Sunday, February 5, 2017

I am a bit behind in replying to your questions/comments~~~~

Hello Everyone,

I have to apologize but many of you have been posting questions and comments, and I am a bit behind in replying to them.

So what I've done is I've posted your comments so you all will know they are there,  one of you actually tried to post the same question 3 times,  because it does not come up immediately it is to prevent inappropriate comments from coming up.

I ask all of you to please be patient, some of you have asked some very interesting questions which require my going through my notes to confirm what I know. 

I'm also trying to write another article to post as well.

And it seems I've been invaded by the family, something about celebrating the Super Bowl at my house since I have the most room.  But I don't think I was consulted,  I think my husband has some explaining to do.

I think it's the Falcons vs. the Patriots.   

And it's also pot luck here as well for dinner, if anyone will any room in their stomachs after eating all those chips and dip and other appetizers.

I love my family but sometimes it's like being invaded by the Visigoths.   And I'm not into the "Game of Thrones" story line. 

And why is this person Lady Gaga on the roof?

Sorry I don't follow football.

Either way I'm going to be delayed in responding, so please be patient.

Thank you.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q


  1. Ms. Q,

    Sounds like a weekendful of people!

    Moon phases question:
    I found out that the full moon will be on February 10th, but if I will be doing my works (hopefully) consecutively well past the 10th, when the moon is waning and will be a new moon, does that reverse what I've worked for during the first week(s) or should I keep on going until March 12th?

    1. Dear Lightningale,
      I do love my family but they can become overwhelming, a couple of them will be staying with me through the weekend, but at least they are the more quiet ones.

      If a jar is started on the new to full moon phase it will continue that way as long as it exists. A honey jar keeps working for as long as you want it to work or until the desired result is achieved.

      I have a friend of mine who has kept hers going (working it) for over 40 years to have peace, love, harmony and prosperity in her home and it has worked, and that is with the same jar for 40 years!

      I know another person who did hers for 2 months her husband was in the military had completed his 20 years and was going to get out but for some reason he was kept on for 2 more months so she did a honey jar to protect him so he could come home safely, and he did and retired from the military and went into designing security systems in the private sector, she has kept that honey jar but has not worked it, but she felt that as long as it was there it would work quietly. She did a 2nd one for prosperity and that has worked.

      Now a 3rd person did one for reconciliation and yes after 3 months she and her ex did get back together but then she re-discovered why they broke up so she undid her honey jar and said bye-bye to the reconciled boyfriend and wished him good luck, but this time it was without animosity.

      So yes, keep it going until March 12, if there is no results, then take it apart and let it go.

      O.K. I wrote that above part before I got your latest post, and now I’m going to say , you need to stop working the jar. Things now are completely messed up, so stop working it. Read my reply to your latest post under “Honey Jars for love”

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  2. How long-lasting these honey jars are to be! Of course, if one keeps it safe.
    I should. I fell asleep while meditating and the person who shared a room with me woke me up and I grabbed him (he said) and because I didn't want him to blow it out, he was wondering if I was doing hoodoo. As mentioned in my other comment, we had to go to sleep and the couple was going to get up.

    1. Dear Lightningale,

      A Honey jar can last for as long as they need to be worked.

      A friend of mine has been working hers for 45 years and she managed to keep it safe from very active youngsters. Now they are adults and understand what she has been and is doing, they leave it alone.

      In essence you are doing hoodoo, conjure etc. but not voodoo, there is a difference.

      It's best to just let the jar that you have rest. And no more candle work.

      If you want to use a candle to meditate with there are these battery operated ones that are safe, and work quite well. Many churches are now using battery operated devotional lights.

      I've seen them for sale in hardware stores, gift shops, etc. even grocery stores.

      So if you want a candle to meditate with use a battery operated one.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  3. Ms. Q,

    Just wondering... So I can't even light a scented candle and leave it be for the scent of the house?

    In the future, if I encounter a stingray on my honey jar, should I do a protection spell?
    You mentioned that negative energy was attracted to my work yesterday morning; if I did a protection spell yesterday, would it block or repel negative energy? (Keeping in mind that magic won't manifest as desired anymore.)

    Back before I did the honey jar, I did reconciliation spells. Was the honey jar(s) linked to the spells or did it/will it affect the spells' outcomes or is each its own separate magic?
    "Do not try to influence..." To clarify, I can't do spells like seeing what that someone thought of me or have him dream/think of me? (I think that seeing what someone thinks of me is more of a spell on and affecting me.)

    Does what Davina (character from a fictional television show of three complete seasons already, The Originals) practice come close to any of the magic you know of? The setting of the story is in New Orleans (although filming it is mostly in Georgia). I know that most, if not all, of the show is fictional.

    If, in the future when I have my own privacy, I did any spells with the same or a similar intention, it wouldn't work, right? Because the honey jar erased all of future's possibilities...

    Just a thought... Can I make a honey jar for negative energy? Would it turn into neutral or positive energy? I know it sounds silly... but I had to ask.

    The hoodoo rootworker and witch as she calls herself didn't give me the readings that I ordered almost two weeks ago (said she'll reply within 72 hours) and I tried to reach out to no avail innumerable times and talked to her secretary twice. She's been trained by Catherine Yronwode. I am not sure what I should do because I don't want to start a problem with my bank about her because she's capable of a lot of things that I am unfamiliar with.
    Anyway, I just really would like to know... So if I may ask, why did my honey jar target cut off contact with me?
    The last time we were together in person, we left off on a good note.
    And magic aside, because you said love should be effortless, do you see any possibilities between us or did the broken honey jar affect/prevent all natural outcomes' chances of occurring?
    (If I have to pay for a reading, please do direct me to your website where such matters can be attended to.)

    Hope your computer gets well!
    Stay in good health, too, I wish for you!

    1. Dear Lightningale,

      My computer is going into the shop today to run a diagnostic to it, so I cannot answer your questions in depth as much as I'd like to.

      I suggest that for now until I can properly reply to you to hold off doing the work.

      Lighting a scented candle for scent is different, there is no energy put into it, that is fine.

