Sunday, May 18, 2014

An interruption in my writing or taking a short break~~

Dear Everyone,  all of you who read my blog,

I'm going to need to take a short break from posting information for a while, some family matters have come up that need to be attended to.

I recommend to all of you who have just newly discovered my blog to start reading it from the Very First Post.

Do NOT SKIP around and read only what You think is interesting to you.  I have found that when new readers do that, they may miss out on something that is important to them.  Or will find the answer they need in those earlier posts.

The first part or early part of my Blog was dealing with wicca, witchcraft, but I need to remind everyone that I do a lot of things in terms of witchcraft, Catholic mysticisms and ritual, a touch of conjure and a bit of hoodoo, Not Voodoo.

As I was growing up My Grandmother had a group of ladies who were pretty much from all over the United States and the World who immigrated here to the US and eventually to where my Grandmother lived.

So my learning was eclectic or a mix-bag.  The ladies in my Grandmother's group were from Germany and Russia, England, Italy, Louisiana, Hawaii, Portugal and the Azores, Brazil, France, oh we were a mixed bag, and even though a few were Protestant, most were Catholic.

One of my earliest religious teachers was an old Jewish Rabbi who was very old and could not be quiet as active in his temple, but people who knew him would go to him for advice, which my Grandmother felt would help me get a very good grounding in my religious teaching, his children were grown as well as his grandchildren, so having a child around him, playing checkers or Old Maid amused him.  I remember he said to me many times that I kept his mind young, asking him questions all the time.  And I learned from him as well.  And from his wife who was 20 years younger than him.

Just as I learned from the ladies in Granny's group and from my Grandmother.  I did say I'm over 60 years old---I just didn't say how much over 60, lets just say I was born before World War II.  That will give you an idea of the era I grew up in.

But I do need to take a short break,  To one person whom I recently posted to, I have not forgotten you, and I will conclude with what you and others may need to do for protection, but I do have to take care of some things.

Blessings to all,
Ms. Q

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