Thursday, February 23, 2017

Update on things~~~

Hello Everyone,

I've been working on a post about Psalms like which ones to use for certain situations.

It's taking me longer than I planned to write it as there is various bits and pieces of information which sometimes even seems contradictory.   So I've decided to go with what is traditional.

Another reason for delays is I've been doing our income taxes.   My Hubby is great on getting things done around the house,  he can even break down on what it would cost for labor and materials and even do comparisons,  and how long it would take to save up to do it----that is why having a good size savings account for "rainy day repairs" is sooooo important, then you just fill that account up again.

But on doing taxes, well he leaves it up to me to figure out the deductions putting the things and paperwork together then all three of us (Him, Me and my Niece) go to my Tax preparer and put the whole thing together.    And I believe in early filing too,  the government is not keeping what belongs to me one minute more.

And with all the rain, and storms and such we've been having "fun" around the house, basement flooded,  the sump pump died on that one, fortunately nothing damaged,  tree branch smashed in another window, and an old fruit tree fell over in the yard and broke our neighbors fence---well I know where the refund is going.

Fortunately our neighbor is a good sport,  we wrote out a contract on the repair to keep things legal,  Hubby cut up and removed the tree both he and the neighbor put up temporary fencing we make sure our gates are locked in case the neighbors dog gets under the fence into our yard. 

And then in the middle of the night the City tree in front of our house topped over into the street and by a miracle missed hitting any cars.    Hubby asked me if I was fond of that tree and I said "well its a nice tree but I'm not attached to it"  that's when he told me it fell over,  blocking the road way.

Called emergency street service at 3 a.m in the morning,  cop came out and pulled the tree so it would not block the road way then the City sent out a crew to cut it up and remove it.   AND they asked me if I wanted another tree planted I said "No thank you"  I'm not taking any more risks.  

It's been FUN!!   

I've always said you can laugh or you can cry,  I've gone for the middle road and just cuss, but not at the neighbors dog who took refuge on our back porch during the thunderstorm that we had briefly,  brought the poor thing into the kitchen and feed him some of the dog food we keep on hand when the family visits with their dogs.   Sweet dog,  snuggled up on the old blanket under the kitchen table while we baby sat him until his owner came home.

But now here's the important thing for all you dear readers and posters.

I have found out from Blog Spot that any section that comments, questions and replies are posted on after the article,  it will only hold up to 200 comments then it will not hold or post anything further.

When that happens then I have to do what I did in my reply to EDC,  and it looks like some sections are beginning to fill up,  until I see how things are going with some of my more Heavily posted sections I'm asking everyone to chose a different post to ask your question even if the post is not related to the topic you have in mind, that way things are spread out and I can start doing some weeding. 

I have to admit, I didn't think my blog would be so popular, although one of you stated that I seem to be more approachable than others.   And I take that as a complement.   Because what I do is I print out your questions after I allow it to be posted,   Yes I do have to give permission to allow all comments and questions to be posted, they never show up immediately, that is why you don't see it for a day or two.

I take your printed out questions and I read them sitting in my overstuffed chair next to the fireplace where I either can burn a fire (on permitted days) or candles (on non-permitted days and during Summer evenings) and formulate my answers to you,  some I can answer immediately, some take a bit of thought and meditation and in some cases a card reading.

I find your questions very interesting and in some cases give me food for thought on what to write on next or like most recently, revising and updating earlier posts or a reference page,  you gentle readers keep me on my toes so to speak. 

But I do want to reiterate or remind you all that when you post a comment, do not get frustrated if it does not come up immediately,  each question or comment must be vetted first and then it is posted, and that can take anywhere from one to two hours or as much as 24 to 36 hours depending.

Also when you post or ask a question about candle interpretations, include not only what the wax is doing but also how the flame burned, or talked.  Was there smoke, if there was a paper label on the glass enclosed candle did it burn,  there are a lot of things to take in.

And it does help me to know what you were burning the candle for, that is equally important.

And now I need to go, our neighbors dog just came galloping into the house with muddy paws looking for my Hubby and the dog has its ball in it's mouth I think it wants to play, we may have been adopted.  

All of you take care during this heavy and crazy winter conditions---as a matter of fact we just heard that some of the ski resorts believe that people will be skiing on the 4th of July!!  I hope that's an exaggeration.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q


  1. Which psalms is useful for:
    Finding misplaced items?
    Help speed up buecratic processes?
    I am getting a passport and what it done faster. I'm also having an issue with the va. I keep correcting and and they keep making that error. It needs to stop.
    With traveling to a new place. I wish to move out of state and find a flat quickly and easy.
    To request audience from God. I desire to see or meet him.
    For divine guidance of a hopeless and impossible situation?

    1. Hello My Dear,

      I especially know how notoriously slow bureaucracy can be. And my Hubby has had dealings with the VA which need a serious work over.

      Two things, one get a lawyer to assist you, it may cost a bit of money but it can help with the VA.

      If you are not traveling out of the country the passport can work itself out at it's own pace considering the problems we are having with travel because of the current administration.

      In your case it would require more than the psalms to help you, I would recommend either calling upon St. Jude or St. Expeditus, either one or the other to help you with the VA.

      Read my article on St. Expeditus to assist you.

      For Mis-placed items a Novena or prayer to St. Antony works for me. You can find his prayers on the internet.

      Since you're have a dispute with the VA you can use Psalm 127,

      For emergencies Psalm 23 and Psalm 42 lines 1 to 8

      Psalm 119 dealing with government and bureaucrats

      For worldly goods, which I think would include getting a flat Psalm 132

      For Travel Psalm 124, 124 and 64

      Remember these lines from the book of Matthew:

      Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. (Matthew 7:7-8)

      And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. (Matthew 21:22)

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  2. Dear Mrs. Q, you are not only approachable, you are a fountain of knowledge, experience and fun stories! Your posts and replies are always so detailed and substantial and each subject is explained so well, that's why this has been my go-to blog for all questions on Hoodoo spells for a long time now. I really appreciate and admire the time and effort you spend on writing posts and replying to everyone. It would make me very happy if you ever decided to write a book!

    1. Hello My Dear
      Thank you for the complement, I am not sure if I will ever write a book, I had been approached by a couple of editors but they wanted me to condense things even leave some stuff out or sensationalize it.

      I took a look at them and said “Not on your printing press”.

      I also quote from other sources when I’ve found that they have explained something better than I can. If you’ve read some of my posts you’ll see I’ve put quotes in italics to indicate that it is from another source, such as Catherine Yronwold, Carolina Dean, Denise Alvarado, Doc Conjure, Doctor E., and Conjure Cardea and I think several others, as well as my own experiences and notes from my Granny and her ladies.

      And it seems that when a post of mine has too many comments the system locks up on replying, when that happens (which it did with the page “Candle Colors and their meanings”) I go over that page and realize I also need to revise and update it because I’ve come across new information. And when that happens I will add to the subject line the world “Revised”.

      I suggest that you get a couple of three ring binders, and print out my blog, include the comments and replies as well because within those comments and replies they act as an “addendum” to the information. Then you can par things down as you go through it to keep that which is essential.

      I have no objection to anyone printing out my blog for their own personal use. And if for some reason you don’t have access to a computer at least you’ll have hard copy.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q