Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I am Home~~~~

Hello My Dears,

This is Ms. Q.

I am out of the care facility and am home.  And it's good to be home.

I still have to wear a support walking “boot” for another 4 weeks and I have to do at home therapy exercises but I am healing just fine,  My Thanks  to all of you who sent me healing prayers and good wishes.   I do have follow up appointments with my Doctors but they are pleased with my progress.

While I was away my niece showed me your questions and concerns, the questions I have been getting most frequently after my accident was “Ms. Q, when are you or are you going to post any more articles?”

Well yes and no.   I’m going to answer that but I hope some of you will not be disappointed with what I have to say.

Although many of you would say that it was just an accident that befalls many elderly people, which is unfortunate, some of you feared that I had been “cursed”.   Well from what I can determine, I can say quite firmly I was not, instead I call it “A BLESSING”------ Yes, A Blessing!

Let me explain, I started this informational blog because I had been getting questions from people about “the work”, but also I had felt that no one in the family really wanted to know what I know.   Well when I was recovering I discovered I was wrong.

With this accident it has brought my love ones closer together and I was amazed at the younger ones interest in what I do, so I do not believed I was “cursed” but instead “Blessed”.

As I laid in my hospital bed recovering from surgery I kept saying to myself that there was a deeper reason for it to happen, while I was recovering in the care facility a dear friend of mine who is an excellent reader and never softens or covers things up, did a reading for me to determine the reason for the event.   It was revealed that the accident would have happened anyway, no “curse” or “hex” was involved.

Why?  It was because the Divine Presence, God, Goddess, Saints, Angels, etc.  knew it was vital to have the whole family and longtime friends who had drifted away, to re-connect with me and as I was recovering it happened and I couldn’t be happier.

Because the accident HAD to happen and taking into consideration that all my protections and guardian spirits were in place to protect me,  it prevented me from having a far more serious fall, even the Doctors said it was a miracle that I didn’t fall forward where I would have fallen onto hard concrete and have far more injuries, instead I fell sideways onto very soft dirt and grass so I only had the one injury, and except for the bruising on my other ankle I didn’t have any other bruises, abrasions, or breaks, not even any twisting or injury to my spine or muscles.  And the Doctors said that I should have fallen forward, but that did not happen.

The long time I had with enforced bed rest and healing and with my friend’s reading gave me a chance to meditate and reflect, that it was a positive event, not a negative one, but why, I wondered.

Well I discovered that it gave my family a chance to seriously re-connect with me and most importantly I discovered that many of the relatives wanted me to teach them “the work”, at first they thought they had plenty of time to ask me but this accident woke them up.

However in teaching them I have to serious cut back my time on my blog site, regretfully I do not have the time nor the energy to do both and so something has to be “sacrificed” and for me family comes first, I’m up there in years and my time on earth might be limited although I feel I have plenty of years left.

So in the end I may post an article maybe once or twice a month as time permits and I may even post links and information to other sites that you, the reader may need to read, because my time with my family and good friends is precious.

I will no longer do any readings as I have been doing as a courtesy and without remuneration, as doing readings takes up my time and energy, nor will I give out my contact information as I value my privacy, I may answer questions that are inquiring about how to do something or if you’ve done something right or wrong.    But I will have to give up doing the courtesy readings.

However if I get a question which is of a subject that would be of interest to everyone then I may write out an article on it as time permits, so that everyone can benefit from the information.

As I informed one reader though my niece, my blog site is informational only, let me re-print a portion of that answer……       “… she does not make any profit on her web site” and will refer to others “especially since (others can) explain(s) some elements better than she can, she views her website as informational only, to show how in her life time with her and her family doing the work has worked for them, as well as how other practitioners have found it useful and their experience with “the work”.

        The information comes from some place or various places, with her it was from her Grandmother and her friends, for other people it was whomever was their teachers or family members, and all passed down word of mouth from one person to another,  now it is written on the internet and in books available to everyone.

        But in her (Ms. Q’s) 80 years of experience there is always some slight differences depending upon experience and location.

        And almost everyone finds that they may need to do slight adjustments to suit their particular situation, it’s never been a “one size fits all” workings, but just as in quantum physics there are inescapable basic mechanics that never change.

        Ms. Q has stressed she does not make any profit on her blog site, has not published nor will publish a book, does not sell or offer any products, does not offer any services nor does she sell any courses,  that her site is informational only.

        If you look at other sites they either sell services, and/or products, she doesn’t do any of that and has referred people to sites that she herself trusts. She herself has recommended that folks seek out reliable practitioners and metaphysical shops. Her blog site is strictly informational.”………

But I have to admit from what I’ve seen on the internet, I’ve found that it is hard among younger people to accept that an old person such as myself can exist and communicate on the internet, it is unbelievable to them but it does happen, just because we are up there in years does not mean we cannot learn the basic means of communication such as e-mails, skype, and writing a blog, we can, but many of us have learned to not be enamored by it and with the latest technology, we prefer to keep our lives simple and not overwhelmed.

