Saturday, October 5, 2013

How do you protect yourself from spiritual invasion Part 2, The Technique~~~.

O.K Ms. Q,

We will continue this with the technique as taught to me by my Grandmother.

Eventually with practice you’ll be able to do this without much effort both closing and opening, within a few seconds even less than a minute and in time it will become an automatic reflex.

My Grandmother told me that each of the Heart areas (aka Chakra Centers) has a color much like the color of the rainbow working from the lowest color to the highest. When I want to see each area I’m to see it (envision it) like a 5 petaled flower or rose, but each rose has the same color as the Heart area. I found for me it was easy to envision a rose going from bud to full flower and in reverse, you may see it differently, work with what is easiest for you.

When I want to open or awaken the centers I work from the bottom up, when I want to close it I work from the top down.

As I take you through each center I will tell you their location and the color they “vibrate” to; if you read or have read books on Chakra’s then this will be very familiar to you.

FIRST—Sit somewhere quiet where you’re not going to be disturbed, that means no phone, no radio, no video games, no bouncing kids, no TV and hopefully no noisy neighbors. Get someone to baby sit the kids. One of the best places to meditate quietly with the least amount of disturbance is a church, if you can find one open during the day, sometimes in a Catholic Church when they are open for confessions that is the best place and time, but don’t have your purse, it is too easy to have it stolen.

Now if you are able to do it in your own home or apartment that’s fine, some people like to play meditative music (but no flute—I’ve found that flute music to be too penetrating into the psychic). If you live in a noisy apartment complex try and find the quietest room in your apartment---lots of times it’s the bathroom. If it’s a shared living arrangement and your roommate is noisy then find that other location. And use it until you get to the point where you can do this process even in the middle of a noisy traffic jam.

Now take a few deep breaths and slowly let it out each time and relax, (relaxing is hard, for it is natural for the muscles to reflexly contract.), but doing the deep breaths will help you.

Now we are going to close those chakra centers----

Imagine a soft warm golden light floating above your head, then visualize this light streaming down into the top or crown of you head, this is a deep purple or violet flower but the golden light simply slides down without closing it.

Now see this light descending down to what is known at the third eye center, this is located just above your eyes and it contains a light violet or indigo color flower, as the light surrounds this flower see the petals closing gentle.

Now follow the golden light down to your throat, this area contains a bright blue flower right at your throat center and once again as the light surround it the petals gently close.

Again the light goes down to your heart center in the center of your chest, this is a green flower and it does the same thing closing.

As you go down further you are at what is called the solar plexus center, this is also known at the stomach area it is a yellow flower and it also closes gently

Now the golden light will gently flow down past your sacral chakra which is orange and below your naval and continues to flow down past your root chakra which is red and located at the base of your spine, these two plus the crown chakra at the very top of your head where the golden light first entered will remain open as you need those to operate your normal senses and to function in society and work.

Visualize that the golden light is now flowing through your legs and feet into the ground beneath you and it becomes roots going deep, down into the ground and these roots will find rocks large rocks to grab and hold onto to keep you firmly attached to the physical world.

Now the light that was golden becomes white and takes on a egg shape around your body this is your aura, and it projects out two or three feet from your body. Then a golden sheen goes over that white aura completely covering it. Once the golden sheen covers your aura feel your aura contracting a little, it seals you and forms a shield.

Once this is done say a prayer and send loving thoughts to your guides, guardian angels and loving spirits asking them to add their protection.

Once this is done you are safe and nothing negative can intrude.

You will find that this will take a little while to perform, especially if you are not use to doing visualizing, but as I said with practice over time you will be able to do it within a minute, whenever you wish and wherever you are.

When you want to open your chakra’s to work with spirits, first with a prayer ask for your spiritual “Team” to help you and protect you while you are opening up and doing spiritual work.

Then again visualize this process in reverse, but with the golden light eventually streaming out of your crown chakra and connecting to the Universe, and helping to elevate your vibrations.

But remember when you do this to open up you will feel everything even the emotions of people just passing by.