      About the rootworker, contact her again, she may be backed up like I am, advise her that you are concerned and do not have much in the way of funds and are hoping for some results.

      Usually Yronwode's trainee's a pretty good, but each also have their own personal problems and peccadillo's as well.

      About everything else, I'm sorry my dear but until I have my computer and internet problem resolved I cannot help anyone.

      But I will be in touch. Just hang in there.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Dear Lightningale,

      Let’s address your other questions:

      If you see a stingray on your honey jar, doing a protection spell would not suffice because it is a message, so you have to let it play out to see what develops.

      By stopping doing the work, you’ve broken off contact with what was being attracted, it will turn its attention to someone else, I don’t think a protection spell will be needed. But it may not hurt to wear a St. Michael medal to be on the safe side.

      Each Honey jar if done for a different purpose has its own separate magic unless one is counter to another, when that happens each will cancel the other out.

      Doing a spell to see what someone thought of you or how they think of you is not a spell it is really done by divination, there are spells to try and influence someone’s thinking but this uses skull candles and again requires privacy which you do not have.

      Egads, I haven’t watched the Originals in ages but what Davina did is fictionalized and sensationalized. The Basic principles are there but not in the way they would normally be employed.

      If you did have your own privacy any future honey jar workings you would do could be done correctly and with proper focus BUT the life situation may change, let me give you an example:
      The person you desired that you tried to do the jar on, could be married and have a family, doing it would be unfair. Or that person could be seriously ill, doing the work on them would not be right. Situations change and so do people’s feelings. You have to take that into account.

      Honey Jars are to sweeten a difficult or negative situation as well, such as you’re going to court because you’re being sued, doing a honey jar to have the judge think positive in your favor could work.

      Why did your honey jar target cut off contact? I drew a card from Tarot and the result was the Eight of Cups (Indolence), it means he lost interest in you and has moved on, even though you had invested great love and devotion, you need to let him go, he’s on to greener pastures, it’s a sad, old story that’s been put to music many, many times, breaking hearts too many times.

      When he lost interest is when he met someone else and that was when your jar broke. I’m sorry My Dear, I’ve had it happen to me as well when I was much younger, my Mom and my Granny have said to me “Love should be effortless, but it doesn’t come with any guarantee’s either” Time and experience proved that to be true, now I have my Hubby, but as they say “You’ve got to kiss a lot of Toads to find your prince”.

      You will find yours when you least expect it and you won’t have to do any honey jars for it to happen, because it will happen in its own due time. I should know, I’ve been through it as well.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    3. Ms. Q,

      It's especially kind of you to draw a card for me. Although I should've been specific, wanting to know why after our last meetup, he decided to cut off contact with me and didn't want me to contact him since December 30, 2016, way before the my attempts of reconciliation through magic (I always wonder about the sudden withdrawal), I needed to hear that he's moved on, however hard it is. It's comforting to know that you were once on a mutual page.

      The witch gave me a reading and I got the Eight of Wands twice. She recommended "Clarity and Healing work."

      I found a number of spells over the internet this month, though find the ones with just thinking, chanting, and concentrating questionable. There was one with pink yarn that said to blow out candlelights, which contradicts the better advice of snuffing it off. There were spells of cherry incense and candle work, and of a pillow sewn with rosemary and lavender; however, these requires praying to the Goddess and I am sure that my God told me not to pray to such and has punished His people for straying from Him.
      You mentioned a skull candle, and I looked at your post on that. I also found on the internet this, which I wonder if it works just as well:
      In short, during a half moon, place eight candles in a circle in each cardinal direction, with the circle being a foot in diameter. Say, "Spirit guides, connect my ethereal cord with [name of the person].
      Let us converge like the Moon’s light and darkness.
      May we be one and the same in thought and spirit." Then whisper their name 30 times and chant to finalize the ritual. This spell educator recommends the caster to proceed with extreme caution. I wonder if this Eastern European American magic is familiar to you.
      Lately, I found, which lists lack of sleep or justified tiredness, unexpected loss of money as symptoms of black magic. I remember paying for a bill not too long back, depositing, and then Wells Fargo gave me an overdraft fee although I had no transactions after my deposit that morning and had a positive amount until that unexpected occurrence soon afterwards. I don't know of anyone else who has been fined for having a positive amount and have their account flipped. I know that I've attempted to meddle with my luck, but I've didn't harm nor hex.
      You mentioned that in the future, situations change if I try to reattempt any past endeavors. This is a way implies that work can be worked, contradicting that it's finished. I wonder if it is after a certain time that the energy refreshes and the work is a total start over.

      Speaking of starting over, this is something I need to do. I read about the journey of the protagonist from the Ace of Cups to the Eight of Cups and it sounds like my personal life. Everyone sets out to be set back and this eventually helps them to grow and move towards whatever lies ahead past the Eight of Cups.

      Have a good evening, Ms. Q!
      I thank you for all of your patience and guidance throughout my journey of lost.

    4. P.S. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day with your husband and that you will continue with good health!

    5. Hello Lightningale,

      What I meant about situations change (really changing) is that the person whom you are targeting may not be desirous to want to return because their life situation has changed.

      If you do a work to have them come back to you, then you are interfering with their karmic destiny.

      When your jar broke it meant that he in his psychic self had cut off even any kind of psychic interest in you, his life has moved on.

      I know of this spell that you wrote about and it is not wise to work it, it can be more harmful than good.

      I knew of one person who did it, but it was to get some very serious revenge on someone, it worked but it left the person who worked it very ill for years.

      With Wells Fargo, part of that problem can happen if you forget to make a note of a transaction.

      That's why I usually write out checks, and keep very tight tabs on my check register, that because you may think your fine but someone can cash a check you've written up to 6 months back and suddenly you're over drawn.

      So it pays to keep every receipt and balance the check book every evening.

      Tiredness and lack of sleep is a couple of symptoms of having workings done on a person. Also inattentiveness as well to create a loss of funds.

      But I think your problem is more physical as oppose to a negative working.

      About the journey through the suit of cups that is true, but cups also deals with emotions, and it can be difficult.

