Monday, February 27, 2017

Need to take a little break~~~

Hello Everyone,

Some of you have posted questions to me, and I will get to them but I need to take a break for a couple of days.

I have company visiting and we are taking advantage of the sunny but cold weather.

I will respond to your questions and concerns in a couple of days.

Thank You.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q


  1. Greetings Ms. Queen! While acknowledging that your works primarily fall into Hoodoo magic, don't mind me asking this: If Wiccans believe in the Three-fold Law, why are there spells on one of their websites that 1) has something to do with smearing blood over one's own hair, 2) eat scopions, headless spider, centipede, or the eyeballs of a snake and let their victim eat their raw blood? Those are both disgusting examples that has me questing their beliefs of the Three-fold Law. On another website, not of Wicca, has lots of spells involving the usage of chicken heart(s) and self-mutilation, so what can one expect to come back with such spells? Why are there such spells if most know that there will be suffering on their end? Do they actually mean the heart from a live (or formerly live) chicken right on the spot? In Hoodoo, I have heard of boiling a black cat live until one bone floats to the surface, the invisible or otherwise special bone. For all these practices of magic, are there consequences for disrespecting life? I think that there are animal spirits, aren't there? And does any of these spells work or else for what worth that these creatures die in vain? But I cannot imagine myself doing certain and such things.


    1. Dear Charlotte,

      I’m going to have to respond to your questions in several sections, so here we go:

      I am not sure what website that was but the Wiccans I know would never do something like that, most of them do positive magical workings, to bring healing, prosperity and love into one’s life as well as dealing with loss or grief. For them the law of return is very important.

      The sites you are talking about appear to be dealing with negative workings, and if they are then they already have their protections us (such as a witch bottle) to avoid back lash, but to me that is very dark workings, or just plain sick minded to see if others are gullible to fall for that.

      I do know of love spells where a drop of your blood that is added to a bit of hair from your target could be done. But on one’s own hair? I’d have to research that further because we may be entering the world of Palo Mayombe and in some spells and initiations requires a certain amount of self-mutilation, this is the dark side of Santeria. And I have known people to mixed the two things witchcraft and Palo together to create something very dark and sick.

      Now the sites about the chicken heart and such sounds like super powerful love magic mostly Egyptian, but the good thing is one can buy hearts from a butcher since the animal involved has already been dispatched for food, so you don’t have to kill the animal. Since you do not have to slaughter the animal and its for love magic or for crossings or uncrossings or for an offering to a goddess or a god that wants a meat offering.

      Chicken hearts are the most versatile and as I said you don’t have to slaughter the animal since it has already been slaughtered for food, one has to remember we also slaughter wheat, carrots, celery etc. when we remove them from the soil, You have to remember in the story of Cain and Abel, Cain’s offerings of the fruits of the land was not accepted but Abel’s offering of a lamb was. The pouring out of animals’ blood in sacrifice was God’s provision, under the old covenant, for the atonement of sin. That ceased by the crucifixion of Jesus in the New Testament or new covenant and is symbolically represented with the offering of wine and bread and demonstrated by Jesus at the last supper.

      However when dealing with the old gods and goddesses, something like a chicken or beef or lambs heart might be required especially in dealing with more powerful spells.

      Kamonra on her website, says and I quote here “An item not usually used by most witches, hearts are not only versatile, but also very easy to purchase and work with in spells, curses, and offerings to gods which prefer meat (I’m looking at you, Sekhmet.)……. Chicken hearts are great for spells involving love, or emotional manipulation (the turn of phrase ‘pulling on someone’s heartstrings’ can work in a very literal way), along with curses involving emotional devastation, heart health, or destroying an enemy in general. Since hearts are also edible, you could also treat it as a delicious poppet, naming the heart after your target and consume it (or give it to the dog.) They also do well in clay and rag poppets that you don’t mind rotting.” That in wasting away spells.

      Since in a spell to stop gossip or slander one uses the tongue of a beef steer or lamb that has been butchered for food, it works in the same way.

      Continued in Part 2


    2. Part 2

      About Self mutilation I have seen mostly spells by wiccans to prevent self-harm to help those people who are also suffering internally to heal from doing that.

      About boiling a black cat alive to get a bone that can cause invisibility it a horrible act of animal crulity, that is why Animal Shelters will not adopt out any black cats during the month of October because of sick people doing this practice of sacrificing them.

