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Hello Everyone,

For the past several months I’ve been getting questions from people who have performed “love type” spells they do the oils, the write out the petitions, they do the chants and prayers, they burn the candles, they note how the candles work and think something should happen----BUT----they wonder why doesn’t the target of their personal interest show any interest in them.

For a good reason----Bottom line --- it wasn’t meant to happen.

I know that sounds cruel, I know that sounds like “love spells don’t work” but I have to say that love spells do work----when the love is mutual but not activated.   

Yes you heard (or read) me correctly the love has to be mutual BUT it is Not activated.  It’s there quiescent, but it hasn’t been awaken.

Now I’ve encountered several types of scenario’s in love workings and in all my years of doing the work, as I’ve said before I’ve been there---I’ve done that---and I’ve bought the T-shirt (many times over).   So I know what I’m talking about, I was young once, I was [what I thought] in love [many times] only to be disappointed, dis-heartened, broken hearted, and just plain feeling bad, miserable, despondent and [in a few cases] angry.

And it is hard on a young person, well on any person of any age to be disappointed in love, because we always want someone to be our one and only, to be with us forever----even Zha Zha Gabor once said she was a great housekeeper----she always kept the house after the divorce.

Now I did a post about why Reconciliation spells don’t work well it’s true for specifically targeted love spells as well.

Now for specifically targeted love spells why don’t they work?  The two most common reasons a spell "did not work", regardless of the situation is:

 1 --- The spell is actually working, just not in the way you had hoped
 2---It is not in your best interests to have what you are asking for.

And usually that is the strongest and most important reason why it didn’t work because it is ethically wrong to use a love spell to target a specific person. It's wrong because it interferes with the free will of the person you are attempting to put the spell on and you have to be careful because it will backfire on you.

Sometimes what one thinks is love is merely a “crush” and sometimes “crushes” can result in unwanted pregnancies  or the giving of money only for it to never be returned so you have to be careful about that, because you can be used.

Love work is one of the hardest to get results on and the answer as to why is obvious if you seriously think about it.   You are trying to get a person to feel, think or act in a way they are not inclined to work, and this is much harder than shifting your odds of luck, or fighting a magical curse with a magical cleansing.   

People who want someone to fall in love with them, to become interested in them forget that people have free will, and trying to change that isn't easy, there is a vast amount of energy and time put out to do this and it doesn’t happen like in the movies.   

Another thing to remember is that a lot of times Love Spells do not work because they would harm someone.  Think of it like “The Force” that is talked about in “Star Wars” you have to remember every thought and action has a ripple effect that goes far beyond its original intentions.

IF it is meant to happen it may be that your spell has to wait until the timing is right for many different people involved. You may think that your spell is just between you and the new lover you’d like to attract, but it could also be between the person your lover is with today, the emotional needs of your children, the cute person you’re meant to have a fling with tomorrow.

We don’t know all the stakes involved in any spell that we cast, we always have to remember that it does not harm anyone else.

If the result of your spell is delayed or is not happening, it could be that the Universe is taking its time to assess everything so that it doesn’t hurt anyone in the processes, if you force the issue then you will be dealing with psychic payback and you won’t like it.

That is why you have to always remember that there are other things, situations and people involved when you do a love spell.

Denise Alvarado gave a list of 10 reasons why Love Spells lots of times don’t work  and I’m going to  post an abbreviated version of it here.   The comments within these brackets (  )  are mine.

1. You have unrealistic expectations……There needs to be a strong connection to the person to begin with, and a basis from which love can be nurtured and sparked. Furthermore, love spells do not work overnight. Magick is often a process that involves removing obstacles and clearing unwanted influences, and realigning and maneuvering energies to affect change for the best possible result.   (if a deep connection is not there, it’s not there)

2. Magick is not guaranteed. Just as prayers to the creator may go seemingly unanswered, there may be a reason that a spell does not work. It may be that the Universe has different plans for you. This reason is very hard for some people to accept.    (this one is hard for anyone in love with someone or you have a “crush” or deep interest in that someone,  but that someone is not in love with you, that makes it hard for you to understand)

3. You are taking shortcuts.    (using the wrong oils, doing it at the wrong time etc.)

4. You doubt the power of magick and you do not “believe” in your own personal power.

5. You are stalking and/or harassing your desired mate… To do so will reverse any spell performed on your behalf ( or by you). You need to create and allow space for the correct energies to align and work in your favor.