      Continue studying what you come across, eventually when you make comparisons you'll see what is correct and what is not correct.

      Thank you for the Valentine's Wishes, it was a lovely day.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    6. Ms. Q,

      A couple of days ago, I found out about thought adjustment. If everyone thought this way, there would be less pain. I know I stopped weeping about memories. It's like a black walnut bath, but in a different way.

      "Thought adjustment

      Understand that every second in our life has been recorded in eternity. Once we have loved or been loved, that love is never really lost. That energy remains in the universe. So the past is never really past – it’s still in the present somewhere – just that you are not in that somewhere now, you are in another place experiencing another reality which you call the present.

      This acceptance brings a calmness because we can rest in the assurance that the ‘past’ is there for us anytime we want it. We can draw on our memories with pleasure instead of pain. Because the past is not gone but all around us, we realise with relief that there is really nothing to let go of."

      As for the person you knew you worked it, why didn't the person "burn the photo or object of the person in a fire pit and say the following words:
      "We are no longer two as one.
      I am myself and you are yourself.
      Your mind is now again your own."
      This will break the metaphysical bond between the two of you and end your powerful hold over your subject."? Assuming that this will take away the victim's illness and their magic. Unless it took away their magic, but they had to pay the price for it still.

      It's like when someone drinks Cassia Angustifolia tea to lose weight, lost a little weight, but was left with rectal bleeding. I suppose that's comparable to certain kinds of magic.

      I am thinking of doing spells to heighten my opportunities in life, such as admissions, helping family get back on their feet, get promoted at work for the time being until I pull my life together. Can I edit that dangerous spell and/or call a specific saint/angel instead of spirit guides? Or is it better off to light a candle inscribed with "promotion" or "new shelter"?

      Blessings be with you,

    7. Dear Lightningale,

      What you talk about I, in a way, understand, I’ve always said that “we live in a continuous now” state but because time moves forward we only see what is happening at that very moment, but can reflect, draw upon the past, but can only surmise what is the future, because the future really holds choices but that the past is already done and in the “now” and can not be changed except to draw upon as a lesson.

      Altering specific spells are really based on evolution, for example if your property is a condo you cannot nail it down with rail road spikes, but you can use inside small nails that have been properly prepared, even though one has purchased them from a hardware store. Many formulas can easily be made with products one can buy in a grocery store, white or beeswax candles were used before color candles and even beeswax was expensive so many practioners used oil mixed with herbs in oil lamps before.

      Before altering a spell one really needs to look at it very carefully to decide what way would be best to alter it.

      In Fritz Lieber’s novel “Conjure Wife” there is a section where the hero reads how his wife developed her spells by finding out what worked, he himself, put together a spell from several different sources but he used mathematics much like algebra or quantum physics.

      As a matter of fact there are some High Magic practioners who believe that all magic is a form of quantum physics.

      If you can find a copy of that book "Conjure Wife" (I know it's still in print you may have to order it) I suggest reading it, although fiction Fritz Lieber was studying for the priesthood and so had access to thousands of metaphysical books, which the general public does not have access to. And what he suggests on how magic works is very accurate.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  4. I have not been doing any work. Just spilling things out in my notebook, songwriting (I'm no pro)...

    Hope things look up on your side; I know it's tough to have comp. probs. when you are used to using it regularly...

    I have tried to reach out to the young witch at different times throughout the day, but still to no avail. So I just tried to tweet to her as she is active on Twitter. I'll see what happens.
    Her Twitter says, "Worshiper of the old Gods, Professional Reader and Priestess," and she has a store dedicated to a Goddess.
    I am uncertain of her as of recently because I read that "7. If the person claims to be a hoodoo/conjure/root worker but are also pagan or a member of another religion other than Christianity then it is a clear warning sign they are a scam. They may be a spell caster or a witch, but a real conjure worker will NEVER, repeat NEVER be part of any faith other than Christianity. Now there is a very slight, slight influence of black Jews but other than that the practice is Christian exclusively. Anybody who tells you different is someone who has likely never met a real worker in real life but has been taught by the infamous Internet crowd which attempts to redefine hoodoo and turn it into something else." Can you verify anything about this/do you agree with this conjure worker's statement?

    1. Dear Lightningale,

      In essence when someone is working conjure etc. they are of mostly a Christian faith, but I have known workers who also studied Santeria, Ifa, Witchcraft (as oppose to Wicca) and Voodoo. Now I have said studied, they are not of that faith.

      With Santeria, Voodoo or Voudu, Ifa they follow a religious practice but I have seen them also worship the Christian Saints and God as well because of similarities. For example Chango is represented by the Catholic Saint, St. Barbra, their workings are very strict and follow specific formulas, which their worshipers, Priests and Priestesses must follow. I have very rarely seen anyone who follows Ifa also be a Christian.

      Wicca however worships the Goddess and the God and can be pantheistic rarely do they worship the Christian God unless they refer to themselves as a Christian Witch which I have come across although rare, Witchcraft however is working the energies much like Hoodoo and does not necessarily invoke a Pagan God/dess.

      Many people like myself who are predominantly Christian will also study other practices and will see if it’s possible to incorporate them into the work, adapting it to suit their needs.

      It’s like o.k. I do conjure work but if I come across a vampire I’m getting out the garlic, crosses and Holy Water.

      As I’ve said on other postings it’s like baking a cake, it depends upon what you put into it to make it taste good. For example some people when making pancakes will use flour, milk, water and it will taste fine, but some people will add 7-up to it to make a fluffier lighter pancake, it depends on what works for an individual.

      Bottom line a real Root worker, conjurer, hoodoo working is predominately Christian, Marie LaVeau a Voodoo Priestess was Catholic, so it can cross lines.

      As I said I learned a lot of different workings and practices so that I could understand their methods and energies and having done so I know which ones to strictly leave alone.

