Sunday, May 25, 2014

Once again taking a break for surgery~~~~

Dear Ms. Q and to my blog readers,

I am going in for eye surgery next week and I will be unable to post for a while.

I had been postponing it because its only a cataract in one eye, not visually endangering but now it has reached a point where it is becoming difficult to read either on my computer or my notes, even with the aid of a magnifying glass.

My Doctor has said that of late he has seen more cataract problems with the increase of computer and e-books (such as Kindle etc.) and all those small apps on cell phones and his surgery on cataracts and other visions problems has increased.

Even the use of filters doesn't help, another thing is that more and more people are going out into the sun wearing fashion sunglasses and not those that are designed for your eye care or even the wearing of hats to shade ones eyes.

All that glare has increased the amount of eye problems that he is seeing in his medical office.

He honestly told me that although the removal of the cataract will solve my problem I have to think of it as cleaning a dirty window---I will Not get the vision of a 20 year old, No, but I will have the clear vision of someone who is 70 plus and still needs to wear glasses and use other visual aids.

At least he's honest about it.

However I will have to endure not being able to read for several weeks while my eye heals, but I have family to help me, and I can at least listen and watch  Television with my other good eye without straining it.  But it will be a bit boring.

I am going to have my niece go through my notes and such to at least help me organize it and attach comments to my notes as I dictate to her.  She is a good girl and is a bit surprised about her great-grandmother and her grandmother, I may have awakened her mind.

Until later Many Blessings to all of you and to you Ms. Q.

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