Thursday, May 29, 2014

Am home from surgery

Dear Ms q and other readers

My niece is typing this as I dictate to her  I am home now from my eye surgery and all went well it will be a while before I can type myself but I may have my niece in put some things in for me maybe nextweek

my niece has been watching the early espisodes of the tv program supernatural and shes asked me things about goofer dust and the salts and many things

using her as a guide I think I know how to guide my next postings

but yule have to wait a bit until im feeling better some of you have sent prayers for me and I thank you

blessings ms q

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Once again taking a break for surgery~~~~

Dear Ms. Q and to my blog readers,

I am going in for eye surgery next week and I will be unable to post for a while.

I had been postponing it because its only a cataract in one eye, not visually endangering but now it has reached a point where it is becoming difficult to read either on my computer or my notes, even with the aid of a magnifying glass.

My Doctor has said that of late he has seen more cataract problems with the increase of computer and e-books (such as Kindle etc.) and all those small apps on cell phones and his surgery on cataracts and other visions problems has increased.

Even the use of filters doesn't help, another thing is that more and more people are going out into the sun wearing fashion sunglasses and not those that are designed for your eye care or even the wearing of hats to shade ones eyes.

All that glare has increased the amount of eye problems that he is seeing in his medical office.

He honestly told me that although the removal of the cataract will solve my problem I have to think of it as cleaning a dirty window---I will Not get the vision of a 20 year old, No, but I will have the clear vision of someone who is 70 plus and still needs to wear glasses and use other visual aids.

At least he's honest about it.

However I will have to endure not being able to read for several weeks while my eye heals, but I have family to help me, and I can at least listen and watch  Television with my other good eye without straining it.  But it will be a bit boring.

I am going to have my niece go through my notes and such to at least help me organize it and attach comments to my notes as I dictate to her.  She is a good girl and is a bit surprised about her great-grandmother and her grandmother, I may have awakened her mind.

Until later Many Blessings to all of you and to you Ms. Q.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Protection from Psychic or Energy Vampires and Living Ghosts Part 2~~~~

Dear Ms. Q and Anonymous,

In my previous post I demonstrated how to dislodge yourself from being Haunted by the spirit of a living person. 

One way was gentle because the person did not know they were haunting me, the 2nd way was far more drastic because the person was doing it deliberately.  

I do have to say a far simpler binding spell would usually take care of things, but because one has to take into consideration how much the living person is stalking their intended target the far more drastic procedures sometimes have to come into play.

Some practioners would do something like a banishing ritual or spell, some would also do a spiritual cleansing of themselves to remove possible negative energy.

Cleansing one’s home is usually the first thing to do , followed by cleansing one’s aura,  setting up protections in your home and then banishing or binding the psychic stalker.

Another thing is to also wear a St. Michael’s medal that has been Church or Priest blessed, and whenever you feel that someone is trying to “invade” your spiritual aura call upon St. Michael by saying “St. Michael is my Sword and Shield” or “St. Michael be my Sword and Shield” and then close off your mind to that energy, once you do that you do not give anyone any “wiggle” room to spiritually invade you.  

Now I know there are a number of you who are not of the Catholic Faith, but as my Daddy use to say “There are no Atheists in Foxholes” and you will use anything and everything to add to your arsenal of protection. 

And if you are dealing with someone who is stalking you also physically, harassing you, then call the police, speak to them of your problem, be calm, focused and precise about who, when and where this person started physically stalking you, ask the police to talk to this person to let them know what they are doing is unlawful.  The police may also give you other legal recommendations as well, if you can follow through with them I certainly would recommend it.

Because you can do a certain amount to protect yourself psychically, but only a limited amount to protect yourself physically, that is where calling in legal protection is important.

Now if a person is harassing you at work and is a co-worker then you have to follow what is known as “the chain of command” and speak to higher ups about this.

For Example:  This happened to me, long before I retired I had a co-worker who started working at my place of employment, she had only worked for 6 months, just long enough to get past her probationary period, once that happened then she could not be easily let go by the company without facing a lawsuit.

After the 7 month she started harassing me at work, trying to undermine me, in essence she was planning to take over my position, a position that I had been at for nearly 20 years and never once did I have a complaint about my work or job performance.  It was little things at first, but then I’d discover important papers were missing and other things, which hampered me.  I’d find them eventually but it caused me to lose valuable time.

Then there would be complaints by customers claiming I ill-treated them, after the first 3 complaints I realized something was happening. 

If you go back to my earlier post about how to protect yourself at the work place, it will explain in far more detail what I did to set up my protections, in wicca it’s called “Wards”.  I made arrangements with my supervisor to come in early to work, claiming I needed the extra time to find missing paperwork, I had already found the paperwork, but I really needed that extra time for was to set up my protections at my work cubical.  Once I did that and meditated there for a couple of minutes I saw in my mind’s eye what was happening and by whom.

I then asked several co-workers whom I trusted if they had seen anyone going through my files, 2 of them did, with that I went to my supervisor and explained my concerns about the missing papers, he said that he had other complaints from other staffers about things being moved around or missing.  I gave him permission to place a surveillance camera in the form of a clock in my cubical, but only in mine to see what was happening.   I also requested that a co-worker should be with me when I handled any customers. 

For several weeks while my wards were in place nothing happened, my supervisor was ready to remove the camera but I said give it two more weeks, and then I took a chance and removed my wards.  This new employee was caught improperly removing important papers from my cubical on the camera.

She denied it saying she needed those papers to complete some things and they had information, needless to say it went up to Human Resources and she was put back on probation.  The customer complaints did continue and that was a concern for my supervisor even though I said I had witnesses saying how well I handled the customers and nothing happened that they complained about. 

I went back to wearing my St. Michaels medal, and doing the white light of protection around me, I called upon my family in spirit and my guardian angels and St. Michael to reveal what was happening, it takes an effort to do this, and I felt I was being bombarded from all sides on this.  But this time I had my supervisor working with me and the next day the person I had assisted called my supervisor to complain about me, this person did not realize my supervisor had worked with me the day before.

Something enlightened him because he started asking this person questions, such as “Did you have a problem with this employee before, what day, what about”  etc. etc.  The answers tallied with the dates of the other complaints about me and from this person and one other.  Then my supervisor asked the customer if there was an employee they preferred to have work with them and the answer was the name of the new employee who had been harassing me.

With that my supervisor realized I was being set up, and it tallied with the missing papers and items situation.  In the meantime I put my wards back in place.  A couple of my co-workers asked if I could help them with their work areas and I did and they ceased to have problems, and instead it went to other co-workers. 

In regards to the customer complaints my Supervisor was able to explain that it was being done deliberately by friends of the new staffer, again she was talked to by H.R. and was given a warning.

She left me alone after that and no more customer problems, but soon after one of my co-workers Sally complained to me over lunch how she always felt drained after dealing with the new worker.   I suggested she first see a doctor to eliminate any physical problem.  Sally’s doctor said there was nothing physically wrong with her.  But she still complained about feeling drained after encountering the new employee.

That was when I realized that this woman was now employing psychic or energy vampirism.  

When dealing with someone like that you first have to know the tactics they employ to get someone into their field to feed off of you.  Lots of times they appear to be friendly, seeking you out, giving unexpected little gifts, sometimes they are drama “queens” in which everything in life surrounds around them and how adversely could it affect them.

The best example of a psychic vampire is from one of the funniest comedies currently on television “The Big Bang Theory”  believe it or not most of the actions of the character of Sheldon Cooper, although exaggerated, is exactly like that of a psychic vampire.  Just take some of that and turn it down several notches and you will have the ear marks of such a creature.  The only thing that offsets the Sheldon Cooper character from becoming completely a negative character is his brilliance and also his child-like behavior and some of the strange situations he gets into and he is not an intentional vampire, just un-aware.

