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Protection from Psychic or Energy Vampires and Living Ghosts Part 2~~~~

Dear Ms. Q and Anonymous,

In my previous post I demonstrated how to dislodge yourself from being Haunted by the spirit of a living person. 

One way was gentle because the person did not know they were haunting me, the 2nd way was far more drastic because the person was doing it deliberately.  

I do have to say a far simpler binding spell would usually take care of things, but because one has to take into consideration how much the living person is stalking their intended target the far more drastic procedures sometimes have to come into play.

Some practioners would do something like a banishing ritual or spell, some would also do a spiritual cleansing of themselves to remove possible negative energy.

Cleansing one’s home is usually the first thing to do , followed by cleansing one’s aura,  setting up protections in your home and then banishing or binding the psychic stalker.

Another thing is to also wear a St. Michael’s medal that has been Church or Priest blessed, and whenever you feel that someone is trying to “invade” your spiritual aura call upon St. Michael by saying “St. Michael is my Sword and Shield” or “St. Michael be my Sword and Shield” and then close off your mind to that energy, once you do that you do not give anyone any “wiggle” room to spiritually invade you.  

Now I know there are a number of you who are not of the Catholic Faith, but as my Daddy use to say “There are no Atheists in Foxholes” and you will use anything and everything to add to your arsenal of protection. 

And if you are dealing with someone who is stalking you also physically, harassing you, then call the police, speak to them of your problem, be calm, focused and precise about who, when and where this person started physically stalking you, ask the police to talk to this person to let them know what they are doing is unlawful.  The police may also give you other legal recommendations as well, if you can follow through with them I certainly would recommend it.

Because you can do a certain amount to protect yourself psychically, but only a limited amount to protect yourself physically, that is where calling in legal protection is important.

Now if a person is harassing you at work and is a co-worker then you have to follow what is known as “the chain of command” and speak to higher ups about this.

For Example:  This happened to me, long before I retired I had a co-worker who started working at my place of employment, she had only worked for 6 months, just long enough to get past her probationary period, once that happened then she could not be easily let go by the company without facing a lawsuit.

After the 7 month she started harassing me at work, trying to undermine me, in essence she was planning to take over my position, a position that I had been at for nearly 20 years and never once did I have a complaint about my work or job performance.  It was little things at first, but then I’d discover important papers were missing and other things, which hampered me.  I’d find them eventually but it caused me to lose valuable time.

Then there would be complaints by customers claiming I ill-treated them, after the first 3 complaints I realized something was happening. 

If you go back to my earlier post about how to protect yourself at the work place, it will explain in far more detail what I did to set up my protections, in wicca it’s called “Wards”.  I made arrangements with my supervisor to come in early to work, claiming I needed the extra time to find missing paperwork, I had already found the paperwork, but I really needed that extra time for was to set up my protections at my work cubical.  Once I did that and meditated there for a couple of minutes I saw in my mind’s eye what was happening and by whom.

I then asked several co-workers whom I trusted if they had seen anyone going through my files, 2 of them did, with that I went to my supervisor and explained my concerns about the missing papers, he said that he had other complaints from other staffers about things being moved around or missing.  I gave him permission to place a surveillance camera in the form of a clock in my cubical, but only in mine to see what was happening.   I also requested that a co-worker should be with me when I handled any customers. 

For several weeks while my wards were in place nothing happened, my supervisor was ready to remove the camera but I said give it two more weeks, and then I took a chance and removed my wards.  This new employee was caught improperly removing important papers from my cubical on the camera.

She denied it saying she needed those papers to complete some things and they had information, needless to say it went up to Human Resources and she was put back on probation.  The customer complaints did continue and that was a concern for my supervisor even though I said I had witnesses saying how well I handled the customers and nothing happened that they complained about. 

I went back to wearing my St. Michaels medal, and doing the white light of protection around me, I called upon my family in spirit and my guardian angels and St. Michael to reveal what was happening, it takes an effort to do this, and I felt I was being bombarded from all sides on this.  But this time I had my supervisor working with me and the next day the person I had assisted called my supervisor to complain about me, this person did not realize my supervisor had worked with me the day before.

Something enlightened him because he started asking this person questions, such as “Did you have a problem with this employee before, what day, what about”  etc. etc.  The answers tallied with the dates of the other complaints about me and from this person and one other.  Then my supervisor asked the customer if there was an employee they preferred to have work with them and the answer was the name of the new employee who had been harassing me.