      But if it seems that they are trying to be all things to all people I certainly would question their practice, unless they are trying to show that they do understand the different practices.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  5. P.S. I want to find one of my friends that I lost contact with, William Sherman (should spell his name right).
    How can I do a locating spell to find him? I have no photos nor anything belonging to him. He was at a hospital in the Summer of 2015, and that was the last I saw of him.
    He's gifted. He described my former boyfriend's physical appearance accurately, what he ate, his personality... all without meeting him.(Former bf turned out to be a narcissist, so I fell out of love). He says that he's able to visit his late dog when he sleeps and have located people's pets to come to a certain place at a certain time... I very much feel that his free reading wasn't from cold reading; it wasn't vague. He claims to levitate things, which I am not sure about. Do you know of anyone who can levitate things?

    Also, there are lots of spells (locating, etc.) that uses candles. Which category of spells can either locate, bring you blessings, etc. without side effects or not work and which category of spells should casters stay away from (the ones that deform your physical appearances over time, give you nightmares, organ failure... who knows how far else)?

    Thanks for reading my comments, Ms. Q. I know they're lengthy.

    1. Dear Lightningale,

      There are lots of spells out there, but I’ve found that doing pendulum divination works best, but it is time consuming and should be done in private where one will not be interrupted.

      With the pendulum divination you first need to write out your questions, such as “Is my friend north of me?” if no answer ask the same question but use a different direction. Then start breaking it down to state, then what county, then what city or town, sometimes one can just use the pendulum over a map and it will swing in a certain direction, so you move it to the direction, and then ask the pendulum to narrow it down. As I said it takes time.
      You can make your own pendulum with a bit of string and a object that will hang perfectly straight down like a pendant from an old necklace. Then you have to practice with the pendulum, ask it to show which direction it will show for yes, then which direction for no. If it goes into a circle it means it does not know.

      But you have to stick with yes or no questions. And always say a prayer for protection and that the answers be true.

      There is also a basic candle spell (it requires 4 candles) to find someone or something and again it is time consuming and most importantly you need privacy.

      You will need:
      4 blue candles
      a goblet or bowl filled 3/4 of the way with water (bottled water from a spring is best)
      jasmine incense

      Put the four candles around you: one north, one south, one east, one west. Light the candles and the incense. Sit in the center of the candles, facing west. Put the goblet in front of you. Invoke the element of water. Repeat 4 times: "Let the water show the location of ( name)." Look into the water until a picture forms in your mind of a location. That's where you should start looking for the missing person or item.

      If you are not a "visual" person, you might not see a location, but you should get a feeling of some type for a location.

      Other spells involve calling upon St. Anthony and can be found on the internet.

      About category of spells for different things? My goodness there are thousands and thousands of spells, depending upon what path one is following, is it Wicca, witchcraft, high magic, necromancy, hoodoo, root work, conjure, voodoo, Santeria, Palo, Ifa, Pow-wow(Old Pennsylvania) , Native American, shamanic, etc. etc. etc. and even within just wicca or witchcraft alone you have Gardernerian, Alexandrian, Egyptian, Bruja or Curiemasso. In high magic you have Rosicrucian, Crowleyian, Dion Fortune Western Mystery Tradition, Golden Dawn. Some work with the Goddess or the God, some work with Santa Murte, some with Isis (the goddess not the terrorist group), some work with the old Greek Gods/Goddesses, even I myself have called upon Hekate when I want to kick some serious butt, and I work with the Saints as well.

      That is why when one is doing “the work” one has a tendency to stick to one path that they feel most comfortable with, and will stay with a certain set of spells, and just make adjustments to them as needed.

      Most spells fall into these main categories Love, Healing, Money, Protection and within each main category there are different subsets, for example in Money the subset can be getting a Job, getting money paid back, road opener, getting a promotion, getting a loan to buy a house. But within each subset for every positive working spell there are minor subsets for negative workings such as causing a person to lose a promotion.

      In categorizing spells only the individual can develop their own break down or categories.

      Continued in Part 2

    2. Part 2

      About levitation? There is only one person that I know of who could levitate or levitate things, and it was seen by a reputable priest as well as a General in the US Army, this person was Padre Pio and in was in prayer in a state of extreme grace to do it.

      There is a group of people who claim they can levitate from a sitting crossed legged position, I saw how they did it but it was not levitation but rocking their bodies so hard to cause them to jump up and land down hard, several of them left the group because of injuries to their hip sockets but it was NOT levitation.

      Anyone who claims they can levitate or levitate things I’d take with a grain of salt.

      I did have a strange experience when I was in my teens, my Mom thought it would be good for me to learn to do Ballet I started when I was 9 and continued until I was 18 when I left for college, although I did keep up with the exercises. One day in class my teacher wanted us to work with our doing pirouettes which is turning around on one foot by the use of the force of our body, by this time I had graduated to toe work meaning I could dance on my toes, she was having us focus on doing single pirouettes, and we were doing it as a group, then she had us doing it one at a time, correcting our form, I did it several times trying to achieve the right balance when I did it I didn’t remember anything I didn’t even remember doing it, I was outside of myself. When I “ended” doing my pirouette my teacher and the class just started at me, I’ll never forget the look on their faces. There was nothing but silence.

      I was afraid I had done something wrong but the teacher took me to one side and told me that I had done 10 pirouettes in a row very slowly in one spot and I had levitated off the ground, my “on point” foot was not touching the floor, she wanted to know what did I do. I told her that I thought I had done one pirouette and didn’t remember anything else. She looked at me with wide eyes, then patted my shoulder and announced to the class that we had gone over time and class was dismissed. And we had gone over time. As I was leaving several class mates came up to me and said that I didn’t touch the ground that I was turning around and around like a slow moving Top, how did I do it, I couldn’t explain.

      When I explained to my Mom and Granny about it, Granny said that for a few moments I had pulled out of myself and entered into a “state of grace” that is hard to achieve. And I do not make claims that I can levitate, only that I had a very strange experience that involved levitation. It never happened to me again, and I didn’t try to do it again.

      So any one who claims they can levitate has either entered into a moment of purity (which is extremely rare), is a saint, possessed by a demon or a trickster and faking it. But anyone who claims they can do it or can levitate things---I would not believe them, because what they would be doing is trickery.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    3. Very interesting, Ms. Q!