Intentional psychic vampires are manipulative people who seek to take all they can from others without ever giving in return. When pressed, they rarely give away information in any detail and refuse to build up much of a picture of their own lives but live under an aura of mystery and aloofness.

 They may claim to be able to do fantastical things, like being able to live forever, able to move things with thoughts, or put out fires through thought, etc., or other fantastical things, but when pressed, they won't provide much evidence.

They are often arrogant, angry, and controlling; they'll also try to befriend leaders or powerful people in order to use these people as part of their manipulative influence. They'll often insist that they're right, period, and won't listen to your perspective but will argue theirs eternally.  Some of them are chiasmic, or hypnotic to younger impressionable people.  

Perhaps the best example of such manipulation in literature is the character Iago in
Shakespeare's play "Othello".

Non-intentional psychic or unknowing vampires are people who manage to drain your energy through constant questioning and seeking ideas from you without really contributing anything novel of their own.

They're often disorganized people who might be really lovely to know but who never manage to sort out their own life and expect your help to achieve this all the time.  They are sometimes Drama Queens, as in “Everything happens to meeeee” or they go the Nth degree and expose themselves when planning their own weddings and being “Bridezilla’s” or they are extremely needy people who will not make an effort to help themselves even though they do have the capacity to do it.

Sometimes they are what is called a “passive-aggressive” personality and I recommend to look it up as it’s far too detailed for me to explain.

 As soon as a pattern is set, they're lulled into expecting you'll always be on hand to help them and drain you of what little energy you have.  

Surprisingly even children are psychic vampires.  My first grade teacher Mrs. Lam would tell mothers, especially first time mother’s “Let the child work it out, don’t give in to them.”   She’d go on to say, that it is one thing to encourage them and praise them for their efforts, but it is another thing to do everything for them at the least little whimper out of them.  Of course it’s different if they are injured.  But my Mother realized that Mrs. Lam’s advice was right on the money.

Our new employee was draining Sally with a combination of being an intentional vampire, but coupled with some of the passive vampire actions such as questions and non-assistance and negative attitude that the world is out to get them and seeking re-assurance from people to tell them that it’s not.

I gave Sally some pointers on how to deal with this person, but then I had to do a binding ritual as well.

Now in my previous post I mentioned using a black figure candle depending upon the sex of the person you wish to bind, but another way especially if you are in an emergency situation, is this:

Get a small piece of paper or cardboard that can be rolled, 

with a black felt tip pen write the person’s name on it 9 times, if you don’t know the person’s name then a description (you driver in the red Camaro that cut me off on Blank street….),

then turn the paper one ¼ turn and write their name again 9 times,

 roll the paper or cardboard way from you until it is like a small tube, 

then taking string, yarn or twine, wrap the tube of cardboard with the string from one end to the other leaving a bit of string handing off of one end and allowing enough string to hang off the other end,

while you are wrapping the tube say over and over again “3 times 3 I bind thee to stop doing harm to me, 3 times 3 I bind you to stop doing harm close to you.”

Really cover that tube of cardboard with that string or twine, even if you have to go back and forth over the tube,

then tie it off at both ends,

then safely burn the entire thing in a heat resistant pot make sure you don’t set off smoke alarms or set anything on fire, and take the ashes and scatter them in a moving body of water,  if you are unable to do that, then take it far away from your home and bury it in a far corner of a cemetery. 

Either way once the person is bound they cannot be unbound by doing this.

Once I did this, this person could not harm Sally any more but some tips that I gave Sally was this, until it could be done or if she met up with someone like this person.

I told Sally to resist her. The most powerful word is "no" in any language.  I told her to not allow herself to be a doormat or a people pleaser, to say "no" when she is not able to fulfill a request or demand, or simply be not interested in doing what the other person wanted of her.

I told Sally to avoid this person and if she was cornered by the other woman then to avoid answering her questions or probing. In refusing to provide much in the way of information, or saying “I don’t know ask someone else”, it denies the person to access her energy.

Other ways to shield Sally from the psychic connection with this person was to wear colors of protection, such as Purple, this is the color associated with psychic protection, so I told her to wear a purple piece of clothing such as a scarf or sweater or blouse, even jewelry with purple stones helps to ward off the attempts of an energy or psychic vampire.

Another thing is a piece of jewelry that looks like or incorporates a mirror, to reflect back the negative energy from the person

Call on Archangel Michael to cut away any energy that does not serve your highest good.

And Crossing her arms in front of her cuts off any negative energy attempts.  

Crossing one’s arms is an almost instinctual move many of us do when we’re around negative people. When you cross your arms in a folded position over your chest, you’re protecting your solar plexus chakra – the seat of your personal power. You can also cross your fingers. This will help lock in your aura so their energy can’t effect yours.

Once I was able to help Sally, and protect myself as well as several other co-workers, I could see how frustrated this woman became, and I knew it was just a matter of time before she placed herself in a position where she’d be uncomfortable to stay.

In essence the binding ritual did its work, because of her duplicity H.R. (Human Resources) informed her that she had to remain on probation for another year because of what she had done that they had both a visual and written record of.

The woman went to the Union to seek help but when they discovered what she had done they said they could not help her.   Not having even Union support she decided to leave, but she claimed she was leaving because of an unhealthy work environment and attempted to sue the company, but her lawyer and subsequent lawyers said that because of the evidence the company had, and that I had given permission to have a surveillance camera just at my work cubical because of concerns that I had, her case would only be thrown out of court.

Eventually she moved back East, far, far away from everyone.

The binding ritual is very good to do to prevent a living person from “haunting” you, as well as using it to defuse a Psychic/Energy Vampire.  But the other protections that I’ve mentioned in this post will work as well.

But there are many way to protect yourself, far more than I could possible enumerate, so I’m going to recommend these books to you my Readers, they can be bought at either Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Llewellyn Publications

“Psychic Self-Defense: The Classic Instruction Manual for Protecting Yourself Against Paranormal Attack” by Dion Fortune    This is a classic book on the subject and should be on everyone’s reference shelf, because it was written in the 1930’s many young people will find it a bit boring but if you don’t read it you will miss out on the original methods of protection which hold true even today.

Other titles that I recommend are:

Psychic Protection for Beginners, Creating a Safe Haven for Home & Family by Richard Webster
Psychic Shield: The Personal Handbook of Psychic Protection by Caitlin Matthews
The Llewellyn Practical Guide To Psychic Self-Defense & Well Being (Llewellyn Practical Guides) by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips

Psychic Self Defense: Guidance and Countermeasures by Robert Bruce

Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook, The: A Survival Guide by Robert Bruce

And this is only a few of the many books that are out there.

Not all of what they suggest may fit into your beliefs but again I must remind you of what my Daddy said to me  “There are no Atheists in Fox holes”   and since he survived fighting in World War II, I could not dispute his wisdom or his life experience.

Blessings Ms Q and Anonymous

Sunday, May 18, 2014

An interruption in my writing or taking a short break~~

Dear Everyone,  all of you who read my blog,

I'm going to need to take a short break from posting information for a while, some family matters have come up that need to be attended to.

I recommend to all of you who have just newly discovered my blog to start reading it from the Very First Post.

Do NOT SKIP around and read only what You think is interesting to you.  I have found that when new readers do that, they may miss out on something that is important to them.  Or will find the answer they need in those earlier posts.

The first part or early part of my Blog was dealing with wicca, witchcraft, but I need to remind everyone that I do a lot of things in terms of witchcraft, Catholic mysticisms and ritual, a touch of conjure and a bit of hoodoo, Not Voodoo.

