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Types of water for magickal uses-- Part 6---Section 3---Made or Charged waters~~~~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

I know the section of Made or Charged waters is long, but it does show how important water is used in spell work and ritual work.  We take it for granted and waste it with taking long showers or washing down our sidewalks and drive ways, or filling luxury swimming pools when it should be measured carefully drop by precious drop.
Yes we do need to drink it to keep hydrated, yes we do need it to water our plants and animals, yes we do need it to keep clean our clothes, bodies and cooking utensils and home.  But it should never be wasted.  I would prefer to see lawns of vegetables and fruits than green grass unless its to feed an animal.  And trees of sustainable fruits or much needed lumber. But eliminate much of the useless and wasteful sprinkler systems.
I use simple drip irrigation and in the evening a misting system, that uses far less water.  Even though I have a dish washer I do not use it unless I'm giving a party and even then I use paper plates and hand wash my metal utensils. Laundry is a full load of the same types of colors and clothes, bathing I do quickly with a timer.  I have friends who go so far as to using "grey water".  All of this needs to be looked into carefully.  Washing the car???  Only the windshield and by hand, if its really bad we go to a car wash that uses recycled water.

When Dracula said “The Blood is the Life, Mr. Renfield” he could have easily been talking about water as well.

“Waters” in ritual and spell work can also include vinegars, cologne, and such alcoholic products as whiskey and vodka, that is why in the previous post I included Vinegar and 4 Thieves Vinegar as well as Florida Water(a cologne) and Hoyt’s cologne.  The last two were over the many years discovered to have certain qualities in cleansing and banishing works.

Now I have not mentioned wine (vinegar is an exception), well that is because wine is, at least according to how I was instructed, the blood of the fruit of the vine, and it was wine that Jesus spiritually converted into his blood for he was the fruit of the vine as well as the blood of the lamb.   So wine in ritual should be offered and drunk as a ritual drink separate from spell work.  Only when used as part of a love potion is wine considered.

So now I will continue and hopefully finish the sections on Made or Charged waters.

Even with all the mentions of the types of waters that I listed previously Waters can be charged with magical power and intentions. Not all charged waters are really waters. Some are alcohol-based formulas, which recalling that the roots of alchemy, perfumery and liqueur began with magic brews, philters (drinks) and potions, much like Astrology was the ancestor to Astronomy.

But we have to keep in mind while some potions that you read about may be consumed, many formulas are for external or ceremonial use only, so caution must be exercised.

Now Charged or made waters must also be viewed in the context of perfume designations, such as eau de Cologne (“water of Cologne”) or of alcoholic beverages, such as whiskey (Gaelic for “water of life”). In the making of some potions Vodka that is not fruit flavored infused,  is recommended as a base, not because it may be consumed, but due to its minimal scent.

Avoid common rubbing alcohol, as the strong aroma will interfere with that of the formula. And of course never consume anything that contains rubbing alcohol as it is highly poisonous.

Some waters are used for Banishing and hexing, some for blessing so let us continue----


This is used for banishing unwanted people and/or spirits.  To make you grind ashes from a fire or the burning of holy woods such as cedar, cypress or Palo Santo, sea salt, coriander and red pepper to fine powder. Add the powder to plain spring water or if you have something specific in mind then from a sacred spring.

Sprinkle around the house in the four corners, or across the path of a person you want to leave.  In some cases if you can sprinkle it on the person, make it look like and accident.


There are various mentions of two types of 7 sisters in spell work, but the most famous are the 7 Sisters of New Orleans sometimes known as the 7 Sisters of Algiers (an area in New Orleans), I’ll write about them at length later, but their waters is supposed to help with blessings and psychic work, what the formulas are I do not know as many traditional hoodooists protect their formulas as it is passed down word of mouth from generation to generation, and since my granny never worked with their water or have need of it I really don’t know of its specific uses except that I include it here for your information.  I do know that they did Alpha Omega Water, Glory Water, Sacred Heart Water, and others.


Now this is a bit confusing as Mrs. Bella and her twin sister Della called it Evil Eye water, Mrs. Washington called it Elijah Water but Mrs. Byrd was half German and half Russian on her Mother’s side, Mrs. Byrd’s husband was German as well, but she called this same water Perun water.