6. You are being scammed. Bar none, this is the most common reason love spells do not work. An authentic practitioner will have a conversation with you about your situation and assess your expectations and the likelihood of success. They will give you an honest appraisal of your request and will not take your money if there is little chance of the spell working.   (That is why doing a divination before doing the spell is important to know if it will be successful)

7. You do not provide complete and accurate information to the spellcaster (or you yourself do not have all the accurate information about that person’s personal situation ie are they married, engaged, interested in someone else)

8. You are obsessing over your love spell or Voodoo love spell. Obsession is fueled by desperation. These feelings attract negativity and will weaken any spell being performed.

9. You fail to address any underlying obstacles or issues.  (Remember your target may not be into you)

10. You talk about the spellwork to others. (Meaning to those who are not into doing magic or might be practitioners but don’t reveal it)

11. (This one is my reason) The targeted person has their own protections set up either consciously or unconsciously or their guardian spirits are protecting them so they can follow the life path that is set before them.
I’ve mentioned that years ago a friend of mine was obsessed with this guy she really wanted him to love her, now he knew her, had seen her around but he didn’t talk to her much, well she did a love spell and oh yeah he got attracted to her after he dropped his latest girlfriend, but after she’d been with him for a couple of months she wanted out of the relationship, he was abusive, controlling, he was making her life miserable.

We needed Granny to help her, Granny was pissed about it, I mean think of that scene in the first Disney Fantasia film where Mikey Mouse loses control over the broom and nearly drowns in the ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ piece.  It was like that in a way.   But Granny got it done (with a little assistance from me and my friend) to get her out of her situation.

I had an acquaintance of mine wanting to reconcile with an old boyfriend so she was doing love spells to re-kindle his interest, but they didn’t seem to work, he still continued dating this other woman,  I had to persuade her that the Devine Presence didn’t want her to have him back, it was hard on her until 3 months later,  we read in the newspaper that he had been killed by a former girlfriend that he had dated over a year before and had been stalking him,  the woman also attempted to kill the girl he was dating.   My acquaintance realized it could have been her that could have been hurt.

I myself also made the same mistake, twice, each time I was able to have the fella attracted to me, the first one I married---Big Mistake,  my marriage was miserable, but I was determined to work on it, until I caught him in bed with another woman,  it’s a good thing I used a broom to chase them out of the apartment---they were buck-ass naked when they ran out,  because in the back of my mind something kept saying he was not worth going to jail for.    

 The police was understanding but they said I couldn’t keep them from getting their clothes, the woman kept apologizing to me saying she didn’t know he was married.    I said “Well you know now!”   The next day I demanded a divorce and got it.

The 2nd time I didn’t marry the guy I was only engaged but he cheated as well, but by that time I could tell if we got married it would be a disaster so I was wondering how to break it off with him,  but I caught him too,  he said I could keep the engagement ring,  and he also paid me $5,000 so I wouldn’t go to the church and out him to the congregation.    I used that money to help paint my parents’ house, they were thinking of getting a loan but I saved them the money.

By this time I gave up on doing love spells they backfired on me and I was tired of that kind of pain,  I focused on my regular job, learning more of the work, helping friends and family and taking care of my Mom after my Dad passed away.

Eventually my Mom became very ill, and she was slowly going into a decline, by this time most of my family was scattered and spread out, the elders that I grew up with were gone, I felt very alone, and I knew when she passed away I’d be left alone.   I was so wrapped up in my fear of being alone I couldn’t see anything in front of me for the future,  I was in deep emotional pain, I didn’t want to be alone for the rest of my life.