As I was growing up My Grandmother had a group of ladies who were pretty much from all over the United States and the World who immigrated here to the US and eventually to where my Grandmother lived.

So my learning was eclectic or a mix-bag.  The ladies in my Grandmother's group were from Germany and Russia, England, Italy, Louisiana, Hawaii, Portugal and the Azores, Brazil, France, oh we were a mixed bag, and even though a few were Protestant, most were Catholic.

One of my earliest religious teachers was an old Jewish Rabbi who was very old and could not be quiet as active in his temple, but people who knew him would go to him for advice, which my Grandmother felt would help me get a very good grounding in my religious teaching, his children were grown as well as his grandchildren, so having a child around him, playing checkers or Old Maid amused him.  I remember he said to me many times that I kept his mind young, asking him questions all the time.  And I learned from him as well.  And from his wife who was 20 years younger than him.

Just as I learned from the ladies in Granny's group and from my Grandmother.  I did say I'm over 60 years old---I just didn't say how much over 60, lets just say I was born before World War II.  That will give you an idea of the era I grew up in.

But I do need to take a short break,  To one person whom I recently posted to, I have not forgotten you, and I will conclude with what you and others may need to do for protection, but I do have to take care of some things.

Blessings to all,
Ms. Q

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Protection from Psychic or Energy Vampires and other Living Spirits~~~

Dear Ms Q and Anonymous,

Once again I find myself talking about how to protect yourself from spiritual invasion, not by the dead or demons but by the Living or Negative People.

No one question regarding how to dislodge such a being can be answered with a simple and pat remedy.  Each situation is unique and equally difficult---and a good part of it is how much and how far are you willing to go to dislodge such a disagreeable living spirit.

Part if it maybe impossible especially if it is someone you have to work with or is part of your family.

Part of it maybe difficult if the person is a stalker both physically and psychically.

So you have to do things that will require you to move, cut yourself off from the real person, get a court order, change your home address and phone number warn your friends and other family to not give out your new information, change jobs, move out of state or to a new city...Which works if you're dealing with a stalker and a family member.

But no matter what you will always run into the psychic vampire or energy thief, but by then you will be better prepared.

Let us deal first with being "haunted" by the spirit of a living person.

I was recently asked a question by a reader of this blog, how does one dislodge the ghost or spirit of a “Living Person”?

Without much more information it is a very hard question to answer because there are a lot of different speculations about this ghost of a living person.

First have you actually seen or heard this person or only felt them?

Second in terms of dislodging is the actual physical person a family member, ex-spouse, ex-partner, current or former co-worker that you do not have a good relationship with?

Is this someone who is still living but lived in your home or apartment before and had to vacate it for whatever reason?  Is it someone who is jealous of you?

Is this person someone that you only casually met but now has an obsession about you.

Does this person that you’ve concerned with practices magic or hoodoo or other occult workings.

Do you come into contact with the actual person and feel physically and mentally drained for a day or several days.

What is the age of that person and what is their physical health.

What is that person’s mental outlook?

These are all very important questions because each basic one is handled slightly differently and who they are what they do and their own personality and health determines the type of haunting.
But there are two basic ways to handle this, and I will describe what happened and what to do.

In generally thought among most people to believe that ghosts do exist and as a matter of fact a lot of theories as to why and for what reason they exist has been bandied about.   The Main thought is that only a deceased person can project their ghostly images amongst those who are alive.

However as early as 1913, some people have conceived that living people as well may have the ability to move their spirits about the planet. I am one who believes that people can be haunted by spirits of other living persons, though this may sound strange to many others.

So what can cause this to happen?  Well if a person has strong psychic abilities or has trained themselves to heighten their abilities they can project their spirit at will to another location, this is not unusual.  And there are people who do it naturally or have done it under a crisis situation.

Emanuel Swedenborg born on 29 January 1688 and died 29 March 1772.  was a Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, revelator, and, in the eyes of some, a Christian mystic. He termed himself a "Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ" in True Christian Religion.

On Thursday, July 19, 1759 a huge well-documented fire broke out in Stockholm, Sweden.  The high and increasing winds caused it spread very fast, consuming about 300 houses and making 2000 people homeless.

When the fire broke out Swedenborg was at a dinner with friends in Gothenburg, about 400 km from Stockholm. He became agitated and told the party at six o'clock that there was a fire in Stockholm   that it had consumed his neighbor’s home and was threatening his own. Two hours later, he exclaimed with relief that the fire had stopped three doors from his home. In the excitement following his report, word even reached the ears of the provincial governor, who summoned Swedenborg that same evening and asked for a detailed recounting.

A few days later word came which confirmed Swedenborg’s “viewing”, as a matter of fact some people in Stockholm during the crisis were surprised to see him there, when he was in full view of his friends at the same time.

In the case of people doing remote viewing there has been records of the person which they are seeking actually projecting themselves to another person to give information or receive information.

This can be called bi-location and a theory on this states that a person can appear in two places at the same time, either at will or under stress.   In a book called "Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death", a parapsychologist details a story in which two young girls see an image of their father in two separate locations. It is believed that these "doubles" can be seen when a person whose image is projected, is under some kind of extreme duress, or right before actual death (though that wasn't the case with the two girls.

This is completely different from the phenomenon called a doppelganger in which you see your own double.

The most easily understood notion behind the idea of "living ghosts" lies in the concept of astral travel (or out-of-body experiences.)  In which people have the capability of leaving their physical bodies--either consciously (that is at will) or subconsciously (when they are asleep)--then it might be fair to assume that other people can see/experience the spirit of the living person wandering about. In fact, experts in this field of study sometimes refer to astral projection as the liberation of the double (sometimes called the astral double.)

I have to admit there is much controversy surrounding the topic of astral projection.  But if we're to imagine that one's spirit can temporarily separate from the body at will, would it not be feasible for other people in different parts of the world,  to see that person in this state?

So it is dependent upon the situation,  in some cases you may be dealing with someone who can bi-locate at will, someone who can in their sleeping or meditative state project their aura self, someone who is projecting their physical image onto your mind deliberately in hopes of making you ill, and if it is someone you come into contact with but leaves you physically drained then that is a psychic or energy vampire.

Once you answer any of the above questions either yes or no, the next question is this---are they doing anything that is harming you either mentally or physically, or just frightening you.   Or is this someone one you do care about but their sudden unexplained appearance startles and frightens you.

That is the next set of questions to answer.

Once you have narrowed it down then you can pretty much have an idea how to deal with them, through some of these examples that I’m going to relate to you.

First off---the technique to close your chakra’s that I posted in an earlier post,  will help you from not seeing or sensing this person a great deal, this is especially true if you are being visited by someone who is ill and is desperately trying to hang on by attaching themselves to your survival chakra.  Most of the time this will work with someone who does not realize what they are doing.
But in some cases you make have to take it a step further.

I mentioned that my Mother was doing that without realizing it after she had her third stroke, she subconsciously realized that she was going to die the question was when, but she was hanging on, and in doing that was putting herself in great pain and I was feeling drained and because of my love for her I was actually feeding her energy.

I had to stop that, she had to go onto her journey herself, so I closed down my chakra’s and through meditation I saw the psychic cord connecting to her, once I got to the base chakra I envision my hand as being a white light sword and sliced it through the cord.  I then said a prayer asking God and the Angels to put my Mother into their hands, not mine.

The next few weeks were hard, I had to be compassionate and yet close off my heart, I made sure she was well taken care of and then the final steps happened and at that point my Mother accepted the fact she was dying in her one moment of lucidness.

To make sure that in her final hours she did not try to attach herself to me again, I put up a white light of protection around me and called upon God and his angels to help my Mother make the transition.

But what if you’re being “haunted” by someone who is doing this at will, deliberately?  This is where you may have to take far more determined and drastic steps.