      This is because black cat bones were believed to possess the power to make people invisible, to return a lost lover, to bring money in gambling, and to cross or hex enemies. This originated with the book of St. Cyprian, an alleged powerful magical grimoire that is widely believed to be heavily used by witches and black magic practitioners. It eventually found its way into the more negative practice of Hoodoo.

      Alleged author/folklorist, Zora Neale Hurston, claimed to have performed the rite of obtaining a black cat bone, the bones are placed one by one in one's mouth or under the tongue supposedly he bone that tastes bitter is the magic bone.

      But all practioners that I know condemns this act as inhumane and so do I.

      Yes in doing the practice there are consequences of disrespecting life, even those animals that are slaughtered for food. Even in Santeria and Voodoo where there is animal sacrifice it is heavily pushed to make sure that the animal does not suffer in anyway, that it is done quickly and humanly. And the animals that are slaughtered in Santeria and Voodoo practices are then cooked and eaten as part of the rituals to feed those that are attending. Nothing is wasted.

      My Granny use to raise a flock of chickens, those hens that were no longer laying eggs she would carefully clip their wing feathers and they would become part of dinner, she would pray over them after carrying the hen for a time to calm it down, and then quickly break its neck so it did not suffer. To not cause the animal distress was and is important.

      That is why now it is so much easier to go a buy a heart or a tongue from the grocery or butcher, one prayers over it thanking it for its sacrifice. That is why we also say Grace at our main meal, “Bless oh Lord these thine gifts…..”

      Do the spells work? I personally have known them to, but I would not recommend it to a beginner or novice, you need to build up knowledge and experience and have all your protections in place.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    3. Greetings Ms. Queen!

      While I admit and apologize for my tardiness in responding, here's to address it-
      The spells are from It will say Learn Witchcraft, Wicca, and Magic.
      It includes ridiculous spells, some that seem exaggerated. I know that magic can only do so much... here we find shapeshifting spells, time travel, etc. Sounds like Hollywood yet? I found that the websites lets anyone posts spells, so most of the spells does not sound real in my honest opinion. I was wondering about one spell, however; it was of trapping a spirit under a glass held down by 4 people, but warns that the spirit can choke you or throw you across the room. What's this about?
      And thank goodness we people have evolved to realize the importance of respecting black cats. It took people a lot of effort to gain respect for races of people, I just thought of.
      Means well to see that you've gotten back to my concerns, this to note of.
      I have found spells on the mentioned website and other websites through search engine that uses some strange magic language. What does it matter of which language usage? How does this affect spells? I would think to better be careful~ just because the spell says to doesn't mean one knows its meaning when casting. There are a number of spells whose chanting language seems to be in Latin or Afrikaans, I am not sure which or neither.
      Let's leave it at this for now. I try to not get myself disturbed by such things.
      You asked about what I meant by bad spells. By that I mean spells that cause someone harm that may backfire and you've answered that question nicely.

    4. Dear Charlotte,

      I have to admit I did have a laugh over some of those spells, Yes very Hollywoodish, I think some of the posters have watched too many horror movies, like “Ouija” etc.

      But there are a few that are based on much older spells, but adapted for 20th/21st century living.

      Trapping a spirit is not a wise idea, but from the description I think someone watched “the Conjuring 2”, or has been reading too many of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s books or all 3 of the Ghostbuster movies.

      However under the exactly right conditions on very rare occasions a spirit can be trapped, but to do this requires the making of certain objects, this was done in the 15th and 16th century.

      Now a days we prefer to banish them back to the realm they came from, sort of like having your house fumigated to get rid of termites or cockroaches, once done though you still have to take precautions to make sure they don’t come back.

      If something is written in another language and they do not provide an accurate translation I would avoid using it.

      But the web site is somewhat useful to look for possible working spells, yet I do caution about setting up your wards and protections first. A lot of novice practitioners forget that.

      If you saw my house and had been practicing for some time you would instantly see and sense the wards set up, most “muggles” don’t and think “Oh how cute or how unusual” and then ignore it.

      If you enjoy reading I suggest that you read “Conjure Wife” written by Fritz Lieber, its still in print in paperback.

      And although written back in 1943, the premise of the book still holds true today, Lieber was studying for the priesthood and had access to many unusual books of the occult most not available to most people.

      You can also find it as a free PDF file as well and either print it out or read it. But you can purchase the paperback copy through Amazon.