When Mom was asleep I did a Love spell, but I made it general I asked the Divine Presence that I wanted a good man in my life, I listed the qualities I wanted and what I didn’t want as well.   I said “If there is a fellow about my age, who can be a friend, a companion, a lover, honest and loyal, if he’s out there, send him my way, because I don’t want to be alone and afraid.”

Later that night I had a dream, it was of three tarot cards, first the high priestess, then the magician, then the lovers,  I had that same dream three nights in a row.   I wrote the dream down in my journal.  I figured the high priestess was me, the lovers was obvious,  3 cards over 3 nights so the number 3 was important, it could mean 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years, 3 o’clock, 3 was important, but who the heck was the magician I couldn’t figure out why that card, I expected a court card.

I got my answer 3 days later at work,  I was at the desk and this gentleman came in and asked if we had any books on Houdini I showed him the area, he was happy and I went back to the desk, then after a little bit I was taking care of a mother whose child would not stop crying, the gentleman who had asked about the Houdini books, made a large purple wooden thimble appear magically and then disappear and re-appear to the delight of the child, and then he made a balloon animal for the child, while the child was distracted I finished helping the mother who was relieved that her child was quiet.

When they left I turned to the man and said “That was pretty good mis-direction” and he said “You think so?  That’s nice, I do magic professionally alongside my regular job,  Hey when do you get a break I’ll buy you a cup of coffee and we can sit outside and talk.”

Yes he had a regular full time job but he also performed at birthday parties, weddings, and special events and had a nice little show.   He helped me during the final days of my Mom’s illness and helped me keep my sanity.   And we’ve been together ever since.

So yes love spells do work if done correctly.  There are ethics involved in casting a love spell,  if the person  you are casting on is looking for love as well and you have a general connection, but just hasn't noticed you in a romantic way,  if you plan on being a wonderful partner for this person, you would be giving that person the gift of love if you cast a spell that would make them want to look in your direction and want to give you some extra time and focus in order to get to know you.  

But it helps if you truly love the person and that person is available and looking too, but you need to be careful because Love spells can have all sorts of strange effects.  It can work on you instead of the other person and make you desire them even more than you already do, so that you become obsessed and that would be unhealthy. 

If you want to do a love spell then try a spell for attracting love to you in general, without targeting a specific person. If you and a person you are interested in are meant to be together then it will work out. If not, then perhaps the spell will bring you to someone more suited for you.

It’s far healthier and more reasonable and it sets things up with the Universe, the Divine Presence to work things out better for you,  maybe you won’t met them at your work place, maybe you’ll go back to college or take up a hobby and meet them in class or at an event, where you are introduced.   

By having it open like that you won’t be hurt, and either that person will be with you for a day, a season, a year or forever, but you’ll know how it will work out and not have the pain of love unrequited.

In my next post on Love Spells, I’m going to do a few caveats on how some of them and to what degree they can work but you have to remember it is far better to do a general love spell to bring the right love to you, than it is to coheres someone to love you.   In my next post I’ll explain about compelling or force love spells.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q


  1. Oh boy! I am getting impatient for your next post already!

    1. Hello Villette,

      This is Ms. Q's niece.

      Ms. Q broke her ankle in early March just after she posted this post and has been in a care facility after the surgery to repair it.

      She is still going to need more healing and physical therapy to re-learn how to walk, she has no desire to be confine to a wheel-chair.

      Once she is off the pain medication she will begin posting again.

      Please be patient.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

  2. Hello Ms. Q,

    How should I react to a situation where a young couple who are not really familiar with magick but thinks that it's a strong vow to say a binding chant at the same time for their secret pre-party wedding? Binding chants are for getting back, but they have made their minds to not limit it to that. How should I talk a couple out of a situation that is personal and none of my business? I don't want to come off as getting in their way because they are lovely together. But I learned that binding chants make one dominant over the other, so surely if things go as they planned, no one is dominant, just bound. But will they have bad luck? I have thought of doing an unbinding spell, but again, I have morals and do not want to interfere with things that are none of my business.