A friend of mine had that problem with her own Mother----I know I seem to be picking upon Mother’s but there is some sort of psychic bond between mothers and their children----there are Mothers who are wonderful loving and giving people and may the Devine Presence Bless and Keep them well always
But there are some who you can only say are just their biological mother, never that really loving supportive person you had hope to have---and the same can be said for children and fathers as well.

 My friend, whom I will call Jan, had a mother whom I wished I’ve never met,  the woman was a narcissist, very controlling, manipulative---well I cannot say the word here.  
This woman would do her best to intrude into Jan’s life, even going so far as to have Jan lose her chance of getting a very good job that would pay well. 
That was the final straw for Jan and she moved as far away as she could from her Mother, but it was hard, she had several siblings who also had to deal with the woman, but somehow managed to have the mental strength to get far, far away. Jan was last and admittedly the weakest in having the strength because she always felt sorry for her Mother, but eventually that changed after she came to me to help her.

Knowing about her mother’s general personality, Jan told me about some of the strange things her Mother would do and that her Mother always had an attraction to paranormal stuff, the occult, would visit psychics and even would take trips 2 or 3 times a year to New Orleans and would be in touch with people there.

I suspected that her Mother was doing negative magickal workings in order to keep Jan close to her and in essence live off of her, even though the Mother had a good inheritance income.  But also it seemed that her Mother enjoyed inflicting upon Jan a form of emotional abuse.

I asked Jan if she had noticed any changes in her Mother’s personality, not that it was any good in the first place, but did it get worse?  Jan said yes, after a boyfriend of her mother’s died in a car accident, he was at fault.  And the Boyfriend was into dark magik, after his death she became more abusive.

While Jan was still living with her Mother her Mother remarked to Jan that she was able to make people do her bidding by some occult method.  It was after that remark that Jan lost her chance at getting that good job that led Jan to leave her mother’s place, moved out of town, and changed her phone number to avoid all contact with her. 

Several months after that strange things would happen to Jan in her new place and sometimes people would be talking to her when suddenly their voice would change and they’d say strange things to her, then seemed to awaken and were surprised by what transpired.

Then Jan started seeing her Mother in her new home, especially at times when she knew her Mother was far away.  She’d never been afraid of her Mother in regards to her claims of being able to do paranormal or occult things before but now she was very upset

I told Jan that she had to make both herself and her home uncomfortable for her Mother’s Astral spirit to not want to hang around.

The first thing Jan did was clear away all clutter and organize her home, a spring cleaning of sorts.

2nd she went to a metaphysical shop and purchased sage bundles to burn,  oil of Frankincense,  Church blessed Holy water, print out off the internet a picture of the Sacred hearts of Mary and Jesus, a black figure candle in the shape of a woman, 2 Iron rail road spikes,  pins used in sewing, a black cord used in crafts not made of polyblends but natural fibers, sea or Kosher salt, and shot glasses, figure 4 shot glasses for the bed room, 2 for each of the other rooms including bath rooms and closets, kitchen and storage areas, and make a small packet of salt from a brown paper bag tied with twine.

First she had to take a quick shower, and rub some of the salt on her body to clear any negativity, then put on clean comfortable clothes.

Then she was to sage herself and apply oil of frankincense to her forehead and heart area, not much just a drop or two.

Then she was to open all the doors and drawers to all the rooms including closets and smudge with the burning sage bundles, taking care to not allow any burning embers to fall.  She also had to unplug the smoke alarms as well and not re-plug them until she was done.

She was to start smudging from the back of her home to the front door opening the front door last and saying in each room and finally at the front door  “Spirit or projection of (name here) be gone, you are not wanted here, this is not your place and you do not have any hold on me, I divorce you, I disown you, I deny your existence, You are dead to me, You no longer exist!!  BE GONE!!”

Then go around your home sprinkling the Holy Water, place some Holy Water in a small bowl, next to your front door on the inside, so that each time you come home from work you can bless yourself with it.

Now with the picture of the Sacred Heart of Mary and Jesus put that above your bed, I told Jan that if she has a boyfriend over for the night and he objects to that picture tell him it’s staying, if he continues to object then you don’t need that boyfriend in your life.

In the 4 corners of your bed room put a shot glass of salt in each corner,

In the rest of her house, put two shot glasses of salt in the corners across from each other, this includes kitchen, bathrooms and closets---if you have a garage, storage shed do it there too.

Put a Railroad spike at the front door and the back door of your home if you do not have a back door but a balcony or patio as some condo’s or apartments have, put the 2nd railroad spike there.

Then with the black figure candle in the shape of a woman, using a sturdy pin or needle on the back side of the candle Jan was to write or print the name of her mother, first, middle and last, if she didn’t know the middle name not to worry, it is envisioning the woman while inscribing the name that helps.

Then taking the black twine Jan was to wrap up the figure candle completely from the neck all the way down saying “I bind thee (say the name) that you will no longer have any hold over me, that you will no longer be free to haunt me or harm me or in any way influence me or anyone human or animal that I love or am in contact with, I deny you your powers over me” repeat that until you’ve tied off the twine.

Then taking a pin thrust it into the forehead of the figure candle and say “You have no power over me I take it away”.

Although it sounds harsh, this is to prevent this person from using any form of psychic ability to project her image or will onto Jan.

I told Jan she will need to smudge herself two or three times a week when she comes home to keep herself protected so the combination of blessing herself with the Holy Water when she comes home, a touch of frankincense oil on her forehead and smudging herself before bed time and keeping the energy in her home uncomfortable for her Mother’s projected spirit from invading.

She also smudge and sprinkled Holy Water in her car and put the packet of salt in the glove compartment to protect her while she drove her car.

About a month later I got a call from her and she said that ever since she did what I recommended she had not been in anyway haunted by her Mother’s projected spirit, in essence she dislodged her.  But that one of her siblings was now having problems and she suggested what she did, to her sibling.

Now this was done to a cognizant person who was trying to invade Jan’s life, deliberately, in the case of my Mother my mother was not aware of what she was doing, so I had to do something far gentler.

Those are the two processes that I suggest, now if Anonymous is being haunted by the living spirit of a man you can use a figure candle in the shape of a man but the process is the same.

There is a caveat, it is best to avoid drinking alcohol or doing recreational drugs as this will lower your own personal energies to repel the spirit invader. Should you indulge especially in recreational drugs then it will happen all over again.  A glass of champagne at a celebration is fine but its best to stick to sparkling water.  

Also do not think of that person, or spend any mental energy on them as it might re-create the link again and undo what you’ve done, and will have to repeat it.

In another post I will describe what to do with a psychic or energy vampire as well as several books to read to explain what else you can do for psychic protection.

Blessings Ms. Q and Anonymous

Monday, May 12, 2014

Types of water for magickal uses-- Part 6---Section 3---Made or Charged waters~~~~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

I know the section of Made or Charged waters is long, but it does show how important water is used in spell work and ritual work.  We take it for granted and waste it with taking long showers or washing down our sidewalks and drive ways, or filling luxury swimming pools when it should be measured carefully drop by precious drop.
Yes we do need to drink it to keep hydrated, yes we do need it to water our plants and animals, yes we do need it to keep clean our clothes, bodies and cooking utensils and home.  But it should never be wasted.  I would prefer to see lawns of vegetables and fruits than green grass unless its to feed an animal.  And trees of sustainable fruits or much needed lumber. But eliminate much of the useless and wasteful sprinkler systems.
I use simple drip irrigation and in the evening a misting system, that uses far less water.  Even though I have a dish washer I do not use it unless I'm giving a party and even then I use paper plates and hand wash my metal utensils. Laundry is a full load of the same types of colors and clothes, bathing I do quickly with a timer.  I have friends who go so far as to using "grey water".  All of this needs to be looked into carefully.  Washing the car???  Only the windshield and by hand, if its really bad we go to a car wash that uses recycled water.