According to Russian folk lore, Perun is a thunder spirit. His feast days are July 20th and July 30th, known as “thunder days.”  But Bella and her sister were Italian and said that those were holy days, and Mrs. Washington was from Louisiana, now where she learned it I’m not sure but the belief about it is the same. If rain fell on those days that water was to have magical power. It was important to bottle it and use for protection against the Evil Eye, or any malevolent magic, and serious illness.

I’d have to say if we were lucky to get a Summer shower of any import on either of those two days in the middle of Summer I’d say that it was very magical and powerful.


Bay Rum was used and in some areas is still used as an after shave, especially by old time barbers as an astringent perfume. It has been famously used by men as an aftershave in the 19th and early part of the 20th century.  It was observed that some men especially bankers seemed to have extra skills at making good investments after a shave and a haircut and a splash of Bay Rum from their barber, because of that it took on a magical import.

The original Bay Rum formula is used for gambling, and luck, as well as for healing and cleansing spells  with the fire element, and to enhance divination skills.

 It can be placed in baths for personal cleansing, used as an offering to spirits, or placed on the tip of a broom which is used to sweep a carpet to cleanse it of evil messes.

The “bay” in Bay Rum refers to the berries of a Caribbean tree, Jamaican bayberry, rather than to the bay laurel leaves that are a staple of many magic spells. Do not substitute bay laurel leaves for Jamaica bayberry. Instead, use allspice berries, which have similar magic properties.

 Jamaica bayberry is available as an essential oil, and so a true Bay Rum can easily be created. For True Bay Rum, you will need essential oils of Jamaica bayberry, petitgrain, allspice, cardamom and cloves

Add the dry ingredients to one pint of fine dark Caribbean rum. Or if you use essential oils dilute the essential oils in a fine, fragrant dark rum and distilled water. Shake it and let it sit for a week. Strain out any solid ingredients.  Place a small bay leaf in the master bottle.  The presence and fragrance of the Jamaica bayberry should dominate the blend. If you have access to Jamaica bayberries, dried botanicals may be substituted for essential oils, and orange zest may be substituted for petitgrain.


Water--itself is vital to human life, it has always played an important role in religious and magickal rituals. Water is commonly used in religious rites to cleanse people, places, or things. In many churches especially fundamentalist churches, people were ritually immersed in a natural body of water by the preacher to symbolize their “rebirth in Christ” this was and is an outward sign of their inward spiritual transformation.

 In the Catholic Church, Holy Water (water blessed by a Priest) is often sprinkled on people, objects, or in dwellings such as houses to bless and cleanse them of any negative energy. 

In the Hoodoo Tradition, you will find many different baths are often prescribed for various conditions. These baths often contain an herb(s), mineral, or chemical in addition to the water depending on the need of the individual.  With so many people developing sensitivity to skin conditions I would exercise caution in using some of these baths

 Many spiritual-waters began as herbal perfumes or colognes and thus often have an alcohol base despite being identified as water.

But over time spiritual practitioners began using these perfumes or colognes in accordance with the magickal correspondences associated with the herbs they contained.  For the herbs used is what made and makes certain colognes spiritually active.

 For this reason, spiritual waters are often added to baths, floor-washes, or rubbed onto the body.  Another use is to use the water to feed mojo bags, wash talismans, roots, or clean candles before their use in spells. Finally, some spiritual waters may be used as offerings to spirits or the ancestors in some cases, again one has to study carefully what would be correct especially dealing with one’s ancestors.

For example I would not offer my Mother whiskey but I know she would welcome Spring Water and a bit of her favorite perfume dropped onto a cotton ball for her to spiritually breathe.

I now come to Lunar Waters---


Each month on the night of the full moon, you can take ordinary Spring water and place a glass bowl out where the water can receive the full charge of the Moon’s rays.

Each month each Moon has a different designation, as well as it being in a different Astrological sign, so in some cases you can put out 2 bowls of water, one for the spiritual moon and the other for the Astrological aspect of the sign that the Full Moon occurs in.

Now some people will take it a step further and collect the rays of the Dark Moon, New Moon, and if there are two Full moon’s the second is called a Blue Moon (which I talked about in an earlier post), or if there are two Dark moons in a month the 2nd Dark Moon is called a Black Moon, and just recently we also had a Blood Moon, that was a full moon but in Eclipse.

