Thursday, July 21, 2016

Slowly coming out of depression~~~~

Dear Readers,

This is Ms. Q.

Thank you all for your good wishes of sympathy on the loss of my family member, it has hit us emotionally harder than expected.

Only now am I finally slowly climbing out of the abyss of grief. 

There were moments of clarity where I felt much better and was able to answer a few questions, and then something would happen and send me right down back into that black hole of loss and emptiness.  

The old Victorians had the right idea that mourning should take a year, a year of deep mourning and then a 2nd year of lighter mourning, when things begin to be lighter but the loss is still felt.

In this 21st century I've encountered people who seem to think a person should get over it in a week and get right back into the "swing of things"------ If they only knew, if they really only knew.

With all the deaths that are happening here in the USA, and overseas, in Nice, France most recently, people should understand it can take years to come to terms with grief, you don't get over it, you only come to terms with it. 

Then all you can do to fill the hole left in you by your loss, is to mentally and emotionally plant a rose for remembrance, to release the butterfly of spirit, and let it soar into the heavens, to look up at the stars and although they are suns with planets revolving around them, so far distant, you can't help but feel that on one of those planets revolving around one of those star/suns there is life, and it goes on.

And perhaps from those star/suns the spirit of your loved one is looking at you so many light years away and is thinking of you as well. 

My niece is taking this hard as well, and we are being supportive of each other, knowing when to give a little space, when to speak, when to not speak and let the other work out their own thoughts.

For those of you who have posted questions to me, like more than a month ago, I have not forgotten you,  and I want to answer your questions clearly, with a clear and thoughtful mind and heart.

And I hope to start doing it soon, one question at a time, one clear focus at a time.

To help me get my mental focus back, I've been working on a post about the Perseid Meteor Shower
which is happening Now to August 23!!   I call this Fire Energy, and for those of you who collect, or gather energy water, you should do it at night when the meteors are showing,  I understand the high point will be August 12 through 14, but depending upon cloud conditions start collecting it now especially if your sky area is clear.

In my next blog post I'll explain why this should be added to you collection of sacred waters.

Blessings to all of you for your kind thoughts and your patience,

Ms. Q