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Protection from Psychic or Energy Vampires and other Living Spirits~~~

Dear Ms Q and Anonymous,

Once again I find myself talking about how to protect yourself from spiritual invasion, not by the dead or demons but by the Living or Negative People.

No one question regarding how to dislodge such a being can be answered with a simple and pat remedy.  Each situation is unique and equally difficult---and a good part of it is how much and how far are you willing to go to dislodge such a disagreeable living spirit.

Part if it maybe impossible especially if it is someone you have to work with or is part of your family.

Part of it maybe difficult if the person is a stalker both physically and psychically.

So you have to do things that will require you to move, cut yourself off from the real person, get a court order, change your home address and phone number warn your friends and other family to not give out your new information, change jobs, move out of state or to a new city...Which works if you're dealing with a stalker and a family member.

But no matter what you will always run into the psychic vampire or energy thief, but by then you will be better prepared.

Let us deal first with being "haunted" by the spirit of a living person.

I was recently asked a question by a reader of this blog, how does one dislodge the ghost or spirit of a “Living Person”?

Without much more information it is a very hard question to answer because there are a lot of different speculations about this ghost of a living person.

First have you actually seen or heard this person or only felt them?

Second in terms of dislodging is the actual physical person a family member, ex-spouse, ex-partner, current or former co-worker that you do not have a good relationship with?

Is this someone who is still living but lived in your home or apartment before and had to vacate it for whatever reason?  Is it someone who is jealous of you?

Is this person someone that you only casually met but now has an obsession about you.

Does this person that you’ve concerned with practices magic or hoodoo or other occult workings.

Do you come into contact with the actual person and feel physically and mentally drained for a day or several days.

What is the age of that person and what is their physical health.

What is that person’s mental outlook?

These are all very important questions because each basic one is handled slightly differently and who they are what they do and their own personality and health determines the type of haunting.
But there are two basic ways to handle this, and I will describe what happened and what to do.

In generally thought among most people to believe that ghosts do exist and as a matter of fact a lot of theories as to why and for what reason they exist has been bandied about.   The Main thought is that only a deceased person can project their ghostly images amongst those who are alive.

However as early as 1913, some people have conceived that living people as well may have the ability to move their spirits about the planet. I am one who believes that people can be haunted by spirits of other living persons, though this may sound strange to many others.

So what can cause this to happen?  Well if a person has strong psychic abilities or has trained themselves to heighten their abilities they can project their spirit at will to another location, this is not unusual.  And there are people who do it naturally or have done it under a crisis situation.

Emanuel Swedenborg born on 29 January 1688 and died 29 March 1772.  was a Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, revelator, and, in the eyes of some, a Christian mystic. He termed himself a "Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ" in True Christian Religion.

On Thursday, July 19, 1759 a huge well-documented fire broke out in Stockholm, Sweden.  The high and increasing winds caused it spread very fast, consuming about 300 houses and making 2000 people homeless.

When the fire broke out Swedenborg was at a dinner with friends in Gothenburg, about 400 km from Stockholm. He became agitated and told the party at six o'clock that there was a fire in Stockholm   that it had consumed his neighbor’s home and was threatening his own. Two hours later, he exclaimed with relief that the fire had stopped three doors from his home. In the excitement following his report, word even reached the ears of the provincial governor, who summoned Swedenborg that same evening and asked for a detailed recounting.

A few days later word came which confirmed Swedenborg’s “viewing”, as a matter of fact some people in Stockholm during the crisis were surprised to see him there, when he was in full view of his friends at the same time.

In the case of people doing remote viewing there has been records of the person which they are seeking actually projecting themselves to another person to give information or receive information.

This can be called bi-location and a theory on this states that a person can appear in two places at the same time, either at will or under stress.   In a book called "Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death", a parapsychologist details a story in which two young girls see an image of their father in two separate locations. It is believed that these "doubles" can be seen when a person whose image is projected, is under some kind of extreme duress, or right before actual death (though that wasn't the case with the two girls.

