gun to back you up.”

That is why I do recommend Pepper Spray and the other things in addition to Spiritual protection.    

If you are not afraid of burning candles, get a St. Michael Candle for protection and a Just Judge to keep your husband legally at bay, put them in an area where they will not tip over nor are near anything combustible/flammable, if you have pets (cats especially) make sure they cannot get to the candles, when you leave the house snuff the candle out for safety, do not blow on it, get a candle snuffer or place a saucer on top of the glass enclosed candle to cut off air, take the time to make sure the candle is out, relight it when you get home and re-enforce the intention for which you need it for.

Again check out my other posts on protection for more information

This crisis My Dear, will pass, but it will take strength and courage on your part to do it,  never be afraid, Jesus and Mother Mary are always with you.

Blessings My Child


The second response  is to Miriam, her question is so long that I cannot post it here,  but here is my response.

Dear Miriam,

I am glad that you have a lawyer to help you,  You now are going to have to be the Older sister and tell your Mother, that you will have to take charge, that your older sister is too sick to deal with this situation.   Wear the St. Michael's medal for spiritual protection and also read my posts about protection as well.

Another thing because you are holding two jobs, dealing with this legal crisis and family matters your health is vital to achieving success.   Be sure to take spiritual baths to cleans you but also if you feel ill see a Doctor to stay well.    This will be physically draining upon you but you can do it.

I see at this time
That there is news coming that portends the arrival of change. Although not immediate, prepare to evaluate the risks and rewards of this change, it will be of great help and value to you.

You will gain insight into your future if you remain attentive and studious of the signs around you, think positive and do not give into fear, your lawyer is right it will take tiny steps but also do a "freezing spell" to freeze the negative person out of your sister's life and your family's life, it will help spiritually.  I have it posted on one of my posts, and it is very simple to do.

But most importantly take care of your health, take vitamins, get rest, eat healthy and invoke Jesus, St. Michael and Mother Mary to help you.

Blessings to you and your Mother my Dear.


I know that many of you are seeking answers to difficult situations, you read my blog and feel that you can trust me, and that is a very great responsibility I have to everyone of you.  


However I can not give instant answers to all of your questions and concerns, I myself had gone through things and I did spells, rituals, divination, etc. and yet I had to "go through hell" to achive what needed to be done.   In some cases I did not win.


When these things happened I would get very angry and demand from my Spirit Guides "Why?  Why didn't you warn me? Why didn't you tell me that this would happen?"  and I'd be angry at them, and their answer always was "Because you had to learn from it and grow from that experience, that loss, that difficulty, you had to go through it to grow mentally and spiritually."


And some times it was heart breaking, so in the end I would do rituals and prayers for strength, guidance, clear sightedness and understanding.  By not feeding into the fear, but by being calm the answers would come to me and I'd see that sometimes I had to back off and lose a battle to win a war,  yes sometimes you have to do that.

Over the years I've learned that we do not own anything, we only "borrow it" for a period of time, I can only wear one pair of shoes at a time, I can only wear one dress at a time, drive one car at a time. 


And with that I learned human nature and what I REALLY need in life.  


A prime example was back when we were going to change the calendar date from 1999 to 2000 everyone here was panicking saying that ATM's won't work, that the banks will close and airplanes will fall out of the sky and other silly nonsense.   But even though my friends and some family members were stocking up on food and cash, I went about my daily business, perfectly calm.


My friends wondered why and I said "Because Nothing Will Happen"  and I was right and they looked foolish.  I've learned to not be blinded by the trees that make up the forest but see the forest as a whole.  


We get so emotionally caught up in a situation that we cannot see the answers right in front of us, they are there but you have to look for them.  


Much of what I have posted will help you get through a crisis but so will old-fashion common sense, what I have posted is spiritual back up for a physical situation.   


If your man won't come back, let him go he wasn't worth it in the first place but if he's the father of your child take him to court and get full custody of your child as well as child support. And burn a Just Judge Candle and Court Case Candle for spiritual support.