With that my supervisor realized I was being set up, and it tallied with the missing papers and items situation.  In the meantime I put my wards back in place.  A couple of my co-workers asked if I could help them with their work areas and I did and they ceased to have problems, and instead it went to other co-workers. 

In regards to the customer complaints my Supervisor was able to explain that it was being done deliberately by friends of the new staffer, again she was talked to by H.R. and was given a warning.

She left me alone after that and no more customer problems, but soon after one of my co-workers Sally complained to me over lunch how she always felt drained after dealing with the new worker.   I suggested she first see a doctor to eliminate any physical problem.  Sally’s doctor said there was nothing physically wrong with her.  But she still complained about feeling drained after encountering the new employee.

That was when I realized that this woman was now employing psychic or energy vampirism.  

When dealing with someone like that you first have to know the tactics they employ to get someone into their field to feed off of you.  Lots of times they appear to be friendly, seeking you out, giving unexpected little gifts, sometimes they are drama “queens” in which everything in life surrounds around them and how adversely could it affect them.

The best example of a psychic vampire is from one of the funniest comedies currently on television “The Big Bang Theory”  believe it or not most of the actions of the character of Sheldon Cooper, although exaggerated, is exactly like that of a psychic vampire.  Just take some of that and turn it down several notches and you will have the ear marks of such a creature.  The only thing that offsets the Sheldon Cooper character from becoming completely a negative character is his brilliance and also his child-like behavior and some of the strange situations he gets into and he is not an intentional vampire, just un-aware.

Intentional psychic vampires are manipulative people who seek to take all they can from others without ever giving in return. When pressed, they rarely give away information in any detail and refuse to build up much of a picture of their own lives but live under an aura of mystery and aloofness.

 They may claim to be able to do fantastical things, like being able to live forever, able to move things with thoughts, or put out fires through thought, etc., or other fantastical things, but when pressed, they won't provide much evidence.

They are often arrogant, angry, and controlling; they'll also try to befriend leaders or powerful people in order to use these people as part of their manipulative influence. They'll often insist that they're right, period, and won't listen to your perspective but will argue theirs eternally.  Some of them are chiasmic, or hypnotic to younger impressionable people.  

Perhaps the best example of such manipulation in literature is the character Iago in
Shakespeare's play "Othello".

Non-intentional psychic or unknowing vampires are people who manage to drain your energy through constant questioning and seeking ideas from you without really contributing anything novel of their own.

They're often disorganized people who might be really lovely to know but who never manage to sort out their own life and expect your help to achieve this all the time.  They are sometimes Drama Queens, as in “Everything happens to meeeee” or they go the Nth degree and expose themselves when planning their own weddings and being “Bridezilla’s” or they are extremely needy people who will not make an effort to help themselves even though they do have the capacity to do it.

Sometimes they are what is called a “passive-aggressive” personality and I recommend to look it up as it’s far too detailed for me to explain.

 As soon as a pattern is set, they're lulled into expecting you'll always be on hand to help them and drain you of what little energy you have.  

Surprisingly even children are psychic vampires.  My first grade teacher Mrs. Lam would tell mothers, especially first time mother’s “Let the child work it out, don’t give in to them.”   She’d go on to say, that it is one thing to encourage them and praise them for their efforts, but it is another thing to do everything for them at the least little whimper out of them.  Of course it’s different if they are injured.  But my Mother realized that Mrs. Lam’s advice was right on the money.

Our new employee was draining Sally with a combination of being an intentional vampire, but coupled with some of the passive vampire actions such as questions and non-assistance and negative attitude that the world is out to get them and seeking re-assurance from people to tell them that it’s not.

I gave Sally some pointers on how to deal with this person, but then I had to do a binding ritual as well.

Now in my previous post I mentioned using a black figure candle depending upon the sex of the person you wish to bind, but another way especially if you are in an emergency situation, is this:

Get a small piece of paper or cardboard that can be rolled, 

with a black felt tip pen write the person’s name on it 9 times, if you don’t know the person’s name then a description (you driver in the red Camaro that cut me off on Blank street….),

then turn the paper one ¼ turn and write their name again 9 times,

 roll the paper or cardboard way from you until it is like a small tube, 

then taking string, yarn or twine, wrap the tube of cardboard with the string from one end to the other leaving a bit of string handing off of one end and allowing enough string to hang off the other end,

while you are wrapping the tube say over and over again “3 times 3 I bind thee to stop doing harm to me, 3 times 3 I bind you to stop doing harm close to you.”