      The art of Ballet is graceful overall, so I would not doubt that it contributes to one's state of grace significantly.

      People tend to get injured trying to look cool, whatever the hobby may be, and although it may be serious, such things end up on America's Funniest Videos.

      Uri Geller said to be best at APPEARING to levitate things, an illusionist without being obvious, but too bad such authenticity is rare. It might be scary if levitation is common, however, especially if people were to misuse it like in movies (ex. A movie about high school seniors in 2012).

      I'd like to ask you, Ms. Q,
      Do you know of any "Morte Inducers"? One person I've read of claims to be able to make her targets die from singing death songs and thinking of how they'll die. She said that she started out with her boyfriend's abusive father, aiming for him to have a heart attack, but he was protected, so just experienced signs of a heart attack. She decided to shift her focus and test her ability on a criminal, who she's successfully killed.
      You said that what one sends out will come to bite back and the Wiccans believe in the threefold return, so why isn't anything happening to her besides drainage of energy? She also says that she's a half-caster; can cast spells on anything but good health, etc. She claims to have other abilities and believes herself to be a "supernatural being." She writes spells and despite her what-people-would-shrug-off-as-fictional claims, she seems to have a good understanding of magic and warns people that her spells can cause bad luck to people who plan to cast.


    4. Dear Ligtheningale,

      In real life, what will happen with such depletion of energy is eventually she will develop a form of cancer, I knew of Mediums who would hold many spirit circles without properly grounding themselves and eventually developed cancer of the stomach, I knew of a person who would only do negative workings he developed leukemia and died from it.

      But from what you a telling me such a person in real life would be a good psychologist, by planting a negative thought into a persons mind, then when something bad happens they will believe her hype. African witch doctors do that as well as well as Voodoo practioners . To plant that negative thought all they have to say to the person is “Such and such thing will happen to you if you’re not careful” or start a rumor among those who mutually know both people.

      In some cultures to see something that is know as a hexing mojo will cause fear and even panic, In the James Bond movie “Live and Let Die” there is a sequence where a female agent who lives in Haiti is fearful of the mojo that is left, in her panic she gets killed. So sometimes it’s the culture in other cases is can be a series of things left that is to terrify a person to panic. The Mafia was good at that.

      But on the flip side, somebody like this can subconsciously see signs of what is the aliment of a person and then start thinking negative thoughts, and the person dies or gets sick. But even if they didn’t think negative thoughts the person will die or get sick anyway. Then the person goes around bragging they predicted it or made it happen, no way, it’s just puffery.

      It happened to my Mom, She, Dad and I were going to a nursery to buy seedling plants and this motorcyclist drove past us going fast and my Mom said “Go, go and die” she was irritated by the arrogance of the driver, 5 minutes later the traffic slowed down for some reason, when we got to the spot of the slow down it was the same Motorcyclist he had crashed into the side of a brick building and from the looks of it he was dead. My Mom was upset, but I said that she only predicted that it would happen because of the way he was riding.

      Some years later My Hubby and I past by this house that we had past by hundreds of times but this time I looked at it and said “That’s a fire waiting to happen” Later we returned by the same route but had to detour, the house had caught on fire caused by a careless home owner. How did I know the house was going to catch fire, I didn’t known but somehow I knew. Later when I thought about it I remembered that the owner had been cited for numerous fire code violations, so naturally my “prediction” came true.

      But if people write about this as part of a fictional work, well I completely dis-believe it, it’s fiction, and since I know how things work I can say it’s not real, not in the real sense or even in the metaphysical sense. That’s why I laugh when I watch “Supernatural” or “Vampire Diaries” “Lucifer” and a few others, I always say “What hat trick did they pull that one out of?”

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    5. Ms. Q,

      Thanks for further informing me on this subject.

      Not too long ago, something strange happened to me. After I showered, I went to my bedroom. Water, soap, pillow, sheets. Nothing sharp nor pointy. Just as I was watching a t.v. show with the person I'm rooming with, I noticed a trail of blood down my left arm and freaked out. I rinsed it off and I believe that it came from the spot on my wrist that looks like it's been deeply poked by a needle. But if I was poked by anything, I'd know. Especially deep enough to leave such a trail. Later on, after the show was done, the person told me that I had a bloody belly. I didn't understand, then saw a good amount of blood on the left side of my belly/hip, which I've cleaned off. Do you know of anything like this?

      I am afraid that someone might be directing magic towards me. I don't know who and I vaguely know too many people. The people that surround me most of the time/are close to me are against magic. I've been injured before (accidentally hit my foot with a belt), dog defense, etc... Too many to recount. But at least I was aware of all those occurrences. I find this one strange, however. If you can shed some light on the deep needle poke, I would greatly appreciate it. I'd rather have someone pull it off the old west way than.... Whatever I am going through. Not to mention while I'm sick, too.

      I did read your comments regarding my situation and in reply, I could've tried work-study, but that wouldn't make a living. I know that other students have jobs where they can work part-time and around their school schedules, also making a lot like doctors' salary, but I don't think that's for me... And many others yet get scammed in finding legitimate, flexible jobs. I've had offers to sell companies' products, but I had no luck back in journalism class almost 6 years ago selling ads to advertise. I'll see what I can find... I don't have financial aid (long story), used up my mini scholarship about 3 years back, been ripped off by a state college, have to pay out-of-pocket, so 2-3k per semester is a lot... Then for my baccalaureate in the near future, schools are so expensive now and have been inflating. Approximately 70k/yr (USC, UChicago, Columbia, etc.) and even Barnard, Vassar, Harvey Mudd, Scripps Institute, Colorado State, etc. are expensive for me. It's not like one can save up and go to college like in Elvis Presley's and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s days. The easiest, but physically tough way out is to join the armed forces. Or move to Norway, but free education doesn't cover living expenses. *sigh*

      Have a good morning, Ms. Q! Sounds like you've had fun with your neighbor's dog.

    6. Dear Lightningale,

      I have had that happen too, but it was not magic directed towards me, one can get a scratch or puncture without knowing it because our minds are focused on something else either at work or at home.