If someone is harassing you find out what you can do legally and put a restraining order on them, but back it up spiritually with a freezing spell.  


If you want revenge on someone for doing you wrong, first make sure that it is the right thing to do and then check out what is posted here to achieve it but remember just like in the old west, there was a saying "if you go out to seek revenge be prepared to dig two graves, one for the other guy you're hunting and one for yourself."  So be sure it is for all the right reasons other wise you could kill your soul and it could come back to haunt you.


I have done a few readings here as a courtesy, but I cannot do any more, I also will not privately e-mail anyone as I did that one time and my old e-mail was compromised.  So that will not happen.


It is one thing to ask general questions about spells or something as unusual as "Hush Water" as such in which I can answer as a general Blog Post as that would of interest for everyone, but do not ask me a specific question to your specific situation to seek a specific answer, that is a Reading and I should (rightfully) charge you a fee.   


I only have so much energy and only so much time and I am up there in years, I'm no "spring chicken" but an old hen.


I have an ARCHIVE, in which different subjects are posted alphabetically, check the ARCHIVE to see if I have posted that which you need.  


If you don't see it then ask me a question for Example such as "Is there a good spell or ritual for Uncrossing or to return a hex?"   Then I can dig through my many notes and put together a post of interest for everyone to learn. 


Or is what I've seen in the movie "Paranormal Activity" true?  And I will answer that as a general post for everyone.  Frankly I can't stand that series, what a waste of time and money, but my grandkids think it good fun.  (as I roll my eyes). 


I Will Warn you about some some practitioners will scam or con clients for hundreds of dollars,  If someone says to you "Pay me $700 to bury this egg, to take that curse (or what ever) off of you"  Just say politely No, that you'll think it over and then Run don't walk for the door. 


We all have hills and valleys in our lives, we feel lost and alone and afraid, so we seek those who do things like removing curses or claim they can return lost loves, or something.  And that is when people can be so vulnerable, they then can get caught up with cults and such.  


When in doubt, go to church, do not be afraid to speak to the minister or priest there, or to just sit quietly and meditate.   Because you are Never Alone- -the Universe will put before you what you need, when you seek it---I recommend the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness"  I also recommend the book as well. 


Here where I live there are only two very reputable stores whose readers and such I recommend,  that is Ancient Ways in Oakland, California and The Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, California, their products are excellent.  There is one other reputable on-line Botanica called Conjured Cardea that does on line sales and I've found her products when I am unable to make my own, to be excellent. 


It is very rare that I recommend someone but those three I do recommend and I hope they will be around long after I'm gone.  


But I had to make clear to everyone, I cannot do readings on this blog, nor can I do spells for you, I will pray for you as part of my healing and prayer circle but I cannot  go beyond that.  


I Thank all of you for your faith in my abilities which is a great responsibility and I want to be fair to all.  


All Hallow's Eve is almost upon us, and now is the time to give thanks and pray for those who have gone before us and to rejoice in their resurrection.  For some of you it will be costumes and trick and treating, for others it will be to tell scary ghost stories, for others it will be to see if you can conjure up the dead or to tell fortunes.   


What I do recommend is each and everyone of you have a safe and sane Halloween and enjoy yourselves.


Blessings Ms. Q 



An Egg Cleansing spell for All Hallow's Eve and the 13th hour~~~~

Dear Ms. Q

One of the simplest cleansing spells is done using an egg.  You can do it yourself or with the aid of a good friend or family member.

My Granny use to do this on Halloween night before midnight she said that since All Hallow’s Eve was both the ending and Beginning of the Seasons or Harvest year it was best to do a cleansing.

Now most Egg cleansing rituals or spells follow a basic formula,  I never have it done by another practioner especially if it’s one that one has to pay for the service, among the less reputable ones it is too easy for people to believe that they have been cursed and pay hundreds of hundreds of dollars when all they are going through is just a period of bad luck that they have to go through as part of their karmic lesson and it is also too easy to convince a frightened, gullible person into believing they have been hexed, when again it is just a period of time for a karmic lesson.