  3. Villette and I are impatient and wondering, are you going to explain about using licorice root, calamus, powdered sugar, anise, and other ingredients in love spells like what extent do you use these to? A lot of oils catch our interest and are easy to make: come to me oil, summoning oil. Why yes, we have found your recipe for Love oil in a comment before. We go spicing up spells during spare time.

    1. Dear Sirena,

      This is Ms. Q's niece. As I explained to Villette, just after Ms. Q posted her last post she fell and broke her ankle which required surgery.

      She is in a care facility healing and getting physical therapy and is still on pain medication, and she still needs more time to heal.

      Bit by bit we will be responding to questions of which there is a huge back log, but no readings until her mind is clear of the pain medication.

      This will also apply to future posts, at least for now.

      Please be patient and continue to check for other comments for more information to add to your well of knowledge.

      Ms. Q will return as soon as the Doctor's free her.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

  4. I love Village Candle's candles. Their candles have two wicks typically. Should those two wicks represent two people burning down one candle? Because to have two candles, equalling four wicks would be a bit confusing.

    1. Dear Charlotte,

      I’ve seen and have used Village Candles myself, but mostly to gently scent the room for aroma therapy, they are great for that.

      However in doing the work it is best to use traditional unscented candles with only one wick, because with two separate candles you can see how they are burning to help understand the end results of your spell work.

      When you have a candle that has two wicks in it, especially for “relationship” work, you do not get a clear idea of what the results will be.

      Save the Village Candles for aroma therapy, to put you and your family in a gentle and relaxed mood, that is their best use.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  5. Is there an email I can email you I really Need help

    1. Hello,

      This is Ms. Q's niece, Ms. Q is recovering from a broken ankle and will be unable to help at this time.

      I asked her about contact information and she said that at her advance age she values her privacy, so regretfully I cannot give out her contact information.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

  6. Hi Mrs.Q, I have some personal stuff I needed to discuss/talk with you, can you provide me your email?

    1. Hello there,

      This is Ms. Q's niece.

      Regretfully Ms. Q does not give out her contact information anymore she did once and contracted a computer virus that in the end resulted in completely replacing her home computer, at her advance age she wishes now to preserve her privacy.

      She also informed me that she will no longer do any one card readings that she use to do as a courtesy, because of demands on her energy.

      I'm sorry.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

  7. Thanks for this article, Mrs. Q! I'm looking forward to the next article about love spells too.

    Thank you and blessings to you!

  8. I wonder, how does ancestors blockage affects spell casting on target? Any way of getting an open road aside from begging for forgiveness to the ancestors and offerings?

    1. Hello Shadow Moon,

      I apologize for the delay getting back to you but I am recovering from a broken ankle, I’m sure you understand.

      I’m not sure what cultural back ground is your target, but if your target’s ancestors are strong in protecting him/her then they see a different path for their “child”.

      If it’s your ancestors that are doing the blocking then other than asking forgiveness, they may see a danger in the type of spell you are trying to work and are trying to protect you.

      You may need to do a divination on what is it that the ancestors are trying to say. I recommend doing that first, and then go from there.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Thanks for your reply and I'm glad that you've been recovered.

      Sorry for the late reply too. Just remembered today about posting on your blog few months earlier.

      I was pretty desperate around that time to get my ex gf back. I have seek all sorts of divination; Tarot, Psychic, Thai master, Tongji , etc to access my situation, I got all sorts of answers, even paid off huge sum to perform spells and rituals, also some self spell casting on her for reconcilitation which was stupid of me.

      Nothing happened.

      Plain and simple. We are just not fated to be together. As told by Huang Lao Xian Shi (immortal that my grandfather evoke and have pact with), and some several genuine mediums and masters I personally went for consultation during my journey.

      Found out the real reasons for everything that happened. Our relationship, our fights and the break up. It was all planned by her from the start till the end. But I don't know why I still have some sentimental feelings for her, I guess I trusted her wholeheartedly, and I felt that there were some parts of our relationship that she did loved me, even just for a short blink.

      Man..If only I wasn't that arrogant to trust words from my grandfather, could've saved me from tonnes of troubles and chaos I've caused to find out the truth and to get her back.