When Dracula said “The Blood is the Life, Mr. Renfield” he could have easily been talking about water as well.

“Waters” in ritual and spell work can also include vinegars, cologne, and such alcoholic products as whiskey and vodka, that is why in the previous post I included Vinegar and 4 Thieves Vinegar as well as Florida Water(a cologne) and Hoyt’s cologne.  The last two were over the many years discovered to have certain qualities in cleansing and banishing works.

Now I have not mentioned wine (vinegar is an exception), well that is because wine is, at least according to how I was instructed, the blood of the fruit of the vine, and it was wine that Jesus spiritually converted into his blood for he was the fruit of the vine as well as the blood of the lamb.   So wine in ritual should be offered and drunk as a ritual drink separate from spell work.  Only when used as part of a love potion is wine considered.

So now I will continue and hopefully finish the sections on Made or Charged waters.

Even with all the mentions of the types of waters that I listed previously Waters can be charged with magical power and intentions. Not all charged waters are really waters. Some are alcohol-based formulas, which recalling that the roots of alchemy, perfumery and liqueur began with magic brews, philters (drinks) and potions, much like Astrology was the ancestor to Astronomy.

But we have to keep in mind while some potions that you read about may be consumed, many formulas are for external or ceremonial use only, so caution must be exercised.

Now Charged or made waters must also be viewed in the context of perfume designations, such as eau de Cologne (“water of Cologne”) or of alcoholic beverages, such as whiskey (Gaelic for “water of life”). In the making of some potions Vodka that is not fruit flavored infused,  is recommended as a base, not because it may be consumed, but due to its minimal scent.

Avoid common rubbing alcohol, as the strong aroma will interfere with that of the formula. And of course never consume anything that contains rubbing alcohol as it is highly poisonous.

Some waters are used for Banishing and hexing, some for blessing so let us continue----


This is used for banishing unwanted people and/or spirits.  To make you grind ashes from a fire or the burning of holy woods such as cedar, cypress or Palo Santo, sea salt, coriander and red pepper to fine powder. Add the powder to plain spring water or if you have something specific in mind then from a sacred spring.

Sprinkle around the house in the four corners, or across the path of a person you want to leave.  In some cases if you can sprinkle it on the person, make it look like and accident.


There are various mentions of two types of 7 sisters in spell work, but the most famous are the 7 Sisters of New Orleans sometimes known as the 7 Sisters of Algiers (an area in New Orleans), I’ll write about them at length later, but their waters is supposed to help with blessings and psychic work, what the formulas are I do not know as many traditional hoodooists protect their formulas as it is passed down word of mouth from generation to generation, and since my granny never worked with their water or have need of it I really don’t know of its specific uses except that I include it here for your information.  I do know that they did Alpha Omega Water, Glory Water, Sacred Heart Water, and others.


Now this is a bit confusing as Mrs. Bella and her twin sister Della called it Evil Eye water, Mrs. Washington called it Elijah Water but Mrs. Byrd was half German and half Russian on her Mother’s side, Mrs. Byrd’s husband was German as well, but she called this same water Perun water.

According to Russian folk lore, Perun is a thunder spirit. His feast days are July 20th and July 30th, known as “thunder days.”  But Bella and her sister were Italian and said that those were holy days, and Mrs. Washington was from Louisiana, now where she learned it I’m not sure but the belief about it is the same. If rain fell on those days that water was to have magical power. It was important to bottle it and use for protection against the Evil Eye, or any malevolent magic, and serious illness.

I’d have to say if we were lucky to get a Summer shower of any import on either of those two days in the middle of Summer I’d say that it was very magical and powerful.


Bay Rum was used and in some areas is still used as an after shave, especially by old time barbers as an astringent perfume. It has been famously used by men as an aftershave in the 19th and early part of the 20th century.  It was observed that some men especially bankers seemed to have extra skills at making good investments after a shave and a haircut and a splash of Bay Rum from their barber, because of that it took on a magical import.

The original Bay Rum formula is used for gambling, and luck, as well as for healing and cleansing spells  with the fire element, and to enhance divination skills.

 It can be placed in baths for personal cleansing, used as an offering to spirits, or placed on the tip of a broom which is used to sweep a carpet to cleanse it of evil messes.

The “bay” in Bay Rum refers to the berries of a Caribbean tree, Jamaican bayberry, rather than to the bay laurel leaves that are a staple of many magic spells. Do not substitute bay laurel leaves for Jamaica bayberry. Instead, use allspice berries, which have similar magic properties.

 Jamaica bayberry is available as an essential oil, and so a true Bay Rum can easily be created. For True Bay Rum, you will need essential oils of Jamaica bayberry, petitgrain, allspice, cardamom and cloves

Add the dry ingredients to one pint of fine dark Caribbean rum. Or if you use essential oils dilute the essential oils in a fine, fragrant dark rum and distilled water. Shake it and let it sit for a week. Strain out any solid ingredients.  Place a small bay leaf in the master bottle.  The presence and fragrance of the Jamaica bayberry should dominate the blend. If you have access to Jamaica bayberries, dried botanicals may be substituted for essential oils, and orange zest may be substituted for petitgrain.


Water--itself is vital to human life, it has always played an important role in religious and magickal rituals. Water is commonly used in religious rites to cleanse people, places, or things. In many churches especially fundamentalist churches, people were ritually immersed in a natural body of water by the preacher to symbolize their “rebirth in Christ” this was and is an outward sign of their inward spiritual transformation.

 In the Catholic Church, Holy Water (water blessed by a Priest) is often sprinkled on people, objects, or in dwellings such as houses to bless and cleanse them of any negative energy. 

In the Hoodoo Tradition, you will find many different baths are often prescribed for various conditions. These baths often contain an herb(s), mineral, or chemical in addition to the water depending on the need of the individual.  With so many people developing sensitivity to skin conditions I would exercise caution in using some of these baths

 Many spiritual-waters began as herbal perfumes or colognes and thus often have an alcohol base despite being identified as water.

But over time spiritual practitioners began using these perfumes or colognes in accordance with the magickal correspondences associated with the herbs they contained.  For the herbs used is what made and makes certain colognes spiritually active.

 For this reason, spiritual waters are often added to baths, floor-washes, or rubbed onto the body.  Another use is to use the water to feed mojo bags, wash talismans, roots, or clean candles before their use in spells. Finally, some spiritual waters may be used as offerings to spirits or the ancestors in some cases, again one has to study carefully what would be correct especially dealing with one’s ancestors.

For example I would not offer my Mother whiskey but I know she would welcome Spring Water and a bit of her favorite perfume dropped onto a cotton ball for her to spiritually breathe.

I now come to Lunar Waters---


Each month on the night of the full moon, you can take ordinary Spring water and place a glass bowl out where the water can receive the full charge of the Moon’s rays.

Each month each Moon has a different designation, as well as it being in a different Astrological sign, so in some cases you can put out 2 bowls of water, one for the spiritual moon and the other for the Astrological aspect of the sign that the Full Moon occurs in.

Now some people will take it a step further and collect the rays of the Dark Moon, New Moon, and if there are two Full moon’s the second is called a Blue Moon (which I talked about in an earlier post), or if there are two Dark moons in a month the 2nd Dark Moon is called a Black Moon, and just recently we also had a Blood Moon, that was a full moon but in Eclipse.

Each Lunar water has a different energy  and is charged by the powers of the Moon. The clue for the success of the Lunar Water is to align the procedure with the waxing part of the Lunar Circle, from the New Moon till the Full Moon without missing even one day of the Lunar Circle.