This is completely different from the phenomenon called a doppelganger in which you see your own double.

The most easily understood notion behind the idea of "living ghosts" lies in the concept of astral travel (or out-of-body experiences.)  In which people have the capability of leaving their physical bodies--either consciously (that is at will) or subconsciously (when they are asleep)--then it might be fair to assume that other people can see/experience the spirit of the living person wandering about. In fact, experts in this field of study sometimes refer to astral projection as the liberation of the double (sometimes called the astral double.)

I have to admit there is much controversy surrounding the topic of astral projection.  But if we're to imagine that one's spirit can temporarily separate from the body at will, would it not be feasible for other people in different parts of the world,  to see that person in this state?

So it is dependent upon the situation,  in some cases you may be dealing with someone who can bi-locate at will, someone who can in their sleeping or meditative state project their aura self, someone who is projecting their physical image onto your mind deliberately in hopes of making you ill, and if it is someone you come into contact with but leaves you physically drained then that is a psychic or energy vampire.

Once you answer any of the above questions either yes or no, the next question is this---are they doing anything that is harming you either mentally or physically, or just frightening you.   Or is this someone one you do care about but their sudden unexplained appearance startles and frightens you.

That is the next set of questions to answer.

Once you have narrowed it down then you can pretty much have an idea how to deal with them, through some of these examples that I’m going to relate to you.

First off---the technique to close your chakra’s that I posted in an earlier post,  will help you from not seeing or sensing this person a great deal, this is especially true if you are being visited by someone who is ill and is desperately trying to hang on by attaching themselves to your survival chakra.  Most of the time this will work with someone who does not realize what they are doing.
But in some cases you make have to take it a step further.

I mentioned that my Mother was doing that without realizing it after she had her third stroke, she subconsciously realized that she was going to die the question was when, but she was hanging on, and in doing that was putting herself in great pain and I was feeling drained and because of my love for her I was actually feeding her energy.

I had to stop that, she had to go onto her journey herself, so I closed down my chakra’s and through meditation I saw the psychic cord connecting to her, once I got to the base chakra I envision my hand as being a white light sword and sliced it through the cord.  I then said a prayer asking God and the Angels to put my Mother into their hands, not mine.

The next few weeks were hard, I had to be compassionate and yet close off my heart, I made sure she was well taken care of and then the final steps happened and at that point my Mother accepted the fact she was dying in her one moment of lucidness.

To make sure that in her final hours she did not try to attach herself to me again, I put up a white light of protection around me and called upon God and his angels to help my Mother make the transition.

But what if you’re being “haunted” by someone who is doing this at will, deliberately?  This is where you may have to take far more determined and drastic steps.

A friend of mine had that problem with her own Mother----I know I seem to be picking upon Mother’s but there is some sort of psychic bond between mothers and their children----there are Mothers who are wonderful loving and giving people and may the Devine Presence Bless and Keep them well always
But there are some who you can only say are just their biological mother, never that really loving supportive person you had hope to have---and the same can be said for children and fathers as well.

 My friend, whom I will call Jan, had a mother whom I wished I’ve never met,  the woman was a narcissist, very controlling, manipulative---well I cannot say the word here.  
This woman would do her best to intrude into Jan’s life, even going so far as to have Jan lose her chance of getting a very good job that would pay well. 
That was the final straw for Jan and she moved as far away as she could from her Mother, but it was hard, she had several siblings who also had to deal with the woman, but somehow managed to have the mental strength to get far, far away. Jan was last and admittedly the weakest in having the strength because she always felt sorry for her Mother, but eventually that changed after she came to me to help her.

Knowing about her mother’s general personality, Jan told me about some of the strange things her Mother would do and that her Mother always had an attraction to paranormal stuff, the occult, would visit psychics and even would take trips 2 or 3 times a year to New Orleans and would be in touch with people there.