Each Lunar water has a different energy  and is charged by the powers of the Moon. The clue for the success of the Lunar Water is to align the procedure with the waxing part of the Lunar Circle, from the New Moon till the Full Moon without missing even one day of the Lunar Circle.

This is for Astrological aspects as well as Lunar aspects but with Black, Dark, Blue or Blood Moons you can only capture those energies that night.

 NEVER EXPOSE THE LUNAR WATER TO SUNLIGHT FOR IT WILL WIPE OUT ITS EFFECTIVENESS!  Get up before the rising of the Sun and place the bowl of water in to a dark cabinet away from Sunlight.

When you put the water out put the index finger of your dominate hand (the one that you write with) into the water and call upon whatever Deity or Angel or guardian spirit to charge your water.

Now I remember my Grandma doing it with a simple request but she’d call upon Mother Mary, she’d stir the water with her index finger saying upon each stir “In the name of the Father, (stir) In the name of the Son (stir)  and the name of the Holy Ghost”(stir)

Still keeping her finger in the water and looking up at the Moon she’d say

I call upon Holy Mary,

Queen of Heaven,

Mother of God incarnate,

Vessel of the Holy Spirit,

as the Moon, your sign, grows stronger,

Bless and make holy this water with

your sacred Light

Through it, in it  and with it

 help me with your

Divine Grace and Might.

Accessing the power of the Element of Water requires very little energy but it has to be done for a long time. It is very important not to miss even one night of the Waxing Moon! The Water should be charged every night!  But through your patience and effort you will gain an important element in your magickal workings

Here are some easy uses for Lunar Water, through research over the internet and in books I’m sure you’ll find more:

To increase your Psychic Powers with Lunar Water:  Every night when you pick up the bowl but before you put it  back into its cabinet,  put your index finger of your strong hand into the water and make a clockwise circle on your forehead seven times. And just sleep.

To increase Romance in a happy couple and for Fertility: Pour some into a small glass bowl and  every night  put the bowl under your bed and make love.

To maintain Youth and beauty:    When you pick up the bowl prior to sun rise splash some of it onto your face with the water and if it’s very early in the morning go back to sleep.

To Banish negativity and be protected from Evil:    Each night sprinkle some Lunar Water on you and your room visualizing that you and your room  is sparkling with  the Bright Light of the Moon.


If you do not believe in the power of Church Blessed Water but believe that calling upon your own deities will make your water holy, this is how to consecrate it or charge it.

Making and charging your own holy water

First have rain water selected or if need be plain Spring water

Prior to preparing the water you need to prepare yourself by bathing in water in which several drops of   Fiery Wall of Protection and Dragon's Blood oil has been added , if you don’t have that then either sea or kosher salt, while reciting psalms and/or sacred verses.  Believe it or not the 23 psalm is very effective, the rhythm of the words and you can say “the Lord and Lady is my Protector”

Prepare the water either nude or in clean ritual clothing. If you feel uncomfortable doing it nude or do not have ritual clothing then use fresh, clean clothing, preferably white and made from natural fabrics if possible, avoid polyester or polyblends.

Pour the uncharged water into a glass or crystal bowl.

Place it between two unlit white candles.

Light incense first (frankincense, copal, benzoin, and/or white sage) and then the candles.

Pass the bowl of water through the incense smoke.

During this part visualize why you're preparing this water. Visualize the results this water will bring.

Then return the bowl to its place between the candles, continue visualizing until you feel it is set and leave everything in place until the candles burn out, continue to relax and meditate for at least one hour, then let the candles burn, keep the cell phone, radio, T.V. off do not disturbed the energies.

Bottle the water.

My Granny had an old 12 inch 78 record that played the “Humming Chorus” from Madame Butterfly, and I’ve always found that music to be perfect to set the energy to the water.  Later I was able to put it onto a Cassette tape, for her, more recently I was able to put it onto CD and have it set to play for an hour when I charge my waters.

I remember my Granny would tell my Uncle who lived with her (he had an apartment in the bottom half of the house) that he needed to go out and have some fun, he knew what that meant and asked when it was a good time for him to return.

So what do you do with your own made holy water?  This is some of the many uses:

•Use Holy Water for cleansing and purification in your bath, or sprinkled on your altar and in corners of your home.

•Holy Water is thought to be capable of magically transmitting physical relief, especially for headaches and tension, so use it in compresses or massage oil for healing spells.

