Friday, May 12, 2017

Ms. Q has been in the hospital again---please read for update~~~

Hello Everyone,

This is Ms. Q's niece.

I wish I had posted much sooner, but things became very crazy at Ms. Q's home, and I am just  getting caught up with what had to be done at home and with the hospital and care facility.

Back in March Ms. Q fell breaking her ankle and severely injuring her other foot,   The paramedics transported her to the Emergency Room,   and she needed immediate surgery on her ankle requiring a metal plate and screws to hold the broken bones and ligaments together.

She has been in a care facility for over 9 weeks and is just now re-learning how to walk,  there is still a lot of healing she has to do,  she has been on a lot of pain medication and has admitted that it has made her thinking very fuzzy.

She is going to need at least 6 or more weeks of therapy and to get her strength and mobility back and to get off the pain medication so her thinking is clear.

Right now there are so many questions that have been submitted, that I am not sure if Ms. Q will be able to get to all of them.   For that both myself and Ms. Q apologize, and all we can do is ask for your patience.

I will ask her the easier questions and hopefully bit by bit we can clear up the back log.

On readings requests, she cannot do that right now as her energy needs to turn to healing.

Again please bear with us, and eventually Ms. Q hopes to be able to answer at least some questions.

And in Ms. Q's words, "Bright Blessings"

Ms. Q's niece. 


  1. To Mrs. Q. and her niece:

    I don't know if this will even make sense to you, but I feel I need to say something given that Mrs. Q suffered a serious injury and is now in a care facility. During Mrs. Q's absence from her blog I read on someone's else's hoodoo blog that they lit a DUME candle on Mrs. Q because he was mad that she supposedly plagiarized one of his posts, the one about the seven sisters of New Orleans, and he was going to get revenge for this by using DUME work. I don't know this guy, I've only read his blog, but please maybe do some uncrossing and protection work for Mrs. Q. in case he was serious and that's why Mrs. Q has been having such bad luck lately. Here is the blog post I'm referring to

    I don't know if this actually amounts to anything, but I wanted you and Mrs. Q to know. Please take care, protect yourselves, and God bless you.

    1. Dear Sonny,

      I spoke to Ms. Q on the phone after looking up the post and she said “…it took him 3 months for it to work?”

      She also said that the information on the 7 Sisters of New Orleans came from a dozen sources which has been posted on other sites and he himself posted on his site as well and has been written up in books, there was no one source.

      She did say that she forgot to include the sources which may have caused some problems, but she did remove the initial post to avoid any conflict.

      Since she does not make any profit on her web site and has referred to him in other postings, especially since he explains some elements better than she can, she views her website as informational only, to show how in her life time with her and her family doing the work has worked for them, as well as how other practioners have found it useful and their experience with “the work”.

      The information comes from some place or various places, with her it was from her Grandmother and her friends, for other people it was whomever was their teacher or family member, and all passed down word of mouth from one person to another, it’s now written on the internet and in books.

      But in her 80 years of experience there is always some slight differences depending upon experience and location.

      And almost everyone finds that they may need to do slight adjustments to suit their particular situation, it’s never been a “one size fits all” workings, but just as in quantum physics there are inescapable basic mechanics that never change.

      I talked to her doctors yesterday and they said that Ms. Q suffers from brittle bones which can happen to any elderly person.

      The miracle was that she didn’t fall forward and land on hard concrete but instead fell sideways onto very soft ground so except for her ankle she didn’t suffer any other injury, which could have easily happen, it could have been a lot, lot worse.

      So her protections and guardians were in place as best abled.

      But they will be re-enforced.

      Ms. Q has stressed she does not make any profit on her blog site, has not published nor will publish a book, does not sell or offer any products, does not offer any services, that her site is informational only.

      If you look at other sites they either sell services, and/or products, she doesn’t do any of that and has referred people to sites that she herself trusts. She herself has recommended that folks seek out reliable practioners and metaphysical shops. Her blog site is strictly informational.

      Ms. Q Thanks you Sonny for letting her know about this situation.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

    2. I'm so very happy to read the update on Mrs. Q's health and that she will be coming home soon. Also I'm glad she is well protected and that her guardians were with her so she was not more seriously hurt. I will be praying for her too.

      I am genuinely happy and relieved that man in that blog is a non issue. God bless you and keep you Mrs. Q. and her niece.

  2. Thank you for the update on Mrs. Q. I hope she heals soon. Please give her our well wishes.

    1. Hello Sarina,

      This is Ms. Q's niece, I have been letting her know and it has lifted her spirits.

      She'll be coming home soon.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q