This is for Astrological aspects as well as Lunar aspects but with Black, Dark, Blue or Blood Moons you can only capture those energies that night.

 NEVER EXPOSE THE LUNAR WATER TO SUNLIGHT FOR IT WILL WIPE OUT ITS EFFECTIVENESS!  Get up before the rising of the Sun and place the bowl of water in to a dark cabinet away from Sunlight.

When you put the water out put the index finger of your dominate hand (the one that you write with) into the water and call upon whatever Deity or Angel or guardian spirit to charge your water.

Now I remember my Grandma doing it with a simple request but she’d call upon Mother Mary, she’d stir the water with her index finger saying upon each stir “In the name of the Father, (stir) In the name of the Son (stir)  and the name of the Holy Ghost”(stir)

Still keeping her finger in the water and looking up at the Moon she’d say

I call upon Holy Mary,

Queen of Heaven,

Mother of God incarnate,

Vessel of the Holy Spirit,

as the Moon, your sign, grows stronger,

Bless and make holy this water with

your sacred Light

Through it, in it  and with it

 help me with your

Divine Grace and Might.

Accessing the power of the Element of Water requires very little energy but it has to be done for a long time. It is very important not to miss even one night of the Waxing Moon! The Water should be charged every night!  But through your patience and effort you will gain an important element in your magickal workings

Here are some easy uses for Lunar Water, through research over the internet and in books I’m sure you’ll find more:

To increase your Psychic Powers with Lunar Water:  Every night when you pick up the bowl but before you put it  back into its cabinet,  put your index finger of your strong hand into the water and make a clockwise circle on your forehead seven times. And just sleep.

To increase Romance in a happy couple and for Fertility: Pour some into a small glass bowl and  every night  put the bowl under your bed and make love.

To maintain Youth and beauty:    When you pick up the bowl prior to sun rise splash some of it onto your face with the water and if it’s very early in the morning go back to sleep.

To Banish negativity and be protected from Evil:    Each night sprinkle some Lunar Water on you and your room visualizing that you and your room  is sparkling with  the Bright Light of the Moon.


If you do not believe in the power of Church Blessed Water but believe that calling upon your own deities will make your water holy, this is how to consecrate it or charge it.

Making and charging your own holy water

First have rain water selected or if need be plain Spring water

Prior to preparing the water you need to prepare yourself by bathing in water in which several drops of   Fiery Wall of Protection and Dragon's Blood oil has been added , if you don’t have that then either sea or kosher salt, while reciting psalms and/or sacred verses.  Believe it or not the 23 psalm is very effective, the rhythm of the words and you can say “the Lord and Lady is my Protector”

Prepare the water either nude or in clean ritual clothing. If you feel uncomfortable doing it nude or do not have ritual clothing then use fresh, clean clothing, preferably white and made from natural fabrics if possible, avoid polyester or polyblends.

Pour the uncharged water into a glass or crystal bowl.

Place it between two unlit white candles.

Light incense first (frankincense, copal, benzoin, and/or white sage) and then the candles.

Pass the bowl of water through the incense smoke.

During this part visualize why you're preparing this water. Visualize the results this water will bring.

Then return the bowl to its place between the candles, continue visualizing until you feel it is set and leave everything in place until the candles burn out, continue to relax and meditate for at least one hour, then let the candles burn, keep the cell phone, radio, T.V. off do not disturbed the energies.

Bottle the water.

My Granny had an old 12 inch 78 record that played the “Humming Chorus” from Madame Butterfly, and I’ve always found that music to be perfect to set the energy to the water.  Later I was able to put it onto a Cassette tape, for her, more recently I was able to put it onto CD and have it set to play for an hour when I charge my waters.

I remember my Granny would tell my Uncle who lived with her (he had an apartment in the bottom half of the house) that he needed to go out and have some fun, he knew what that meant and asked when it was a good time for him to return.

So what do you do with your own made holy water?  This is some of the many uses:

•Use Holy Water for cleansing and purification in your bath, or sprinkled on your altar and in corners of your home.

•Holy Water is thought to be capable of magically transmitting physical relief, especially for headaches and tension, so use it in compresses or massage oil for healing spells.

•Use Holy Water to cleanse and empower tools, plants and crystals – they may be sprinkled or soaked, depending on the nature of the material

Holy water (non-church) can be any water that is held sacred, or which has special significance for the spell-caster. This may be water from a shrine dedicated to a deity, or water from a sacred spring.

 In modern Wicca, holy water may be spring, rain, lake or river water with salt added. Some covens maintain unique recipes, which may include rosemary, thyme and vervain or other herbs. Crystals may be used to charge holy water.

But no matter what Holy Water or holy water, whether Church, Wiccan, or other religious belief, must be consecrated and activated via sacred ritual, either by the Church or by your own visualization.

And that is as far as I can personally take you on Sacred Waters, Holy Waters, Made Waters, or Charged Waters, as you investigate and research various beliefs and rituals you will discover more to add to your book. 

What I have given you is by no means definitive but it does give you a starting point.   As I come across more information I will add what is called "Addendums" or extra chapters to this information.
But for now I do need to rest and take a break, I had not realized how exhausting this was, and I've neglected other things. But I will return with information on other things and yes there will be many more posts.

Many Blessings Ms. Q

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Types of Water for Magickal Uses ---Part 6---Section 2---Made or Charged Water~~~

Hello Everyone,

To continue---the list of made or charged waters is long and each has their purpose, and many come from different sources but all can be applied to magickal use.

I’m going to continue with Peace Water as there are variations to the basic formula here is one that is very simple and uses the herb Basil : brew a tea of fresh basil leaves, add a splash of bay rum and in Spring or Rain water that has fallen during the Waxing moon a few drops of liquid bluing. The three waters should separate and Basil is a protection and cleansing herb.

Another formula is this:

Designed to bring serenity to a troubled house hold. The formula is a mixture of oil and water. The blue water is Notre Dame water with blue food coloring added to it. And the oil can be any base oil of your choosing. Add half blue holy water and half oil to a clear bottle. To use, shake the bottle so the layers disperse. They should return to their positions once the bottle is at rest. Burn peace water in a special diffuser (keep watch on it if you use a tea light), by sending the diffused water into the air it is absorbed by all who smell or have it lightly fall upon them.

There are two other formulas for Peace Water credited to the Voodooine  Marie LaVeau

You may see it listed as Marie Laveau’s Peace Water or

As Five Holy Waters


consists of equal parts

     Holy Water from a church

     Spring Water

     River Water

     Rain Water

     Ocean Water

Now this is the  five waters altogether, with no fragrance and no oil.

There is a more elaborator Peace Water mixture of 7 Holy Waters


This contains equal parts of

     Holy Water from a church

     Spring Water

     River Water

     Rain Water

     Ocean Water

    Plus   Cologne (Florida Water or Hoyt's Cologne)

 And  Whiskey--- I know why whiskey---well whiskey is made with water and in Hoodoo and Voodoo work it as well as gin is offered to the Saints so whiskey is considered a holy water

-- seven waters altogether, with some fragrance from the Florida Water or Hoyt’s Cologne

It is known that where household quarrels or in-law troubles have been of long standing, it is advised to ritually cleanse the home first with Chinese Wash to clear out any old messes before sprinkling Peace Water in the corners. For a more powerful job when there have been assaults from enemies, an outer ring of Fiery Wall of Protection sachet powder can be laid down around the perimeter of the property after the ritual cleaning, and the Peace Water can then be sprinkled within this circle at the corners and center.  But remember because there is oil involved it will stain so use carefully.


