Sunday, October 18, 2015

Of protecting your home and health~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I know Halloween or Samhain, or All Hallow's Eve is nearing, this is the time when the veil between the worlds, the physical and the spiritual grows thin.

But it is also the time that illnesses can come about.

Now some people believe in curses and although in my previous post I sort of discounted the concept of the curse but that is mostly about those who think they are suffering from Generational curses and how to counter act them primarily in a mundane way as well as spiritual.

The idea of a specific curse for malefic harm is still real,  if one puts enough energy behind it, and during this time of year those types of curses can become very effective, especially to bring about illness.

So first get protection in the real world, mundane practical way for yourself and loved ones, get the shots for flu and whooping cough and for the elderly pneumonia, they are magic in their own real world way.   Now the flu shot may not protect you completely, but it can make the severity of it much less,  and be careful if you have a very persistent cough do not hesitate to go to your Doctor or Clinic you may have server bronchitis or pneumonia. 

Now in a spiritual way there is various things you can do to keep out as much as possible any negativity out of your home. 

If you have tile or linoleum floors or even wood floors that are washable  I recommend this Floor Wash it's very simple to make and you can find the ingredients in your grocery store.


1 cup white vinegar protects against unwanted forces and eliminate negative energies
1 tablespoon liquid dish soap ( preferred lemon scent) will remove evils and break hexes

1 cup baking soda (it’s a type of salt  stops hexes and clears unwanted energies)

2 gallons tap water (very warm or hot) I prefer hot

You can also add Holy Water to this mix to call upon spiritual protection.

As you are mixing the ingredients together say the St. Michael Prayer over it (it's posted in another part of my blog).

Not only is this good for floors but any non-wood surface especially in the kitchen and bathroom and the floor and walls and surfaces of the laundry room---do not put inside your washing machine or your dryer but you can wipe down the outside surfaces with this.

For wood surfaces, use a lemon scented polish.   For your carpets sprinkle baking soda and crushed finely ground eucalyptus leaves, leave on the carpet for 1 to 2 hours, then vacuum up.   

You cannot use neither the dry or wet mixtures on any upholstered furniture, but  if you can get the Febreze Allergen Reducer spray for upholstered furniture with the labeled scent of Freshly Clean, it uses the lime and lemon scents which are for spiritual protection.   

If you live in a country where you cannot get this product then take the juice of one lemon, add it to 16 oz of spring water with a teaspoon of Holy Water, put into a spray bottle say the St. Michael prayer, first test an inconspicuous spot to see if it stains, if it does eliminate the lemon juice and just use spring water and Holy water, spray on upholstered furniture but do not get the upholstery wet.  With leather wipe down gently.

When done cleaning inside, use the liquid mixture to wash around the front and back door the steps, and when washing the steps start at the top and work down so that any negativity will leave and then with the remainder of the liquid toss into the gutter so it will flow away taking the negativity with it. 

Now if you live in an apartment, then be sure to wash your front door threshold that one has to cross to lead into your apartment but then carry that water to the street and have it pour into the gutter.

With the vacuumed dry materials, empty out the vacuum bag immediately, and take it outside to the dumpster or a garbage can far away from your home.  

Do this once a week if possible or at least every other week, it should become routine to keep your home spiritually cleansed.  

In my next post I will give you several recipes for 4 Thieves Vinegar for your personal and spiritual health.  

Blessings Ms. Q


  1. Excellent post!

    Is Michaels prayer specific to the floor washing? Also is a powder floor sprinkle recommend to go before/with this process? Such as John the Conqueror? Or do they work best sperately?


    1. Dear Agora,

      I am so sorry for not responding to your question but it seems your comment went into the spam file and I've only just discovered it, my sincere apologies.

      The St. Michael prayer is not specific to floor washing but it a good strong protection prayer for any ritual or protection spell work.

      You can do a powder floor sprinkle as well after you have washed the floors and allowed it to dry, then follow with the powder, always do "wet" first, then allow to dry, then do "dry" next.

      John the Conqueror would be good, but look at it's actual purpose before using it.

      If it complements the floor wash then by all means use it.

      Bright Blessings and again my apologies,
      Ms. Q

  2. Dearest Ms. Q.

    Can we get in contact with you? Is there an email or the comments box is the only way?
    Thanks for your blog, I am from Brazil and I really enjoyed reading and learning with the information provided here. It's now on my favorites and I must say I am learing a lot.
    Thank you. Miriam

    1. Dear Miriam,
      I am very reluctant to give out my e-mail, I had problems one time by doing that, but you can always ask questions in the comments section of my blog. If I feel it is something that will require a full post then I will say so, because I've found that if one person is having that problem at least a dozen others are as well, or in once case several dozen.