When I do readings, I know I’ll be open to massive amounts of emotions and spirits may crowd in, that is when I mentally tell the spirits that they have to “wait in line” and be approved by my spiritual Gatekeeper and if you do not have a good reason to visit me, you the spirit will be escorted away.

The movie with Whoopie Goldberg “Ghost” shows Whoopie’s character in her “office” being surrounded by a crowd of spirits, and they don’t leave until she tells them to leave, that pretty much describes when I do readings in “a nutshell”, unfortunately Whoopie’s character still has to learn to teach spirits boundaries, which I wish in some way like in book form, that character shows to the reader what she has to go through to deal with spirits on a daily basis. I think it would make a good T.V. program personally.

Now there are further things you’ll need to do for better protection---

FIRST--- you have to learn to deal with any fear that you have of the supernatural, fear of the supernatural is based on ignorance and Hollywood exaggeration and hype, even those Ghost Hunter shows are an exaggeration and with a certain well-known couple the Warren’s (now since retired) going around claiming everything is done by demons, when in truth only 1 percent is anything close to demon activity.

And Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “The Only thing we have to fear is Fear itself”, and he was so true, I’m more afraid of tripping over something I can’t see in the dark as oppose to running into anything demonic.

Read, read, read about the subject, go to a Spiritualist church and have a reading done by one of their mediums to be re-assured that 99 percent of the spirits around you are loving and kind and will work to protect you from harm.

SECOND---if you start experiencing negative emotions, including depression, anxiety and they seem to have no obvious cause, investigate where these emotions are coming from, it could be from a spirit but its just as likely coming from a living person as well, so take into consideration some one around you is projecting those and other emotions.

If you sense that this is a spirit presence send a prayer to have the angels help this spirit go to the light, if need be get a medium who is an expert in spirit rescue, do not attempt to do it yourself. Most of the time by doing prayers for their help that usually does it.

THIRD----Avoid places that have a history of pain and suffering in the past, a holiday trip to a battlefield is Not relaxing. Of course hospitals are very difficult places especially if you have to visit a loved one there or circumstances have you in one. That is where making sure your centers are closed is important.

A friend of mine went to Europe with her husband and he wanted to visit the historic battles field and even a Jewish concentration camp that had become a historic center, she could not walk near it and became angry with her husband. He could only see the historic significance but she felt the suffering and fear.

At one battlefield Omaha Beach, she couldn’t enjoy the ocean view, and told her husband and the tour party to go ahead she stayed at the tour bus, she did step out side and a young man appeared, thinking it was a tour guide in period dress she said she didn’t want a tour and he said that was all right, but pointed out the various area’s of the beach, then he said to her, that it was dimensions, the soldiers are at peace, but the fear remains, not the souls, and to look at the ocean as a peaceful loving mother who is continuously healing, in time the young man said, even the feelings of fear will disappear, prayer, the young man said, always helps.

Her husband called to her and she turned her head away and then turned back to say something to the young man and he wasn’t there, she believes it was a spirit sent to her to help her deal with what she was feeling. But her husband finally realized her distress about the locations.

If for some reason you are going to such places, close down beforehand and remain closed all the time you are there.

FOURTH---YOUR HEALTH----I cannot stress this enough, eating healthy foods and avoiding junk foods is important to your physical and spiritual health, if you can afford organic foods that is best, it is not a problem to eat meat, I’ve found if I eat meat from a Kosher butcher they must follow a practice of making sure the animal is humanely slaughtered, this is very important. If you can’t find such a butcher then organically raised animals is also good.  There is nothing wrong with eating meat, you do not have to become a vegetarian or vegan,  as a matter of fact you do your body more harm than good by strictly following a program that is not balanced,  even primitive man ate a well balanced meal, even if he did have to constantly forage and hunt.

Allow time for rest and relaxation; avoid stress as much as possible, having an organized life is very important. If you are run down, anxious, worried, tired it will weaken your aura and allow earthbound spirits to intrude.  Sometimes a nap helps, but plenty of sleep at night is important.

This is where living a balanced life is very important, one's children should learn that as well, and teaching your children to always communicate about school projects and homework deadlines is important, and little Janey and Johnny do not have to be involved in every school club or event or project if it causes disruption in the household---family and a well balanced life comes first.