      Quite a few but not all of the things that Lieber includes in this novel can be done, at least to affect the mind thinking its happened. But the principals of how magic formulas come about, develop, evolve is very true.

      Read the book to give you an idea of what spells that are listed on that web site feels true and what is pure hogwash.

      My Granny read the book and had me read it, she said to me “this author knows the principals of how things work” but she also pointed out what couldn’t work as well.

      So do read the book, I think it will make whatever I explain, the principals behind it, a lot clearer to you.

      Bright Blessings,
      M. Q

    5. Greetings Ms. Queen! I would like to thank you for the recommendation of Conjure Wife. Protections are always a must. On another hand, I been feeling misunderstood, and so even though I am surrounded by the people, I keep to myself. I would like to find what people call, "A twin flame." I have come across people who I thought were, but I am not sure.
      So I have two ideas: one, to write my name and cross it with "My True Love" in a red ink circle, put in a Karo syrup jar with all the aromatic things and two, do a Midsummer Rose Spell: "there is only one day a year when it will work. Hopefully Midsummer’s eve (June 20th) isn’t too far away when you need this spell. It’s actually a pretty easy spell, but might mean a little legwork (especially if you live in a big city). To be clear, Midsummer is the longest day of the year and usually falls on either the 20th or 21st of June. Midsummer eve is the evening before.
      For this spell you need:
      5 red roses
      Tree that contains a bird’s nest
      A church
      Natural running water, like a stream
      A crossroads
      You can pick out your locations beforehand, but you must do everything on Midsummer’s Eve. Bury a rose under the tree, set one near the gate of the church, another near running water and another one where 2 roads cross. The last rose goes under your own pillow. Sleep with it there for 3 nights. On the fourth night, pluck the petals from that rose, and leave a few of them at the 4 locations where you left the first roses."
      Can I do both of these to find my true love? These spells don't require writing down a specific person's name, so I think that it is general. Whether my true love is someone I knew or will know, I will have to wait and see. I know that many people have come to you for love spells' advice, and you might be quite weary of hearing and reading about it frequently.

    6. Hello Charlotte,

      This is Ms. Q's niece. If you read the most recent posts she broke her ankle just a few days before you sent your question and is only now slowly catching up.

      Ms. Q told me that she is very familiar with Midsummer Eve and various spells that people do on it.

      She has heard of variations of the spell you've posted.

      She says writing the words "My Own True Love" is in general safe to use but the results might not be what you expect.

      For several of her acquaintances their true love were men, but for several others it was a bit different, for one it was a stray dog that was devoted to her and her safety, she got him listed as a service dog so he could go everywhere with her.

      With another friend of mine her true love turned out to be a woman, which was a surprise.

      So you just never know but best to keep an open mind.

      I told her about the concept of "Twin Flames" and Ms. Q said that and the idea of "Soul Mates" were in her opinion a romantic notion.

      And went into a long talk about it because it could also mean the relationship between Mother Daughter, Father Son, Brothers, Sisters a relationship so caring that they would do anything to help each other.

      I could also mean "Brothers in arms" as well.

      So it would go beyond just husband and wife.

      Ms. Q even mentioned seeing on a spiritual level the bond ie "twin flame" concept between a grandmother and her grandson.

      But she feels that the terms "twin flame" or Soul mates are incorrect or misunderstood.

      She may do a post about that at a later date.

      She wishes you good luck with your spell and thanks you for sharing it.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q.

  2. If one casts both bad spells and spells to bring good luck into one's own life, what can one expect? Will the energies cancel out or will one have a bipolar life, of extreme downs and subtle ups?

    1. Hello Charlotte,

      It depends upon the phase of the moon when one is casting the spells, and of course what do you mean by bad spells? Read my post on Moon phases that will help give you a better idea.

      It does not cancel out either one, nor will you have a bipolar life, but it is important to note what moon phase and what type of spell one casts.

      Spells for Protection and spells to bring good energy or things to you do not cancel out, spells to banish negativity does not cancel out the good spells.

      But if you are doing a spell to hex or curse someone, do not do it frivolously, because Spirit will know and it can backlash upon you.

      But if this is to get someone who is harmful to you or your family out of your life, that is different but first make sure you have your protections in place (see my archive for protection, shielding and wards/warding).

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  3. Hello Ms. Q... I hope you're enjoying your time with your company.
    Upon your return may I have a question answered please? It has been my understanding with Hoodoo works I can have what I desire. I also know that magick takes time. I have been working on the return of my ex for 2 months. Does that seem like a long time or should I continue my works and be patient? Thank you.