I suspected that her Mother was doing negative magickal workings in order to keep Jan close to her and in essence live off of her, even though the Mother had a good inheritance income.  But also it seemed that her Mother enjoyed inflicting upon Jan a form of emotional abuse.

I asked Jan if she had noticed any changes in her Mother’s personality, not that it was any good in the first place, but did it get worse?  Jan said yes, after a boyfriend of her mother’s died in a car accident, he was at fault.  And the Boyfriend was into dark magik, after his death she became more abusive.

While Jan was still living with her Mother her Mother remarked to Jan that she was able to make people do her bidding by some occult method.  It was after that remark that Jan lost her chance at getting that good job that led Jan to leave her mother’s place, moved out of town, and changed her phone number to avoid all contact with her. 

Several months after that strange things would happen to Jan in her new place and sometimes people would be talking to her when suddenly their voice would change and they’d say strange things to her, then seemed to awaken and were surprised by what transpired.

Then Jan started seeing her Mother in her new home, especially at times when she knew her Mother was far away.  She’d never been afraid of her Mother in regards to her claims of being able to do paranormal or occult things before but now she was very upset

I told Jan that she had to make both herself and her home uncomfortable for her Mother’s Astral spirit to not want to hang around.

The first thing Jan did was clear away all clutter and organize her home, a spring cleaning of sorts.

2nd she went to a metaphysical shop and purchased sage bundles to burn,  oil of Frankincense,  Church blessed Holy water, print out off the internet a picture of the Sacred hearts of Mary and Jesus, a black figure candle in the shape of a woman, 2 Iron rail road spikes,  pins used in sewing, a black cord used in crafts not made of polyblends but natural fibers, sea or Kosher salt, and shot glasses, figure 4 shot glasses for the bed room, 2 for each of the other rooms including bath rooms and closets, kitchen and storage areas, and make a small packet of salt from a brown paper bag tied with twine.

First she had to take a quick shower, and rub some of the salt on her body to clear any negativity, then put on clean comfortable clothes.

Then she was to sage herself and apply oil of frankincense to her forehead and heart area, not much just a drop or two.

Then she was to open all the doors and drawers to all the rooms including closets and smudge with the burning sage bundles, taking care to not allow any burning embers to fall.  She also had to unplug the smoke alarms as well and not re-plug them until she was done.

She was to start smudging from the back of her home to the front door opening the front door last and saying in each room and finally at the front door  “Spirit or projection of (name here) be gone, you are not wanted here, this is not your place and you do not have any hold on me, I divorce you, I disown you, I deny your existence, You are dead to me, You no longer exist!!  BE GONE!!”

Then go around your home sprinkling the Holy Water, place some Holy Water in a small bowl, next to your front door on the inside, so that each time you come home from work you can bless yourself with it.

Now with the picture of the Sacred Heart of Mary and Jesus put that above your bed, I told Jan that if she has a boyfriend over for the night and he objects to that picture tell him it’s staying, if he continues to object then you don’t need that boyfriend in your life.

In the 4 corners of your bed room put a shot glass of salt in each corner,

In the rest of her house, put two shot glasses of salt in the corners across from each other, this includes kitchen, bathrooms and closets---if you have a garage, storage shed do it there too.

Put a Railroad spike at the front door and the back door of your home if you do not have a back door but a balcony or patio as some condo’s or apartments have, put the 2nd railroad spike there.

Then with the black figure candle in the shape of a woman, using a sturdy pin or needle on the back side of the candle Jan was to write or print the name of her mother, first, middle and last, if she didn’t know the middle name not to worry, it is envisioning the woman while inscribing the name that helps.

Then taking the black twine Jan was to wrap up the figure candle completely from the neck all the way down saying “I bind thee (say the name) that you will no longer have any hold over me, that you will no longer be free to haunt me or harm me or in any way influence me or anyone human or animal that I love or am in contact with, I deny you your powers over me” repeat that until you’ve tied off the twine.

