Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dealing with Egg Spells and Modems~~

Hello Everyone,

I know, what a strange combination.

Well it’s simple just as I was about to reply to a few comments as well as post my latest article, the modem decided to “die” I mean it was in “forget it I’m not hooking up to anything mode, you can just sit here and twiddle your thumbs or get back to the real world, ah ain’t a doin’ nuthin’ “   which was true.

Things have gotten more complicated than I thought,  what I thought was problems with the power (which may have started things), then I thought it was problems with the web site, now I have found out what is the culprit.

My modem died beyond resurrection.  Fortunately the technicians with the phone company that provide my internet service  and my Hubby who is a bit more computer savvy than me, were able to diagnose the problem and will be sending me a free modem, as long as I send the old one back within 10 days, otherwise it’s $150 dollars, so free is always good.

So I’m up and running again.    I forget these things don’t last forever, not like our old cars which seemed to keep going and going with spit and glue.

Now this has put me behind again to answer your questions --- sigh --- it can’t be helped.  Again I ask for your patience.

Now about that Egg Spell.

There are a lot of Egg Spells on the internet just as there are a lot of egg recipes.

My Granny use to say “If you have a chicken in the kitchen you’ll never go hungry” that was because of the eggs the chicken(s) provided.   Although I do not keep chickens I do have a ceramic hen and rooster in my kitchen for good luck, the rooster especially because I’m Portuguese on my Granny’s side.


Now I have been getting a lot of questions as to how to find out who has been casting a spell or hex or whatever on someone.   Or if they have been "Goofered".   This is a good way to find out.

  I myself do not like to cast doubt about anyone, especially on such a personal matter but by doing this ritual one can get an idea who it might be, either someone close to you or someone further away.

Or if you've been goofered. 

Now some people tell me that they heard that “so and so cast a spell on me or whomever” but they hear about this from someone else.   Well I’d be careful about that because that is like gossip, and if it’s not true it can cause harm.

In the old days if someone came to my Granny and wanted to know who cast a spell on them or a family member, Granny would get an egg or two from Mrs. Washington who owned a small flock of black frizzy feathered hens (the feathers would fluff out like they had been startled), but this can be done with any egg although traditionally from a black frizzy hen was the usual one to get the egg from.

First the egg(s) has to be bathed with either Holy Water or Florida Water and then allowed to be carefully patted dry, keep them at room temperature on top of a soft cloth so they won’t roll or crack.

Then make a list of everyone you know starting with close family member all the way out to cousins, including godparents, close friends of the family, not so close friends of the family, people that you know, people that you are aware of but may not know their name.

Then on the egg(s) make little circles, back then it was done with either charcoal or a soft leaded pencil or a child’s color crayon, now a days you can use a felt tip pen, make these little circles like the ones you’d see on a true or false questionnaire, just cover the egg with those circles but do not have them overlap.

Light a white candle and call upon your guardian angels to help reveal who is doing the work upon you, recite Psalm 23 prior to reading the list of names.

Then with the egg in your left hand and the felt tip pen in your right hand have someone you trust read off the name, you repeat it and check off one of the circles on the egg while the other person crosses that name off the list, keep doing that until the egg cracks at a name.

If you do not want to have someone else read the names you can do it yourself with first reading the name, making a check mark in the circle on the egg and then crossing the name off the list.  So it’s one name per circle that’s checked off.

Now if your list is long and you’ve run out of space for circles and the circles on the egg has been checked off and the egg still has not cracked, then do the same thing to a 2nd egg, keep doing it until the egg cracks at a name.  

I should warn you it could be messy, so have newspapers to collect the mess.

The name that the egg cracked at is traditionally the person who is doing spell work on you or a family member or loved one.

Once the egg is cracked clean up the mess with paper towels and/or newspapers and throw it into the garbage, with the list tear it up and toss into the garbage.

From there you will know whom to direct a reversing spell towards.

So if you are in doubt, this is a good ritual spell to do.  

Now if you think you've been goofered, you can do the same thing, get an egg and prepare it as I've directed above, just do two circles.   Say the 23rd psalm while holding the egg in your left hand,
then ask "Have I been goofered?   Yes?"   then check off one circle, if nothing happens ask the same question again but after say "No?" and check off the other circle  if nothing happens after asking both questions then do the egg spell with the list of names of people, because now it's spell work.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q


  1. Good morning Ms. Q,
    This is a very good article, which I would like to do on myself. I have a couple of questions. 1) Can I use store bought eggs? 2) Does someone else have to help me with the calling of the person's name or can I do it by myself?
    Once again Thank you for your time, I appreciate it. Ana L Garcia

    1. Dear Ana,

      Yes, you can use store bought eggs, white or brown it does not matter. Not too many people have black frizzy hens.

      And you can call out the person’s name if you don’t want anyone else to call out the name, but I’ve found that to have someone you trust to call out the name is a bit better, that way you don’t accidentally jerk or squeeze your hand, which can happen.

      It’s best that you be relaxed and allow the energy to flow.

      Also you may want to consider printing out my articles and putting them into a binder with dividers (you can get those from Office Max or Office Depot) by subject, include the comments sections in case I give more information about the subject.

      It will help if you cannot get to a computer or it's late at night.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q