    1. Dear Gray’ce,

      Well it is both a family reunion as well as a family emergency, some of my family got flooded out so they are staying here until other arrangements can be made, good thing I have a lot of space and bathrooms, although the 4 year old managed to clog up one of the toilets the good thing is her daddy cleaned it up and got it un-clogged.

      About your question, One would think there would be a sign of some results, but there is one thing I’ve found in doing the work be it Hoodoo, Conjure, Wicca, Witchcraft, and that is to first do a divination to see if the workings will work.

      We do not know what is involved in each person’s life path, sometimes a person is meant to return and by doing the working it encourages it sooner, sometimes by doing the working it can take as long as three months or more, that is why it is said “To everything there is a season” and a season encompasses three months.

      And sometimes it will not happen because of other reasons, if you’ve read my post “Why reconciliation spells don’t work” that will give you an idea.

      That is why I always recommend to do a divination (usually a Tarot reading) to see if it is work the effort.

      When I was taking my catechism classes as a young child, our teacher, a nun told us that we can pray but sometimes God’s answer is “no” because something else is involved or we have to learn from the situation. My granny confirmed that statement because even in Hoodoo sometimes the answer is “no”.

      I did a one card reading for you to see if it is worth doing the work for at least one more month and the card I drew is Seven of Pentacles (Assessment), but reversed.

      This means labors abandoned because of the wasting of time in an Idle and unprofitable speculation.

      This says that you have been working very hard on your relationship but you are concerned that you are going to lose all of that because it is not progressing or growing as quickly as you had hoped, particularly given that you have put in so much time and energy. Sometimes you can pour your heart and soul into something but it does not always mean that there will be results. You are coming to the realization that it just is not worth your time no matter how much you try, with this card it is clear that the relationship is going to continue to hit roadblocks and it will not re-unite.

      I don’t see it happening. I wish I could give you good new but it is not so. That is why it is always best to do a divination so that your time and efforts can be put to better things.

      But I didn’t want to leave you with disappointment so I did another card reading for you and I drew the Eight of Pentacles (Prudence) and it tells me that you will meet other or have other romantic relationships but you’re going to have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince, so it will be wise to be prudent in whom you date.

      With the return of spring you will feel things warming up, so get out there and enjoy life and have fun, shake the dust off of your shoes about your ex, and enjoy the opportunities coming to you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Dear Gray'ce Hill-Loyal,

      In regards to the water domination spell you were/are working on...

      Ms. Q taught that you should set a certain amount of time, such as eight weeks, (and I prefer until the next new moon) before letting go (realizing that there is someone else in his life that he is not willing to give up or he's moved on beyond the possibility of return).

      Past approximately eight weeks, I would advise to have a clairvoyant conjurer to give you insight on your situation and what is ahead, but I see that Ms. Q has already given you a reading, so not to worry.

      If he isn't returning and you've been working on his return since January, it is better to move on, otherwise... Ms. Q discourages interfering with another's karmic life path. Remember, if you do works for only your own happiness, it would be harmful for you in the end.

      See her articles about how to make spells work. Take it from others' life experiences and don't call yourself an exception. I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do.

      As difficult as it might be to accept, you'll come to the realization that there's greener grass ahead of you (yes, I agree with Ms. Q), so it is better to leave him as is rather than to try influencing him to little or no avail. It is healthier to be in love without having to put so much effort because true love needs no spell. But first, you need to be able to turn your back on your infatuation with him.

      In doing so, you can get past the past through Cut and Clear work or take a Black Walnut Bath. (This is what rootworker Phoenix LeFae (Danielle Natalie Oatfield) recommends.)

      Most importantly, I would listen to Ms. Q. She has more years in the art of rootworking than me. I rootwork and read her blog often, comments, replies, and articles.

    3. Dear Belle,

      The Black Walnut Bath is really wonderful for releasing those emotions, but it’s hard to get Black walnuts around here especially in their green or ripening fruit pods, so one is forced to use either English or Persian Walnuts with their pods already removed and then boil and boil the solid nuts until the right color is attained.

      Another thing is that the walnut water stains everything including nice porcelain tubs, towels, clothing , then toss some of the water at a crossroads--- now that’s fine if one lives in a very rural or wooded area, but in the city or suburbia that can cause problems. And in the winter months not much fun.