Then taking a pin thrust it into the forehead of the figure candle and say “You have no power over me I take it away”.

Although it sounds harsh, this is to prevent this person from using any form of psychic ability to project her image or will onto Jan.

I told Jan she will need to smudge herself two or three times a week when she comes home to keep herself protected so the combination of blessing herself with the Holy Water when she comes home, a touch of frankincense oil on her forehead and smudging herself before bed time and keeping the energy in her home uncomfortable for her Mother’s projected spirit from invading.

She also smudge and sprinkled Holy Water in her car and put the packet of salt in the glove compartment to protect her while she drove her car.

About a month later I got a call from her and she said that ever since she did what I recommended she had not been in anyway haunted by her Mother’s projected spirit, in essence she dislodged her.  But that one of her siblings was now having problems and she suggested what she did, to her sibling.

Now this was done to a cognizant person who was trying to invade Jan’s life, deliberately, in the case of my Mother my mother was not aware of what she was doing, so I had to do something far gentler.

Those are the two processes that I suggest, now if Anonymous is being haunted by the living spirit of a man you can use a figure candle in the shape of a man but the process is the same.

There is a caveat, it is best to avoid drinking alcohol or doing recreational drugs as this will lower your own personal energies to repel the spirit invader. Should you indulge especially in recreational drugs then it will happen all over again.  A glass of champagne at a celebration is fine but its best to stick to sparkling water.  

Also do not think of that person, or spend any mental energy on them as it might re-create the link again and undo what you’ve done, and will have to repeat it.

In another post I will describe what to do with a psychic or energy vampire as well as several books to read to explain what else you can do for psychic protection.

Blessings Ms. Q and Anonymous


  1. Thank you for this. I've just left a comment on the other page, having not yet seen this post.

    So interesting that you mention a railroad spike. I have one on my altar. If I had a camera, I would show it to you. It makes me wonder if you were able to pick it up from the energy of my circumstance, which I know has been amplified astronomically high. Even more interesting is that while I have the problem with this unwelcome person, I also have a fusion with my biological mother (I call her by her first name, I do not call her any motherly word). Amazing.

    I do not drink any alcohol at all, and neither do those two people, but there is coffee. I will need caffeine pills in order to stop drinking coffee. If getting rid of the coffee will help to break unwanted fusions with these people, I will do that. I'm apparently going to have to alter my entire lifestyle in order to be free.

    Thank you.

    1. Caffeine in coffee is not as harmful as caffeine pills so I would stay with coffee but reduce my intake of it.

      Caffeine pills can cause a form of hallucination, so avoid those, and if you have been taking caffeine pills stop them, Do get a St. Michael's medal as well and you can use common table or cooking salt if Kosher or Sea Salt is not immediately at hand.

      You are not trapped in your home, remember that. And if these people harass you when you go out of your home, you can call the police to help moderate things.

      One thing you can do is this---simply ignore them, mentally say to yourself "St. Michael you are my sword and shield" repeat that as you ignore them, they are non-existent to you.

      About picking up on the energy of your situation--I do meditation and ask my Guides what is the best situation that I've encountered that will help the person. And that two situations came to mind.

      Personally I had a wonderful Mother and Grandmother, and feel blessed to have had them in my life. I know there are many who are not in that situation.

      I need to take a slight break from writing, but please check back and I will post more on this. If possible get two more railroad spikes, keep the one on your altar, its needed there.

      The one thing I've discovered is it's best to let the other person look foolish, and always remain calm and focused, especially if you have to call the police to ask for their help, if you act hysterical the police will think you might be at fault but if you are calm and say that they have been harassing you and you'd like the police to talk to them to let them know what they are doing is possibly unlawful, they might get the hint.

      In another post I will relate how I had to deal with a person who acted this way and the results I've achieved.