      So don't be afraid to ask via my comments section.

      Blessings to you Miriam.

  3. Dear Ms. Q.
    It's me again..
    I have a couple of questions regarding some paranormal stuff most probably caused by third parties that is happening in my life which is affecting the whole family, property, my job, my pet and I have done something to fight back, but I don't know if it was enough, just wanted your opinion if you could give me some.
    Anyway, my email is
    thank you again, and I'll understand if you don't reply.
    love Miriam

    1. Dear Miriam,

      Sometimes it takes time to see if what you have done has been effective in the magical sense. But I've found that magic should also be backed up with using the legal system, medical system (for persons and pets), as well as trying to stay one step ahead of anyone at work.

      Re-assess each area that has problems, such as Family, is it just yourself? Is it a child or parent, etc. Each one is a separate problem with each having separate solutions, or in some cases, solve one and the other will also be solved.

      For example, for nearly 20 years I've been dealing with the son of my neighbor who lives across the street from me, my neighbor is a very nice person, but the son is a paranoid schizophrenic. And given the way the mental health laws are written here, there is very little that my neighbor can do unless the son becomes a very serious danger not only to himself but to others.

      But he has enough sense to be able to skirt under the law, which made it difficult to have him arrested for whatever he'd be doing. I thought my hands were tied, so I did a combination freezing/banishing spell.

      I got a piece of plain paper that has not be cut by scissors, in black ink I wrote the persons name nine times one way and then wrote the name 9 times the other way, I turned the paper 1/4 turn and wrote "banish" 9 times, then I put a drop of banishing oil on the paper and folded it away from me (we have tendency to fold paper towards us but it is important to fold it away from us) then I put it in a small zip lock baggie with spring water and put it into the freezer to freeze hard.

      Two days later he tried to vandalize my phone line but I caught him and called the police, he was arrested but bailed out by his father, the police officer advised me to get a no harassment order, I found out that I could do it with very little expenditure.

      It is a several step process that required going to court twice, the first time we were ordered to mediate, which was unsuccessful so on the 2n court date I was granted a 5 year restraining order, he broke it and now he's in jail and will be for the next 2 years, there will be very little mental help for him.

      But his sister is glad he's in jail.

      So I did the spell and waited to see how it would work, it took time but it did, and I still am keeping that frozen package in the freezer where it will remain until I turn it loose.----maybe.

      So analyze what is happening and what is not happening and then see if there is a "mundane"(real world) answer to the situation that spell work can enhance.

      You can let me know what is happening and I can make suggestions again through the comments section.

      Blessings to you Miriam.

  4. Dearest Ms. Q.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me, I really appreciate it, the example you've given is somehow, my problem. I'll try to describe the situation the best I can, so you can compreehend it. I apologize as it is long.

    I'm 48 and I have a older sister who is 50. Our relationship has always been troubled since we were kids...while I had to’obey’ big sister as my mom would want me to, and be the good girl, she was anything but. I had many situations where even as a child and teenager I’d question why I, who did everything right would suffer every consequence while she, who was the one being mean would get out of these situations spotless. So since we were small she had learned the politics of personal marketing, and she is the same until today., vicious and mean at me, and a total darling with the family and at work. She is the successful engineer and I am the artist looser.The campaign worked so well that I am seen as the underachiever, while she is the responsible one. I’m used to that and I don’t care anymore as I know who Iam.
    Over the years I ended up finding my way out of it and today I understand that the situation is both mundane and spiritual. She has two different personalities, problem is the mean one takes over her 90% of the time. If you ask me who is she, I wouldn’t know the answer. She’s been sick for some time and has endometriosis, which she abandons treatment whenever she wants and then comes back when it gets worse. She is also a pill popper and dependant on anti anxiety pills, she has been visiting a shrink for a year now, despite the fact that the family always told her to do some type of treatment due to her difficult personality. Her answer was always that she was not crazy therefore she didn’t have to go. Since things started to get off hand even at work, as this impatient and controlling personality takes over and the more we get older things don’t change that easily, she finally agreed to search therapy (after 30 years of the family asking her to do so). Her doctor put her on Ocpd pills, but she takes whenever she wants, which makes me think she is also lying to the therapist.
    Since the beginning of this year I found out she is dating a person who was actually hired to do general work around an old house which she and I inherited from our father. We spent our childhood and teenage years there and it is a dear place to the whole family as its energy is one of union and harmony and good memories as well as family parties in the summer. It is also a place that many in the town wish to have/buy but it’s been in the family for over 90 years and we don’t intend to sell it. I have seen many hoodoo stuff in my garden, and surely, some short time after, something would happen like pets being sick and dying, damages that come from nowhere in the house, lightbulbs burning or the most common, something that takes us from there and makes us go back to the city and take a long, really long time to come back, as if the house or some ritual made by someone wanted us away from there. Like this one, there have been countless occasions. A place that I could easily go every weekend to rest, I go now 3, 4 times a year at most. Here in the city is not different. The house/home has a weird vibe that the person has to fight back vigourously in order to get life going. My lovely and adored cat suddenly went blind. I ‘fixed’ some problems in my bedrooms, painted it again, sprinkled holly water all over and the next day the cat was back seeing again. It lasted 2 weeks, she is blind again and this is killing me inside as every single pet I have dies and I adore my cat, she is such a wonderful being that does not deserve this. I will take her to a vet specialist in feline eye problems and I will try everything to restore her vision.