•Use Holy Water to cleanse and empower tools, plants and crystals – they may be sprinkled or soaked, depending on the nature of the material

Holy water (non-church) can be any water that is held sacred, or which has special significance for the spell-caster. This may be water from a shrine dedicated to a deity, or water from a sacred spring.

 In modern Wicca, holy water may be spring, rain, lake or river water with salt added. Some covens maintain unique recipes, which may include rosemary, thyme and vervain or other herbs. Crystals may be used to charge holy water.

But no matter what Holy Water or holy water, whether Church, Wiccan, or other religious belief, must be consecrated and activated via sacred ritual, either by the Church or by your own visualization.

And that is as far as I can personally take you on Sacred Waters, Holy Waters, Made Waters, or Charged Waters, as you investigate and research various beliefs and rituals you will discover more to add to your book. 

What I have given you is by no means definitive but it does give you a starting point.   As I come across more information I will add what is called "Addendums" or extra chapters to this information.
But for now I do need to rest and take a break, I had not realized how exhausting this was, and I've neglected other things. But I will return with information on other things and yes there will be many more posts.

Many Blessings Ms. Q


  1. I recently used black water in an attempt to cleanse my home and to help my son rid himself of depression, addiction, and spiritual oppression. I asked for all evil and depression to be cast of the home. I cleansed the entry way to my home, stair landing, and steps. The next day (yesterday) my son left the home. That's not what I wanted. Coincidence? I read your blog about being careful with this water before I used it and thought that I was very specific about it. Can whatever I did wrong be corrected or is this perhaps an unfortunate coincidence?

    1. My Dear,

      My first reaction was “Oh Dear!” But then I re-read your post carefully. You wanted to do two things, 1st Cleans your home

      And 2nd Help your son rid himself of some serious problems including spiritual oppression.

      Then you became specific and asked for all evil and depression to be cast off or out of the home.

      The next day your son left.

      It was Not a coincidence, you asked that all evil and depression be cast off or out of your home, it was in your son so it had your son leave, and it took itself physically out of your home but taking your son with it.

      You should have said to have it leave the body of your son and leave your house cast itself out of your son’s body, and out of your home.

      I would say that protecting your home and your personal environment comes first, so your son cannot come back into your home until whatever spiritually oppresses him leaves, and that will be hard to do, and it will be a very long hard battle. And sad to say one in which only a few win.

      I did a card reading for you and it shows that it is very important that your home and your home environment be a place of peace and white light protection. So in essence you did the right thing.

      I did a second reading about your son and it came out that your son’s energy is clearly out of balance, but only until he himself recognizes it will he work to get well. It won’t be easy.

      If he wants to come back home you must be firm and lay down some strict rules, the first that he get help for his addiction and his depression, he must prove to you that he is doing it even if you have to get him into the doctors or clinic’s door and through it.

      Tell him he cannot back slide, there will be no 2nd chance and mean it. You Must be Strong, even when it hurts.

      And another rule is both he and you as well must start attending church, I do not know what faith you are but I do recommend either a Catholic church that has programs for addicts, they are out there, or an Episcopal church but make sure it has programs that can help him. And go to church every Sunday.

      Light a St. Jude candle (you can buy them in drug stores such as Walgreens or CVS and you can find them in grocery stores) he helps difficult situations, if you cannot find a St. Jude candle then light a glass enclosed white candle and ask St. Jude to help your son.

      Put in your home an image of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, for two reasons, if you son reacts adversely to it then the spiritual oppression is much stronger than you expected, and again if he asks to come back lay down those rules, if he refuses, then protect yourself.

      If he asks again, again inform him of the rules, keep doing that until he realizes it is the only way to purify himself. And do not be deceived by him.

      I know that as a mother that is hard to do, it is your son, you love him or you would not have taken those steps, but sometimes it cannot be the soft hand but a swift kick in the butt. I should know I had to do that myself.

      Even in the Bible, the story about the Prodigal Son is about a young man who was dragged down by addiction and wanton ways, until he was eating with the pigs and starving, when he got that low he knew what he had done and returned to his father to beg forgiveness and was even willing to work as a common field hand just to be near his family.

      But when the child comes to their senses it is great rejoicing, but with addiction you have to help them be strong for the rest of their life.

      In my reading I saw that happening, but it will take quiet some time there will be tears, but you will need to do it.

      I will pray for you.

      Blessing My Dear