The Queen of New Orleans voodoo, Marie Laveau, was an amazing woman. She was instrumental in establishing a beautiful tradition especially holding her gatherings in what was called Congo Square in New Orleans and making it widely known to westerners, black, white and creole people would come to her for assistance.  Sometimes people would be troubled and she’d give them this potion to wipe their forehead with or to use in a diffuser or to put into a wash for spiritual cleansing

Marie Laveau water is used for psychic enhancement, protection, aura cleansing, and general cleansing spells.

One cup rainwater

 One cup spring water

 One cup rose water

 One cup Holy water

 One cup lavender hydrosol

 Now onto other Made Waters


 Named after the famed cathedral of Notre Dame, early use of Notre Dame water served as an elixir. The formula from the 1870’s gives its main ingredient as tincture of arnica flower. Over time using it as an elixir  lessened, but because of its name it became associated with spiritual work, used for cleansing or to bring peace to one’s home. Most contemporary recipes call for floral scents, chiefly rose or citrus.

Notre Dame water is sometimes included in other waters such as Peace Water and it is good for spells invoking goddesses, including Mother Mary, happy home spells, cleansing spells, spells to summon spirits, and uncrossing/hex-breaking.

 It is made from Church or Priest blessed Holy water, white rosewater, and either Neroli Hydrosol or  violet hydrosol.

Usually its 1 part Holy Water

2 parts Rose Hydrosol

 1 part Neroli or Violet Hydrosol

Then read Psalm 62 over the mixture

I’m now going to go into some flower waters


Various flower waters - most especially Rose Water - are used in a variety of spells. Certain spells specifically demand flower water, but these waters may also be substituted for regular water in other spells and formulas, particularly those for romantic or healing purposes, and in magical ink or incense formulas, or for spells that involve dissolving gum acacia or other gum resins.

Some waters are also used in cooking such as  Rose Water and Orange Blossom Water are frequent additions to Indian, Middle Eastern and North African cuisine, and so are easily and inexpensively purchased from specialized vendors. The quality of pre-packaged flower waters is erratic; however some are excellent. Fine hydrosols, once rare, are becoming more popular, and may be the finest source of true flower waters.

Flower Waters are easily made, providing one has a sufficient supply of fresh flowers. Depending on one's intent, it is wise to avoid florists' flowers because they tend to be laden with pesticides, which then may be concentrated in the flower water.


Use it in your bath water or on body and in home to TURN BACK EVIL. Be protected from evil and enemies.

Remove the petals from a few fresh roses. Place them in a small pot and cover with approximately one quarter inch of spring water. Simmer gently until a visual change is observed: the petals will become limp and pallid. Strain and allow the liquid to cool. Refrigerate any Rose Water that is not used immediately.


Powerful love potion that makes your lover want you. They will show you respect and give you what you want! Use in laundry, bath, bed sheets, or clothes.

Lavender Water is thought to enhance the memory while stimulating psychic ability. Originally, Lavender Water was created by Hildegard of Bingen in the twelfth century through the steam distillation of lavender blossoms. Lavender hydrosol, the product of distillation is truly the appropriate choice for creating Lavender Water; however essential oil of lavender may be substituted in this formula, which is for external use only. 

Diffusing it into the air with a diffuser helps to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere.


Place petals within a mason jar. Cover with boiling water and allow to sit overnight. Strain out the botanical material. Refrigerate any Orange Blossom or Jasmine water that is not used immediately.  These are used in various spell work and unless you are using specific spells that call for this water you can purchase it from reputable metaphysical shops.


This is made of Myrtle, dried orange blossoms (neroli) and dried rose petals.

Add the flower petals and herbs to spring water in a glass bowl. Lay out in sunlight like you would make sun tea. Use a French press to separate the water from the herbs. Pour in a mason jar and refrigerate. Myrtle-based Angel’s Water was used by Europeans of the British Isles. The Spanish also have a formula which consists of angelica flowers, lavender, rose and trefoil. This is used for love, beauty, sensuality and sexuality. Myrtle is sacred to the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.

Angel Water also refers variously to Jordan River Water, or to a sixteenth century complexion remedy that had, by the eighteenth century, evolved into a love potion.  (do not take internally)

Its name may have come from those angels described In the Book of Genesis who seduced the “daughters of man” with lessons of magic. Another source may be found in the legend of Aphrodite, who was clothed in myrtle (the crucial ingredient of Angel Water) leaves when she first arose naked from the sea.

Myrtle is a small tree native to the Mediterranean coast; it was considered sacred to Aphrodite. The basic formula for Angel Water consists of myrtle, orange blossoms (neroli) and rose. All of the basic ingredients are available in the form of essential oils. Angel Water typically is used externally.

Add a quantity of Angel Water to a bath to maintain romance (whether bathing solo or together) and to provoke erotic dreams. Purportedly, the greater the quantity of Angel Water, the greater the aphrodisiac effect.

Blend Angel Water with alcohol for an erotic massage potion.

Allegedly, angels love the scent of myrtle. So if you wish to summon an angel, fill glass or crystal bowls with Angel Water and verbally request the angel's presence.

In this case to help summon the Angles blend the combination of myrtle, orange blossoms and rose with water from the River Jordan.

Sometimes it is best to consider homemade floral waters or infusions of fresh and dried flowers and leaves instead of essential oils if they are grown in your own yard. Homegrown flowers are preferred to those commercially grown due to pesticides.


This is a combination of Lavender, rosemary, brandy or vodka. Used for banishing negativity during the dark moon.


Never enough can be said about Florida Water so if I am repeating myself please bear with me.

Florida-Water is a floral scented water that was originally used as a perfume cologne by both men and women in the 19th century. It has many and varied uses in the Hoodoo Tradition such as an offering for spirits, protection of the home (by putting it in a spray bottle and misting it in the air), protection, and cleansing objects in a similar manner as Holy-Water.

Another variation of Florida Water is Hoyt’s Cologne which works on the same principal.

Can be used for body perfume, cleansings and floorwash, for external use only.

I have here a formula to make Florida Water:

2 cups of vodka

 Two tablespoons of rose water, hydrosol or orange blossom water or hydrosol

 16 drops of essential oil of bergamot, or an Earl grey tea bag (contains bergamot)

 12 drops of essential oil or lavender, or dried lavender herb wrapped in cheesecloth

 6 drops of essential oil of may chang

 3 drops of essential oil of rosemary, or dried rosemary wrapped in cheesecloth

 2 drops of essential oil of jasmine

 2 drops of rose attar


The Rose of Jericho is a Mexican plant that when added to water, opens up. And when dried the plant closes back to its original position. Place the rose of Jericho in a bowl of water. Say sacred prayers over it to do that select the Psalms you want depending upon the work you want it to do.

Wait for the rose to unfold which can open overnight or take up to three days. Change the water weekly, reserving the old water for magical use. Can be used for cleansings, house blessings, and spell reversals and to repel malevolent magic.


Blue Water is used to rid a person or place of negative energy, hexes, and crossed-conditions. It can easily be made by adding liquid bluing to spring, river, lake or rain water and adding a pinch of salt. One of the best commercial bluing is Mrs. Smith’s Laundry bluing which still can be purchased or buying Blue Balls sometimes called Anil or Anile from metaphysical shops.

 Pray the 23rd Psalm over the water and make the sign of the cross to seal the working. There are several ways of using Blue-Water from taking a spiritual bath, adding it to scrub waters, or leaving it sitting out in a clear glass somewhere in the home.  The color Blue is considered sacred, holy and calming, and in a way helps invoke those positive energies into one’s home.

One time I went to an estate sale and there was this room on the sunny side of the house but it was painted in a Wedgewood blue with white enamel trim and pale blue drapes with white curtains, the feeling in that room was peaceful and serene and spiritually uplifting.  I found out that the lady of the house conducted all her meetings of the various charities she was involved with, in that room and they always ended on a positive note, I also found out that she was very active in her church and was known for doing good works.