I have found that households that ban video games and do family orientated games are much happier, cell phones, apps that disconnect the family and there for permit rude behavior and have family members disconnect from interaction is very stressing.

Sensitive people do not have a robust health than those people of a more earthly natures, especially those that are extreme sports enthusiasts. So if your partner loves to watch and participate in sports and you prefer long walks in the forests or sitting by a lake, you as the sensitive will be dealing with a stressful situation and household.

In my next post I will talk about protecting yourself in your work location and how to protect your children.

Blessings, Ms. Q.


  1. Do you know how I can dislodge an unwelcome spirit that has attached itself to me? It is the spirit of a living human.

    1. In this case you maybe involved with a form of psychic attack by a living person, the question is this is this living human healthy or sick meaning can they get around or are they immobile.

      One of the saddest things I had to do was close my chakra centers off especially the survival chakra from my Mother who had three strokes, by the third stroke she did not realize how potent her energy was, nor did I realize how potent her attachment psychically was to me.

      Another thing are you drinking or taking recreational drugs? If you are then all the suggestions I offer will not work.

      You have presented to me with an interesting question, And I'll need to answer it in greater depth can can be provided in this reply box.

      One thing I can recommend as a starter, put in the 4 corners of your bedroom small containers or shot glasses of Kosher or Sea Salt, bless your bedroom with Holy Water (Priest Bless) and put above your bed the images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary. Call upon them to protect you especially while you are sleeping. That is a start.

      Another thing is to get a medal of St. Michael and have it blessed by a priest and wear it at all times. Call upon him to be your sword and shield to protect you from this spirit.

      Then I will answer your question at greater length as a Blog Post---I will title it Protection from Psychic Vampires and other Living Spirits. It maybe in several sections as this is not an easy subject to post in one post. Blessings My Dear

    2. No drugs or alcohol here.

      The person developed inappropriate personal feelings for me. I was too slow to open my eyes, despite warnings from some teenage girls who had been screaming (and one of them even threw herself on the ground).

      It is like a fusion of consciousness, where I am painfully aware of that person when I desperately do not want to be. I do not have privacy or peace because of the attachment. It's so bad that I'm speaking in their voice and my visions are showing me things that are very upsetting. It has been very consuming, where I see myself in that person and that person in myself.

      Ever so upsetting. The feeling of violation and invasion is crippling. It's so bad that I cannot leave my house, for over a week now.

      I don't have salt. I have lit candles, turned the furniture over, burned incense, wrote my will and intentions, called out numerous times for help.

      I just do not know how to cast that person's spirit (consciousness) off of me, and out of me. I know when they're thinking of me, it streams directly through me.

      I cannot find a way to expel them. I've repeatedly stated that they are not welcome here, uninvited. I have repeatedly stated that they have no claim here (the person was outside of my home for days, squatting and harassing).

      I don't want a connection to that person. It is extremely against my will.

    3. If you have table salt, or cooking salt that will be a start, a good part of this is you're own personal will.. 2nd You may need to have the police involved as well, asking them to move the person or speak to the person. You will need to do more. Remember God will help those who help themselves. I will read your reply on my May 17, 2014 post.

  2. Hi Voodoo - I am also having this issue of psychic vampirism from a living person and don't know where to turn in our modern world for help as anything spiritual or magikal is seen by the science lovers as insane. I guess it has always been that way (witch burning).

    The vampire is my ex boyfriend so unfortunately we've exchanged a lot of bodily fluids and I guess that means he has a pretty good grip on me, even now, years later. He has told me he would "rough me up" in the future, that "it's going to be painful" and that I would "get tough". Needless to say he is a sociopathic Narcissist or Vampire and he regularly invades my dreams. Just last night I dreamt of him masterbating, being rude to me and then coming to tell me he knew where I was and could come find me anywhere anytime and kill me when I least expect it. I don't fear physical violence from this person as he doesn't know where I am and I have changed cities, soon will be moving across country from him but obviously he still has a psychic hold. I even dated two other men last year that I had unprotected sex with and my evil ex came into my dreams and made a pact with these men I was dating, I believe to get access to me through them. Both of these men I was dating (at different times last year) were stoned out of their minds most of their waking hours and generally weak-willed so I'm sure it was easy for my evil ex Warlock to convince them to give over energetic access to my body.