  5. cont.. part 2

    Well, I found out that this jack of all trades/freeloader is (dating?) her and she hid everything from us. She put him sleeping in the house, gave him the keys of the property and also gave him plenty of liberty to act as if he was the owner, doing repairs as HE found necessary, walking, watching tv, doing whatever, while she is the one opening the wallet. His toothbrush has even a guaranteed place in the loo while mine is thrown away as well as with every household item I buy for the house.
    In her mind, the house belongs to her and she does as she pleases. Our 79 year old mother has asked her to get him out of there but she won’t even listen, he is there challenging me and our mother under her complacent eyes.
    As I said, she has been sick and does not face her problems, she postpones it. I also found out that she asked him to take her to a local doctor close by to the small town to check for breast exam and a lump was found. This was 4 months ago and all that she does is look for ‘spiritual treatments’ not doctors. My aunt confronted her and she told her only. Technically, only the guy and my aunt should know about it. My aunt, desperately told me asking me discretion otherwise she will loose confidence in her. She is not talking to anyone who opposes this relationship Problem is that the stupid looser has spread the news and the entire town knows it, but my mom....things like ‘while she is paying I won’t leave that place’ or ‘ I’ts all mine’ , ‘I sleep there and live live like a king’’s disgusting. She, of course, does not believe it.
    I have already prohibited him to enter the property, but I can’t go every weekend, so, when she goes, she is the one allowing him to enter the place, therefore, my authority and my mom’s goes down the drain caused by my own sister’s selfishness. Besides, there is a property involved here, in addition, I don’t want strangers snooping around my home while she passes out all groggy from pain killers. I’ts been a nightmare.
    My aunt has been helping me, trying to find a ‘spiritual’ solution for it. I have been to places where people offer to do really nasty stuff which will deal with extremely negative forces and I don’t want that. All I want is this guy out of our lives, and the right to be in my home as I please. What I have done is to put his name inside a jar with 4 thieves vinegar inside and threw it in a river, but that was it. I don’t know if I should trust these recipes on the internet or not. I don’t know if I did it right or not. Very hard to tell if they are true, that is why I liked your blog because you TELL A STORY and then mention the use of a or b stuff and why.
    Since this started to happen I also started to look for other ways to clean that junk energy from there and restore the vibe it always had. I have found things I didn’t know, like 4 thieves vinegar, oils and powders etc. I started to build my own library, buy supplies, have a special place to keep and make stuff. Last week I washed the entire floor of the place with whatever my intuition told me to do as I didn’t know much but my desperation was bigger. So I prayed a lot for protection (really a lot) while doing my water. I used 4 thieves vinegar, holly water, kosher salt, bay leaves, camphor tablets and a Brazilian herb known here to ‘break the stones’ in your way. While I was sweeping the floor I was praying the whole time, like chanting a prayer my mother taught me since I was a kid, also, while I was mopping the floor I did the same, always imagining him out of there and health and harmony coming back to the house. I sprayed 4 thieves vinegar all over her bed and some stuff she bought for him which was still there as I threw everything away when I found out. I threw that water on the front porch, on the main door, on the back door, everywhere.