      By the way you mention in your previous comment that one of the persons is a teenager... are you yourself under or over the age of 20? The reason why I ask is that there are some things a person over the age of 20 can do, that a teenager cannot, and there are something's a teenager might do energy wise that they don't realize they are doing.

      Explaining that in detail would take a long post. But sometimes it's good to be informed.

      Blessings My Dear

    2. Thank you so very much for your attention, time and assistance. I feel that it has been very helpful.

      My perception is that the local police are aware of the situation and I feel confident about that. It has been about 5 days now, the person has not come back to my house. I'm still working on exorcising them from my personal space (mental body, energy body). I have been fasting, which gives me a clearer vision.

      I'm very grateful for your help. Thank you so very much.

  2. How do I remove an unwanted spirit from your home/life that I brought on by spell work

    1. Dear Endless Love,

      It depends upon the spell work that you've done, if it's already in your house and surrounding your life, doing warding right now is like that old saying "Closing the Barn Door, AFTER the horse has escaped" It would keep the spirit then trapped in your home.

      I need to ask a few questions this will help me determine what to do:

      1. what type of spell work was involved? Was it something other than what I suggested that you do?

      2. Was graveyard dirt involved?

      3. Do you live or own your own place? (this is important for cleansing work)

      4. Describe the spell work as best as possible, because in a way I may have to "reverse engineer it"

      The best way I can give an in-depth response will be as a blog article so be on the watch for that. In the mean time wear a St. Michael's metal that has been Priest Blessed and say the St. Michael's prayer.

      It is listed under my labels as "St. Michael" (2)

      Say this prayer Morning when you get up, Noon time before you eat lunch and evening before you go to bed, that will help for now.

      Blessings my child,
      Ms. Q

  3. It was the banishing spell. The one where u bury the packet for 13 days. I did not use grave dirt but soil I brought from the store. They worker I woke with says the spirit will give everything I want for a while but is not the best spirit and may require more later. She saw the use of grave yard dirt. Which I have no clue why but maybe thats where it came from. . As a start she recommended holy water and burning arcangel Micheal candles. I have decided on my to do a house cleaning and burn sage and spray my house with holy water as well as my children.

  4. I do live in my own place, i rent. The spirit just watches my kids father, my kids and I. Im so upset with myself for even bring this into my life for a man.

    1. Dear Endless love,

      Does the "spirit" do anything more than watch you, the children and the childrens father? Does it appear to threaten you?

      And I'm a bit confused in your reference to Graveyard dirt, in the banishing spell I gave you there is no mention of graveyard dirt. Just regular soil.

      Did this person you work with suggest graveyard dirt?

      The reason I ask these things is to be sure that what you're seeing. I mean it could be an angle or the spirit of a loving family member as well or one of your spirit guides.

      Remember Fear can cause more harm than spirits. Because if this is a benevolent or good angle or loving family member then you do not have anything to fear.

      Blessings my child,
      Ms. Q

  5. I DID NOT use graveyard dirt. She suggested that when she did my reading. Stated she saw the use of my candles and the dirt.I used potting soil from walmart. She suggested the soil could have came from a graveyard and sold in the store. She told me this spirit is not one of a family member and she really dont like the type of spirit it is. I had no clue any spirits were around me other then the ones somesone saw around protecting me (assume it be my grandparents). Her reading brought up this "unwelcoming" sprint. The spirit will give me everything want
    and have requested in my work but will eventually be pull away from me because the spirit will want more.(im guessing from me). Right now the spirit is just watching us hanging around. Nothing threatening has happen. Im not sure if its the same spirit she speaks on but its in turmoil and wakes me up at night (that has been happening for a very long time). My concern is protecting my family now including my kids father because this spirit is around him too... i have been burning arcangel Michael candles for protection for all 4 of us and reciting the prayer.