    Long story short this guy is a powerful psycho and I'm looking to rid myself of his connection for good, though I feel it's going to take years and me coming into my own spiritual power. I have an Ayahuasca ceremony as well as surgery later this year, both of which I'm afraid will open me up and leave me vulnerable to his attack. The Ayahuasca ceremony will have the protection of a powerful Shaman so I am less concerned about that than the surgery - because obviously doctors and hospitals know nothing about these things and actively deem them "crazy". I am particularly looking for something to do to protect myself before surgery. I feel this goon is energetically scrying on me and waiting to pounce. Any advice greatly appreciated.

    1. Dear Unknown,

      Yes Obviously he is on your mind, which means you are leaving yourself wide open on a psychic level for him to mentally abuse you. Stop That!! (as I mentally spank your hand) Read Dion Fortune’s book on “Psychic Defense” this book has information that can help you on a spiritual level.

      It does not matter that the two of you exchanged “fluids” you can break it by putting up protections around you and on you, if you’ve followed the recommendations on my posts to protect yourself from spiritual invasions that should help.

      But all the protection in the world will not help you if you yourself do not stop you subconscious desire to be “abused” by him on a psychic level, that means you have to close yourself off to him, you may have someone still with you that belonged to him, it could be something as simple as a CD or a book or piece of clothing, even a tattoo. Whatever it is you have to get rid of it. Also put a picture of the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary and St. Michael above your bed as well as a Native American made dream catcher.

      Another thing you can do is to make a poppet of yourself, it should have hair, a bit of blood and spit, fingernail clippings, some threads of clothing you wear, and it should have a picture of you on its face. Put a piece of rose quartz where the heart should be, all these things should go inside the poppet, then put it into a box that has mirrors glued on the inside facing it. Baptize this poppet as you with Holy Water by saying “I baptize thee …(“mary jane doe” or whatever your full name is), let all that is harmful, abusive and evil that wishes to invade me enter this poppet, instead, I declare this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and in the name of Holy Mother Mary.” Put the poppet into this mirror box and put it on a high shelf where it will not be disturbed should you move take it with you, it is your mini-me and it will deal with him, not you.

      Get a medal of St. Michael the arch angel and every day when you get up and before you go to bed say “St. Michael defend me from all that would abuse me, In Jesus name I banish all that would do me harm, in Holy Mother Mary’s name I ask for the white light of protection to protect me from all evil both day and night.”

      I have had surgery myself, several times and the healing and getting my energy back is always difficult, I trust that you will have someone go with you to the hospital when you have surgery, during surgery they have you remove all jewelry, so all my physical protections were gone, but I did have a bottle of holy water which I used to bless myself before I was taken into surgery.

      One last thing every night before you go to bed, put either under your bed or on a nightstand next to it a glass of water, so that all negative dreams be drowned in it, and then each morning pour that water into the toilet before you go to the bathroom and then let it and your waste products be flushed out of your life, effectively saying that you flush him out of your life. You can do this while you are recovering from your surgery in the hospital and at home.

      Because if those dreams persist then you subconsciously still want him in your life and you have to make every spiritual effort to kick him out. Also avoid anyone who does and abuses drugs, that is not a wise choice, you have to make choices that are healthy for you. And it doesn’t matter if this guy is a powerful psycho, I’ve dealt with those, they are dead, I’m still around and kicking ass. So he can be defeated, but you have to be strong, dominate, ready to kick psychic butt.

      After surgery your Chakra’s are going to be damaged, it will take time to heal, that is where the poppet and the physical protections will come in handy. Always call upon St. Michael, Jesus and Mary and the Holy Spirit to protect you. Always say “St. Michael defend me in my hour of need.” That should be the final thing you say to yourself before they put you under for surgery.

      Bright Blessings and Healing to you,
      Ms. Q