This is to not be confused with Ghost Water.

Add one tablespoon of anisette to a glass of spring water. Place it on the altar to call in ancestral spirits, to perform séances or other necromantic spells.  You do not drink this water, this is placed for the spirits to drink from while you are conducting either séances or rituals dealing with the ancestral spirits, do not throw away but leave on your altar until gone.


Not to be confused with Spirit Water, you place a bottle of spring water on a grave of a particular person you wish to speak to at midnight, during a dark moon.  Remove the bottle before daybreak.

Ghost water is used for talking to the dead, more specifically to the person whose grave you put the bottle on.  When you are ready to speak to that person, open the bottle and pour some of that water into a clear glass and recap the bottle, place the glass with the amount of water you’ve poured and then conduct your séance.  When it is over thank the spirit for coming and place that water into another bottle to take back and pour upon the grave that you collected it from.   You still have the remaining bottle of water that you’ve collected if you wish to contact that spirit again. 

Exercise caution when doing this.


Vinegars have their own ritual use in cleansing and banishing's, the most famous is 4 Thieves vinegar


Four Thieves Vinegar has a reputation and tradition of its own, separate from that of other forms of vinegar.    Folklore tells us of four thieves who concocted a special vinegar that kept them healthy even as they robbed graves during the Black Plague. Folk tradition utilizes this vinegar for the purpose of cleansing and protection, often adding it to a wash. There are a multiple recipes out there for Four Thieves Vinegar, using either apple cider or basaltic vinegar if it’s for consumption or distilled white vinegar for washing formulas.

Some people use it at a love potion that makes your lover want you ONLY, They will show you respect and give you what you want so to  use in laundry, bath, bed sheets, or clothes

 But I would not recommend it for a love potion as it contains Garlic which would through off any lover and do not wash any clothing or bedding it because Red wine vinegar can stain, so I recommend it as a wash to keep evil out and for illness banishing spells, and commanding spells.

If you come across any web site that says its a love potion avoid it at all costs---it is not.
Traditionally, each thief contributed one ingredient. Choose one of the following to represent each thief; Garlic, cayenne, coriander, lavender, mint, rosemary, rue, sage, thyme, or wormwood. I have here two formula’s

Add to a bottle of Red Wine Vinegar the following items: Camphor Leaves

 Cinnamon Sticks Cloves, Garlic, Ginger, Lavender, Mint, Nutmeg, Rosemary

The second one: To a bottle of cider vinegar add equal parts of:

Garlic Lavender Mint Rosemary Rue Sage Wormwood

You can use the less expensive distilled white vinegar and it will work just as well.

 Do this on a Sunday, and let steep for a full week shaking it once daily. Best used as a wash.

Be very careful do Not ingest  Note: Wormwood contains thujone, a psychoactive chemical that can cause epileptic-like convulsions and kidney failure when ingested in large amounts.  So wear dishwashing gloves


The primary use of plain vinegar in Conjure or Hoodoo work is for souring and cursing magic.

Being "Hag Ridden" refers to the belief that malevolent witches are able to take possession of your body at night, riding it like an animal. You awake exhausted, and over time the carousing committed in your body can cause sickness. There are many ways to keep a witch from riding you, and certain preventatives play off the belief that a witch is forced to count whatever is set before her.

 A common way of escaping the clutches of a witch would have you throw salt crystals behind you, for the witch will be forced to count each and every one before she is free to pursue you. Another thing in your favor is that witches can be evaporated by vinegar.

Remember how Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz made the wicked witch melt by throwing water on her? Well it wasn’t water it was vinegar. 

What you can do is place an open bottle of vinegar near where you sleep, fill it with items that the witch must count, an odd number of pins is always good or tiny, tiny pebbles or seed beads. The witch will enter the bottle in order to act out her compulsion, then turn to mush. A bottle that had successfully entombed a witch should be sealed and buried at a crossroads, in modern city wide American that can be hard, but look for a crossroads that’s not busy or a rural cross roads.

Another spell for vinegar is this:

A vinegar bottle is a type of bottle spell used to sour a person’s temperament and reputation. Something representing that person must go into the bottle, such as their photo, a personal concern of theirs, or simply their name written on a paper.

Ideally you want it to be a material that will over time be disintegrated by the vinegar. Other things may go in a well, such as pins and thorns, or controlling herbs such as licorice root. But the main ingredient is the vinegar. No need to go to a fancy shop to buy good artisan vinegar or anything fancy. Its exact variety does not matter (it can be apple cider, malt, or what-have-you), so long as it is strong. Once the bottle is full, cap it, and shake it whenever you wish for this person to encounter additional negative effects. The bottle alone will work on them over time.

But there is something very satisfying about giving it a good shake whenever you feel angered by them. I knew a girl in High School who was always humiliated by some girls in a particular clique, High School is the meanest time I think.   We all were in choir music class and had done a competition successfully and I had my little box camera with black and white film and asked all of them to line up and pose, what I did was deliberately take several pictures one with everyone in it, one without the girl who was always being humiliated, and several others and then one with the specific girls who were the culprits.

A few weeks before School let out for the Summer and we all knew we’d be back together in the fall, I asked the girl (let’s call her Jean) a question, was she tired of being humiliated by those girls?  She said yes, and I said “well if nothing else let’s do this so you’ll at least feel good over the summer”   And with my Granny’s help (she did approve) we made the bottle.  

Come the fall two of the girls did not return to school, it seems they were arrested for shop lifting and their parents sent them to relatives out of town, of the other two girls one got pregnant and didn’t return and the other was sent to a boarding school as she had become a problem with her parents over the summer.   Jean was able to blossom and became a popular girl with a lot of nice friends and made excellent grades. 


 I’m going to use the words Black Water and Agua Negra interchangeably it is the same thing.

It is said that it destroys all evil around you. Makes the devil run!  At least that is what is said to do, some formulas have Black Salt added to Water of Mars aka War Water for improved protective and jinx removing effects. Please note that Black Salt is a very powerful tool so I want you to think twice before you cast a spell to remove someone from your house. I know that its effects are long-lasting which I’ve discovered from personal experience.

Agua Negra is used to wash the outside of your home, like steps, porches, decks, windows, and doors in order place a barrier of protection. Those who wish us harm cannot pass. It is great to combine with red brick dust by washing with the water first then laying a line of red brick dust down when the area has been finished with cleaning and drying.

Black Water is used in many traditions including Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria, Witchcraft and other magical systems. It is used to cause ones enemy to become dissatisfied with ones surroundings and move away or wander aimlessly. To use simply sprinkle on the doorstep of or in a place where the person you want to send away will walk through it. Black Water can also be used to anoint a black candle or a black Voodoo doll for the same result. Stepping on Black Water can cause great confusion and dissatisfaction so please use with caution you don’t want the wrong person to be affected by it.

A powerful ritual tool for forcefully removing negativity, baneful energy, and sending away unwanted people (and making them stay away), Black Water (Aqua Negra) is also used for potent purification and to empower darker spells such as hexes, curses, jinxes, crossing conditions and confusing an enemy.

Sprinkle on the steps of an unwanted neighbor to make them move or across the path of an enemy to remove them from your life or put some on their door knob whenever you can.

I know that it combines indigo water, pokeberry dye, ash, and other natural ingredients but traditional hoodooists are very jealous of their recipe.  Only a few places I know offer the really good Black Water or Agua Negra one is Conjure Cardea on the internet.  Some people swear by the Anna Riva products, but I’ve found Conjure Cardea to be an excellent shop.

And now I will have to finish Made Waters in a 3rd post.  Please bear with me.

Bright Blessings, 
Ms. Q