    1. My apologies Endless Love, I misunderstood you.

      I am very familiar with Wal-Mart and it products, also my daughter is a very serious gardener and informed me that potting soil is really a compost made up largely of peat moss, pine bark, and perlite. (Perlite looks like tiny white pellets; it’s actually heat-puffed volcanic glass, included to keep the mixture from being too dense.)

      Potting soils are sterilized by steam to kill potentially disease-causing microorganisms. Spiritually speaking that should also banish or destroy any unwanted spirits from clinging to the soil.

      Peat moss comes from bogs in the Northern United States and Canada, and pine bark is what is not used in paper mills (and is excellent for orchids), unless the bog where the peat moss came from developed over an old grave yard, there is very little chance, next to none for it to have graveyard dirt.

      Part of this problem you’re having is that this spirit or spirits may have been around you before you started any magickal workings. When you did the workings you became more sensitive to the spirits.

      If you want to have these spirits leave you’re going to have to do this:

      If you feel that the potting soil is “contaminated” then get rid of the left over potting soil that’s still in the bag and the plant, container and potting soil that you still have, leave it at a cemetery to physically banish the spirit, put the potted plant on a grave and the remaining bagged soil in a trash can at the cemetery.

      Then cleans your entire home by Saging it and informing the spirit(s) especially the that the one in turmoil that it is not wanted in your home, that it does not belong there and forcefully tell it to leave in no uncertain terms.

      I'm going to post more in the reply section of your second post below, be sure to read it.

      Blessing My child,
      Ms. Q

  6. Ms. Q ,

    Come to think about I’m starting think this spirit has always been around. I spoke earlier I spoke when a man saw 3 spirits around me. One was like a grandmother and the other was like grandfather but one of them was very stand offish seem to have some sort of an attitude. She wasn’t giving him too much of feedback. We couldn’t determine who this one is. But the same way she said this particular spirit was doing just watching but doing no harm ( as of yet). What really got me thinking she stated this spirit is at turmoil and will wake me up in the middle of the night. That was happening long ago before I started my work. I think this one has been with me.

    1. To continue:

      Start saging (it's called Smudging using a bundle of dried Sage herbs) from the back of your home and if it’s two levels start at the top and work down, including stairs saying over and over again for it to leave, continue doing it right to the front door, open the door and tell the spirit to get out and leave and never come back.

      Then close the door sprinkle a line of salt over the bottom of the doorway and leave the salt there for 3 days at least.

      Then after you Smudge and close the door and lay down the salt, go back and sprinkle Holy Water (you can do it by dipping your fingers into a bowl holding the water and flicking it into the 4 corners of each room, include any stairs.

      Keep a picture of Jesus next to the front door, and have you and your children wear the St. Michael medals, if you want you can have the children’s father wear one as well. (they do not have to be expensive)

      As an extra added precaution, keep a bowl of Holy Water near the front door and bless yourself making the sign of the cross this is done by touching with two fingers from the right hand, the forhead, then the chest, then left shoulder then right shoulder I usually say “Father (forhead), Mother (chest), Holy (left shoulder) Spirit (right shoulder) Jesus protected me, Amen” (encourage the children to do it too) each time you go out and each time you come into your home.

      Once the spirit knows it is not wanted and told to leave it will go, and it will not have any hold over you.

      The only other possibility is that where your home is might have been built over an unknown grave or graveyard, in the early 1800’s it was not unusual to bury family members in a plot of land set aside for burial on their farm land. If you are more in a dense city (like New York or Chicago etc) it would not have been unusual for areas of land again in the early 1800’s to have been potter’s fields to bury the poor and unwanted or unknown.

      And developers are notorious for non-disclosure. Either way this should be effective to remove this spirit.

      But do not even think of it for at least a week, this is to break any psychic connection to it.

      This should do it. If it’s in turmoil, it is not your problem, it’s up to God and his angels to deal with so don’t take it on and don’t pity it.

      You are not equipped to deal with spirits in torment, leave that to the professionals, but usually by taking the potted soil to the cemetery that usually settles the matter.