      For me when I was young although I knew of the Walnut Bath and I assisted my Granny and Mrs. Washington in doing it for a lady, but there was no nudity involved, not the way Cat Yronwold describes it and Mrs. Washington was from the south and was very familiar with it.

      Draja Mickaharic writes of using a walnut bath to end a relationship but makes no mention of the nudity part, just saying to avoid intimate relations with the person one breaks up with.

      The more recent “cut and Clear” method appears to work very well, it appears to be a more recently (last 20 years at least) development in the Hoodoo workings.

      I did not hear of it when I was much younger. Nor was it every mentioned in my Granny’s group. But since Hoodoo is a uniquely American practice the one thing I’ve discovered is that it evolves and grows with the changes in the environmental surroundings its adaptable.

      Years ago I thought about doing something less messy when a young man I was dating in College decided to “dump” me in favor of a gal who had money, needless to say I was heartbroken --- at first--- I did the usual things (magical) to win him back, but then my Mom did a reading and it pointed out that would not work, she wanted me to do the walnut bath, but we agreed it was messy and she didn't want stains in her bath tub.

      I began to think that I had been crossed in love, so I developed an uncrossing bath to uncross the “love mess”, as I called it, it was easier and it worked, not only for me but for other girls in the same spot.

      It was so effective that when I went back to school the following Monday for class there was a spring in my step and a few guys asked me out on dates. I felt GREAT!!

      I think I’ll do an article about the Love uncrossing bath and compare it with the walnut bath. I’m sure there are folks out there that want to get someone out of their mind, once and for all.

      Thank you Belle for reminding me about it.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    4. Is it OK to use prayer or psalms as a basis for barbousous word mantra or turn them into sigil chaos magic? Or would that be considered offensive to Jehovah and spirits of Christian city?

    5. Hello My Dear,

      To be honest I'm not totally sure, I have a friend who is a practitioner as well coming to visit me today.

      I'll discuss this with her to confirm my thoughts on this and then I can give a more in-depth reply or a simple one. But I need to be absolutely sure.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    6. Hello my Dear,

      Well I have to say that this has created an interesting conversation and she's staying for dinner because it created a few other topics to discuss.

      I am presuming that the word you typed was really barbarous and not barbousous.

      In talking it over with my friend she and I both agree that there are verses and passages in the Bible that are used for cursing and hexing, there is a passage in the bible where one of the prophets cursed a group of children who were making fun of him and the children suddenly dropped dead.

      Now I’d consider that barbarous, but then I’ve come across children who behaved in horrible manners without any moral compass so maybe not so barbarous.

      In “ Christian Magic: Christianity as a Chaos Magic paradigm” by Michael Robin Cooke & ©2014,” this author states and I quote here” Many Chaos magicians play with using magic with ANY belief, to establish proof of the concept that the magic is in the belief itself and not in what the belief IS. But once you pull that off, you are left with the fact that beliefs you ‘really’ believe are simply more powerful than those you ‘pretend’ to believe (even if pretending the belief gets easier with some success).”

      The author watched a Christian preacher program that was attacking sorcerers etc. but the author became aware that the preacher was not attacking people who used the bible to do divination or magical works asking for the help of God.

      To the author this meant that those who use magical means outside of the bible would offend God.
      (On this I tend to think differently, to me the Devine Presence is an all-encompassing yet “thinking” energy and if your petition is honest, then the Devine will grant it that is why divination before doing the work is so important.)

      To the author it became his belief that the Chaos magic principal is Belief plus Desire plus ‘Gnosis’ produces Magic. And that Gnosis “allows desire to penetrate to the unconscious where ‘God hears best’” Ergo he felt one “must trust God, and not lust for your result” if you don’t then “God may deliver your desire in a way that chastises you”

      In the book “Elohim within the Psalms: Petitioning the Creator to Order Chaos in Oral-derived Literature” By Terrance Randall Wardlaw, Jr. The author states in Psalm 46 and in Psalm 42 “God raises his voice and the earth melts,“ in the passages of those two “it is suggested that the forces of chaos are directly under the sovereign power of God” and “Although Chaos threatens…..” by using of God’s holy sanctuary we are led to peaceful waters.

      Adam Blackthorne in his work on Chaos magick say’s “It’s Chaos Magick and can thus be adapted as you see fit” and in a question about Can this method be used his reply is “Yes, no, it depends, why not give it a try?”