      It can happen before one takes a shower and because the water washes it off and dilutes it we are not aware of it until our minds free up.

      The skin area around the wrists is very thin, and veins of different sizes are very close to the surface so it’s easy to bleed there, ear lobes is another spot as well as the forehead, in wrestling the wrestlers know where to cut themselves on the forehead so it looks really bad but they are not really injured.

      An acquaintance of mine use to do wrestling in local matches, he even appeared as a “heel” on local T.V. wrestling, sweetest, nicest guy you’d ever want to meet, and he told me how wrestlers are also like “stunt men” who have to know how to fall and not get hurt although sometimes something can go wrong.

      He told me about the “bleed points” where it can look bad, but it’s not.

      And both he and a doctor told me how a person can get a scratch, cut or a puncher and not be aware of it because either our mind is distracted or that area has less nerve endings to let us know we’ve been injured. That is what happened to you.

      Don’t freak out, no one has magicked you.

      Even in Elvis’ day college was expensive, you have to take into account the value of the dollar, in Elvis’ day a loaf of bread only cost 50 cents, today it’s $3.00 it’s all relative.

      In terms of college you may have to look at one that is less expensive, and you need to research the programs they have, stop limiting yourself, it is out there, the right job and the right schooling but you need to hunt for it, you are giving up before you’ve really tried.

      There is one thing you can consider and that is free-lance writing, articles and such that way you can keep your hand in it earn a bit extra funds to save for school.

      You don’t have to take a full load of courses, take one course at a time, I know of some people who did that working full time and going to school taking one course at a time, it took them longer but it was worth it.

      You need to think outside the box, don’t limit yourself.

      I’ve known people who were living out of their cars to save on rent, would work and go to school and the did it, got their degree, got a better job and kept moving on up.

      If they can do it you can too, STOP BEING DEFEATIST, because that is what I’m hearing from you.

      If you have to join the armed forces then join the Navy, less chance of being on the front lines, you would be if you were in the Army or the Marines, if you join the Air Force look for behind the lines duties.

      The daughter of a friend of mine joined the Navy, she was pre-law and eventually worked herself into JAG, and is working towards pulling her 20, yeah its work, but she got the education, the experience, the living expenses, and traveled.

      As I said Think outside the Box.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    7. Ms. Q,

      Free-lance writing does sound interesting. I am taking the armed forces into consideration as well, and otherwise, community colleges' baccalaureate degrees. Anything is better than a degree from a "private" school around me. Too many predatory schools surrounding, it's even in online articles. I do have a lot of options and there's more out there. I have to ask, how do people live in their cars? Don't they get in trouble for parking in random places overnight and what about showering? Solar showers? Otherwise, shared public showers can spread infections?

      As for my wrist, thanks for telling me I'm not magicked. I scratched the scab not too long ago and it bled down my arm, and wiped it with a couple of napkins. I just hope I'm not draining my wrist of blood or impaling it. I try to think of it as another bleed point as you put it.

      I have to make dinner. Talk to you later!

    8. P.S. Can I use my blood in spells? If so, which spells would it be appropriate for? Does it strengthen spells? Can it be dried blood as well?

    9. Dear Lightningale,

      DO NOT USE YOUR BLOOD IN ANY SPELLS!! You will be getting in something that is well beyond your experience level and is not for any beginner!

      Eventually I’ll do a post about it, but do not use your own blood in any spells or rituals, not matter what you read in fiction or see on T.V.

      If I did what the Winchester Brothers do on “Supernatural” I’d been needing a transfusion every two weeks.

      So don’t, you’ll be borrowing a lot of grief and you don’t need that.

      I’ll respond to your earlier post in a day or two, I have company visiting for the next few days.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    10. Ms. Q,

      I don't believe in the fictional CW television series' usage of blood. A lot of their shows have this in common: cutting your palm to bleed more than necessary.

      I have been researching and reading about blood magic and it appears that there are consequences, even tales of generational curses because of blood magic. There's nothing sweet about that.

      I learned about where you got your blood from is used in which spells, but I don't believe in the spells are for the gods; I find it strange.

      There is too much information to type everything of what I've read, but so far, I think that I should not be doing what I don't have complete comprehension of.

      Take care, and enjoy your company.

    11. Dear Lightningale,

      Oh the young’uns’ are a handful but I wouldn’t have it any other way, and they managed to get here in spite of the all the flooding and roadway problems. They will be staying with me for a while until the waters recede, and can make other arrangements.

      I apologize if it appears that I over reacted but I’ve seen too many young people starting out and then they get into trouble by their impatience, much like Mikey Mouse in “the Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, too often young people want to run when first they need to learn to crawl.

      I’m glad that you are aware of the exaggerations of the TV shows and even fictional works, it’s fine to read up on it and be aware of it. But in doing it, it only takes a pin-prick of blood, and even then it’s dangerous.

      Still I think I need to write an article about it, I’ll file away that idea for future. In the mean time I have little one’s that want peanut butter, jelly and banana slices sandwiches. My Niece has got it started but they want me to have it with them. Ahhh Youth!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q


    12. Dear Lightningale,

      What this one person did is they had a van like a VW van and it was set up to have a small porta john and a small propane stove to heat up water for coffee and oatmeal. They got permission to park their van near the girls gym, at the college she was attending that way in the morning she could empty her porta john, and have a shower after her gym class she always planned for her gym class to be early and the first class of the day, but again she got permission in writing from the dean. Now this was a few years ago, but it seems of late that there are some grammar schools in the area that are permitting homeless families with school age children to park on a large parking lot so their children can go to school.

      I have to say with the homeless situation things are far more dangerous. In some cases the families with children would shower at the Y W C A for the kids and the Mom, the Father would go to the YMCA every couple of days. Especially when looking for work or having interviews.