      Especially if you are not sure what or who this spirit is---the reason why it’s in turmoil is known only to itself, so it must leave and not inflict any worry upon you and it should leave you alone.

      Another thing you can do is sleep with a night light in your room, light will dispel the spirits energy and cannot manifest.

      I know this sounds cruel, but that is why in the church when we do the rosary we say at the end of each decade “O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy. Amen.”

      This is to help souls in torment have peace.

      Do the cleansing, it should help, it’s always worked for me and my family and many others.

      Blessings my child,
      Ms. Q

    2. P.S.

      You can buy the Sage bundles at a metaphysical shop, here on the west coast they run from $4 to 8 dollars.

      Ms. Q

  7. I have someone coming to my house to do a cleaning . I m first cleaning my house from top to bottom. You are so right I am not equip to handle alot of this stuff. I dont know how to protect myself. I have see fruits from my work but its not worth having anything attached me from doing it.

    1. Dear Endless Love,

      If you have someone coming in to do a psychic cleaning of your home that is good, and what you're doing is good too.

      Now what I have given you is what I call the "quick and dirty" method of clearing (Cleaning) your home. And it works.

      I also recommend that you print out my more complete version of how I and my Granny's ladies did it for your future reference.

      It may be different than what the person you have coming does, but that's fine, everyone has their own methods.

      The dates that I posted it was on Feb 2, 2013, then later March 1, 2014 and March 3, 2014, I list it as "warding" or "Shielding and Warding", that is a Wiccan term.

      Granny use to call it putting up the brick wall, I prefer the Star Trek reference as "Shields Up!"

      Print it out and keep it for future reference. Because you may need to do it at least once a year, sort of a Spring Cleaning.

      In fact I recommend that you read my blog from the very beginning, and print out what you need and put it into a binder, it will be of help to you, in the future, when someday I will no longer be around, but I do plan on being here for as long as possible.

      Blessings My Child,

  8. Thank you from my heart. My mother was a practitioner she was mentally ill and did things because of that but also simply evil that was her nature she did rituals to me from my childhood up until the day she died...when she was dying she refused to believe of the last times I went to see her she hugged me something that she never did..I had felt she did something that day...but in the grief and hurt I was experiencing I forgot about it and felt rather bad about thinking it. Prior to her death she saw beings and it was awful. Not long after she died I got very very ill..very ill Drs would find one thing then it would change to something else,,it literally went all through my body I am not young but not old very early 50s so it was weird but now I know...I would see her with some man in dark glasses all the time at took a while but I got them to stop coming here. I am hopeful the curses have stopped some had many addendum's... happens and sometimes it happens a lot I appreciate your blog so much but this post is priceless I was especially helped through the understanding of the chakras!!! So I say many many blessings to you. you should print this info out and publish it as a book I would buy it in a heartbeat as would many others. Christine

    1. Dear Christine,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and blessings.

      I’m happy that my post was of help to you.

      You say that you “see” your Mother with a man wearing dark glasses, I’m presuming that is either through dreams or visions or you catch a ghostly image of her with that man.

      Who he is I’m not sure, but I have known some root workers or conjure workers wearing dark glasses, so that people don’t see their eyes. I was told that if anyone saw their eyes their thoughts and soul would be seen, and possibly captured, so she (your Mother) was with a conjure worker.

      There was one that took the name Dr. Buzzard although there were many “Dr. Buzzards’ “ but he would fight evil with evil.

      I have the feeling that her spirit long before she passed was in alignment with the negative spirit of a conjure person.

      So anything you can do to kick her out of your life spiritually would be of great benefit to you.

      About my publishing a book, I do not think that will happen for many reasons, so I post it here for free on this Blog.

      Please feel free to print everything out including the comments and my replies because you will find information in that as well, and put it into a binder for your own use. Highlight in yellow any of the vital important parts.

      I give this information freely to one and all.

      May you have a prosperous and healthy New Year.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q