But Granny did believe that cleansing one’s self of negativity was very important.   So why an egg?

And egg is as close to an innocent sacrifice as possible without spilling blood, it is an innocent so to speak who, in its most basic preformed self can take that which is negative away.  So an egg is a perfect choice.

There are many ways of doing this but this is what my Granny use to do, in a warm room we’d be in our underwear for the ladies in their slips, the men would be done separately in their t-shirts and boxes, no tidy-whiteys or briefs.  Each person would bring an egg, standard “Grade-A” white egg It should be cold, it didn’t matter if it had been in a refrigerator or fresh to do the ritual it had to be cold

Each egg would have the person’s name printed on it with either pencil or one of those marking pens, or black crayon. 

Then she’d have an altar for spiritual work, and Light the candles and Frankincense  incense the  table would be covered with a white cloth, , a clear glass of holy  water, a Cross or Rosary.  She would recite specific prayers or Psalms mostly Psalms 51 , a second wooden cross and some anointing oil, she’d take the anointing oil make the sign of the cross on our forehead saying in the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. Then we’d recite the Our Father’s 3 times.

We’d then put the eggs on the altar and she’d consecrate them with a prayer while passing it through the smoke of the incense and sprinkling water upon it.  Then she’d call upon Divine Guidance, Mother Mary, Jesus and St. Michael. 

When this was done, she’d take either the 2nd cross or the rosary in her left hand and hold the egg in her right and we’d all Recite Psalm 51 as she moved the egg down our bodies, not up and down just down starting at the top of our heads, and down over and over again and she’d circle our body in a clock wise direction even going between our legs moving the egg always in a down ward motion.    

The egg never touched our bodies unless it was at an area where we said we felt pain.  Then the egg would touch our bodies at that point, She’d make the sign of the cross 9 times where it hurt  while praying and she always make sure to cleanse their feet and hands well.  She’d never touch us with the egg unless it was where they were hurting.

After the cleansing ritual we’d put our clothes back on and then Let the eggs sit on the altar until about midnight then we’d go to a tree that was a little ways from Granny’s house and throw the eggs at the roots of the tree,  then we’d go home and take a cleansing bath or shower to remove any of the energy drawn off by the egg with a muslin bag that had hyssop and sea salt in it reciting “cleans me with hyssop Oh Lord, that I be made clean as the whitest Snow, purge from me all evils and evil intent from my enemies and turn them from where they came.  In your name, Amen”

You can also remove negative energy from your body by placing a glass of water with a whole egg in it unbroken under your bed. You need to leave the egg there for nine nights; on the tenth day you remove the egg; then take it and throw it out at a crossroads. Using the egg this way also removes blocks, jinx conditions, and will put out any lights being burnt against you.  The Water you flush down the toilet.

Now this Halloween here in the United States in those states that do Day light Savings time,  the clocks are set back one hour, so on this Halloween night we have a very rare 13th house here in the States, so when it because 1 a.m. Daylight savings time, turn the clock back to Midnight for that 13th hour and do the Egg cleansing spell, with that it becomes more powerful to break hexes and jinxes, but this only works in States that do Daylight Savings time.  

Now some practioners would then break the egg in a glass of water and see what it looks like. This is called reading the egg, to find out what was causing the pain. 

But in a group setting Granny would not do that on Halloween, but later on another time one person at a time, if that spot was still hurting.

When Granny would do a reading on something where someone was not feeling well she’d read the egg, but say that the person also needs to see a Doctor as well, sometimes it was something that would be hard to go away like arthritis.  But at least a person would know what it was.


Now if you have a practioner who breaks an egg and very strange things show up like hair, rings, odd things then what has happened is the practioner had done a slight of hand change to convince you that you are cursed or something,  just say thank you, pay your money for that service and leave, do not waste any more of your money, because that is not the egg that you brought with you, but do Not say that to the practioner, just say you need to think it over and leave, be polite but leave.

Blessings Ms. Q