Really cover that tube of cardboard with that string or twine, even if you have to go back and forth over the tube,

then tie it off at both ends,

then safely burn the entire thing in a heat resistant pot make sure you don’t set off smoke alarms or set anything on fire, and take the ashes and scatter them in a moving body of water,  if you are unable to do that, then take it far away from your home and bury it in a far corner of a cemetery. 

Either way once the person is bound they cannot be unbound by doing this.

Once I did this, this person could not harm Sally any more but some tips that I gave Sally was this, until it could be done or if she met up with someone like this person.

I told Sally to resist her. The most powerful word is "no" in any language.  I told her to not allow herself to be a doormat or a people pleaser, to say "no" when she is not able to fulfill a request or demand, or simply be not interested in doing what the other person wanted of her.

I told Sally to avoid this person and if she was cornered by the other woman then to avoid answering her questions or probing. In refusing to provide much in the way of information, or saying “I don’t know ask someone else”, it denies the person to access her energy.

Other ways to shield Sally from the psychic connection with this person was to wear colors of protection, such as Purple, this is the color associated with psychic protection, so I told her to wear a purple piece of clothing such as a scarf or sweater or blouse, even jewelry with purple stones helps to ward off the attempts of an energy or psychic vampire.

Another thing is a piece of jewelry that looks like or incorporates a mirror, to reflect back the negative energy from the person

Call on Archangel Michael to cut away any energy that does not serve your highest good.

And Crossing her arms in front of her cuts off any negative energy attempts.  

Crossing one’s arms is an almost instinctual move many of us do when we’re around negative people. When you cross your arms in a folded position over your chest, you’re protecting your solar plexus chakra – the seat of your personal power. You can also cross your fingers. This will help lock in your aura so their energy can’t effect yours.

Once I was able to help Sally, and protect myself as well as several other co-workers, I could see how frustrated this woman became, and I knew it was just a matter of time before she placed herself in a position where she’d be uncomfortable to stay.

In essence the binding ritual did its work, because of her duplicity H.R. (Human Resources) informed her that she had to remain on probation for another year because of what she had done that they had both a visual and written record of.

The woman went to the Union to seek help but when they discovered what she had done they said they could not help her.   Not having even Union support she decided to leave, but she claimed she was leaving because of an unhealthy work environment and attempted to sue the company, but her lawyer and subsequent lawyers said that because of the evidence the company had, and that I had given permission to have a surveillance camera just at my work cubical because of concerns that I had, her case would only be thrown out of court.

Eventually she moved back East, far, far away from everyone.

The binding ritual is very good to do to prevent a living person from “haunting” you, as well as using it to defuse a Psychic/Energy Vampire.  But the other protections that I’ve mentioned in this post will work as well.

But there are many way to protect yourself, far more than I could possible enumerate, so I’m going to recommend these books to you my Readers, they can be bought at either Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Llewellyn Publications

“Psychic Self-Defense: The Classic Instruction Manual for Protecting Yourself Against Paranormal Attack” by Dion Fortune    This is a classic book on the subject and should be on everyone’s reference shelf, because it was written in the 1930’s many young people will find it a bit boring but if you don’t read it you will miss out on the original methods of protection which hold true even today.

Other titles that I recommend are:

Psychic Protection for Beginners, Creating a Safe Haven for Home & Family by Richard Webster
Psychic Shield: The Personal Handbook of Psychic Protection by Caitlin Matthews
The Llewellyn Practical Guide To Psychic Self-Defense & Well Being (Llewellyn Practical Guides) by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips

Psychic Self Defense: Guidance and Countermeasures by Robert Bruce

Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook, The: A Survival Guide by Robert Bruce

And this is only a few of the many books that are out there.

Not all of what they suggest may fit into your beliefs but again I must remind you of what my Daddy said to me  “There are no Atheists in Fox holes”   and since he survived fighting in World War II, I could not dispute his wisdom or his life experience.

Blessings Ms Q and Anonymous

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