The Doctors tell me that I’m healing faster than expected for someone of my advanced age, with the various medical problems I have, the Divine Presence is good to me, and any medical problems I have are only due to old age which is to be expected.    My protections are firmly in place to protect me and my love ones as well as to deflect any negativity.

I am of good spirit and heart, the days are beautiful, the love that surrounds me is wonderful, I am Blessed and spiritually wealthy, I cannot ask for more and am on a loving path.

I regret I have to limit my time on my blog but the information and the links are here and I will be adding more, I’m not abandoning it, only limiting myself to what I can do because I do not have enough energy nor time to spread myself so thinly.

I do have a huge backlog of questions going all the way back to March and I am sorry if I have not been able to answer in a “timely manner” I pray that those of you who were in distress have been able to get assistance.  If I do not answer your question then it’s possible it may have gotten lost among the many I’ve received, again I apologize.   For those of you who seek readings I plan on posting links for you to find readers in your area, it will take time again please be patient.

I do want to inform you that if I feel that a question is inappropriate or overly sexually suggestive I will not post it.   I have to take into consideration that young people may also be reading this site so I will not post it,  in going through the back log I came across several that were like that so they were deleted.  

I am also sorry if it seems that I might appear to be “abandoning” some of you who have come to trust me and what I suggest or recommend.   I can only say this, if in doubt about something or fearful about something, seek out a doctor, lawyer, priest/minister/rabbi, a good financial advisor, therapist, family counselor, legal aid,  if certain agencies or officials seem to not work get in touch with an advocate group to take up your cause, nothing is hopeless,  Mother Mary, Jesus, St. Jude, St. Expedite, St. Michael the Arch Angel and other spiritual guardians will help.  Look up in the archives for what you may need.   But always first seek professional help, then look to spiritual help to back it up.

And be Strong, stand up for yourself and your rights,  do not be a door mat, kick back, fight back, you all are very worthy people and deserve happiness!  Remember That!

And I will post from time to time but not as frequently.

This loving path that I’m on is beautiful and I hope and pray that others, those who read here and beyond are on that same path or find it as well.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Slowly catching up with questions~~~

Hello Everyone,

This is Ms. Q's niece again.

I just want to let you know that Ms. Q, as her energy permits, has slowly been catching up on your comments and questions.

If you've posted a question since March 12 of this year and it has not been answered yet, she will get to it,  she is slowly getting her energy back but those that require meditation will take some time.

So we've been doing the easy one's first.

If you've asked for her personal contact information Ms. Q reluctantly must decline to give it out, especially in the interest of her privacy as well as her health.

Also she will not give out her e-mail address as one time her old computer got so badly infected with a computer virus that it had to be junked and she had to buy a new one, which was a bit costly for her.

Her healing process is coming along very well and she can hardly wait to get back home,  and in familiar surroundings,  the staff at the care facility have been wonderful to her but for her, to quote Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz "There's no place like home."

Again Ms. Q asks for you to please be patient and she will get to your question.

Bright Blessings from Ms. Q 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Good News on Ms. Q~~~

Hi Everyone,

Well yesterday we got good news, the Doctors will be release Ms. Q after Memorial Weekend.

She will have to wear this device called a "walking boot" for a while, but she can continue her therapy at home.

Then at the end of next month we'll know more if she has to continue wearing this device which looks like a shoe that should belong to the Frankenstein Monster, any longer.

They do want her to later go in for bone density tests to determine any calcium loss.   And also to test her eyes for new glasses as well.

She's in good spirits over all and has been uplifted by the visits and re-connection from friends and family,

It seems that things are changing for her in a very good way, but we'll know more later on.

We are not sure if she will be able to answer all the back log of questions there are so many of them, so if you sent a question and it is not answered both Ms. Q and I apologize,  she can only do just so much at this time.

Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

Friday, May 12, 2017

Ms. Q has been in the hospital again---please read for update~~~

Hello Everyone,

This is Ms. Q's niece.

I wish I had posted much sooner, but things became very crazy at Ms. Q's home, and I am just  getting caught up with what had to be done at home and with the hospital and care facility.

Back in March Ms. Q fell breaking her ankle and severely injuring her other foot,   The paramedics transported her to the Emergency Room,   and she needed immediate surgery on her ankle requiring a metal plate and screws to hold the broken bones and ligaments together.

She has been in a care facility for over 9 weeks and is just now re-learning how to walk,  there is still a lot of healing she has to do,  she has been on a lot of pain medication and has admitted that it has made her thinking very fuzzy.

She is going to need at least 6 or more weeks of therapy and to get her strength and mobility back and to get off the pain medication so her thinking is clear.

Right now there are so many questions that have been submitted, that I am not sure if Ms. Q will be able to get to all of them.   For that both myself and Ms. Q apologize, and all we can do is ask for your patience.

I will ask her the easier questions and hopefully bit by bit we can clear up the back log.

On readings requests, she cannot do that right now as her energy needs to turn to healing.

Again please bear with us, and eventually Ms. Q hopes to be able to answer at least some questions.

And in Ms. Q's words, "Bright Blessings"

Ms. Q's niece.