      I never trusted these so-called Private Schools, better to go to one that is part of the State College System. Through them one can find the particular classes you need for one’s degree. But with the armed forces, you can get paid and go to school but you have to also do your duty as required, even at an entry level going in it’s a start, even my Cousin, she joined the Navy and got training as a nurse, even earned her degree, she said the hardest part was being station on board a ship with a lot of guys, too many opportunities for romance, so she worked hard to keep things “light” on a friendship basis and not have a romantic relationship. Once she was transferred to a Hospital it worked out better, but she said she would not have traded the experience for all the world. But she did hate going to the coast of middle-eastern countries, for a woman it was difficult so she never left the ship.

      But still it is a far more positive option to consider, and you could explore the free-lance part of writing, you never known what might turn up.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    13. Thanks for letting me know so.
      I was asking as I do know that people who park at parking lots overnight can get in trouble if it isn't permissible. Living homeless has its risks; to search for somewhat to sleep undisturbed and to be wandering always to avoid loitering.
      I had Navy training 5-6 years ago as part of my required physical fitness in high school, teacher was "Commander" who was from the Navy, there was a "chief" if I recall correctly, and that class straighten up a lot of teens. Kind of feel out of shape now that I don't do push-ups on a regular basis and hold (fake, but weightful) rifles.

    14. It's nice to be with the youth. Sure, you'll need energy, but for who's there to cherish makes it all the more worth it. I like bananas. They make a good source of potassium and in my ethnic culture, they wrap pastries in banana leaves. It leaves a subtle color, light scent, and finishing touch. Raw coconut water is also a good source of potassium and people grow them and drink 'em around here.

      I found your spells and such that makes use of blood on this blog, examples including how to tie up a man's nature and how to make protection before spellcasting...

      It's been warming up with Spring around the corner.

      Warm wishes to you, Ms. Q!

    15. Dear Lightningale,

      You should do the exercises again to get back in shape, especially if you do consider going in to the military to complete your education.

      Well I'm getting my potassium fix with the kids, they want those sandwiches, I'm not sure about coconut water I'd have to buy it in a bottle or can around here.

      Yes there are a few spells that does use blood but only a drop or two, and it's binding only a wife to a husband to be faithful.

      It's when its to command a spirit or angel that it gets very dangerous.

      But again protection first, then spell casting second.

      I learned that the hard way.

      Spring is doing it's best to make itself known around here too. I'm looking forward to it.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  6. Hello Ms. Q,
    My name is Pamela, I have read about some of your internet and weather problems, (truly hate that) however, I posed a question to you I believe it was on the 17th or 18th. I do not mean to bother you but, I can not find it now. Do I need to be a member or student? It was not a life shaking question and, I used one of the labels, anomymous. It was about melted candle wax shapes, as I wrote I know next to nothing about magic. If you are able to help me I have many question, if you are not able to help me for any reason could you direct me to others that would be able to.
    much thanks

    1. Dear Pamela,

      I do apologize, but it is possible it got lost in the "ether" of the internet---If you are EDC I did post an open letter to you.

      But if you are not if you have any questions regarding melted candle wax shapes I'll be happy to help you.

      Just post here in this section and I'll see what I can do.

      Please do use your first name so I know it's you, it would be greatly appreciated.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Thank You Ms. Q
      Here is what I did,
      I was feeling very low and weak (depressed), so I placed four candles on my floor, white facing east, blue facing west, green facing north, and red facing south. Then I lit them all and sat down crossed leg with my palms facing up, and I was facing north to pray to Mother Earth. Then I faced east to meditate. (my candles were scented and perhaps that helped, but it was the most peaceful meditation I have had, and it was the first time in my life I prayed to Mother Earth)
      So when I was done I blew out the candles, that is when I noticed the melted wax. The green candle wax ran onto the floor and formed a perfect bird, (that did amaze me) the red candle wax formed a puddle with no shape I could see, and the white and the blue never ran over at all.
      I was praying for strength to go on, to continue, I felt as though I was at my ropes end, I have struggled with this most of my life.
      My question is does the melted wax say something, or am I grasping at straws?
      It might help you to know I have been on a spiritual quest most of my life, tried a few diverse religions but I never could conform to any forever, so my quest continues. Any help would be welcome.
      thank you Ms. Q

    3. Dear Pamela,

      Spirit sometimes “speaks” to us using various forms of communication. When we light candles we are also trying to find our way through a spiritual darkness.

      Bird spirit is the perfect symbol for freedom and perspective. Because they fly high into the sky, Lightworkers often tell us that they are messengers of the Gods who provide humans with a bridge between the mundane and spiritual life.

      When Bird comes to you it is as a helpmate prepare for a time of transition.

      Perhaps you’ve been so grounded as to forget your dreams, or so etheric that you need to get one foot back on terra firma.

      Generally speaking, Spirit Birds elevate your consciousness and provide you with self-confidence.

      If you have been suffering with chronic depression, bird spirit is saying that you need to search further to understand your depression, for some it can be caused by of all things food allergies, a lack of vitamins like iron or vitamin B or D, there are doctors who are too quick to shove pills onto a person without really seeking the cause of things. You may need to do that.

      Bird spirit is saying to seek the cause of your depression, and because birds are also messengers from God (even if we get a bit ticked off when they bomb our cars) but they are also saying to never give up hope. You are never alone, even when you feel alone.

      You need to evaluate your situation, you need to also go to, and I’m going to say it, go to group sessions that deal with the problems you are dealing with, this will give you the support you need.

      And you also have to remember no one spiritual path is the panacea to spiritual understanding.

      I went camping with my Hubby and in doing camping we paired down our lives to the bare essentials, we found out what was most necessary in our lives. Unfortunately as one grows older one also needs a medical provider as well. So we discovered what was essential to living.

      There is a line from the Bible in which Jesus says “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air: They do not sow or reap or gather into barns — and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his lifespan?…”

      The Divine Presence is ‘talking’ to you and is saying to you there are answers and you are not alone.

      I hope that has been of some help to you Pamela.

      And any other questions you ask I will do my best to answer.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  7. Hello Ms. Q
    Thank you for your help, I have read this a few times and, I have a question. What kind of transition would this be? Whenever I have used this word it was in reference to the transition of death, still I know there are many transitions in life. This worries me a little, do you possibly have any insight on this?
    Your advice on talking with other like minded people in groups, is a good ideal thank you I know you are right.
    You may be right on the mark with the allergies, as I get older I develope more and more.
    Thank you so much Ms.Q

    1. Dear Pamela,

      I'm sorry if that word "transition" was uncomfortable for you.