  6. cont.. part 3

    After I finished, I had a shower and I also bathed myself in this ‘tea’ which I made with that Brazilian herb. I felt better, a lot better. This time I didn’t have a headache, but when I incense the place I feel a terrible pressure in my neck and chest, and I know this is caused by entities as I have seen what happens when I really pray strong... lightbulbs going off, my scapular disappearing, crosses breaking etc. This time nothing happened. After the shower the bell rang and I went outside to check it, it was a family member from overseas who lives in this town, and she knocked on our door to see if we all were there. It was a surprise visit indeed, but then, she said that there were some other people in the car, also from overseas that were there to see my mom and also see the house, where they had wonderful times around the 60ies with our family. The moment she said that, my legs started to feel like jello with so many emotions running through my head. The moment they entered the house, two of the ladies started to cry because they were there. It was very emotional and my feelings were comforting, smooth, harmonious, and peaceful as if an angel had sent them to that place.
    Ms.Q. I don’t have your knowledge, I don’t know whether or not I used the right ingredients, all I know is that it worked for that day. The next day I packed my stuff and came back to the city and I have been here since last week. I did the same here where I’m at (she lives here) but not as strong. Weird was that 5 minutes after I had mopped the floor, she showed up out of nowhere coming home earlier from work and started mopping the floor again with water I think. Anyway, if this is a coincidence (which I don’t think it is), she won’t go to the house this weekend as she will travel due to work. This, never happens.
    The man however, is still hanging around calling her every 20 or 30 minutes. I just wanted to clarify that I despise this person by the low vibe and the disrespect he is having towards the family, ignoring my mother’s authority as the moral owner of the house, the matriarch. He couldn’t care less, neither about my sister’s health. It is true that I never had a good relationship with her, but she still my sister and his demeanor is abusive and humiliating for all of us. He acts as if we were all idiots, taking advantage of a sick person who is blind and can’t see the danger in front of her. My mom won’t face my sister as she is afraid of her. Our dad passed away and people really think that a women’s only family is there to be cashed in, like a bunch of idiots.
    After this long letter I ask: is there anything I could do to split this relationship? He could not care less about her, he has no job, no place to to stay, 2 teenage kids, 2 failed marriages and as he says: ‘ I pointed at in the dark and I hit the jackpot’, as i’ve found out. It’s gross.
    I apologize for my long letter but that was the best way I could do to tell the situation. If possible, I ask you not to publish it but it’s ok if you want to mention parts of it. I felt weird having this situation revealed to everyone.
    Anyhow, I really want to thank you for your time and attention to read my first message and kindly answer it. I don’t know you but something immediately made me like you the very first moment I read your blog. By the way, I am finishing college (Fashion Design), and I am also a teacher and I work with fashion, the explanation you have given on the post about the cover photo and the panther, I share your views about it too. The world definitely looks ugly sometimes.. pardon my English mistakes..I haven’t been practicing much.
    Thank you once more. Blessings and best regards. Miriam

    1. Dear Miriam,

      Your triple post is very long and what I've done is copied it and printed it out to read more carefully.

      Your Mother is 79 years old and both you are her will need a lawyer, and see that you both are legally protected from you sister, I suspect she has some serious mental issues, a lawyer(a reputable one) will be able to sort out the legal issues and also make your older sister have to follow the law as well. She may have invited this man in but your Mother wants him out. Both you and your Mother without your sister's knowledge go see a reputable lawyer---and do it now.

      I will respond to you in more detail later.

      But that is the most immediate recommendation that I can make at this moment, this goes beyond magic, magic is only a support. What you need now is the Law.

      Blessing my child.

  7. Dear Ms. Q.
    Thank you so much for your reply, and yes, I know it was a long message and I apologize for it. As for the lawyer, we already have one, and we are in constant contact regarding the steps we have to take.
    Thank you once more,
    Best regards, Miriam

    1. Dear Miriam,

      I'm very glad that you have a lawyer, you need to ask him what steps you will need to take further. It will be somethings that your Mother may not be happy with but now YOU must be the Big Sister, YOU must be the older sister. It will be hard as I know you are of a more artistic energy, but sometimes you have to do things that are what you may feel is against your personal feelings, but you will have to take those steps.

      I am going to put up a post that will answer your question as well as another's question---watch for that post as what I say to that person also will apply to you.

      Blessings to you Miriam

  8. Dear Ms. Q.
    Thank you for the note. As the lawyer have already said, we have to take baby steps as the situation involves someone who isn't healthy, both mentally and physically and there is also a senior involved. We are getting proper orientation and trying to live by this situation as best as we can. Some days are better than others as with everything in life. There is a lot on the plate for me with 2 jobs, university and master studies coming up. Something tells me that something big is coming our way, good and one door closing and another opening up, it's just a vibe that has been lingering for some months. I'll keep you posted! :)
    Thank you!