      But in the end, I've learnt to grow from my mistakes. My encounter with my ex is fated to happen, to teach me a huge lesson about life, and that is essential and unavoidable since I'm a very sentimential person.

      Thank you for your posts Ms. Q, especially this one. I hope you have a blessing journey ahead. :)

      Also, please take care of your health.

    3. Dear Shadow Moon,

      This is Ms. Q's niece, if you've read the latest posting, she had a heart attack and is now resting but also retired from doing her blog.

      We are leaving it up for reference.

      Ms. Q is glad that you are learning your life lessons and understand what it is all about.

      She says for you to take care of yourself and to have Bright Blessings.

  9. Wishing you well Ms. Q it's been sometime since we've heard from you. Hope all is well.



  10. Hi I am stuck in a legal case involving myself and kids. My ex wants to take them away after I left him due to abuse and violence towards us. I tried a lot of stuff none worked for me. I am desperately in need of some help to protect myself and kids from him. Please help.

    1. My Dear,

      I’m not sure if I answered your question earlier or if this is another person with the same problems, this type of situation happens so often. And I apologize for the tardiness in responding to you but I’m recovering from a broken ankle.

      First make sure you’ve got a good lawyer who will fight hard for you, then I would petition St. Expedit for help to win this case, do your petition to St. Expedit on a separate altar, look up the two articles on this saint in my Archives section so you will know how to petition him.

      On a different altar light a Just Judge candle to Jesus asking for help in this matter and for the Judge to see your case clearly, and also petition St. Michael to keep your ex away from you and the children, wear a blessed St. Michael medal for protection but start with St. Expedit first.

      I will have you in my prayer circle for help. Good Luck!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  11. I have tried numerous spells to protect my self and my kids from my violent he is in court for custody. What spell should I use and how to make it work. Please advise

    1. Hello,

      I spoke to Ms. Q about this situation and she suggests that you petition St. Expedite to help you have the Judge see that it’s best for the children to remain with you.

      If he has been abusive in any way you need to have proof that is paper documentation which would include notarized statements from friends and family.

      Also have documentation to prove he has not been a good provider or that for educational or medical reasons it’s best for the children to remain in your custody.

      You also need to prove that you are a good mother as well, any documentation or witnesses will help.

      There is an old saying “In court you must come with ‘clean hands’ “ which means you need to be above reproach, and you must have documentation to make your case, if you do not have the papers or the witnesses then in the Judges’ mind it does not exist.

      St. Expedite can help but he requires you to help as well.

      Ms. Q also suggests that you petition St. Expedite to have your ex permanently out of your and your children's lives.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

    2. Hello Ms Q thanks for your response. Can you please provide more details about the process how to get help from St Expedite. I really need guidance. Thanks

    3. Hello My Dear,

      It you look in my Archive section and scroll down you'll find the "tag" that says St. Expedit (2) click on it and it will bring up the two posts that talk about the history to this Saint and how to petition him and his prayers.

      Those post will give you the guidance you need.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  12. Dear Mira,

    I talked to Ms. Q about that and this is her thoughts about it.

    Bindings can be used to control another’s will especially in violent situations, but it can also be used to prevent another from harming themselves (those with suicidal tendencies or doing drugs, alcohol etc.)

    In this case it’s a hand fasting where they are pledging their souls to each other, they will not have bad luck as they will be sharing each other’s fate or situation, that is if their commitment to each other is for ‘the long haul’.

    But Ms. Q was concerned about what if the marriage should fail, if that is the case, then the couple must do an unbinding spell so they can each live their own lives.

    Another concern Ms. Q had was, what if one partner develops a fatal non-curable disease, then it would be in the best interest for the health of the other partner to do an unbinding ritual so that the surviving partner does not develop the same illness but can at least devote his/her time to the caring of the dying partner.

    If the marriage has happened by now and they have done the binding chant then it is done, but keep in touch with them should the need arise then you may want to bring up these concerns. But only as information to them, do not interfere or question their choice just let them know of what might be needed if the situation changes, for now bless their love for each other to make such a deep commitment.

    Bright Blessings from Ms. Q