      But trust me I meant it in the positive meaning of the word, that you are at this point a caterpillar, but once you have a handle on what your are going through you will then become the butterfly.

      A person who understands what difficulties you're going through but finally understands them.

      Your mind will be free of the worries and can focus on the positives of life.

      As I said the Divine Presence is "talking" to you, the answers are there and you are not alone.

      The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary hold you and love you, and they understand that sometimes we have to go through difficulties.

      But by going through those difficulties, asking questions, seeking answers, finding answers, we become stronger, and we no long see grayness around us but colors and all that is lovely in life even in the midst of difficulties, in the midst of winter.

      We then understand that life has it's peaks and valley's and we will go through them and deal with them.

      The 23 psalm is the most powerful of psalms, the first line "the Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want..." is evocative, it calls upon the Divine Presence to help us.

      And his answer is "Seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall receive, knock and the door shall be open unto thee"

      All you have to do is seek those who can help you ask the questions and doors will open.

      You asked, I've answered as best as I can, just remember you are never alone.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  8. Ms. Q,

    Hoping you'll have sunnier days soon. I check up and read blog posts, but procrastinated replying (excuse my apathy).

    As the moon is waning, I am doing a spell. I wrote, "May my bosses forget my mistakes, for all losses my company takes, and any aches I did make. My imperfections will they cease to think and my mediocrity in their minds will sink. I cease to be uncool of any kind and am the last to be unfavorable in each and every mind." I then tore the poem from brown paper on each side, annointed it with lemongrass pil on four vertices and its center, folded the paper in half, placed two tealight candles inscribed with my bosses' names atop of it, both annointed with lemongrass oil, and lit them. My more direct boss dislikes me talking while working very much and if I were to help someone, it should be concise and straight-to-the-point for time management, but my other bosses are more about making customers feel entitled and personally addressed to (the ones I'm lighting candles for). I have one of the least sociable and very spacious positions and don't talk much outside of my close-knit crew.

    Too late did I realize that I used the wrong candle colors: red. But these are the only ones I have besides a brown votive. The flames did look like they crackled around the beginning, the top boss has a bigger flame and a big bulb has formed at the tip of the wick, although it is not always inside of the flame (often the flame is behind the wick's bulb). This flame has also, at one point, separated from the wick. The flame has a pointy top. My second top boss has a shorter flame and it just looks healthy and normal. I think I'm starting to see a small bulb developing at its wick; it is taking a long time for a small bulb to develop... I might have to work towards the end of the moon phases as there seem to be obstacles and opposition.

    I have accidentally broken things at work before (who hasn't? Speaking of long-term, regularly scheduled employees). I also know that someone (still unknown to me) told a boss that I was guilty of theft, which, if one looks at the cameras, knows that I wasn't guilty of. There is favoritism; people who have been working since the 90s that are stuck where they are, unrecognized, and people who have been working for a short period of time and promoted out/transferred to become boss elsewhere. The fastest promotion I've seen is 6 days and the fastest to become boss is around 1 yr and 1/2. I've been working for years, had to skip school back then because work needed me and refusing would put me in jeopardy. I've worked more than scheduled to and at my bosses' convenience. Yet my workplace is still promoting people who quit, return, act cool, and don't think much of their luck. I have asked my top manager about change of schedule for school in the past to no avail and other college students who will not sacrifice school are praised with accolades, working once or twice a week, not until 1 to 2am and regularly.

    I intend to clear out any of my bosses' unfavorable thoughts of me first with the ending of this moon cycle and maybe build up deserving thoughts of me in the new moon cycle.

    It's been heavily raining earlier, but just because the weather's gloomy doesn't mean life has to be so. The glass is half full and spells add a little magic so its half emptiness is less dull.

    1. Dear Lightningale,

      Not necessarily some oppositions may have cleared but some are still there,(in reference to your remarks below) it seems to me it was a difficult burn, the number 4 is going to be important you are going to have to make some serious decisions in about 4 months, find another job that will allow you to work a schedule that will permit you going to school, something is going to happen and you will need to look for a better job, a more workable job.

      You have too much frustration and anger about your work situation which is preventing you from attending school. That should not be, when I was working at a public library arrangements were made for students to compensate for their school and work schedules, sometimes the students would lose house during the semester, sometimes they got more to take up the slack because of shifts from other students. I strongly recommend that you start looking for a job that will accommodate you schooling. When you get such a job things will clear up and you will find yourself progressing forward in life. You are stuck in a “dead-end” situation, get out of it.

      Talking a lot on the job is usually frowned upon, especially if it is not work related, so there always had to be a balance between chatting too much and not giving good service, there is a difference between the two. You need to seek that balance.

      What you wrote is very good, you do have quite the poet in you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  9. Edit: In regards to the spell that I'm doing, I don't see a small bulb anymore on the candle's wick; I might've been mistaken earlier. All I see is a fiery end of the candle's wick. A healthy, small-medium flame with a normal wick.
    The top boss's candle now has a bigger bulb, however, looking like two ears or two leaves or something from growing lima beans or a plant's sprout. It is usually engulfed in flame. One of the ears/bulb is singular and the other looks like it's going to split into a third, but hasn't. Each has its own distinct shape.

  10. Update: The top boss's candle dropped its bulbs... Does that mean that all oppositions are cleared? And had a strong, healthy flame with a normal wick. I moved out of my seat and back in and the flame died (hopefully not because of me). Most of the wax is gone anyway, left for an outline of red wax inside at the edge and four red wax dots (part of the tealight holder), so it shouldn't be unusual for the candle to burn out.

    1. Hello Lightningale,

      Please see my reply posted above, the number 4 is important for you I sense that in 4 months you will be deliberately looking for a new job, you will finally get fed up with the "dead-end" job you're in.

      By that time you will realize how vital and important school is to get that degree and a better job.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q