      As we know Chaos magic is a relatively new form of magical workings developing in the early 1970’s and it has borrowed heavily from other belief systems, so why not use the Psalms, it’s not uncommon for those who work in that “field” to use different “gods” for a while and then discard them.

      So it boils down to what is your paradigm? How are you shifting it?

      In that case it all comes down to what is your purpose to use the Psalms in your magic? Is it for defense? To cause a form of destruction to bring about positive results? To expand your awareness of that which is around you? Protection?

      After talking it over with my friend (and I might add it has made for some very interesting conversation), it would not be unusual to use the psalms in one’s workings.

      But when I’ve had a Chaos Magician tell me something that he is planning to do (and I’ve had a few talk to me about things) I think to myself “Man makes plans and God laughs”.

      So proceed carefully.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    7. When I say "barbuous" I refer to the harsh sound of the chant. Not the I tent. Klingon sound barbarous. A language only with constants is barbarous. It refers to the feel of the spun made using the method. From what I know the idea is based on written Hebrew, which lacks constants.

      As for what I mean, If you do not mind I will post some links to the pictures?

      The reason is because saying the whole prayer lacks ommph for me. Just going through the motions. With regular sigils
      I make a mantra and a sigil I can focus on the emotion more intensely.

      On its own that is fine. The question is if I use this method within Christianity as a means of worship, would it offend the spirits?
      Would making a our father words into a sigil of a cross be acceptable?
      I'll show other possible ideas I have later

    8. Hello My Dear,

      I'd appreciate the links, but for some reason they don't seem to work properly in the comment and reply section, so there's no need.

      And you've explained your idea very well.

      I think putting it into a cross formation would be fine, considering that it would have emotional meaning to you.

      Going back to Cooke's work as well as Wardlaw's, it is the belief behind the work to connect (if I have this right)to the Divine (as I call it)that will make it work.

      I do not feel that it would offend God or the spirits, as long as your intent is pure, even as a first effort, if this is to connect and make the prayer more powerful for you, then I would say proceed.

      But still be cautious and aware should you sense anything going wrong.

      Let me know your results, I would be very interested.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  4. An example.
    It is my intent to have vodoo queen reply to me.

    Cross out repeatimg letters and vowels.


    The result can be used as a Chan t.

    Take the chant and make a pic out of the letters for the sigil.

    Now the sigil can be meditated upon.

    If I do this with psalms or lords prayer would it upset the lord or he b fine with it?

    1. Hello My Dear

      Hmmmm It almost looks as if you were trying to speak ancient Egyptian, in which the concept of vowels was never written only constants.

      Well to repeat my earlier reply, and expand on it, you would be using the words but contracted to form a new chant.

      I would say proceed but proceed with caution.

      And do NOT use the "Hail Mary" prayer or "Hail Holy Queen" That would not be wise. Those two prayers Must be said completely especially when calling upon her for aid.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  5. The idea comes from peter carrol who was one of the founders of chaos magic. He based idea on the Hebrew langauge.

    1. Hello again,

      I'm presuming the Ancient Aramaic. In that context and this is something my friend and I discussed last night over dinner, that it would make sense for Peter Carrol to have also used Aramaic, ancient Greek and then Latin especially if he was using the Christian Bible or at least the old Testament for some of his works.

      I really don't follow the concept of Chaos Magic, my friend understands it better than I.

      So it made sense to us that Carrol would have also made use of the Bible and its earlier languages.

      In that case and to confirm what I've posted above, if someone else has used it and its possible the Carrol did (I really don't know but it is possible) then I'd say, with the exception of those two prayers, it would not hurt to see what develops.

      But again be careful.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  6. Carol wasn't Christian. The method is a stand alone device. I'm trying to use the idea as part of Christian practice. I assume he is of the old school and his first path was Thelma.

    1. Hello My Dear,

      Forgive me, but I assumed that Carroll, if he wanted to explore things would have also tried it as well and if so would have written about it. I guess I was in error.

      I presumed in his childhood he might have been in contact with the teachings of the Anglican Church since he was born in England.

      Since he studied science in college and then later on went into teaching, and spent time in India he had to at least study the principals of Christianity and Buddhism while studying Thelma, before branching out and developing Chaos Magic.

      For me its a perfectly natural assumption, but then I could be wrong.

      As I said I've never studied Chaos magic as it never was my path, I've read about it and the few interviews with Peter Carroll but that path didn't resonate with me.

      Still as I said, from what you've told me and what your desire is, I would say to go ahead and move forward in what you plan to do, see how it works, and if it worked for you.

      I'd be interested in your findings.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. How are you?
      I want to ask. Will Le Pen win the French presidential election?

    3. Hello My Dear,

      Currently I am overwhelmed with family plus a lot of people asking me questions on my blog, it makes it hard to write any articles.

      But then watching my nieces and nephews at play is a joy.

      About your question, I didn’t even predict the USA election for president, because of so much muck-raking. And you are asking me about Le Pen?

      It all depends upon the core supporters of each candidate, in that area Le Pen is ahead of Macron, but the conservative voters might decide to go with Macron instead of Le Pen, whom I think is viewing the problems of France in a correct light but that may go against her.

      Macron being a centrist is handsome and has charm but I feel that his politics are really being guided by his much older wife. I have a feeling that many women voters will go with him, and in doing so could damage Frances’ economy, and France cannot take on so many refugees, otherwise France will cease to be France and become an extension of the middle east. I’m sorry if this sound harsh but I am a realist in this.

      I drew a one card reading on this and I drew the King of Wands.

      This represents the essence of fire behaving as air, such as lightning: A great and daring leader who inspires others to rise to challenges alongside him. An artist who can take hold of an idea and make it a reality through bold action. One who is forceful, charismatic, and honest, leading by example, but unafraid to invest authority in others. A dashing and magnetic personality, carrying authority naturally, and striking at the world with swiftness and grace.

      The big question is that this card does not represent neither a man nor a woman but a personality and the question is who is it?

      The outcome really lies with the conservative voters.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  7. I disagree it being a middle eastern extension. The left is cyanide laced with sugar. The right just plain cyanide. What the left is doing is importing people to cause chaos to create an excuse to install a police state. Once that happens everyone who isn't in toe with the far left doctrine will be cleaned up, including the migrants. This is just my opinion

    1. Hello My Dear,

      Each of us are entitled to see things differently on a subject, but I agree either one is not good.

      When I saw who was running in the USA Presidential election my thoughts were "Brother let us pray, because we are in for a very bumpy ride"

      I believe it was the late President Ronald Regan who once said "Liberalism is just another word for Fascism" or something like that.

      It won't be good.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Well, I remember when Jesus replied concerning taxes. Instead of falling for the double bind he made his own answer. Maybe we can pray to Jesus to help people do the same?

      May I ask what a decent incense blend to help with meditation?

    3. Hello There,

      This is Ms. Q's niece. Sorry for the delay in replying to you but if you've read the most recent posts she broke her ankle several months ago and is only just now beginning to be able to answer questions.

      She says that if one is praying to Jesus or meditating on his words then a blend of frankincense and myrrh works well provided it's not too overwhelming and that you have windows to vent the smoke out, especially if you are using resins heated on charcoal.

      But she has found cone and stick blends of that which work just as well.

      She also said that in a pinch the old standby Nag Champa, works just as well and is more affordable.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

  8. Ms.Q,

    I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct section; I have recently burned a Road Opener and a Van Van candle to help facilitate opening the path to a job opportunity that I would like. Once the candles burned down I attempted to read my puddles; it looks to me like 3 straight lines from the road candle flowing out and one straight line from the van van ran along them; I took this as the path is there for me, but it also almost looked like a large hand, which I could take to mean that I will receive a helping hand perhaps that I need a further helping hand.

    I was wondering if you could perhaps take a look for me if you have time and see what you think? I have a picture available to share.

    Thank you so much for your time :)


    1. Dear Nicole,

      I’m sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but if you read my niece’s posts I was and am recovering from a broken ankle and am just beginning to catch up on questions.

      I hope by now you do have the job you are hoping for.

      To interpret the wax:

      On the latter one its possible the line could look like a hand, if so then there could be several meanings.

      The lines mean a journey that you may need to take, the hand if it’s blocking the line(s) could mean something is preventing you from getting a job or it could mean that someone may help you, but you would also need to ask around for help to other job opportunities, if the one you had hoped for didn’t come through. It could be from something as simple as a job fair to inquiring if there are openings where your friends work at.

      I’d almost have to say that if you do not have the job or a job by now, you may have to travel to another city or state to get the work you want, I hope you were prepared for that. Because of the 3 lines in your wax melting.

      If you are still looking for work repeat burning the same candles and then see what the wax reveals.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q